Rose and Thorn; or how we resolved our marriage and became professional slave traders

Revised by Van Byrd

"You see," I mentioned, as I tapped the top of Rachel's head paternally.

"I guess you could say that Rose and I have a kind of parenting streak. We've come to love taking in strays. Which you should know, of course, considering you have been one of the beneficiaries of that fact. And we always hoped for children. But who has the time anymore to start a family? And Rose has such a splendid figure, don't you agree? It would be a shame to ruin it. That's why we thought that you would be the perfect mother of our new child."


"Oh, come on Rachie," I idly moved aside a strand of her hair so I could see her face.   "There's really no reason to protest. Teen pregnancy is on the rise anyway. And let's face it. Your tits are definitely in need of some work. Rose was thinking about getting them done but this is so much less expensive. Plus, we could always use the milk. Now be a good daughter and keep sucking."

I pushed Rachel's head down until my cock was fully sheathed in her throat. I was always a little proud of my girl when I did this. It seems like when we got her she gagged at nothing more than a finger. Children grow up so fast.

I guess I should explain myself so you don't get the wrong idea. Rachel was Rose's and my third adoption together after our marriage issues were finally resolved. We had two more before Rachel and God knows if I had my way we would have still had them, I'm not the type to get bored easily, but unfortunately, my wife is.

So the first one was sold to a black pimp in Detroit, which, now that I think about it, was really what kind of threw both of us into our new profession, and the second was auctioned off over the Internet to a flesh dealer in Russia. That was what got us the new addition to our house.

Right now we were holding our weekly family meeting. It was my wife's idea. Every Wednesday, in the family den/dungeon.  Family meeting time was where we could take a break from our hectic schedule and really talk. Get the family on the same page. Of course, Rachel being an immature teen girl of sixteen years could not be allowed to take part in grownup conversation. That's why we kept her gagged around my cock.

"What my husband is trying to say is that I'm not getting any younger and my maternal clock is ticking. I want my baby and you're going to give it to me, you ball licking, cock sucking, ass tonguing bitch cunt!"

And that's my wife.

At the moment she was paddling Rachel's red, quivering ass cheeks. But enough about Rachel, let's talk about my wife. Considering that she is twenty-nine she's quite the bombshell. At twenty-nine myself, I might be biased, but after all the other girls we've had (willing and unwilling) I still consider her one of the most beautiful women I've ever met. Let me give you an image. She's got luscious red hair that used to hang to her shoulders in curls; Of course, she recently got that cut short at the salon. She wanted a tougher image. Now it's all spiky. And pale skin with just a hint of freckles across her nose and chest. Bright green eyes too. Bet you don't have to guess what ethnicity she is, huh?

Her actual name is Rebecca Griffin, but I got used to just calling her Rose because of the rose tattoo she had gotten across her pussy mound back in college on a dare.  She, of course, has a lot more tattoos now, a lot more piercings too. But when your wife embraces a new identity you have to be supportive. As supportive as the thermoplastic corsets she now wears that have the appealing nature of pushing up and out her two most distinguished characteristics.

I have always been a tit man. And she had quite the set when we got married. 36DD's. They're even bigger now. She got them done for me on my birthday five years ago. Even got the tattoo cock massagers done on the bottom of each one so I knew what they were there for. Rose liked tattoos so much I always had to stop her from giving our adoptees too many and thus ruining their selling value. Her tummy isn't as flat as when we first met but she's not fat at all. Just curvy with wide hips. And a hairless pussy adorned with a few diamond studs. That was a birthday present, too. The hairlessness, that is. The studs were my anniversary present to her.

I was off in my rumination when I looked down and Rose had her hands wrapped around Rachel's neck and was forcibly making her nod her head up and down. This had the dual effect of having Rachel's throat bend and tighten around my cock and to make Rachel appear as if she was in agreement. That was how my wife was, she liked everything to be consensual. Of course, the tears running down Rachie's face suggested she was not consenting at all.

"Honey," I said, "Her face is kind of red. I think she's gonna pass out."

"Oh God, that would make me so horny."

Rose was riding along Rachel's back like Rachel was some kind of horse. A slick trail of cum was smeared across Rachel's spine. Rose's pendulous breasts would brush against the top of the poor girl's head.

"Well, in that case, I suppose it's the point on our agenda to select a breeding date."

