Gander Sauce Stories

If you're here because you persecute authors and censor literature for career advancement purposes then keep out of my pages. These are my pages and you're trespassing.

Annette (Mg,oral)

Suspended from work, a man reading in the park is interrupted by a young girl with a question to ask.

Bad Day at the Beach (MMg,oral,anal,mc,inc)

A man with mind control powers has a frustrating day at the beach searching for a sex partner.

Buy One, Get One Free (Mf,Mg,cons,inc)

Lonely widower, mercenary babysitter, jealous daughter.

Clem (Mg,cons,oral,anal,pros)

A chance encounter while walking my neighbours' dog.

Dani's Unstructured Learning (MMMMM/g,kidnap,bond,spank,anal,WS,rape,tort)

Dani bunks off school intending to watch tennis.

First Time(M/g,pros,anal,pedo,cons)

A young girl notices a man watching her in the supermarket.

For Bruce (Mg,blackmail,oral,spank,best)

A mall security guard keeps his German Shepherd content.

Gizmo (Mg,rape)

What little girl could resist trying to save a sack of kittens from drowning?

Great-grandpappy's Ring (Mf,mc,rape,preg?)

On his death-bed my Great-grandpappy gave me his geatest treasure.

Jenny's Ice-Cream (M+g,rape)

For little Jenny, buying an ice-cream was a bad decision.

Mall Brat (Mg,mc,Mdom,anal)

A girl running amok at the mall gets her comeuppance.

Me, Aged 7 (bb,bf,cons,infant,inc)

A young boy's sexual awakening.

Out of the Woods (Mmg,rape,bond,spank,anal,ws)

A couple of kids making out presents an opportunity for an evil hiker.

School Run (Mg,rape)

A traffic accident in the town centre is the catalyst for an evil plan.

Sharon's Afternoon (g-solo,Mg,scat,mc,rape,anal)

An afternoon at the park takes an unexpected turn for one little girl.

Social Club Rape (Mg,rape)

Family night at the social club and one little girl's provocative clothing proves irresistible.

The Solution (Fb,MF,cons)

An ingenious psychotherapist solves a woman's problem.

Two Bottles of Vodka (Mg,oral,anal,reluc)

For only two bottles of vodka I get to live out my darkest fantasy!

The Yllanysant Sheep Festival (sheep+g,nc)

A Welsh village gives thanks for its sheep.

The Bargain

A short series about a discerning collector of young girls with a difference.


A short series about a creature who needs to feed off the juices of young girls.

House Sitting for the Mortons

A prospective serial about a professional house-sitter encountering some interesting neighbours.

Lunch Hour

A short series about the experiences of the narrator with preteen schoolgirl prostitutes.

Tribulations of a Father

A set of vignettes with humorous intent.