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Author: Freedom35
Title: Mother and Daughter Tales - Sarah and Paige Revisited
Summary: Jack returns to perform a sordid pedo foursome
Keywords: MFF baby


Sarah and Paige Revisited



Jack stands in Sarah's kitchen doorway.

`Where's Paige?' he asks.

The 47 year old mother (and grandmother) is standing by her kitchen sink peeling some vegetables for dinner later that evening.

She hasn't been up long (had a late night), so is still in her short flimsy dressing gown.

`Out' she tells Jack.

Cocky Jack grins and nods.

Sarah looks over her right shoulder to see Jack unbuckling his jeans and dropping them, with his pants, onto the floor. His 19 year old 9 inch cock is all stiff and pointing right at her.

Sarah stands still and lets Jack walk up behind her. She lets him lift up her flimsy, thin dressing gown (she doesn't have any knickers on). Immediately she feels his hard meat touching her arsehole. Sarah glances back at Jack and smiles at him as she feels her daughter's boyfriend's dry cock sinking into her shit-hole. Jack's randy young meat is soon right up his girlfriend's mum's shitter. He grins at Sarah, knowing that the only things that have been left out of going up his girlfriend's mum's arsehole, is his big heavy balls. They are nestling and touching in places Sarah's big round wide bum cheeks. Sarah's taken the lot, all the cock that her daughter's boyfriend has. She smiles back at Jack and then carries on peeling the veg for dinner, letting her daughter's boyfriend's cock throb deep in her anus.

Jack takes out his mobile out of his jacket and text Paige `where are you?'

Paige soon replies `around my cousins, why?'

Jack replies immediately `well I'm standing in your mum's kitchen right now with my fuck-meat buried balls deep up your mum's shitter'

Jack shows Sarah the text before sending it.

She smiles.

`No' Paige texts back.

`Yeah..........and now I want Douce. I want a baby'

Jack shows Sarah that text too.

`Ok' the reply quickly comes back.

Jack shows Sarah.

Sarah smiles at Jack.

Jack immediately takes the grandma into her living room and pushes her on her side onto the sofa. He kneels on the floor next to her big, wide bum and sinks his meat straight back up Sarah's shit-hole again. Kneeling, Jack now bangs his girlfriend's mum's arsehole very, very hard indeed. Sarah is taking one hell of a pounding from her daughter's boyfriend, it's relentless. So hard in fact that is making her arse cheeks ripple.

Jack loves treating Sarah, his girlfriend's mum, like this.

He treats her like a whore, the bastard.

After about 10 minutes of hard arse fucking, Paige and Douce arrive. Paige stands in the living room door way and watches her boyfriend banging away relentlessly at her mum's turd shoot. She then takes herself and Douce up to her bedroom. When she returns she is now wearing only a tiny black mini skirt and high heels, that's all. She walks slowly over to Jack. She reaches down and pulls her boyfriend's balls deep meat out of her mum's well fucked rectum. Still holding the cock in one of her hands, she offers her mum a hand up from the sofa. Once her mother is standing upright, Paige places one of her mum's hands around her boyfriend's thick hard arsehole loving fuck-pole and together they lead him by his cock up the stairs to her bedroom, where Douce, who is 10 months old now, is lying on her back on Paige's bed totally naked, kicking her tiny chubby legs up in the air.

Jack smiles when he sees Douce and walks straight over to her. He wastes no time at all and gets on the bed. Paige and Sarah sit on it as Jack nestles, kneeling between Douce's chubby legs.

Douce has been placed on top of two pillows, so to raise her small body up to the right level for cock. Obviously this has been done so by Paige, her mother.

Boyfriend Jack is now pointing the purple head of his enormous hard baby loving cock at Douce's beautiful tiny 10 month old cunty.

Jack looks over to Paige and tells her grinning `I'm now going to rape a baby, your baby, Paige'.

Paige and her mum both smile.

Jack looks down and slowly and carefully moves forward and gently places his pre-cum soaked knob onto Douce's petite baby cunt lips. The 9 inch long cock looks totally massive with its helmet touching a baby's pussy.

