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They say you always remember your first time. Well, I don't.

I was probably about three years old, the first time I had sex ... but possibly was as young as one. Like I said above, I have no memory of it. How many people DO remember things that happened before they started grade-school, anyway?

From as long as I remember, I slept with my big sister and my father; usually snuggled up between them. Occasionally, I would sleep with Sandy between me and Dad; but once in a LONG while it would be Dad in the middle. Whenever Sandy or Dad was in the middle, they usually had sex. On the occasions when I was in the middle, I almost always had sex with my big sister ... and sometimes when Sandy was in the middle too ... when Dad finished, of course. Once in a while I had Sandy all to myself, when Dad slept with Tanya, who had her own room back then.

It was just one of the things we did ... like sleeping. I'd get in bed between Sandy and dad, snuggle up to my big sister, slip my swollen peter in her wet hole, and slide in and out until I got relief. No, until early in my teens, I didn't cum inside her like I do now ... but there were sperm in what came out of my prick, as we all figure I got Sandy pregnant with Kelly when I was a little over nine years old. Yes, I fathered my own little sister on my own mother (who was also my own BIG sister), and got her pregnant with my baby.

Often, while I was having sex with my big sister Sandy, Dad would be having sex with me. Like the first time I fucked my mother, I never remember the first time Dad had sex with me. Again, it was just one of the things Dad did ... Having sex with his little sister Sandy, who he fathered on his mother (like I did my mother), his daughter, Tanya, or me. That Dad would as often fuck one of us, both of us, or even all four of us in the rear, was just one of the things Dad liked to do. I'd often feel Dad slide into me from the rear, hardly noticing it more than when he slid into my big sister when we were fucking. The erotic sensation of Dad sliding in and out of me or Sandy, just added to the stimulation. That's one reason we're pretty sure it was me who knocked my big sister up, not Dad. He was "otherwise occupied" at the time. Besides, even then Dad got most of his sex from our younger sister, Tanya (younger than Sandy, not me), though for some reason he slept with me and Sandy, more often than not. Though the times he slept with us grew less and less, as years passed.

Like oral sex though, anal sex wasn't something I ever cared all that much for ... except as a warmup to the real thing. The "real thing" allowing you to get the woman pregnant with your baby, like I did my big sister.

At the time, I never knew or even noticed what I was doing. Well, at least not as it being different from any other time. In fact, it wasn't until I was 12 or 13 that I first ejaculated real semen inside Sandy ... and by the time I noticed that things were different, I must have sprayed my big sister's womb with incestuous seed several hundred times.

By then Dad had moved out with my big sister Tanya (yet another reason explaining why he didn't need regular sex from Sandy any more) and they got married shortly thereafter.

While I missed Dad, his leaving had been expected for several years; so it wasn't the big shock it would have otherwise been. And with my little sister Kelly sleeping between me and Sandy, the bed would have gotten definitely crowded if Dad had still been there. Actually, Sandy moved Kelly into our bed about a week after Dad and Tanya moved out. My little sister watched me fuck Sandy and get our mother pregnant with her little sister within a few weeks after that; as Sandy had David about 10 months after Dad married Tanya.

It wasn't more than a couple of days after Kelly first started sleeping with us, that Sandy started Helping Kelly get to sleep by taking some of my cum and rubbing it between my little sister's legs so she got some pleasure from sex, just like we did. Just like me, my sister Kelly doesn't remember her first time of having sex ... though her mother and I do.

I can't be sure if it was before or after David was born ... or about the same time ... but it was about that time Sandy first put my prick up against my little sister's tight little hole and jacked me off into the little girl, so Kelly could feel me squirting my thick white baby-juice into her cute little tummy, just like Sandy usually did.

I think Kelly was about three years old at the time, just like Sandy says I was the first time I slid inside her.

Of course, little girls are a lot smaller inside than men are ... even young men of only 13 or 14, like I was. So it was a while before I ever got inside her properly. It was just about the time we had to get a bigger bed because David was joining us, that I first got the head of my prick inside Kelly, and spasmed our little girl's tight little slit full of thick white baby-juice, the way a boy is SUPPOSED to fuck his sisters. From then on, I got MOST of my sex from my little sister, while David took over for our mother.

