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This site contains fictional stories using fictional characters doing fictional things.  They are sex stories, meaning they include descriptions of sex acts.  Please note that sex stories have been shown by the Meese Commission to lead to dirty thoughts.   If you are not allowed to have dirty thoughts or if doing so will result in prison, spankings, restriction or loss of computer privileges, or/and an excessive number of "Hail Marys, you should most likely not be reading anything on this site.  It is assumed that the reader of this site has the permission of the state, mom, dad, and the pastor and is fully able to tell the difference between real and make-believe.  If not, please go elsewhere.

None of these characters have begun to even contemplate any of the acts that they appear to do herein, mostly because said characters are, as reported in the opening sentence of this disclaimer, fictional and, therefore by definition, do not exist.  Any imagined resemblance to people living or deceased or recently conceived but not yet born is the result of either dementia on the reader's part or that the reader is, in fact, a character in one of these stories.  Neither of these conditions are anything to be proud of; it would be wise of the reader to not draw attention to one's self by claiming any similarity nor would it be entirely fair to to hold the writer responsible for your personal problems.

The accounts, events, and descriptions of the stories on the following web pages are the sole property of Kenny N Gamera and should not be recorded, reposted, or profited from in anyway without prior, written permission of the person hiding behind that pen name and the transfer of large amounts of cash to him.  In no way does the posting of any story on this web-site  imply that the writer has waived any rights he may have under international convention and copyright law.

Viruses and information about cyber dating services should be sent to the address below so they can be deleted.  Fan mail, I imagine, could be sent there as well.  Personaly, I probably wouldn't bother, seeing as how no one else seems to find it worth the effort; however, the writer does welcome both praise or/and well thought out, humourous insults about his writing skill or lack there of.  Note:  having failed five straight years worth of spelling tests, he is perfectly aware that he cannot spell warth shet.  Cheques are welcomed, as are really hot Slovakians.

Thank You and Good Day,
Kenny N Gamera