Second Opening

He stroked my skin softly as we spooned on the bed, his legs pushing the blanket and sheets down as his ardor increeased. His lips were soft on my neck as his hands slid along my breasts and cupped them, tweaking the nipples and eliciting a groan.

He slid his hand down to stroke my hip and legs, stroking back and forth, each time a little farther forward until he was tickling the hair on my pussy. His hand pulled at the trimmed triangle, and I let my upper leg slip back on his as his touch turned me on, giving him better access to my entrance.

His fingers parted my lower lips, slowly sliding up and back with a tiny circular motion. I watched my nipples rise to rock-hard points as moisture began to seep from my tummy and slicken his fingertips.

My breath came more hard as he slipped back and forth, teasing my clittie and back to play at my entrance.

He slid an arm under my head and I turned my face towards the ceiling as he latched onto my earlobe, sucking and nibbling at it, or sometimes sliding his tongue inside my ear and making me shiver.

His knee lifted my right leg and I rested my right foot on my left knee. His hand held my body, sliding in the space beetween my legs as his long middle finger plunged deeply inside me, holding my core steady as his invasion ran deep. His other hand clamped onto a hard nipple and my body tensed.

The slim finger thrust and spun inside of me, stirring my insides and making me thrust my hips into him, bouncing back into his own hips and his hard cock before thrusting back to get more of his finger burried inside.

I looked at the ceiling as his finger slid out and began making tight circles on my clit. I gasped as the tight circles drove me towards orgasm, my body shaking, toes digging into my knee.

The precipice looms and I find myself holding my breath. A gasp and another held breath and repeat. My eyes close as my body turns to iron... then with a yip I convulse, my body curling around my sensitive pussy and racking back again as it drools thin liquid that drips down my leg.

As the senses return I find that his right hand is resting warmly on my hip where we meet. My knee is still bent, but my body is bent forward at my hips. His left is stroking my back.

I make contented noises as he soothes me. This is how I'd love to spend my life. Curled up in bed with him as he smooths away all of my fears and worries.

But this is a special day. Today I will let him stick that wonderful cock that makes me so happy into a place that... well, I've never played with before. I can't even say the word loudly; it's hushed when I even think about.... Anal Sex.

He told me that he's done it a lot before, that it really doesn't hurt once it's in the first time and lots of other stuff. I was against it until he gave me a cunnilingus treat last time and stuck a finger in my butt as I was cumming. I hope it feels as good, but I guess all I really need is for it not to hurt.

The bed bounced a bit as he backed up a little. his hands were all over my butt now, and his kisses were lower on my back. A hand went in between my parted legs to fondle my pussy, then slowly slide back. A finger, wet with my juices, circled my rosebud, then pressed in.

I groaned as it wiggled around inside me, only a fingertip's depth, but a strange invasion that was far from ordinary. 'Relax,' I told myself, willing my muscles open.

He pulled his finger out and I felt him grab the bottle of Astro-glide from his table and heard the quiet snap of the lid.

"Eep! That's cold!" I nearly jumped out of my skin as the freezing liquid made its appearance on my butt-hole.

"Sorry," he said as his fingers slid in the rapidly warming goo on my butt, rubbing the rim of my hole and slipping just the tip of his finger inside, twisting it in circles.

I began to get turned on again as his finger twisted into me like a short bolt. My breath became more ragged and I lifted my foot to give him more room.

"How about a little deeper now," he asked. I nodded and immediately his second knuckle twisted at my hole. I know his fingers are thin, but it felt HUGE! I was breathing hard and squeezing it as he would push the knuckle inside, then pop it out again.

Then he withdrew the finger completely and sank it back in. I couldn't believe it; it felt good! He finger-fucked my ass a few times, then slid in until I felt his fist on my ass-cheeks. I moaned in appreciation, and he did it a couple of more times before taking it out completely.

"Ok, babe, it's time," he said. I grabbed two pillows and put them under my stomach and held onto the brass headboard, then turned to watch him as he poured more lubricant on his raging hard-on. It was smooth from the base to the ridge under the full head, the pink tip bulging as it flared before coming to a rounded tip.

It was somewhat comical as he shuffled around behind me. Then his head pressed against my rosebud and it wasn't funny anymore.

I know he isn't huge; I've seen huge. It certainly FELT huge though. The rounded tip pressed at my little hole and when he pushed forward I found myself moving with him before it slid up my crack and onto my back.

I looked back at him. His one hand held my hip, his other was guiding his prick. I wasn't sure he'd get it inside me until he pushed really hard and the head split its way inside.

"Ow, ow, ow!" It felt like he had torn my asshole open. His big cock-head was inside and stretching me open. It was MUCH thicker than his finger and hurt like hell!

"Sorry," he said. "I won't move so your body can adjust."

I was going to tell him what to do with his 'Sorry,' but decided that maybe the worst was over.

He reached around my waist and started toying with my clit. I wasn't even thinking about an orgasm, but I gotta admit the distraction helped.

After a few minutes he started pushing in and out just a little in time with his strokes across my clittie. It didn't hurt much at my ass-hole entrance now, well, not as much, and the full-stretchy feeling inside was quite pleasant.

"I'm Ok," I told him. "But go slow. It feels like I'm being raped by an elephant."

He let go of my pussy and grabbed my hips with both hands. I looked back over my shoulder at him as he pushed himself inside me, slowly - thank goodness. He'd go in a bit, then bump back and forth at that depth for a bit before getting in deeper and going again.

