House Sitting for the Mortons

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House Sitting for the Mortons Part 1 (Mg, oral, rom, cons, f/dog, best)

by Gander Sauce

Although it was exactly where described, Dean didn't see the 'Wiltshere & Partners' board identifying the office until the last moment. He braked sharply, then swung his van into the single 'Customer Parking' space. He debated what to do with Buckie, his golden labrador. He should only be in the office for a few minutes but it was a hot day. He decided not to take any risks, so he clipped on Buckie's lead and took the dog into the office with him.

Inside the office door was a reception area guarded by a sour-faced middle-aged woman sitting at a large desk.

"No dogs," she said, as soon as she saw Buckie.

"Okay, I'll tie him up outside. Could you let Mr. Wiltshere know I'm here please?"

"He's busy at the moment. What's your name?"

"Dean Reynolds."

Dean went outside and looked for somewhere to tie Buckie. The only place he could find with some shade was the van itself, so Dean tied Buckie to the rear bumper and re-entered the building. The receptionist totally ignored him, so he took a seat and waited.

Long minute followed long minute. After half an hour Dean lost patience. He didn't mind waiting but his dog was outside and it was hot. He fished a piece of paper out of his pocket containing emergency numbers, and Jack Wiltshere's private cell phone number was on it. He dialled the number and it was answered almost immediately.

"Jack Wiltshere."

"Hi Mr. Wiltshere, it's Dean Reynolds. I've been waiting in your reception for half an hour now. I don't mind, but I'll be billing the time to the Mortons."

Shock showed on the receptionist's face and she belatedly made to pick up her phone but a door burst open and an imposing man emerged.

"Dean Reynolds?" he asked.

"Yes sir."

"I'm Jack Wiltshere. I'm terribly sorry you were kept waiting. Please come in."

Dean followed the man into his office.

"Can I get you anything to drink?"

"I'm okay thanks, but I'd like some water for my dog if that's possible."

"Of course."

Jack Wiltshere looked around in vain for a suitable container until he spotted a large ashtray.

"Will this do?" he asked. "It's never been used because of the smoking ban, it's only here in case a client forgets and lights up."

"That will be fine."

There was a water machine in the office, and Jack poured some until the ashtray was half full, then he handed it to Dean. Dean took the ashtray out to his van where Buckie was waiting patiently, panting in the heat. He put the ashtray down and Buckie started lapping it up greedily.

Dean returned to the office, where Jack was waiting for him.

"Well, you're very young for a house-sitter but you come with excellent references, although it's unusual for a house-sitter to bring a dog with them. I understand you've agree with the Mortons which part of the estate the dog is allowed access to."

"Yes sir, it won't be a problem."

Jack opened a key safe on the office wall and took out a bunch of keys, all with labels attached. "These are the keys, now if you'll just sign the book to say you've got them, that will be everything."

While Dean signed the book, Jack retrieved some sheets of paper from a filing cabinet and glanced through them, reading selected snippets aloud.

"Hmmm, the Mortons say you can eat or drink anything you find in the house provided you re-order, except for the contents of the wine cellar. You're allowed visitors, but they're not allowed to stay overnight without my prior approval. Absolutely no parties. You can use any household facilities except the computer and the cars. There's a weekly laundry collection on Monday, returning Thursday, which you can use free of charge for your own clothes if you wish. And the Mortons have ordered supplies to be delivered the Friday before they return which you are to put into appropriate storage, but otherwise you're not allowed to touch. On Thursday's there's a gardener and garbage collection. That seems to be about all. Do you have any questions?"

"No sir, that seems pretty straightforward."

"In that case, here are the detailed instructions and directions on how to find the place and here are the keys. The Morton house is now yours for four weeks."

Dean took the sheets of paper and the keys, and shook Jack's proffered hand.

"Thank you sir."

Dean stashed the paraphernalia in the van's glove compartment then went to let Buckie in. The dog was lying in the shade of the van, having drunk a good half of the water. Dean tipped away the remainder then took the ashtray back in. He heard raised voices from the office.

"He doesn't look old enough to be a house-sitter and he had a dog with him. I thought he was a time-waster."

"That's unacceptable. My Reynolds has excellent references and you kept him waiting. I'll pay you till the end of the week but I want you to clear your desk and leave immediately."

Dean placed the ashtray on the receptionist's desk and beat a hasty retreat. He already knew the way to the Morton house so he started his van and pulled out, not wanting to see the receptionist again.

The drive to the property was uneventful. Choked-up town-centre traffic, then onto the motorway for a couple of junctions. A-roads for several miles passing through several small, picturesque villages, then in the middle of one such village, a left turn onto a winding country lane. Dean could feel the tension of the events in the office drain out of him at the sight of the trees and bushes lining the roadside and the fresh country air flooding the van. At last he saw a pair of large iron gates set back from the road, and he realised he had found the place. He searched the bunch of keys and found one labelled 'Main Gate'. He unlocked and opened the gate, drove in, then locked the gate again behind him. He drove up the drive to the front of the house, then had a first measured look at where he would be living for the next four weeks. The house was large, a white rectangular building with two main floors and a substantial cellar underneath. Counting the windows, there were probably at least ten rooms on each level.