Still, it's almost certain that our little sister Marie was fathered on Sandy by me, and not David, as he was only about 5 years old at the time.

By the time I was 15, I was having full sexual intercourse with my little sister about three or four times a day, while Sandy and David moved down to the spare bedroom and slept together there with Marie.

Sandy says that having regular sex, and having your womb filled with sperm at an early age tends to stimulate your body so that you get pregnant easier and sooner. I'm not sure. Kelly didn't get pregnant, even though I was filling her tiny little developing womb with thick white cum almost every day, and usually several times a day, from the time she was three or four, until she finally DID "catch" when she was a little over eleven years old. That's not really all that young; as I've heard of lots of girls who got pregnant that young, or even younger.

Still, I did my best, and so did Kelly. I'd go to sleep almost every night with my prick buried to the hilt in the child's tight little slit, while we snuggled up together. And it was a rare night indeed that I didn't pump my little sister's fertile young womb full of at least two or three shots of her big brother's potent sperm; with millions of tiny tadpoles squirming their way up inside her belly, looking for an egg to fertilize. Sandy made sure I didn't neglect my little sister sexually, from the time she was three years old, until her son was big enough to take over, while our daughter took care of me.

Over the years, it developed into a pattern: I'd come home from school, find my little sister waiting for me in the bedroom, and fuck her while our mother, my big sister, cooked dinner. After I had spasmed the little girl's womb full of incestuous seed, we would both be temporarily satisfied for the next hour or two, so we'd watch TV together, and her mother would join us after dinner. Sometimes Sandy would join us, and I'd get off in her a second time, spraying my mother's womb with incestuous seed, just like I had my little sister's. Usually however, it was my little brother who took care of Sandy, by that time. By then, my big sister was in her thirties, and not so consistently horny like us kids were. Still, Sandy never once turned down a chance at sex by me, Dad, or our little brother David. I guess my big sister liked feeling her womb being pumped full of family baby-juice, just as much as us boys liked squirting inside her. After a while though, I spent most of my time planting my seed in my little sister, and left our mother to my little brother.

Yes, I fathered TWO children on the little sister I fathered on my own mother, while my big sister watched to make sure we did it right, and I didn't neglect my own sister (sexually, at least). She made sure our little girl had at least one big squirt of her own brother's thick white baby-making seed in her tummy at least once a day (and usually far more often than that). She also had my little brother David take care of our little sister Marie and her as well, just like I took care of Kelly ... by fucking the little girl from the time she was barely three years old, to cumming inside her vagina and filling the child's womb with his babies the moment they both got old enough.

Sandy was NOT going to have us mistreat our little sisters by treating them with the disdain and abuse that I hear some boys do their younger siblings. She saw to it that I treated Kelly (and David treated Marie) like a little girl should be treated by her big brother, and like I will make sure all of MY kids treat each other, with the boys pumping their thick baby-makers in their sisters' and daughter's tight little baby-holes, until the boys fill the little girls' wombs with jet after thick white jet of incestuous baby-making seed. And I'll see to it that the boys keep the girls' wombs filled with baby-juice, from the time they're three until they get old enough to marry. If any of my boys refuses to have full vaginal intercourse with their sisters ... Well, I just won't stand for it! None of MY kids is going to neglect his little sister like that; I'll tell you! If, because of this, the kids have babies ... Well, isn't that what having sex with your own sister, daughter, or even mother is for?

By the time our daughter got old enough to join us in bed, Kelly felt the same way; rubbing our little girl's slit with my cum, and forcing her cum-covered finger into the child's slit in preparation for when Samantha would be big enough to take something larger in there, like her own father's thick, cum-squirting, and baby-making prick.

