The Neighbor Girls

by Harry Perry

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Abstract: New to the neighborhood, Rob explains how he met two girls who lived behind his house.  Turns out they are really hot and are amazingly open about sex.  In spite of that, they ask their mom to give them some pointers, which ends up being way over the top.  A very fictitious story, but fun.

Table of Contents

I Meet the Girls

I Meet Their Mom

The Lessons Begin

After the Lessons

I Meet the Girls

When I was fifteen, my family moved to California.  I wasn’t happy about it because I was losing a lot of friends and a home that had become quite comfortable.  There was also this girl I had been dating, and I was just getting somewhere with her.  We really had a lot of fun together, but the best part was she was starting to let me touch her in places she hadn’t before.

Saturdays really sucked.  Mom and Dad liked to play golf, and they were both gone most of the day, leaving me at home alone with absolutely nothing to do except watch TV.  I wasn’t supposed to, but I did.  Dad always said, "Go out and make some new friends!”  Yeah, right!  I’ll just go down to the corner and ask kids as they walk by, "Hey, you wanna be my new friend?”

On about the second Saturday of our new home, I was sitting in my room listening to CDs when I heard some kids playing outside.  It sounded like girls.

I went to the window and looked out.  I was on the second floor and could look down on the back yard of the neighbors behind us.  They had a pool, and sure enough, there were two really cute girls swimming around and playing with each other.  Now I might consider introducing myself.

Very casually (I wanted to look cool), I meandered over to the five-and-a-half-foot fence and peeked over.  Wow!  The girls were really cute, and they were both wearing really hot bikinis.  In my old home town, the girls never wore bikinis until they were 17 or 18.  These girls were definitely younger than that, and they looked really hot.

The older girl of the two, who looked to be about my age, was actually wearing a thong bikini.  She had a really nice ass and a golden tan all over.  Her long dark hair was very straight and flowed down to the middle of her back, at least it did when it was wet.  She had developed some pretty nice tits, too, as her bikini top didn’t completely encase them.  I popped a boner just looking at her.

From the looks of it, the younger one was her sister.  She wasn’t more than a couple of years younger, but she was definitely way cute, too.  She wasn’t wearing a thong, like the older one was, but it was a pretty skimpy bikini all the same.  I think they call it a Micro-Brazilian Cut bikini based on my web searches.  It basically covered the top half of her ass, but the bottom half of the bikini ran down between her cheeks, leaving most of her butt exposed.  The top did cover her young, developing tits, though, unlike the older sister's bikini.  Other than the material, it was held together with strings.  This was my first sight of a string bikini in the flesh.

Like her older sister, the younger one had long, dark hair, but it was cut about six inches shorter.  Both girls had dark brown eyes and beautiful faces.  The older was a little more developed in the bust department, but her sister wasn't far behind.  They probably were involved in some kind of sports at school because their legs looked strong, and there wasn’t any extra fat on their bodies anywhere.  As a matter of fact, whenever they got out and wrung out their hair, I could see a faint six-pack around their bellybuttons.

The older girl noticed me peeking over the fence, and I quickly dropped down out of sight.  I was so embarrassed.  Instead of raising a fuss, she came over to the fence where she’d seen me and introduced herself through the wood barricade.  I realized I’d been caught and sheepishly stood up to meet her.  Her name was Janice, and the younger girl was Jill, her sister.  I told them my name, Rob, and explained that I had just moved here from Minnesota.

They suggested I go put my suit on and come swim with them.  I think it would have taken me all of three seconds to agree, but I acted like I would lower myself to taking a swim with them.  It’s all about impressions, you know.

Damn!  When I went to put my suit on, it was way too small.  I hadn’t worn it in three years.  Ever since I had joined the swim team, all I ever wore was the small Speedos at our meets.  The trunks I wore in public couldn’t be called trunks anymore as they were skin tight, and there was no way I’d get it up over my butt.  I wasn’t going to wear the Speedos, not on the first day of meeting these two girls.

I ended up having to take an old pair of jeans and cut them off.  In my hurry, I cut them kinda short, but I was using them as swimming trunks, so who'd care?  I didn’t wear any underwear, and they were tight enough around the legs that nothing showed, so off I went.

The girls were a lot of fun.  We played the usual games of "Marco Polo” and retrieving rocks thrown to the bottom while talking about our home towns and what there was to do.  Janice kept me in a constant state of erection with that sexy bare bottom of hers, though I don’t think they could tell through my tight jeans, thank God.  She didn’t make any effort to flaunt her naked butt, but she didn’t really hide it from me, either.  I had to find all kinds of ways to swim behind her to look at it, though I didn’t let on that I was interested.

At one point, I was swimming to the side to get a rock to throw into the deep end when Jill jumped on top of me.  For whatever reason, she decided she wanted to dunk me.  Well, I was a bit stronger and managed to twist out from under her and dunk her.

In a matter of seconds, Janice joined the foray, and the three of us were wrestling with each other in the water, each trying to dunk the other.  Let me tell you, feeling their slippery little bodies was a major turn on.  If I wasn’t as hard as I could be before, I was then.  I copped some good feels of both the girls’ tits, and my hand probably lingered a bit too long on Janice’s bare ass a few times, but neither girl acted like they noticed.

Suddenly, the two of them ganged up on me.  Being the stronger of the three, I had successfully fought off their attempts individually.  Now, after a short huddle, they decided I needed a good dunking, so they both worked on it.

I put up a good battle, considering the two of them were climbing all over me.  It was clear that even the two of them wouldn’t get me under.

It seems that wearing the jeans I had picked as a bathing suit may not have been the best idea.  I didn’t know it, but as they got wet, they relaxed a bit.  Basically, the leg holes were no longer all that tight against my upper thighs, so while Janice was climbing on my back trying to tip me over into the water, Jill swam up from underneath and surprised me by slipping her hand into one leg hole and grabbing my bare cock.  I couldn’t believe it!  I was in a state of shock, and I immediately rolled over, letting Janice win and dunk me under the water.  To my further amazement, Jill didn’t let go right away, as I would have expected.  She hung on as I squirmed under Janice for quite a while.  Janice didn’t let go of me after she got me under water, either.  She just kept wrestling with me, allowing Jill ample time to maintain her grip on my hard-on.

Well, Janice finally let me up for air, and the girls switched places.  I didn’t have time to say anything, not that I could think of anything to say, before Jill jumped on my back and tried to wrestle me under the water.  Of course Jill was a lot lighter than Janice, so it was easier for me to fight her, but I suddenly felt Janice’s hand come up from under my shorts and grab hold of my bare cock.  Once again, it wasn’t just a quick feel that one could chalk up to inadvertent coincidence, it was a solid grab and hold.

Since I was able to throw Jill off quickly, Janice didn’t get to hang on for as long.  As soon as I was free of Jill, the two of them went to the other side of the pool and giggled while I went to the shallow end to catch my breath.

"So, did you get to feel it?” Jill asked Janice openly, making no effort to conceal their conversation from me.

"I sure did, and, God, is it hard!”

I couldn’t believe they were talking about feeling my cock, especially so openly so that I could hear them.  Hell, we’d just met, and girls didn’t do that!

Turning to me, Janice asked, "So, Rob, how big is it when it’s hard like that?”

I've never had girls talk about any guy's hard-on like this, much less mine.  I acted naive.  "What are you talking about?”

"Oh, come on, Rob,” Jill rolled her eyes.  "Your hard-on, how big is it?  It felt pretty long to me.”

"We know you’ve measured it,” Janice picked up.  "All boys do.  So how long is it?”

Well, I didn’t know what to say.  Yeah, I had measured it, but I wasn’t all that comfortable telling these girls.

Then Janice said, "I bet he’s only four inches long, that’s why he’s embarrassed.”

"I think he’s longer than that,” Jill responded.  "He’s longer than my hand is wide by quite a bit, and my hand is three and a half inches.”

"Okay, okay,” I finally interjected.  "I’m six and a half inches long.”

Both girls turned in unison to look at each other and grinned.

Suddenly, Jill jumped out of the pool and said, "I’ve gotta go pee.  I’ll be right back.  Don’t do anything without me.”

Janice turned to me again and asked, "Have you ever seen two people fucking?”

"Uh — no,” I admitted, surprised by the sudden change in topics.

"We have.  It’s pretty cool.”

Janice climbed out of the pool and headed over to the grassy area where their towels were spread out.  I climbed out to follow her.  I hadn’t brought a towel to lie on, so Janice brought a chair over for me.  She set it right at the end of their towels, then lay down on her stomach so she was facing me in the chair.  I sat down and looked out over the expanse of her back and bare butt.  It was a thrilling view.

Jill came running out from the side of the house and plopped down on the other towel, sitting Indian fashion, facing her sister and me.

"So, what did I miss?” Jill asked, a little short of breath.

"Oh, nothing.  I just asked Rob if he’d ever seen two people fucking, and he hasn’t.”

"Really?”  Jill acted surprised, like it was something people watched all the time.

"Why?” I asked.  "Have you?”

"Oh, yeah,” Jill answered, "all the time.”

"Yeah,” Janice continued.  "Mom’s divorced, and she brings guys home all the time.  Whenever she does, Jill and I go up to the tree house and watch them.  She thinks we’re in bed.”

"It is so hot,” Jill exuded.  "Mom usually lets the guy eat her out for a while, then she gives them a blow-job.”

"And when he’s nice and hard, like you are,” Janice added, "he puts it into her pussy and fucks her.”  Both girls giggled when Janice referenced my erection, and I immediately closed my legs, realizing they were looking right up the leg hole.

Just then, their mother called them into the house.  Both girls acted disappointed, but got up to go.  We could hear the sounds of a man in the house, so I presumed their mother had brought another victim home.

Janice and Jill walked me over to the gate in the fence between our back yards.  "Meet me in the tree house at ten,” Janice whispered before pushing me through the gate and closing it.

I had a raging hard-on the rest of the evening.  I couldn’t do anything about it because my parents showed up just minutes after I got my "bathing suit” off.  Dinner was uncomfortable as I felt like my blood was boiling inside me, and I thought my parents could tell.  They kept asking me questions.  I admitted to going to the house behind us to swim and that I met two girls, but that was it.  They wanted to know if the girls were cute, if they were nice girls, what grade they were in, and on and on.  Mom kept asking me if I felt all right because I looked flushed.  Dad claimed it was the California sun, and I was probably a little sunburned.  The truth was that I was horny and excited about meeting the girls again at ten.

Mom and Dad didn’t go to bed until after ten.  They put me to bed at 9:30, so I had to sneak out while they were in the living room watching the TV.

Normally, I sleep in pajamas.  I wasn’t about to wear them over to the girls’ house because I’d look like a little kid.  I decided to put on a pair of boxers and snuck out a window.  It's a good thing it was still 85° out.  Gotta love this California heat.

The girls’ tree house was nothing more than a wood platform high up in the tree behind their house.  It didn’t have any walls, railings or a roof, so there wasn’t any protection whatsoever.

I opened the gate in the fence and climbed up the wooden ladder to the platform.  It was really dark, as there was no moon out, and I could hardly tell that Janice was already there.  I had to feel around to find out what was up there.  Through touch, I learned that Janice was wearing a tee-shirt and no bra.  She giggled when my hand brushed across her breasts, but she didn’t object.

She managed to discover my boxers and the raging hard-on I was struggling with, though she didn’t grab it, just brushed across it.  I was wondering how long I was going to have to be teased by this girl before I blew my wad.  I didn’t want to embarrass myself, but this girl was driving me crazy with lust.

Her mother was already in the bedroom just below the tree house making out with the guy.  They were both still dressed and lying on the bed.

Janice handed me a pair of binoculars.  They had two pair in the tree house, obviously so both girls could watch together.

We lay on our bellies and watched the action below.  It went pretty much as Janice had described.  Her mom was in her thirties and had a dynamite figure.  Must be where Janice got hers.

Janice gave me running commentary as the action unfolded below.  She explained what different things other guys did to her mother, how her mother shaved her pussy hair into different shapes for a while, though she said it wasn’t shaved at that time, and how different guys were hung differently.

When Janice’s mom finished giving the guy a blow-job but before he ejaculated, Janice pointed out that he was bigger than a lot of the guys she’d seen.  "I bet he’s over seven inches long,” Janice said.

