Middle East

By Freedom_Denied

NOTE: Currently incomplete

"Why?!" The voice was female, full of pain, and weak.

"Because you are American." The thick Middle Eastern accent was emotionless.

Smack! A black leather whip hit the reporter's bare back for the millionth time causing her to cry out in pain and strengthen her tears.

Ever since being brought into the cold, bare, concrete room, the reporter had felt exposed. Wrists bound together and tied to the roof, she felt exposed as her body dangled, leaving her tits poking out awkwardly and her round ass visible from the back. She wanted to cover her self up: her tits, her pussy lips barely visible while she stood with her legs closed, and her ass, but her hands were tied, and she had no control, even over her own body.

Tina had gone to the Middle East as a reporter a month earlier, traveling with a military brigade, but she had been seperated from them in an attack late one night as they traveled to a different camp. She had heard gun fire all around her, causing her to panick, and the small quarter Cherokee, part Hispanic girl crouched down behind a large green truck. She felt a sting pain that still persisted in the top right of her head as she stood hanging from where a man had hit her, leaving her to fall forward looking back to see a dark face before blacking out.

When she woke up, she was in a small room on a bare cot. Entirely bare: just springs.

The man started to interogate her, not looking for imformation, but just curios.

"What is your name?"

"Tina!" It was a sharp whisper.

The whip hit her stomach leaving bright red lines and faint screams.

"How old are you?"

He reared the whip back again and walked back around to her back. She was answering questions, and she was still being hit; it was all just a fun game to the interogator.


He hit her back, and she screamed again. He hit her a few times more rearing the whip all the way back and slamming it forward, causing Tina to scream in agony making his cock twitch as deep scarlet lines criss-crossed on Tina's back like a malformed tennis raquet.

He dropped the whip and stepped forward close to Tina's ear causing her heart to race. He pulled her hair back and spit on her face causing her to cringe. He slapped her when she cringed and spit again.


Two rooms over John stood hanging from the ceiling with his two wrists held together by a rope slinking from above. His entire body was covered in deep, red scarlet gashes which stung like an entire ant mound was biting him all over.

John cringed as he heard the man behind him exhale and shift his weight. John knew the object that bit into his skin was the man's leather belt, but his vision was too blurry from blood loss and tire to see it. Sweat and blood from his forehead stung as they dripped down from his black hair into his almost closed eyes. He could feel the beads of sweat roll down his face as he hang like a slab of beef facing downward.

"Bah you were more entertaining when you were screaming!" The man slashed at John's back with his belt.

John had been crouched behind the jeep. His skin was touching Tina's as they sat hiding, both of them fearing their lives. He heard tina yell and looked over, barely making out a black metal rod lifting out of the air after it hit Tina in the head. He stood up erect and screamed before being hit as well and falling on the ground motionless. He had woken with no clothes on standing in a dark, musty room with tanglible puddles in one corner. His head had hurt, but he had been unable to rub the tender skin due to his hands being bound in a rope suspended from the ceiling. He had tried swinging back and forth trying to work the rope loose, but all he did was rub the skin off of his wrists causing them to sting as the raw skin touched the splitery rope. He had cringed inside and sank down forgetting the feelings of his own exposure and self pity when he heard Tina scream out like she was dying. More, worse screams followed, and it killed John not knowing what was going on a room or two over. He pictured Tina strung up naked like he was with one hundred men whipping and beating her, all of them getting a sexual thrill from hitting her nubile body causing her much anguish.

He had tried to close off his ears innefectively for a long time before a man stepped silently into John's cell through a door John hadn't been previously aware of as it blended to the dark uniform stone of the walls. John felt exposed like he was being judged by this man. The man looked over John's entire body. He tried to cover himself with his hands, but found him self unable when the man's beady eyes passed over his penis.

The man had spoken in decent English although it had an intense Middle Eastern accent. "Who are you?"

John looked at the man for a moment, but decided it was a safe enough question, and he wasn't exactly in the right position to deny demands.

"Camera man."

The man stepped closer to John, and his heart was straining it was beating so quickly. Thump thump thump. The man stopped moving, and John barked out so quickly his voice cracked a little: "Why am I here?!" There was sad, scared, childish pleading in his voice like he was next to tears. His face scrunched up like he was about to cry for a moment, but he became straight faced when the man answered. "You're American."

The back of John's scull tingled. He knew some middle easterners disliked Americans, but this was a bit extreme.