It wasn't two years after that, that I first felt my daughter's tight little slit squeezing the thick white cum out of my prick, while I spasmed her tight little tummy full of jet after viscous jet of the thick white stuff that makes babies in little girls. That only the head of my swollen penis managed to fit inside the child's tight little baby-hole, didn't diminish the thrill for either of us. It was only a few weeks after that, that I had about two more inches of thick fatherly prick inside our daughter's tight little slit, pumping thick pearly-white baby-juice in her tummy, and about a month after that found me with almost the whole thing inside her, while Samantha's tight little tunnel milked and squeezed each incestuous spurt inside her cute little belly, in a grip around my swollen penis that would have to be felt to be appreciated. And did I EVER appreciate it, can I tell you! Samantha really appreciated it too, when I filled her belly with cum, knowing that it was teeming with millions of the same sperm that created her only a few years earlier in her big sister's tummy. The moans of pleasure our little girl gives when I pump her cute little tummy full of baby-making cum, just add to the thrill of making my own daughter feel so nice; at the same time she makes ME feel good in a way that a non-relative never could.

After that, going to sleep each night with my prick buried in my daughter's tight little slit keeps me erect enough to squirt her belly full of incestuous cum at least twice a night ... and often far more than that. Just like my sister, her mother, Samantha gets to feel her own father's baby-making sperm not only squirting in thick white jets into her tummy several times around bedtime, but soaking into her womb all night long ... and usually far into the next day as well.

Sandy says that if we're lucky, Sam could have two or even three kids by me, before she gets old enough for the two of us to marry. By then, when Samantha is 12, or maybe a year or so later when she's 13 or 14, and Joey first gets old enough to marry as well, Kelly will probably marry our son Joey; so it's likely we'll make it a double-wedding. (It's cheaper that way.) All three of us (her, me, and my little sister) hope Sandy is right. Since Samantha started having periods about three months ago, and Kelly insists that I pump Samantha's tummy full of sperm at least twice a day during her most likely days, there's a chance (Only a chance, at 9 years old, but still a chance) that my big sister could be right about the effects of starting young, and having a man's sperm inside your womb every day like Samantha has since she was three years old; stimulating your body, so it can reproduce at a young age. If my big sister is right, Samantha MIGHT have her first child by me before she turns ten. Well, like I said, we can always hope.

I plan on doing MY part in keeping our daughter's womb filled with sperm, by ejaculating inside her as often as I can (without neglecting my sexual duties to my little sister and mother) while the girl's mother, my sister, makes sure our little girl not only gets all the sex she needs from me, but keeps her father's sperm inside her tummy as long as she can. The result of this, is that I get more sex, both from Kelly and Samantha (and yes, sometimes Sandy, even now) than a two-peckered billy-goat with a whole stable of nanny-goats.

You guys who neglect your little sisters and daughters ought to rethink your abusive ways. Not only do you prevent the girls from learning the REAL way to have sex ... from a loving father or brother, but you also miss out on considerable fun yourselves! There's NOTHING like feeling your own little girl's tight little slit squeezing and milking the sperm from your prick in squirt after glorious thick white spurt of incestuous cum, while you bury your penis as far as you can in the child's body and fill her womb with the thick gooey stuff that makes babies. When the child moans and squirms and shakes under you with pleasure, while begging you to squirt your baby inside her tummy, at the same time she hugs and squeezes each precious drop of seed you have into her body where it belongs ... Well, what could possibly feel better?

That you neglect your own little sisters and daughters, when it would be so much FUN for both of you, is something I'll never understand. To make your sisters or daughters have to experience sex for the first time when they're far into their teens ... and with STRANGERS yet ... How can you guys be so UNFEELING? I'd never mistreat a girl of mine that way, be the girl my sister by my father, my sister by me, or a daughter of mine by anybody.

Oh yeah ... I understand that SOME people turn out OK, in spite of years of abuse and neglect by their parents, who refuse to allow the children to experience the joys of sex ... not only with them, but even with their own siblings ... but such things are rare. MOST people take after their parents in this matter; and abuse and neglect foster yet more abuse and neglect; with such parents often making their kids wait until they are 15, 16, and even older (if you can believe THAT) before allowing them to have sex.