That didn't seem all that long to me because I didn't consider myself fully grown and I was six and a half inches.  Was my cock fully grown?  How much longer would it get?

Janice’s mother then stripped and spread herself out on the bed.  This was the first time I'd ever seen a naked woman before except in magazines.  Although Janice's mom was built really well, I could see how the Playboy models looked better.  Janice's mom was a little flabbier in the middle, her breasts sagged a bit, and I could see cellulite around her butt and upper thighs.  Given these negatives, though, she was definitely still a wet-dream in the flesh.  I imagined that Janice probably looked like a younger version of her mother, just firmer where she should be because of here age.

We watched as the guy guided his turgid tool between her legs.  The look on the mother's face was of extreme pleasure as he slammed it all the way in to the hilt.  It was amazing to watch, and I was so turned on that I thought I'd explode.  Janice's mom's tits were big and floppy as the guy pounded into her.  The areolas were about two inches in diameter with big, thick nipples perched in the middle.  I was fascinated by the thick mat of fur where her pussy was, and I wished I could see what lay beneath it.

While the guy pounded his cock into her mother, I could hear Janice breathing harder.  She was obviously really getting into it, and I imagine she was touching herself as she watched.  Considering she claimed she'd seen this many times, I thought it strange that seeing it again would have such an erotic affect on her.

We must have been in that tree house watching her mother getting fucked for a good hour.  In that time, Janice told me of at least a dozen other times she and her sister had watched her mother get her pussy reamed.  She said that each guy seemed to have his own technique, some to compensate for their size, some because of what they enjoyed, some just wanted to get off.  If it weren't so erotic to watch and listen to this girl describe various sex acts, this would have been quite educational.

"I think she knows we’re watching her,” Janice admitted at one point.  "She knows the tree house is right outside her window, and she always leaves the light on and the blinds open.  The bed is right under the window, which really isn’t the best place in that bedroom.  She never checks on us to see if we’re in bed.  She’s just got to know.”

After the show, Janice’s mom and the guy lay side-by-side on the bed panting.  Janice and I sat up and looked at each other.  Our eyes had adjusted a bit to the darkness, and I could now see her white tee-shirt faintly.  My cock was so hard, I could hardly stand it, but I didn’t dare touch it.

"So, did that turn you on?” Janice asked me.

"Oh, God, yes,” I exclaimed.

"Is your cock all hard?”

"Uh — yeah,” I admit hesitantly.

Suddenly, Janice clicked on a flashlight and aimed it right at the front of my shorts.  I wondered where that flashlight had come from and why she hadn’t produced it sooner.  I didn’t know what to do, and I was a little embarrassed by her "spotlight” on my crotch.  Because she was so open herself, I didn’t want to seem shy, but my natural reaction was to cover myself.  As soon as I did, though, I decided to pull my hands away and let her see the tent pole pushing up the front of my boxers.  Heck, it was covered, just obviously hard, which is all she wanted to know anyway.

"Is that it?” she asked, pointing at the rounded peak in my shorts.

"Uh, huh.”

Having her so fascinated with my straining bulge really turned me on.  I couldn’t believe she was so open and clearly interested in my sexual arousal.  The girls I had known back east were always so squeamish about anything that implied sexual stimulation.

Janice moved her index finger to the peak in my boxers that was clearly the head of my cock and pressed on it, feeling its hardness.  "Wow!  Can I see it?”

Wow!  Was she serious?  She expected me to just drop trou' like that?

On the other hand, there’s no way anyone could know how much I wanted to show it to her.  Quickly, I scrambled out of my boxers and returned to my sitting position.  She immediately directed the flashlight at my crotch again and stared at my bare, turgid cock now pointing at her face.  It was literally throbbing with lust, and there was a light sheen on the tip from pre-cum.

"Oh, wow!” she exclaimed.  "It looks so hard.  Does it hurt?”

"No,” I said.  "It actually feels really good when it’s hard like this.”

"Can I touch it?” she asked.

"Sure,” I said, begging inside that she would.  I decided to stand up and give her better access.  This put my cock at her eye level, about a foot from her face.

She reached out gently and ran her finger tips up and down the length.  Softly, she felt all the veins and traced the edge of the glans.  With two hands, she spread the pee-hole open and peered inside, holding the flashlight with her neck.  Then she traced her finger tips down the length of the shaft and over my balls.  She felt the sack and moved the two balls around inside it.  Then she massaged them gently, feeling them in the palm of her hand.

She must have spent twenty minutes feeling every part of my cock and balls before she finally wrapped her hand around the shaft and squeezed it.  The head bulged as she applied pressure to the shaft, and she giggled, repeating the process over and over.  I was so on edge that it took every bit of my will-power to keep from blowing.  Somehow, she managed to release me each time I was just about to lose it and pop.  It was almost as if she knew how close I was.

Finally she said, "Would it be okay if I give you a blow-job?”  Like she had to ask.

I gave her a nod, and she got up on her knees and leaned forward.  I couldn't believe the feeling of her warm mouth as she wrapped her lips around my cock.  She sucked hard, running her tongue across the underside of the cock-head.  Being completely inexperienced myself, I had no idea if she was good or inexperienced herself, but it sure felt good.

It didn’t take long.  I was already on the edge, and that was all I could take.  My cock exploded in her mouth before I could even warn her.  She didn’t back away; she tried to swallow it as blast after blast shot to the back of her throat.  She gagged on it some and finally spit out a mouthful over the edge of the platform, but she immediately engulfed my cock with her mouth again, and I shot at least two more squirts before I was done.

When it was clear that I was not going to shoot any more, she wiped her face with my boxers and then looked up to me.

"I’m sorry I didn’t swallow it all,” she said very apologetically.  "It really caught me by surprise.  It doesn’t taste too bad.  Maybe I can swallow it all next time.”

I crumpled onto the floor, but my cock was still as hard as a rock.  I was amazed that she apologized for not swallowing.  I didn't even expect her to try to swallow.  Just giving me a blow-job was more than I expected.  She could have aimed my cock so my sperm flew over the edge of the floorboards to the ground below for all I cared.

"I can’t believe how turned on I am,” she continued.  She pulled her tee-shirt over her head and tossed it to the side.  Then she aimed the flashlight at her naked crotch.  "Look at how wet I am,” she said, spreading her lips apart with her free hand and showing the moisture between them.  I then realized that she had been naked except for the tee-shirt that whole time.

It wasn't just her crotch that I noticed, though it did consume most of my attention.  I looked at her whole body in the glow from the flashlight.  I compared her to the Playboy pictures I'd seen, and it occurred to me that she could beat any of those models hands down.  Of course the difference between a "perfect” model in Playboy and a real girl sitting naked in front of me may have had a little to do with my opinion.  Janice looked perfect; she didn't need any airbrushing, and her hourglass figure was amazing.  She had big areolas, probably an inch or a little more in diameter, and their color was pale, almost the same color as her tan skin.

"Look at how hard my little clitty is,” she added, using her index finger to lift the hood up and expose the hard little nubbin.  It was huge, I thought.  I’d always thought they were about the size of a bee-bee, but this was as big as a pea; an elongated pea.  It looked bright red, too.  She flicked it and pushed it around for a moment as if to make sure that I knew to what she was referring.

"Okay, now fuck me,” she demanded as she lay back on the floor, spreading her legs apart.

I didn’t need a second request.  I was between her legs in a flash.  She helped me guide my cock into her vagina, and I slammed it home.

"Ow!  Not so hard,” she groaned.  I didn’t realize it until later, I had busted right through her cherry.  I was just trying to imitate the guy who had just fucked her mother.

I proceeded slowly, building up to fast and furious.  In spite of her split hymen, I think Janice had a couple of orgasms before I finally came again.  She was a very spirited girl, wiggling and squirming all over underneath me.  It was hard to hold out for long.

When my cock stopped pumping sperm into her, I rolled off and lay panting on the floor.  Janice immediately sat up and grabbed my boxers to wipe her pussy dry.  Then she rolled over and wiped my cock and balls dry.  It wasn't until the next day that I found out we were both covered in blood.

When she was done, she stood up and said, "I think you better go home now, okay?”

I pulled myself up and looked for my boxers.  They were a gooey mess.

"You should leave them here,” Janice suggested.  "You don’t want your mother to find them.  Besides, I’d like to keep them as a souvenir, okay?”

Janice put on her tee-shirt and climbed down behind me.  We walked together to the gate in the fence separating our yards.  I had my arm around her waist, and she held onto my cock the whole way.  It maintained a nice firm state with her massaging it, though it wasn't fully erect after two amazing orgasms.

When I turned to kiss her goodnight, she looked down at my hard cock in her hand and pet it with her other hand.  She looked up at me, and we kissed.  The whole time our tongues danced in each other’s mouths, her hands were fondling and stroking my cock.  It was back to fully erect.

As I turned to return to my house, Janice said, "I expect to see you again tomorrow, but I want you to do me a favor.  I know how important pubic hair is to guys, but I really prefer it when there isn't any, you know, around your cock and balls.  I notice you don't have a whole lot, so it shouldn't be too big a deal to shave it off.”

She didn't know just how big a deal it really was.  I was proud of my small tuft of hair.  Most of the guys in the locker at school had a lot more than I did, and they were always making fun of how little I had.  My only defense against these guys was to make some comment implying that they must be gay to be looking.  On the other hand, though, I figure most of them were still virgins, and I was feeling pretty macho at that point knowing I wasn't anymore.  Besides, Janice was a babe, and she seemed to really like me.  I could see a lot of sex games in our future... Hell!  Of course I'd shave it all off if it made her happy.

As soon as I agreed, Janice gave my cock a quick squeeze and said, "Also, your cock had better still be hard like it is now when you come through that gate!”  She giggled and ran off to her house.

I had a hard time going to sleep that night, but I finally drifted off.  I wanted to beat off to lessen the stress in my groin, but I didn’t want to use up my hard-on in case it was needed the first thing the next morning.

I Meet Their Mom

After breakfast, I heard the girls in the pool already.  I asked Mom and Dad for permission to go over there, and they told me I should ask my neighbor's permission first.  I argued that I’d gone swimming with them the day before, so I was sure they would say it was okay.  Mom insisted, so I compromised.  I'd get ready, but I'd ask before running through the gate and into the pool.

I ran upstairs and spent the next 20 minutes shaving off all my precious pubic hair.  I tried using scissors first and then an electric razor, but I couldn't get a really smooth shave.  Also, my balls were especially difficult to shave with all those wrinkles.  I ended up using one my dad's Bic throw-aways and got myself so smooth, it felt like I'd never grown hair there.

Finally, I put on my Speedo since I didn't have anything else available.  After the day before, I was ready to show off my body, especially my hard-on, which didn't seem to want to go down.  I had lost my sense of modest after what Janice and I had done the night before.  Besides, she expected it to be hard, and I thought Jill might enjoy it as well.  I figured they had both felt it already, so it seemed silly to be modest.  I pulled on a pair of shorts, in case my parents saw me, and ran over to the gate.

The girls welcomed me over, and I quickly went through the gate, ran to the side of the pool and stripped out of my shorts and tee-shirt.  My cock was as hard as ever, and I gave the girls a moment to see just how turned on I was.

"Ooh,” the girls said in unison when they saw the long tube running toward my hip in my Speedos.

Even though I was enjoying their attention, I was a little embarrassed, so I quickly dove into the pool and popped up in front of Janice, giving her a quick kiss on the lips.  I found it odd that she was looking over my shoulder as our lips met, and she didn't encourage me to linger.

When I turned to look in the direction she was looking, I noticed that Janice’s mom was sitting right behind where I had dropped my clothes and jumped in the pool.

"Well, you’re a very friendly neighbor,” Janice’s mom said.

The girls giggled, and I’m sure I blushed a dozen shades of red.

"He’s the boy I told you about that came over to swim with us yesterday,” Jill told her mom.

I noticed that their mom was drinking some dark red liquid, my guess was red wine.  I remember thinking that I thought it was awfully early in the day for her to be drinking wine.  She was dressed in a fairly skimpy bikini, considering she was over 30, but her body looked hot.  It was a nice golden tan and glistened with suntan lotion.

