- Domination - Bondage - Abuse - Humiliation - Submission - Erotic Horror
H. Dean
The Family Pet

Excerpt from The Family Pet


They made love. It was long and sensual. It was soft but forceful. His thick, muscular body pushed down on top of her petit frame and she was forced to endure his penetration regardless of any want she might have. But she did want him. The deeper his thrusts the deeper she wanted him and she reveled in the pain his large member brought to her quaking body. Then, at long last, it was over. They lay side by side, panting as their intermingled sweat trickled onto the damp sheet below. Looking to each other they smiled, satisfied and nearly satiated. Then they joined hands for a brief moment and made love once again.

Bill stood at the stove making breakfast. He was naked but for the apron he wore to protect himself from the inevitable splatter of grease that accompanied fried potatoes. Jasmine, his wife of five years, sat at their large dinner table admiring the shape of his posterior. She noted the striations in his thighs and calves with prurient enthusiasm and wondered which made her hungrier; the smell of the food or her husband.

"Pancake syrup…it's not just for breakfast," she told him, grinning and licking her fingers.

"Don't get any ideas. I have to get to work today," he told her.

"Just one more time?" she asked, her lips trembling with feigned sadness.

"I know it's Saturday, but they need me. We have a new line coming out. Who knows, I might even give you a taste."

"Fuck no!" she replied. "The last thing I want is to look like a bimbo or to be one of those toys you make. I'll stick with the research and let the others have the 'fun'."

"Hah, you're no fun, baby. I just want to do your lips," Bill kidded. "You know, so you can give the perfect blow job."

"I don't know who is more sick…you for doing it or me for doing the work that makes it possible," Jasmine said. "I mean this isn't exactly what you would call normal…or even ethical."

"And that, my love," he said, offering her a piece of syrup soaked bacon "is why you like it. They aren't willing…mostly."

"I do like that," she grinned. "Am I evil?"

A ringing phone took their attention from the moment. "Finish making breakfast, lover, I'll get the phone."

Moments later, Jasmine returned with the phone. "It's Patricia. Bill, her boyfriend kicked her out of his house."

"That guy was always a prick. I don't know why she was ever with him," Bill said, his eyes flashing anger.

Jasmine frowned. "It's worse than that. She didn't want to tell us when it happened but she lost her job a couple months ago and hasn't been able to find work. Bill, she has nowhere to go. Do you think she could stay here for a bit? Just until she gets on her feet."

Bill looked at her, a questioning look in his eyes. "Well, it's sort of up to you. I don't mind but I don't know how you would feel with her staying here. You've not been a fan of my ex-girlfriends, after all."

"She was at our wedding, Bill. You know I like her and, well, you two were over long before we got together," Jasmine replied. "I mean it's not like there is anything between you two anymore. I know that. She can stay for as long as she needs. We have more than enough room. Tell her."

"Okay, baby, I'll tell her," he replied, taking the phone from her outstretched hand.

Chapter 1

"Thank you so much for taking me in," Patricia told her saviors. "I really don't know what I would have done without you. I promise…promise, promise, promise I will get out of here as soon as I can. I can't thank you enough!"

"Don't worry," Jasmine told the Amazonian woman. "You're family. Bill loves you, I love you and if you don't love us we will have to kill you."

"Thanks, guys. Really," she sighed, hugging them both.

"Look, dinner is almost ready. I am going to go in and finish it up. Bill can show you to your room and help you get your things inside. You said it's, mostly in storage?"

"I just brought necessities. Everything else…well, I paid for six months storage up front and I figure I should have another job and be able to rent another house by then," Patricia said. "And I promise to help out around here as much as I can. I don't have anything to pay rent with but I will pay you back as soon as I can. God, I can't thank you enough!"

"Cut it out," Bill said. "Let's get you settled."

Later that night, Bill and Jasmine lay in bed, a passionate session of lovemaking having just finished. "I about shit my pants when I saw her in a t-shirt and shorts, Bill. I see what you liked about her," Jasmine said. "I mean, she has a huge rack, great legs and beautiful hair. You sure did go the other route when you got me."

Bill smiled at his wife, seeing her minor insecurity. "Not really. You may be short, but you've just as nice a body and your hair is every bit as beautiful as hers. More so, 'cause it's yours."

"You're a sweet liar. I love you though," she said, kissing his cheek. "Was she into all the BDSM and stuff we used to be into when we first got going? I mean, was she as extreme?"

"Yes and no," Bill responded. "You're more into the physical aspects and she is more about mind control. I mean, she does like to be tied up and humiliated but she was so susceptible to mind controlling techniques that…well, there wasn't much I couldn't make her do."

"Not much, eh?" Jasmine asked, her right eyebrow cocked questioningly. "Do tell."

"What do you want to know?"

"Tell me what you made her do," she said, twirling her finger in her long tresses.

"Well, gee, it's not so much what I made her do but what I caused her to do," Bill told her.

"Tell me!" she demanded in mock anger.

Bill smiled and kissed her. "I made it so she hated vaginal sex and loved anal sex, for one thing. I also got her to wear a plug for a year straight. Then I got her used to enemas. She told me she still needs them to take a shit. I got her to cum on command and, later on, to a specific word. Then there was…"

"Hold on," Jasmine interrupted. "You got her to cum to a word?"

"Yeah, I did."

"What word? Does it still work?"

"Yes it does and I'm not going to tell you. If I do you will torture the poor girl," Bill said, laughing. "Don't you think she has enough on her plate?"

"But what if I want to keep her?"

"You're kidding, right?" Bill asked, surprised. "You never wanted to bring in another woman before. Why would you want to bring one in now?"

"Bill, she's gorgeous and it would give us someone to play with," Jasmine said. "Besides, we don't play that way with each other anymore. Don't get me wrong, I don't really want to play with you that way. What we have is beyond the gimmicks and gadgets. But wouldn't it be fun to have someone to play with?"

"Jaz, she is my best friend. I couldn't do that to her."

"I could," she said, a wicked grin on her lips. "She might like it. She liked it before."

"Baby, Patricia is straight…doesn't like girls. How is she gonna like that?"

Jasmine pursed her lips for a moment. "Tell me the word. I just want to see if it works."

"Fine, but you can't let her know and you have to make it seem natural if you use it," Bill told her. "Promise?"

"Promise!" Patricia said, her eyes gleaming with anticipation.

"It's more of a phrase. If you sing "Auld Lang Syne" she will orgasm," he said. It was rotten of me but I always wanted her to start the new year off with a bang, so to speak."

Jasmine clapped her hands, chuckling with delight. "How artfully sadistic of you. I imagine her New Years dates were amused as hell!"

"She told me about a few," he replied, smiling. "It did make for interesting times for the poor girl. Now, remember your promise."

"I will. Don't worry. Now, what other things did you do to the poor girl?"

"You're so bad. I'll tell you, but on one condition. You have to suck my cock while I tell you."

Chapter 2

Jasmine lay between Bill's legs, her mouth wrapped around his hard shaft. Stroking him with her right hand while taking his cock into the deepest regions of her throat, she waited intently to hear of the tortures inflicted on his closest friend and former lover.

"Patricia can only cum on command," he told her. "If she does not hear the specific phrase 'cum for me' she cannot reach orgasm. With most people this would have been a difficult task but it was relatively easy with her."

"Tell me how," she mouthed around his cock, moaning with anticipation.

"Before her training sessions I would install a small remote device in her pussy. It was held in by thin leather straps that kept it deep inside her body. Small wires with tiny clamps attached to her labia," he said, his voice filled with pleasure at both his wife's efforts and the tale he was telling. "If she came without command I triggered the device, causing her excruciating pain.. Of course, if she asked for and was granted permission to cum she did not suffer."

"That's so fucking hot!" Patricia murmured.

"Suck me," he commanded. "After weeks of training she had no trouble in withholding her orgasms. It wasn't until after we broke up and she had found a new man that she realized she could not cum without being told to do so. She harassed me for that, vowing to overcome it."

"Has she?" she asked.

"The last time we talked about it - three months ago - she said she still needs the order."

"Tell me more," Jasmine demanded.

"Lick my ass, slut," Bill ordered, lifting his legs and sliding a pillow beneath his rear. "Lick it good if you want more. Push that tongue inside me and then suck like a good little girl."

Obediently, she worked on his rear hole, penetrating as deeply as she could with her tongue. "Tell me more. Please, I want to know more."

"I ruined her pussy. Every day…every night…there was nothing I did not do to her pussy. I fucked it with my hand, bottles and anything I could find. I stretched her beyond anything I had thought possible. I tortured her pussy, spanking it with belts and switches. She loved the pain, even as she hated it. Even her clit. I tortured it. We used razor blades, cutting into her delicate flesh. Eventually, there was little I could do to bring pain to her pussy."

"More," she murmured as she pushed her sex against the sheets below.

"Eventually, we stopped playing with her pussy. It was useless. There was no sensation. Nothing. Her clit, her pussy…inside and out. Short of risking severe damage she had no sensation. So we concentrated on her ass and tits."