Dean decided against going straight into the house. It was a lovely, hot day and Buckie needed a run. The Mortons had assured him that the grounds were surrounded by brick walls and dog-proof, so he could let his dog roam freely without any problems. He let Buckie out of the van.

"Off you go, boy. Have a good nose round," he urged.

Buckie ran off, zig-zagging between interesting scents on the way. Dean decided to walk round the house and check all was secure. He walked round the side and everything seemed okay, but when he reached the rear he gasped.

There was a large swimming pool, linked to the house via a large patio which stretched the length of the house and more. Asleep on a sun lounger and facing away from him was a plump, golden-tanned woman. Her tits were naked and free of white patches, but Dean couldn't see whether she was completely nude from the swell of her belly. Dean wondered how best to approach the problem of finding out what she was doing here. He made his way towards the swimming pool, circumnavigating the sun lounger.

The unexpected female was completely nude. Her pussy was bald, plump- lipped and immature. Dean rapidly revised her age downwards. The girl was a little ball of puppy fat, and yet she wore it well. There wasn't a stretch mark or ounce of flab to be seen. Her stout arms and thighs had made her look much older than her true age, which Dean now guessed to be about ten. The girl's pretty, round face was topped with intricately braided blonde hair. The tits were probably a manifestation of puppy fat rather than a sign of sexual maturity, although they looked nicer than some adult women's tits he had seen. Dean found himself wondering what it would be like to fondle those immature tits and suckle the nipples and his cock grew hard.

Suddenly Buckie appeared from nowhere, leapt onto the sun lounger and started lapping the girl's pussy. The girl awoke with a shriek and pushed Buckie away, then realising Buckie was a dog, she started stroking him and scratching behind his ears. She made no attempt no cover herself.

"I'm sorry, he can smell the salt," Dean apologised.

Then simultaneously they both asked, "Who are you?"

"I'm Dean Reynolds. I'll be house-sitting for the next four weeks. And you're stroking my best friend, Buckie."

"You don't look like a house-sitter."

"You're welcome to ring the agent and check. But I have these." Dean took the bunch of labelled keys from his pocket and jangled them.

"I'm Carisma Fallon-Thompson," said the girl, obviously convinced by the keys. "I live next door. The Mortons said I could come round and use the pool any time."

"How did you get in? The gate was locked."

"I climbed over the wall. My sister and I have been doing it for years."

"Is anyone here to keep an eye on you? Swimming pools can be dangerous."

"Father lives and works in the city during the week, mother's always out doing charidee work." Carisma deliberately pronounced 'charidee' in a funny accent and rolled her eyes. "My sister's supposed to look after me but she's out shopping or with her boyfriend. She doesn't care what I do provided I keep out of her way."

Carisma carefully scrutinised Dean, noting the tent in his trousers.

"You think I'm sexy, don't you?"

"NO!" "Yes." "Maybe." There didn't seem to be a right answer. Carisma giggled at his discomfort, an attractive sound like trickling water.

Buckie decided he was now friends with the human who was stroking him and started licking Carisma's pussy again. Dean expected her to push him away again, but instead she opened her legs wide to give him better access. Carisma gave the attractive giggle again. Dean's eyes nearly popped out of his head.

"Do you want me to take care of that?" asked Carisma, pointing at Dean's hard-on.

"What?" He was completely off-balance.

"I'm not going to let you fuck me because I'm a virgin and I'm saving myself, but I could give you a blow-job."

Dean didn't know how to respond to this sexually precocious cherub, so he said the first thing that came into his mind.

"How would you know about blow-jobs?"

"My sister's a bitch to her boyfriend and likes to keep him waiting before dates. I think he's nice and he's so kind and patient. I feel sorry for him so I give him a blow-job while he's waiting. If my sister were home I'd bring her round, I bet she'd fuck you because you're quite cute."

"How old is your sister?"

"Portia's sixteen. I think she's going to marry her boyfriend because they've been going out since forever."

"How old are you?"

"Nine." Going on twenty nine. "And how old are you?"

"Twenty something."

Carisma snorted. "Drama queen. And isn't it about time you took your clothes off?"


"For the past ten minutes you've been staring at me so hard that you've gone bug-eyed. Don't you think I should get to look at you in return?"

"Do you think that's appropriate? What if someone sees us?"

Carisma snorted again. "We're alone in the middle of nowhere behind locked gates. Who are you expecting to see us?"

Dean succumbed to the logic, and somewhat bashfully shed his clothes.

"I was right, you have got a nice cock," pronounced Carisma.

"What?" blurted Dean, knocked off balance again.

"It's a bit on the thin side but a nice length, just like you. Can I feel it?"