It can't possibly go in there, could it?

Cockily Jack then puts his hands behind his back. Watching together, while sitting on the bed, Paige and her mum Sarah see Jack pushing at baby Douce's extremely small but very beautiful looking 10 month old slit.

Douce begins to cry.

This pleases Jack.

He likes it when they cry.

The 10 month olds cunt soon starts to open for him though.

Jack's cock now begins its wonderful pedophilic journey into the recesses of a gorgeous baby girl's cunt-hole.

He's finally raping a baby, what he always wanted.

Jack gets about ¼ of his helmet inside Douce's incredibly tight baby minge. Kneeling completely still now he calls Paige and Sarah over to him. He gets them to lie on their stomachs. He then makes them lick the shaft of his pedo cock as it sticks in baby Douce's stretched cunt. This they do for him. Mother and daughter lick it up and down repeatedly on either side, smiling at each other with every loving lick. 

Jack is in total heaven now, completely satisfied from the treatment his dick is now receiving from all the girls of the current Breaker family.

What a beautiful, wonderful pedophilic scene it is.

Imagine your cock, readers now sticking in a 10 month old baby's cunt, as her mother and her mother are licking your dirty randy pedo dick up and down for you.

I can imagine that.

Fucking great hey.

Anyway Jack suddenly tells Sarah and Paige to stop and watch this.

Paige and her mother take their caressing tongues away to all of a sudden witness Jack now pushing at Douce's cunt, making it stretch further around his helmet. They see the head of his lucky prick disappearing into it. Douce's baby cunt lips are being forced apart more than ever before. Being made to wrap themselves tight around a teenage lad's thick purple coloured knob. Baby Douce now screams and cries relentlessly at the top of her voice.

Jack smiles `now fucking lick it again, you pair of cunts' he orders the mother and daughter team, pointing down to his randy penis.

Paige and Sarah smile at each other once again before sticking out their wet tongues and continue once more to lick away at Jack's meat stick as it now sticks further in Douce.

`That's it..........lick that baby loving rape meat........yeah........fucking beautiful........yeah...........that's it.........all three of you are sharing it together.........you fucking dirty Breaker girl slappers'

Jack's loving this (well he would, wouldn't he, the lucky git).

`What am I doing right now Paige?' Jack suddenly shouts out to his 16 year old girlfriend.

Paige stops doing what she's doing and looks up momentarily at her boyfriend `..............you're raping my baby'

`Yeah...I am...aren't I......and it's fucking magic..........and what makes it even better is that you and your mum are licking my fucking pedo meat at the same time.'

Paige smiles up at her boyfriend.

Then suddenly and totally unexpectedly to both Jack and Sarah, Paige moves away and goes underneath Jack's legs. She lays her head down and looks up at her boyfriend's huge 9 inch dick and smiles at him.

Sarah moves away.

Sarah then watches her daughter taking her boyfriend's heavy laden ball sack into her teenage mouth and sucks on them. Jack pauses for a moment or two to enjoy this before he starts again to rape Douce.

Unbelievably to us readers, this bastard called Jack only every now and then goes and takes the head of his filthy but very lucky pedo cock out of baby Douce's extremely stretched cunt-hole so that he can see what a baby's fucked hole looks like inside.

Quite incredible that, don't you all agree with me.

The dirty yob laughs as he looks down grinning at Douce's gapping open baby cunty, with her mother (and girlfriend) Paige looking up at him between his stretched out legs, eating his nuts for him. He tells Paige (and Sarah too) that Douce's pussy looks really sore in there, red raw in fact. He only gets a brief glance at it though before it shuts tightly up. It won't be shut for long. It is soon violently forced open again by Jack, as he carries on raping it.

What a fucking dirty bastard he is readers for raping a 10 month old baby like this.

But don't you all agree a very lucky one.

`Yeah..........that's it Paige.........you and Douce work my fucking dick off.........you fucking council estate slag'.

But Paige had other ideas.