"Oh God!" Jasmine moaned as an orgasm tore through her body.

"I want you to ride my cock now," he told her. "Sit your ass on my cock and ride me."

Slowly, Jasmine rose from the bed and straddled him, her gaze meeting his. Reaching back, she took his hard cock in her hands and pushed it to her anal opening and eased her weight down on top of him. She moaned as his cock impaled her and then leaned forward with her hands on his chest and began to rock..

"More, please?" she asked, her voice small and high.

"I forced her to wear a plug. She resisted, at first. It hurt after short periods. I insisted she get used to it and, after about two weeks, she did. For the next year she was never without it. That's when I began giving her enemas."

"God!" Patricia moaned as she climaxed again, begging for more as the orgasm passed.

"Each day," Bill continued, "I gave her two enemas. One in the morning and one at night. She was only allowed to use the toilet to piss. If she needed to shit, I gave her an enema. I wanted to take away as much control over her body as I could. I had no idea it could be permanent but after a six months of receiving two enemas a day for a full year she asked if we could ease the anal play."

Jasmine ground on his body and another orgasm reached its moaning crescendo. "Don't stop," she begged.

"Her ass had become quite loose and she worried she might have lost control," he said. "But it was worse than that. She couldn't go to the bathroom. No matter how full she was or how she tried, she couldn't go."

"More," Jasmine cried and ground down harder onto his cock, driving him as deep was possible.

"Finally, after a three day period of her being unable to go, she begged for an enema. After that we resumed the twice daily enemas."

The girl riding his hard cock cried out and climaxed another time before falling to the bed. "No more. Please, no more."

"Not yet, slut!" he told her, his voice cruel and lust filled. "Time for my pleasure!"

Rolling the girl to her belly, he lifted her head and shoved his cock into her mouth, making her suck the musky scent from him. Satisfied, he withdrew from her mouth and climbed on top of her.

"Reach back and spread that ass, bitch!"

They moaned in unison as his cock penetrated her anal opening another time. He pushed hard, ensuring he was as deep as he could manage. Then he lay the entirety of his weight upon her and began thrusting.

"You like that, eh slut?" he asked. "You like what I did to her?"

"Yes," she hissed.

"Take this, then," he growled, shoving his cock into his helpless lover a final time. "Take it!"

For long and long they lay still. His large body pressed down upon her contrasting frame and his cock grew soft inside her. Finally, rolling off of her, he commanded she clean his cock of their juices. Sleep, gentle and filled with dreams, soon overcame them.

Chapter 3

Two weeks had passed with no leads on a job. Patricia had been searching long and hard for new employment only to find a long list of common rejections. Still, she had found comfort in her new living quarters. Both Patricia and Bill were gracious, never pressuring her or making her feel down about taking up space in their home.

"Why don't you get your stuff out of storage and bring it here?" Jasmine asked her. "We have tons of space in our garage and it would get you some money back."

Two weeks later, and with no more job prospects, she finally agreed to bring her things to the house.

"What are you doing?" Bill asked his wife as she lay on the thick comforter that draped over their bed. "I know you're up to something."

Jasmine grinned and tilted her head, flipping her hair. "Why Bill, whatever gave you that idea?"

"You aren't this friendly…even to Patricia. So what's going on?"

"Bill," Jasmine said. "I want to keep her."

"What do you mean 'keep her'?" he asked.

"I don't know. Maybe we could keep her as a pet. Like a puppy or something."

Bill smirked, looking down. "This is my best friend. I love her. I can't do to her what we do to those other girls. I mean…technically I could, but I won't."

"Didn't you tell me that Jerry was chastising you about having someone stay here?" she asked. "Aren't you risking us and Chimera to help a friend?"

"What's that got to do with it?"

"Didn't you always say you missed spending time with her?" Jasmine persisted.

"I don't see the point…"

"Bill, we can keep her here. You can spend time with her. We can both enjoy her and, to top it off, it fixes the risk factor of her finding out what we do and letting the cat out of the bag!"

"No!" he told her. "It isn't going to happen."

"Fine," she blurted.

"I can still play with her while you're out of town at that HFM convention."

"Baby…please leave her alone," he said, taking a seat on the bed and stroking his wife's long hair. "I don't want any trouble. Remember, she's my friend. She isn't an experiment or a toy."

"Okay, baby," she said.

"I'm serious. I am only going to be gone for two weeks and I don't want anything going on. Okay?"

"Yes, sir," Jasmine said, saluting and clicking her heels together.

"Good girl,"

The night was drawing to a close as dinner found its way to the dinner table. Jovial tones of old times crossed between the former lovers, spurred on by Jasmine's prodding. Before long, they had collapsed onto the living room couch, drunk on wine, memories and the promise of memories to come.

"Kiss me," Jasmine told Patricia. "I want to see how you kiss."

Giggling, Patricia leaned in to give her the requested kiss, turning away at the last moment. "Don't be mad at me…it's not you. I just…I'm just not into girls."

"Don't worry it, sweetheart," Jasmine smiled. Maybe you can show me how it looks to kiss Bill?"

Patricia turned to Bill, unsure of her course of action. Her face was red and flush with embarrassment and drunken excitement at the thought of kissing her former lover - the man who she felt created her.

Turning to Bill, Jasmine reached out to take his hand in hers. Pulling him close, she whispered loudly in his ears. "I want to see you kiss her."

Bill looked towards Patricia and smiled. Leaning across his wife, he reached his hand to Patricia's head and gently pulled her to him. Their lips met in a long and wet kiss. Lingering for a moment, he pulled away and looked to his smiling wife.

"What did you think?" Bill asked, excited at the possibilities that now ran through his mind.

Jasmine leaned forward and reached her hand around his head to pull him to her. They kissed deeply, their excitement adding to the moment. Breaking their kiss, he turned to Patricia and, with a tilt of his head and a soft word of encouragement, drew her in for another kiss.

Standing, Bill turned and headed towards the bedroom. Walking slowly, he began removing his shirt. "Follow me, girls," he commanded, halting his motion long enough to glance behind him. "I want you both naked and in my bed."

Patricia, her mind and body in full submission rose and followed. Briefly, a moment of reason came to her and she looked back at Jasmine, silently questioning her actions.

"He hates to be disobeyed. You know that," Jasmine said softly. "We had better do as he says."

"Yes," Patricia muttered, slightly dazed. "He hates to wait."

"You've never been with a woman?" Jasmine asked, removing her clothes as she followed Patricia to the bedroom.

"No. I had one go down on me once, but that's all. I couldn't have done it if he hadn't made me," the tall girl said.

"What are you going to do if he orders you to kiss me?"

"I don't know," she answered, discarding her shorts.

"Are you saying you will obey him?" Jasmine prodded, enjoying Patricia's discomfort.

"I…I don't know."

"What if he makes you go down on me? What if he wants to watch us together?"

Patricia's brow furrowed and worry pushed her excitement into the background. She stopped for a moment, unsure of herself.

"He hates to wait," Jasmine said, excited at her friend's discomfort. "You know how he is."

"I can't do this," Patricia said. "I can't. What if he does want to see us together? I can't."

The two women stood in the hall and watched each other. "Go ahead, then. I understand and I am sure he will too," Jasmine said.

Patricia smiled and pulled Jasmine close, relieved. "Thank you. And…I'm sorry. I just can't do this. Besides, I don't want to be a possible cause for trouble between you two."

"Trish," she said, holding the girl by her shoulders. "It wouldn't cause problems. He isn't the only one who wants this."

"But…I can't. Even if you are okay with it….even if you want it…I can't."

Just then, Bill's slipped into the hall and his large, powerful and naked frame became fully visible to the two women. His displeasure was clear by his expression. "Patricia, Jasmine…get in here, now," he said, his voice low and commanding. Then, pointing to Jasmine, "I want you on my right and you, Patricia, on my left. Now, come, my darlings."

Suddenly, Patricia's will left her and she found herself fall into a dreamlike state and obeying Bill's command. Jasmine watched amusedly as Patricia's eyes glazed over and then followed Patricia down the carpeted hallway and into the bedroom.

Chapter 4

Bill lay between the contrasting beauties. To his left reclined the love of his life, Jasmine; petit, buxom and soft. She was his ideal woman, both in body and mind. On his right, trembling, slightly dazed and afraid, lay Patricia. Tall, blond and muscular, she was the epitome of the fabled Amazons. Tonight, he would have them both.

Smiling, Bill put forth his commands, his baritone voice filling the ears of the two women. "Patricia, I want you to suck my cock."

Nearly void of will, she eased her way down his body and took his cock in her mouth, sucking his already dripping member into her throat.

"Jasmine," he said , sliding a pillow beneath his posterior and making Patricia hesitate for a moment. "Eat my ass."

Thrilled, as she always was when he deigned to command her, Jasmine slipped downward between his lifting knees. She reached in with her hands, pulling his buttocks apart and buried her face between the cheeks of his well-toned ass and extended her tongue to lick the puckered hole.

