Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Naked in School

Author: Geffo      email: Geffo3 at yahoo dot com

Rating: Adult.  If you don’t qualify, I hope you feel at least a little shame.

Disclaimer: This is fanfic and it uses characters originated by Mutant Enemy Productions, Fox, UPN and WB.  They own those characters.  This work is not for any financial gain.

Synopsis: How would a very liberal private school implement The Program?

Codes: MF, mf, ff, magic

There’s a lot of fanfic backstory about Buffy and this school for potential Slayers.  It follows an alternate ending to the TV series for about a year.  The backstory is not NIS, so we’ll take any discussion of that offline to email, please.  You don’t really need any of it.  Some crucial character introductions are included here.  Don’t worry.  There is none of the bloody violence here.  There is some magic, however.  You have been warned.  Mwahaha.

It’s now about ten years after that huge battle that collapsed the Hellmouth in Sunnydale.  Buffy has retired as a vampire Slayer.  The Slayers are now Dawn, Buffy’s younger sister, and Melissa.  Dawn and Melissa are in their mid-twenties and happily married to their true loves.

Dawn’s day job is as chairman of the Council of Watchers.  The Council owns a majority interest in the school, so she’s ex-officio chairman of the private school’s board as well.  Nobody messes with Dawn.  Those boards are all of the stuffy old formality.  The group that actually runs things meets over breakfast every Thursday morning.

Melissa teaches Slayer Combat – a martial arts course that’s handy when you’re going around trying to slay vampires.  The two Slayers are close – closer than sisters and their husbands accept that.

Buffy finished her college degree and a Master’s in education.  She’s now vice-principal, if you can believe it.  She still lives with Spike, a vampire with a soul.  He won’t be coming out to play in the sunshine.  At 33, she has none of the Slayer left in her, but takes care of her self and still looks great.

Most of the core group live in townhouses in the faculty wing of the school dormitory.  The rest of the dorm is for out-of-town students.

About half the students – 250 of them – are potential slayers and student watchers from around the world.  They’re at the school on scholarship and fill the dorm.  The other half of the students are local residents of Oxnard, CA.  They and their parents are aware of the special nature of school, and don’t mind.  The conventional education here is the best in the state for an accelerated, advanced placement academic program.  Besides that, the tuition is cheap.  There is a qualifying exam they have to pass to get in.  All the students are specially gifted either as potential Slayers, as aspiring Watchers or as particularly intelligent students.

The two Slayers have pet groups of students.  These cliques start with the Slayers favorites from among the older potentials and usually their boyfriends.  The Slayers and their favorites have just finished their Summer tours of the world for demon hunting.  They mostly took separate paths to cover more territory.  For victory celebrations, the gangs spent a week at the Slayers’ alternate homes.

Dawn took her group of three couples to her palace in the tropical paradise of another dimension.  Clothes aren’t part of the culture in the tropical part of that world.  Swimming, lounging around, playing sports, working and going to school naked are.  All six of them got used to the sight and touch of each others bodies and don’t mind playing rough with each other.  The twenty-somethings didn’t just join in – they set the example.  When a naked body flew up into the air above the pool, it was likely Shane or Dawn who threw it.

The students didn’t need examples to extend the sports and swimming to dancing and kissing in the nude.  They liked spending the quiet warm evenings dancing slowly with hands on boobs and butts and a hard cock pressed tightly between sleek muscled bodies.  Departures to the bedrooms were usually sudden and fast.  Dawn and Shane were always the last ones in from the pool.  Dawn’s loud when she gets passionate.  Her screams were heard all over the estate every evening – usually several times as Shane gave her repeated pleasure.

Melissa’s group had it about the same.  She has a villa in a vineyard overlooking the Mediterranean on the Italian Riviera.  The beaches are nude there all the time as they are in most of Europe.  The students were surprised the first morning at the villa.  They expected that topless was the standard in Melissa’s pool.  When they saw Melissa and Toby get out of the water for the first time, they realized that ‘topless’ extends to their feet.

Neither Melissa nor Toby pushed or badgered any of them.  Two of the boys took until the second afternoon before they forgot their trunks.  The point is that they did get comfortable with swimming and walking around the vineyard nude in front of the others.  They also went a little farther than Dawn’s group in showing affection in front of each other.  All three of the couples had several oral exchanges and had full-on intercourse in front of the others at least once.  That may be explained by the fact that Melissa and Toby screwed in front of them every evening.

Both groups did a lot of touching between the couples when they found out what they did to each other.  We think of boys touching the attractive parts of the girls.  Not so much here.  The girls spent a lot of attention trying to get the tired boys up.

After the vacations with the Slayers, these students get a week at their homes while the Slayers help the school get ready to open for the year.  Favoritism has its price.  These six couples are the first ones scheduled to arrive at school and already have assignments for helping out.

This NIS story has elements of magic in one important plot device.  There are inter-dimensional portals, but you can ignore them if want.  The vampire slaying is incidental background and doesn’t appear in this story.  The school brings together potential Slayers from all over the world.  The international flavor of the school, and particularly the residential dorm is what’s important. 

We’ll pick up on a Thursday morning.  School starts the following Monday.  It’s been a working arrangement since the Council bought into the school that there’s a meeting every Thursday over breakfast.  The idea is to coordinate among the Slayers, Council, Witches Coven and school administration.  This meeting is in Toby and Melissa’s townhouse.  Dawn, Shane, Willow, Kennedy, Robin, Cindy, Linda, Buffy and Spike are there. The prime topic is the one thing that’s new this year – The Program.  It’s new here as it is all over the state.

You have to know that Melissa likes the objective.  She hasn’t worn a stitch in California since the public decency law went into effect.  People are getting used to seeing all of her all over Oxnard.  Students and their parents in particular stop and talk to her whenever they meet.  She runs into some students regularly.  They’re wearing less every time she sees them.  They invariably credit her example and their parent’s attitude.  She also an influence on the local businesses and fellow faculty.

Toby’s going along with it, too.  They both host this meeting in the nude and sit without hiding anything.  He doesn’t get hard at first.  None of us would after a hard night with Melissa.  Her happy glow and engorged breasts every morning show just how hard he works.

Linda, the powerful witch and leader of the Coven, has been influenced by the Slayers for years.  She’s proud of her big figure and quite comfortable showing it off.  She joins in as soon as she spots the nude host and hostess.

Willow and Kennedy enjoy the view, but their jealousy is piqued when the other’s attention is drawn to Melissa or Linda.  They plant their eyes firmly on each other and reveal what they already know – their whole bodies.  This nudity is catching and the pile of clothes by the door is growing.

The meeting gets to business.  Principal Wood states his neutrality about the Program.  He delegates it to his vice-principal.  The problem with that is that the main objection to the Program comes from Buffy herself.  She feels like the public school board.  They’re dragging their feet hoping it will go away.  So is she.

The schools, public and private, sent the infamous brochure with the naked couple on the cover to the students’ parents.  Buffy’s been collecting the responses for this school.  She’s incensed that none of the parents have opted their children out and many have volunteered their students.  There’s a box to check whether the student agrees and most of the volunteers have that one checked.  All the townies are still eligible for selection.  This is not the response that up-tight Buffy was looking for.

The other half of the student body isn’t here yet.  Dorm residents will arrive over the weekend.  Kennedy has a package ready for them with all the new dorm rules and ... opportunities.  She expects a little resistance from some US and Canadian students.  They’ll be allowed to volunteer themselves, but if they want out they’ll have to get their parents to say so in writing.

Students from outside North America have different attitudes.  The school even got something of a reputation.  The pool and surrounding lawn are right next to the parking lot of the neighboring mall.  There have been enough cases of nude swimming and sunning at the school that the police were called regularly.  Complaints about topless girls were ignored –  too common and trivial.  The police are glad they don’t have to waste their time now with the new law.

“This just isn’t right – the nudity.  We’ll have kids doing it in front of each other all over the school.  And forcing someone to do it, well, over my dead body!  We shouldn’t be in this Program at all, should we?” Buffy asks the one who’s really in charge.

Dawn answers by standing, walking to the pile of clothes and adding her own.  Oh, yes, she still goes without a bra and goes commando under the very short cut-off denim shorts.  Her perky boobs jiggle lightly.  Her trimmed triangle of hair is thinned over her labia so everyone gets a good view.  Her tight, strong body hasn’t changed a bit since the first time they made love nine years ago.  Shane throws his clothes across the room to the pile while she walks back to the table.  His stiff cock springs up and smacks his hard six-pack as soon as it clears his shorts.  Shane understands Dawn’s point.  She’s showing that she thinks Buffy’s wrong, at least in part.

Dawn rewards Shane for the vote of confidence by sitting on his lap.  She’s faced away from him and bent forward with her elbows on the table.  She lowers herself onto his cock with a series of bounces going ever lower.  Her expression clearly shows the others her complete delight.  Shane’s hands work her boobs, mound and clit.  Dawn enjoys it completely.  Do they mind doing it in front of all these others?  Well, they’ve done it in front of Melissa, Toby, Linda and Mike before.

Melissa’s the one who voices the rebuttal to Buffy, “Yes, with that relief thing, we absolutely will have them doing it in front of each other all over the school – literally in every classroom.  Nudity and public displays are part of today’s society.  We got no objections because the parents are an aware and progressive group – they have to be to send their kids to this school.  I’m there with ya on the force.  That happened to me the hard way.  It had the effect on me that a lot of these kids are gonna need, though.  Maybe there’s a way we can do it without the trauma – more of the inviting, persuading and setting examples than of the forcing.

“We have advantages and a head start over the public schools.  First are all those students from parts of the world where they’re already comfortable with themselves and each other.  It was actually hard to get new students to come here from Europe last year because the US has been lagging the trends.  We can use this advantage and to jump way ahead of the public schools.”

Melissa sets out a plan for how the private school could change the Program to actually work.  The plan uses the concepts of the Program, but reserves the mandatory part.  That’ll be used after the ones who need it to be mandatory have seen that it doesn’t hurt.  She has to put up with an interruption, though.  Nobody can hear her over the screaming each time Dawn reaches orgasm.  Melissa just waits until they’re finished.  Shane’s grunts join the din for Dawn’s third time.  By then lots of couples have hands in each other’s laps.

The spent lovers regain their composure and focus after that.  They see blushing, smiling faces all around them – all but Buffy and Principal Wood.

