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School Run (Mg, rape)

by Gander Sauce

As usual, I listened to the local radio station while eating my breakfast. Today the music was interrupted by a traffic announcement - there had been a pile-up in the centre of town and long delays were likely. I rushed to my computer and accessed the local authority's traffic webcams. All the major routes in and out of town were at a standstill, with long tailbacks. Excellent! My cock grew hard at the prospect of what I hoped would come.

I telephoned work and told them I wouldn't be in today because I was sick, and that I was taking something to help me sleep before going back to bed. Then I changed into my chauffeur's uniform, complete with peaked cap and dark glasses.

I had stolen the limo three months earlier thanks to a considerate driver leaving it with the keys in the ignition and the engine running, since when it had been stashed in my lock-up. Although it would still be listed as missing, the police would long since have written it off as broken for parts or shipped overseas, and would no longer be actively searching for it

I drove the limo to the target address, and parked outside with the engine running, parping the horn twice. A short while later a cute little schoolgirl opened the front door then turned and kissed her mummy on the cheek as she had done countless times before. Shutting the door, she trotted down the pathway towards the limo, her white knee-length socks flashing like beacons, her blonde pony-tail flicking from side to side.

Suddenly she stopped with a frown on her face. I wound down the window and called out to her: "Taxi to Ridgewell School?"

"You're not my usual driver," she observed suspiciously.

"There's been an accident in town. Everyone's running late. I was hauled off the airport run for this."

Satisfied, the girl clambered into the back on the limo and slammed the door.

"Fasten your seatbelt please," I insisted.

The girl buckled up and we moved off. After about five minutes, the girl realised we were not taking her usual route to school. The frown returned to her face.

"We're going the wrong way," she observed, leaning forward to make her point.

"I'm taking the long way round to avoid the accident in the town centre."

Relieved again, the girl sat back in her seat. However after about fifteen minutes, it dawned on her that we were a very long way from her school and still going the wrong way.

"Hey, where are you taking me," she protested.

"I'm taking you to meet a close friend of mine, Mr Spunky. You're going to have a lot of fun together."

The girl unbuckled her seatbelt and tried the door handle.

"Stop the car, let me out!"

Child proof locks! The girl screamed, and started beating the windows, either to break them or to attract attention. However she could make no impression on the toughened, heavily-tinted glass, and as we were now in open country there was very little chance of anyone spotting her struggles. The girl turned her attention to the glass partition separating us, but that too was toughened glass and beyond her capabilities to break. Sealed in, she eventually sat back in her seat to await her fate.

I reached the dirt track and turned onto it. It was narrow and rutted and I wasn't sure the limo could cope with it, but despite grinding the bottom a few times we made it to my intended destination, the middle of the woods, where the track petered out into nothingness.

I put on a pair of latex gloves and got out of the limo. I opened the passenger door, expecting the girl to be cowering in a corner, but instead she flew at me, a shrieking bundle of raking claws and kicking feet. I stayed out of range of her initial attack, then landed a solid punch on her diaphragm. She made a 'woof' sound as the air was expelled from her lungs, then she fell to the ground, sobbing and gasping for air.

"You're not going to try that again, are you?" I asked.

The fight knocked out of her, the girl nodded submissively.

I removed her trainers and socks, using one of the socks to tie her wrists in front of her. Then I tore off two pieces of sticky tape from a reel I had brought with me and taped her eyelids shut. I had a nondescript average appearance and I was pretty certain a hysterical child wouldn't be able to identify me unless she saw me again, but the less she saw of me the less the chance of my being caught,

I picked up the girl and carried her in my arms into the woods. She was slender, probably slightly below average weight for her age - I guessed about 90 pounds. We were going up a slight incline and it wasn't long before she started to feel very heavy in my arms and I was glad we didn't have far to go. I paused once to bend down and pick up a stout twig I spotted lying on the ground.

There was a clearing in the woods containing a small hillock with a hollow in the middle, giving complete privacy from prying eyes unless an observer were standing on the rim. In a remote spot like this I was certain we wouldn't be disturbed as this was a long way from dog- walking territory and there were no bridle paths or long-distance footpaths through the woods.

I laid the girl on the grass in the hollow, massaging my aching arms.

"Go ahead and scream," I invited, "Nobody can hear you."

Not wanting to risk another punch, the girl lay sobbing where I had put her. Now the sun was high in the sky, the hollow was quite a sun- trap, and it was pleasantly warm. I untied the girl's wrists and undressed her. First the maroon school blazer then the maroon sweater, then the grey pleated skirt.