For a moment, the gaze of the two women met and they watched as the other performed her ordered task. Breaking the stare, Patricia looked past Jasmine to the pictures that lined the walls. Dreamily, she thought of how it might have been her in those images had she not… Bill groaned, disturbing Patricia from her thoughts as he pushed her head down, holding her firmly by her long blonde hair. He began thrusting into the back of her throat,
awash with the pleasure the two women were providing.

With no warning, he pulled the tall blond from his cock and drew her lips to his. "I still own you, don't I?" he asked, his voice a breathy whisper.

"Yes," she breathed back and closed her eyes.

"Auld Lang Syne", he muttered.

"No," she gasped, staring into his eyes in the dim light.

"Auld Lang Syne," he repeated. Suddenly her body tensed, curling slightly as she fought off the impending orgasm.

"Please don't. I don't want to be controlled that way anymore," she begged.

"Auld Lang Syne," he said again, his voice more commanding than before.

Muscles clenched throughout her body and her strength gave way. Suddenly, she climaxed.

"Old Lang Syne," Bill repeated another time and another and another.

Again and again, she came, her will entirely his to command. "Please…" she managed before another orgasm passed through her body. Another iteration of 'Auld Lang Syne' and she was lost, her body falling into a fit of orgasms, unordered, unprompted and beyond her control. Patricia cried out after each climactic moment, eyes begging silently for Bill to stop making her cum.

Bill watched sadistically, his cock hard, while she struggled to gain control of her body. Looking towards his wife, who no longer performed her assigned duties, he could see her watching Patricia, mesmerized by his exhibition of control. Then, as if to demonstrate further control, he winked at his wife.

"Halt!" he commanded, instantly silencing Patricia's moans.

He waited for a moment, his hand up, holding Jasmine to silence. Smiling, he watched as Patricia fell into a near instant and deep slumber, curled up on her side.

"What do you think, Jaz?" he asked, smiling arrogantly.

"Can we keep her?" Jasmine asked.

"Hah! Ready for more?" he asked.

"More? Oh my God. Yes!" she replied.

"Patricia," he said, his voice soft but clear.

"Yes Master?" came her dreamy reply.

"Rub your pussy for me."

Eyes still closed, half sleeping and half in delirium, Patricia's right hand slipped between her legs and began rubbing her pussy.

"How does that feel?" Bill asked.

"It doesn't feel like anything, Master," she returned.

"Why not?"

Because we ruined my pussy, Sir."

"Patricia, would you like your ass filled?" he asked.

"Yes, Master," she whispered.

Turning to his wife, Bill ordered she retrieve an inflatable plug from the closet. She nearly jumped from the bed, running to retrieve the object. Quickly, she slid open the mirrored closet door, nearly knocking it from its tracks and shoved her hand into their toy box.

"I have your favorite toy," he told her as he tapped her thighs. "Lift your legs for me."

Patricia smiled through her dream-like state and brought her knees to her chest. "Thank you, Master."

Patricia found the plug and came to Bill with plug held out, much as a child might display a favorite toy. He directed her to wet the plug with her mouth and then to insert it into Patricia's bottom.

"How much would you like to be stretched?" he asked.

"Whatever pleases you, Sir," she answered.

"Pump it," he ordered his wife.

Moans escaped the dazed girl's lips as the plug began inflating. She grasped at the thick comforter beneath her and she wiggled her bottom in a vain attempt to fuck the inflating plug.

"Does it feel good?"

"Yes," she hissed. "So good, Master."

Her eyes fluttered open and she smiled. "May I cum, Master?"

"Not yet, darling," he said.

Patricia's need grew and she wiggled more frantically. "Please, Sir, may I cum now?"

"Not yet."

Over and over she asked, begging for release, each pump adding to her need for release.

"Please, I need to cum so bad! Please!"

Again, he repeated those hated words. "Not yet."

"Please," she begged, her voice becoming ever more frantic "I'll do anything you want! Please!"

"Will you eat Jasmine?"

"I can't!"

"Then you won't get to cum," he told her.

For long and long she struggled, her repeated request for relief receiving the same reply of negation. Over and over the scene repeated. Finally, unable to resist her needs, she gave in.

"When she cums I will let you cum," Bill told her.

"Oh, God, I need to cum so bad!" she responded.

At Bill's urging, Jasmine took his place on their large bed. She lay back, spreading her legs. Bill grabbed Patricia's thick blond hair and pushed her between his wife's legs. She hesitated for a moment, prompting Bill to wiggle the fully inflated plug in the girl's ass. Moaning with frustration and pleasure, Patricia began lapping at the shaven cleft between the tiny girl's legs.

"Oh, God…I'm cumming already!" Jasmine screamed.

"Cum for me," Bill whispered into Patricia's ear.

Suddenly, the room filled with deafening groans and screams. Jasmine grabbed Patricia's hair and pulled her against her wet hole. Ejaculate spilled forth from Jasmine's sex and filled the attending mouth.

"Swallow it! Oh, God, swallow it!" Jasmine screamed.

Patricia, her mind awash in pleasure and numb to thought, obeyed Jasmine's command. She slurped at the gush of liquid that squirted forth and drank in as much as she could.

"Cum for me," Bill urged the women.

The room, still filled with loud moans, reached a larger crescendo than before. The two women screamed with pleasure, both gushing warm, thick liquid from between their legs. Then, as suddenly as it had began their orgasms subsided.

Bill reached down and deflated the bladder, removing it from Patricia's ass, replacing it with his swollen member. He stroked, long and hard before exploding and filling her with his own fluids.

"Come over here," he said to his wife as he lifted a vacant eyed Patricia to her knees. Jasmine obeyed, her own eyes giving lie to a similar state.

"Nothing goes to waste tonight," he told Jasmine, directing her to slide beneath his recent conquest.

"Open your mouth and slide your head under her ass," he told her.

Guiding Patricia so her bottom's gaping hole was directly over Jasmine's mouth, he told her "Push."

Slowly, a thick flow of liquid exited her ass, the girl below her receiving it in her open mouth. Repeating his command, the girl continued to push the warm, milky fluid from her body and into the waiting mouth below.

Bill kneeled down and whispered into Jasmine's ear. "Swallow."

Jasmine, her full consciousness returning to her, swallowed, disbelieving the events which were transpiring.

"Good girl," he told her. "Now, eat her ass and make her cum."

He pushed Patricia downward, forcing her to rest part of her weight on Jasmine's face. Once again, Bill ordered his wife to action. "Eat her ass, my little slut!"

Jasmines eyes widened, emotions torn between the excitement and anger she felt at such a humiliation.

"Now! I want you to eat her," he said, his voice deep and stern.

Jasmine ran through the scenario before her, still angry and excited. She looked up at him and gazed into his steady eyes. Then, as if guided by some unseen force, she opened her mouth and began licking and sucking the damp, cum oozing opening.

Patricia's eyes opened wide, excitement overcoming her body. She shook and moaned, fighting to retain her balance. The orgasm built quickly and with a sharpness that was beyond her grasp.

"Please my I cum?" she cried out.

"Cum for me," Bill ordered.

Patricia moaned loudly, squirting the evidence of her orgasm and covering Jasmine with her juices.

"May I cum?" she cried out again.

"Cum for me," he ordered.

Patricia begged again and again for release. Again and again she received the command that allowed her pleasure. Then, as before, pleasurable orgasms turned to unstoppably painful, locking her body in constant spasms.

"Halt!" he commanded, mercifully. Relieved, exhausted and delirious, Patricia fell to the bed, consciousness leaving her.

For many moments Jasmine lay silent with closed eyes. Her face, neck and chest were covered in the sticky residue of Patricia's many orgasms. For long and long she struggled to find her voice, helpless for ought but blurred vision. At long last, she turned over and propped herself up on her elbows staring up at her husband. Bill watched, amused at his wife's dreamy state. Rarely had he seen her this way and he wanted to catalogue the moment.

"God, I came so hard, Bill," she whispered. "Fuck, Bill, why didn't you tell me she was like this?"

"We never got that far, remember?"

"Bill," she said, still whispering. "Can we keep her?"


Chapter 5

Bill stood at the stove making breakfast. The apron he wore protected the suit that told of an impending business trip. Jasmine sat at their large dinner table admiring his dashing form, noting how the suit conformed to his powerful physique with prurient enthusiasm and wondering which made her hungrier; the smell of the food, her husband or the girl who still rested on their large bed.

"How long will you be gone?" she asked him, thoughts of their previous night still dancing in her head.

"Well, Chimera has found a new market. I have to find out if it's safe or not," he said.

"Once again, my dear husband, how long?" she asked, her voice tinged with mock frustration.

"Two weeks, maybe four. It all depends on how Research did their research."

"Wise ass!" she said. "We do good work and you know it. Just get back as soon as you can."

"I will babe. You know that," he replied, bringing two plates to the table. "Milk or orange juice?"

"Orange juice. Thanks."

After returning with their beverages, Bill sat down to eat. He thought to broach the happenings of the previous night but thought better of it. Unsure of what to say, he ate silently.