“Hey,” says Dawn.  “We’ve talked about my love life in these meetings since it could have caused an apocalypse.  Now you see how happy we are with it.”

“Right, Niblet,” answers Spike, then to Buffy, “You’ll get your triple this morning, love, but it can wait ‘til we get home.”

“Will I ever outgrow ‘Niblet’?” asks Dawn.

“No,” comes from many all at once.

Melissa munches on a muffin, then says mostly to Dawn “There is one thing I just thought of – another place on the no-sex list.”

Dawn manages to raise an eyebrow while she’s climbing off Shane.  Melissa lets the pause stretch while she eats some of her egg.

“The cafeteria,” she finally says.

That gets blushes from Dawn and Shane and gets laughter from everyone else, including Buffy and Principal Wood.

Melissa’s plan is adopted with Buffy voting against doing any of it and Robin abstaining.  The meeting adjourns and the couples scatter to take care of the business that came up while they were watching Dawn.  Linda heads straight back to London by portal to catch Mike at his lunch.  Buffy tries to rebut Melissa, but Spike realizes the meeting is over.  He picks Buffy up and carries her.  Willow and Kennedy walk up the hall to their place carrying their clothes and with hands on each others’ ass.

“Come on, Robin,” says Cindy dragging him by the hand.  “We gotta work on your attitude – in bed.”

Dawn and Shane are the last to leave Melissa’s.  The hostess is horny and the host’s hardon has been raging since Dawn sat on Shane.  This is probably important, though, so they wait to see what it’s about.

“You state the plan really well.  It’s a great one and you really believe in it.  Those six couples from this summer?  They’ll make a great core group,” Dawn really supports this plan.  “I see the mandatory part doesn’t have to be like an intervention.  I like how your plan saves that for a last resort.  It can be an intervention when the subject really needs it and a parent or someone recognizes that.

“This will be kind of backwards, and she’ll hate me for a while, but ...” Dawn goes into an extension of Melissa’s plan.

The school staff sends another mailing – directly to the students this time.  It announces that the Program is adopted, but with modifications.  There will be an assembly first thing Monday morning to explain it all.  The rest of the day will be the annual Game Day and barbecue.  First-day nudity is encouraged and is said to be entirely at the student’s option.  The other choice is the usual dress for Game Day – swimsuits.  There’s the blatant suggestion that students find their lockers and keep them in mind as a place to leave unneeded clothes.

There’s a personal insert for those who were volunteered, “Your parents have volunteered you for the Program.  It is not mandatory yet.  Please accept the invitation to be naked and be assured that you will not be alone and that you will be respected.  For now, the choice is entirely yours.”

Dorm residents are treated differently than in past years.  They still get single rooms, but a boy and a girl are assigned to share the bathroom between those rooms.  Couples who ask to be together are put together and others are assigned at random.  That goes until they run out of boys.  About half the residents are potentials and they’re all girls.  Some of the student watchers are girls.  That leaves a shortage of boys.  Kennedy has paid a little attention because of her own interest.  She assigns some lesbian girls to the sharing.  Only a few freshman girls are left out of this mixing.  They get the rooms that have private baths.

It goes naturally that the rule prohibiting room visits by the opposite sex has gone away.  Such visits are allowed, but not required.  A student’s private room is just that – private.

Melissa, Dawn, their husbands and those close cliques set the example as residents arrive over the weekend.  The number of students and staff showing off jiggling tits, hot pussies and pointedly excited cocks grows every day.  There’s nervousness and embarrassment at first and it naturally takes some time to overcome those.  The international students quickly get used to seeing, being seen, touching and being touched.  They show off, talk about how it feels and the great fun it leads to.  Hugs, kisses, gropes, sitting on laps and sudden dashes to rooms are encouraged and become common.  There really has been a change in society, in the behavior allowed and in the behavior expected.

Some residents from the US are slower at accepting it all.  Dawn and Melissa notice two problems on Sunday.  About half the residents are going around nude and many more girls are topless.  They’re the vocal ones.  They keep trying to coax others to participate.  It gets to the point of badgering and the dressed students feel pressured.  Their expressions are almost as sullen as those forced to disrobe where the Program selects only a few at a time.  The Slayers correct a few students on the spot and make a speech at lunch time.  They emphasize respect for whatever choice a person makes.

The second problem comes with taking liberties among the naked students.  They all know that the “reasonable request” rule isn’t coercive under Melissa’s plan and that they need a willing agreement for any touching.  The problem comes when they presume an agreement that isn’t really there.  Exciting touches in a private evening setting don’t necessarily extend to the pool deck the next day.  This issue comes out as complaints and comments at that lunchtime meeting.  Dawn sets them all straight, then asks if that’s too much – needing a verbal agreement each time for everything.  Some of the students speak up.

“I’m just for my guy,” starts one nude girl who’s sitting on her boyfriend’s lap.  “He can do anything with me, and others can watch.  I’d like to be able to say ‘No thanks’ to any other offers.”

“I get a charge from being groped.  I like the sly swipes across my ass, and anybody who wants a handful of this, just grab,” shouts a boy showing off his penis.

He’s not erect.  From the matted hair and drying spots, the ones near him guess that he’s had recent relief.  The dressed girl he’s facing reaches between his legs, strokes from there over his balls and lifts his shaft.  The shaft stays up.  He offers the girl a kiss and she accepts it.  She doesn’t stay dressed for long after that.

Another nude girl puts on conditions, “I want the attention, but I think the guy should be naked.  We still get looked at like objects by people who aren’t ready to be this free.”

She scowls at the dressed boys at the next table.

“I don’t wanna be touched just any time,” says yet another naked girl.  “It turns me so horny that I get distracted.  The placement tests mean something to me this year.  After the tests, in the evening, I wanna go with the horny.  That means I wanna be asked.  It’s about the timing.  I don’t have any one guy, so do ask.”

The boy next to her wearing a Speedo whispers, “No test today.  Can I grab?”

She slaps the hand reaching for her breast, “Meeting now.  Boobs after.  Then I want to see what’s making that bulge.”

A dressed girl says in a meek, shy voice, “You can take a clue when I lose the clothes.  You all look like you’re having so much fun.  It’s coming soon.  Ask me then.”

One young-looking boy has been raising his hand, but the outspoken ones have been jumping right up before Melissa could call on him.  She’s seen his picture among the freshman Watcher files, but hasn’t learned his name yet.  Dawn’s faster with such things.  She calls on Jared.

“Do we have to do this stuff at all?” he asks looking at one of the freshman girls.  “The girl I share a bathroom with is really nice, but I’m not ready to show off as much as she does.”

Melissa challenges them to work it out between themselves.  She realizes that there hasn’t been a complete description of the reasoning behind the room assignments.  There’s been lots of talk, but only to one or two at a time.  Now is the time to fill in everyone.

“You get to be close to someone of the opposite sex to get used to that – being around the opposite sex and seeing them.  That’s all.  You don’t have to get romantically involved with your suitemate.  We do want you to be comfortable in the same room with them.  Show yourself the way you’re comfortable, let her be herself and give it some time,” Melissa advises.

She makes a note that these freshmen may look and act immature, but this is the best time for things like The Program to work on their attitudes.

A hot, nude French girl with bubbling personality that reminds many of Melissa stands and says, “I was grabbed by lots of guys at once, but it was like they were stealing the feels.  When I looked around, they were all walking away innocently.  I wish to return the attention – to snuggle, kiss and ... more.  Boys, you can grab me any time you’re ready to stay around for the consequences, and they’re not bad.”

A topless girl goes next, “Guys seem to like what I’m showing, but I feel naughty.  The naughtiness is a thrill, so I like it.  I’m a virgin, though, and I’m not ready to lose that.  Do we have to do everything we’re asked?”

Melissa gets pissed that this question is still open, “Enjoy what you want and stop when you want.  Let there be no doubt – pressure, badgering, force or rape won’t be tolerated.  I’ll be doing the corporal punishment.  I’ll hurt first-time offenders.  Don’t make a habit of abusing The Program.  Believe me, you don’t want Dawn to think you’re evil.”

There will be parents tours of the school and dorm.  Dawn asks for resident students to volunteer.  Dawn explains that tours will be conducted by couples of guides – boy and girl – both naked.  That’s mainly to get the parents used to the nudity their students will be exposed to.  She’s not telling the tour guides they must be naked.  She is saying the tour guides will be chosen from among those who leave their clothes off.  There really is a difference in that about how much choice there is.

The Slayers also hold a faculty meeting to set up the other help they’ll need for Game Day on Monday.  Each of a dozen event stations will need several helpers and referees.  In past years, helpers and referees got colored vests – different colors for the various stations.  Dawn shows the hats that will be used this time.  The faculty can dress in as little as they want, but can’t use vests to hide behind.

Local students start arriving before eight Monday morning.  They turn in various things at the office – requests for placement tests and the forms for volunteering into the Program are the most common.  They also pick up locker assignments.

By eight, the gym/auditorium is filled.  Seniors and Juniors get seats in the bleachers at the sides.  Some sophomores get seats in the bleachers at the back, the rest and all the freshmen sit on the floor.  The teachers helping to keep order ‘encourage’ the freshmen boys to sit at the front, right under the stage.

The preparation worked.  Half the dorm residents show up naked.  Many of the other girls are topless.  Only a dozen or so townies are nude when the assembly starts and another that many girls are topless.  What freshman would wear anything but the most common, popular clothes to the first day of highschool?  There’s no skin showing on the gym floor.

Principal Wood steps onto the stage and greets all the students, welcoming them to another year at the Academy.  His greeting is surprisingly lively.  Maybe Cindy did some good.  He still leaves the point of the assembly to the Slayers.  He introduces them and then abandons the stage.  Dawn and Melissa come out.  It’s just Dawn and Melissa.  No clothes.

The student body gives the celebrities the customary standing ovation.  The freshmen girls a few rows from the stage don’t know this custom, but they go along with it.  They get it that the faculty and these ‘Slayers’ are supporting The Program.  The freshman boys in the first rows sit dumbfounded.  They’re staring up into the freshly shaved pussies of two beautiful, naked women.  Every hand in those rows goes to adjusting the growing hardons hiding in those shorts.

“Go ahead.  You have the potty mouth,” Dawn prompts Melissa with a big smile.