As I stood chest-deep in the water, dumbfounded and wondering what to say besides, "Hi,” I felt Janice run her hand down the front of my Speedos.  Her fingers felt so sensuous as they slid over the smooth fabric.  How could she do this right in front of her mother? I wondered.  Then I saw an approving smile appear on their mother's face.

"Say, Mom,” Janice called out.  "I wonder if you could answer some questions for us about sex.”

I almost passed out when she said that.  There's no way I would have ever asked my parents about sex, much less in front of friends, and even much less in front of a girl.  Janice was amazingly open-minded.

"Sure, Honey,” she replied, "but why don’t we wait until after lunch.  I’ve got some errands to do, but I’ll have more time then, okay?”

"Sure, Mom,” Janice said with a sly grin.

I didn't know what that was all about, and it seemed really weird to me.  Mentally, I just shrugged and let it go.

I noticed that the girls were wearing different suits that day than the previous day.  It appeared as though Janice had an even skimpier suit on, if that was possible.  Her breasts seemed to be even less covered; her areolas actually peeked out from around the minuscule triangles.  Her top, apparently, was only intended to cover her nipples, which were always evident because they were hard all the time.  The strings holding the little triangles together seemed to be much thinner, too, almost disappearing completely against her tan.

They both took opportunities to get out on the shallow end to walk all the way around the pool and dive in at the deep end.  It was obvious that they wanted to show off their practically naked bodies to me.  I didn't mind, but I was very surprised that they were allowed to wear suits like that considering their mom was there and they were in front of a neighbor boy who the mother had just met, but she didn’t say anything.

When Janice got out of the pool the first time, I learned that her bottoms were an even smaller thong than the ones she wore the day before.  The tiny white strip of cloth in front was barely big enough to cover her slit, and it left all of her pubic hair exposed above it.  It looked like she had trimmed her bush since I last saw it because it wasn't as unruly as the night before.  Now it was like a buzz-cut, and it had been trimmed to be a very narrow rectangular strip above her pussy lips.  The material of her tiny bikini was slightly transparent when wet, and I could see her bald pussy slit rather clearly.  I would have thought her mother would be very upset with her wearing something so revealing, ever!

Jill, unlike the previous day, was wearing a thong, too.  It looked like the same style as the one Janice had worn the day before, but it was a different color.  In spite of her young age, she looked damn sexy.  Her body was a younger version of her sister’s.  Her hips were nicely formed, but her breasts were smaller versions of Janice's.  She had no baby fat anywhere that I could see.  Her stomach and waist were firm and muscular, as were her thighs.

I could hear a faint buzzing coming from the house, and the girls’ mom got up and went inside.  It was probably the laundry machine or dryer telling her it was done.

Janice immediately came up to me and gave me a big kiss, unlike the peck she'd given me in front of her mom.  "I told Jill about what we did last night, and she wants you to fuck her, too.”

"Yeah,” Jill said, coming up beside us.  "I even wore one of Janice’s thongs for you.  Do you like it?”

"Hell, yeah,” I said with a grin.

"I hoped you would.  I feel real naughty wearing it.”

"So, where’s that hard-on I saw you had a moment ago?” Janice asked seductively, feeling the front of my Speedos.

"Uh — well, it sorta went away when I saw your mom,” I feebly said.

"What?  You think she's ugly or something?” Janice asked.

"Not at all!” I replied.  "It's just that I'm afraid of what she might say.”

"Don't worry about her.  She's amazingly dense, especially after a few glasses of wine.  Just follow our lead.  Now why don’t you come on over here and let us fix you up,” she suggested.

I had no idea what she was talking about as both girls moved over to the side of the pool where I was leaning.  They each took a side and got real close.

Janice immediately put her hand over my crotch and started massaging the contents.  I had started to get hard just from the anticipation, so it didn’t take long for her to get me fully erect.

"That’s more like it,” Janice said as she squeezed my cock through my Speedos.

"Ooh, can I feel it?” Jill asked her sister.

I felt Jill’s hand fumbling over Janice’s, then Janice pulled hers away.  Jill’s hand found my erection and started exploring.  She felt all along its length, squeezed it and fiddled with my balls.

"Wow, it’s really hard,” Jill exclaimed as she gave my cock shaft a really hard squeeze.

"Hey,” Janice blurted, "let’s go sit in the grass for a while.”

Jill quickly agreed, and the two of them lifted themselves out of the pool, giving me a perfect view of their bare asses.  God!  They were both just so sexy, and my arms ached to reach out and squeeze those gorgeous globes.

I didn’t get out right away, feeling a bit uncomfortable about exposing my hard-on.  The girls stood on the side and pressured me to get out.

"Uh — I can’t,” I tried to explain.  "It just isn’t right for me to be walking around like this.”

"Oh, come on,” Jill whined.  "I wanna see it!”

"But what if your mother comes out?”

"Don’t worry about it,” Janice said.  "She won’t even notice.”

"And if she does,” Jill added, "she won’t say anything.”

Feeling very uncomfortable, I lifted myself out of the pool slowly.  By the time I was standing upright, my cock had deflated a little.  It was still hard and made quite a bulge in front, but it wasn’t as hard as it had been when Jill was squeezing it.

The girls certainly weren’t concerned about their mom.  I was terrified that she’d come out and see me with an erection and assume I was engaged in something illicit with her daughters.

Jill immediately grabbed my shrinking cock through the thin spandex material and squeezed it.  "Hey, it’s getting soft,” she exclaimed.

"Just keep squeezing it,” Janice instructed her sister.  "It’ll get hard quick enough.”

Jill did as instructed, and I was fully erect in a matter of seconds.  Janice stood in front of me, between the pool and the house, and flaunted her body while her little sister continued to fondle me.  She pulled one side of her top off of her nipple and exposed it for my viewing, figuring this might help my erection.  Seeing Janice’s pale nubbin, tanned to the same color as the rest of her breast, was enough by itself to get me fully erect.  Having Jill fondling me only made it that much harder.

"Wow!  It’s really hard now,” Jill announced to her sister.

"Here, let me fix it,” Janice said, looking at the work her sister had done.  She reached into the top of my suit and pulled my cock out.  Then, flipping it to the other side, she stuffed it back in, only she didn’t do a very good job.  She just managed to get it under the top seam of the suit, but because of how hard it was, it pushed the suit out about an inch.  Anyone looking down could see the entire top of my cock shaft exposed.  Since this side of my hips was the opposite of where I usually let my cock rest, it didn't stay inside the suit as well.

Jill giggled when she saw what her sister had done and reached over using just the tip of her index finger to feel my bare cock through the opening in the top.  "Ooh, that’s sexy,” she said.

Then Jill ran the back of her fingers against my abdomen just above my cock where my pubic hair used to be.  "So, haven't you reached puberty yet?” she asked, giggling.

"Of course he has,” Janice replied before I could say anything.  "I asked him to shave all his hair off.”

"Why?” Jill asked.

"You'll see,” was all Janice said.

Just about then, their mom came out of the house.  Janice quickly covered her tit and stepped up beside me.  Jill pulled her hand back and stepped to the other side of me.  I was sure their mom had seen Jill fondling me, but she didn’t let on.  She did look at my crotch for a long time, though, and I thought my life was over.  I was surprised that she didn’t say anything, and I was even more surprised that she just stared at it.

Janice and Jill led me over to where their mom had taken her seat.  Each held one of my arms as we walked, keeping me from covering my erection.  I think that was their plan.  They wanted me to be rock hard in front their mother so she couldn’t help but notice it.

"Why don’t you introduce your friend,” their mom said as we approached, her eyes darting from my face to my bulging spandex suit.

"Oh, sorry, Mom,” Janice said as the two of them placed me directly in front of her.  "This is Rob from next door.  Rob, this is our mom, Mrs. Madison.”

I stuck out my hand, and Mrs. Madison took it, smiling sweetly up to me.  "So, you like my daughters, huh?”

"Well, yeah,” I replied a little nervously.  "They’re both really nice.”

"Pretty cute, too, don’t you think?”  Her eyes darted down to my groin again, then quickly returned to look me in the eye.

"Uh, yeah,” I managed, wondering why she wasn’t flying off the handle.

"Hey, Mom,” Janice said, "he was a member of the swim team at his old school.  See, it’s written on his bathing suit.”  As she said this, she used her index finger to point to the school name imprinted on the front of my suit.  It was embroidered into the material near my hip, right where Janice had repositioned the swollen bulb of my erection.  This had caused the name to be pushed out and enlarged as it stretched over my erect cock head, similar to looking at it through a fish-eye lens.  Janice ran the tip of her finger along the writing, saying the school name as she did.  Feeling her do this, especially right in front of her mother, made my cock jump.  You’d have thought my cock wasn’t exposed or even apparent in the bulge because no one said a thing about it; all three just watched Janice’s finger slide up and over my cock-head as she underlined the embroidered school name.

Mrs. Madison said, "Isn't that nice.  Your swimming has put you in very nice shape, Rob."  Then she suggested I sit in the chair across from her, and Janice immediately plopped down in the grass between us.  Jill made a little effort to look for a place to sit, then landed in my lap.

"I’d rather sit here,” she announced, sliding up close to me and wrapping her arm around my neck.

I wrapped my hand around her slender, naked waist and smiled, not sure how her mother was going to react.  Her bare butt on my thighs only added to my aroused feelings as I tried to act normal in front of their mother.  I really expected Mrs. Madison to suggest Jill sit somewhere more appropriate, but she didn’t say anything.

Almost immediately, I felt Jill’s hand drift down between us and slide into the top of my suit to grab hold of my bare cock.  With her legs in the way, her mother couldn’t see what she was doing, but I could imagine Mrs. Madison knew her hand was busy.  Jill nonchalantly squeezed and stroked my cock while we carried on a conversation with her mother just a few feet away.

"So, what grade are you in?” Mrs.  Madison asked.

"I’m a sophomore in high school,” I replied, feeling a bit uncomfortable with Jill fondling me in front of her mother.

"Do you play any other sports?” her mother asked.

"I used to be on the basketball team,” I told her, "but I haven’t joined it here yet.  We only just moved here from Minnesota last week.”

In front of me, Janice had rolled onto her stomach and was facing me on her elbows.  I was sure she could see what her little sister was doing as her little hand dipped further into my suit and began fondling my balls.  Janice had a nasty little grin on her face.

Having Jill’s bare ass on my thigh was extremely erotic, not to say looking down at Janice’s bare backside wasn’t, but when Janice casually untied the string that went around her neck, I thought I was going to explode.  Making sure her mother didn’t see, she carefully pulled the strings from either side of her neck, hidden by her thick long hair, and let them fall to the grass below her.  Then, arching her back, she exposed her bare breasts to me while Jill slid two fingers up and down the shaft of my cock.

We must have carried on a strained conversation about my school, Minnesota and my favorite subjects for a good twenty minutes before another buzzer went off in the kitchen.

Jill jumped off of my lap, almost as if she wanted her mother to see the affects she had induced in me, and pulled me to my feet.  "Come on,” she said as she pulled me up.  "Let’s go up to the tree house.  I want to show you something.”

Mrs. Madison looked right at my straining erection as she rose to go into the house to respond to the buzzer and said, "Don’t get involved in anything, you three.  As soon as I fold the clothes, we’ll have lunch.  Okay?”

Janice had dropped her chest down to the grass to cover the teasing display she had given me, but she made no move to re-tie the top around her neck.  Instead, she reached around her back and untied the lower string that held the top to her torso.  Without exposing herself to her mother, she looked up and said, "After lunch you’re going to answer some questions, right?”

"Yes, dear,” Mrs. Madison said with a pained tone.

I had noticed right away that Mrs. Madison was not completely sober.  Her voice was slightly slurred, and she seemed to be somewhat sleepy.  Now, as she stood to answer the buzzer, she stumbled slightly before sauntering off to the house.  I wondered if this had anything to do with how bold these girls were in front of her.

I followed Jill to the tree house as her mother disappeared into the house.  Janice trotted up behind us, and I turned to take her hand, too.  To my shock, Janice was topless.  Her perfectly shaped breasts were a sight to behold.  They were very firm and full, and the nipples were hard as little stones.  I couldn't believe she was doing this where she could easily be caught by her mother.

