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The Girl, the Woman and the Man

tags: F/f, M/f, M/f/F, cons, lesbian, first, oral, anal, gangbang


disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional, along with all characters and events described in it. Any resemblance with real life is just a coincidence. Harming another human being is wrong and in no way I am trying to convey the opposite. Please, don't do anything like this!


In the waiting room, the only sound was the low hum of the air conditioner and the rapid tapping of the receptionist fingers on her phone. She had been chatting with a friend for the past half an hour as she had finished what little work she had to do a while ago.

If not for the girl waiting patiently at the other side of the room, she might have asked Ms. Colton to leave early. She had better things to do that to waste her time doing nothing, but with her there it wouldn’t look right.

A moment later the girl gasped quietly, squirming in her seat as she pulled her hands into fists.

After looking at the girl for a while, the receptionist was about to ask her if she was okay when a new message popped up. After picking up her phone once more, she quickly forgot about the girl, who was then panting heavily.

She was wearing the school uniform, archaic as it was. A blue and white tartan skirt that ended just above her knees, a pale blue shirt and a blue tie, and a pantyhose. Her long blond hair was tied into a couple of ponytails that hung down towards the floor as she leaned forward.

Closing her eyes, she tried to calm down, but it wasn't easy, and having the receptionist close by wasn't helping either. She could feel her looking at her from time to time, which only made her feel more nervous.

A moment later a door at the end of the room opened and a boy appeared on the other side.

“Well, Jeremy. I am glad you are feeling better.” said a feminine voice from the inside. “I will see you next week, right?”

“Yes, miss Colton… thank you!” the boy said as his face turned a deep shade of red.

“You are welcome, I am just glad to be of help!” said miss Colton as she accompanied the boy towards the exit.

As they walked by the girl she seemed to shrink away, almost afraid of them, but neither seemed to notice.

Once at the door, miss Colton kissed the boy on the cheek and they said one final goodbye before she turned around, finally facing the girl.

“Jazmine, I am glad you could come. Why don't you wait for me inside the office?” miss Colton said as stood by the door.

“Yes, miss Colton.” said the girl a moment later, pushing her glasses up her nose and grabbing her backpack.

With heavy steps she headed into the office, and once there she disappeared inside.

Meanwhile, miss Colton turned towards the receptionist, who had pushed her phone away the moment the door opened and was now looking at and empty screen, hoping to look busy.

“Emily, Jazmine is the last one for the day, why don't you go home early?” she said a moment later, smiling warmly.

“Are you sure, miss Colton?” answered the receptionist, trying to hide her joy.

“I am sure. I can close by myself after I am done with her. See you tomorrow!” said miss Colton as she nodded eagerly.

With that done, she turned around and she headed towards her office, where Jazmine was waiting.

The girl had made it to the center of the office before she stopped, looking around the now familiar room.

To one side was the desk, with a couple of plastic chairs for the students to seat and a nice, leather covered chair for miss Colton, who was the school counselor. On the other side there was a couch and a couple of more comfortable chairs, arranged around a coffee table.

The walls were painted a boring pastel white, and the floor was covered in grey carpet. All around the place there were colorful posters that she supposed were there to help her feel at ease, but they usually failed at that, and spread in between were miss Colton’s various diplomas.

What always struck her the most, though, was the glass jar filled with condoms. Miss Colton had set it on the coffee table, and it had a sign with said “free condoms, just grab one!”, but she was pretty sure that no kid had ever picked one with miss Colton in the same room.

A moment later the older woman finally returned and Jazmine turned around to face her.

To Jazmine, miss Colton seemed to be the opposite of her. She was tall where she was short, she was also twice her age, and her hair was short and black. Where Jazmine saw her body as childish, miss Colton was a woman, with a beautiful body and the confidence that usually went with it.

That day, she was wearing a black skirt that hugged her body, black stockings and high heels. She looked gorgeous, as she always did, and the more Jazmine looked at her, the harder it became to concentrate.

“Take a seat Jazmine, get yourself comfortable while I finish a few things.” said miss Colton as she sat behind her desk. “It will only be a minute.”