“Bitch,” the big blonde is the only one who can call Dawn names.

Melissa starts about The Program, as this school will do it, “Okay, you’ve all read the little brochure with the naughty picture.  We’re gonna explain stuff about it.  First, why?

“How many here go out for a sport?”

Lots of hands go up, but none in the rows of freshmen boys.  They didn’t get the question.  They’re all enraptured by the sight of Melissa’s totally bald pussy.  She waves her hand in front of it.  That gets the boy’s attention for a second.  Well, maybe not that long – just long enough for their gaze to get up to her chest.  That big rack is another barrier to them.  Melissa waves her hands again and claps them together.

“Attention on the talk or cold showers - which?” Melissa warns.  “Okay, again.  How many here go out for a sport? (The hands now include some Freshmen.)  How many take the PE class because you have to?  (More hands for this one.)  How many take martial arts class because you know you’ll have to take PE and think martial arts is more fun?  (Quite a few hands show here.)  Good.  Lets see if we can put The Program in these terms.

“You go out for sports because you’re good at it, like the challenge, have fun and, yeah, you’d have to take PE anyway.  We’re doing this first part to let you ‘go out for the sport’ with nobody making you.  That’s the way we’d like it to be around the school – students enjoying each other in the way society is now because you like it that way.  I wouldn’t mind if everyone went naked for the rest of the year and The Program wasn’t necessary. 

“The important part is that the ones not ready for that will see that it doesn’t hurt and when they get ready, they won’t be alone.  To me, that’s the sure way of making something painful in highschool – make the student be the only one doing something.  Here, we’ll try to have it open and supportive from the beginning.

“The mandatory part of The Program starts next semester.  Unless parents declare you out of the program, you’ll have to spend a week naked in school.  If you already do that anyway, it’ll be nothing.  For some it will be like PE.  You do it only because you have to.  Even then, it’ll be easy because of all the others doing it and because of the respect we’ll show each other.

“The middle ground is that you can start being more open with your body at your own pace.  It’s like picking a more fun option to PE.  You know you have to do something, now do it the way you want.  Take a look at how everyone treats the ones who are naked, work up the courage and start participating before we make you.

“We, all of us, especially students, are expected to support each other with what ever choice we make.  You can see my choice.  Any objections?  (Everyone applauds.)  That’s what I mean.  Treat everyone with that much encouragement whether they’re naked, dressed or anywhere in between – they’re all okay.  One part of The Program we’re making mandatory is that you’ll join it immediately for minor infractions like taunting or ridiculing.

“We’re making a bunch of changes to The Program.  Only some of the stuff in that brochure works the same.  A private school can do more of that than the public schools that have to go with the “state-approved” Program.  The biggest difference this semester is that it’s your choice.  You can go to class wearing as little as you want.

“The Program puts the naked students on display.  Well, there’s no hiding it when you’re naked, but we won’t have penalties for covering up – this semester.  You can make your own choices every day.  Use your own locker if you come to school dressed.  Clothes aren’t locked away – this semester.  When it’s your week next semester, no covering or you will do another week to get more comfortable with yourself.

“The Program rule is that you have to comply with ‘reasonable requests’.  In this school, there’s only one judge of what’s reasonable – you.  The only reason you have to give for saying ‘no’ is ‘I don’t wanna.’  That goes for any requests including help with relief or to help a teacher in class.

“In class, you have to do assignments and participate in things you would do if dressed.  Reading your compositions, math problems on the board and all are not different.  Participation that has to do with your nakedness is your option.  If you’re not thrilled by an experiment about how much your hard dick can lift, just say no.  If you don’t want the class calculating the volume of your boobs, you don’t have to stand still for the measurements.  You do have to work the problem if they get the measurements somewhere else.

“It’s not reasonable to ask you do to anything that will make you late for class or an activity.  It’s not reasonable to force anyone into something they say they don’t want to do.  You’re looking at the ones who will give corporal punishment for that kind of major violation.

“For reasonable requests, you have to ask every time.  Don’t presume you can do what you did yesterday or what the person is letting someone else do.

“When you agree with a request, well, anything goes outside of class.  You can put on any display, be affectionate or do any sexual activity.  That’s the point of the Program – that one and ours.  We want to be open and comfortable about our bodies and how sexy they are.  You can do any of that stuff in the halls, stairways, courtyards, dorm rooms including activity rooms upstairs in the dorm.

“Private schools can make more rules than the state lets the public schools do, so we have a few about where you can get off.  Neither Dawn nor I have any room to restrict kissing anywhere.  There won’t be any more than hugging and kissing – above the neck – in these places:  The cafeteria, the walk and parking lot along the main street, the pool, the football field, the mall or its parking lot, or any of the lawn that can be seen from the mall.  No sex in the cafeteria to avoid disturbing people trying to eat.  I want that stuff on my potatoes to be gravy.  There’s still division over the whole Program thing and we’re going real fast with it.  I know it’s not illegal any more, but we don’t want any complaints from people driving by on the street or at the mall.  We’re trying to be nice with everyone in the community.

“One hint:  There is a stretch behind the football stands that’s hidden.  That area’s as good as a courtyard.  Stay close to the stands so you can’t see any of the mall parking lot.  That way they can’t see you.

“In class, we’ll do the five-minute relief thing.  Anyone who wants relief can get it, with or without help, in the first five minutes of class.  Requests for help have to be just that – requests and that person has to freely agree to help in the way you want.  If they agree, anything goes.  The same thing goes for after-school clubs, sports and activities.  Anyone getting relief has to do it in the first five minutes and has to do it in the classroom.  Everyone who wants relief has to get it in the same five minutes.  After that, no disruptions of the teaching.

“We’re not limiting the relief to boys.  Hey, girls?  If you ask for it, you’d better be ready.  It ends when the five minutes are up whether you’re satisfied or not.

“The Program goes into protective clothing a lot as exceptions to mandatory nudity.  We’re not making it mandatory – yet.  This is how it will work when we do.  We also don’t want anyone getting hurt because they don’t think protection is needed.  No macho swinging dicks on the football field.  We’ve had a lot of questions about sports and how far the Program goes.  Most of us know that the law overrides the uniform rules of all the sports played in the state.

“No change at all for football.  All the protective equipment is needed.  So is the colored uniform so we can tell the good guys from bad while a play’s going on.

“For other sports, we’re going for support of soft tissue.  Right.  That means jockstraps and bras.  For teams that get mixed up on the court or field – basketball, soccer, baseball, softball – we need to see the color on a jersey quickly during play and we need the pads in the pants for sliding.  I don’t think stripping will work for most of them.  Maybe bottomless basketball and soccer for girls?

“Some things like the sleek modern racing swimsuits sure slice through the water.  We don’t want to give those up.  Non-contact sports are really open choices, but let’s not go too far.

“Volleyball and gymnastics aren’t bad for contact, but put heavy stress on parts that need support.  Jocks and bras for those in practice and performance, even if you skip the rest of the uniform.  We’re also gonna be wearing jocks and bras in martial arts and combat classes.

“The cheerleaders were most vocal.  They wanna do it naked – well, the ones still on the squad do.  You are allowed to cheer at games in the nude.  I think you should wear the support at least in practice and consider it for performances.  If I can keep these firm, you know I know what I’m talking about,” Melissa says hoisting her D-cups.

“One more we’ve had question about is the marching band.  Musicians can practice wearing anything, or nothing.  The callers think, and we agree, that much of the spectacle of a marching band comes from the uniforms – people dressed alike all marching in step.  I know this is the opposite of individual choice, but that would screw up what’s neat about the band.  That’s a challenge for you, Mr. Levy.  Try to come up with a uniform that the whole band can go with,” she addresses the band director.

“This can be overwhelming, especially when you first start going naked or first become sexually active.  It gets to be all you can think of.  I know.  Watch your grades.  We’ll be sending the 3-week reports to let your parents ‘help’ you.  Dorm resident’s parents are far away.  If your grades slip, you’ll get probation.  That means you stay in your room studying without visitors from supper to breakfast,” it’s Dawn’s turn to threaten.

She opens the assembly to questions and gets some.

“When does this semester’s Program start?  “

Dawn answers, “Twenty minutes ago.  See all the skin?”

At that, more clothes come off.  Many townies were waiting to hear about the Program changes at the assembly.  Melissa figured on some of this because of the number of volunteers.  She also expected every boy to get topless.  Dress for Game Day is swimsuits.  That doesn’t count, though, does it?  Dozens of girls tops come off, too.  Not quite that many lose their bottoms as well.  About twenty of the local boys strip all the way.  They’re invariably sitting beside their naked girlfriends.  Melissa and Dawn smile at each other.  This is a better start than it looked like.  More courage develops before the assembly’s over and some wait to get to their lockers.  By Game time, about 100 of the locals and 170 of the dorm residents are showing some skin that used to be illegal.

One of the freshman boys at the front asks for some real help, “We hear that the Junior health class is really great for sex education, but now we can’t wait that long.  In seventh grade they only said ‘Don’t to it.’  You said anything goes outside class and for relief.  Is there somewhere we can find out about ‘anything’?”

Dawn blushes a little and Melissa shows why she’s the spokesSlayer, “Ooh.  Sex lessons.  I’m your girl.  No, not like that.  I’m thinking of how to work in a quick class today.  Let’s have it forty minutes long and do it five times – every 45 minutes.  It’ll start at 9:15 in my Combat training room.  That’s room 236 upstairs in this wing.  There are a few things you can do before the games start at one: that class, get your bras and jocks, swim, show your goodies at the mall and the food will be ready at 11:30.  Spread it around so we don’t crowd any one of those.”

“How about after-school activities?”

Melissa takes this one, “The options this semester, and mandatory nudity next term, apply all over the school and dorm buildings, grounds, stadium and pool.  That includes the club rooms above the cafeteria.  At the Saturday night pizza dances in the cafeteria and at the big dances – this semester – all the students get the same choices.  When it’s your mandatory week next semester, you can choose to attend.  If you do, the mandatory nakedness applies.”

“What about outside the school?”

Dawn answers, “That’s governed by the law.  Nudity is allowed for all girls and women.  Boys of school age are allowed to go naked, too.  Public schools are working with local businesses to set up some incentives and encouragement.  We’re ahead of them, but only at this mall.  Some places are not covered by the law - still allowed to set their own standards of dress - churches, for example.  If some places ask you to dress, please do it even if they are covered by the law.  Be nice.  Don’t push the nudity where it isn’t wanted.”