John started wriggling when the man grabbed at his pants, but John relaxed a little when he took his belt off. He could hear Tina scream behind him like she was being tortured. What were they doing to her to make her scream like that? Right after Tina wailed, John tried to yell as a balled up fist slammed into his stomach, but there was no air left in him. His insides choked as he fought to get air back in himself, but the man didn't let him catch his breath before he hit him again, this time higher, inbetween his pecks causing his insides to burn a little while he still struggled for air. It felt like his insides were cutting them self up with scissors and this was after the guy had hit him only twice.

John saw the long belt droop towards the ground for a moment through his coughing, but it disappeared quickly before slamming into his stomach stinging all the way through him. The man folded the belt in half as he walked around behind him, and John felt even more exposed as he waited, his adrenaline pumping. It was like a horror movie times five million. When was he going to get hit?! It was eating at John's mind, almost driving him crazy waiting for the sharp pain. Did the man know that would happen? John's mind was racing 20 seconds later when he finally heard the folded belt whip through the air before hitting his mid back painfully causing him to cry out. He wondered if Tina had heard his cry as he had been hearing hers.

Tina had heard it, but she was feeling much more sorry for her self. She was naked, bleeding in several locations having been punched and whipped by a man at his whim. She was sweating and felt strained to stand. Her arms hurt from being hung from the ceiling. Her face was pushed roughly into a wooden table. Long, thin strands of wood pushed into her face which was being constantly barely slid forward as the man behind her did something. She couldn't tell what he was doing until she heard a zipper, and she saw a large downward motion out of the corner of her eyes. His pants were around his ankles. The belt he had came into the room with had been long removed being used to beat Tina cruelly with. It now was on her wrists behind her back holding her arms still. She had fought when she had first been pushed down onto the table with her legs spread slightly on the ground. That position wasn't for beating... no... She knew better than that, and had been little surprised when she heard the zipper although she had been hoping something different would ensue. The man shuffled awkwardly to the side trying to avoid tripping with his ankles so closely restricted as he moved behind Tina.

She was tan with long black hair. She was of course many different nationalities, but she had large amounts of Cherokee and Hispanic blood in her. She was short like most Hispanics, and her longs black hair, and large lips were from her Cherokee family. She was athletic and in shape, but her hispanic blood constantly surfaced its self making her fight to stay that way.

She felt like she was going to throw up. She heaved once and could feel the throw up rising, but soon a fist thudded into her back causing her too much pain and coughing to throw up. Goose bumps covered her back despite the room being hot and musty when the mans calloused hands grabbed her sides with his fingers extending towards her belly button. She felt his left hand disappear for a moment, and she soon felt something thick and almost circular pushing against her. She felt his cock head and uncircumsized foreskin rub over her butt and pussy.


John hadn't noticed Tina's lack of screaming for now, he was the one screaming. The man took his folded belt and hit John across the face with it coldly. John's face turned bright red and stung insanly as the man continued to smack him back and forth. The man punched him in the stomach again, dropping the belt in the process, and John's breath fled him again. John flinched and the anxiety returned as the man walked behind him, but this time he didn't string out the waiting. He went to town on John's bare back. He whipped across viciously so quickly he was soon out of breath. John cried out in agony each time the belt hit once his back was raw, and his bright red skin was stingy like bees were constantly pricking him. John felt jarred when the man tried to hit him in the back of the head, but luckily the belt was blocked by his arms. Every time the belt hit John's back a loud crack followed. His entire back was soon coated in a bright red criss cross pattern with blood starting to drip down at parts. John cold feel the blood running through the hair on his butt cheeks.

The man stood on John's side and made baseball swings as he cracked the belt into John's ass relentlessly. John's fleshy ass was soon a bloody mess just as his back, and soon even the air touching it was painful. The man let the belt fall to the ground holding the leather end so the metal buckle was loose.

He swung the belt, and the small metal clip felt like a truck was hitting John in his weakened state. Soon welts began to appear all over his back, butt and shoulders from the man hitting him. A few times the buckle nailed him squarely in the back and sides of his head causing him to see black in the corner of his eyes temporarily, until after many hits, the blackness stayed and began to creep closer towards the center of his fading vision. He had stopped screaming. He was too tired to scream. The pain was unmerciless, and he wanted to scream, but everytime he tried nothing came out, so he eventually accepted the pain and stopped screaming all together.

The man walked around to the right side of John and began baseball swings again. He was holing the belt back folded. He reared back twisting his entire body to the side and snapped forward making a loud cracking sound as the belt drew blood from John's stomach. He kept hitting, some times venturing higher to his chest. Eventually he stopped for a moment and laughed. John didn't think anything was funny, but he wasn't thinking much at all. He was just trying to bear the pain. His back was still stinging terribly, and now his chest and stomach were as well.