"Honey, I have a small addition to the agenda." Rose had paused from rubbing her pussy along Rachel's back to strap on her, well, strap-on.

"Yes, dear."

"Well, you know it has always been a dream of mine ever since I was a little girl to have an exotic baby, you know, like Hispanic or African."

"Well, what would you propose?" I was downtrodden. I already knew what was coming, of course. Still, I had kind of hoped that I could be the father.

"Well, dear, I thought we might invite our friend Tyrone or those nice Hispanic men we met at that Sex Slave conference at El Maceia in Tijuana."

At this point Rachel was visibly struggling to get free. Generally, we were at the point where she was mostly docile, but occasionally there were flair ups. Of course, there was nothing she could do. Her hands were tied tightly behind her. She was basically a tripod balancing on her two wobbly legs and her face, which was buried in my crotch, with her mouth locked open by the cock ring and my throat-wrapped dick providing the third leg. But Rose was always the better discipliner in the family. She had gotten the strap on and had slammed it deep into Rachel's pussy so forcefully that even I winced. Then she reached to grab her by the roots of her hair and began to manually pull her head up and down on my cock while she fucked her from behind.

Soon Rachel was mewling like a poor wet little kitten. Spittle collected in gooey bubbles on her bottom lip.

She was so adorable that it just broke my heart.

I finished cumming in her throat and pulled her off me. A long line of cum and spit slopped from her big red vagina of a mouth and onto the floor. Rose was furious. She had just cleaned the living room the day before. Well, she had actually supervised Rachel cleaning it.

She pulled the cock ring out of Rachel's whimpering mouth and pushed her head into the floor.

"You lick up that mess right now you little brat. You should be ashamed of yourself. And don't think that you can suck off my husband and we're through here. You still have a pussy to lick, young lady."

As Rose pushed the kneeling Rachel between her legs I went off to make some phone calls.

* * *

The day of the breeding had arrived. Rose and I had strapped Rachel by the neck and wrists to the wooden horse and she was now proudly on display in our living room. Cold beers and sandwiches were set up at a table on her right. We always liked being good hosts. Rachel had begged us not to do this to her. I think that she still was under the misconception that her life would one day return to normal, that she would someday be something more than a piece of property.

I remember when we got her so proudly. She used to be one of those skater punk girls. Always skateboarding up and down the sidewalk outside our house, hanging out with grungy punk kids to whom I am sure she would have ended up losing her virginity. She was all cockiness back then at fifteen with her sideways baseball cap, spiky hair, and low hanging jeans. It was pretty easy to kidnap her. Knocked her off that skateboard when no one was looking. If she wasn't unconscious when she hit the ground, the chloroform did the rest. Locked her in our basement. No lights, no talking, no visual stimuli for three weeks until the authorities finally gave up the search.

Then, of course, came basic training. We never went too far at this, mostly basic obedience. We're pretty lenient parents and often the buyer will want to train the slave later on his own. So it's best to begin tabula rasa. Still, it was fun getting that skater trash spunk out of her. My favorite was when we hung her up by her nipple rings and she had to balance herself on a skateboard. Then we paddled her soft, prepubescent ass. I swear her nipples grew a good inch after that day. Her little A cup breasts were sore for weeks.

Looking at her now, I contemplated that she did indeed have a tremendously beautiful body.  She was a small girl, only 4 feet 7, with a little baby fat still that made her skin soft and unblemished. But skinny, too, with small apple breasts and a fatty-perfect little pussy mound as soft as a baby's bottom. Her skin was dark with some Asian features. One of her parents may have been Japanese or Filipino. That meant the Far East market was out--they only wanted big-titted blondes; so she'd end up either in the inner city or South America. She definitely didn't have birthing hips, and all and all, I imagined that the eventual birth was going to be pretty painful. Her body was going to lose some of it's value after that, but it couldn't be helped. Rose decided to keep the little nose piercing, but replaced the girls studs with a ring so we could use it as a leash. She pierced those little apple breasts too, just to give us something to really hold onto.

But today our guests had arrived. Tyrone and Rico. Tyrone was a long time friend. He was a pimp with a stable of about twenty girls in Detroit. Occasionally, we would assist in getting him fresh meat. Rico we had met at a sex industry conference in Tijuana. He had come up with a rather brilliant demonstration of the uses of heroin for behavior modification. We sometimes use his concoctions to get our girls in the right state of mind.