Melissa quickly checks backstage for someone, doesn’t find her, then announces, “Ooh, speaking of the mall.  Miss Spion has been checking them out and getting the discounts worked out.  She’s supposed to be here to tell about them.  ROCHELLLLLE!”

Another gorgeous, naked woman appears.  This one in the open side door of the gym.  She dashes to the stage with long black hair flying and C-cup boobs bouncing.  Miss Spion is a very popular teacher, longtime resident of Oxnard, repeatedly Miss Ventura County and role model to many local students.  Several gain courage when they see her naked.

“The mall’s ready for us.  The customers might not be, but the stores are,” Rochelle reports.  “Some of you have seen Melissa and me over there.  You remember?  The naked ones.  We’ve been getting things straight – usually with the discounts, but often in the managers’ pants.”

Laughter rocks the gym.  Rochelle has to wait to continue her report.

“The mall management and all the stores agree on a discount for everything except clothes.  Hey, why would naked kids need clothes?” Rochelle causes another interruption.

“Jewelry, cosmetics, and that stuff; CDs, school supplies; the food court and restaurants ... also shoes ... are all discounted.  The standard discount for students is 10% for a girl who’s topless and 20% if you’re naked, either boy or girl.  There are two exceptions.  The big store has jockstraps and sports bras in our school colors – purple and white.  That discount goes to 50% if you walk in naked.  Those are for when you need more.  The school bought everyone the first 3 of those since we’re requiring them in PE, martial arts and sports.

“The other exception is the beauty parlor.  My dear friend owns the chain all over town.  The discount is the standard 10 and 20% for haircuts and styles – boy or girl – for head hair.  The deal is that the discount happens at any of her shops, not just the mall.  She’s also giving discounts on pubic hair trim and waxing.  10% for a girl who goes in topless.  25% for anyone who goes in naked and 50% for one who gets the work in the window chair.  That’s to encourage the exhibitionism.  Get the point?

“Check it out.  Melissa and Dawn, too.”

Rochelle puts her hands behind her head and turns to show off everything, but meaning her trim hairline.  It’s a small square of short curly dark hair on her mound starting just above her slit.  Melissa is shaved free of hair.  Dawn’s is in a thin vertical line that makes it look like her slit continues over her mound.  These women make great advertising for the shop, as will all the students running around naked.

“Right after the assembly, come out to the vans in the drive.  We have all the sizes and there should be enough for three jocks for each guy and three bras for each girl.  They’re really great.  Where are my models?  TINK?  ANSILAH?” Rochelle calls.

Those two are a couple in Melissa’s group of pets.  They’re African.  Tinkate’ had contact with a watcher in Zimbabwe who was stabbed to death in 2002 and got interested in the work.  Ansilah is from a remote, little-populated part of Chad.  She was identified as a potential only because Rona, one of the Sunnydale SITs, went to Africa in 2004 to search out potentials.  Ansilah was only 8 then, so it was a while before she could come to this school.  The white fabric with bright purple bands and piping really show up on their dark bodies.

Rochelle points out the wide mesh weave that doesn’t hide what’s being supported.  She holds a bra to her own breast to demonstrate that nipples clearly show through.  The bra’s lower band and the jock’s waistband are two inches wide.  They’ll stay on.  The bra straps are wide and meet in a T-back.  They’re comfortable and don’t get in the way of any movement. 

Rochelle says to the audience,  “Notice that the mesh is for support.  It doesn’t stretch.  These bras tame the mammaries of Melissa.  They’ll work for you.”

Rochelle hears the “Hey” from Melissa and returns her trademark smile loaded with mischief.

Tink wasn’t erect when he came on stage.  That changes.  It’s been a while since he was alone with his lover.  Now she’s showing off to everyone.  His penis tries to rise in its pouch and he gets uncomfortable.

Rochelle seizes the opportunity, “When you guys need extra room like this, you can catch your shaft in the waistband.  It gives a nice, gentle squeeze.  Remember, you get three of these – wear a freshly washed one every time.”

Ansilah seizes her lover.  She pulls his waistband open and pulls the head of his penis up.  The band holds it comfortably.  Rochelle dismisses them and they dash to their dorm room.  Nothing jiggles, let alone bounces, as they run.

“Hi, Dawn.  I got here,” says a new figure on the stage.

Figure?  Yep.  She’s wearing a gray robe with the hood up covering her head and face.  Well, not exactly ‘wearing.’  She has the drawstring below the hood tied around her neck.  The body of the robe hangs behind her.  She’s showing only her figure.  Those who’ve had the magic course recognize Linda’s voice.  They cheer and it’s picked up by the others who know the witch’s reputation.

“Wow!  Where’s she been hiding all that?”;  “Damn that robe!”;  and “Way to go, Linda!” are heard among the cheers.

“Ahem,” Dawn quiets the audience.  “There is one case where we’re going to impose The Program now.  Don’t worry.  It’s none of you students.  We’ve decided that the faculty and administration have to at least support what we’re doing, whether they participate or not.  If we work against it, that might bring the objectionable parts of The Program down on us.  We have someone whose attitude needs to change.”

Melissa and Rochelle go backstage, then return with a struggling woman pinned by the arms between them – Buffy.  Linda throws some sparkly powder on Buffy and says an incantation.  A cloud of vapor forms around the petite former Slayer.  Everyone in the assembly sees what vaporized when the cloud clears: Buffy’s clothes.  She’s naked.

“Your week starts now, Buffy,” Dawn says as Melissa and Rochelle continue to hold her.  “You don’t have to take any requests from students – you’re still vice-principal.  Everything else in The Program applies.  Bet they enjoy seeing you in the faculty men’s room.”

Buffy glares at Dawn and at the ones holding her.  At Dawn’s nod, they let go.  Buffy covers her boobs with one arm and her crotch with the other hand.

“Wanna go for two weeks?” asks Dawn.  “You know about the covering.”

Buffy dashes to the side of the stage behind the flag stand and wraps the school flag around herself.  The flag vaporizes.  She dashes backstage and wraps one of the side curtains around herself.  The curtain vaporizes all the way to the high stage ceiling.

“You bitches!” Buffy curses all on the stage, then runs out through the stage door.

“Remember, we have to get out the placement test schedules after lunch,” Dawn calls after her.

Buffy runs to her townhouse, only being seen by the few teachers in their classrooms along the way.  She runs right into Spike’s arms.  He’s excited by the sight of her, but that’s nothing new.  He doesn’t start doing anything until Buffy stops crying.  He doesn’t finish doing what he starts until lunchtime.  Ahh, that vampire stamina.  It sure makes Buffy forget her problem for a while.

Melissa’s training room is large and empty.  There’s plenty of room to stand around and still see what’s being demonstrated.  It still gets too full for her first class.  She chases away quite a few.  She arranges that there’s a mix of naked, dressed, boys and girls in this sessions and likely in the next.

She looks over the class and selects ‘demonstrators’ for her first point.  There are three naked guys holding hands with naked girls.  She knows these are juniors and they’ve been dating these girls since last year.  Between the three of them, they’ll be great for what Melissa wants to show.  She calls the three couples aside and asks them to participate.  She wants to show how boys react and the girls will do what they react to.  She emphasizes that it’s up to them whether these requests are reasonable.  She made the good guess that these couples are at least comfortable with each other.  All three agree.

She brings the boys to the center of one wall of the room.  The rest of the crowd spread out, sit on the floor and get good views.  That makes the boys nervous, as it should.  Their cocks remain soft.  Melissa gets right to her first point.  One boy hangs long.  Some of the girls around the room are even getting a bit wet lusting after him.  The next boy is medium-sized and the third is stubby short.  Melissa goes into detail about their genital anatomy emphasizing the relative sizes.  The boys get even more nervous and stay soft.

“Before I committed to Toby, I had a lot of guys.  A LOT!  I found out about them.  It looks like there’s a lot of difference here, but just watch.  Girls, c’mere.  You know what they like.  Get ‘em hard,” Melissa instructs.

The boys perch on stools like the ones that will be in the classrooms for relief.  Their girlfriends come forward.  They’re nervous, too.  Not with their boyfriends, but with being on display.  They make the best of it, force smiles, put boys hands to their breasts and start with the kisses.  They stroke their boyfriends, two with their hands and one with her tongue.

“It can help to pretend you’re alone, guys, close your eyes,” Melissa coaches.

It takes some stroking, but the boys get hard.  Melissa interrupts before any of them erupts.  She checks out the resulting hardons and goes back into her explanation.  The long one got stiff and full, but only an inch longer as it hardened.  The stubby grew a lot.  It’s as big around and within an inch of that length.  The medium size one grew proportionally less, but it still grew a lot.  It ended up the longest, but not the biggest around.  Melissa makes the point that besides size not mattering, there isn’t that much difference when it counts.

Melissa asks one of the girls who excited her boy with hand strokes about the technique.  The girl tells what she did, but in a shy, nervous voice.  Her thoughts aren’t coherent.  This is a class it would be hard to give even with preparation.  Melissa apologizes for surprising her, then asks the other girl to add any thing.  That one just shakes her head.  Melissa goes through things about holding and rubbing the penis.  She tells of the thrill she gets to see it grow in her hand.  She keeps Toby so busy that he’s rarely ready before she is.  She also tells about the sensitive part – the head – and that gentle, fast stroking usually works best there.

She tells them about what to expect as the boy gets more excited and then reaches climax.  She describes pre-cum as a lubricant that also has a reproductive function to change the chemistry in the urinary tract.  ‘Eww’ from many lets her know that she got too clinical.  She asks the two girls who used their hands to finish exciting their boyfriends that way.  She gives them wads of tissues.  Any relief around the school also includes the cleaning up, so it’s better to catch the load.  These girls know their boyfriends alright.  They give good hand jobs and good demonstrations.

The remaining couple are a pair of her pets.  Jack’s from Texas where everything grows bigger.  Candace is a potential from Alabama.  Candy is the usual nickname for Candace.  This potential is so good at tennis that she got the name Ace.  Melissa knows these two are fine with oral sex.  She asks Ace to describe what she did.  That voice is strong and confident, but the girl isn’t prepared.  Her thoughts are jumbled and the Southern US accent isn’t heard well around the room.  Melissa thanks her and apologizes again for having her give a talk without preparation.  She goes over again things like keeping teeth out of the way, avoiding gagging, the value of a quick tongue and the way some hand action on the abdomen, ass and balls can help.