She didn't want her boyfriend to cum just yet.

So she takes her mouth and head away from between her boyfriend's legs. Paige then whispers something into her mum's ear.

Sarah smiles and leaves the bedroom.

Jack is perplexed; not knowing what is going on now.

But soon Sarah returns, now dressed like her daughter i.e. wearing only a tiny black mini skirt and high hells. Her 47 year old mouth has been painted in bright red lipstick.

She goes straight up to her daughter (who is dressed the same) and whispers something into her ear.

Paige smiles and then removes her boyfriend's dick from her baby daughter's raped cunt. She then places Douce onto a pillow.

Jack then sees Sarah getting onto the bed and laying on her side, just like she was on the sofa earlier. Paige then gets on the bed and lies down next to her mum on her side. Mother and daughter have their backs to each other. Their black mini skirts are tight across their bum cheeks, their legs clad in black high heels.

Paige looks at Jack and tells him to arse fuck the both of them.

Jack grins and walks, his cock swinging from side to side, towards mother and daughter. He gets on the bed and kneels next to their two mini skirted arses. Sarah's arse is much bigger than her teenage daughter's. Jack pulls both girls skirts up a few centimetres to expose their dirt-boxes to him. He then asks them both if they've had a shit today. They both tell him they hadn't.

`Good......that's means I can fudge pack both your turds for you then' 19 year old Jack tells the 47 year old mother and her 16 year old daughter.

Mother and daughter both smile at Jack.

Jack then swings his cock round to the right and puts it onto grand-mother Sarah's shit-hole. As she looks down at him, he tells her that he loves doing this sort of thing to her.

'I can't get enough of you, Sarah' Jack tells her.

Jack then sinks his dirty 9 inch 19 year old meat all the way up his girlfriend's mum's 47 year old arse and fudge packs her turd for her. Sarah smiles back at him. Jack looks down and can't see any of his cock at all. It's disappeared all the way up his girlfriend's mum's rectum. Jack then very slowly starts to pull out of Sarah, taking about 30 seconds in all (it was that slow, folks) before swinging his dick now slighty to the left. He now places his knob onto his girlfriend's teenage shitter.

`I love doing this to you as well, Paige, fudge packing your shit for you too' he tells her before burying his fuck-pole balls deep into his girlfriend's bum.

Paige is loving this.

She loves it when her boyfriend treats like a whore. Especially when she's all dressed up like she is, ready to go out clubbing and all her boyfriend wants to do to her is to arse fuck her.

Jack keeps going back and fro, fucking their arseholes, rooting them each time.

`Mmmmmm.........yeah Jack.........do me and mum together in our arses with your big, hard, dirty, randy fucker..........bang us both together Jack..........and then you can have Douce again' Paige tells a excited Jack, his meat being kept buried up Paige's arsehole as she talks to him `...........would like to fuck me and Douce together Jack.........while mum watches..........I bet you want too Jack'.

`Mmmmmmmmm yeah I do' Jack tells her `..........but before that I want to do a special thing to your mum'

Paige glances over to her mum, who is now looking at Jack.

Sarah speaks, knowing too what he wants to do to her `you want to urinate over me....don't you, Jack' Sarah says to him.


`...........and you want to see me drinking piss'

`That's right'

Sarah looks over her shoulder at her daughter before she then gets slowly up from her current position. She's going to let her daughter's boyfriend piss on her.

Sarah pulls Jack's meat out of her daughter's anus and leads Jack off the bed by his cock. Sarah then kneels down on the floor before Jack's piss laden dick. She tilts her head back and opens her mouth wide. With Paige now sitting upright on the bed and holding Douce in her arms, she sees her boyfriend urinating over her mother's face.

Paige watches her mum drinking her boyfriend's hot piss.

`This is what I really think of your mum, Paige' Jack tells her as a stream of golden rain pours down onto her Sarah's face `.........did she tell you that the other day when I was nearby and needed a piss, I knocked on your mum's door and instead of going up to use the loo, I just pissed all over her'

`........... no she didn't' a bemused Paige replies.

