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So many people have asked about my Edge Play BDSM night club venue that's featured in many of my stories that I have decided to do something creative. This isn't a story, nor is it a game, but it is a little of both. It is an interactive tour of my Edge Play club, somewhat in the style of those old text-based adventure games. It isn't totally complete yet. Doing something like this is very tedious and time-consuming. So, if you want more, I need lots of encouragement in the form of feedback. The simulation relies heavily on scripts and cookies to remember past actions (whether you're male or female, what slaves you've purchased, how much alcohol you've consumed, etc.). So, you need to have these things enabled to get the full immersion factor. Now, I don't trust scripts and cookies any more than you do, but something like this isn't possible without them. Sorry. Other characters will talk to you by name, so the simulation will need to know your name. And the people in the sim react differently to you whether you are male or female, so I also need to ask that before the sim starts. If you are transvestite, transexual, transgendered, pansexual, etc., then just choose whichever gender you prefer to be :-) Enjoy!

Now let's get started. Who are you?

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