She has Ace finish the blowjob.  She points out the rhythmic pace, broken only a little with tongue licks.  She points out that swallowing is a great way to avoid cleanup work.  The girl smiles at that, but it’s almost the wrong time. Jack’s grunts warn her and she just gets her mouth closed before he shoots his load down her throat.

Vaginal intercourse is the next topic.  Melissa asks for a boy volunteer.  She warns that the whole group will be watching and she’ll ask him to talk about it.

Two boys raise their hands.  They’re both naked but only one is hard.  Melissa recognizes him as a junior, but thought he was too shy for something like this.  She picks him because he’s a lot more ready.  His hardon curves up to his navel.  She invites him to come forward and asks him who he is and how he feels about screwing in front of this group.

“I’m Chris.  I never thought this brainy school would have us doing The Program, let alone this way.  I like it already.  It’s turns me on to see all these girls,” he answers.  “I’ll try, but what if I’m not ready for sex?”

Melissa looks surprised at him and has to stifle an expletive.  This kid couldn’t be more ready, at least physically.  She warns him that she’ll ask him to talk about it.

She also asks for a volunteer among the girls.  Several hands go up, mostly older naked girls.  She’d expect that type would feel most comfortable doing it here.  She’s not surprised that any of them would be lusting after this hunk.  One does stand out.  She’s dressed in a bikini top and knee-length shorts.  Melissa guesses there’s a bikini bottom under the shorts.  The dressed girl was standing where she could stare at this guy.  Now she steps forward eagerly and waves her raised hand.

Melissa quizzes her, “Who are you and are you’re sure you want to do this?  You’re not even naked.”

“I’m Kris.  I filled out the volunteer form and went naked around the house to show Dad I’m ready to do it.  He signed this morning.  I was ready for that Program, but really like the way you changed it.  I’ll be naked a lot.  Just haven’t been to my locker yet,” the girl answers while her hands are busy stripping.  “I’ve wanted him since seventh grade, and now ... Oh, MY!”

Chris’ eyes get wide as he sees the bikini top come off to reveal the curves of her breasts and sharp nipples.  His cock throbs when the falling shorts reveal a string thong bottom.  You gotta know she turned so he could see her tight ass.  A drop of pre-cum glistens on him when that last little bit is revealed between her legs.

“Where have you been hiding that?” he asks.

“Saving it for the man of my dreams,” she answers.

Melissa rolls her eyes.  Two virgins, same name.  She has her work cut out for her. 

“Are you sure you want him in you, Kris?” Melissa asks

“Absolutely!  The doctor set it up so I won’t bleed or hurt much,” she answers.

“Well, okay,”  Melissa says.

She coaches them through some kissing ... with tongue ... and not just on the mouth.  Melissa talks about places that make a girl tingle and coaches them through it.  Kris’ ears, neck, shoulders and breasts get kisses and licks.  Melissa tells about handling breasts and nipples as these two demonstrate.  The hugging and kissing go on until Melissa interrupts.  They step apart breathing heavily and leaving a trail of pre-cum where his cock strokes across her just above the navel.

The demonstrators get to talk about what the other is doing and how they like it.  The answers have more to do with how they like each other.  Melissa points out how important emotions are in sexual response.  Lust works.  Like is better.  Love is great.

Melissa does an anatomy lesson about the vulva and the sensitive places around it.  She has no trouble with the words, concepts or telling them how to find for themselves what they enjoy.

Chris stands beside Kris kissing her neck and working over her pussy and inner thigh in front, ass and legs in back.  She’s already wet and this is quite a strong assault on her inexperienced senses.  She gets weak and leans against him.  That’s Melissa’s clue that it’s working.  She flops a mat on the floor.

The couple lays on the mat then does a little more kissing and stroking.  His fingers find their way between her labia and under her hood.  She gasps and moans.

“Do me ... now ... please,” she begs.

He complies without Melissa’s instruction.  The Slayer just stands back and smiles.  Kris winces a little at the first entry, then gets back to moaning and gasping.  They get one good orgasm.  He’s too horny to hold it longer, but it’s enough.  After a minute, the delighted ex-virgins recover, hug and kiss on the mat.  Melissa gives them some damp and dry towels for the clean-up.

Melissa points out that the build-up and foreplay take some learning.  The penetration and thrusts are what come naturally.  After a few seconds of silence, she points out the double meaning of ‘come.’  The students give a nervous laugh, then genuinely applaud the couple as they stand up.  Kris gathers her clothes and they walk back into the group.

Some of the ones near them notice Kris’ enflamed pussy and how slowly she walks.  They ask to see it more closely.  She looks nervous and unsure.  Melissa points out that this is the kind of request Program participants can expect.  It reflects genuine curiosity this time, but the one asking usually just wants a thrill.  She tells Kris to use her own judgment and only let them look if she really wants to.

“They’re gonna see.  I’m thinking of staying naked until someone makes me wear clothes.  You guys can take a good close look, but please don’t touch.  It’s really sensitive,” Kris says as she stands with her feet farther apart and her hands on her hips.

Melissa notices Dawn just inside the door leaning against the wall with her arms folded under her breasts.  That doesn’t hide her hard nipples.  Even Dawn’s surprised how all the naked flesh and watching the lessons is affecting her.  The Slayers exchange smiles that are more than sisterly and Melissa goes where that leads her.

“One more lesson.  This can be used in foreplay or to bring a girl all the way, and it can be done by anyone,” Melissa starts.

Two naked girls holding hands at the back of the room must be very sharp.  They figure this must be the part they’re here for.  They’re among the girls Kennedy assigned to share a bathroom.  Enough talking around it.  They’re lesbians, openly interested in each other and think they’re ready to be lovers.

“Teach us, please ... about the licking,” asks one as they step forward.

Melissa coaches them through the same preliminaries as the last couple and has them both do things to each other.  They both get the benefits and give the moans.  Melissa goes into where to put the licking and how to use fingers to stimulate clit and ass at the same time.  After some exploration the first one to do the licking finds her targets.  Her lucky partner comes to a screaming climax.

This session’s time is up.  Melissa chases all the students out except the lesbian couple on the mat.  Reciprocity is vital in their relationship.  She’ll be sure she has good demonstrators for the pussy-eating in her next class.  They’ll get to switch places for the first lesson.

While this and the next four sessions are going on, students line up to get their required clothes.  Eight stations are set up, each for a range of sizes of either bras or supporters.  Each student approaches a table where a helper sits at a computer.  The laptops are wirelessly networked and have the entire student roster in a shared database.  The student gives name and size.  The helper shouts the size to others at the row of boxes who toss the garments to the student.  The helper enters the size in the database and time is entered automatically.  The students get ten minutes to try on their stuff and get any size adjustment.

Several girls take the topless step right there.  They strip off their swimsuits, try the bras, then wear neither.  Other girls and the boys who aren’t already naked use the locker rooms.

Rochelle discovers one problem with the arrangement.  She hears “28A” from the small-sized end of the girls’ tables.  This was planned for and three bra-like garments soon fly from a box.

“Shush, Dammit!” whispers the petite, flat chested, straight hipped freshman girl, blushing brightly.

Rochelle tries to make her feel more comfortable.  The teacher’s voluptuous beauty doesn’t help, but her words do.

“You probably hear a lot about late developing.  Well it’s true.  I got into school early and developed late.  There were a couple of lean years for me before the boys noticed.  I did fine.  You’ll do fine,” Rochelle tries to assure her.  “See me when you need new bras because your size changes.  Until then, it might be hard to accept yourself with all this jiggly stuff around you.  That’s what you’ll have to do.  Accept yourself as you are.”

“Can I skip being bare in school?  I’ll be sexier for the boys next year.  I’ll do it twice then,” the girl tries to plead.

“It’s not about being sexy for the boys.  It’s about knowing and accepting yourself, however sexy you feel.  It’s also about accepting and respecting each other.  Sometimes it takes a week naked in school for that to sink in.  You’ll have your turn this year.  Until then, see how the naked kids act and how they’re treated.  It’ll be easy,” Rochelle says.

A stream of students descends on the mall as soon as it opens.  Most of them are girls.  Guys just don’t get the same thing out of shopping.  Oh, there are some boys there and they’re naked.  They’re being dragged along by their girlfriends.  We have a word for that, don’t we?  Oh, yes – pussywhipped.  I’m sure the girls value the boys qualities and attention, especially the quality and attention of the stiff cocks they’re showing off.

Jewelry departments and shops get a lot of attention, but there’s one that easily gets the most - the beauty shop.  When it gets booked two weeks ahead, receptionist calls the other shops around town and gets them to take some of the load.  The whole chain is booked for the next three weeks, especially the window chairs.

Several topless girls are heard to say, “It’s so embarrassing.  I really need my pubes trimmed before I can show anything.”

The girls spend a lot of time looking over the patterns they can get.  Some of them are grossly blatant for the highschoolers.  Of course, some of the girls make up patterns of their own that are worse.

Spike and Buffy shower together, then Buffy tries to get dressed.  She knows Linda’s mystical power as a witch.  She tries to put on an expendable, holey pair of panties.  She pulls them up over her knees, but they vaporize before they get up to her ass.  She sighs.  She truly has no choice.  She’s completely unable to wear clothes.  She was going to enjoy the barbecue, but now she’ll eat in with Spike.  Over lunch, he thinks about what he saw.

“Why did those knickers get so high before they bloody vanished?” he asks.  “Try some socks.”

The socks stay on and so do shoes.  Buffy marvels at the precision of Linda’s spell.  That’s what they’ve meant about that witch’s power combined with Key power.  Ugh.  Her own damned sister – it’s all Dawn’s doing.  The spell sticks right to the letter of The Program.  It probably expires in exactly a week, too.  She’s only a little less pissed now.

Just like she has no choice with the clothes, she has no choice with the job.  The vice-principal has to be in charge of scheduling those tests.  The students need the schedules today because the tests start in the morning.  She has to go to the office.  She dashes out of her place and through the empty cafeteria.  The driveway in front of the dorm isn’t empty.  The first group for foot races is setting up there.  She gets everyone’s attention as she dashes through them on her way between buildings.