After nodding, the girl dropped her backpack on the floor and then she sat heavily on the couch, her legs barely reaching the floor.

Jazmine was only 13 years old, and at 4 feet and 5 inches she knew was too short, even for her age. Her classmates always teased her about it, and the harder she tried to act as if it didn’t bother her, the harder it did.

Breathing heavily she tried to relax as miss Colton typed furiously.

“See you tomorrow miss Colton!” she heard the receptionist saying.

A moment later the door closed and everything became silent. Then Jazmine looked at miss Colton, who was smiling warmly once more.

“God, I thought she would never leave!” she said, pushing her chair back.

Smiling deeply, she stretched her long legs in front of her, making her black skirt raise above her knees.

She had been planning this day for weeks now, and the anticipation had been killing her. But the wait was finally over, and now it was time to enjoy.

“So, tell me, Jazmine, do you still have it?” she asked, looking intently at the girl.

Blushing madly, Jazmine nodded as she pressed her legs together.

“Yes, miss Colton.” she said, her voice low and timid.

“Ohhhh, show me then, no one is going to bother us so late.” she said, getting up and moving closer to the girl.

Biting her lower lip, Jazmine grabbed the edge of her skirt before she looked at the door. It was halfway open, but everything was silent. Surely she would hear someone coming, she told herself before she closed her eyes.

After opening her legs, she started to pull her skirt up, revealing her pale thighs. When she reached her hips she stopped, but only for a moment before she continued, revealing her crotch to miss Colton.

She was wearing no panties, just as she had been ordered, and before leaving for the school she had ripped a hole in her pantyhose crotch.

The walk to school had been pure torture, as the breeze had made her body tingle. Worse, she had feared that a strong wind would blow her skirt, exposing her. But it only became worse when she arrived.

Miss Colton had been waiting for her by the entrance, and after giving her a small package, she had told to go to the bathroom and open it before her first class.

Feeling nervous, she had done so, only to find a small vibrating egg with a battery pack. It was pink, and the soft rubbery outside felt weird under her fingers. She knew what she had to do with it, of course, as miss Colton’s commands had been going on for some time.

After spitting on it, she had pushed it into her vagina before she slipped the battery pack under the elastic for her skirt.

Before heading to her first class she had turned it on, setting it into the middle setting. She hoped it would be enough to satisfy miss Colton, and not too strong that it made her cum during class, but she wasn't sure she would manage it.

Now, five hours later, she could feel her whole body burning for release as miss Colton moved closer, her eyes fixed on the young girl’s sex. Without a word, the older woman kneeled between her open legs.

“Ohhhh, it's still running! Incredible!” she said excitedly. “Have you managed to cum, Jazmine?”

“Nooooo… you told me … not to!” Jazmine answered a moment later, just before her face twisted in anguish.

Inside her, the vibrator had picked up its pace once more, pushing her closer and closer to an orgasm, despite her efforts not to cum.

Then miss Colton grabbed the battery pack from under her skirt, and she looked at it. Smiling in satisfaction at the power setting, she looked into the girl’s eyes before she raised it just a bit.

“Good girl…” miss Colton said as she caressed the tortured girl’s hair. “Now, let me show you a little secret…”

A moment later she stood up. Towering over the girl, miss Colton bit her lower lip before she looked at the ceiling. Then she pulled her white shirt from her skirt and she started undoing the buttons in a rush.

A moment late miss Colton took her shirt off, showing her that she had been wearing a cupless bra made of black lace. Now free of her shirt, her breasts stood proudly in front of her, drawing Jazmine’s attention.

“Do you like them?” miss Colton asked her a moment later while she started fondling them.

“They are beautiful…” Jazmine answered a moment later, her voice filled with lust. “I wish mine were as big as yours…”

“Ohhh, don't you worry honey, they will, just give them time. In the meantime, I really love those perky breasts you have… they look so delicious!” miss Colton said, laughing loudly.

Still sitting in the couch, Jazmine blushed under the older woman’s gaze.

Truth be told, she was a little afraid of her, but her lust always seemed to win over the fear. With miss Colton she had discovered things that she didn't even knew existed, and every day seemed to bring something new to explore.