Jasmine sat across from him, her hands fumbling in her long dark hair. Like her husband, she was unsure of what to talk about. She had asked repeatedly if they could keep Patricia as their pet and received a plethora of negative answers. Still, she wasn't one to give up so easily.

"Bill, what if she wants us to keep her?" she began. "You saw how she reacted. She loved every minute of it."

"Don't be so sure. I could always get her to do anything I wanted. You may find her a bit less enthusiastic over last night than you are."

"What if she does though? Can we keep her then?" she asked again.

Smirking, Bill chewed in silence.

"You had fun, Bill. So did I. She certainly seemed to have fun."

I don't think it's exactly wise of us to keep someone here. We don't live on any company properties and I don't think Chimera would approve. Hell, Jerry gave me hell for even allowing someone to stay here," he told her.

"What if she wants to stay and wants to get some mods?" she said, undaunted by his words. "She would be a perfect pet. We could make her our puppy."

"No, baby. Keep your pets at the office," he said. "Besides, she is my best friend…she's our friend! Do you think it's right to keep our closest friend in captivity?"

"You aren't listening to me. You know how she likes to serve, Bill," she pleaded. "She might enjoy being our puppy even more. Can't you give her a chance to make that decision? I mean, she doesn't have to know the full extent of what we can do right off. We can work it in after we find out how far she wants to go."

Bill finished his breakfast and wiped his mouth with a napkin, considering Jasmine's words. "Tell you what. You can ask if she wants to be our pet. If she doesn't want to…well, that's it. No more talk of it. Got it?"

"That's all I wanted, Bill," Jasmine said, satisfied.

"I have to run. Come give me a kiss and I'll see you in two weeks or so. Okay?"

"Love you, baby," she said, falling into his arms and kissing him.

"Miss me lots, k?" he said smiling.

"I miss you already. Now git!"

Jasmine watched as Bill's car pulled from the driveway and turned down the road. Already her mind was spinning with possibilities.

"Trish…" she said in a lilting voice, heading towards the bedroom. "Would you like to be our pet? I knew you would."


Chapter 6

Patricia lay on their bed curled into a tight ball, covers pulled around her. Jasmine noted the innocence the girl seemed to possess, admiring the beautiful brown hair that cascaded across the pillow on which her head rested.

“I’m going to keep you,” Jasmine thought, as she approached the bed. “Like it or not I am going to keep you, one way or another.”

She slipped on the bed and stroked a hair from the girl, noting the gentle slope of her nose and her perfect lips. “So beautiful,” she murmured.

Patricia stirred, her eyes fluttering open. A smile crossed her lips before the memory of the last nights events came flooding back. Slowly, she pulled back from Jasmine and pulled the covers up to her chin.

“Jasmine, I….” she blurted. “Why?”

“Because we wanted it. Because we can’t resist him,” she answered.

“Oh God, I didn’t want that,” she said, her eyes tearing up.

“Come on, it’s not so bad. We all enjoyed it when it happened.”

“No,” Patricia said as her tears began streaming down her face. “I didn’t want that. No. Please don’t hate me but I really didn’t want it.”

“I don’t hate you. I love you. We both do,” Jasmine answered. “Look, why don’t you take a shower and get dressed. I have breakfast waiting. If you want, we can talk. Or…you don’t have to talk if you don’t want to. It’s okay. Trust me.”

Nodding her head, she smiled a shallow but agreeing smile.

Hot water streamed over Patricia as she stood in the shower washing away her tears. She was sore from the previous night’s orgy. Every move she made was accompanied by pain thanks to the many orgasms she had endured last night. There was also the nagging need to clean herself out. It had been a full day since her last enema and she was desperately in need. Stepping from the shower, she reached for her bag of personal items and retrieved the enema bag that accompanied her everywhere. It had been years since she had been able to eliminate her wastes in a normal manner and it humiliated her terribly that her life was so impacted.

As she finished her necessary chore she recalled events of times past. Bill learned to control her early on in their relationship. Once he had taken that control he had used it to full extent. There was nothing he could not make her do. Body or mind, he had total control, even after years of merely being friends he could use her like a puppet and, knowing him a she did, Patricia feared that if she stayed in his home any longer she might lose herself to Bill’s control once again.

“I’ll explain it to Jasmine over breakfast and then leave,” she told herself. “God, I hope she understands.”

Patricia sat nervously, eating the generous repast provided. Over and over, she re-wrote the monologue she intended to deliver to Jasmine, hoping and praying she would understand.

“Trish?” Jasmine began. “I know you’re still nervous about last night. I want you to know that it’s okay. I wanted it, too. So, stop your worrying.

“Jaz, it’s not that,” she started, nervously moving her food about the plate. “He has too much control. That’s why it ended for us. I was losing myself. Last night…last night was a perfect display of how much control he has over me. I just can’t stop him.”

“He has that way,” Jasmine responded. “He can do it to me, too.”

“Not to the degree he can do it to me. I mean, has he ever taken away your will? Have you ever lost your personality and been unable to function without him telling you what to do?” Patricia asked.

“No, but when he turns on that voice…well, I can’t resist.”

“That’s great. But, that isn’t what I mean. Jaz, when he and I were together I lost myself. I couldn’t function without him,” she said, looking past Jasmine and out the window. “I didn’t…I wasn’t able to even eat or use the bathroom without him telling me to. He had me so brainwashed that I was ready to…to have sex with a dog. He convinced me I wanted to…and I did want to. I begged him to let me have a dog. I just don’t exist when he is around…or….or when he starts in on me. I just fade away.”

“It’s okay. It was just one night.”

“No, Jasmine, it wasn’t,” Patricia pleaded. “If he did it once he will do it again. He made me beg to go down on you, Jaz. I hated it. I didn’t want to do it. But, Jaz, I did it. I begged for it. If I stay here. If I am here when he gets back and he decides to work on me…I won’t exist anymore. I’ll just fade away – turn into a doll or a pet or whatever he wants me to be.”


“There is more, though,” Patricia continued. “When we were in that moment…when you told me to swallow your cum, Jaz…I did. Not because of him but because, when I am in that state of mind I just do what I’m told. I’m like a robot – an automaton. I can’t go down that road again.”

“Are you saying you want to leave?” Jasmine asked.

“No. I’m saying I have to leave.”

“Where would you go?”

Patricia was silent for a long moment. “I don’t know. All I know is that, if I want to be me and not something he turns me into, I have to leave.”

“You can’t just leave, Trish. You don’t have enough money to get a place and, with no job, even if you had money, nobody would rent to you.”

“I know. But living on the street is better than disappearing entirely,” Patricia said. “I have to go. I’m sorry. Just know that it isn’t you.”

Jasmine thought for a moment. “Is there any way I can convince you not to go? I don’t want you on the street.”

“No, Jaz. I have to go,” Patricia said.

The two sat in silence as Patricia finished her breakfast. Eventually, and after finishing breakfast, Patricia stood and excused herself. “Thanks for everything, Jaz. Really, I appreciate it. I think I am gonna gather my things and head out.”

For a long moment, Jasmine waited at the table. This was far from her plan and she had hoped the girl would stay long enough for Bill to return and make her more pliable. Realizing that nothing she said would change Patricia’s mind, she decided to take immediate action.

“Hey, Trish,” she called out, following after the girl. “Look, there is no hurry to go right now and I am never entirely comfy in the house alone. Would you do me a favor and stay until Bill is due back? I can take you wherever you want to go when you’re ready. Besides, Bill is gone for at least two weeks. That’s a little more time to find a job and a place to live.”

“Sure,” Patricia replied. “A few more days won’t hurt, I guess. Besides, it will give me time to figure things out a bit.”

Satisfied with her answer, Jasmine headed to her room to make an important video call to her ever inventive employer.

“Jerry,” Jasmine greeted the head of the Chimera’s development team. “How are you doing?”

Ah, Jasmine, my dear. I am quite well. What brings this unexpected pleasure?” Jerry replied.

“Well, Jer, there is an interesting development in our household.”

“I do hope she is leaving, my dear,” Jerry told her. “I know you are careful but I don’t want our enterprise at your end to be endangered.”

“Actually, she has decided to stay as our pet,” Jasmine lied.

“As your pet?” Jerry asked, surprised at the development.

“Yes. She was rather excited at the idea and is looking forward to the possible developments.”

“Developments, my dear?” Jerry responded, his left eyebrow raised. “Just how much does she know?”

“Not much. But her recent conversation with me revealed she has a bit of an idea what we do and what we are capable of. She doesn’t know that most of it deals with unwilling subjects,” she deepened the lie.

“I assume that the idea of being a pet goes further than merely acting it out?”

“I’m not sure how far she wants to go or how far we will want her to go,” she said. I don’t think I want her to have a dog’s snout or tail. I guess we will come to that bridge when we cross it.”

“Fair enough, my dear. So, other than to inform me of this development, what is the purpose of the call?” Jerry asked.