“Lookin’ great, Miss Summers,” and “Who needs clothes when you look like that,” are particularly embarrassing coming from students she had to discipline last year.  They aren’t disrespectful.  In fact those comments are complimentary.  They only mean that they notice her nakedness.  Who wouldn’t notice Buffy?

Game Day events are set up around the campus.  The students are divided into that many groups and the groups into teams that will compete.  They’re split with about equal membership from townies and residents, boys and girls, nude and dressed.  By the law of averages, the nude makeup of all the teams stay about even as more students gain courage from the examples of those around them.  The international student’s influence on the townies is most effective. 

Townies do come up with one problem.  The mall parking lot has a great view of the school lawn.  Lots of people come out to gawk as word gets around.  The bolder students wave.  Townies get nervous and the nudity gets harder when they see someone they recognize.  The international students help them get over it.  Several are even encouraged to go over and talk to the ones they know.  That’s a big step and makes it a lot easier for those students.

Virtually all the students turn out.  There are only a few absent – no more than any other school day.  The student body is made up of well motivated teens.  The entrance exam and nature of potential Slayers see to that.

There’s also a big parent turn-out.  Hey, there’s free food and lots of it all day.  Parents see the nudity and how the ‘examples’ act.  They’re already favorable for the most part.  The campus tours are also impressive.  The couples guiding the tours are naked seniors – mostly Slayers’ pets.  They’re open about the bareness and businesslike about the tour.  More than a few dads are left with bulges in their pants.  More than a few moms wind up carrying their tops.  A lot of those moms are promised a great afternoon while the kids play around the school.  More than a few students are given a word of approval from the parents.  They make a round trip to their lockers.  Their clothes make a one way trip.

There are two events in the pool, several silly ones around the lawn, two academic events inside the gym and the ever popular tug of war.  Those don’t have clothing restriction.  The volleyball game, foot races, flag football and soccer events require the support Melissa told them about.  The sports and PE coaches check.  Those events are clustered together in the rotation, so it’s convenient.

Bikini tops and halters don’t cut it for the girls.  The girls wearing some kind of top don’t mind much changing to the school bras.  Those bras feel great.  It’s easy to forget that the mesh is so loose.  Coach Wyvern is the woman who coaches varsity Volleyball.  She really supports the support rules.  Students rotate into this cluster of events through Volleyball.  Its doubly embarrassing to the boys when the naked woman checks into their loose, long swimsuits and pronounces the built-in liner insufficient.

All too often she has to say, “Nice cock.  Wanna keep it nice?  Get your jock!”

Like with the girls’ bras, these jocks feel great in front.  They’re a little breezy in back, though.  Many of the swimsuits go back on over them.  Some boys do find that they can take the step of baring their backside as long as their front feels like it’s covered.

Melissa and Toby are in charge of the tug-of-war.  Every year, the janitor digs a pit at the lowest, wettest part of the lawn, then puts loose dirt and a lot of water in it.  It’s muddy.  Ya know how the smallest players are put at the front of a tug-of-war line.  On a coed team, that means girls.  The first three or four girls on the losing side and sometimes some on the winning side fall into that pit.

Melissa’s job is to help the girls out of the mud and wash them off with the hose.  Of course that water runs back into the hole and keeps it muddy.  Do you know how slippery mud is?  How it weighs down anything it gets into?  How hard Melissa set the blast from that hose?  How many bikini bottoms ‘accidentally’ fall off?  Most of the girls notice right away, give Melissa a dirty look and put their suits back on.  Some take a few steps away before they notice the extra breeziness.  Most of them are smiling when they come back to get the missing garments.

One girl starts topless.  She doesn’t like winding up in the mud, but then who does?  Melissa gives her the treatment and sure enough her bikini bottom gets left behind when she’s clean.  She just walks away.  Melissa calls after her and points out what’s missing.

“Aww, Mrs. Greyfus,” the girl whines.  “I only wore that ‘cause Mom said I have to.”

The girl picks up the stringy little swatch and starts to put it on.  Melissa grabs it from her and throws it in the mud pit.

“Too bad we couldn’t find your suit in there.  I’ll apologize and get you another one if I have to,” Melissa says with a smile.

The girl bounces off to join her boyfriend with an even bigger smile.

Between tugs Kathleen, a sophomore potential in a complete bikini, asks Toby, “The boys get all excited when they’re naked.  Is that why you’re wearing that?  To keep from getting hard?”

Toby checks out his Speedo and answers, “I’m only wearing this because the law says I have to.  Clothes don’t keep a man or boy from getting up and this tight thing wouldn’t hide it.  I’m not hard because that gorgeous creature keeps me so satisfied.”

The girl looks at Melissa, then puts mischief in her smile and her hands on her hips, “All fucked out, huh?”

She doesn’t know much about Slayers, does she?  Melissa hears, sneaks up behind the little tease and pushes her into the mud pit.  Kathleen comes up sputtering and covered from head to toe.

“Oops, sorry,” says Melissa as she reaches for Kathleen’s hand.

Kathleen tries to get Melissa to join her in the mud.  She leans back and adds her own pull to Melissa’s.  Even with the Slayer leaning forward, it’s Kathleen who flies.  She doesn’t really know as much as she should about Slayers.

She lands in the cleanup area  and Melissa starts with the hose.  The Slayer takes great delight in washing the pants right off Kathleen.

“Hey!” the potential protests.  “Okay, I’m a potty mouth and a wise ass.  Sorry, Mrs Greyfus.  I’m not ready to run around naked yet.  Can I put this back on?”

“After the swimming events.  I really hope you like how it feels going without,” Melissa says sincerely.

The bare Dawn, some women of the faculty in various states of dress and the reluctantly naked Buffy work on scheduling the requested placement tests.  Those tests let students from other parts of the world match their curriculum here to their own countries’ and let any students skip courses they don’t really need.  The deadline for requests was lunch time today.  The reasonable requests that will be filled are now in, so the scheduling gets done.  Willow’s computer program gives no student more than two tests a day and still gets them all into Tuesday and Wednesday.  The first day of regular classes will be Thursday.

That’s all finished and the schedules are printed by two o’clock.  Buffy hesitates to leave the office.  Dawn and the teachers shrug and go to watch the games.

Dawn calls over her shoulder, “Since you’re staying, Buf, you can post the schedule and hand copies to the parents waiting out front.  We promised them about now.”

“Sure,” agrees Buffy, momentarily not thinking.

Dawn and the teachers run through the hall and gym before it hits Buffy.  There’s no one else to do this.  She has no choice.  She’s the vice-principal.  It’s her job.

Yuko and Kenji are on their way to the dorm before their next turn as guides.  They’re a couple of Dawn’s pets.  On their way by the gym door, they have to dodge Dawn and the teachers running out jiggling, giggling and looking over their shoulders.

“Hi, Dawn.  No running.  Oh, this isn’t a hall.  Nevermind,” greets Kenji.

“Who are you tricking now, Miss Summers or Melissa?” asks Yuko.

“Buffy,” answers Dawn.  “Hey, if you see her while your touring, Kenji, flaunt that hardon.  It’s gorgeous.  And Yuko, snuggle up against him.  She’ll get so horny.”

“Eee!” Yuko gives a short squeal.  “It is so cute and sexy, isn’t it?  We were gonna do some ‘relief’ before the tour.”

“We can skip it for you,” offers Kenji.

“Oh.  Has it been a while?” asks Dawn.  “I don’t want you hurting.”

“You took some hurt for me when you stepped in the way of that demon.  This’ll be nothing,” Kenji accepts the reasonable request.

“No, no,” Yuko interjects.  “Relief is for the benefit of us both and it does not require the strength of a Slayer to restore him.  Be assured, Dawn.  Kenji will be at his most beautiful when we encounter the vice principal.”

The teens scamper to the dorm and one of the teachers asks, “They call you and Melissa by first names.  Is that part of this Program?”

“Oh, no,” answers Dawn.  “Respectful address is still part of life in the school.  A dozen students traveled with us on the Slaying tour.  That gets pretty personal - risking our lives and then partying together.  Those twelve can call me anything they want.”

Yuko is a potential Slayer from Japan.  Kenji is third-generation American from Los Angeles.  They met at the school two years ago and have been behaving like they live together ever since.  This time they scamper to her room and leap on the bed.  Kenji’s hand is at her pussy immediately.

“Oh, wow, Yuko.  You do need relief.  You’re totally ... mmm” he can’t finish talking because her tongue gets into his mouth.

He gets lined up on her.  They fit together perfectly.  The short girl is about five feet (1.5m) tall.  His mouth is right at hers when his long thin cock is thrust fully into her.  That’s where it soon is and they exchange tongues again.  Yuko feels the long thrusts glide over her labia and over that spot in her vagina.  Kenji’s lean, hard abs glide over her mound, too.  Each thrust of that long cock sends a tingling wave through her.  She reacts by rising to meet him.  She rolls her hips forward to press her clitoral hood against him.  Each thrust brings a moan or squeal from her that is stifled by Kenji’s kiss.

His long strokes work on Kenji, too.  Her warm, wet, tight vagina caresses his head and shaft all the way in and all the way out.  He starts slowly and stops at the end of each thrust to kiss her.  She soon wants more.  He knows to speed up when her legs go around his ass and pull him into her faster and faster.

She only has to give him a little of that clue.  He speeds up the thrusting and hits her pussy harder with each one.  That sends her over into a long climax.  The waves of tingling spread over her whole body.  She moans and rolls her head back and forth.

Kenji is so ready this time that he has an early climax, too.  He feels the tingling almost painfully on the head of his penis.  More tingling spreads from its base over his whole body.  He stiffens and rams himself into her when he comes.  He keeps thrusting lightly after his ejaculation until she finishes.  He’s nearly down by then.

They check the clock – there’s no time for cuddling.  They dash through a quick shower and dry each other without any more fooling around.  Yuko will wait until they get to the tour desk before she starts working on her promise to Dawn.

Kenji and Yuko get to the tour desk where Tink and Ansilah have just finished guiding a tour.  Will and Sherrie, a couple of Melissa’s pets, are there taking reservations for families and visitors to go on the scheduled tours.  They’re trying to have eight to 12 people in each one.  These friends grew even closer over the summer and are quite comfortable around each other.  Well, they’re comfortable with the nakedness, but Ansilah is teasing the hell out of Tink’s cock.  She’s backed up against him and mercilessly rubbing her firm round bubble butt against it.  Their next stop is just down the hall, but Sherrie’s part of the tease.  She feigns having trouble finding when they’re scheduled to guide again.