In front of her, miss Colton laid her shirt on the coffee table and then she looked at her once more.

“You are not the only one having fun today, you know?” she said, taking her hands behind her back.

Without another word, she unzipped her skirt and in one swift movement she let it fall to the floor.

Gasping at the sight, Jazmine felt her body becoming hotter as she watched the now naked woman. Like her, she wasn’t wearing any panties, though she had a garter belt around her hips. Under it, there was a battery pack, just like hers, and coming out of it, a thin pink wire leading up to her vagina.

“I have been a bad girl, Jazmine…” miss Colton said, running her hands towards her sex. “I have cummed twice today… if the batteries hadn't run out an hour ago I might have keep on going…”

Entranced with the sigh of miss Colton’s sex, Jazmine let herself drift. Without her realizing it, her hands started moving towards her own sex as she licked her lips hungrily.

Then, closing her eyes, miss Colton grabbed the wire and she pulled the vibrator out of her vagina. It came out easily and covered in her juices, which started dripping out her a second later.

“God, I have no idea how this stayed in the whole day… I swear it almost slipped out when I walked Jeremy to the door!” miss Colton said, laughing once more.

Blushing deeply, Jazmine nodded as she had the same problem during the day. As she walked around the school, the egg had a tendency to slip out of her, and more than once she had to stop and pull her legs tightly together hopes that it would stay in place.

But despite her best efforts, during her last class of the day, she had failed. During a moment of distraction, the egg had actually slipped out. It fell into the hard plastic chair, where it started to rumble loudly, forcing her to push it in once more while her seatmate watched her in confusion.

“I think I will get us a pair of remote controlled ones next week. Maybe we can even sync them up. Imagine, say… math class. I come in to talk to you teacher and then I put it on full power for a while.” miss Colton said as she unhooked the now dead battery pack from her garter belt.

“I bet that would make one hell of a scene, right?” she asked the girl a moment later.

Blushing once more, Jazmine nodded, terrified at the idea, but also incredibly aroused by it. Anything that miss Colton said, she did.

“Jazmine… I want you to eat my cunt…” miss Colton said a moment later.

But the girl’s face twisted in confusion as she looked into the older woman's eyes.

“Your.. cunt?” she finally asked, feeling that it was something she should know.

“Yes honey, my cunt.” she said.

Miss Colton was pointing at her vagina, now glistening with her juices. Swallowing nervously, Jazmine looked at it closely, suddenly afraid.

“This is not a vagina… forget whatever they told you at sex-ed… this is a cunt… we… we are cunts, honey!” miss Colton said. “Come on, say it with me, I have a cunt, I am a cunt…”

“I have… I… I have a cunt…” Jazmine managed to say as a shiver ran down her body. “I am a cunt…”

“Thats it… now remember, this is my cunt… and I want you to eat it…” miss Colton said, and before she could realize what she was doing, the young girl nodded timidly.

“Ohhh, you are such a good girl.” miss Colton said, moving closer to her. “I think it's time we put that piercing I got you to good use!”

Blushing once more, Jazmine ran her tongue over the roof of her mouth, feeling the little steel ball that laid right in the middle of her tongue. It had hurt awfully bad at first, and she had been terrified her mother would somehow find it.

Luckily the pain had gone away and her mother hadn't found out, at least not yet, and the piercing had become something she played with all the time.

Trembling in pleasure, she looked into miss Colton’s eyes, waiting for the older woman's commands.

“Lay on the couch, honey.” she finally said, before kicking off her high heels. “and take of you glasses.”

Nodding eagerly, Jazmine did as she was told, laying on her back on the middle of the couch after leaving her glasses on the coffee table.

A moment later, miss Colton climbed on top, sitting on her tummy with her legs at either side of her body. It was strangely comfortable, though she was now trapped under her.

“Remember honey, you can’t cum… otherwise I will have to punish you… okay?” miss Colton said.

Like before, Jazmine nodded obediently, determined not to fail. But a moment later she felt the older woman grabbing her remote, and without warning the vibrator inside her went crazy.

“Ohhhhhh… nooo. pleaaaaseeee!” she begged, but it was useless.