“Well, since she is going to be our pet, I want to ensure that she can be controlled if she discovers more of what we’re about.”

“Jasmine, you aren’t telling me something. What is it,” Jerry asked, suspiciously.

“Jerry, Bill and I had some fun with her last night. I didn’t know it before but she is a humiliation slut,” she answered, her mind processing her upcoming lie. “She doesn’t dig chicks, though. Not at all. But she did like the humiliation of being forced to go down on a woman. She thought…we thought, that if I had control it would humiliate her further. You know, if it isn’t in her control she can let go and enjoy it.”

“I see,” he said, taking in her words. “Well, my dear, in that case what you want is a collar that can induce pain via remote or a VPC chip. “Which do you think would best suit your situation?”

“Hmm, I think the chip would work best. It just installs under the skin at the base of the neck, right?”

“Yes, just below base of the skull. When triggered it can induce varying levels of pain at your discretion,” Jerry told her. “It’s relatively easy to install and it comes with a small ‘gun’ to help install it. Just sedate her, position the gun and pull the trigger. It will take some doing; about ten minutes. But once it’s installed it virtually undetectable – at least, after the incision heals.”

“Hmm,” Jasmine thought. “Sounds good. I’ll need a syringe and a sedative, though.”

“I’ll include a few one time squeeze syringes,” Jerry told her.

“Is there anything else I might want?” she asked.

“Not really, the VPC chips comes with two remotes and a small Perimeter Emitter,” he said.

“Something new, eh? How does that work?” Jasmine asked.

“It’s a small box with an LCD readout. Simply program the allowed coordinates,” Jerry explained. “If she leaves those coordinates the Perimeter Emitter, which emits a constant signal, changes its signal output and triggers the chip. The further she strays from the allowed coordinates the more pain she receives. Don’t worry, it comes with directions.”

“Okay. Oh, another question,” Jasmine began. “I assume the chip is self-powered. Or am I wrong?”

“Well, my dear, it’s rather like a potato clock,” he answered. “It never needs winding.”

“One other thing…” Jasmine said. “What if I want to take her out of the range of the emitter?”

“There is an option on the box and the remote. All you have to do is enable it and it will switch the operation mode of the chip,” he said. “Anything else?”

“Could you send over a puppy kit? You know, the paws, tail, leg sleeves and all?” she asked.

“Matched to her skin tone, I assume?” Jerry asked.

“I’ll E-Mail an old picture to you right away,” Jasmine said, already sending the file.

Jerry glanced down when his E-Mail client dinged. “That’s what I like about you, Jasmine, you’re always prepared.”

“That I am, boss!” she replied.

“Is there anything else?”

“No, Jerry, that’s got it. Thanks, so much!” Jasmine said.

“Think nothing of it, my dear. I’ll have everything sent out immediately,” he replied before clicking off his video.

She shut her video phone off and slipped onto her large bed, thoughts of the impending capture filling her thoughts. Excited and wet between her legs, she removed her clothes and began masturbating furiously.

Chapter 7

The smell of breakfast woke Patricia from her slumber. Stretching, she left her bed and slipped into her robe before making the trek to the kitchen, slightly afraid Bill might have come home early from his trip.

“Hungry,” Jasmine asked when she saw Patricia enter the kitchen.

“Ravenous!” Patricia said. “If it’s half as good as it smells I may snap it from your fingers like a wild dog!”

“Bad girl!” Jasmine admonished, relishing the omen of things to come.

“Yes, but when I am bad I can be so good!” Patricia replied with a laugh.

“Sit down. I’ll bring it all over in a sec,” she was told.

“You got it.”

“Patricia, I was wondering…” Jasmine began. “And I hope you aren’t upset by my asking but…well, what is it exactly that you are so afraid of with Bill?”

“Jaz, you don’t know what he can do to me,” Patricia said in a serious tone. “You don’t know how susceptible I am to him. It’s like I disappear; become an object – whatever object he wants me to be. I lose everything….my personality, my drive, my wants and needs. Jaz, I lose everything that makes me who I am.”

“Bill told me it was you who left him, though,” Jasmine responded. “You couldn’t have been completely gone.”

Patricia frowned and looked away, remembering her life with Bill. “Jasmine, because of Bill I can’t cum today without being ordered to do so or without someone saying ‘Auld Lang Syne’ and I haven’t been with him for years. Because of him I thought that ruining my…well, you know, was a good idea. I can barely feel it when something is inside of me. There were other things, too; things with worse consequences.”

“What do you mean?” Jasmine asked.

“God, I can’t believe I’m going to tell you this,” she said, her face reddening slightly.

“Hey, Trish, we’re friends. You can tell me anything. You should know that,” Jasmine said sympathetically.

“Okay. He gave me enemas. A lot of enemas. At first it was just occasionally. After awhile it got to be twice a day. As if that weren’t enough, he kept me plugged constantly. When one plug got comfortable he gave me a bigger plug. It got so I was never without one.”

Jasmine put their breakfast on to the table and eased herself into the seat across from Patricia. “That’s kind of erotic. I sort of miss the days when Bill and I engaged in that sort of thing.”

“It was erotic. Fuck if it doesn’t turn me on when I think about it,” she admitted. “But Jasmine, I can’t go to the bathroom like most people can.”

“I don’t understand,” Jasmine said. “Some sort of psychological block?”

“No. That’s not it,” Patricia said. “It started with the enemas. I couldn’t go without them. But then the stretching…Jaz, I lost the ability to push. The stretching did something to the muscles in my…in my butt. I spent so much time getting stretched and being filled that I have no control at all. What’s more, I am extremely sensitive down there. I get so fucking aroused when I give myself enemas that I can hardly stand it.”

Patricia listened, aroused by the details being presented, imagining the scenarios. “Even after so many years?”

“Fuck, this is embarrassing,” Patricia said. “It’s not so easy, Jaz. I mean, I could go if…I could go if it built up. It would push out on its own. Or, I think it would. That’s why I keep myself plugged if I can’t give myself an enema.”

“What do you mean?” Jasmine asked, wanting more details.

“Okay…God, this is hard to say. When I left Bill I was plugged and had been getting an enema twice a day,” she said, her face reddening more. “But, since I couldn’t go to the bathroom normally, I had to keep giving myself enemas. But because I had no control, I kept myself plugged so I wouldn’t have an…an accident.”

“So, you are in the same shape now as you were years ago?” Jasmine asked, becoming more aroused. “You’re plugged right now?”

“Yes and no. I mean, I still use the enemas, but I’m not plugged now,” Patricia said. “If I think I won’t be able to give myself another enema I plug myself so I don’t have an accident.”

“Here is what I don’t understand,” Jasmine said. “Why didn’t you just get some adult diapers for awhile…until your ass got back into shape?”

“I did. It didn’t work,” Patricia replied. “I was able to go. But, I wasn’t able to go until it got to be kind of painful. When it got better I still had no control. Finally, after a few months of that, I decided I would rather be plugged and deal with enemas than…well, it was not pretty. So, I do the enemas and, when I have to, the plug.”

“I’m sorry,” Jasmine lied. “I guess Bill sort of left you with a…mess. Sorry. That wasn’t a joke.”

“Don’t worry. I know you wouldn’t say anything to hurt my feelings. Besides, it’s my fault, too,” Patricia sighed, sipping at the juice Jasmine had given her.

“I guess,” Jasmine whispered. “Trish, I want to ask you a question. I know it may seem odd but I want to ask it and see what you say.”

“Sure, what is it?”

“You say you fade around Bill and sort of lose your personality. Is it a bad thing or a good thing? I mean, does it feel good?”

Patricia smiled distantly. “It feels good. It feels so good I never want to come back.”

“Trish, not to be harsh but you don’t have anyone but me and Bill. We love you and I am pretty sure you love us,” Jasmine said.

“Of course I do,” Patricia said, smiling. “You guys are wonderful.”

“What would be the harm of staying here indefinitely? I mean, I know you aren’t into girls but I think we could be your family and I noticed that what happened didn’t seem to turn you off.”

“Jaz, I appreciate what you are saying and it’s nice to know you feel that way about me. But, I don’t like girls and it was a turn off,” Patricia told her. “It’s just that…when he turns on that voice; when he commands me…it just turns off my brain and turns on my sex drive. Anything he tells me to do sounds good, even if…hell, especially if I don’t want to do it”

“Okay, so you’re a bit of a humiliation slut. What’s so bad about that? He can do that to me, too,” Jasmine said.

“It’s not the same for you,” Patricia pleaded. “He doesn’t make you forget who you are and he can’t make you want to do things you really don’t want to do or make you believe you’re something you aren’t..”

Jasmine sat quietly, deciding what to say next. Despite her plans to force her friend into slavery she still hoped to convince her to stay and be their willing sex toy.

“Jaz,” Patricia began, her voice soft. “I don’t want to be a thing; not even for people I love as much as you guys. I want to be a woman. I want to be treated like a woman, I don’t want to be reduced into some sort of mindless toy. And I know Bill. He would make me a thing or an animal or I don’t know what.”