A tall, handsome, buff and very strong guy arrives from the faculty wing.  He’s wearing a Speedo that covers but doesn’t hide what’s in it.

“Hi, Shane,” Kenji is first with the greeting again.

“Oh, yeah.  The workday’s done in London,” observes Will.

“Oh, yes.  The Watcher’s Academy has had it’s first day of the term,” Shane answers with the accent that reminds everyone just how British he is.  “Would any of you know right off where I might locate Dawn?”

Did that sound like he’s a ponce?  Don’t let it fool you for a minute.  This guy tears vampire’s heads off with his bare hands.

“Five minutes ago she was between the gym and football field,” Yuko tells him.  “Have fun ... umm ... at the games.”

“Right.  Thank you,” Shane responds.  Then after he checks out Ansilah’s hip action, “Enjoy yourselves, but do clean up whatever drips.”

“Tell us the bloody schedule when we get back!” Tink exclaims.

He snatches up Ansilah and throws her over his shoulder. 

“Eeep!” squeals Ansilah, followed by a stream of giggles.

Her ass and pussy make a great sight at eye level.  Her feet kick in the air.  Tink turns and carries her off toward their rooms.  Ansilah beams a bright smile back at the others, pumps her fist and mouths, “Yes!”

Tink carries Ansilah into his room, closes the door and sets the girl on her feet.  Ansilah takes a step toward the bed, but Tink pulls her back.  He leans her gently against the wall and puts his hand between her legs.  As he suspected, she’s more than ready.  He squats a little to line his cock up at the right level and gently presses it into her.  It goes in a little way before he pulls it out again.  He thrusts in to spread her juices around, especially on his cock.

He gets all the way in after a few of those and starts putting some energy into the fucking.  He slams into her.  Her firm bubble butt absorbs his thrust and rolls against the wall a little as she’s lifted almost off her feet.  The way that pinches her clit has her screaming immediately.  It’s all reflex for her after that.  Her hands are on his shoulders.  Her fingers dig in and she pulls him tighter against her.

He gets the feel of her big breasts and hard nipples against him.  The grip of her vagina rubs and sucks at his cock.  The feel of her firm, strong body with those big breasts and tight vagina are exactly what he was after.  The teasing just got him ready to climax that much more quickly.  That’s just what he did.

Ansilah is oblivious.  She was at least as ready as Tink.  She’s screaming in her light way all through his intense climax and keeps it up until his cock falls out of her.  She shudders as her orgasm ends and she just stands there against the wall gasping and clinging to him.

That was good lay for both of them, if you can use the term ‘lay’ against the wall like that.  They both know that there’s another one just as good about fifteen minutes away.  They finally get to the bed and lie there cuddling.

Shane leaves the dorm lobby as the first family for the tour arrives.  It’s a freshman girl burdened by both her parents.  She’s wearing a string bikini and stumbling as she pulls up loose cover-up shorts.

Her dad is saying, “You have so many questions about this place, where things are and what activities you could be in.  Here’s your chance for the answers.”

“I would so rather be in that pool.  Did you see Mikey?  He got so cute over the sum ... Oh!” the girl whines until she sees the naked foursome at the table.

The dad is dressed in shorts and T-shirt.  The mom’s in shorts, too, but she’s carrying her shirt already.  He has a loving arm around her waist and has trouble putting his attention anywhere else.  Will greets them after checking the schedule to remind himself of their name.  They’re the Perez family and the girl is Eva.

Buffy goes out the front door of the school and is immediately met by a herd of students and their parents.  Many, but not all, of the students are less than fully dressed.  Some of the mothers are nude or topless, too.  The fathers are too old for that under the new law, but their pants sure bulge at the sight of Buffy.

“Thanks, Miss Summers.  Hey, lookin’ good,” comments one boy as he gets the schedule.

“Get back in your clothes.  You’re too much competition,” declares one nude girl.

“Don’t I wish,” thinks Buffy as she rolls her eyes at that.

“It’s a shame to hide those, Miss Summers.  Throw away all those old, loose blouses,” a boy reveals the extent of his fashion sense.

“How much do you work out?  You’re in great shape,” says an admiring mom.

Buffy takes in a little of what they’re saying – all complimentary.  She starts to understand  the supportive environment and she’s grateful that nobody’s groping at her.  She’s still embarrassed that these people she knows see her naked and the strangers on the busy street gawk and honk.

A boy gets out of a car near the parking lot end of the drive.  He needs help from the woman with him and stands on crutches.  Well, he wobbles on the crutches because he’s not used to them yet.

“Thanks, Mom.  I really needed to stretch,” he says.

“You’re unlucky to break that leg this morning, but lucky you don’t have to put clothes on over the cast.  I had to split my shorts all the way up one side and wear no undies.  It embarrassed me when everyone saw one side of my hip,” his mom says.  “Aren’t you glad you practiced going naked?”

“At home and in the yard, I’d get it up in no time even without Nina there.  With this load of meds, I just dangle,” he complains.

“Well, it’s a very attractive dangle, dear,” his mother assures.

Just then a naked girl walks around the corner of the school with a man who’s obviously her father.

“The schedules are supposed to be here, Dad.  Just get one and go,” the girl demands.

The man rolls his eyes,  “If I do, Nina, you’re coming with me.  I know you’ve been practicing Program stuff with George.  I trust him, but he’s not here and he’s the only student from this school we’ve met since we moved in.”

Nina takes her turn with the eye rolling until her eyes fall on the injured boy, “George!  What happened?”

“Skateboarding.  Too much run, not enough ramp.”

“No, no.  I heard about the leg,” Nina still sounds worried.  “Your cock!  It’s down.  I like the way the cast pushes your balls forward, but I haven’t seen it soft like that except after we ... oops!”

The parents look at each other and both roll eyes.

The mom says, “We know what you’ve been practicing.  It’s okay.  You make each other happy without pressure or regrets.”

“Our ‘requests’ have been kinda wild,” George tries to prepare the parents.

“Oooh.  Even that thought didn’t get you hard.  Poor baby.  I’ll have to take care of you,” Nina concludes.

She kneels in front of him, strokes his balls with her hand and takes his cock in her mouth.  It’s useless.  He’s too drugged.  The hardon would be just as unlikely without the painkillers – the fresh break would hurt too much.  The blowjob attempt is actually worse than useless.  It gets Buffy’s attention.

“Hey!  Not here.  And ewww, not in front of me anywhere.  This side of the school is so open to the street.  We don’t want any complaints from people driving by.  You were behind a car this time, so just a warning.  Next time, I don’t know.  Maybe we’ll make you wear clothes for a week,” Buffy scolds.

Nina and George both apologize.  Buffy buys Nina’s excuse about her compassion.  She also gives them test schedules.

“Ooh,” says Nina.  “English composition is first tomorrow.  I really wanna test out of that.  You might get past pre-calculus in the afternoon, George.”

George just moans and turns to get into the car.  Nina watches his ass as he struggles to stay on the crutches.

“Poor baby,” Nina sighs.  “C’mon, Dad.  Let’s go home.  I have serious studying to do.  See you after the math test, George.  All of you.  Oh, ‘cept what’s in that cast.”

George just moans again.  Nina bounces around him and gives him a perky kiss.  He moans again as all her perky stuff bounces away to the parking lot.

Kiersten and Jorgen are another couple of Dawn’s pets.  She’s from Norway and he’s the son of the current watcher for Scandinavia.  They’re between tours and have joined a game group.  Their group is switching stations from soccer to the tug-of-war.  They’re carrying their supportive clothes already.  Their route takes them along the hidden side of the football stands just as Shane finds Dawn.

He walks up, embraces and kisses her.  Dawn stands very close to him and does something to his swimsuit.  Untie the drawstring, maybe?  She makes a motion like pushing something down a little then pulling something up.  She reaches up around his neck and lifts herself straight off the ground.  Shane helps by holding her ass.  Together they lower her onto his cock.  She’s so wet from watching all the teens that there’s no need for any preliminaries.  The Slayer and her lover roll their hips into and away from each other.  When they come together, Dawn feels the pinch in just the right place.  That makes her moan, squeal and then give little screams.  Dawn holds herself up with reflexive Slayer power.  Her natural strength is swept away by her passion.  Dawn dangles freely down his front when Shane’s hands move to stroke her ass and legs.  That’s always been a hot button for Dawn.  She’s ecstatic and starts to sound like it.  Her hands dig in to Shane’s shoulders and neck.

Other students walk well clear of the busy lovers, but the familiar couple walk close by and hear the “Bloody dragon!” pet name from Shane.

Kiersten says in Norwegian, “Hold it in, Dawn.  You know how your screams carry.”

That’s enough for Dawn.  She goes over the edge and lets the world know it.  The passionate screams and writhing ass become the center of attention for everyone in sight.  It takes quite a few minutes, but the lovers’ passion runs its course.  Did any of the people count how many times Dawn came?  Some tried, but lost count.  They all applaud when she finally climbs down off Shane.  She has the presence of mind to stand in front of him while he adjusts his Speedo.

She’s surprised at the number of people who watched her.  She’s glad that so many are students and they’re not grossed out.  She smiles at them all and snuggles with Shane.

“That’s how it can be when you’re really in love,”  she says to them all.

Buffy’s finished with handing out and posting the test schedules.  She leaves copies out in the lobby for anyone who needs them.  She tries to walk indoors to get back to the dorm.  That mostly works.  All the fun is outside at the games.  Then there’s the tour.  Buffy runs right into Kenji, Yuko and the three families with them.  The students on the tour are all freshmen: Becky, Eva and Mikey.  Yes, that Mikey.  Eva doesn’t miss the pool at all.  They’re all wearing loose shorts and the girls have on bikini tops.  Of the parents, only Eva’s mom is topless.