`Yeah I did..........I pissed all over her and then left' Jack continues and then laughs.

Paige looks at her mum, who nods to confirm Jack's story.

What a disgusting animal Jack is.

Anyway once Jack had finished pissing on Sarah, he calls Paige over to him. He now takes hold of Douce and makes Paige kneel on the floor next to her piss smelling mum. Jack then swings Douce upside down and holds her by her tiny feet. Standing right next to Sarah's and Paige's faces, he brings her 10 month old mouth right up to his still stiff chopper. Looking down at Paige and her mum, he places his knob onto Douce's tiny baby mouth lips. With Jack grinning, both girls watch him forcing his cock into baby Douce's tiny mouth. Back crying again, Douce has a cock being rammed between her 10 month old lips, into her mouth and down her narrow baby throat. Very soon she has about 4 inch's of thick pedo cock-meat, stretching it, residing inside her.

Her baby mouth is then violently and relentlessly raped by Jack right in front of her mother and grand-mother for at least the next 5 minutes.

Paige just lets her boyfriend enjoy her baby daughter's mouth in front of her and her mum and does nothing at all to stop him.

Jack just laughs out loud at them.

He rocks his hips back and fro, enjoying a 10 month old baby, her gob wrapped tight around his rock hard 19 year old 9 inch pedophile dick.

And it feels wonderful to him.

Jack looks down towards Sarah and says to her `look what I'm doing to your grand-daughter now, Sarah'

A small smile appears across Sarah's face.

`..........and you and your daughter are just letting me do this to her...........what a incredible and disgusting mother and daughter pair you both are'

Jack continues for awhile longer before saying to Sarah `here you hold her now, Sarah'

Sarah gets up off the floor and takes hold of her 10 month old grand-daughter's tiny feet. Bringing Douce's face ever closer still to her own mother's face, Jack then rapes Douce's baby mouth still further as her grand-mother now assists in this pedophilic sexual act.

Jack now leans back, his torso bent as he rams more and more of his filthy, dirty, baby loving meat into Douce's mouth and throat. Her 10 month old mouth is being stretched to its limits.

Her sole purpose in being there is to please a pedophile's cock.

With an evil looking face now, Jack then asks Sarah `would you like to molest your grand-daughter..........your 10 month old grand-daughter........in front of her mother.........your daughter...........would you, Sarah?'

Sarah glances quickly at her daughter and then shakes her head that she would.

`.............good...........molest her then' Jack says smiling.

Taking a deep breath, Sarah pulls Douce's mouth away from Jack's cock. She turns Douce's body the right way up (she holds her now by her armpits). Sarah drops to her knees. Dangling Douce just above her head, Sarah looks towards her daughter first before she brings Douce's dangling legs towards her face. As she approaches Sarah sticks out her grandma tongue. The grand-mother then puts her tongue between Douce's legs and brings to lick her grand-daughter's baby pussy.

At first Paige is shocked but very soon is smiling again. She watches her mum licking away at her sobbing baby's cunt. Sarah has her eyes turned to look at her daughter all the time.

`Wow' Jack starts to say `.........look at your mum now, Paige........I bet you didn't ever think that your mum wanted all along to molest your daughter like that......did you now...........well it looks like she did...........the slag..........your mum's really just a dirty, fucking filthy slut..........isn't she..........one that just wants to put her tongue onto your baby daughter's cunt and eat her out'.

Paige just sits there and watches and says nothing.

Then all of a sudden, Sarah lays Douce onto the bed. She then goes and crouches over her baby face. She looks over to her wide eyed daughter before she starts to perform a totally beautiful sex act that all grand-mother's should do to their grand-daughter's (what ever their age) at least once in their lives by lowering her grandma cunt slowly down onto her grand-daughter's face. Douce's baby blue eyes look really big as they stare up at this big hairy cunt coming down towards her. Jack looks over to Paige, who is just transfixed on what her mother is doing right now. Still staring at her 16 year old daughter, Sarah then rubs her dirty, mature 47 year old minge all over Douce's 10 month old face, soaking it in her filthy grandma juice. The look she was giving to her daughter was that she has really wanted to do this to her grand-child for along time.