It didn't really take all that long until his hips met mine and he let out an "All Right!!!"

It felt really good in a strange, only semi-sexual way. Like when he french-kisses me or sucks my toes. A definite turn-on, but not something that would make me orgasm.

He began with shallow strokes and added in deep ones that took my breath away. I felt like every time his hips slapped my ass on the deep strokes, all the air was thrust from my lungs.

When he sped up on the deep strokes, things got hot. No, Really Hot! Like he was burning up the walls of my ass.

"Stop! Stop! It hurts! Owwww!"

He stopped with his firey brand deep in my guts.

"It hurts. I think I'm burning up back there."

"How 'bout I add more lube?"

"I guess it's worth a try," I said.

When he pulled out it felt like I was a thanksgiving turkey - open wide and roasted, but when his slick and cool (from the fresh astro-glide) dick slid all the way back in it felt so good I moaned right long with him.

He began his deep, rythmic thrusts again. I found myself grunting in a very un-ladylike way when his hips smacked into my ass, but I could tell it was exciting him.

I started tightening my muscles as he pulled out. "Oh fuck yeah," he said. I peeked back at him as he sped the pace. His eyes were closed and sweat glistened on his face and chest. His arms were tense, the muscles pumped as they held my hips tight and guided me back and forth. I started pushing harder into his thrusts, gripping his shaft with my sphincter harder.

He started moaning, each slap of his hips a punctuation. Somehow I was seriously turned on, even leaking onto the pillow, I think, though I wasn't going to cum. It just felt great to see how hard HE was going to cum.

Then he thrust in hard and held me to him. My sensitive ass-hole felt the thrumming of the pulses as he filled me with his cum.

Another thrust and hold, another pulse. After four or five he collapsed along my back and we rolled to our sides in the valley between my pillows and his, his hard cock still deep inside me.

He groaned. "That was GREAT!" he said.

I smiled and reached back to stroke his leg.

"Was it good for you?" he asked.

"It was fine after you put on more lube. The first time in hurt like hell though."

"Did you cum too?"

I grinned. That's one of the thingd I love about him. He's always worried about me. "No, but I'm OK," I replied.

He put an arm around me and hugged me close. His hand snaked down to my pussy and a finger slid to my clit. I was suprised how wet I was as his finger began making long strokes on oneside of the sensitive spot, flipping across it, and sliding down the other side.

His penis, which had softened inside me, began to thicken again as I wiggled in response to his ministrations. I moaned as he took his finger from my cleft and held me, but then he gave me a mighty heave and rolled onto his back with me in his lap. His cock nearly fell out and with a shared sigh I slid back down on it.

He had me curl forwards with him and he slid the pillows behind his back, so we were both reclining. He bent his knees and I rested my calves on top of them. Short as I am (four foot eleven) when I rested my head on his chest, his chin would rest on my head. I'm used to feeling petite next to my tall lover, but like this I felt absolutely Tiny!

His hand returned to my pussy, stroking my clit and making me jump. In response he'd thrust up into my semen-slicked anus. His other hand massaged my breast and tweaked my hard and rubbery nipples.

After a few minutes of this delicious torture, he brought his left hand down to my pussy, thrusting two fingers inside and making me squeel with delight as I bounced on his cock in response, my arms flinging out and back.

I looked down across my body as I danced in his lap like a ragdoll. I had nothing to hold on to as he made me flail about with his fingers bringing shocks throughout my body.

I grabbed my nipples and tugged at them, the bouncing motion punctuating the tweeks. I felt so full with his dick, hard again in my ass offsetting his fingers in my cunt, stretching me as his other hand fiddled with my love-button.

"I'm gonna... I'm gonna... oh oh oh... I'm gonna cum..."

My moans must have gotten to him; his hands sped up, fingers plunging like a jack hammer as I bounced on his cock. It was wierd; I was barely involved other than providing a toy for him to play with. I let go of my nipples and let my arms swing out, my body curling, legs pointing up as the tension came to a head.

"Ayaaak ungh hungh hungh!" Wierd sounds flew from my mouth. I watched his fingers thrust into me, pulling me hard against his dick as my toes curled and I held my breath.

I screamed.

My body contracted into a tight ball, then arched back, nearly pulling my ass off of his rod as my body curved from head on his chest to legs on his. Every muscle was strained tight from my neck to my anus to my bare feet. Then my calves slipped from their perch and fell outside of his legs and my ass fell back on his dick, which plowed through the clenched sphincter.

He grabbed my hips and fucked me as I bucked about, screaming in extacy and physically out of control.

"Jeeeeeesus!!!" he yelled, and thrust in again hard as he came, my muscles rippling about him.

Then we fell back, too exhausted to move. With a Herculean effort I hugged his arms around me.

Slowly the sex-induced cloud dissapated. His hands stroked my belly and chest, eventually cupping my breasts and sending a warm glow back to my stomach.

I sighed and lay my head back, feeling his cock shrink inside me as I rested in his lap, and two orgasms worth of his semen drooled out along his cock to wet the bed.

"That wasn't too bad, was it?" he asked.

"I guess we could do that again. It hurt at first, but was pretty good after I got used to it. But lots of lube next time."

"See? I knew you'd like it."

"Shut up and hold me," I said, and he did. Warm, strong, and calm.

And the best part; the wet spot was on HIS side this time.

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