Jill climbed up the ladder in front of me, giving me one hell of a display of her bare ass.  Her puckered little butt-hole winked at me as she lifted each foot to the next rung of the ladder.  I followed with Janice right behind.

When we were all seated in a circle, Jill pulled out some Polaroids of her mother and various men having sex.  These pictures were not taken from the tree house, it was obvious.  It looked like they were taken by a professional in the same room.  They showed very explicit images of their mother, close ups of her pussy filled with some huge dick, and even a few cum shots.

"So, what do you think?” Jill asked.

"Wow!” was all I could say.

Janice suddenly produced my boxers from the night before and showed them to Jill.  "See, these are the boxers we used to wipe up all the cum.”

Jill took them and opened them up.  The cum had dried, and she had to peel it open.  It almost sounded like she was ripping them, they were so stuck together.  I noticed a bunch of red and pink mixed in with the dried cum.

"Eww, these are gross!” exclaimed Jill.

"What's the red stuff?” I asked, pulling Jill's hand closer so I could see.

"Oh, that's nothing,” Janice said quickly.  "It's just a little blood.  You broke my cherry last night.”

"I'm sorry!” I exclaimed, feeling truly remorseful.  "I didn't know.”

"I know.  I didn't tell you.  Don't worry about it.  All I ask is that you give my pussy a regular fucking to keep it well oiled.”  Then Janice giggled.

I couldn't believe she said that!  All I could think of to say was, "No problem!”

"I’m going to add them to our sex collection,” Janice explained to Jill.

Just then we heard Mrs. Madison calling us down for lunch.  Janice quickly put her top back on, and we climbed down.

When we got to the sliding glass doors leading into the kitchen, Mrs. Madison stopped us before we entered.

"I don't want you coming into the house all wet or sitting on my furniture in your suits," she said.  "Take your bathing suits off and put on a robe.  Janice, give Rob a robe from my closet, okay?  Hang up your suits outside on the line to dry while we’re eating.”

I thought this was a very strange request as we hadn't been in the water for at least a half hour.  My suit was completely dry, as I presumed the girls' were.  Hell, we didn't have that much material to be wet, and the girls with their thongs certainly wouldn't get any furniture wet.

Then I was completely blown away.  Right there, while still standing in the back yard by the door to the kitchen, Janice casually untied all the strings on her bathing suit.  Before I even realized what she was doing, Mrs. Madison's 14-year-old daughter was standing there completely naked and holding her suit in her hand by their strings.  God, she looked hot!  Her body was perfect.

I looked over at Jill, and she had done the same.  Like her sister, she was standing beside me completely naked and holding her suit in her hand.  I couldn't believe the young 12-year-old was without modesty in front of me, not to mention her mother.  She stood there in all her glory and made no effort to cover herself at all.  She was clearly proud of her young body by the way she stood and enjoyed letting me see it.  I had never had any desire to see such a young girl naked, but she was amazingly sexy.  There wasn’t a lick of hair on her pussy, but her lips looked like they were ready for more than just peeing, and it looked like her pink outer labia were bulging from her arousal.

Both girls looked at me expectantly.  I presumed they expected me to remove my suit, too.  My cock was hard as a rock seeing the two of them naked like that, and I wondered if I should.  What would their mother say when she saw me strip and expose my erection?  Janice's smile told me she expected me to remove my suit as she and her sister had done.  I just stood there in shock.

"Well, are you going to take your suit off?” Janice asked.  She had a huge grin on her face, and she dropped her eyes to stare at my crotch, which was still bulging with my hard-on.

I looked at her as if to ask, "In front of your mother?”

To answer, she said, "She said not to go through the house in our suits, and she wants us to hang our suits on the line outside.”

I didn’t know what to do, but Janice’s insistence seemed to indicate I should take my bathing suit off right there.  Not sure if I would get in trouble, I slowly pulled my Speedos down and stepped out of them.  I expected one of the girls to say something if I really wasn't supposed to strip right there, but not a word was said or even a clearing of the throat.  My hard cock bounced out in front of me, and I looked at the two naked girls on either side of me.  They were both smiling and staring.

After taking a long look, Janice took my bathing suit from me and casually walked to the other end of their back yard where the clothesline was.  I just stood there dumbfounded, watching her perfect, naked form walk away.

"Come on, Rob,” Jill said, waking me from my stupor.  Taking my hand, she encouraged me to walk with her and follow her sister.

Not knowing what else to do, I followed Janice to the other end of the back yard with my cock bouncing freely in front of me.  Jill was clearly enjoying my exposure while we walked along hand-in-hand.

As Janice and Jill hung our suits up, I whispered, "Are you sure we should be running around naked like this in front of your mother?”

"Hey, she's the one who told us to hang our suits up before we entered the house,” Janice answered.  "What else could she have expected?”

"Yeah,” Jill added, "just do as you're told, and don't worry about it.”

As we walked back toward the house, Janice noticed I was losing my erection.  As erotic as these girls were, I was very nervous.

"Come, come, now,” Janice said, halfway across her yard, "let's not have any of that.”

We all stopped abruptly, and Jill watched as her older sister grabbed my cock and started gently stroking it.

I didn't stop her, but I did ask, "What are you doing?”

"Just having some fun,” she said.  "Don't worry, you won't get into any trouble or anything.  Trust me.”

When I was fully erect again, Janice said, "There, that's more like it!" and we walked the remaining distance to the house.  I could see Mrs. Madison through the kitchen window, and I knew that she could have seen what her daughter had just done with me if she had have been looking.  Either she didn't look out the window at us, or she didn't care, I didn't know which.

"Okay, Mom,” Janice said as the three of us entered the kitchen.  "We hung up the suits.  I'm going to take Rob down to get our robes, okay?”

Mrs. Madison turned casually to make sure we had complied to her wishes.  There wasn’t a hint of shock nor any indication that it was inappropriate for her two young daughters to be naked in the kitchen, not to mention in front of a neighbor boy.  She also made no effort to pretend like she didn't look at my throbbing hard-on before saying, "Okay, girls.”  Without further hesitation, she turned back to whatever she was doing at the sink.

Janice then turned to walk out of the kitchen and down the hall while Jill and I followed.  She had one hell of a beautiful ass, I thought as she turned to beckon us to follow her.

"Come on, Rob.  The robe is down here,” she called to me.

With my hard-on still bouncing in front of me, I followed her down the hall to her mother’s room.  Janice went into the closet while Jill went to her own room to get a robe.  I just stood at the door waiting, naked as the day I was born and fully aroused.

"Here’s a bathrobe,” she said as she pulled a white, terrycloth robe from her mother’s closet.  I took it from her hand and threw it over my shoulders, stuffing my arms down the sleeves.  She grabbed my throbbing cock to give it a quick squeeze before I pulled the robe closed and tied the sash.

Janice then walked back down the hall and turned into her room.  I went ahead and padded back out to the kitchen with the front of my robe peaked out in front from my hard-on.  Jill was already there in a terrycloth bathrobe standing beside the table.  A few seconds later, Janice came up behind me.

The robe I had been given was a typical white terry cloth robe that went down to my calves.  The robes the girls were wearing were not quite as modest.  Janice had on a thin silk half robe that barely closed in the front.  The center of her chest was completely bare with just her tits covered by the lapels of the robe.  I don’t think the robe came down far enough to completely cover her pussy, but my angle didn’t afford me a clear view.

Jill was wearing something quite similar, except a little bit more modest.  Hers was a white terry cloth robe that also just barely covered her crotch.  It was a thinner material than my robe, and it closed a bit more in front than Janice’s but still exposed quite a bit of her chest between her developing breasts.

I couldn’t believe that Mrs. Madison didn’t mind her girls wearing robes like that with me there.  Hell, she didn’t mind having her daughters stand there in the kitchen bare-assed naked in front of me, so I guess this wasn’t a big deal.

She had us sit at the kitchen table where she had placed our sandwiches, some carrot sticks and glasses of milk and some pills.  I sat on one side while Janice sat opposite me.  Jill was on the end to my right, and Mrs. Madison sat down on the end to my left.

The table in their kitchen was square and made of clear glass.  A center piece of wild flowers obscured any view I might have of Janice under the table, but I could see Jill's legs quite clearly since we had no place mats.

I looked at the pills with a questioning look, and Janice explained.  “Those are just vitamins.  Mom is big on us taking our vitamins every day.”

I figured they wouldn't hurt, so I swallowed them down.

As we ate our sandwiches and chatted, I noticed the front of Jill’s robe open up to straddle her thighs.  Little by little, the robe opened until her entire lap was visible and the robe simply fell to her sides.  From my angle, I could see her slit clearly as she sat with her legs slightly apart.  It looked immature because of it's lack of hair, but it was completely exposed.  I wondered if she was aware of what I could see, because it appeared that her robe hadn't opened on purpose.

We were still chatting about my home town and how different life was back there.  Mrs. Madison was curious about my parents and what my father did for a living, but I couldn't tell her much.  I only knew that he worked in an office doing some kind of management task.

Jill caught me looking through the table at her and grinned at me.  She made no effort to cover herself, but instead, spread her legs a little more to give me a better view.  Then, very discreetly, she reached down to diddle her slit with one finger.  I couldn’t believe she was doing that right in front of her mother, but I also realized that the center piece probably blocked Mrs. Madison’s view just as it did mine of Janice.

The conversation didn't die down.  Janice and Jill told me of the school and activities, and Mrs. Madison explained about things in town and told me of fun places to go.  All the while, Jill would periodically fondle herself in between bites of her sandwich for my viewing pleasure.  I couldn’t believe she was so brazen, especially right in front of mother.

Before we were finished eating, Jill's legs were spread fairly wide apart in almost a split, and her fingers were busy sliding up and down her swollen lips and diddling her clit.  Her entire vaginal area had turned pink and become swollen with her arousal.  She clearly was getting off on being such an exhibitionist in front of me, and she watched my reaction the whole time.

At some point, Janice complained that she couldn’t see me because of the flowers between us.  "Is it okay if I move the flowers, Mom?” she asked.

"Sure, honey,” her mother responded.  "Why don’t you put them over there.”  She pointed to the counter by the window.

Janice reached in front of her as she stood up and picked up the center piece.  When she turned back toward the table after setting the flowers down, I noticed her robe had come untied and had fallen open.  She made no effort to close it as she returned to the table to sit down.  She had just exposed a six-inch wide opening in her robe to her mother, sister and me, but nothing was said.  As she walked, I could see her bare pussy clearly, and I'm sure her mother could have, too, if she looked.

Sitting down, her robe remained open in front, held from opening further only by her hard nipples.  She spread her legs fairly wide under the table, giving me a full, unobstructed view of her pussy.  She obviously didn't care if her mother saw what she was doing, and her mother didn't react.

My cock was so hard, I thought I was going to spurt right there at the table.  I couldn’t believe what these girls were doing to me, and they were doing it right in front of their mother.  Now, with the centerpiece gone, Jill could be seen clearly by her mother with her legs splayed open and showing her pink, swollen pussy, but Jill didn't care.  As a matter of fact, she continued to diddle her clit and pussy lips as if nothing had changed.

Janice took a carrot stick and made a production of palming it in front of me.  Then she casually lowered her hand under the table, producing the carrot stick where I could see it.  Both Jill and I watched as she ran the carrot stick up and down her slit between her legs, bumping it against her swollen clit.  Then she slid it up inside her, pushing it slowly until it was completely gone.

Mrs. Madison didn’t even seem to notice as she got up to take her dish to the sink.  Jill took advantage of the moment with her not at the table and leaned over to me to whisper in my ear.  "We’re showing you ours.  Give us a peek at yours.”

Looking over at Janice in shock, she gave me a nod then looked down at my crotch.  It was clear that these girls had collaborated on this little game.

I carefully untied my robe and let it drop open.  I wanted it to appear as if the sash had come untied on its own, and I didn't realize it.  I had to spread my legs apart to pull the sides of the robe open enough to get it to slip down on either side of my thighs.  The bottom of the robe finally dropped down fully, and my cock and balls were suddenly fully exposed.  My erection was so hard it was throbbing and pointing almost straight up toward the bottom of the table, and a sudden sense of panic hit me.  What if Mrs. Madison returned and saw me exposed like this in front of her daughters?