“Trish, and I am not accusing you of lying, but I just can’t imagine anyone having that kind of power over another human being. What you’re suggesting he can do to you is hard to imagine,” Jasmine told her as she continued her friendly interrogation.

Wiping her mouth with a napkin, Patricia smiled. “Jaz, have you seen that coffee table with the hinged top?”

“You mean the slave table that exposes part of your back? The one with the places you can put your arms and legs in and be locked into?”

“He had me in it for a month, Jaz. I never once complained. He fed me with a tube that fed directly into my stomach,” Patricia told her. “I had a catheter; a bag for pee and some sort of pump that filled my intestines with water and then sucked it out. When he was gone he had me chanting ‘I am a table, an object of convenience’ over and over. Jaz, I thought I was a table. I really did.”

“What happened when he took you out?”

“I don’t really know. Mostly, there was confusion,” Patricia admitted. “I do remember feeling like I must have done something wrong. I couldn’t really think and it took me forever to make simple decisions.”

“You really believed?” Jasmine said, doubting her friend.

“Yes, Jaz, I did. I remember that, when he sat a beer on the table – on me – or ate on me, I was happy and proud. When he changed me back I was sad. Then, when I realized how easily I had become a thing I was sad. I was proud, too. Mostly, though, I was sad because it was so easy to make me forget who I really was.”

“See that?” Jasmine said. “You didn’t really forget. You just let go.”

“I forgot, Jaz. It took several weeks for me to remember who I was. Can’t you understand? Whenever he made me be something I became that thing. And each time it was longer,” Patricia said, exasperated. “Think about it, Jasmine, I still can’t cum unless someone says ‘Auld Lang Syne’ or tells me to cum. And…you don’t know this but…when I see Bill I sort of go a little blank and wait for him to tell me what to do. He just…he programmed me too well.”

Realizing her opportunity, Jasmine nearly jumped, asking “Does it work when anyone says ‘Auld Lang Syne’ or just when he says it?”

Patricia’s eyes widened for a moment and she let out a small staccato grunt, a small orgasm radiating out from her sex. “It’s when anyone says it.”

“What about if someone tells you to cum? What if I told you to cum? Would you cum?” Jasmine asked.

“I don’t know.”

“I feel kind of guilty for being so curious about this,” Jasmine lied. “Can I try? Just to see?”

Patricia smiled and cocked her head and smiled. “Do I sense a bit of a dominatrix coming out?”

“Call it professional curiosity. Bill likes to control everything in our sex life – especially my orgasms. I saw how he controlled yours and, well, I sort of want to see if it could be used by anyone else or just him.”

“That’s all, huh? Are you sure you aren’t testing me to see if you can have a similar effect as Bill?” Patricia joked, unsuspecting of her friend’s true intentions. “Go ahead and give it a try. You already know that ‘Auld Lang Syne’ works.”

“Cum for me,” Jasmine commanded.

“Hmm,” Patricia said. “Looks like it doesn’t work.”

“One more time. I think I might not have said it right,” Jasmine said.

Patricia laughed. “Okay. One more time.”

“Cum for me, Trish. Cum for me now,” Jasmine commanded, her voice steady, deep and stern.

Patricia winced slightly as she fought off the urge to climax. “Nope. Doesn’t work when you say it,” she lied.

“Well, we still have New Years Eve, don’t we?” Jasmine laughed, ignoring Patricia’s obvious susceptibility.

“Bitch!” Patricia replied, laughing back. “Finish your damned breakfast.”


Chapter 8

Patricia studied the screen of her laptop computer, making use of the internet to discover new job openings. At first, she had gone to various companies to apply for work but all had directed her to their websites. “We have an online form,” they had all informed her. Since then her efforts had been fruitless and she was beginning to despair of ever finding new employment. Just the same, she was determined. She could not stay here; not with the sort of power Bill held over her and certainly not after discovering that Jasmine could apparently induce her to orgasm on command. As she saw it, remaining here was far to risky to her.

Jasmine, on the other hand, was suffering from tremendous excitement. Initially, when she had decided how she would enslave her friend, she had tried to work a scheme to get her to wear the proximity collar Jerry was sending. Now, she knew, there was no need.

“How delicious it will be to tell her my plans and then reduce her to a quivering mass,” she thought. “God, I hope she fights it.”

A minor pang of guilt crossed her emotions as she stepped into her bathroom and switched on the shower. It was quickly replaced with visions of an enslaved and unwilling blond Amazonian queen and she began to masturbate furiously under the shower’s warm waters.

The doorbell gave her a start, freezing her hands where they worked. A thrill ran through her body, making her tingle. Jasmine then burst out of the shower, throwing on her robe and sprinting to the door.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum!” she thought before reaching the door.

Dripping wet, she opened the door to receive her package. Moments later she was padding on bare feet back to her bedroom, nearly bursting with excitement.

Quickly, she opened the package and withdrew the contents, water dripping everywhere. Jasmine pushed aside the various makings of the puppy kit and pulled out the small box containing the VPC chip. She pushed aside the chip’s accompanying paperwork and found the small box that would soon control Patricia’s area of movement. It was smaller than she had imagined but appeared to be simplistic in its operation. Then, noticing that she was still dripping, she packed up her prize and headed back to the master bathroom.

After drying and clothing herself Jasmine headed to her computer. The two weeks she would have to be alone with Patricia, she determined, was not enough time to ensure the girl would be entirely under her control. Thus, she determined to add a few extra stops to her husband’s trip. She had already been investigating three other buyers for Chimera’s wares and had determined them to be safe enough for Bill to investigate first hand and, after only two hours of work, had added them to his schedule. Only twenty minutes after completing her work she received a phone call from Bill, confirming his added detours and the three extra weeks she would have to completely immerse Patricia into life as her slave.

“Now I can concentrate on my puppy girl,” she whispered to herself, running her fingers between her thighs.

After shutting her computer down she gave her attention to the small box that would lead to her friend’s enslavement. She reviewed the short set of directions that accompanied the box intently, impressed by the ease with which it was set and even more impressed with the fact that it used global positioning, geographic coordinates and a small laser to for area mapping. The small keyboard and generous memory even allowed for her to map out her entire house should she choose to do so. In effect, she could allow Patricia the run of the house, roam a room or even limit her to a small portion of space within a room.

There were also settings that could limit her intended captive to a life of silence under the threat of pain.

Finally, she read, the proximity box contained a small rechargeable battery that allowed for up to forty-eight hours of use without an exterior power source. It was, she determined, quite ingenious.

Priding herself in being prepared, Jasmine took the opportunity to map the majority of her household. Once complete, she took the small box into her office, set her preferred coordinates and checked the remote to ensure it was operating properly. Then, nearly giddy with anticipation, she plugged it into the wall socket and headed to her room.

“Trish? Hey, would you come here for a sec?” she hollered as she entered her room.

A few moments later Patricia poked her head into the room, smiling. “What’s up, duck?” she asked.

“Bill won’t be back for five weeks. He had to take an unexpected detour on his trip. Anyhow, I wanted to ask…tell you something. Well, both,” Jasmine told her.

“Okay, what is it?”

“I want to keep you,” Jasmine said.

“What do you mean?” Patricia asked, perplexed.

Jasmine smiled. “Look, the other night was wonderful and I decided…we decided that we want to keep you.”

“Keep me? Not very funny,” Patricia said, surprised by her friend’s poor taste in humor.

“We want you as out pet, Trish,” Jasmine answered.

“Yeah. Okay, I think I am just going to pack my shit and get out of here,” Patricia said, finally realizing her friend was serious. “I can’t believe you would even suggest it after what I told you. Thanks for everything but I gotta go.”

“I was afraid you would react this way,” Jasmine answered, not sure if she was pleased or disappointed with her friend’s response.

“Not as disappointed as I am, Jaz. I thought you understood. I’m gonna get my stuff and head out,” Patricia said.

Jasmine drew a deep breath and then uttered “Auld Lang Syne”, making Patricia wince as a small orgasm overtook her.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Patricia spat angrily as she left the bed to head for the door.

Again, Jasmine said the phrase. This time, the orgasm Patricia felt was more powerful and slowed her progress.

“Don’t do that!” Patricia said, screamed.

“Auld Lang Syne, Auld Lang Syne” Jasmine said more forcefully.

“No!” Patricia cried out as she doubled over in the throw of a powerful orgasm.

Jasmine spat out the phrase again, making the girl sink to her knees with another powerful orgasm. Repeatedly then, Jasmine spat forth the phrase. Patricia swore at her friend as her body defied her wants. There was no stop to it; no sympathy from the small woman. There was only the repeated phrase and crippling orgasms.

“Why?” Patricia pleaded, after sinking to the floor. “Why are you doing this to me?”

“Because I want you, Trish,” she was told. “I fell in love with you; with the notion of having you as my pet the moment I saw what you were capable of.”

“Oh God!” Patricia cried, grunting as, unbidden, another orgasm swept through her.

