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    Author: Freedom35
       Title: Mother and Daughter Tales - Breakfast at Becky's
                  Summary: This short story was inspired by an idea sent to me by a reader.
      Keywords: MF toddlers

Breakfast at Becky’s


Mum of three Becky was in her kitchen preparing breakfast for her two youngest daughters, Olivia (3) and Nora (5).

The girls were sitting at the breakfast bar with their bowls full of cereal.

`Can we have some milk, mummy?' Nora asks `can we have the creamy stuff?'

`Yes darling..........of course you can' Becky replies as she opens her fridge door.

`Oh, I'm sorry babies we're all out of full fat milk'

`But mummy' Nova cries getting all upset 'we like that one.......we love it on our cereals, it makes it all nice and creamy'

`Yes darling, I know' a now concerned Becky replies.

Becky stops and thinks `I know what sweethearts' Becky tells her two sad looking toddler daughters.

`Dan, can you come in here we need you quick' Becky shouts down the hallway.

Dan is 18. He's the boyfriend of Becky's eldest daughter. Becky had her from a previous relationship. Dan often hangs around Becky's house, mostly slobbering about in the lounge watching TV all day long, which is what he is doing on this particular morning.

`Ok' Dan replies as he reluctantly gets up off the sofa.

Fucking hell mate get your fucking arse off that sofa and get double quick into the kitchen, you prat.

All Dan was wearing that morning was some loose pyjama bottom's (he was bear chested).

Dan walks slowly (for Christ sake) into the kitchen to be greeted immediately by a panicking Becky.

`Quick Dan, sit on this stool. I need you this morning. The girls want something creamy on their breakfast cereal and I need to leave soon to get them to pre-school before I go off to work' the mum says to the half awake teenager.

Dan finally sits on the stool, legs apart (we're finally getting somewhere now, readers).

'I haven't got the time to go to the shops' Becky starts telling simple Dan 'so I'm going to have to toss you off and use the spunk from your balls to make me and the girls cereals all nice and creamy'.

Olivia and Nova look over just in time to see their mummy kneeling down on the floor next to Dan (on his left hand side). They see their mummy tugging at the front of Dan's pyjama bottoms to expose his limp willy.

Immediately mum Becky scoops it up in her mature hand and starts to jerk it.

Within 30 seconds or so she has a fully erect cock in her mummy hand.

Mum Becky wanks her eldest daughter's Kelly (who is 13) boyfriend's cock.

Her mature hand moving steadily up and down, gripping it tightly.

Dan finally begins to grin (took his fucking time, didn't he).

3 year old Olivia and 5 year old Nova beam and giggle to themselves as they watch their mummy stroking a big, hard dick over the other side of the kitchen. Its contents soon to be added into their bowels.


Becky turns and looks towards her smiling daughters `Nova darling, can you bring that plastic beaker over'

`Yes mummy' Nova says in her sweet little toddler voice.

Nova gets off her stool and take's the beaker over to her mum.

                   `Darling, hold the beaker just there' Becky says to her 5 year old daughter as she points to the tip of Dan's cock                                               

 `I don't think it will be long before we'll be needing it'

Becky's hand is now furiously jerking away on Dan's teenage long, hard fuck-pole, the lucky boy.

5 year old Nova smiles up at her older sister's boyfriend as she holds the beaker nice and still, ready to capture the creamy cum when it finally shoots out.

She's never been so close to a hard dick before, especially one that's being worked off hard by her mum.

Becky looks up at Dan `is that nice?' she asks him

`Mmmmmmmmm fucking yeah' is all Dan could say (I really give up, readers).

Nova's extremely young eyes are focused on her mum moving her hand up and down, up and down on Dan's extremely lucky meat.         

It’s just inches from her little face.

Imagine that folks, your cock being wanked off like that while a little 5 year old girl stands right next to it, just watching it happening.

I Fucking Can.

`Do you like watching me masturbating your dick in front of Nova and Olivia?' mum Becky suddenly asks Dan.

`Yeah.....I fucking do' as Dan replies, now finally coming to life (better late than never, hey folks).

Becky's right hand is really working overtime now, moving at some speed `give me your spunk, Dan…I know Nova wants it'

Dan grins `well fucking ask her then slag' Dan orders Becky.

Becky smiles and then looks down at Nova holding the beaker by Dan's cockhead `do you want spunk, darling?' she asks her daughter.

5 year old Nova giggles `yes mummy.......I want spunk'


Dan grins `now ask Olivia' he tells Becky while continuing to watch his dick being beautifully worked off by a mum.

Becky looks over to her youngest daughter now, who is still sitting at the breakfast bar and asks her the same question.

`Yes mummy.....I want spunk too' 3 year old Olivia replies smiling.

Dan then tells Becky to call Olivia over to him.

3 year old Olivia comes skipping over to join in the fun. She stands next to her smiling sister.

`Put her hand just above yours onto my stiff pole' Dan orders the mother.

Dan watches 39 year old Becky stop jerking his prick momentarily and taking hold her 3 year old daughter's hand. She places it gently around Dan's hard thick meat, just above hers.

A mum and her toddler are now holding Dan's dick between them as the mum's other daughter, 5 year old Nova still continues to hold the beaker up against the bellend.

`Now Becky just for a little while I want you and Olivia to wank me off together but when I say I want you to remove your hand and let Olivia jerk the dick all on her fucking own.........ok cunt' Dan tells Becky.

`Ok Dan' comes the reply quickly comes back.