In fact, most of those parents insist that the children have their first sex with STRANGERS, instead of introducing their kids to sex the proper way, within the family where they're loved.

Just THINK, you could be the one to break this cycle of abuse and neglect, by going down right this minute to your little girls' or sisters' room, sticking your swollen prick up inside the little girls' slits, and sliding in and out until you give the children what ALL little girls need most: A bellyful of her own father's or big brother's thick white baby-making cum soaking into her womb. What MORE could a little girl ask for (other than feeling your baby kicking and squirming inside her tummy, of course)?

That your parents kept you and your sisters apart, by not only keeping you from sleeping naked together in the same bed, like any sane family would, but forced you to sleep in not only different beds and even different bedrooms, doesn't excuse you now, if you're a parent yourself.

You CAN make a difference: by first putting your kids back together in the same bed, like children SHOULD sleep together ... and then (if you have any daughters) giving your little girl the thing most girls dream about ... a belly full of her own father's prick (and hopefully his baby too), spurting her fertile young womb full of incestuous baby-making seed.

Why force your little girl to learn from some stranger, when she can learn about sex and how babies are made from the man whom she has loved all her life, and had a crush on since she was in diapers? Not only will you do your little girl a favor; but YOU will enjoy it too! (Yes, really!) Like I said before, there's nothing like feeling your own daughter's tight little baby-hole clamping and squeezing on your prick, while her tight little tunnel milks your potent sperm out of your penis and into her fertile young vagina where it belongs. Hearing your own daughter moaning and squealing with delight as you pump a baby into her belly, and to hear your little girl begging you to pump that baby into her, just adds to the pleasures of fucking your own kid. How can you honestly deny your little girl, the one who has loved you all her live, and who you CLAIM to love also, that pleasure ... especially when it feels so good to you ... almost as much as it does to your daughter?

It's bad enough neglecting your own sisters ... but your own daughter as well? How can you conscience neglecting your little girl like that? How can you make her wait, year after year, until some complete stranger takes pity on her, and pumps his baby into her belly ... when it should be you, the man she has loved and who loved her all her life, filling her womb with incestuous cum? And the earlier you start, the more your little girl will love it, the sooner the child will have your baby kicking and squirming in her tummy, and the quicker your daughter will thank you for filling her womb with life-giving sperm. I know MY daughters did.

Like I mentioned at the beginning, they say you always remember your first time. Well, I don't; and no-one in my family does either; so that's a bunch of crock. And if I have any say in the matter, nobody in our family ever WILL remember his or her first time. To me, that (making the kids wait until they were 7, 8, 9, or even older to have sex and have the little girl feel the boy squirting his thick white baby-juice in her tummy where it belongs) would be neglecting the children to the point of child-abuse ... which is something I wouldn't stand for in any form.

Just like my mother.

Thanks Big Sister, for raising me right.

Huh? Why didn't I marry Kelly, instead of waiting years for Samantha? I couldn't do THAT; that's obscene! Kelly is my little SISTER, the daughter of my mother. Just like Sandy couldn't marry ME, because I'm her little brother (having the same father); my big sister waited until she had a son of her own, by her little brother (me), to marry. You just DON'T marry your own siblings (People who have the same parent you do)! Have sex with them sure. Even have babies with them. Why not? I mean, that 's the whole idea of having sex with relatives, isn't it? But MARRY them? Next thing you'll be suggesting is that I marry my own granddaughter or father children on her, or something! No, of course not. If any daughters I father on my little girl happen to have kids by their brothers, I certainly would NOT them expect them to have sex with me! (Though I wouldn't be so cruel as to refuse a little girl like that the pleasure of feeling her own grandfather pumping a baby in her belly, if that's what the kid wanted. Heck, it would feel good to me, too.) It really isn't up to ME to get my granddaughters pregnant, you know (unless of course, that's what the little girl WANTS me to do.) That's for their fathers or brothers to do. Men are supposed to marry their daughters (and women their sons), not siblings or grandchildren, even if they DO have sex with them and sometimes they even have babies together, like family members should. What do you think I am, some kind of pervert?


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