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I make no apologies for considering myself a story teller; my goal is to please readers, not to write great literature. In fact, I love writing erotica and that's what most of my stories are about.

I've found that there are a number of large black holes that swallow up time: Easily the most seductive of these is online chat; however also an easy second is fiddling with HTML for web pages. At least initially I'm more interested in content than appearance; as time goes on I may devote more time to appearances, but for right now I'm keeping things simple.

To all the fans of Katie and Lyn, below are links to Bit Bard's site here on ASSTR, with his nice, if odd, comments about the story. Also is a link to Jan Vincent's Sisters in Love site that has also archived Katie/Lyn. Jan was the only archivist who had the correct title for Katie/Lyn, so I'm letting her post the latest chapters as they are ready. In ASSTR I'll post them when I've finished the repost. You might want to check out Jan's site if you like good lesbian fiction; the stories are wonderful and the pictures are great!

BitBard's Original Site for Katie & Lyn
Sisters In Love Site for Katie & Lyn
Laura Alban Hunt is one my current projects
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Spitfire and Messerschmitt is my other current project
Chapter Index
Tom's Diary is my first novel
A series of 'occasional' pieces, about Kristie Davenport...

Last but not least -- a word of thanks to sundry who've helped me...
Thank you all

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