Erotica by Poor Porn Productions

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It is a shame that the American society is so repressed sexually. This repression causes fear in many people, and it makes it hard for sexual artists to be open. True erotica is not only physical copulation, but is the art of the physical, sexual, mental and emotional bonding. Obviously this art is only fully experienced on the individual level, and we can not put this on a web site, nor can we share this with most people. So instead we have placed here other arts that focus around erotica, including stories, poems, pictures, etc.

I hope you will find the beauty in these works. Of all the various works that are posted on this website, these are the ones that have the most chance of being misunderstood. And worse there is the chance that people will retaliate against these works, seeking to limit or destroy them. And while society has changed greatly, there is also the chance that some people will bear hate towards the creators of these works. I hope you are not one of these people, but I hope you are one who is willing to be open, and look past your fears, and see that our sexuality is a wonderous part of being human, and that what follows, is the expression of that part of us.

Also, be forewarned, these pages contain material that, unfortunately, is illegal for certain people to look at. I'm not a lawyer, and I have no idea what is legal for whom where.. So you are entering at your own risk, if it is illegal for you to look further at these pages, then don't continue forward. I have rated these pages with the RSACi and SafeSurf, because while I believe in the freedom of speech greatly, I also believe that in an ideal world, people would have a choice of what they want to know. So I respect your right to ignorance, if you want that. Otherwise, you are free to enter.