Janice reached over with her bare foot under the table and pressed at my knee, spreading my legs a little more to give her a better view of the full length of my cock shaft and my balls resting on the chair below.  She smiled her approval, and Jill gave a little giggle.

Both girls smiled widely and continued to eat their sandwiches while staring at my cock and balls, which were essentially in plain view through the glass table.  They showed no concern that their mother might have a fit.

Mrs. Madison eventually came back and sat back down in her seat.  I froze, wondering if she had seen my erection exposed.  She had to be able to see it, since I could see the exposure of both of her daughter’s so clearly.  I didn’t want to make any sudden movements to encourage her to look, and I didn’t want to leave myself open for her to see, so I just held my breath and didn’t move.  Nothing was said as she sat and continued our conversation.

"Would you like another carrot?” Janice asked me out of the blue.

"Uh, sure,” I replied quizzically.  Why would she ask me that?  I really didn't want another carrot, but I was curious as to what she had in mind.

Getting up from the table, Janice went to the counter and cut the ends off another carrot for me.  Her robe was no longer covering anything as her getting up had allowed it to disengage from her nipples and now straddle her beautiful breasts.

I was absolutely convinced that Mrs. Madison would suddenly see that I was fully exposed under the table and say something.  Even with the fear burning though me, the lust generated by these girls was greater.  My cock just stood there in all its glory for anyone to see, and no one said a word.

Janice stepped up beside me and handed me the carrot.  As I reached for it, she intentionally released it early, and it dropped into my lap.  I tried to catch it, but it was too late.  The carrot landed between my turgid cock and my abdomen.

"Oh, I'm sorry,” Janice said.  "Here, let me get it.”

Right there in front of her mother and little sister, and making a big production out of it, Janice reached into my lap and wrapped her hand around my cock.  "Whoops!  Wrong carrot,” she said as she moved my cock aside and then grabbed the carrot with her other hand.

Just then, Mrs. Madison, who had been watching the whole thing, got up and went to the sink to clean up.  "Don't forget to put your dishes in the dishwasher when you're done,” she said with her back toward us.

With her mother's back turned, Janice then reached between her legs and stuffed her fingers up inside her pussy.  A moment later, she produced the carrot she had stuffed up there a few minutes before.  Dropping both carrots on my plate, she said, "Eat up, big boy!”  Then she returned to her seat, spreading her legs wide for me while she watched me eat my carrots.

Mrs. Madison returned to her seat with an additional carrot for herself.  She was otherwise just sitting there with us, watching us interact but not at all fazed by the lurid display.

I have to admit, I wasn't highly motivated to eat the one that Janice pulled from her pussy.  It was wet and slimy and actually left a puddle on my plate.  I ate the carrot she cut for me first.

Both girls watched me intently as I picked up the "other” carrot.  It dripped with Janice's pussy juice.  I tried not to look disgusted by it as I prepared to put it in my mouth.

Finally, I just pushed the whole thing into my mouth and chomped down.  It didn't taste horrible, and I managed not to gag.  It did have a strange, salty flavor and a kind of musky odor, but it otherwise tasted like a carrot.  My effort to hide my initial disgust at eating it apparently was successful because the girls gave me a big smile.

The Lessons Begin

Satisfied with my eating the carrot that Janice had held in her pussy, Jill stood up and took her glass and plate to the sink.  Her robe billowed out as she walked, much like Janice's had, and she acted like she didn't notice.  "Okay, Mom,” she exclaimed, "we’re ready for you to answer some questions.”

Without even acknowledging that her daughter was standing there with her robe wide open and fully exposing her sexy young body, Mrs. Madison said, "Okay.  Put your plates in the dishwasher, and let’s go into the living room.”

Janice stood up, and without adjusting her robe either, picked up her plate and glass and whisked off to the sink.  I couldn’t believe both girls would expose themselves like that in front of their mother and not care, but they did, and nothing was said.

Janice stood beside her chair and looked at me expectantly.  I realized she wanted me to follow suit and take my plate and glass to the sink.  Again I was feeling a bit nervous, but I was now gaining some confidence that Mrs. Madison wouldn't complain.  I decided to try something a bit outrageous.

Acting as natural as possible, I stood up, gave Janice and Jill a wink, and took just my glass to the refrigerator and poured myself a half a glass of milk.  Just the walk to the refrigerator was enough to open my robe fully, though my back was mostly toward Mrs. Madison.  Then I turned and went back to the table, but on my return trek, Mrs. Madison was facing me and would have to see my exposure.  The eroticism of the scene had me fully erect, and my cock bobbed up and down with my step.

The girls' mother watched me return to the table to pick up my plate and napkin.  Her eyes scanned my exposed body, so I know she saw my hard-on.  Intentionally, I fumbled with the napkin as I held my plate in one hand and the glass in the other.  The napkin fell exactly as I had intended so that it draped over my turgid member.  Janice laughed uncontrollably, and Jill giggled.

"Wow!  It's a good thing that was hard," Janice said as she calmed down.

"Yeah, what a convenient tool," Jill said as she reached out and lifted my napkin off of my cock and held it out for me to take.  I acted like my hands were full and I couldn't take it from her.  "Oh, I guess you need another hand," she remarked.  "Maybe it's better if I just leave it there."  Then, right there in front of her mother, she carefully folded the napkin so it was about four inches wide and draped it over my erection.  She made a production out of positioning the napkin near the root of my cock shaft, leaving about an inch of the shaft and my circumcised head exposed.

All three watched the napkin carefully to see if it fell as I stepped over to the sink, rinsed my plate and glass and put them in the dishwasher.  I made no effort to remove the napkin until I was at the garbage pail, when I gently removed it and tossed it inside.  Then I went back to the table and waited to find out what was next.

Janice came up along side of me, faced her mother, essentially exposing herself to her, and said.  "Okay, I’m ready!”

Mrs. Madison didn't even flinch as she stood up and went into the living room.  The girls and I followed her, and Janice whispered to me, "Nice job!"

The girls' mom went to the television and turned it on.  "I’ve got a video I want you to watch first, then we can talk.  Okay?”  She put a video tape in and started it up.

The girls made sure to sit on either side of me while the tape got going.  None of us had made any effort to fixed our robes, but the girls sat with their hands in their laps, hiding their pussies.  I sat with my robe open, my cock standing straight up and my hands folded in my lap.

Mrs. Madison told us that the video would last about twenty minutes, then she would return.  She turned and walked away, still apparently unaware that all three of us were exposing ourselves.

As soon as Mrs. Madison was gone, Janice dropped her robe off her shoulders and spread her legs, exposing her entire body to me.  Jill, not to be outdone, took her robe off all together and draped it over the back of the couch.

Jill was fascinated with my cock.  She stared at it throbbing while the film credits played across the screen.  Neither girl touched me, they just both looked at my cock until the film actually started.

The movie turned out to be an educational film about sex.  It started off very clinical and told us about how babies were made, various clinical terms for our body parts and how to protect against unwanted pregnancy.  There was an animated portion that showed a penis becoming erect, entering the vagina, and shooting sperm.  The penis looked like a hot-dog with no glans or veins.  It made an orgasm look like a gun went off, and just one spurt of cum came out.  The little sperms swam up this long canal and met up with the egg from the woman’s ovaries.  It did not show what made the penis get hard or what caused it to ejaculate.  It was all pretty boring.

About fifteen minutes into it, the film finally got interesting.  It did a close up of a real woman’s pussy and explained some of the parts, like the urethra and the vagina.  It wasn't clear who was on the end of the pointer, but someone actually directed the attention of the audience toward the parts of the woman while a pair of female hands that could have belonged to the woman or someone else spread her lips.  The female hands then massaged the pink area between and at the top of the woman's lips.  In a few seconds, a stiff little bump appeared, and the pointer then directed our attention to it while the narrator told us this was the woman's clitoris.

Next, the film did a close up of a real man’s cock.  It explained the glans, the urethra and the testicles.  Again a pointer was used, but this time no hands needed to be involved.

To our surprise, the film then actually showed the guy getting an erection.  I don't know what they did to arouse the man, but it was interesting to watch his cock get hard without any stimulation.  The girls giggled when they saw him fully erect, and I couldn't help but feel aroused myself.  The camera was framed to show just the man's cock and balls, and it panned around to show it from different angles.

"He's not much bigger than Rob," Janice commented, and the two girls looked at my erection to compare.  I have to admit, he wasn't.  He had a lot more pubic hair than I did, though, and it was jet black.

My hard-on was raging by the time the film came to an end.  Janice very carefully reached across me and pulled the flap of my robe over my cock.  Then she lifted the flap on her side and dropped it over me, covering my genitals completely.  She then stood in front of me and slowly pulled her robe closed and tied it, making sure I got a good look at her body before she did.  Jill, on the other hand, did nothing to cover her completely naked body.

Just as Janice flopped back down beside me, Mrs. Madison returned.  She stopped the VCR and set it to rewind.  Then she turned off the TV and sat on the couch beside us.  Not a word was said about Jill's state of undress.

"Now I realize all of this may be very strange to you,” she said to us all.  "Janice knows what I mean because she's the only one that has reached puberty, but the two of you,” she said to Jill and me, "will soon be having these urges, and it's important that you understand what sex is all about.”

I was just about to correct Mrs. Madison when Janice jabbed me hard in the ribs with her elbow.

"What does puberty mean, Mom?” Jill asked in a very little-girl voice.  I knew right away that she was just pretending to not know.

"It's something that happens to everyone,” Mrs. Madison began.  "When you reach a certain point in your growing up, your body changes and becomes more mature.  Before this time, there is no sperm in the man's ejaculate, and the woman is not yet producing eggs.  The way you can tell if you've reached puberty is by the hair that grows around your genitals.  Since neither of you have hair, you haven't grown up, yet.  As soon as you two reach puberty, you're going to have to show a little more modesty.  I don't want there to be any uh-ohs and have a pregnant daughter.”

"What do you mean?” I asked.

"Well, young boys and girls can take baths together, run in the sprinkler naked together and don't have to wear clothes all the time, but as soon as they become young men and women, they can't help themselves and become aroused.  Natural influences draw them together, and without even knowing what hit them, the girl gets pregnant.”

"But what about me, Mom?” Janice asked.  "Aren't you worried that I might get pregnant?”

"Of course, honey, but there isn't anyone around that can make you pregnant except when I have my men friends over.  That's why I always make you put a bathing suit on or something to cover yourself.  I don't want them to make you pregnant by mistake.”

Wow!  Was this woman a piece of work!

"So, do you kids have any other questions?” Mrs. Madison asked.

"Yeah, Mom,” Janice said.  "I don’t understand the part about the labia major and the labia minor.”

"You mean, ‘labia majora’ and ‘labia minora,’” she corrected.  "These are layers of lips in the woman’s vagina.  The outer ones are the ones you see all the time.  The inner ones are usually hidden unless the vagina is stimulated.  The outer ones are called the labia majora, and the inner ones are the...”

"Yeah, I understand that, Mom, but I don’t understand,” Janice interrupted.  "What I need is to see what you’re talking about.”

"Hmm, let me see,” Mrs. Madison said.  "Jill, honey, why don’t you be our little model.  You don’t mind, do you?”  Jill shook her head.  "Okay, then come over here and stand in front of us.”

Jill stood up hesitantly, looking at Janice curiously.  Janice gave her a smile, and Jill slowly stepped in front of us.

The young 12-year-old now stood nervously and completely naked in front her mother, sister and me.  Again I admired her young body as she stood there.  Apparently, she was aroused as her young pussy was pink and swollen.

"Come here, honey, and spread your legs apart a little,” Mrs. Madison told the young girl.

Jill did as she was told, and Mrs. Madison told Janice and me to look close.  We bent in to where we were just a few inches from touching her, and Mrs. Madison spread Jill’s lips to show us what was inside.  She showed us the two sets of lips, describing them as strong erogenous zones.

Janice dropped to her knees in front of her sister and pointed to the various folds we could see.  "According to the film, if these become aroused, they’re supposed to swell or something.  Is that true?” she asked.  She then started stroking them as if to find out.