A quite truly beautiful and pure pedophilic sex scene this is and is now being performed expertly in one of the Breaker family's bedrooms.

Grand-mother Sarah was slowly bringing herself off on her grand-daughter. Soon her whole body begins to shake. She swings her head back and finally cum’s with almighty cry. After several seconds, Sarah brings her head back to face her daughter. There is a look of ecstasy etched across it before a smile reappears. Still staring at her daughter, Sarah slowly lifts her body up from her grand-daughter's face. It shows Douce's to be covered in a sticky mess. Several strings of cum are seen joining Douce's face up to her grand-mother's cunt.

Then without any warning what's so ever, Sarah starts to urinate over her grand-child. She keeps completely still in a couching position with piss just pouring down and running all over baby Douce's face and hair.

Sarah smiles at her daughter.

(Note to readers - if there are any grand-mothers out there reading this that would love to do these sorts of things to their grand-daughter (s), whatever their age (s), please send me an email. I would love to here from you. Thanks.)

Once finished, Sarah then swings her leg over Douce's face and gets off the bed.

Sarah and Jack just stare at Paige to see what her reaction is to what her mother had just done to her baby. They didn't need to wait for long. Paige gets off the floor and gets on the bed herself. She swings her left leg over her daughter's face and hovers her mummy cunt just above her baby's small face. Paige then slowly lowers her 16 year old wet cunt now onto her 10 month old daughter's piss soaked face and begins to work herself off over it. She smiles at her mum as she rocks her hips back and fro in ecstasy.

Paige looks down at her baby daughter `........mmmmmm that's it, darling..........eat mummy's cunt...........fucking eat.........bring mummy off'

As Jack watches this quite beautiful sex happening before him, he pulls Sarah down onto her knees. He walks over to Paige's dressing table and picks up her lipstick. Jack passes it to Sarah and tells her to 'fucking paint your lips red, ready for cock'

Sarah paints her lips.

Jack then scoops up Sarah's hair into a bob and tilts her head back. He orders her to open her mature gob wide open. This Sarah does for him. Jack then positions his dirty, smelly cock at the entrance to his girfriend's mum's mouth and says to Sarah `while Paige is enjoying her baby, I`m going to enjoy her mother. And do you want to know how I'm going to do that, Sarah?'

Sarah shakes her head 'yes' 

'By sliding your beautiful mature mouth all the way up my big stiff thick cock-shaft. And when I do that I want to see your mouth being kept wide open all the fucking time as my cock goes down your filthy grandma throat until your lips are touching my pubic hairs. And only when I say, are you then going to clamp them tight around my filthy grandma loving prick.........do you understand me, cunt.........you fucking whore'

The cunt shakes her head again `yes'

`...........so you're happy for me to treat you like this, Sarah, like a piece of fucking meat?' Jack asks her.

The cunt shakes her head once more.

`That's fucking great, you slapper'

Jack then pulls Sarah's head forward and slides her mature lipstick coated gob all the way up his thick randy fuck-pole. She's looking up at him all the fucking time as she was told too. She feels Jack's meat going in and down her throat. Her experienced lips soon reach Jack's pubic hairs. Still looking up at him, Sarah is now finally allowed to clamp her mummy lips around it. Sarah has been made to swallow her daughter's boyfriend's cock whole.

`Look at your mum now, Paige' Jack shouts out `she's swallowed the fucking lot...........the fucking slapper'

Paige smiles as she continues to ride Douce's face.

Jack looks down at a kneeling Sarah and tells her that she looks 'fucking beautiful with a cock in her mouth'.

She stares up at Jack, her brightly coloured red lips wrapped tightly around the shaft of her daughter's boyfriend's cock.

Jack then looks over towards his girlfriend and asks her `what shell I do to your mum next, Paige, to punish her for what she just done to your baby daughter?'

`.........fuck her face, Jack' quickly comes the reply back.