Becky now looks at her youngest daughter ‘ready baby' Becky asks her.

Olivia beams 'ready mummy'

Dan then grins down and watches his meat being masturbated by a sexy mother and her equally gorgeous fuckable 3 year old daughter, while the mother's other toddler daughter stands next to it waiting to collect his cum when it finally shots out of his cock.


`Mmmmmmm yeah..........that's it...........fucking work that fucker off..........you fucking pair of family cunts' Dan shouts out.

After about 3 minutes of letting Becky jerk his cock with Olivia, Dan tells Becky to remove her hand. This she willingly as Dan, Becky and 5 year old Nova then watch
3 year old Olivia wanking a cock all on her fucking own.

And it looks fucking magic forks, I can tell you.

3 year old Olivia is really good at it. But to be honest with you, her tiny hand does struggle to get it's self around the girth of Dan's thick, hard shaft.

The tips of her fingers can't quite touch her thumb, if you know what I mean.

Toddler Olivia does her best though to hold onto Dan's prick as she jerks away at it.

While Olivia is doing this wonderful thing, Becky is given the perfect opportunity to ask Dan what happened yesterday afternoon after he had brought her daughter, Kelly, back home after school.

`Did you get up to anything with her, Dan?' Becky asks him.

As Dan continues to enjoy the feeling of Olivia's 3 year old hand moving up and down on his meat, she tells Becky `yeah I fucked her......and not only her but Jessica too (Jessica is Kelly's best friend, who is only 12) I fucked them both while they were still in their school uniforms'

`Go on, Dan' Becky tells him.

`I fucked them both in the arse, then I watched them both licking each others pussy’s before I finally face fucked the pair of them while they were kneeling on the floor next to each other. I finished off by sprayed their schoolgirl faces with hot spunk'

Becky nods and says nothing. It just confirmed what she had suspected.

She had a feeling something had gone on yesterday after school.

Anyway Becky's eyes go back to her daughter's tiny hand busily working away on Dan's stiff dick.

Olivia really knows how to jack a cock off, I can tell you.

She keeps it in a perfectly upright position, her 3 year old hand moving quickly with a nice steady rhythm.

She is smiling at the dick all the fucking time.




'Mmmmmmmmm yeah...work that fucker off you little cunt, you fucking gorgeous piece of rapemeat' Dan says to Olivia 'jack a hard stiff meat off you fucking beautiful piece of fuck........mmmmmmmmmm yeah that's it.....fucking wank it off cunt.....you beautiful little fucking toddler'

3 year old Olivia wanks a cock off.

She's fucking good at it, folks. Really fucking good.

And she's got her mum and sister watching her too.....watching her jerk a cock off.


Dan starts to cum.

Well you would, wouldn't you being jerked off by a 3 year old.

`Jesus Christ.........here it comes' Dan shouts out.

`Quickly honey, hold the beaker completely still at the end of the cock' Becky quickly tells her now giggling 5 year old daughter Nova.

Olivia giggles too.

Becky grabs hold of Dan's dick again and together with Olivia, they empty Dan's lucky prick of his spunk into the plastic beaker. 

Dan shoots shot after shot of thick hot white creamy spunk into it. It splashes all over the insides and fills up quickly to about a quarter full.

Becky, Nova and Olivia are now all beaming with happiness.

They can now have the breakfast that they all wanted all along that morning, courtesy of lay about Dan.

`Thanks' Becky says as she squeezes the shaft to get the last remaining drops of cum out of it `that was a nice big load you've just given us......thank you so much.......I bet by the looks of it, you needed that'.

`Yeah......yeah I fucking did bitch' the lucky boy replies now smiling.

Becky then turns and smiles at Nova `here let mummy take that from you, darling.....the two of you go back and sit at the breakfast table....mummy will bring the spunk over to you in a moment'

Nova and her sister smile and skip happily back together over to where they were sitting before.

Becky tells Dan that he can go back into the lounge.

`Ok' is all that he could muster to say after having his dick worked off by his girlfriend's mum and her toddler sister, only so that the mum and her two toddler daughter's can enjoy a nice creamy breakfast.

Quite unbelievable that folks, don't you all agree.

So slowcoach Dan gets off his stool and walks back down the hallway and goes and sits in the lounge.

Thank Christ for that.

Becky then grabs hold of her breakfast dish, containing her cereal. She pours some non-fat milk into her and her daughter's bowls first. Becky then takes the plastic beaker containing Dan's semen and pours a bit each, first into hers and then into her two daughter's bowls. Becky then sits next to her infant daughters at the breakfast bar and all three tuck into their spunk coated cereal.

Fresh spunk straight from Becky's eldest daughter's boyfriend's cock.

Now that's what I call a wonderful scene, folks.

It would be quite something to see that, hey readers.

Becky smiles at her two daughter's `tastes nice, doesn't it girls'

`Yes mummy, it does' smiling 5 year old Nova says first `Dan's spunk is quite tasty, isn't it Olivia?'

3 year old Olivia then gives out one of those toddler chuckles, that only toddlers of her age can do `yessssssss it does Nova'

Mum Becky smiles at her two toddler daughters as all three of them happily munch away at their spunk coated cereal.

All three giggle and smile at each other.

And just as they were finishing off, licking their spoons, Dan reappears at the kitchen door.

`Is there any breakfast going?' he asks.


`Sorry I've got to get the girls off to school now Dan and I've got to get to work as well otherwise we'll be late' Becky tells twat Dan, the village idiot.

Fucking hell Dan, you're just fucking unbelievable, mate.