Buffy’s stuck – caught with her pants down, literally.  She tries to stand and talk naturally when she greets the parents.  They all know her and she tries hard to take in their names.  The main problem isn’t her own nakedness, it’s her view of Kenji.  He’s had enough recovery time and stimulation from Yuko.  He’s doing what Dawn asked, facing to give her a good view and leaning back a little to call attention to his hardon.  Yuko stands to one side of him.  She takes his hand and holds it so his arm is between her breasts and against her stomach.  She guides his hand to her crotch. Yuko’s nipples pop out hard.  The one breast pressed into Kenji’s back stimulates him and his hard cock throbs.  The breast Buffy can see stimulates her so that her pussy starts to seep.  She’s wishing someone would give her that reaction.

The freshmen detect an adult conversation brewing and they’re likely to be the subjects.

“Ooh, our lockers are right over there.  Let’s check ‘em out,” suggests Becky.

As they leave, the parents hear, “Miss Summers sure is cute for a grown-up,” from Mikey.  The bulges in the dad’s shorts show their agreement with that.

“Yeah, but my mom’s rack is bigger,” comes from Becky.

“Your rack is bigger, Becky,” comes from Eva.

The parents and Buffy are embarrassed by that.  One of Buffy’s problems with the Program is that comparisons like that are sure to be made.  Now she’s the one dealing with being compared.

“It’s nice to see so much of you ... to see so much support for the students, Miss Summers,” says Mikey’s dad.

Buffy resigns herself to her naked fate.  She’ll be the center of attention anywhere around the school.  It’s her job.  She has no choice.

“Is that how it will be next semester?  A magic spell to strip them?” Becky’s dad asks Buffy.

It takes Buffy a second to get her mind off the exhibition by Kenji and Yuko and get past the impact of the student’s comparison.  She also notes how the story of her ‘selection’ has got around to the parents.

“Um.  Oh.  No, we’ll just tell them to put their clothes in their locker, then check rosters in each class.  They’ll be able to wear anything outside school.  That spell’s just my sister’s way of not having to follow me around,” Buffy answers.

Becky comes back from her locker.  She took the suggestion from the assembly and inspiration from the tour guides.  She left her top and shorts there.  Her parents gasp.  Becky has a trim figure covered by a thick layer of soft skin.  The big soft bouncy breasts go great with that body type.  Her bikini bottom is modest in front and has a half-seat in back.  What’s new to the parents is Becky showing off.  She was so shy and self-conscious when she developed first in her class in grade school and led all the other girls through junior high.

“Becky!  Showing off?” her mom asks with an encouraging smile.

“Sure.  You saw, mom.  It’s not just an empty saying this time: Everybody’s doing it.” Becky answers.  “Hey, Miss Summers?  When’s the deadline for volunteering for The Program?”

Buffy rolls her eyes and answers, “No deadline.  Bring the form to the office whenever.  You really volunteered already when the top came off.”

These kids want in just when she wants out.

“It is so reasonable,” comes down the hall from Eva.

“No it’s not, and I get to decide,” comes from Mikey as he walks back to the adults.

They both left clothes in their lockers, too – all of them.  Eva’s all eyes.  Mikey’s all blushes.

“Isn’t he dreamy?  Isn’t it great, so straight and hard?” Eva gushes.  “But he won’t let me touch it or even hug to feel it between us.”

Mikey’s hardon grew from the sight of all the naked students and of these two girls stripping in front of him.  Now it softens and falls when he gets nervous.  It’s the first time he’s been naked outside his home or a locker room full of boys.  Now here’s the girl he likes making his nakedness the center of attention in front of parents.  At least she’s saying good things.

“He’s right,” advises Buffy.  “He can decide what requests he’s ready for.”

“Now you cool off, young lady,” scolds her mom with that cliché.  “You’re volunteered for the Program and we’re letting you wear as little as you want,  but slow down with the sexy stuff.  At this rate you’ll lose your virginity too ...”

”Damn right, and with him,” Eva interrupts her shocked mom.

“Hey!  I undressed for me – to learn to be comfortable and to start today when so many others are doing it.  Now, I don’t know,” Mikey says.  “I like you Eva ... umm ... dream about you.  If you don’t piss me off before I’m ready, we’ll be together, but ...”

“Okay, okay.  I get it,” Eva does the interrupting again.  “We’ll only do stuff we’re ready for.  Just so you know, this means I like you ... a lot.”

Eva punches Mikey’s arm hard enough to form a bruise by tomorrow.

Buffy leaves the beaming, proud parents to reinforce their teens’ attitudes and the whole group to get on with their tour.  She looks back after they all take a few steps.  Kenji and Yuko are holding hands as they walk.  That reminds Buffy just how horny they made her.  Eva follows their example again and tries to take Mikey’s hand.  He lets her.  Eva’s look goes from their hands to his cock as it resumes its upright stance.

Dawn and Shane walk directly to Melissa at the tug-of-war pit after their public tryst.

“Hose me off,” requests Dawn.

“Hmm.  Is that reasonable?” muses Melissa.  “Ooh, you look like it was as good as it sounded.”

“You heard?” asks Dawn

“The whole city heard,” Melissa teases her.

“Yeah.  He does that to me,” Dawn says snuggling close to Shane.  “Showed ‘em that nice spot behind the football stands.”

Melissa sets the hose to a gentle spray and cleans Dawn off.  Shane keeps holding her close, so he gets cooled off, too.

The games are finished by late afternoon, just in time for the students to get to the flood of food cooked for supper.  Lots of parents were sticking around for this, too.  What?  You don’t think they were there for anything else, do you?  Well, the games did make great entertainment.

When the food and the last of the tours is over, the parents who stayed take their teens home.  Parents who left return for pick-ups.  Residents and townies wait around the pool and in the football stands.

A nude girl sees a familiar car pull into the parking lot.  That’s where and now is when she’s suppose to meet her mom for the ride home.  She grabs the hand of the boy next to her, leads him out of the stands and drags him to the car.  The mom sees them coming, takes a second to get over the shock and gets out of the car.

“Jennifer Lynn Patrick! Where on God’s Earth are your clothes?” the mom screams.

“In my locker, Mom,” is Jen’s calm reply.

“And him!  Where are his clothes?” Mom asks urgently.

“In his room.  Mom, this is Pyotr.  That means Peter in Russian.  That’s where he’s from.  We’re already working on each other’s languages,” Jen introduces.

“So he got you naked?” Mom asks

Pyotr was just starting to get used to being naked in front of others and was just recovering from screwing in his room with Jen.  The mom’s tone keeps him from getting blatantly hard.

“Other way around.  Most of us wore clothes this morning.  Teachers and even Miss Summers are naked.  We’ve all been putting clothes in lockers all day.  Pyotr didn’t wanna strip.  I took him to his room.  When we finished, he decided he didn’t need clothes,” Jen says proudly, giving Pyotr a squeeze.

“Let go of him.  He’s naked!” Mom cries.

“So am I, Mom.  Anyway, we already did it.  His bed is a hell of a lot more cozy than the cars I had to do it in last year,” Jen breaks news to her mom.

“You ... last year ...” Mom’s less angry, but starting to cry.

“Yes, Mom.  I’ve been screwing since the first week of school last year.  Don’t worry.  I’m careful,” Jen and her mom both calm down.

“Now, Jen.  You were just supposed to find out about how they’re changing the Program.  The news coverage tells about so much we don’t like.  We didn’t want you to jump in with both feet,” says Mom.

“It’s more like I jumped out ... of the clothes,” Jen’s enthusiasm starts to show.  “They fixed EVERYTHING, at least this semester.  Not mandatory, lots of kids doing it at the same time, girls get relief and the one who has to do it decides if a request is reasonable.  We keep clothes in our lockers – no locked box.

“We cheerleaders asked to perform naked.  They said we could, but gave us a better idea.  They gave us all some great see-through bras for sports.  Boys got see-through jocks.  We tried them on and decided to wear them instead of nothing.

“Hey, talk to Pyotr while I get my things.”

Jen dashes to her locker leaving her Mom with the naked boy.  He’s still too nervous to look dangerous.  They have a good, if forced, conversation about Russia and Pyotr’s impressions of the US.  Pyotr relaxes.

Jen comes running back with her hair and boobs flying, carrying her clothes.  She runs up beside Pyotr, snuggles against him and kisses him on the cheek.  The sight of the pretty girl and the warmth of the kiss thrill Pyotr all the way to his penis, or do the thrills start there?  In any case he finally gets hard.

Jen’s Mom gasps, struggles to recover and forces herself to say, “Jen, shall we invite Pyotr for supper some time this week?  When does it fit the schedule?”

“My track is set, so I don’t have placement tests – only cheerleading practice in the afternoons.  Pyotr has serious studying to do.  His tests are over Wednesday and classes start Thursday.  Wednesday night’s best.  How ‘bout it, Pyotr?”

“That would be wonderful,” Pyotr answers with his thick accent.  “Should I wear clothes?”

“Be flexible.  Wear them and see what it’s like at our house by then,” Mom seems to be getting ideas of her own.

Jen gives Pyotr a hug with a deep, lingering kiss, then they part.  Pyotr returns to the pool for more swimming.  Jen gets into the car holding a school bra to her breast to show what she meant by ‘see-through’.

A lot of things play into how Game Day goes.  Most important are the changes that make the Program easier to accept.  The examples are great, too.  The international students, the tour guides, the Slayers and their helpers all look like they’re having such fun.  The nakedness plays into the sexual part of the fun and it’s so natural for them that it doesn’t get in the way of other fun.

Words of assent from parents and more than a few topless moms help a lot.  Parents get word about the program changes from their excited teens.  Of course, the teens put a spin on it to support their own preferences.  The parents are sometimes surprised by the teens’ choices, but usually they’re happy that the choices are informed and reasoned.  This is, after all, an unusually liberal parent’s group and a very smart bunch of students.

How do we measure the success?  Dawn and Melissa go by the number of students showing some skin that used to be illegal.  Thirty percent of the 500 students did that at the start of the assembly.  Most of them were international students who prepared over the weekend.  By game time, the nakedness grew to over half because of the townies who only needed to hear Melissa at the assembly.  By the end of game day, three quarters of the students were showing something.  A lot of those are showing through newly issued school colors, but they’re still showing.

Dawn’s almost giddy with one day’s results, “Okay, there’s a little coercion with the threat for next semester and ‘selecting’ Buffy was a good convincer, but they’re all reacting well.  This might actually work.  Only a hundred or so to go.  Just think, Melissa, no Program.  No forcing the students into anything humiliating.”

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