"Yes, honey, that’s true,” her mom agreed.  "From the looks of them, though, they appear to be a little aroused already.  If you keep stroking them like that, they should fill with blood and maybe swell a bit more.  Notice how her breathing is starting to change.  That feels good, doesn’t it, honey?”

Jill nodded to her mother while Janice continued to stroke her lips.

"Mom?” Janice asked as she continued to stroke her sister.  "At school, I’ve heard kids talk about a clitoris.  Where is that?”

"Well, let’s see,” Mrs. Madison said, leaning in close and peering at her daughter’s cunt.  "Here, spread her lips a little further apart,” she told Janice, pointing to the top of her daughter's young slit.  "There it is!  See that little bump at the top of her slit?  Yeah, that one.  That’s the hood that protects it.  Slide it up, and the clitoris is right underneath.  Yeah, like that.  Now watch what happens when you touch it.  Don’t touch it too hard, just brush across it lightly.  Yeah, that’s the way.  Notice how Jill jerks whenever you touch it.”  Looking up at the young twelve-year-old, Mrs. Madison said, "That feels really good, doesn’t it, honey?”

Jill couldn’t speak.  She just grunted and shuddered as Janice continued her stimulation.

"So, where does the moisture come from when she gets stimulated?” Janice continued her line of questioning.

"Right here, honey.  Stick your finger in there, and you can feel it,” Mrs. Madison instructed.

Janice stuck two fingers up inside Jill’s pussy and sloshed them around.  "Wow, she really gets wet up there, doesn’t she?”

"Yes, that’s to lubricate it for the penis.”

"But I can’t stick my fingers in very far,” Janice said, demonstrating how her fingers only entered her sister about an inch.  "There’s something up there that is preventing me from going deeper, and from the looks of the man in the movie, the penis is a lot bigger than that.”

"That’s because Jill is still a virgin,” Mrs. Madison explained.  "You are bumping into her hymen.  The first time a man puts his penis inside her, he will break the hymen.  After that, she will no longer be a virgin.”

At this point, I decided to ask a question.  "I’ve heard about a thing called the G-spot.  Where is that?”

"Here, Janice, why don’t you let Rob check this one,” Mrs. Madison told her daughter.  "Okay, Rob, put your hand flat on her mons with your fingers pointing down.  Yeah, like that.  Now curl your middle finger so it goes up inside her vagina.  Yes, that’s the way.  Now move your hand so you can push your finger in a little further, but keep your finger curled so it pushes against the front of her vagina from the inside.  Now, do you feel her pelvic bone?  Just above it is a soft spot.  Do you feel that?  Yeah, that’s right.  Just feel around for a little bump.  Whoops, there you had it.  Did you see Jill jump?  Now feel around again.  Ah, ha!  Now you have it.  See how her legs are getting weak.  Don’t push on it hard, just be very gentle.  Okay, you better stop now.  I think she’s had an orgasm and needs a rest.”

"Look-it the rash all over her chest!” Janice blurted out.

"Oh, yes, that’s proof that your little sister had an orgasm when Rob was feeling her G-spot,” Mrs. Madison explained.

"And look at how her nipples are all hard,” Janice pointed out.  "Can I feel one?”

"Go ahead, honey,” Mrs. Madison offered.  "Why don’t you feel the other one, Rob.”

We each fingered one of Jill’s tits, rubbing the little nipple and twisting it between our fingers.  Jill’s eyes started to roll in her head when Mrs. Madison suggested we stop.

"Okay, Jill honey, why don’t you sit down and cool off a little,” Mrs. Madison instructed her daughter.

Jill just plopped down on the couch next to me still naked as the day she was born.  I could feel the heat emanating from her body like a furnace.

"So, Mom,” Janice continued, "how does the boy’s penis work?”

"Rob, would you mind being our model for this one?” Mrs. Madison asked.

Was she serious?  I stood up where Jill had been and stood there nervously.

"Come on, Rob, don’t be shy,” Janice encouraged.

"Yes, Rob,” Mrs. Madison added, "we need you to take your robe off to answer Janice’s questions.”

Slowly, I spread the front and shrugged off my robe.  My cock stood out as hard as it could be.  All this stimulation was driving me crazy.  Jill sat up so she could see better.

"Well, that’s a pretty nice looking tool you’ve got there, Rob,” Mrs. Madison said to me as she inspected my cock.  "Normally, girls, his penis is flaccid, not hard like this,” Mrs. Madison explained, holding my cock just behind the glans and moving it from side to side.

"Not his,” Jill said half to herself.

"What do you mean?” her mother asked her naked daughter.

"Well, I don’t think his has ever been soft, at least since we’ve known him,” Jill said very openly.

Mrs. Madison chuckled to herself as she continued.  "When a boy is sexually stimulated, his penis gets hard like this, but since Rob hasn't reached puberty yet, this must be just part of his young body trying to grow up.  If he were older, I would say that you should take the fact that he’s been hard around you as a compliment.  It means he finds you attractive.  I'm guessing that he may be close to becoming a man, and this is a sign of his interest in the two of you.”

Both girls now got on their knees in front of me to inspect my cock more closely.

"Wow!” Jill gasped.  "Look at all those veins!”

"Yes, honey, the man’s penis has lots of veins on the surface like that.  When he’s hard, they’re more obvious because the skin gets real thin as it stretches out.”  Mrs. Madison held my cock to the side to let the light hit it better and show the shaft to the girls.

"So, what’s this?” Jill asked, jabbing her index finger into my scrotum.

"Those are his testicles,” Mrs. Madison explained.  Then she went into detail about how they create the sperm that flows up through tubes to the tip where it shoots out into the woman’s vagina.  She ran her finger along the route, ending by pointing to the urethra opening on the tip of my penis.

"So what’s this?” Janice asked innocently, pushing her index finger against the head of my cock.

"That area is called the glans.  It is very sensitive, and it helps in stimulating him to the point of ejaculation,” Mrs. Madison explained.

"Ejaculation?  What’s that?” Janice asked, as if she didn’t know.

"That’s when a boy becomes so stimulated that his body ejects sperm from his penis into the woman’s vagina.  That's how God intended for the woman's egg to be fertilized.  The sperm needs to be jettisoned into the woman's womb with some force so that reproduction can occur.”

Janice asked with as much innocence as she could, "Mom, his penis looks so hard, can I feel it?”

"Sure, honey,” Mrs. Madison said without consulting me.

Janice wrapped her fingers around my cock and felt its hardness, squeezing it a little.

"Wow, it’s really hard, but kinda soft, too,” she said.

"Can I feel it?” Jill asked excitedly.

Janice released my cock, and Jill immediately replaced her hand.  Jill’s fingers felt smaller and more fragile around my dick, and she held it more gently than her sister had.

"So, what makes the sperm come out?” Jill asked as she gently squeezed my cock.

"Well, honey, when the penis is properly stimulated, he builds up this pressure inside.  Then, when it reaches a certain point, he has an orgasm and ejaculates his semen.”

"How is the penis stimulated?” Janice asked, again pretending she didn't know.

"In a number of different ways,” her mother replied.  "By sliding it in and out of a woman’s vagina is one way, or just by stroking it with your hand is another.”

"Why don’t you stroke it a little,” Janice told her sister.

Jill looked at her mother for confirmation, and Mrs. Madison said, "That's okay, dear.  Even though he's not producing sperm, yet, he might be able to have an ejaculation.”

The young girl then turned her attention to my cock and started very gently stroking her hand up and down its length.  I was so close to blowing, it’s amazing that I didn’t let fly right into Mrs. Madison’s face.

"What’s that liquid leaking out of his little hole?” Janice asked, noticing my pre-cum.

"In a grown man, that would be semen,” Mrs. Madison explained.  "Since he's still a young boy, it's just a liquid in which the semen would be.  As he gets closer and closer to reaching a climax, his penis leaks semen to help lubricate the inside of the vagina.”  Jill continued stroking me with a nice steady rhythm as her mother explained the process of pre-cum.  It was obvious to me that this little girl had stroked a few cocks in her day by the technique she used, but she was acting like this was her first time.

"Okay, now let go, honey,” Mrs. Madison told her daughter.  "I want you both to notice how his balls have pulled up tight to his body.  That’s an indication that he’s just about ready to ejaculate.  You’re pretty close, aren’t you, Rob?” she asked, looking up at my face.  I just nodded.  "If you had have continued much longer, he probably would have had an orgasm.”

"I heard the kids talk about something called a blow-job,” Jill said, staring at my throbbing cock.

"Yes, honey, that’s where a woman uses her mouth instead of her vagina to bring the man to a climax.  The term is a form of misnomer since you don’t really blow on his penis; you’re supposed to suck.  The proper term is fellatio.  If you want to be really good at giving fellatio, you have to be prepared to let him shoot his ejaculate into your mouth and swallow it.  It doesn’t taste real bad, and you can get to where you actually like it.”

"Hey, Jill, why don’t you try it?” Janice suggested to her sister.  "Would that be okay, Mom?”

"Well, I think that’s up to Jill,” Mrs. Madison said.  "Would you like to try sucking on his penis, dear?”

You’d think I wasn’t in the room except as a model.  No one asked me if it would be okay.  If it were a different situation, I might be offended.

"Okay, Mom,” Jill responded innocently.

Without using her hands, she leaned into my throbbing penis and tentatively took it into her mouth.  Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked.  Her head bobbed up and down on my shaft while she maintained a strong suction.  From the technique she was using with her tongue on the head of my cock, there was no way she'd never done this before, but outwardly, you'd never know.

"Now get ready, honey, he’s very close,” Mrs. Madison told her younger daughter.  Then, pointing to my scrotum under Jill’s chin, she added, "See, Janice, notice how his balls have gotten really tight.  Now, Jill, honey, rub your tongue on the underside of his penis to get him to shoot his stuff.”

She'd been doing that ever since my cock entered her mouth, but having her mother tell her to do it was the last straw.  As I felt her tongue flick across the head of my cock and then slide down the underside, that’s all I could handle.  My hips jerked, and every muscle in my body contracted at once.

"Okay, girls, now watch what happens.  He’s just about to reach orgasm.  Get ready to swallow, Jill.”

God, I shot hard.  My first burst should have blown Jill’s head right off.  I must have blasted her throat with six or seven really powerful streams of cum.  My hips jerked hard with each spurt, but Jill managed to hang on.  It was almost comical as her head was thrown around by my spasms.

Throughout the entire climax, Mrs. Madison was explaining to Janice what was happening inside my body to eject my sperm into Jill's mouth.

When I was all finished, Jill pulled her head back and off my still rigid cock.  She sucked all the way, licking the underside of the head of my cock, until my cock-head came out with a pop.  She then looked over at her mother.  "Wah do ah do wi’ it?”  Her mouth was full of my sperm.

"Let’s see, honey,” Mrs. Madison told her youngest.

Jill opened her mouth wide to show us all a huge load of white cream filling her lower jaw.  She lifted her tongue out of the white mass as if to bring it forward to show everyone.

"Just swallow it, honey,” Mrs. Madison instructed her after she and Janice had checked it out.

Jill closed her mouth and swallowed three or four times.  Then she exclaimed, "Wow, that was cool!”

"What about fucking, Mom?” Janice asked.

"Well, honey, that’s when the guy puts his penis up inside a woman and ejaculates.  The word fucking is a crude term.  It’s also called making love.”

"But how is it done?” Janice pressed.

"Well, honey, it can be done in a number of different positions,” Mrs. Madison explained.  "Here, honey,” she directed Jill again, "why don’t you lie down on the floor, and let’s demonstrate for your sister.”

Jill quickly dropped onto the floor in front of us all, lying flat on her back.

"Hmm,” Mrs. Madison said looking over at my still erect cock.  "It must be great to be young.  Rob, we need your help in this, too.  Get in between her legs, and let’s demonstrate the missionary position for Janice.”

I took the position Mrs. Madison requested with my cock pointing straight out toward Jill’s head.  Janice ran around to the other side of us to get a better look.  I lowered myself down, and my cock bumped into Jill’s pussy.

"No, that won’t do,” Mrs. Madison said.  "Here, Janice, why don’t you help him put it into Jill’s vagina.”