The man disappeared into a dark corner of the room and came back a moment later with two metal clips like those on jumper cables for a car. The metal kind with pointy, sharp teeth that have large springs in them so they snap back quickly. These were smaller than jumper cable adapters, but they resemebled them closely. The man clipped one on John's left nipple, and he screamed as he felt the metal teeth cut the skin, struggling to reach each other again. His skin was just an obsticle for them. Nothing serious.

He stopped screaming after a moment, and the man clipped the other one on his other nipple causing him to scream out as the skin was broken again. Warm, dark red blood soon dripped down his chest and his stomach around and over his balls all the way to the floor. The man continued whipping while John endured the new pain. He whiped his back again for a while causing the skin to tear even more bringing with it a great deal of pain. He walked around to John's front again and dropped his belt. He looked at John for a moment, and then looked down. He cupped John's balls softly for a moment, stroking John's cock head with his thumb. He grabbed John's entire package - balls, cock and all - at the base and yanked sideways and down. John shrieked in pain as the man mauled his balls. He punched him. He twisted his balls painfully, and he even squeezed the indivual balls inside of his sack causing John to almost pass out from pain. The man backed off for a second, and John started to wonder what he was doing, but he was too tired to even think now. He felt the thick rubber bottom of a boot slam into his balls, and he thought for sure they had popped judging from the pain. White hot pained seared through his every cell, and his balls were excruitating - torturing him with everlasting pain even though the boot had been long removed.


Tina felt exposed. A small, sharp splinter pierced her skin near her left nipple, and her face was scratched by the rough table. The man fumbled around awkwardly behhind her for a moment before holding back his forskin and pressing his cock head to her slit slowly. She felt naked in front of a crowd.

She was held helplessly with her arms bound behind her back. The table jutted into her lower belly roughly, and her feelt barely touched the ground. The man pumped slowly in and out causing her pain. The skin inside her pussy was dry, and it caught on his cock skin. It felt like the skin was being rubbed raw after a while.

The man's legs were restricted by his pants around his ankles, but he could still maneuver forward and back enough to slide fully inside of Tina and then back out. His cock was large inside of her, and she could feel her pussy stretching to accomodate its intruder.

She slid forward and backward on her tits as he pushed her forward and back on the table.

He lifted her up roughly with his arms running under her arm pits. She was pushed against the table so that now to enter her, he had to thrust almost vertically, although his cock still slid slightly from the angle if he thrusted forward and back. She felt exposed, unable to cover her tits as he mauled them, and she could hear his heavy breathing and feel his high body heat through his shirt.

The hand on her right tit left its spot and found her throat. She tried to breathe normally, but after a moment, the lack of air became noticable. More noticable at that moment was the restricted blood flow. After only a few seconds, her eyes bulged and her lips felt tingly. Her head felt like it was a balloon ready to pop, and she had a massive headache.

Soon the lack of air surfaced its self too. Her lungs burned, pleading for air, and her diaphram ached trying to supply it. Her head continued to inflate, and her eyes and lips bulged. Her lungs ached even more. Her lungs hurt so badly that she no longer felt the man in her, sliding rapidly in and out of her pussy.

The man knew he should let go of her throat, but he loved the power. People were meant to breathe. People had to breathe to survive. Restricting breathing was dominating another person in its purist form. He was impeding nature its self as he clamped her throat, and he didn't want to let go of that.

Tina kicked and flung her head from side to side, her body trying desperately to get air, but it was of no use. Her shoulders flung wildly, and her legs moved as much as they.

The blackness from the corners of her bulging eyes spread slowly at first. The blackness closed in like a drawstring on a bag. Soon both of her eyes were black, and her head felt like it was going to explode in a gush of blood. Her struggling stopped, and her eyes burned. She saw weird, spider webbed colors before finally, her mind and vision went blank.

The man felt the dead weight and set her down on the table. She no longer felt him sliding roughly in and out of her, and she didn't feel her purple lips and face. Her eyes were red, but they weren't visible in the dark room. The man continued thrusting. She almost fell off of the table when he let go for a moment, but, without slowing, he managed to keep her on the table.

She was begining to move as he came. He groaned as each shot of ectasy insued. He kept pumping even after he had came all he had to cum.

Tina was confused. Where was she? Why did her head tingle? She opened her eyes and looked out of the corner at the table, but it didn't register as the reason her face felt scratched. She wondered what the warm fluid running down her leg was, and why her pussy hurt. She tried to move her arms weakly, but the belt held firm. She tried to move her legs but was too weak.

The sounds of the man pulling up his pants and rebuttoning them sounded miles away. He undid the belt and hung her from the ceiling still dazed.