All of Dean's instincts screamed 'no' but he was acting on autopilot. "I guess so."

"Come over here then. Or am I supposed to do all the work."

Dean walked over to the sun lounger. Carisma reached out and grabbed his cock and pulled it to her lips, forcing Dean to crouch over her.

"Hey, that's not fair," Dean protested, but Carisma couldn't answer because her lips were now sealed around the head of Dean's cock.

Carisma took him deep into her hot little mouth and Dean knew that he was lost. Yielding to temptation he placed a hand on one of Carisma's golden tits. When she didn't protest he squeezed. The tit was firm and supple, just like a normal tit. Dean rolled the nipple between his finger and thumb, and Carisma moaned around his cock as her nipple grew hard. She was licking the underside of his shaft now, and Dean realised he wasn't going to last long. He placed his other hand on Carisma's other tit trapping the nipple between two fingers, and kneaded it vigorously. The combined sensations of Buckie licking her pussy and Dean kneading her tits were too much for Carisma, and she shuddered with orgasm. Continuing to suck Dean's cock, she cupped his balls in a chubby little hand and gently squeezed them.

"I'm cumming," warned Dean, then his cock jerked wildly as he filled Carisma's mouth with cum.

Somehow Carisma swallowed all the cum, then she licked the head of Dean's cock clean.

"Yummy, your cum tastes nicer than Portia's boyfriend's."

Carisma released Dean's cock and it started slowly losing its hardness.

"Portia reckons I should learn to deep throat. Her boyfriend's cock is too thick but I reckon yours would be perfect."

Dean's cock returned to full hardness and throbbed at the prospect, but he had been thoroughly drained of cum.

Carisma reached down and pushed Buckie away from her glistening pussy.

"That's enough, I'm a bit sensitive down there right now. I'm going for a swim."

Buckie got the message and wandered off to resume his exploration of the grounds. Carisma rose from the sun lounger and took a running jump into the pool.

"Come on in, the water's lovely," she shouted.

Having such a high proportion of flesh, she floated readily. 'What the heck,' thought Dean, and he jumped in too. The two frolicked in the pool, swimming, diving, splashing each other, oblivious to the near twenty-year gap in their ages. Carisma 'accidentally' brushed against Dean's cock a few times and Dean 'accidentally' brushed against Carisma's tits, then he decided to risk cupping her pussy with his hand. Carisma went bolt still and very quietly and firmly said, "No." Dean got the message and released her, embarrassed at having been put in his place by the child.

That put a damper on proceedings and Dean soon decided he'd had enough and climbed out of the pool, shortly followed by Carisma.

Dean stopped, realising he was wet all over so he couldn't put his clothes on, but his towels were in his van round the front of the house. There would doubtless be towels in the house he could use but he didn't want to drip on the carpets while he searched for them.

"What's wrong?" asked Carisma, noticing Dean was pensive.

"I haven't got a towel," he observed, "and neither have you."

"Don't need one. Get a sun lounger out of the shed and lie in the sun. It will soon dry you."

Dean looked where Carisma pointed - there was a large brick outhouse round the side of the house he hadn't visited yet, with a door opening onto the patio he was standing on. Investigating further he found the door was unlocked. The outhouse contained gardening equipment, a barbecue, chairs, tables and sun loungers. Retrieving a sun lounger, Dean set it up a couple of yards from the one which Carisma was lying on again.

In the sun's heat Dean felt drowsy, and dozed off. He dreamed he was fucking the chubby cherub. Slowly at first, then quickening his pace until he was pistoning hard in and out of her tight little cunt. Suddenly he felt himself cumming.

Dean woke with a start and found he really was cumming, Carisma's mouth enveloped the head of his cock and her fist was pumping his shaft. Carisma didn't spill a drop as Dean's cum jetted into her mouth. After she had sucked him dry then licked him clean, Carisma released Dean's shrinking cock. "Does that make up for me not letting you touch me in the pool?" said Carisma, realising that Dean had woken sometime during the blowjob.

"You didn't have to do that. I'm a jerk for trying to go too far without your permission."

"It's alright. I enjoy drinking your cum."

Dean noticed it was well into the afternoon.

"What do you normally do for lunch?" he asked.

"I nip over the wall and make myself a 'sarnie'."

"I'm hungry. Shall we investigate what the Mortons have left me?"

"Are you allowed to eat their food?"

"Yes, as long as I order replacements."

Dean got dressed; despite feeling the smart clothes he had worn to the office were inappropriate here. Carisma retrieved blue cotton dungarees and sandals from underneath her sun lounger. Dean noticed she didn't have any underwear with her. The dungarees were quite a loose fit so her tits and pussy didn't flaunt themselves, but he got a teasing flash of her tits looking from the side or from above.

The main entrance to the house was at the front and there were patio doors leading onto the patio at the rear, but there was also a side entrance into a large utility room and then the kitchen. The utility room and kitchen were uncarpeted and he had agreed with the Mortons that Buckie should be restricted to them when the dog was in the house.