"No!" the girl protested weakly when I slid her skirt down her nicely tanned legs and over her feet, revealing her slim thighs and virginal white panties. Next I unbuttoned her white blouse and pulled it off her arms. The girl had a trim body, again nicely tanned apart from pale triangles and strap marks where she had worn a tiny bikini top. Her chest was completely flat, but her areolae had started to darken and expand and her nipples were quite pronounced - she was just starting puberty.

Finally I slipped my thumbs inside the waistband of her panties, and tugged them down her legs.

"No, not that, please, I'll do anything," the girl begged.

"Do you want me to hit you again?" I threatened.

"No," the girl sobbed, and I tugged the panties the rest of the way down her legs and over her feet. I retied the girl's wrists using her sock and stretched her arms out above her head. I forced the stout twig into the ground at a steep angle, pinning the sock and wrists to the ground. Then I sat back to enjoy the sight of the stretched-out little nymphet.

She was slim, nicely tanned apart from where she had been wearing a miniscule bikini. Her slightly rounded belly had an angry red mark above it - I must have punched her harder than I intended. Her slender limbs were covered with honey-coloured downy hairs. In contrast she had the cutest little bald cunny, pink showing inside the puffy, immature lips, like a rosebud waiting to unfurl.

She looked so small and cute and helpless, lying there stretched out with her tear-stained face, that I wished I could keep her, train her to be my personal fuck toy, fuck her bareback and perhaps get her pregnant. I imagined her slender figure with a grotesquely swollen belly containing our child. But I knew that if I tried it, I'd be lucky to escape capture for even 24 hours, and the rest of my life would be in prison, trying to evade abuse from other inmates.

Almost reluctantly I got undressed. My balls were aching because my cock had been continuously hard and leaking precum for an hour. The sun shining on my outstretched cock felt pleasantly warm, and I took a few moments to enjoy the sensation. I had kept myself shaved in preparation for this day, as I didn't want to leave behind any pubic hairs. Reluctantly I took a pre-lubricated condom from my pocket, tore it out of its wrapper, and wound it down my cock.

"Hey mister, are you still there?" the girl asked anxiously. It had been several minutes since I had made any noise, and the girl was hoping I had gone away and left her all alone. I watched her silently, wondering what she might do.

"Mister?" she asked again.

Not getting any reply, she bent her knees, parted her legs slightly and dug her heels into the ground, intending to push her body towards the twig and free her hands. That gave me my first sight of the cutest little pink puckered rosebud. My already straining cock seemed to grow a couple of inches at the sight.

I grasped the girl's ankles and pulled her legs straight and wide apart. The girl screamed, more with surprise than terror.

"Scream all you want, nobody will hear you," I dared her.

As the girl stopped screaming, I knelt between her legs, keeping the apart with my knees. I reached forward and pinched her prominent nipples.

"Ouch, that hurts. Leave me alone you bastard."

I considered punching her again, but decided not to unless she tried physical resistance. I rubbed the length of her slit with a couple of fingers. The girl whimpered, not from pleasure but at the thought of what was likely to follow. I tested her cunny with a finger and found her intact hymen. The girl shivered, despite the warmth of the sun.

Lowering myself between the girl's silky smooth thighs, I positioned the head of my cock and the entrance to her cunny.

"Say hello to Mr Spunky!"

"No please, I beg you. I'm a virgin," the girl beseeched.

I thrust hard, rupturing the girl's hymen and penetrating her to about half my length. The girl screamed in pain and tried to buck me off. After her efforts were exhausted, I pulled out almost all the way then thrust in again hard. This time the girl only grunted, as her tiny body was jolted by my thrust. I was in a little further this time, but the tightness of her unaroused virginal cunny meant that I wasn't going to be able to insert my entire length.

I fucked the girl hard. She was so hot and tight that I soon felt my groin tighten and my balls began to churn. Suddenly I could hold back no longer and I jetted half a dozen ropes of thick creamy sperm into the bubble at the end of the condom.

When I was spent, I slid my cock out of the girl's cunny. The condom was streaked with blood. The girl was sobbing again, tears streaming from under her taped eyelids and trickling down her cheeks.

"I've made a woman of you," I told her, "I bet you're now one up on your friends."

"Bastard," she hissed back.

To my surprise, perhaps at the thought of the private pink puckered portal I had merely glimpsed earlier, my cock stayed hard. I seized the girl's slender hips and flipped her clockwise onto her stomach, the sock binding her wrists twisting round the stick. The angle was wrong so I made a pile of the girl's blazer, skirt and pullover and used it as a bolster under her hips. I pulled the girl's legs apart again and exposed the pretty pink rosebud, now at just the right angle.

I knelt behind the girl and pushed the head of my cock against her sphincter.

"No, not there," she protested weakly, clenching her muscles tight.