Janice took hold of my cock and directed it into her little sister’s vagina.  God, it felt great.  Jill was quite wet, and I slid in quite a ways before hitting an obstruction.

"That must be her hymen,” Mrs. Madison explained.  "It must be broken the first time if you want to really fuck.  Jill, honey, is it okay with you if Rob breaks your hymen?  It will hurt a little bit, but you will never have to do it again.”

"Uh — okay, I guess,” Jill said hesitantly.

"To break her hymen, Rob, slide in and out a few times to get your penis nice and slick, then plunge in hard all the way.  Once you’re in, just keep it there for a few seconds until Jill is ready for you to continue,” Mrs. Madison explained.

I followed the directions given to me carefully.  I pulled my cock out almost all the way, then slid it in slowly until I hit Jill’s hymen.  I pulled out, pushed in, pulled out, pushed in.  Then I pulled out and slammed my cock all the way to the hilt.  I almost didn’t feel the tearing of her hymen.

"Ungh!” was all Jill grunted as I drove my cock into her.

I held myself deep inside her tight, warm vagina for a moment, and Jill said, "Oh, God!  That feels so good!  I can feel his thick co... er, penis inside me.”

"Okay, Rob, now very slowly start stroking in and out,” Mrs. Madison instructed.

I slowly pulled my cock out a little ways, then slid it back in.  It felt exquisite.  Her tight hole seemed to suck me in.

"Look, Mom,” Janice announced, her head almost on the floor as she looked at the junction between her sister and me, "Jill is bleeding.”

"Yes, dear, that’s true,” her mom explained.  "When Rob tore her hymen, there is a little blood.  It’s not bad.  She’ll be fine in a little while.”

I continued to stroke my cock in and out of her, the feeling of orgasm growing steadily.  I couldn’t believe that I might have another orgasm within minutes of the most powerful cum I’d ever had.  Of course this whole experience was beyond anything I could ever believe.  I mean, this girl’s mother was teaching me how to fuck her while her older sister watched.

"Wow, Mom, this feels really good,” Jill said as I pumped her pussy.  "I wouldn’t mind if he did this all day.”

Just as my hips were starting to get a good rhythm going and I thought I was going to cum, Mrs. Madison interrupted us.  "Okay, kids,” she said, "let me show you another position.”  I stopped stroking and got up onto my knees, pulling my dripping cock from that wonderful place.

"Jill, you just stay on the floor.  Rob, straddle her right thigh.  Now lift her left leg up — Jill, you roll over onto your right side — that’s it.  Rob, hold her leg straight up into the air and scoot up.  That’s the way.  Now slide your penis into her vagina.  Janice, give him a hand, okay?  Good!  Now stroke in and out.  There you go.”

This position was especially erotic.  My balls dragged along Jill’s inner thigh as my cock slid in and out of her sopping wet pussy.  Jill’s vagina wasn’t quite as tight in this position, but it was still tight enough to drive me over the edge.  That with having Janice’s face just inches from the junction of our sex was the most erotic feeling I’d ever had.

I grunted and slammed my cock into Jill’s pussy.  My sperm jettisoned from my cock into the young girl’s vagina.  My hips started pounding hard in and out of Mrs. Madison’s daughter while she and Jill’s sister watched.

"Are you having another orgasm?” Mrs. Madison asked curiously.  "God!  What a stud!  It's a good thing you're not potent.”

When I pulled my dick out of Jill’s pussy, Janice said, "Eww, he’s all gooey.”

"Yes, Janice, that’s his ejaculate,” Mrs. Madison explained.  "Some of that is Jill’s lubricating fluid, unless she had an orgasm, too.  Did you, honey?”

Jill nodded and said, "Yes, momma.  It felt wonderful.”

"Okay, then, all that fluid includes some of Jill’s orgasmic fluid, too.  Both the boy’s ejaculate and the girl’s orgasmic fluid are each called cum.”  Mrs. Madison turned to me and said, "Rob!  Do you think you can keep that thing up for a few more positions?”

My cock still hadn’t drooped.  It wasn’t as hard as it had been, but it was still rigid.  I nodded.

"Okay, Jill, now roll over onto your stomach.  Lift your butt up into the air.  No, put your knees up by your stomach.  That’s the way.  Now, Rob, get up behind her and stick your penis into her vagina.  Good.”

Well, Mrs. Madison put me in a couple more positions after that.  Then she had me lie down on my back with Jill squatting on top facing away, followed by her facing toward me.  In both of these positions, Mrs. Madison showed us how I could reach her daughter’s breasts and fondle them while she humped up and down on my cock.  With my added fondling of her breasts, Jill started cumming again, and it triggered yet another orgasm out of me.

"Damn, Rob, are you cumming again?” Mrs. Madison asked.  I noticed she was slurring her words even more than before.  The wine she was drinking was having its effect.  "Where were you when I was her age?”

When Jill pulled herself off of me, my cock was still hard.  It wasn’t rock solid, but it wasn’t hanging limp, either.  It was covered in our combined juices, and my bald abdomen was puddled with cum.  Liquid literally dripped out of Jill's pussy and splashed in the puddle where my pubic hair used to be.

"Damn, still ready to go, huh, champ?” Mrs. Madison said on seeing my cock.  "Well, let’s try a couple more positions.”

Mrs. Madison had Jill lie flat on top of me while Janice slipped my cock into her sloppy pussy.  We humped for a little while getting my cock fully rigid again, then she had Jill lie on her stomach again, this time flat.  I was directed to climb on top and stick my cock into her pussy from behind.  Again, Janice had to assist in guiding my slippery cock into her sister’s hole.  This felt unbelievably good to both of us.  Mrs. Madison explained that it was one of her favorite positions.  It became one of mine, too, considering it brought me to my fourth orgasm in a row.  With this angle, the bottom of my cock-head scraped across Jill’s G-spot each time I stroked in and out.  It also bent my cock at a weird angle causing me to jerk another small amount of sperm into Jill’s pussy.

After this, my cock was finally flaccid.  Jill seemed fully sated, too.  She slowly rolled over to look up at the three of us sitting around her.  She looked like she was blushing, but Mrs. Madison reminded us that the redness was caused by an orgasm.  Jill confirmed that she had cum again.

"That’s great, honey!  So, any more questions?” Mrs. Madison asked Janice.

"Uh, I think that’s enough for now,” Janice said, thoroughly pleased with herself.

"So, how are you doing, honey,” Mrs. Madison asked the older girl.  "Your sister has had quite a few orgasms.  You must be feeling a little something after watching all of this.”

"Oh, I’m feeling pretty tingly all over, but it’s okay, mother,” she said, obviously stimulated.

"Well, Jill, honey, do you have any questions you’d like to ask?  I’m sure Janice would be willing to model for you if you do.”

I noticed Janice give Jill a startled look.  It looked like Jill was supposed to say something, and Janice was giving her a signal to do it.

"Uh, yeah, Mom, I have a couple,” Jill said looking back at her older sister.  "Can you show me all those parts in the girl’s vagina on Janice?”

"Sure, honey,” Mrs. Madison was so accommodating.  "Janice, honey, would you take off your robe so I can show her?”

Janice took her place in front of us wearing just a big grin, and Mrs. Madison showed and described her lips and clitoris as she had on Jill just a few minutes before.

"My, my, dear,” Mrs. Madison said as we all inspected Janice's clit, "your clitoris is quite big.  I don't think mine is as big as that.”

Jill took advantage of the situation and massaged her older sister’s pussy lips and clit, as Janice had done to her.  It was obviously having an affect as Janice quickly started breathing hard.

"Wow, Mom,” Jill exclaimed as she sunk her fingers into Janice’s vagina, "she’s really wet!”

"Yes, I would suspect so,” Mrs. Madison acknowledged.  "One thing you can do is use that lubrication to rub over her clitoris very gently.  That’s the way, honey.”

That maneuver took Janice over the edge.  Her body jerked and convulsed under her sister’s touch, and Jill just kept stroking.

Watching Jill manipulate her older sister made my cock come back alive.  I don’t know where it got it’s strength from, but it was standing up once again.  Mrs. Madison continued to instruct Jill, explaining where the G-spot was while I wondered if I could have another orgasm.

"Mom?” Jill asked as she continued to stroke her fingers in and out of her older sister, manipulating her G-spot.  "Can a boy use his mouth on a girl like girls do to boys?”

"Of course, honey,” Mrs. Madison said.  "Rob, we need you again.  Janice, why don’t you lie down on the floor and spread your legs.  Rob, you get down there between her legs.  That’s the way.”

She instructed me on how to lick up and down Janice’s tender lips and how to stick my tongue up inside her vagina.  Janice came almost immediately.  I was surprised that her juices were almost sweet with only a slight tang.  Not bad at all.  Then Mrs. Madison showed me how to flick her daughter’s clit and run my tongue around it until Janice reached her third orgasm.  Janice was obviously highly stimulated as it seemed she climaxed every time I touched my tongue to her.

"My, my, honey,” Mrs. Madison commented, "you sure do have orgasms easily.  Either that or you were a lot more stimulated than you let on.”

"Could you show me a few other positions for fu... er, making love, Momma?” Jill asked innocently.

"Sure, honey,” Mrs. Madison said, indicating Janice and I should both get up.  She had us do it standing up with Janice backed against the wall and her legs wrapped around my waist.  As soon as my cock entered her, Janice started cumming.  She was really turned on.  Then Mrs. Madison had Janice sit on the TV set while I fucked her standing up.  I shot my wad into her in this position, and we left a pretty big glob of cum on the top of the TV when we were finished.  Mrs. Madison saw it as she and Jill had gotten up to watch us fuck more closely, but she made no effort to clean it off or even comment on it.  I just lifted Janice over the puddle of liquid and set her on the floor, leaving it untouched on the TV.

We were shown a few more positions while Jill looked carefully at each insertion of my cock, each stroke and each orgasm.  She asked a lot more questions about the appearances and the various physiological affects that she could see.  Mrs. Madison answered them all without hesitation.  I came two more times up Janice’s vagina, but I think she had about a dozen orgasms.

"Are there any other places a boy can stick his penis on a girl?” Jill asked with a sly smile.

Janice jerked her head toward her sister and gave her a nasty look.

"Well, yes, dear,” Mrs. Madison replied.  "Some men really like to stick their penises inside a woman’s rear end.  Here, Janice, lean over this chair so I can show your sister.”

Janice did not look happy about what was about to happen.  She did as she was told, though.

Mrs. Madison had me come up behind her daughter to get ready to butt-fuck her.  My cock was still dripping from the last load I had dumped in her vagina, and it was drooping a little.  Mrs. Madison looked at it and said, "He looks like he’s pretty well lubricated.  Now we need to slick her up a little.”  She then instructed Jill to sop up some of the liquid dripping from Janice’s pussy and dab it all around her tight little ass hole.  Jill fumbled around her sister’s pussy, clearly enjoying playing with it, and then pulled out two fingers thickly coated with cum.  Without so much as a warning, she jammed her fingers deep inside her sister’s colon, causing Janice to flinch and grunt.  She actually stroked her finger in and out a few times until Mrs. Madison said, "That’s good, honey.  Now, Rob, go ahead and stick it in.  Very slowly.  You don’t want to go too fast.”

I lowered my cock and placed the tip against the tight little sphincter.  Janice tensed as she felt it touch her.  Then I slowly pushed forward while Mrs. Madison and Jill watched closely.  I wasn't as hard as I had been earlier, but my cock-head popped in fairly easily, and Janice just grunted a little.  Then I pushed forward some more, slowly digging my cock in deeper and deeper until it was completely inside her ass.  It felt amazingly tight in there, and I was soon fully erect again.  Then it only took a dozen strokes before I was cumming.

"Well, I think that’s all the questions I have,” Jill said when I finally pulled my limp dick from Janice’s dripping ass hole.

"So, do you have any questions?” Mrs. Madison asked me.

"Uh, no, I don’t think so,” I responded.  "Thanks a lot for explaining all of this stuff, though.”

"You’re quite welcome, Rob.  Come on over anytime, and if you come up with anything, feel free to ask.”

You can bet I will.

After the Lessons

"Now, you kids go play,” Mrs. Madison told us.  "I have more work to do.”

"Can we go swimming again?" Jill asked.

