Jeannie's Stories


Manda's Dance

A lover's gift, gladly enjoyed.


My Brother's Girlfriend

A twelve-year-old girl's magical discovery.


Fair Exchange

It began as a chance to swing with the neighbors, but oh how it ended up!



A woman is seduced by her preteen stepdaughter.

La Ballerine

A young dancer surrenders her heart and her virginity.

Mr. D

He thought he was getting a treat, but things didn't quite work out that way.



A short-short on surrender and dominance.


Pixie Dust Dreams

A man dreams of a pixie that needs his cum to become a real girl. Is it really a dream?


Which means “TRUE” ;-)




The melancholy tale of the third girl she made love to.


Discovering Lisa

True story of the second girl she made love to.





Her late friend’s classic works archived for posterity.  He was her inspiration!

The Biography of Jeannie

She told him everything about her life…and he wrote it down eloquently.

Swimming Lessons

Stevesaint's great multi-part story of a young girl's quest for love and self-discovery he said was inspired by Jeannie! Lovingly edited and combined into one narrative here.

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