“Don’t worry honey, the trick is to concentrate in something else… here… I will show you!” miss Colton said a moment later.

Moving quickly, she crawled higher up, until she was sitting on Jazmine chest, and then she rose, moving her cunt over her face.

Jazmine watched it closely, mesmerized by the way it glistened with its own juices, and then miss Colton grabbed her by her hair.

“Lick it, honey… make me cum again…” she said to her.

And like before, the girl obeyed instantly though she was still afraid.

Raising her head towards the older woman’s cunt, she closed her eyes and she tried to push the maddening sensation of the vibrator inside of her away. Then she took a deep breath, filling herself with the aroma of the older woman’s sex. It was both musky and sweet, not too different from hers, and as she started trembling in anticipation she finally surrender.

Taking out her tongue, she ran it slowly along its length, feeling miss Colton’s juices dripping into her mouth. She sucked them greedily, feeling a thirst she had never experienced before.

Moaning above her, miss Colton closed her eyes before she lowered herself onto the girls face, pressing her dripping cunt onto her.

“Eat me... Jazmine… please… I need it!” she moaned, her voice low and filled with lust.

Grabbing her own breasts, she started fondling them as she started rocking her hips.

Beneath her, Jazmine opened her mouth and she started lapping at the older woman’s cunt, running her tongue as deep as she could and stopping only when she needed to breathe.

“God… I can feel you brackets on my lips, honey!” miss Colton said a moment later.

“Ooooyyyy…” Jazmine answered as best as she could without stopping.

“No… you don’t… understand...I like it… go on…” miss Colton answered a moment later, still rocking her cunt over the girl’s face.

But miss Colton was not the only one enjoying herself.

Jazmine tried her best to resist, but it was becoming impossibly hard, and from time to time the vibrator seemed to pick up even more speed. Soon she was grinding her legs together, trying desperately to hold on long enough for miss Colton to finish.

Meanwhile, for miss Colton the sensation was maddening, and she knew it was only a matter of time before she came once more.

She wanted to hold on but she just couldn't. Despite her inexperience, Jazmine tongue working on her cunt was too much for the woman, and as minutes passed she felt herself moving inexorably closer to another orgasm.

“Suck my clit, honey!” she managed to say as she shuddered in pleasure.

And beneath her, she felt the girl getting closer to it, her tongue moving in search of her most sensitive part.

Desperate for release, she suddenly grabbed the girls head, just as Jazmine finally found her clit.

Then, with tremendous effort, she pulled the girl away from her. Jazmine face twisted in surprise as miss Colton’s juices dripped from her face.

“Are you ready, honey?” she said as she trembled in lust. “Take a deep breath…”

Jazmine looked at her for a moment and her face filled with fear. The vibrator in her cunt was making her crazy, and she was losing what little resolve she had before. She was terrified of failing, but before she could even say anything, the vibrator seemed to redouble its efforts and she gasped in shock.

A moment later, miss Colton pulled the girls face towards her once more, smothering Jazmine with her cunt.

“Just a little more… please… make me cum, honey!” miss Colton moaned as she too held her breath.

Suddenly unable to breath, Jazmine panicked. She tried to move away from the older woman’s cunt but her grip was too strong.

It took her only a few seconds to realize that she was lost if she didn't make her cum, so she grabbed miss Colton’s hips and she pulled them even harder as she opened her mouth, taking the woman’s clit into it.

She started running her tongue over it, while using the steel piercing to her advantage. From time to time she also nibbled at it with her teeth, trying not to bite too hard.

Above her, Jazmine could hear miss Colton moaning even harder than before, and knowing that she was close, she redoubled her efforts.

It proved too much for miss Colton, who was finally pushed over the edge. A powerful orgasm rocked her body as she gasped in shock. Suddenly dizzy, she swayed back and without realizing it, she leaned over the girl’s cunt.

It was the first time she had been touched by someone else, and as close as she was to her own orgasm, it proved her undoing.

Before she could stop herself, she too was cumming as wave after wave of pleasure racked through her young body.

“Jazmine!” miss Colton screamed as she came.

Both their faces twisted in lust and their moans, loud and powerful, filled the room.