"Of course, honey," Mrs. Madison said, "but be sure to put your suits on.  It's okay to run around naked in the house, but we don't want the neighbors to complain."

"But we have to go outside..." I started, and Janice immediately jabbed me in the ribs.  I was about to point out that our suits were in the back yard, and we had been naked when we hung them on the line.

"Would it be all right to go play in the tree house?” Janice asked.

"Sure, honey, that would be fine.”

With that, Mrs. Madison went out to the kitchen and started filling the dishwasher with soap and prepared to let it run.

"Come on, Rob,” Jill said, grabbing my hand.  "Let’s go out to the tree house for a while.”

I reached down to pick up the robe, but Janice yanked it away before I got it.

"I’ll go put these away.  I don’t think we’ll be needing them anymore,” she said as her cute little fanny, dripping cum down the inside of her thigh, disappeared down the hall.

"But...” I looked quizzically at Jill, but she gave me a look to keep my mouth shut.

I felt really weird without any clothes on while in their house.  Walking around my own house was strange enough, and I only did it when no one else was there, but I was in a neighbor’s house, and there were three females present.  We had to walk through the kitchen on the way, and I was sure their mother would say something.  Mrs. Madison was still there cleaning up.

As we passed her, Mrs. Madison looked up and said, "Now you kids don’t get into any trouble, okay?”

"Sure, Mom,” Jill said.  "Is it okay if we bring the video camera up to the tree house with us?”

"What do you want that for?” her mother replied, stopping and staring at us.

"Well, I wanted to see if I could make a movie of Rob ejaculating.  You know, to help me understand better what happens and how it all works,” Jill said nonchalantly.  "I can play it back in slow motion to see what's going on better.”

"Well, okay, honey, but you be very careful with it.  You know how expensive it is,” her mother responded.

I was in complete shock!  They were so open about this!  It seemed really weird.

Janice stepped into the kitchen just at that moment, still naked as a jaybird.  Jill ran off into the house somewhere to get the camera as Janice walked up to her mother and said, "Thanks for being such a great Mom.”  She kissed her on the cheek and turned to be at my side in front of the sliding glass door.

"Honey,” Mrs. Madison said, looking at her daughter’s right tit.  "You’ve got a bit of Rob's ejaculate on your nipple.  Better wash it off before you go outside.”

As Janice pulled a paper towel off the roll, her mother turned and looked at me.  I could see a strange look on her face and thought I was going to get hell for standing there naked in front of her daughters.  Jill came running in with the video camera and stood poised, ready to go outside.  Mrs. Madison looked over my body and focused on my flaccid penis, worn and tired from over a half dozen orgasms in the last two hours.  Then she said, "Rob, honey, let me clean you up a little before you go out to play.  Jill, you better come over here, too.”

I hesitantly walked over to her while she put the corner of the kitchen towel under the faucet.  I was having trouble with this whole scene.  She didn’t seem to mind that I hadn’t gotten dressed after our little show-and-tell in her living room.  As a matter of fact, the girls’ mom seemed to look at my nudity as if it were perfectly normal for a teenage boy to be naked in her house with her two daughters.

She turned around from the sink and looked at my cock as I stood in front of her.  Then Mrs. Madison reached down and started wiping the bloody sperm off my cock and off my bare abdomen.  She spent quite a few minutes rubbing all over to get all the sticky goo off.  Then she held my cock in one hand while gently wiping Janice’s poop from it with the towel in the other.  Jill and Janice just stood by and watched the whole operation.  By the time she was done, I was hard as a rock again, which didn’t seem to phase their mother at all.  As a matter of fact, it seemed to make her job easier as she made sure everything was removed.

"There, that’s better,” she said, staring down at my erection.  "Boy, it must be great to be a young stud such as yourself, Rob.  Most men I know have trouble getting it up a second time, and look at you; you’re hard again, and after how many ejaculations?”

"At least six, Mom,” Jill announced proudly.

Mrs. Madison shook her head and then turned her attention to Jill’s pussy.

While her mom wiped Jill’s cunt, Janice came over to stand beside me.  Almost mindlessly, she reached over and started gently stroking my hard cock as we watched Mrs. Madison clean the bloody cum from Jill’s lips.  There was quite a bit of our combined juices still dribbling from Jill's pussy, and her mother had to rinse the towel a number of times to clean her completely.

During this whole cleaning procedure, Janice very lightly ran her fingers all over my cock, lightly touching it with her finger tips at times, and wrapping her hand around it and literally stroking it at others.  Since I was still standing beside Jill, Mrs. Madison's face was barely a foot from where her older daughter was stroking me, but she didn’t bat an eye.  She did turn her head to look every now and then, but she only shook her head in awe before returning her attention to her little girl.

When their mother was done, Mrs. Madison stood up and looked at Janice standing beside me.  At that moment, Janice was openly stroking my cock fairly quickly with just two fingers on either side of the shaft.  There was no mistaking the fact that she was masturbating me.  My cock was purple with lust.  Mrs. Madison didn’t seem to care.

"This is so cool,” Janice said as her mother stared at my erection.  "I love seeing him all hard like this, and I just can’t help touching it.  It’s like it’s yelling out to me, ‘Stroke me!  Stroke me!’”

"Yes, I know what you mean,” Mrs. Madison said with a glint in her eye.  "He does have a very handsome penis, doesn’t he.”

A moment later, she bent down to wipe Janice’s pussy with the wet towel.

I don’t know if the girls were just trying to see how far they could take this before their mother said something, but Jill started massaging my balls while Janice continued her rapid stroking.  If I had have cum right then, it would have blasted right into Mrs. Madison’s face.  My hard cock was stiff as a rail right in front of her mother as she continued to wipe and clean her older daughter’s pussy and ass.  Janice didn’t skip a beat as she continued to stroke me within inches of her mother’s face, and Jill continued to fondle my balls.  I couldn’t believe they were masturbating me so overtly right in front of their mother like that.

When Mrs. Madison was finished cleaning up her older daughter, she looked directly at what the girls were doing to my hard-on.  Neither girl even hesitated as they continued their ministrations.  As a matter of fact, Janice seemed to become more fervent with her stroking as if she wanted me to cum right then.

"Oh, dear,” Mrs. Madison said, staring right into my urethra.  "It looks like we missed a spot.”  She reached out with her towel and wiped the new pre-cum that had formed on the tip.  Janice stopped her stroking for just a moment and held my cock steady for her mother.

As soon as Mrs. Madison was satisfied with her clean up, Janice wrapped her hand completely around my cock and went back to stroking me really fast.  The whole time, Jill didn’t change her pattern at all as she rolled my balls around in their sack right in front of her mother.

Then when Mrs. Madison stood up, she said, "Now, when you kids go out to play, you be careful, okay?”

"Okay, Mom,” they both said.

"Rob, I want you to be careful with that thing,” she added, pointing at the head of my cock.

Janice lifted my stiff shaft a little to point it directly at her mother while she referenced it and gently stroked the underside of the head.  At the same time, Jill reached out to stroke the top of my glans with her index finger, as if she were petting a tiny animal, still rolling my balls around with her other hand.

"Okay, Mrs. Madison,” I said.

Jill made a sign to Janice, and the girls suddenly released my cock and balls; it was just in time.  Jill must have sensed that I was really close to the point of no return.  They both grabbed a hand, and the three of us ran buck naked out into the back yard with Jill carrying the video camera.

I thought we weren't supposed to be in the back yard without our bathing suits on,” I said after we were outside.

"Mom didn’t say we had to put anything on if we were going to go play in the tree house,” Jill tried to explain.  “She thinks we're still really young, and she doesn't think there's anything wrong with young boys and girls playing naked together.”

I couldn’t believe what she was saying, and it didn’t make any sense.

"Yeah, but we're even more exposed to the neighbors in the tree house than in the back yard," I argued.

"Pretty amazing logic, huh?" Jill giggled.

When we were all in the tree house, I told the girls how amazed I was at their mother’s attitude.

"Oh, she’s really cool when it comes to sex,” Janice explained.  "What's strange is that she knows so much, but she's so dumb.  Everyone knows pubic hair is not the only indication of maturity, and it's so easy to shave it off.  That’s how we knew she’d be willing to give us answers to our questions.”

"But she actually let us fuck right in front of her!” I gushed.

"Yeah, I know,” Jill giggled.  "We weren’t sure we could go that far, but we figured that if we played it out right, we might at least get an orgasm out of it.”

"And having an orgasm in front of Mom was the goal!" Janice added.

You did more than have an orgasm,” I pointed out.  “I had at least six, and I have no idea how.  I thought for sure my balls would give out, but my erection never seemed to fade.”

Oh, that's because of those 'vitamins,'” Janice explained.  “One of her boyfriends keeps her supplied in one of them.  She doesn't really know what they are, but I looked it up on the Internet.  They're some kind of pill that increases sperm generation and helps guys maintain an erection.”

Wow!  It sure worked!  Did you two plan this whole thing?” I asked.

"Yeah, we thought it all out last night,” Janice continued.  "We were pretty sure you would go for it, and that's why I told you to shave.  Pretty cool, huh?”

"When Mom told us the first time about how pubic hair is the sign that you have reached maturity," Jill explained, "I started shaving right away.  As a matter of fact, Janice has been waxing me for months now so that I should never grow hair down there."

I was amazed, and I told them so.

"The whole thrill of this little game is to see how far she’ll let us go,” Janice explained.  "I think that as long as she thinks you two are prepubescent, she will let all three of us do anything.  I hope you had fun.  I think she likes you, and you could probably get away with anything you can possibly think of as long as you keep yourself shaved.”

"Okay,” Jill interrupted, "now I want to get a movie of his cock spurting cum.  Do you think you can make that happen for me, Janice?”

"Sure, no problem,” her sister said.  "I think we got him pretty close to the edge already.”

"Yeah, I know,” Jill agreed with a giggle.  "I still think we should have let him shoot down there.  It would have been so funny to see his cum splatter all over Mom’s face.”

"Maybe,” Janice replied, "but it might have taken it just too far.  Maybe we’ll do that another time.”

As her older sister started stroking me again, Jill got the camera lined up.  We had to adjust our positions in the tree house a bit so the lighting was good and our legs and arms didn’t get in the way, but soon we had it worked out.  I was upright on my knees while Janice was to my side stroking me.  Jill was at an angle in front of me with the camera only about two feet away from the head of my cock but off to one side so it wasn't in the firing line.

"Do it like you were doing it in front of Mom,” Jill explained.  "You know, just use two fingers.  That way I can see his cock better.”  Janice complied but used her fingers on top and bottom instead of on either side, and Jill continued, "Yeah, that's the way.  Now, when he shoots, we can see his shaft and everything.  That should be so cool.  After this, I want you to take a movie of him fucking me.  Then, after that, I want to get a movie of you sucking him off and swallowing his sperm like I did.”

Just then, I let fly.  I grunted once, and sperm jettisoned from the end of my cock.  Jill let out an "ooh,” as if she were watching fireworks.  The camera remained poised with her eye to the viewfinder until Janice had pumped out the last of my cream.  Streaks of white cum stretched out in front of me on the floor, and Jill panned the camera down to include them.

After I got my senses back, I said, "Uh, girls.  As much as I’d like to have orgasms all day with you two, I just don’t think I can.”

"That’s okay,” Janice said as she used her finger to scrape off the cum from my cock and wipe it on the floor.  "I think we should save some for another day.”

Jill looked a little disappointed, but then my mother called.  Oh, shit!  I hope she couldn’t see me up there.  I could see her clearly as she stepped out into the back yard to call me.

I ducked down and hoped only my face could be seen.  "Hi, Mom!” I called down to her.

"I think it’s time for you to come home,” she said.  "We have some shopping to do, and I don’t want you to overstay your welcome over there.”

We had a bit of discussion about it, but finally I had to agree to go.  Fortunately, Mom went back into the house, giving me time to climb down with Janice and Jill.

We walked over to the clothesline, and I put on my Speedos.  Then I went to the edge of the pool and put my shorts and tee-shirt back on.  It felt weird to be dressed again.

I literally jogged home to make sure Mom didn't quiz me on what took so long.

Let me just say that I wasn’t disappointed about moving to California from Minnesota anymore.