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Author: Freedom35
Title: Sarah and Paige
Summary: Mother and daughter jerk a cock into the daughter's baby girl's face
Keywords: MFF baby



Sarah and Paige



It was a Saturday night. 19 year old Jack returns from the pub with his 16 year old girlfriend Paige. Paige's 47 year old mum, Sarah is cradling Paige's 9 month old baby daughter, Douce, in her arms as her daughter and boyfriend enter the living room. Sarah smiles at them and then puts Douce in her cot.

`Good night?' Sarah asks.

`Yea..........really good' Jack replies as he looks over towards Douce.

Sarah sees this.

`Could be even better though' Jack continues.

Sarah knew what he meant.

Sarah walks over and sits down on the sofa next to Jack. Paige sits opposite them and watches her mum then unzipping Jack's flies and reaching inside to pull out her boyfriend's semi limp cock. Paige smiles as she then watches her mum gently wanking her boyfriend's cock hard right in front of her eyes. Very soon Jack is fully erect in mum Sarah's mature experienced hands.

Jack looks again over to Douce in her cot.

Jack is not her father.

Sarah looks over to her daughter and smiles at her. Paige then watches her mum taking her boyfriend by his cock over to the cot. Sarah positions Jack's big hard cock carefully over 9 month old Douce's tiny face and continues to wank it.

Jack smiles at Sarah `mmmmm beautiful..........that's it.............wank me off' he tells her.

Paige gets out of her chair and walks over to the both of them. She stands on the opposite side of Jack to her mum. Sarah stops jerking momentarily to allow her daughter's hand to join hers on Jack's big 9 inch thick cock shaft. Mother and daughter then together work the huge piece of meat off over Paige's baby daughter's face.

Sarah and Paige smile at each other as they jack Jack's big hard cockmeat.

`That's it...........fucking wank me, you fucking pair of fucking sluts' Jack tells them.

`Go on........spunk all over her Jack..........I know you want too' Paige tells her boyfriend

Jack nods and grins.

Paige and her mum then lower Jack's huge swollen knob further down towards Douce's small inviting mouth. Mother and daughter hoover it just above as their hands furiously work away wanking Jack's lucky dick for him.

As Jack looks down at his prick being masturbated over a baby, he grins and tells Sarah that in the next few days he's going to come round and take her and her daughter to bed and that Douce is coming too. He tells them that they're going to be involved in the most disgusting filthy foursome ever and that he is going to fuck them both repeatedly and then rape Douce right in front of the both of them, over and over again.

Sarah and Paige look at each other but don't utter a word.

Soon Jack begins to moan now.  He looks down once again and smiles as he watches himself finally letting go and spunking all over a 9 month old baby girl's face. Ribbons of lovely hot white sperm criss cross across the tiny innocent looking infant's face. Jack empties the entire contents of his very full balls as his cock continues to be pointed down by his girlfriend and her mum at baby Douce's face. When he had finally finished, he looks up at both Sarah and Paige and smiles at them.

Jack then looks at Sarah and tells her he now needs a pee. She smiles at him as she and Paige let go of his now limp cock. Politely Sarah knees down before Jack. He stands over the 47 year old grandma and urinates all over her. He particularly concentrates on her mature smiling face and mouth.

Sarah drinks hot piss.

After Jack has finished, he just puts his cock away in his pants and leaves the house and goes home.

A good night has been had by Jack.

I wonder if he going to keep his promise to them?