"Buckie!" he called, and the dog came running.

Dean opened the utility room door using the large bunch of labelled keys, and the trio went in. Dean was pleased to see the Mortons had a fan oven, and even more pleased to find frozen pizza in the freezer.

"Do you like pizza?" he asked Carisma.

"Oooh yes, I love it." The girl's ample build was evidence she liked her food.

The pizza cooked very quickly in the fan oven but it gave Dean time to unpack Buckie's food and basket from the van. By the time Buckie had been provided with food in his usual dishes and fresh water in the utility room, the pizza was done. Despite being at least a foot taller than his lunch guest, Carisma matched his appetite slice for slice as they demolished the pizza. Dean guessed that Carisma weighed more than himself. Afterwards they followed it down with ice-cream and coffee.

After lunch Carisma went back outside, where she shrugged off the dungarees and lay down on her sun lounger again. Dean finished unpacking the van and changed into t-shirt and shorts then went out to join her. Carisma was asleep so he lay down on his own sun lounger and dozed off.

For the second time that day Dean woke up from a dream about fucking Carisma to find that she was giving him a blow-job. He gently stroked her blonde braids as he squirted into her mouth.

"Three times in one day. You're going to suck me to death at this rate!"

"You've got nice-tasting cum. Besides, it's time for me to go and that was my way of saying goodbye."

Dean reached forward and gave the girl a quick peck on the cheek.

"It's been a pleasure. Will you be coming round tomorrow?"

"Perhaps. It depends what I feel like."

While Carisma was putting on her dungarees and trainers, Buckie appeared and was rewarded by some lavish attention as she scratched his ears and stroked him. Buckie followed Carisma as she made her way behind the shed, then a few seconds later she appeared on top of the wall. She waved, then disappeared over the other side. On investigating, Dean found a very stout trellis firmly fixed to the wall. He carefully tested it with his weight, then when he found it could bear him easily, he climbed up and looked over. Carisma's home was a smaller copy of the Mortons' house, without the expansive grounds and the swimming pool. He watched Carisma as she approached the house then go inside. There didn't seem to be anyone else around.

After dinner Dean chose a bedroom to sleep in - the Mortons had instructed him not to use their own bedroom or those of their children, even though the 'children' had grown up and lived away. That only left a choice of three. He found one with a good view of the back garden and the pool and it had the benefit of en-suite facilities too, so it was ideal. The rest of the evening he spent watching videos. The Mortons had quite a collection of classic feature films, although most of them weren't to Dean's taste. And there was absolutely no adult material amongst them; although Dean wasn't sure he wanted to find any, having cum three times already that day.

The next day it was grey and overcast. Dean occasionally looked out to see if Carisma had come, but she evidently had other things to do. Dean let Buckie out into the garden, then thoroughly explored the house. Thoroughly included snooping through the drawers in the Mortons' bedroom, and finding their small supply of sex toys - a vibrator and a couple of dildoes.

In the room which opened out onto the patio, Dean found a cupboard filled with clean towels. He wished he'd known about it the day before.

Although the day seemed to drag on for eternity, punctuated by short, sharp showers of rain, at last it was over. Although it was what Dean had been accustomed to, for some reason it felt empty without the presence of the precocious young cherub.

The following day the sun returned and so did Charisma, appearing mid-morning. Dean saw her from his bedroom window and watched as she fetched a sun-lounger from the garden shed and lay down to sunbathe. Today she kept her dungarees on. Dean took a couple of colas from the fridge and went out to join her. Yesterday's rain had sucked away the heat and it was still a little cool.

"Hi, fancy a drink?"

Carisma held out a hand as if to take the proffered can, but sold him a dummy and grabbed Deans' cock through his shorts. With a can in each hand, there wasn't much Dean could do as Carisma pulled him towards her, fished his now-hard cock from his shorts, and began sucking. She was so expert that it wasn't long before the sucking, the meatus-licking, and the shaft-pumping brought him to orgasm, jetting his cum into Carisma's eagerly awaiting mouth.

"Mmmm," she said, after sucking out the last few drops of cum and licking him clean, "I'd forgotten just how nice your cum tastes."

This time Carisma took a cola and started drinking.

"By the way, I told my sister about you."

Suddenly Dean felt sick to the stomach. Surely a 16-year-old wouldn't tolerate an adult doing sexual things with her 9-year-old sister. He could almost imagine the police sirens in the distance.

"She thinks I should let you fuck my ass," the precocious cherub continued.

Dean choked on his cola. He enjoyed ass-fucking but rarely found a woman who would tolerate it. Now this 9-year-old girl might be about to offer it to him on a plate. He decided he wouldn't press the issue, but let Carisma decide when and if she wanted to actually do it.

Dean fetched another sun-lounger from the shed, and erected it next to Carisma's. He elected not to strip, keeping on his t-shirt and shorts. Lying back, he started to doze off in the sun.

Not long afterwards he was woken by Buckie barking.