Jack looks down at Sarah, grinning `..........did you hear that, Sarah, your daughter wants me to fuck your face as your punishment for what you've just done to her daughter. Well I'm not one to disobey her, am I..........so take it like a good mother would, Sarah'

Keeping Sarah's hair still up in a bob, Jack looks at Paige and tells her to 'fucking watch this'.

Jack then starts sliding Sarah's 47 year old grandma mouth up and down his thick randy 19 year old, 9 inch cock shaft, relentlessly. He slides her mouth from his pubic hairs to his helmet and back with every stroke.

`Is this what you want me to do to your mum as punishment, Paige?' Jack asks his girlfriend.

Paige opens eyes from working herself off over her baby's face and says `yeah........that's perfect, Jack.........just keep on doing that to mum for awhile'

Jack smiles `..............no problem..........no problem at all'

So just picture the scenario which we have here readers: a grandma on her knees being face fucked by her daughter's teenage boyfriend while her daughter is on the bed sitting on her baby's face, working herself off on her.

I would say that's quite some scene to picture, hey folks.

Wouldn't you love to be Jack right now or just watching all this in the room.

I know I would.

Jack after awhile takes his hand away from the top of Sarah's head. The grandma whore now continues all on her own. She's sliding her mouth up and down repeatedly, the dirty whore, on the shaft of her daughter's boyfriend's very lucky fuck-pole on her own steam now.

Jack just stands there, legs apart, looking down and grinning, watching what his girlfriend's mum is doing to his dick, with her eyes staring up at him all the time.

'..........that's it.......you beautiful cunt.......eat your daughter's boyfriend's cock like the good, filthy slut that you are, Sarah' Jack tells her 'suck the cock that's just raped your grand-daughter.
Sarah gives out a small smile to that, her mouth full of her daughter's boyfriend's cock.

Every now and then Jack holds Sarah's face up against his pubic hairs as her lips reach them. With her looking up at him, Jack holds her there for several seconds before finally releasing her. The lucky bastard is filling and stretching his girlfriend's mum's throat with his thick, hard 9 inch throbbing cock.

Jack just looks down and grins at Sarah, as he enjoys her mouth.

Paige by now was reaching her climax. Like her mum, her body starts to jerk violently. She cums all over her baby. And just like her mum, when she finally lifts her cunt from Douce's face, it too has sticky cum attaching to her pussy and her baby's face. There is several strings of it, just like her mum had.

Sarah continues to fuck her face up and down her daughter's boyfriend's dick, still staring up at Jack, her lips are now starting to become a bit sore.

Paige lifts herself off Douce and gets on all fours, her head now down between Douce's kicking legs, her arse high in the air. She looks back at her mum, who's mouth has just been finally pulled off of her boyfriend's randy dick.

`...............can you join me, mum now?' Paige asks `help me to molest Douce'.

`Yes, darling' Sarah replies and immediately gets off the floor and goes and gets on the bed next to her daughter, getting into the same position as her. Jack now sees his girlfriend and her mum with their mini skirted clad arses sticking high in the air, next to each other and their heads between a baby's thighs.

Jack walks around the bed and stands and watches for awhile a mother with her mum committing depraved sexual acts on the mother's baby girl together. He watches them both licking away at a baby's cunt, then her arsehole. Then they both at the same time force a finger each into Douce's 10 month old cunt-hole and work them together in and out of her. Then with 2 fingers buried in her cunt, Paige and her mum put a finger each together and push them both simultaneously into Douce's baby arsehole now. Douce now has 4 fingers deep in her, 2 in her cunt and 2 up her arse. Sarah and Paige then rape Douce's 2 tiny holes together using just their fingers. They're smiling at each other as they do it, as Douce now cry’s.