"Right," said Rose, dressed stunningly in a red corset and stockings. "The impregnation party can begin, but before it does, I hate for you men to start anything without the proper sized equipment."

"Oh, brother," I thought.

Rose kneeled down regally and with both hands unzipped the two non-whites and pulled out their dicks. They were both a pretty good size, but the black one was easily the biggest. My wife licked her lips eagerly. For a second there, I swore she looked envious. But then she was all business. Licking the tip of the big, black veiny cock, while she expertly jacked the other one. Switching back and forth between them as she stared up with lust filled eyes. Feeling a little left out, I stood over by Rachel's collared head and rubbed her behind the ears as she watched wide eyed and nostrils flaring. Idly, I adjusted the butt plug so it stuck a little deeper in her ass.

Eventually, both men were rock hard and ready, but then the question remained who would go first. I unleashed Rachel's mouth gag while they paper-rock-scissored for it. She barely had enough time to moan before her mouth was full of Rico's cock. And Tyrone wasted no time in slamming his hard dick in her sixteen year old pussy. Rose crawled over to me as I watched as Rachel was stuck between a cock and a hard place.

"Jealous earlier." She smiled up at me as she reached into my pants. The touch of her moist lips around my penis caused me to gasp. I reached out grabbing her roughly by the hair.


I pushed my dick until I could feel it in her throat desperate to fuck her mouth raw. I swore I could see a smile behind her stretched out lips.

I sighed in pleasure. Out of all the faces in all the worlds that I have had to fuck, none was as good as my wife.

Meanwhile in the living room, the hobbyhorse creaked back and forth as Rachel, now nothing but a blurry jiggling of ass and tits, was pummeled from both sides. Eventually Rico began to grunt unleashing his sperm deep inside her, they quickly switched sides so that Tyrone could have his turn. Rachel's red sticky pussy barely got any relief before Tyrone was fucking it in earnest and Rico was having Rachel clean all her juices off his cock.

Watching Tyrone cum in Rachel released a doozy of an orgasm in me, which Rose as my dutiful wife drank down. As soon as he pulled out we quickly unstrapped the dazed Rachel and strapped her again on the wooden horse on her back. Then we pulled her legs until her knees reached her shoulders and strapped her ankles in behind her head.

Rachel was begging us.

"Please, Master, Mistress, I don't want to get pregnant. I'm too young to have a baby. I promise I'll be a good girl. Fuck me in the ass. Piss in my mouth. Anything. Please."

I slapped her face with my penis.


We pulled the anal plug out of her ass and shoved it back into her pussy and she was set. Slowly, the cum leaked downward towards her womb, now swarming with millions of donated sperm.

"Please, Mommy, Daddy. Don't do this. I'll be a good girl. I'll do whatever you want."

Rose interrupted her babbling by pressing her pussy down on her face.

"Come on," said Tyrone, "I brought some of my girls here." 

We walked out of the room to see eight submissive hookers all obediently on their knees with their heads bowed for their pimp.

"Here's the best of the best. All on the house. Have your pick!"

I looked over the ten girls, all bimbofied to look like obscene sex bombs. I picked a brunette dressed only in skin-tight short pants with "slut" typed out on the ass, black high heels, hair in two pony tails, outrageous amounts of neon makeup, and nipple tassels.

"Good choice, Tyrone. She's still fresh. Only had her awhile. Used to be in dance club in high school before I recruited her. Got her dancing at Fantasies on the weekends instead of fucking because she's so good."

"You like to dance?" I asked.

"Almost as much as I like to suck cock, Mister."

"Good answer."

As she gave me a lap dance to die for, I watched as Rose took control of two more blonds that looked like twins.

"Sisters." Said Tyrone. "Both Seventeen. Deputy mayor thought he'd be harsh on crime, seeing as it's an election year. Guess he didn't think we would mess with his family. Now we send him pictures of his two girls working and tell him he wouldn't want them to go hungry from lack of work."

Pressing one against her pussy and the other against her ass, Rose got them working together. Tyrone grabbed three more. And Rico two. The last one came behind me and started giving me a back massage while the brunette rubbed her ass cheeks against my hardening dick.