"Oh no, here comes Portia," said Carisma in a matter-of-fact voice.

The girl was a stunner, slim with a blonde bob and decent-sized tits. She wore a thin white t-shirt and tight white shorts, both of which were virtually see-through, over a skimpy black bikini. There was a distinct camel-toe where the crotch of her bikini bottom had ridden into her slit. Despite her attractive looks, Dean could sense a hard edge to her. His cock twitched nonetheless.

Having done his job in warning of a stranger, Buckie accompanied the girl as she approached.

"I'm Portia Fallon-Thompson. Carisma told me about you," the girl introduced herself. "You're right, Carisma, he is cute. Have you taken him up the bum yet?"

Carisma blushed and looked away. Her sister's crudeness had managed to embarrass her.

Portia raised her arms and clasped her hands behind her head, rotating her hips and thrusting out her chest to emphasise her tits.

"Well, do you like what you see?" she asked, as if offering herself to a complete stranger were no big deal.

Dean's cock rose involuntarily at the prospect, but he shot a glance at Carisma and although she had warned him that her sister would probably like to fuck him, he could see from her face that she was alarmed at the prospect.

"I don't think that would be appropriate," he replied, pointedly looking at Carisma. Carisma smiled with relief.

A sour look came over Portia's face and Dean could tell she wasn't accustomed to rejection. Before things could turn nasty though, Buckie buried his nose in Portia's crotch. Portia couldn't help but fall for him, and she lowered her arms to start petting him.

"What a lovely animal. Do you love your dog?" she asked.

"Absolutely. He's my best friend."

"No, I mean do you really love your dog?" emphasising the word 'really'.

The expression on Dean's face showed he didn't understand what she was getting at.

Portia pushed the dog down into a lying position, then sat down on the ground next to him. She coaxed him over onto his side, then started rubbing his sheath. Soon Buckie's cock started to engorge and it emerged from the sheath. Portia lowered her head and took the end into her mouth. Both Carisma and Dean gasped with surprise. Portia proceeded to lick and suck Buckie to full erection, Buckie being content to lie there, panting, with what looked like a smug grin on his face. Buckie's knot started to swell, and Dean and Carisma wondered whether Portia would let him cum in her mouth. However Portia had other plans.

Standing up, Portia grabbed a towel and laid it on the patio, double- thickness. She pulled her shorts and bikini bottom down in one smooth motion, leaving her naked from the hips down. She made no attempt to hide her nakedness from Dean, as though taunting him with what he was missing. Portia had a really nice ass, firm and slender and yet nicely rounded, but what grabbed Dean's attention most was that her pussy was completely clean shaven.

Portia knelt on all fours, facing away from Dean and Carisma, then she reached behind herself and pulled her pussy lips wide open. Dean stared at her inner redness, and felt the precum seeping from his aching cock. Buckie seemed to know what Portia intended because he climbed on her back and mounted her. Dean and Carisma both stared goggle-eyed as Buckie's cock entered Portia's cunt. Buckie started to hump Portia excitedly but this wasn't enough for her because, to free both hands, she lowered her head to the towel to take her weight. With one free hand she forced her pussy lips open even wider while she grasped Buckie's cock with the other and guided it further in. To Dean and Carisma's amazement, Buckie's swelling knot disappeared inside Portia's cunt. Now that Buckie was fully inside her, Portia removed her hands and started playing with her clit. It was more than Dean could stand, and his cock throbbed and jerked wildly as it unloaded into his boxers. He noticed Carisma too had a hand between her legs and was surreptitiously rubbing herself.

Moaning loudly, Portia masturbated herself to a shuddering climax. Then she realised she was stuck. Buckie's knot had expanded more than she expected and it was now wedged firmly in her cunt. Buckie was still humping her, and she could feel her cunt being stretched by the volume of doggie cum sealed inside her.

When Portia stayed on all fours after her orgasm, Dean realised something was wrong. Needing to move anyway, he got up from his sun lounger and went over to Portia. Her face was flushed and strained, and she was sweating, the wet patches on her t-shirt becoming transparent and sticking to her skin.

"Looks like you're going to be there a while," he observed.

Dean dragged his sun lounger over, and seeing his intention, Portia moved her supporting arms so that Dean could slide it under her chest and stomach, allowing Portia to take the weight off her arms. He rolled up a towel and gave it to Portia to use as a pillow.

"Thanks," she gasped. "Any chance of a cold beer?"

Dean was grateful for the chance to go indoors. He dropped his shorts and boxers, put the boxers in the washing machine, and put his shorts back on again. If his cock became hard again it would stand out like a flagpole, but that wasn't a problem in present company.

Looking through the kitchen window Dean saw that Buckie had finished humping Portia and dismounted, turning rump to rump with her with his knot still embedded in her cunt.

"What the heck," he thought as he took three cans of cold beer from the fridge, and half-filled Buckie's dish with fresh, tepid water.

