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Thanks to all those readers who have written, this page exists because of your interest!

The Ancients series explores a world much like ours, but for the few passionate and dangerous immortals who love and hate in the deepest shadows.

My apologies to new readers! I do try to keep in mind those folks who are arriving "fresh" to my work, but you will find each tale contains a minimum of exposition about what has gone before in the world of Corelle D'Amber. You may wish to start with Corelle's debut in 'Friendly Takeover' or from the prequel 'Sonata'. Please consult my library page if you want the correct order of the stories or help with the "cast list".

The Corelle character was my first foray into erotic writing, but as you will see in my library section, there are other voices in my fiction. You will also find other authors who have been invited to particpate in my series. You must contact me before presuming to use my copyrighted characters or my tales as background.

My tales will often contain MC (mind control), FD (fem dominant), FF (fem fem sex), and EDI (Extremely Disturbing Imagination). All stories are copyrighted.


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--January 2006: Thanks to those who take time to comment on my work. This was great feedback and encouragement. Click image to go read the nominees.

--August 2005: four years ago I went 'cold turkey' after writing the epilogue scenes to the Ancient's Series. Emails and comments about that writing have naturally disappeared. These days I write when Inspired and try to keep my ideas from getting 'rusty' with disuse.

With some pleasure, I present something with a different set of rules and an odd flavor of its own. Gutter-princess of Xanadu

Many thanks to those who have stayed in touch and remained patient with my less prolific mood.

--2005: I have been teasing some flash pieces together that might come to something this year.

--2005: thanks to the boojums for proofing the 'Vee' trilogy:
Elle and Vee
Elle and Vee and Exx
Elle and Vee and Exx and You

--2004: thanks to Thrall and other boojums for getting me to write Quick and Dirty: Seeking

--2004: thanks to Wiseguy's seed concept, I wrote a short fiction regarding how those with the talent for Mind Control might see themselves. It is called "Only the Lonely." This follows on some themes addressed in "What Kind of Monster?"

--2003: nominated for writing award by asstr for "What Kind of Monster?", a 2002 Halloween story

--2003 a new Ancients tale by blankpage linked in library

--note email warnings below
--a quick essay
what is 'mind control' in fiction?
how does it attempt to be erotic?
what makes it arousing?
what sort of situations will readers find?
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Kelly story and website erotica. including a story written for me after my team, the Hurricanes, won the Bedtime Cup football championship for 2001

Special note of these authors, who have multiplied my understanding and appreciation for erotic fiction by their distinct contributions to the genre.

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Erotic Mind Control Story Archive - alphabetical list of my tales

Everything I write is my best attempt at Art and is under copyright by international law.
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