A moment later, miss Colton was the first to recover. Slowly at first, she opened her eyes, and after taking a look around she smiled to herself as she felt the last of her orgasm fading away.

She could still feel Jazmine squirming under her as the girl’s orgasm continued on, and though she hadn't planned it, she already knew how to take advantage of the situation.

Not wanting to suffocate the girl, she reluctantly got up from the couch. Her body tingled deliciously as she swayed on her feet, while on the couch, Jazmine’s orgasm finally started to fade away too.

Jazmine’s eyes were still closed, and her whole face, now covered in miss Colton’s juices, shone under the fluorescent lights.

Laying tiredly on the couch, her breathing fast and shallow, she licked her lips as she slowly recovered.

“Jazmine… you came when I told you not to… I am so disappointed in you!” miss Colton said, making the younger girl blush.

Pushing against the couch, the girl managed to get up as she looked around, suddenly remembering where she was.

But the movement proved to be a mistake, as suddenly she remembered the vibrator, still running inside of her.

“Ohhhh… god, please… take it out… please…” she begged the older woman who was watching her with a mischievous smile on her face.

“Maybe I shouldn't…” miss Colton said, but a moment later she moved towards the girl, and after unhooking the battery box from her skirt, she finally turned it off.

Breathing heavily, Jazmine was finally able to relax as the maddening sensation disappeared.

A moment later miss Colton pulled from the wire and the vibrator slipped out of her cunt, covered in her juices. Jazmine watched mesmerized as the slowly dripped down, thick and sticky, just like miss Colton’s.

Still smiling, miss Colton dangled it over her face and then she swallowed it, sucking at the girl’s juices.

“So sweet…” she moaned in pleasure once the vibrator was clean. “But I am still disappointed, honey. You failed me…”

“I am sorry, miss Colton… I didn’t want to, I swear! The vibrator… I really tried… please.. you have to believe me!” Jazmine pleaded.

Towering on the girl, miss Colton smiled mischievously again.

The girl was just too good to be true. After her abuse, her face and her hair were a mess. Her shirt was soaking wet too, and her skirt now had a wet spot from her own juices.

“No, I am sorry honey, but I have to be firm with you, it's from your own good.” miss Colton said, patting her on the head.

Moving lazily towards her desk, she opened up her bottom drawer and she took a small towel. After turning towards the girl, she used it to clean her thighs and her cunt, before giving it to Jazmine.

“Clean up, honey. It’s time you met someone.” miss Colton said.

Swallowing nervously, Jazmine took the towel from the older woman as she finally managed to get up from the couch. Her body felt weak and feverish, and she was also terrified. What did miss Colton mean when she said she would meet someone?

As endless possibilities ran through her mind, she started trembling. Suddenly she remembered that first day, almost four months ago, when miss Colton found it was her posting pictures of herself naked in motherless.com.

Miss Colton hadn't exhorted her, not exactly, as Jazmine had been eager to obey. Slowly, miss Colton had started giving her tasks, like sending her a picture of herself naked, or telling her to play with herself while she watched a gang bang video.

A few months ago she had masturbated for miss Colton through Skype, and soon after that she had started to receive gifts from her. They were mostly sex toys, like the vibrator she had gotten that day, but from time to time the woman surprised her with something different.

And though every time she faced something new she was terrified, she couldn't deny how aroused it made her feel to follow the older woman’s orders.

Despite the fear she felt, she couldn't wait to discover what awaited her. Would it be another woman, or maybe even a man? Would they see her naked, or would she have to get another piercing like the one miss Colton had given her a couple of weeks ago?

With equal parts terror and arousal running through her body, she used the towel to clean up her face as best as she could.

“Yes, miss Colton…” she said a moment later, wincing as the rough fabric touched her still sensitive sex.

“That’s a good girl!” miss Colton said, picking up her clothes from the floor.

As she dressed once more, she smiled to herself as her plan finally started.


Ten minutes later, after cleaning up as best as she could, Jazmine had followed miss Colton towards her car. The school was mercifully empty, but she still feared that someone she knew would appear at any moment.