Back outside he gave a can to Portia, who opened it and gulped about half immediately. He put the water dish in front of the panting Buckie, who set about lapping it up with equal relish.

"Are you allowed beer?" he asked Carisma, holding a can towards her.

She answered by grabbing the can and starting gulping greedily, like her sister.

"Steady," Dean warned, "I don't want to get you drunk."

He opened his own can and sipped it gently as an example. He fetched a patio chair from the shed to sit on since Portia was half-lying on his sun lounger. He sat there in silence, not knowing what to say, as the two sisters exchanged small-talk about their parents and mutual acquaintances while they waited for Buckie's knot to shrink.

After what seemed an eternity but was really about ten minutes, Portia looked a lot more comfortable and the strain on her face was gone as her cunt accustomed itself to the size of Buckie's knot. Portia reached between her legs and masturbated again. It didn't take long before she was again shuddering with orgasm, although this one wasn't as powerful as before. Portia's pussy lips suddenly bulged and Buckie's knot slid out, accompanied by a loud farting noise and a gush of doggie cum which flowed down Portia's slender thighs.

Buckie trotted off and found a patch of shade where he laid down and tongued his shrinking cock clean.

Portia took the towel Dean had given her as a pillow and mopped up between her thighs as best she could. When she had finished, she swigged down the rest of the beer and looked at Dean.

"Sure you're not interested? I could give you a blow-job. I deep throat. Or are you only interested in kids?"

Dean watched as Portia formed her succulent red lips into a teasing 'O' shape. His cock twitched involuntarily. Carisma had been right, her sister was a bitch. He saw the look of alarm return to Carisma's face.

"Portia, you're an attractive, sexy young woman and I'm flattered. Although I know she's not going to fuck me, I'm not going to do anything to hurt Carisma physically or mentally and she gets first dibs."

Portia looked disappointed but also a little relieved. She wiggled back into her bikini bottom and shorts, her bikini bottom immediately developing a stain at the crotch where Buckie's cum continued to seep from her cunt.

"In that case I'm going back to get cleaned up before Crispin picks me up. If you do anything to hurt my sister, I'll hunt you down and cut your balls off. And Carisma, look after him well, it looks like you've found a nice guy."

Walking a little gingerly, Portia set off for the trellis to climb over the brick wall into her own garden, while Dean mused who on earth would give their son a name like Crispin in this day and age.

Carisma got off her sun lounger and walked over to Dean's chair. She took his hand in hers, and slid it between her dungarees and her body, lowering it over her soft, round belly to her crotch. She was naked underneath. Dean's eyes widened.

"I thought you didn't want me touching you down there?"

"I wasn't sure I could trust you. Now I know that I can."

Dean knew that the visit from Portia hadn't been a set-up. Carisma had been genuinely surprised to see her sister. Gently pushing the straps of the dungarees from Carisma's shoulders, Dean teasingly peeled the soft cotton garment down her succulent young body to her ankles. Carisma stepped out of dungarees leaving her naked.

"May I suck you?" asked Dean.

Carisma smiled and nodded her assent. Dean led her back to her sun lounger, and made her sit on the foot. He gently pushed her body back so she was half lying on the sun lounger. Grasping Carisma's knees, he folded her legs back over her body until her kneecaps were resting on her chest. Charisma was now wide open to him.

Kneeling at the foot of the sun lounger, Dean caressed Carisma's plump labia. Parting them gently, he lowered his head to Carisma's pussy and tested her with his tongue. She was completely dry. He licked the length of the insides of Carisma's labia, ending with an unsuccessful probe for her clit. Carisma sighed happily, but as Dean continued to lick she showed no signs of sexual arousal.

Dean paused for a swig of beer as his tongue was getting parched.

"Does that feel good?" he asked.

"Yes, much better than when I rub it. Please go on."

Aware that Carisma was getting little sexual arousal from his attentions he resumed anyway, reassured that she was deriving some form of pleasure. Dean decided to widen the front of attack and penetrated Carisma's cunt with then tip of his tongue. Carisma gasped but didn't protest at this invasion so presumably it didn't cross her boundary. In any case he was thwarted by her intact hymen. Moving lower Dean licked the length of her perineum. Her little puckered anus was pink and clean so Dean licked round it then prodded the flesh with his tongue. Carisma shivered and giggled. Still no moisture. He considered trying to insert a finger into her anus but decided it was probably a step too far.

Dean recalled their first meeting. Carisma seemed to have an orgasm when he was playing with her tits and Buckie was licking her pussy. Dean stopped, and took another swig of beer, then he repositioned the girl so that she was lying on the sun lounger with her knees hooked over the frame at the end. Kneeling over Carisma's chest, Dean was now able to lick her pussy while her tits were in reach of his hands. Cupping the swollen orbs, he kneaded them gently at the same time as licking her inner folds. It worked, as he sampled his first taste of Carisma's natural arousal juices, and Carisma's tiny clit put in its first appearance.