The girl, Hispanic, wore nothing but heels and a full fishnet body suit as she rubbed her tits on my scalp.

"Mexican, doesn't speak a work of English. Just crossed the border. I think she's fourteen," Tyrone said, while being orally serviced by three bobbing heads.

Back in the now quiet and dark living room (Rose turned the lights off as we all left), Rachel lay on the wooden horse bent in half. She wept. She could feel the cum oozing into her belly.

As the months progressed, Rachel's tits and stomach began to swell. Her belly button popped out and her little A cup breasts turned into slightly larger traffic cones with silver dollar nipples that tended to leak. (With a breast pump we were in the business of selling breast milk through one of our websites.) You could tell that Rachie was getting used to the idea of being a new mommy. Sometimes as we fucked her, her eyes would glaze over and her hands would go protectively to her stomach and, I only imagine, she would fantasize about her new family life. Sure, she would always be our slave, but in her off hours she could spend time with her new daughter. I imagine the upcoming baby was a little gleam of hope in her dark desperate life.

Of course, we wouldn't want her to give up hope.

"Just think, Rachie, when your daughter gets old enough the fun mother/daughter parties we could have. Since we'll have her home schooled you can teach her all about the number sixty-nine. It'll be the only number that she'll need to know."

Or after I came inside her.

"Jeez, Rachie, how many times do you think I'm going to cum on your little girl's head before she even leaves the womb. She'll be a bigger slut at birth then most adult women."

We just wanted Rachel to know that no matter how much we cared for her it would still always be "like mother, like daughter".

Eventually the day of the birthing arrived. We had brought in the same doctor who we used  for a lot of our adoptions. He usually did cosmetic surgeries, but for a few thousand more he was suddenly an OB-Gyn. I wish I could say I saw the birth, but they wouldn't let me into the operation room. I don't know what happened, but eventually Rachel birthed a beautiful baby girl. Black, in case you were curious. Being it was her special day, Rose let her hold it in her arms and suckle on her pretty little titties for about a half an hour, before she got jealous and took the baby away, so that she could take its place and suckle herself.

The next day we had her baby shower. As the guest of honor, Rachel was dutifully on her knees. She was still exhausted from the pregnancy and we didn't want her to exert herself so we  tied her hands behind her back and shackled them to her knees. Rose had tied her hair up into two little bows and we had put a baby bib on her to mark the occasion. We had invited practically every friend that we knew. Most of them had brought their own girls so it was practically a orgy in moments. Rose had one condition.

"Attention everyone!" I looked up from beneath my wife's legs to watch her clink a fork against her wine glass. I kept lapping at her pussy as she talked.

"It's time for our new mother to receive her baby shower gift. Is everyone ready?"

A circle began to form around little Rachie's head as several penises pointed at her face. To her credit my little girl held her tongue wide open and eager. She had gotten so much easier to control now as a single mother. Soon they began to cum, each one shooting a string across her face in her eyes, her mouth, her nostrils. Rachel received her gift licking and swallowing obscenely, her taut bulging breasts picking up whatever she missed.

Soon the men were done with her. One eye was open circling about, looking for one more man to receive. I was the last. When she saw me she smiled.

"Thank you for my baby, Master!"

"Congratulations, mommy," I said, cumming in her one untouched eye socket. There, she was blind. Both of her eyes two pearly pools of cum. That was one for the scrapbook. Later that night she slept at the foot of our bed. Her daughter by her side. We let her have these moments as long as she promised not to wake up her baby during our alarm clock fellatio and cunnilingus sessions.

Five years went by.

We continued to kidnap, train, and sell women at the rate of about once every six months. Business was good and we were doing very well for ourselves. Rachel was now a young woman of twenty-one. Her beautiful little girl looked just like her too, except for the chocolate skin. We named her Susie. My wife picked it. Rachel was the perfect, obedient slave. I think she knew that she was reaching that age where we would begin to lose interest and a sexual hysteria set in; she would do almost anything to stay with her daughter.

Her daughter's sexual education was progressing nicely. We would keep her in the room while we played with her mother, and when she asked questions we'd explain that her mother was our "whore" and our "slut" who was being "fucked up the ass" because she was our toy, just like she had hers. We had found some new pharmaceuticals that caused lactation so Rachel still had her natural rounded breasts, and Susie, at five, still breast feed. I was trying to get her as interested in the tools of the trade as much as possible. I couldn't stop smiling all day when I saw that Susie had wrapped a pair of hand cuffs around one of her Barbies.