As this was going on, Jack walks round to admire mother and daughter's arses. Both had their mini skirts tight around the very top half of their bums. He could see both their arseholes. Jack walks slowly up to Sarah's (on his left) big wide bum, his big cock swinging from side to side and puts it onto her exposed shit-hole. As she was still being preoccupied with abusing her baby grand-daughter, Jack violently rams his thick, hard meat balls deep straight up Sarah's shitter in one almighty go. This makes her whole body violently jolt forward. Jack then does exactly as he did before and very, very slowly pulls out of her. He then moves over to his girlfriend. He gives her the same treatment.

Sarah and Paige both receive 12 balls deep violent strokes each up their arseholes.

He's treating this mother and daughter pair as total whores.

Then as Jack is slowly pulling out of Paige's bum for the 12th time, she looks back at him and asks Jack if he would like to fuck her and Douce together now.

`................fucking right I do, you slag' was the reply.

The next scene has Paige sitting in a chair with her high heeled legs draped over the arms. Her beautiful 16 year old cunt completely exposed for Jack's dick. She is holding her baby daughter still against her chest, her legs open, her tiny cunt position just above her mum's. Sitting in a chair next to Paige is her mum in exactly the same position. Sarah has picked up a empty beer bottle.

Paige looks at her boyfriend and says to him `..........come and fuck me and Douce together, my pedophilic boyfriend'

Jack grins, the continuingly lucky git.

Paige then sees her boyfriend and his big, hard cock coming towards her and her baby daughter, with the sole intention of fucking them both together. Jack kneels on the floor on a couple of cushions. He first puts his knob onto Paige's cunt. Smiling at her as she stares back at him, he rams into her. Her whole body jerks with the force. Jack then fucks her in the cunt. After several strokes, he pulls out of her and moves up a bit and places the head of his thick, hard meat onto Douce's baby minge. Smiling at Paige, he rapes her baby girl as he stares intently into Paige's eyes. Douce has even more of Jack's pedo big hard dick now in her than ever before. The yob moves it in and out repeatedly inside her 10 month old raped hole.

As Jack does this, he looks over to see Sarah with the head of the beer bottle now stuck in her dirty, filthy grand-mother cunt, working it in and out. Jack grins. When he pulls out of Douce, instead of immediately going back down to Paige's cunt, he moves over to Sarah. Pulling the bottle out, he turns it around to the thick end. Sarah stares at Jack as she lets her daughter's boyfriend push the thick end into her arsehole. She winces with the pain. Sarah's arsehole is now being stretched to its limits. With the beer bottle left in Sarah's arse, Jack goes back to fucking his girlfriend and raping her 10 month old baby daughter together.

I must say readers I bet you would love to be Jack right now. I know I would.
Love to hear from you if you do.

Jack carries on with Paige and Douce for around a further 15 minutes like this.

Douce is now crying her heart out while her mum, Paige, just smiles at her boyfriend all the time.

Jack loves this.

Then Paige suddenly pushes Jack away and gets up from the chair. She walks over to her mum with Douce cradling in her arms. She whispers something in her mum's ear before pulling the buried deep beer bottle out of her mum's arsehole.

Jack sees Sarah now getting on the bed and lying on her back. 

With Douce still being cradled her in her arms and crying, Paige says to her boyfriend `................go over to mum and straddle her face.........all three of us are now going to drain your cock for you'

Fucking hell Jack, you lucky git.

Grinning and nodding to himself, 19 year old Jack willingly straddles Sarah's mature 47 year old cock draining face. His balls hanging over her freshly coated lipstick painted mouth. He looks down at the grandma whore below him and gives her an evil look.

Sarah smiles back up at him.

Jack then adverts his glaze back to Paige and Douce.

Still cradling a naked Douce in her arms, Paige gets on the bed now. She lays Douce down cross ways, right in front of Jack's rock hard piece of pedo fuck-meat. The baby's face is adjusted carefully by Paige, so that it is in line with the end of her boyfriend's huge cock-meat. Paige then lies on her stomach and brings her face right up to Douce's, so that they are both touching. They are now in direct firing line to receive a wad full of randy spunk from her boyfriend's randy prick, when he finally cums. The head of it is just an inch or two from both her and her baby daughter's mouths.