“You should have just given over when I asked you to, Trish,” Jasmine said before uttering the phrase another time.

Patricia fell to her side as another orgasm swept through her body. She stared up at Jasmine, eyes pleading for the torment to halt. Finally, determined though she was, she realized the utter hopelessness of her battle. There was little she could do to halt her friend from uttering the orgasm inducing phrase and even less control over her body’s response. Helpless, humiliated and knowing there was no hope of gaining control over her body she gave over and allowed her body to climax without fight.

Mesmerized, Jasmine watched her friend writhe on the floor, shuddering with repeated orgasms, tears falling from her eyes. For long and long, Jasmine watched Patricia shudder on the floor, occasionally seeing glimpses of emotional pain when the girl managed to open her tear filled eyes. At long last, and after nearly thirty agonizing minutes, the orgasms subsided.

Patricia lay on her side, legs pulled up so she resembled a new born child. Her eyes were vacant and her breathing shallow. Unsure what to make of it Jasmine uttered the controlling phrase and received no response.

“Patricia, are you all right?” Jasmine asked. Again there was no response.

Noting her friend’s near catatonic state Jasmine calmly turned and strode to the bed. After pulling the packaging off the squeeze syringe she plunged the needle into Patricia’s shoulder. Minutes later the girl was unconscious and ready for the next stage in Jasmine’s plan.


Chapter 9

Patricia woke to the sound of running water and found herself naked and swaddled by a thick, warm comforter. How long she had been unconscious she had no idea. There was only an impending sense of doom if she didn’t flee immediately. She would have to be swift, she knew. So she slipped from the bed, quiet and careful, knowing she would be lost if Jasmine heard her; enslaved by her own body and its reaction to hearing the phrase of ‘Auld Lang Syne’. As she neared the door she felt a sharp tingling down her spine. Then, stepping through the doorway, she screamed; felled by a sharp, debilitating pain.

Jasmine stepped from the bedroom’s attaching bathroom and watched Patricia writhe on the floor in the hallway. Finally, she said “Get back into the room, Trish. The pain will go away once you’re back in the room.”

Patricia willed herself to ignore the horrible pain only to find it increase as she inched further from the door. Only three feet from the door and with her body reeling in pain, she could take no more, and returned to the room from whence she came.

“Let me explain something to you, Trish,” Jasmine said. “You no longer have any control over your body. If you piss me off – if you try to leave – I can make you feel pain like you never imagined. I don’t need to make you cum. Do you understand?”

“Fuck you,” Patricia growled through the pain.

“Yes, you will fuck me, Trish. I intend on making very good use of your very skilled tongue and any other part of your beautiful body that pleases me,” Jasmine said, her voice arrogant and assured. “Now get up and kneel for me.”

Patricia stood slowly and began to walk towards Jasmine. Then, with surprising quickness, she rushed forward and smote her tormentor with closed fist, felling her instantly. Quick to act on her advantage, Patricia grabbed the smaller woman by her long hair and dragged her across the room, throwing her against the wall.

Jasmine, confident though she had been, felt fear as her captive assaulted her. Again and again she felt the strength of the other woman’s fury. Blow after blow fell on her tiny frame, fists and feet finding their mark time and again, making her fear for her life. Only when she was certain she might die did she remember her lone key to her surviving this attack.

“Auld Lang Syne,” she screamed. “Auld Lang Syne!”

Patricia hesitated in her assault for a brief moment. It was then that Jasmine realized the power of the words as she had not realized before. Again and again she repeated the phrase, making her assailant groan and slow her assault.

“No, you bitch! It won’t work,” Patricia cried out. “It won’t fucking save you! Do you hear me?”

Jasmine screamed out the phrase again and again, drawing Patricia’s ire and making her more determined and ever more desperate. Slowly, and after repeated and frantic repetition of “Auld Lange Syne”, the blows began lessening in strength and frequency until, at long last, they ceased.

“Auld…Lang…Syne!” Jasmine yelled a final time.

It was over. Patricia slowly backed away from the crumpled Jasmine, her body shaking beyond her control, eyes filling with tears.

“No,” she cried weakly, falling to the floor. “No.”

Jasmine watched her erstwhile assailant through her own tears. Relief washed over her, despite the pain she now suffered. She had won. Even Patricia’s angry determination was not enough to overcome her training and she was helpless to continue her assault. The lesson Jasmine had learned that night was not one she would forget.

Hours later, Patricia woke from her orgasm induced delirium to find her arms had been well-secured behind her back and with her wrists held high between her shoulder blades. It was not an unfamiliar position for her to be bound. Bill had bound her in this position many times before after discovering her extreme flexibility. Nonetheless, it was uncomfortable and painful after living so long without such bondage. It was then, bound on Jasmine’s large bed, that Patricia realized she had lost her last chance at freedom and she knew it would only be a matter of time before Bill, or even Jasmine, would make full use of her suggestibility and make her over into what they wished, no matter how she fought..

“I see you’re awake, Trish,” Jasmine said as she exited the bathroom.

Patricia lifted her head to see a bruised and battered Jasmine step into her view.

“You really kicked my ass, Trish,” she admitted, turning to the mirror to examine one of many bruises.. “I don’t know what I would have done if your trigger hadn’t worked. You really scared the hell out of me.”

“I would have killed you if I could have,” Patricia replied.

“I know. That’s why you aren’t going to be using your arms for quite a long time. In fact, I may have them amputated after I re-train you,” Jasmine told her. “You do know I’m going to re-train you, don’t you?

“I know,” came the tearful reply.

“You know I can do it, don’t you?” Jasmine asked.

“Yes, I know.”

“How do you know, Trish? How is it you know that I personally can re-train you?” Jasmine asked, curious that there was not more resistance..

“Bill told you how he did it. Didn’t he?”

“Of course he did,” Jasmine answered. “That doesn’t explain how you know I can do it.”

Patricia’s eyes filled with tears as she looked away from Jasmine, hiding her face.

“Ah,” Jasmine said, realizing the truth. “I thought you didn’t dig chicks.”

“I don’t!” Patricia replied, resenting the exposure of her secret.

“But other women got to you, didn’t they?” Jasmine asked, her voice demanding and strong.

“No. I got away from them before they could do anything. I never let them do anything,” Patricia said.

“But other women had the same effect Bill has, didn’t they?

Humiliated at the revelation, Patricia could only weep into the comforter beneath her, uttering an ashamed “Yes.”

“I have that effect, too, I noticed. You almost came when I told you to, didn’t you?” Jasmine persisted. “You felt it building when I told you to cum. I saw it. You thought I didn’t see it. But I have that effect on you too. Don’t I?”


“Look at me, Trish. Look at me and tell me the truth,” Jasmine demanded.

“Fine,” Patricia began, turning her head to look Jasmine in the eye, “you have that effect. Are you happy?”

Jasmine eased her way to the bed and sat beside her captive, gently stroking the girl’s long blond hair. “You’re mine now, Trish. Soon, you will be a properly obedient puppy. That’s what I plan for you. You will bark, do tricks and eat from a dish. I hope you can learn to enjoy it. I really do. If you don’t, well, I’m sorry. It’s going to be your life.”

Patricia looked up at Jasmine with sad eyes. “Please don’t. I don’t want to be a puppy.”

“Tell me, Trish, how often did Bill bind you this way?”

“A lot. I don’t know…” Patricia answered weakly.

“He loves this position, you know. I imagine he kept you this way for long periods of time, didn’t he?” Jasmine asked, stroking the girl’s cheek.


“Tell me how long he would keep you this way,” Jasmine said, insisting on finding answer to all her questions.

“I don’t know how long,” Patricia replied. “Please let me go, Jaz. Please!”

“Answer my questions. Cooperation is very advisable,” Jasmine said as she surreptitiously triggered the remote in her hand.

Feeling an unpleasant tingling, Patricia began speaking rapidly. “A long time. I don’t know. It was a few months. Maybe more. But not as long as a year.”

“A few months?”

“Yes. A few months,” Patricia said.

“I imagine it left your arms a bit weak. That must have been difficult for you.”

“Yes,” Patricia admitted.

“Why was it difficult for you?” Jasmine continued.

“Why are you doing this to me? Why do you want to know these things?”

Jasmine smiled and raised the remote once again. “I am doing it because it pleases me, Trish. Now, I suggest you answer my questions.”

“Jazmine, please?” Patricia pleaded.

A minor tingling of pain traversed Patricia’s body, reminding her, yet again, of Jasmine’s ability to cause her pain.

“How are you doing that?” Patricia yelled in fear and frustration.

“Just answer the question,” Jasmine replied, increasing the pain level.

“I’ll answer, I’ll answer!” Patricia said hastily. “I’ll answer. Please…”

Jasmine smiled, enjoying the girl’s stress. “Good girl. Now tell me what was so difficult about keeping your arms bound behind your back for so long a time.”

“When he released them…it was impossible…I couldn’t move them from behind my back,” Patricia admitted.

“Really? Tell me more, won’t you?”