Meanwhile Carisma realised Dean's semi-hard cock was swinging invitingly in front of her face and covered only by the thin fabric of his shorts. She extracted it and manoeuvred it deftly into her mouth, causing it to swell to full erection and Dean to gasp with pleasure. The undeclared race was on - who could bring whom to orgasm first? Despite Carisma's immature sexuality, she responded readily to Dean's increasingly violent mauling of her tits, and when Dean gave her clit a sucking nip she found herself shuddering gently with orgasm a few seconds before Dean unleashed himself in her mouth.

Afterwards the two laid panting, side-by-side on the sun lounger.

"Your tits are all red. I hope I didn't hurt you."

"You did, but in a good way. They feel a bit bruised."

Dean hesitated before asking the next question.

"Did you know your sister, er, you know, like with Buckie?"

"No. It was hot though, wasn't it?"

"I came in my pants while watching," Dean admitted.

"Would you fuck my sister if you hadn't met me?"

"It would be different then, because I'm not sure she'd want to fuck me. I don't want to be rude about her but there's something hard about her."

"Yes. She's a bitch and she uses men. I'm glad you turned her down."

Dean hugged the little cherub. The feel of her tits pressing against his t-shirted chest brought his cock back to semi-hard. Having cum twice that morning, Dean knew he wasn't going to cum again in a hurry.

"Shall we go and raid the freezer again?" he suggested.

"Yes please. I'm starving, and the beer has made me a little light- headed."

Dean picked up the dog-cum soaked towels and took them to the washing machine. He was pretty sure sending them to laundry would be a bad idea.

After a rummage through the freezer's full drawers, they decided on burgers and oven chips.

After lunch Carisma returned to her sun lounger, this time stripping off her dungarees to sunbathe naked now that the sun had overcome the cool start to the day. After finishing clearing up the lunch things Dean noticed Carisma had dozed off and he decided not to disturb her. Instead he decided to explore the grounds, accompanied by Buckie. Dean had taken it on trust that the grounds were indeed dog-proof and he was sure Buckie wouldn't stray far anyway but he wanted to be certain.

After the swimming pool, the grounds were laid mostly to lawn, with flower borders to the sides up to the boundary walls. Tracking one side wall, the two reached a row of shrubs which Dean had assumed marked the end of the garden but found they were actually a partition. Beyond the shrubs was a semi-wild area with a large compost heap, a row of beehives, and a small orchard, before the boundary wall marked the end of the garden. Dean walked all the way round the boundary wall to check its integrity although the long grass made the going tough at times. He noticed Buckie was getting grass seed trapped in his hair, and would need a thorough brushing afterwards.

Tracking the boundary wall on the other side, Dean and Buckie made their way back towards the house. Carisma appeared to be still asleep so the two continued round the side of the house. On the opposite side of the house to the garden shed and sheltered from view by some trees was an old stable block. The modern up-and-over doors were a tell-tale that the block had been converted into a garage. Dean unlocked the garage door and went in. Although there was room for at least five vehicles, the garage contained only two - an exquisite vintage Rolls-Royce and a bland but functional modern Ford.

Outside again and locking the garage door behind him, Dean noticed steps leading up the side. The stable block was two-storey. Dean ascended the steps and unlocked the door at the top. It was a self- contained guest-apartment, fully furnished with everything you needed to live - fridge, freezer, bed, bathroom, kitchen, oven, and everything was in excellent condition as though it had rarely been used.

Back outside, Dean and Buckie resumed their circumnavigation following the wall. Although the curved driveway was shielded by a mix of trees, the rest of the front was all grassed. No wonder it took half a day to mow even with a ride-on mower. They reached the gates and continued the journey, eventually finishing up where they started, by the garden shed.

Carisma was awake now so Dean fetched a couple of colas from the fridge and found Buckie's brush.

"Hi. Did you have a good sleep?" Dean asked, handing a cola to Carisma.

"Yes, it's so nice out here now. Where did you get to?

Dean started teasing the grass seed from Buckie's coat using the brush.

"Buckie and I did a tour of the grounds. They're a lot bigger than I thought. And Buckie got grass seed in his coat. If I don't brush it out, it will itch and irritate him."

Carisma watched as Dean thoroughly and methodically went about his task. She found it very reassuring that Dean took such good care of his dog, and she felt a mild pang that she didn't have someone to take such good care of her.

After giving Buckie a thorough grooming, Dean finished off his cola then lay back on his sun lounger. Carisma was right, it was nice and warm, and he felt himself doze off.

Again Dean dreamed he was fucking Carisma. It felt so right, penetrating her hot, tight tunnel while caressing her soft, warm curves. Harder and harder he thrust away until he reached the point of inevitability.

That's when Dean woke up, and discovered that the little minx was again sucking his cock. He blew his load, jetting his cum into her eager mouth. Carisma swallowed the whole lot, licked his cock clean, then gave her characteristic tinkling giggle.

"I was going to say that's a 'Thank You' on behalf of Buckie, but truth is I just like the taste of your cum."