Rachel was happy. She would be our sex slave day and night and in her free time she would be with her baby. She and Susie would play together naked, sleep together naked.

Of course, this story couldn't end well.

I remember Susie woke up to hear us arguing with Rachel. I can only imagine that this disturbed her. Rachel never argued. Even when she was bad, Rachel never punished her. In fact, sometimes she punished mommy.

"Please, please, don't take me away from my baby."

Rachel was in a straightjacket and held up between two large Mexican men.

"I'm sorry, Baby, but Mommy wants a new little cunt-lapper, and the El Maceia men want a new girl for their donkey shows and frankly, twelve hundred dollars is generous considering your worth."

Rachel was sobbing now hysterically. "But haven't I been your good little slut? I promise that I'll be good. I'll make you feel really, really good Daddy."

"Baby, the only one you're going to be making feel good is a donkey named Pedro."

"Don't take my baby away from me, she's all I have." I was getting tired of the arguing.

"If you don't calm down we might just send her with you. She could help you with Pedro, how would you like that? I imagine she wouldn't."

Rachel calmed down. It dawned on her what she needed to do. One last submission before she would leave this home forever.



"Please take care of my baby for me."

Rose reached over and kissed Rachel on the lips. She ran her hands nostalgically over her tiny body.

"Don't worry, we will take care of her like she was our own. I'll miss you my little cunt-lapper."

"Mommy, can I? For one last time?" Asked Rachel.

"Of course, dear."And sweetly, Rose pushed Rachel down on her knees.

Rachel looked up from between my legs, tears streaming from her eyes. "Please, can you tell my daughter that I love her very very much?" It was enough to break your heart.

"Of course, I will," I said. "And I promise that you can correspond with her too. Now get sucking."

"Thank you, Master." She leaned over and dutifully wrapped her lips around my cock. It was the last blowjob she would ever give me, and I swear I would put it in her top ten easily.

So Rachel went off to El Maceia, but I did keep her correspondence up.

"Susie," I yelled, when the first letter came. "Mail!"

Susie came racing down the stairs dressed only in her little panties. I watched with a sense of pride and growing excitement. My little girl was growing up so fast. Her breasts were still tiny buds, of course. But I could tell already from staring at her Scooby Doo undies that she was going to have the kind of ass that Negro women were known for.

"I think it's from your mom."

"Really?" my little girl said, as she crawled up onto my lap. She was still curious about her mother.

"But maybe we should wait for Mistress to come home." My wife was out shopping for a new strap -on. She seemed to go through two every six months the way she used them.

"Awww, Daddy, please." Immediately she began rubbing her little ass up against my crotch and cuddled closer. The little minx had turned into quite the daddy's girl and knew that if she wanted me to. I would wait on her hand and foot. I looked down into my little sex kittens eyes.

"Well, all right."

The envelope contained a postcard and a movie. I slipped the movie in and lay down on the couch, with Susie straddling me to watch.

It was my little Rachel, only different. I was sad to see that in the five years since she was gone, it looked like she had aged forty. She was tied to a post by a ring in her tongue which apparently kept her still as the Great Dane mounted her and began to fuck her in the ass. Not that restraint was needed. Her eyes were glazed over with ambivalence. Her cunt was one big hole surrounded by labia rings, and I noticed, they had circumcised her clitoris. From that and the size of her grand canon of a pussy it looked like neither of the two were receiving any real pleasure. Her head had been shaved and her body tatted up with Spanish slurs. Bulbous fake double D breasts jutted from her emancipated chest. I could still even see the surgical scars underneath. The doctor had pumped her with so much silicon it looked like her breasts were about to pop.

Susie gasped. I noticed her start to slowly rub her little crotch against my dick. The video was turning her on.

"Mommy is such a cunt. Will I be like that someday?"

"No, honey, I trained you better. One day you'll be turning young girls your age into that."

Susie moaned and began to rub her crotch in circles around my dick.

"Let's read the letter" I said. It was a dirty postcard. Some Mexican whore with her legs wide and her pussy lips held open. I began to read the back out loud.