She could still feel the older woman’s juices drying on her face, and though it made her feel aroused and daring, it was also incredibly risky.

Luckily for both, they made it safely to the car a few minutes later, and after getting in quickly, she sank as low as she could on the passenger seat.

Miss Colton, was in no rush, though, and after placing her purse on the back seat, she climbed into the car and then she looked at Jazmine.

“Put on your seatbelt, honey.” she said as she did the same.

Only when the girl had obeyed did she turned on the car and then she drove them off the school’s parking lot.

Now that she was moving, Jazmine felt safer than before, and she sat more comfortably on her seat, looking at the window as miss Colton drove in silence.

Jazmine’s head was still full of turmoil though, as she tried to think what awaited her, or even where she was going. She could have asked miss Colton, but she already knew that she would get no answer from the older woman.

Miss Colton, meanwhile, just couldn't stop smiling, specially as she finally decided on a proper punishment for the girl.

A few blocks later she finally arrived at the on-ramp for the highway. After waiting for an opportunity, she finally merge with the traffic and then she finally looked at Jazmine.

The girl, realizing that she was being watched, turned to face miss Colton as she started trembling in anticipation.

“Jazmine, I have been thinking, and I think I have the right punishment for you.” she said as she moved into the right most lane.

“Please, miss Colton. I’m really sorry… it's just… no one had ever touched me… there…” Jazmine said shyly, feeling as her face blushed.

“Your cunt, Jazmine, remember it's your cunt.” miss Colton said firmly, enjoying the power she had over the girl.

“And that is besides the point, you failed, you get punished. But don’t you worry, I won't be too hard on you. The only thing you have to do is to masturbate for me…” miss Colton said, smiling warmly.

Jazmine smiled too, knowing that it could have been much worse. After all, she had masturbated for miss Colton many times before.

“You can start now.” miss Colton said a moment later.

Panic flashed in her face as Jazmine realized her problem. In the highway there would be no way people wouldn't notice her, and the idea terrified her.

“Nooo… please… not now!” she pleaded miserably.

But miss Colton just had to look at her, raising one eyebrow and looking disappointed, before the girl swallowed nervously.

She knew that disobeying miss Colton again would only make it worse, so after looking around the car, she nodded meekly.

“Good. Now, take off those clothes, all of them, and start playing with your cunt for me.” miss Colton told her as she felt a shiver running down her back.

Panic bubbled inside of her, and Jazmine started to have second thoughts, but just like before the idea was also arousing. She had never thought about it, but maybe being seeing wouldn't be so bad.

Besides, they were moving pretty fast and it was unlikely that anyone would see her. If she moved lower into the seat she would be mostly hidden, or so she though.

Nodding once more, started to loosen her tie before miss Colton stopped her.

“No, leave it on, I like how it looks, besides it might be… useful later on.” she said smiling wickedly.

Fearing what that might mean, she instead loosen it a bit and then she took of her shirt and her bra. Now naked, she looked around, noticing the cars around them. They seemed far away to her, and surely the drivers just wanted to get home. They wouldn't be looking into miss Colton’s car.

After throwing her clothes on the back seat, she pulled her skirt off and now naked, she sank as low as she could on her seat.

Sitting next to her, miss Colton watched her intently, a smile on her face.

Despite having cummed just a few minutes ago, she was still aroused, and she couldn't wait to get the girl home, especially with what she had planned for Jazmine.

As her body started tingling in anticipation, Jazmine closed her eyes and she moved one of her hands between her open legs.

After taking one deep breathe, she started playing with herself, running her finger between her cunt lips before doing a few circles around her clit.

Jazmine didn’t usually need a lot of foreplay before cumming, and now, even after her last orgasm, she was still aroused. The moment she touched herself she started shivering in pleasure as her body quickly responded to her work.

Next to her, miss Colton marveled at the sight of the girl’s young body and her willingness to please her.

Her nipples, small and still pink, where already hard and her whole body was covered in goose bumps. From time to time, Jazmine moaned in pleasure, and with every passing second she relaxed more, until the fact that she was on the highway in plain view of everyone seemed to disappear from her mind.

“Can you cum again, honey?” miss Colton asked her a moment later.