"In that case I'll masturbate tonight while thinking of you, and I'll save the cum for you to drink."

"Ewwww, that's gross." The familiar tinkling giggle followed.

Dean pulled Carisma onto his sun-lounger and cuddled her. He noticed her tits were still bruised from the vigorous mauling he had given them that morning. He lowered his head to a nipple and gently teased it with his lips, feeling it stiffen at the attention.

"Mmmmm, that's nice," sighed Carisma.

Dean maintained Carisma in a state of mild sexual arousal, playing with first one nipple and then the other while caressing the soft folds between her legs, until it was time for her to go home.

"Will I see you tomorrow?" he asked, feeling the loss of her soft, warm body against him.

"That's Thursday, isn't it. Perhaps. I don't like the gardener, he seems creepy."

Next morning Dean's alarm clock went off. Half asleep, he threw on some clothes then dragged the property's two wheelie bins down the driveway and out of the main gate to meet the 8am deadline. Just as he was closing the gate again, a large pickup drew up.

"Would you mind opening the gate for me?" called the driver.

"Who are you?" asked Dean, still half asleep.

"I'm Tony, the gardener and odd-job man. You must be the house- sitter."

Dean suddenly remembered the gardener was due and opened the gates, and Tony drove the pickup inside. After Dean closed and locked the gates, Tony gave him a lift up the driveway. Tony was about 10 years older than Dean, mid-to-late thirties. He was large and thickset with an ample beer-gut and a rugged swarthy appearance because of his outdoor work.

"From Spring to Autumn I come every week to do the lawns," he explained, "which takes about half a day. Once a month I do the pool, and once a month I trim the shrubs. Those take about half a day each too so those weeks I spend a whole day here. And then the Mortons ask me to do odd handyman jobs around the house. Sometimes they pay me to drive them to the airport. It's not a lot of work but it's regular and the Mortons pay well. Today I'm just here for the lawns unless you've anything else for me. Any shelves fallen down, or doors sticking?"

"Not that I know of, but I'll make a note of anything for next time. I'd like the place to be in tip-top condition when the Mortons get home."

"Have you met any of the neighbours yet? Keep an eye out for Portia Fallon-Thompson, the older daughter from next door. She's a wild one."

"I'll remember that," said Dean non-committally.

"I'd love to do the little slut myself. They reckon it's only a matter of time before she's slept with every man in the village."

"She doesn't sound my cup of tea."

The pickup reached the house and Tony parked at the side nearest the shed. Dean got out and looked at the side of the pickup - it said in big letters 'Featherstone Hawkins'. Tony saw what Dean was looking at.

"That's me. Featherstone - tone - Tony."

Dean marvelled again at the weird names the villagers had. Just then Buckie appeared from nowhere and came bounding up to investigate the arrival.

"What a lovely animal," exclaimed Tony, stroking the dog firmly.

"That's Buckie, my dog. I can shut him in the utility room if he's in the way."

"No, just so long as he doesn't get in front of the mower."

Dean left Tony to get on with it, occasionally noticing the sound of the ride-on mower in the distance. He had a quick look to see if Carisma was around, but she was staying away. Disappointed, he used her absence as an opportunity to clean the house. The Mortons had a cleaner once a week but Dean had agreed to clean the house himself while the Mortons were away, giving the cleaner an opportunity to visit her sister in Spain.

Dean was still busy at lunch time when the doorbell rang. He went to the front door and Tony was there.

"I knocked on the side door but you didn't hear me."

"I expect I was vacuuming."

"You wouldn't catch me doing that. Woman's work!"

Dean compared his house-tidying with Tony's garden tidying, but decided not to press the issue.

"Anyway I've finished now, so unless there's anything else you want me to do, I'll be off," continued Tony.

"No, that's fine. If you give me a lift down the drive, I'll open the gate for you and bring the bins back."

The bins were empty but the garbage collectors had left them blocking the exit, so Dean's presence was extra useful for Tony.

"Thanks," he called out after driving his pickup through the gates. "If you fancy a drink I'm in 'The Bell and Candle' every night around nine."

Tony gave a wave then drove off towards the village. Dean wheeled the bins inside the gates, shut and locked them again then wheeled the bins all the way up the drive to the house. He wondered how the Mortons managed, because they were getting quite old and it must be quite a challenge especially during winter.

Back at the house he did a quick check for Carisma, then disappointed at her absence, fixed some sandwiches for lunch.

After lunch Dean finished cleaning the house. The Mortons used very few rooms and the others were already spotless. To wile away the time he played Frisbee in the garden with Buckie for an hour or so, but time seemed to drag interminably.

Carisma still hadn't appeared by the evening so Dean made himself some dinner then watched some more of the Mortons' videos. They had some classic black-and-white romantic films which he hadn't seen, and that wiled away the hours until bedtime.

Dean fell asleep thinking of Carisma. She was only a nine-year-old child, so why did she have such an effect on him? He wondered if


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