I couldn't force my cock past her clenched sphincter, so I forced in first one thumb, then the other, and prised her apart, pushing the head of my cock between my thumbs and into the tight opening.

"It hurts," the girl whimpered.

I thrust hard. There was still some lubrication left on the condom, plus the girl's virginal blood, so it was still quite slick and my cock started to slide in. At first the girl tried to fight me by clenching her sphincter, then as my full width forced it wide open and helpless, she tried to push out with her internal muscles, which only made my ingress easier. I felt the girl cramp at my volume and lose control of her internal muscles, but I still continued to force my way in.

"Please, no more, I can't take it," the girl begged, but her plea fell on deaf ears. Suddenly I felt something hot and wet gushing against my thighs as the girl lost control of her bladder. One last push and I was in all the way, pressing my belly against her cool, boyish buttocks. She had taken my full length up her back passage, something she had been unable to do with her cunny.

I pulled out to about half way, then thrust back in. Having cum so recently, I was going to last a lot longer this time, and I must have been fucking her fiery tight back passage for quarter of an hour before I felt the familiar tightening of the groin and churning balls. At last I achieved release, firing a second batch of cum into the end of the condom deep in the girl's bowels.

This time I lost my erection, and as I slid my flaccid cock out of the girl's back passage I had to hold the shit-streaked condom to stop it coming off inside her. I took the condom off and tied the end to make sure the contents didn't seep out. Tired, I lay back in the sun watching the girl, propped up on her pee-soaked school uniform, flexing the muscles of her raw and weeping anal sphincter as she regained control over it.

Looking at the undeveloped body of the cute little nymphet somehow restored life to my cock. I had ejaculated too early the first time, and I wanted to make amends. I pumped my cock with my fist until it was fully erect again, then extracted a second pre-lubricated condom from its wrapper and rolled it down my cock.

I decided to take the girl from behind again. Kneeling behind her, I postioned the head of my cock at the entrance to her cunny. When she realised I had come back for more, she screamed. I thrust in hard, penetrating her just over half way.

"You bastard, you're going to prison for this," the girl gritted at me.

"Probably," I agreed with her, thrusting in again, jolting her slender frame.

The sun was high in the sky now. I could feel myself sweating as I pumped away in the girl's cunny. I could feel my strength ebbing, despite my determination to use the little preteen nymphet one more time.

My mind wandered. By now the real taxi driver would have reached the girl's house and they would have started trying to work out what had happened. The taxi company would have checked whether another vehicle had been sent, the school would have been contacted to see whether the girl had arrived, and the police would have been informed of the abduction. Suddenly I realised that if the police used a helicopter to search for us, although the limo was hidden beneath trees, we were out in the open and visible from the air.

The sudden anxiety gave me renewed vigour, and I started thrusting into the girl as though my life depended on it. As my arousal grew towards firing another batch of life-giving seed into the girl, each painful jolt seemed to suck life out of the girl. She stopped protesting and just lay there as though catatonic, desperately wishing her ordeal to be over.

At last I felt my groin start to tighten and my balls begin to boil. Thrusting in especially hard, the girl finally stretched enough to accommodate my full length. Three disappointing spurts later and I was spent, my balls completely drained. The bum fuck had been the clear winner.

I slid my cock out of the girl's cunny, and removed and tied off the condom again. There was fresh blood smeared on the outside so she'd been bleeding again, but not enough to signify permanent damage.

I lifted the girl off her pee-soaked school uniform, and flipped her clockwise again so that she was lying on her back, the sock binding her wrists now tightly knotted round the stout stick. I got dressed, then collected all the girl's clothes plus the two used condoms. The girl just lay there inertly, as though in a coma.

I left the girl staked there and made my way back to the limo. I guessed it would be a while before she considered trying to free herself, and the way I surprised her last time she thought I'd gone would add to her uncertainty. She should be able to free herself without too much difficulty by sliding the sock binding her wrists up and over the stick, but then she'd have the dilemma of trying to get help with just a single sock as her only item of clothing.

I put the clothes and condoms on the back seat of the limo, together with the chauffeur's cap and jacket I had been wearing. I retrieved a gas can from the trunk and sprinkled the contents over the insides of the limo. Then I threw a lighted match into the limo. For the second time that day I heard a non-canine 'woof', as the limo caught light. A waste of a good vehicle, but the alternatives were too risky - I daren't leave any DNA behind.

I jogged off into the woods, using the sun to navigate since there weren't any footpaths in the direction I was going. With any luck, I would be most of the way home before anyone saw me. Suddenly there was a loud boom as the limo's gas tank exploded, and a plume of black smoke became visible over the tops of the trees.

The story made the evening news - a schoolgirl had been abducted and raped and police were appealing for witnesses.


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