“Yes… I… I’m close…” Jazmine moaned as she pushed one of her fingers inside of her dripping wet cunt.

“Then do it, honey. Cum for me, this time it’s okay…” miss Colton said a moment later, pushing the girl even further.

It wasn't as if she needed the help, though. She was actually holding back, wanting to stretch that moment as long as she could while, forgotten to her, the car barreled through the highway.

Miss Colton, though, was well aware of the fact, and with the girl completely oblivious, she decided to have some fun.

Accelerating a little more, she changed lanes and she placed herself next to a big truck. Gaining speed slowly, she approached the cab as the girl started trembling.

She waited a little longer, until finally, the truck started to pull away into and approaching off-ramp.

After picking up a little more speed, she placed herself parallel to the cab, and then she waited. From his position, the truck driver had full view of Jazmine, and just as she suspected, when he saw the car so close to him, the turned to look in her direction.

From where she was she could see his face, twisting in surprise as he noticed the young girl, fully naked and playing with herself. He seemed to be frozen in place at first, and when he finally reacted it was too later.

The lane divider split them apart, and the trucker had no other option but to continue away, leaving them behind.

Laughing quietly, miss Colton picked up a little more speed as she too drove away. The next exit was hers, and as she remembered his reaction, the girl let out a broken moan and her whole body tensed once more.

Miss Colton watched intently as Jazmine body trembled deliciously, as wave after wave of pleasure rocked her nubile body.

A moment later she collapsed on her seat as the last waves faded away. Breathing deeply, she finally managed to open her eyes, but they looked glassy and unfocused.

It was a minute later that she remembered the highway, and she panicked. Desperate, she looked around the car, but luckily for her there was no other car close by. Only then she started to relax, but upon seeing the older woman she felt a sudden unease growing inside of her.

Miss Colton was looking at her with a smirk on her face, and for a moment Jazmine wanted to ask her why, but in the end she decided not to.

Meanwhile, miss Colton desperately wanted to tell her what had happened, but in the end she too decided against it. There was much she wanted to try today, so she would save that little tidbit of information for later. 

“We are almost there honey, just sit down and relax.” she told the girl a moment later.

“Can I… mmm... get dressed… please?” Jazmine asked a moment later , her face burning in shame.

“No honey, there is no need for that.” miss Colton said as she pulled the car down the exit, and towards her house.


The rest of the trip was mercifully quiet, and besides a couple of cars, there didn't cross anyone else.

By the time they approached the house Jazmine was feeling a little less nervous, though soon she started wondering how she would get inside the house with no clothes. Panic bubbled once more as she imagined herself streaking naked towards the front door while the neighbors watched.

Luckily for her, miss Colton had a little mercy in her, and instead she drove the car into the garage, and once they were in the door closed behind them.

As she turned off the car, miss Colton smiled at Jazmine, who shivered under her gaze. There was something behind that smile that made her feel nervous, but she remained quiet as the older woman finally got out the car.

Feeling somewhat safe, at least for the moment, Jazmine followed miss Colton, and soon she was standing naked on the garage.

The air was colder than inside the car though, and she felt her body erupting in goose bumps. Crossing her arms she waited nervously as miss Colton grabbed her purse, and then without a word the older woman headed into the house.

Jazmine followed miss Colton blindly, feeling her nervousness increasing with every step she took. The place was perfectly quiet, and though she knew miss Colton wasn’t married, she had said it was time to meet someone new.

Jazmine was starting to have doubts again, and not for the first time she wondered if following miss Colton was a good idea.

A moment later they both arrived at the living room, and miss Colton dropped her purse in one of the couches before she turned around, facing Jazmine who was then looking around the place.

The house looked nice and clean, with white walls and a hard wooden floor that was perfectly polished. The curtains were mercifully closed, so no one outside could see her, and the air over her naked body felt nice and warm, so much so, that she started to relax once more.

“Take off your shoes, Jazmine.” miss Colton ordered her a moment later. “But leave you pantyhose on, I like how it looks.

Blushing deeply, Jazmine nodded before she kicked off her shoes. The wooden floor felt cool under her feet, which was strangely soothing.