Smiling up at Jack, Paige tells her boyfriend that her mum is going to milk his balls dry for him and that when he is ready he is to spurt all over her and Douce's faces at the same time with his filthy, dirty pedo mess. 

Of course Jack loves this idea.

`Ok mum........milk him dry........milk my boyfriend's pedophile cock off all over mine and Douce's faces for me mum, please'

`Yes dear.....of course I will' was all grandma slut Sarah said to that request coming out off her 16 year old daughter's mouth.

With Jack looking down at her still in heaven, smiling Sarah raises her experienced mouth up to put her daughter's boyfriend's spunk filled heavy looking ball sack into her 47 year old grandma mouth and begin the quite beautiful sordid pedophilic task of sucking them with the sole objective to finally empty them all over her 16 year old daughter and her baby grand daughter's 10 month old faces.

Jack looks down at Sarah, grinning and nodding away at her. His balls looked really good he thought to himself with a pair of mature brightly coloured red lips wrapped around them, sucking on them.

He then looks up at Paige, who was also smiling at him, waiting for him shoot his dirty, filthy randy white hot sperm all over her and her baby's faces.

`Drain him, mum' Paige came out with `drain my boyfriend's cock all over your daughter and your 10 month old baby grand daughter's faces........I know you want too badly, mum'

Jack's girlfriend's mum really worked on him good and proper. She was really good at it.

What a grandma she is.

Jack tries to last as long as he can, to get maximum enjoyment. He does well, probably lasting just under 6 minutes in all. 

But he couldn't hold out forever.

`Yeah...that's it Sarah.............work that fucking dick off........you fucking piece of filthy grandma cunt..........let it shoot all over your fucking daughter and her baby's face..........you fucking dirty slag.'

Then it suddenly happens.

Shot and shot of red hot sperm comes shooting out of Jack's dick, covering Paige and her baby's daughter's faces in a matter of seconds. It keeps on coming as Paige's mum Sarah milks her daughter's boyfriend's cock dry, using just her mouth.
Jack looks down in total awe at the quite beautiful filthy pedo scene that is going on down between his spread eagled legs.

He has three generations of the same family draining his dick for him.

The Breaker family.

One is 47 years old, one is 16 years old and one is just 10 months old and they're all related.

This has to be quite something readers, don't you all agree.

Just imagine that happening to your cock right now.

Wonderful hey.

Well it's happening to Jack, the lucky git.

Paige's face is now a total mess. But Douce's is quite something else. Her little 10 month old face is completely soaked in Jack's pedo sperm. It was running in all fucking directions, across her forehead, face cheeks and chin. Paige smiles big time at the mess her boyfriend has caused to her and her baby daughter.

`Thanks mum' she says.

Sarah stops sucking on Jack's nuts and replies `.....that's ok, darling........did I do good'

`Yes mum..........I think you've drain him dry'.

`That's good, baby' Sarah says smiling as she looks up at a recovering Jack `let me get up from here so that we can both lick the spunk from Douce's face'

`Ok mum' Paige beams back.

Jack moves away and sits on the bed. With his cock going limp, he watches Paige and her mum licking and sharing his semen from Paige's 10 month old baby daughter's face. Soon Sarah's face and lips are covered with his sperm as well.

Paige picks up Douce and cradles her in her arms. She brings her face right up to hers. Her mother Sarah then brings her face up next to her daughter and grand daughter.

All three are looking at Jack now, their faces covered with his spunk.

`Satisfied now Jack?' Paige says to him `you have your spunk all over me, mum and my baby daughter's faces at the same time...........and you have raped my baby daughter in front of me and mum and fucked me and mum in the process as well.............happy now, Jack?'

Jack nods back at them `yeah...............yeah I am..........I loved it.........did you both?'

Paige smiles `.............I did.........how about you mum?'

`.............yes darling..............I loved it too' said a beaming Sarah Breaker.

Jack nods and leaves the room.

He picks up his jeans that were left in the hallway, puts them on and goes down the pub to get pissed with his yobbo mates.

Now that's what I call an afternoon, he thinks to himself.


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