“I couldn’t use my arms. They stayed behind my back until he helped me. When he brought my arms from behind me it hurt and I could still barely use them,” she admitted. “It took a long time to really be able to use them. Does that satisfy you?”

“How long did he leave them behind your back unbound, my pet?”

“I don’t know. Maybe it was a week but not longer,” Patricia answered.

“So, even after you were free you were helpless?” Jasmine raised a single eyebrow, fascinated by what she was learning.


“Do you think you would ever have been able to use them if he hadn’t helped you?” Jasmine asked.

“I don’t know,” Patricia said crying.

“You know. Answer me, my precious little puppy,” Jasmine said.

“No! Okay? I couldn’t use them at all. They were stuck there. I could barely feel them and I couldn’t move them,” Patricia cried. “If he hadn’t straightened them out and pulled them to my front I would still be like that. Is that what you want to know? Is that what you want to hear? And I am not your puppy!”

“I just want answers, dear. That’s all,” Jasmine’s voice was soft.

“You’re going to do that to me, aren’t you? Make my arms useless forever! That’s what you want to do, isn’t it?” Patricia cried.

“That’s only the start, my pet. I plan on training you as a perfect little puppy,” Jasmine began. “I plan on using your suggestive nature to turn you into a perfect sex toy to use for my pleasure. And all the while, Trish, I know you will be in there fighting to get out while knowing you never will. That’s what I plan on doing.”

Patricia buried her face in the comforter, crying and begging Jasmine not to make her into a puppy; not to take her arms from her. She begged and begged, helplessly hoping to convince Jasmine to let her go. At long last her voice was still and she drifted into memories of her life with Bill and how she had lost herself before. This time, she knew deep down that there would be no return, no matter how she fought.


Chapter 10

Jasmine studied the silent girl who’s face remained buried in the thick comforter of her bed. She wondered what thoughts ran through the girl’s mind. Was she plotting some future fight? Was she resigned to her future? There was no way to know. Checking the time, Jasmine decided it must be time for Patricia’s nightly enema.

“Get up, my pet,” she commanded.

Obedient and silent, Patricia rolled herself to her back and sat up, scooting to the bed’s edge, and stood.

“Go into the bathroom and kneel with your head on the floor,” Jasmine ordered.

Head down and with no signs of resistance, Patricia headed to the bathroom and knelt as ordered.

After retrieving an inflatable enema plug and its accompanying accoutrements from Patricia’s room, Jasmine followed her captive into the bathroom. Turning on the water in the tub, she adjusted the temperature before filling the enema bag and hanging it on the rail of the shower.

“It’s time for your enema, pet,” she said softly. “Bill must have given this to you. It’s specially textured so it can’t come out once it’s inflated.

After receiving no response she lubricated the plug and began inserting it into the girl’s ass. Patricia groaned, shuddering as the plug entered her rectum.

“You told me you had no muscle control there, Trish, but I had no idea,” Jasmine said, wiggling the plug in the girl’s surprisingly loose hole. “I can’t wait to see your every day plug. It must be huge.”

“Oh, God…” Patricia whispered as her need to climax grew.

“So sensitive,” Jasmine teased.

Patricia moaned at Jasmine’s continued wiggling of the plug and her need for release grew with each passing moment. There was only one way to cum – with permission – and she was unwilling to give Jasmine the satisfaction of being asked for the command.

“You need to cum, don’t you?” Jasmine teased. “Not yet, though. It’s time to pump this up and clean you out.”

Jasmine attached the pump to the plug and began squeezing it repeatedly. Slowly, the plug inflated, filling Patricia’s bottom. Filled to near full capacity, she pulled the plug, ensuring it was securely seated.

“This took a bit more than I expected, princess,” Jasmine said. “Hmm, I like that name. I think I’ll use it. What do you think, Princess?”

“My name is Patricia,” came a tight lipped response.

“No, it’s Princess,” Jasmine told her as she flipped the valve control and disconnected the pump from the plug. “Now, let’s just attach the enema bag and get this over with, shall we?”

Jasmine stood over the girl, attaching the hose to the plug and then to the enema bag. A quick turn of the bag’s valve released the warm water from the suspended bag. With a steady flow, the water began emptying from the bag and into the girl below.

“That’s a good girl,” Jasmine cooed, stroking her new pet’s head. “I can see that you are already taking to your new roll as my puppy. I am very pleased.”

Patricia remained still as the warm water filled her intestines, remembering her first enema. Like Jasmine, Bill had had her kneel with her head on the floor with arms bound in similar fashion as he administered the enema. It was this remembrance, more than anything, that led to the first true break in Patricia’s resistance and she could feel herself drifting into another realm of consciousness. Determined, she broke the spell, swearing inwardly that she would not give in to this humiliation as she had so many times before. As she did so she also realized the utter futility of her resistance. She knew that it was only a matter of time before Jasmine, utilizing the knowledge she had gained, would break her will.

Several minutes later, and after much praise, Jasmine allowed Patricia to release the water into the toilet beside her.

“Up!” she commanded, aiding Patricia to sit on the edge of the toilet seat. Releasing the air through the plug’s valve, she quickly pulled the plug from Patricia’s ass and pushed her to sit upright. “Such a good girl.”

Red with embarrassment, Patricia sat with head bowed as the warm water rushed from her body and into the toilet accompanied by more praise and soft caresses. When, at long last, the humiliating ordeal was over, Patricia was made to kneel while Jasmine toweled her damp bottom dry.

After bringing Patricia to her feet, Jasmine led her to foot of her bed and commanded “Kneel, Princess.”

Hesitating, Patricia looked upward in silent prayer, praying her ordeal would end. Then, holding back her tears, she knelt.

“I’ve got a few commands for you, dear,” Jasmine informed her. “When I say ‘Come’ I expect you to come to me. When I order you to kneel I expect you to kneel. When I say ‘Down’ you are to kneel, if you aren’t already kneeling, and put your face on the floor. If I say ‘Stand’ you are to stand. When I tell you to cum for me I expect an orgasm. Is that clear?”

Shaking, her body jerking as she wept, Patricia affirmed Jasmine’s orders with a slight nod.

“Lets try this out, Princess,” Jasmine said. “Stand.”

Audibly weeping now, Patricia stood.

“Kneel,” she followed up.

“God, why is this happening?” Patricia thought as she knelt.

On and on the commands continued until Jasmine was satisfied Patricia was properly humiliated. “Good girl,” she said, pleased. “I think it’s time to reward you, Princess. Down, girl.”

Patricia placed her head on the ground, staring off into the empty open space of the room. Waiting silently, she wondered what torture she would be forced to endure next.

“You have been such a good little puppy that I have decided to allow you some pleasure,” Jasmine said, slipping an overly large dildo into the girl’s ass.

Patricia groaned at the intrusion, her body reacting to the sudden stimulus. Within moments of the intrusion she was near to climax.

“You are such an anal whore, Princess,” Jasmine said. “I bet you want to cum already.”

“No,” Patricia lied.

Jasmine was silent as she pumped the thick phallus into her captive’s ass, watching and listening for the tell tale signs of need. Her wait was short lived. Almost immediately Patricia’s body betrayed her and she was returning each of Jasmine’s thrusts.

“You want to cum, don’t you?” Jasmine asked.

“No!” Patricia cried out as her ass pushed back against the large dildo.

“When you tell me your name, Princess, I will let you cum,” she informed the girl.

In and out, Jasmine pumped the phallus, amazed the girl could feel pleasure from such a large toy. She had tried to take it herself one evening but found it was impossible to do so no matter how much lubrication she used.

Groans escaped Patricia’s mouth, defying her wants as her need for release built steadily. Seconds seemed like hours as she fought her need. She panted and groaned, clenching her teeth and sweating. Finally, she could take no more and a begging shout in askance for release escaped her lips.

“What’s your name?” Jasmine demanded, pumping the dildo harder and faster. “Tell me your name!”

“Patricia!” she screamed.

Wrong!” Jasmine said sternly. “Tell me your name and I’ll let you cum.”


“Wrong!” Patricia heard.” What’s your name?”

The dildo pumped relentlessly, bringing tears of unrelenting need to her eyes.

Jasmine adjusted herself so she could whisper into Patricia’s ear. “Tell me your name, Princess, and I will let you cum.”

Unable to resist any longer, the need for release being too great, Patricia betrayed herself. “Princess,” she grunted.

“Tell me your name is ‘Princess’,” Jasmine whispered.

“My name is Princess,” she said finally, shaking with defeat.

“Cum for me, Princess,” Jasmine said softly.

Release; it washed over her and freed her from distress, rewarding her with immeasurable pleasure. She cried out and thrust back against the intruding phallus, pushing it further inside her body.

“What’s your name?” Jasmine asked softly.

“My name is Princess,” she cried.

“Cum for me, Princess,” Jasmine ordered.

She climaxed again, crying out as she gave into Jasmine’s wants, knowing her failure and refusing to care.

Again came the question. Again came the answer and so followed by the command to cum. Again came the release of pleasure and the fulfillment of need.

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