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Paul's Big Find Paul's Big Find is the first composition of the Erotica Author. It is meant as a learning vehicle to more substantial works in the future. Since this is a learning exercise consistency is not always a priority. One facet of long erotic novels that I have not enjoyed is that many lose the intensity of the sex and expand to introduce too many characters. I am trying to avoid this here. Whether I succeed will only be evident to the reader.


The versions of the works on this web site are the official versions.

Chapter 1
Paul loses interest in treasure hunting.
Chapter 2 Undetected metal.
Chapter 3 Both Paul and the car get waxed.
Chapter 4 Paul loses something he has had too long.
Chapter 5 Paul tries on a new suit
Chapter 6 Paul makes a discovery at school
Chapter 7 A look back.
Chapter 8 Bob is brought into the fold
Chapter 9 The Instructor
Chapter 10 The Sleepover
Chapter 11 Almost Caught