"Se?or Castillo says that if I am a good kennel bitch he will let one of his maids help me with this letter. I wanted to write it myself but I guess I forgot how. Anyway, Mommy, Daddy, I miss you and all the fun we had. Remember when you fucked my ass for the first time. I know I was crying, but I really really liked it. Please bring me back, I miss you fucking my ass. Don Castillo says you won't. He says both my asshole and pussy are useless. That no man can feel them. But my mouth is still very good. And you can pretend it's my pussy. I'll even ask Don Castillo to take my teeth out so you don't have to feel them."

"I understand if you do not want a worthless cunt like me back, but could you please come down to see me? I would like to see my daughter again one more time. Don Castillo says you can see my show free. Wouldn't you like to see me with Pedro? Daddy, sometimes I close my eyes and pretend he is you. And Mommy, when I was with Don Castillo's wife or the other whores on the street corner, I would close my eyes and imagine it was you when they made me eat their pussies. I really want to see my baby one last time. I could teach her how to face fuck for you. You remember I do that real well. I'd make her so good."

"And Susie, remember to be a good girl and treat your new Mommy and Daddy real well. Keep them happy and always mind what they say. Remember things can always get worse. And remember, honey, when a man comes you have to make sure that you eat every drop, so you can grow and be a big girl."

"I've been a very good girl. Please remember your promise."

"Anyway, I have to go. Se?or Castillo says that I can have my treat after his dogs get his. The crack he gives me  is the only way I can get through the day."

As I finished reading, Susie's little pussy was soaked. I could smell her prepubescent twat from here.

"Susie, take your panties off."

She did and I stuffed them in her mouth and began to lick her pussy. I would have liked to say that I could have let Rachel see Susie one last time, but Rachel died of a drug overdose a week after the letter.

The little champ took it well. Sometimes when she gets sad, Rose would show her Rachel's old pictures and movies, especially the pictures from the baby shower.

"My Mommy was such a pretty whore all covered in cum."

"Yes, she was," said Rose, "Your mommy was radiant when her skin was shiny from cum." They would look over the photo album together until Rose would get horny and would teach Susie how to finger herself.

I remembered that picture I kept it in my wallet. Rachel looking up at me, her baby suckling at her breast, her eyes shiny with happiness, and her face shiny with cum. That was how I would always remember her.

But look how nostalgic I get. Susie is now twelve. Excuse me. Mistress Susie. Rose has been training her in the etiquette of discipline and she's come a long way. A week ago she managed to convince a blond cheerleader we had captured to fuck one of our dogs. Via whip of course. We were so proud. Today Rose has got her started on dildo training. Anyway, she has to get up to start school. We like to get to the slave training bright and early.

"Susie! Time to get up."

Susie comes running down the stairs, her newly grown titties shaking. I choke up seeing her in her new thermoplastic corset and stockings, all dressed up for her first day of home schooling. "Mommy's waiting for you in the dungeon. Here's some cereal and orange juice."

"OK, I'll hurry, Daddy."

She races by me guzzling it down. I can't help but notice how relaxed her throat muscles have gotten. When you're in my line of work, you begin to develop an eye.

"Wait, what about my morning kiss?"

"Oh, Daddy." She squeals.

Sometimes she thinks she's too old to show her Daddy affection, but she still gets down on her knees obediently and smiles her sweet smile bringing dimples to her cheeks.

Between my legs, she stares up and I remind her.

"Now what are you again, darling?"

"I'm Master Daddy's little slave-daughter!"

She smiled and wrapped her full Negro lips around my cock head. At her age that's about all she can fit, with her tiny hands wrapped around my cock trunk. I leaned back and sighed as she bobbed on her new pacifier, her frizzy hair bouncing up and down. I had such high hopes for my girl. Eventually, she would take control of the family business. Find a nice man slave and settle down. Have a little dungeon of her own. Dreaming of the future, I shot my white load across her black lips. She licked it off. She swallows like a good girl.  She would have done her mother proud.

Rose and Thorn; or How We Resolved Our Marriage and Became Professional Slave Traders

Revised by Van Byrd

This is easily the most graphic story I ever wrote, but I also feel like it is my best one. Be warned, it crosses some lines.

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Summary: Rose and her husband take in strays, but Rose's maternal clock is ticking and she wants a baby.

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