Without taking her eyes off the girl, miss Colton then sat on one of the couches, before pointing at the floor in front of her.

“Kneel for me, honey.” she said, as her body tingled with power.

Jazmine looked unsure at first, but if she had any doubts they were gone a moment later. With the memory of her last orgasm still fresh in her mind she felt excited and content, and despite the fear of the unknown, she was willing to follow miss Colton’s commands.

After nodding shyly, she dropped onto her knees and then she crawled closer to the older woman, who smiled warmly at her.

“Good girl, Jazmine…” she told the girl as she relaxed into the couch. “I am very pleased with you, and so I got a you present. Do you want to see it?”

Nodding eagerly, Jazmine looked around, trying to see what it was. She loved presents, and she couldn’t wait to see what miss Colton had bought her.

“Now, close your eyes, and no peeking. I don't want you to ruin the surprise, okay?” miss Colton said as she moved a hand behind one of the couches cushions.

“Yes, miss Colton!” Jazmine answered a moment later, her voice full of excitement.

She didn't dare open her eyes, but she could still hear miss Colton moving. First there was the sound of the couch fabric moving as the woman took something from behind the cushions, and then there was metallic ringing.

Her mind raced with possibilities, trying to guess what it could be, but no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't come up with a good idea.

A moment later she heard miss Colton getting up from the couch, and then moving around her.

She started trembling as she waited nervously, desperate to know what it was, but the older woman enjoyed teasing her way too much to make it quick.

“Tell me, do you know what a slave is?”

Confronted with such a question, Jazmine face twisted in confusion.

She knew the answer, or so she thought, as they had been studying the revolution war in history class and the subject had been one of the first they talked about. But she also knew that it probably wasn't the right answer.

Still, she knew miss Colton expected an answer from her, so she swallowed nervously before finally answering.

“It’s when… someone takes a person as his property… and, it makes him work for free?” she said sounding unsure of herself. “And they don't have any rights…”

“You are right, in a way, but I am talking about… a different kind of slave.” miss Colton said a moment later, standing just behind Jazmine.

A moment later the girl could feel the older woman kneeling behind her, and her body tingled at the idea.

“You see, sometimes, when… well, it's not always unwilling. I mean that in a relationship, both sides can agree that one will be a slave, for lack of a better word, and the other the master.” she finally said as she watched the girl’s back intently.

The last thing she wanted was to scare her away, and though it seemed unlikely, as Jazmine was always eager to follow her others, this was going to be quite a change in the relationship they had so far.

A moment later Jazmine nodded slowly, and though she was far from sure, she thought she understood what it meant.

“Good girl. Just like in marriage, that relationship is usually symbolized with a ring, you know?” miss Colton said.

Jazmine face suddenly froze, as she imagined miss Colton giving her a ring and marrying her, but that was crazy. Still laughing at the idea, she suddenly felt the older woman's hand on her back, caressing her tenderly.

“Stay still…” she heard her whispering into her ears a moment later.

Shiver in anticipation, the girl nodded slowly as she waited.

A moment later miss Colton brushed her long blond hair away and then she slipped Jazmine’s tie from her neck only to replace it with something else. Before the girl could even wonder what it was, she heard it locking tightly behind her back.

Whatever it was, it felt both soft and rigid, and when it moved it gave a metallic ring that seemed to fill the living room. It was heavy too, though not too much.

“Open your eyes, honey.” miss Colton ordered her a moment later.

Unable to resist the temptation, she moved her hands to her neck, where she found a leather band, wrapped tightly around her neck. On the front there was a big metal ring, attached firmly into the leather.

“What is it?” she asked a moment later, more intrigued than afraid.

Behind her, miss Colton hesitated for the first time in the day, Suddenly, she pictured Jazmine running away and telling her parents about all she had done to her, but she was too far in to back out now.

“It's a collar, Jazmine.” she finally said, licking her lips nervously.

Running her hands over the smooth leather, Jazmine marveled at it. The fit was perfect, leaving no room between her neck and the collar, but that didn't bother her, and the weight was actually comforting. Whenever she moved the ring tinkled, but despite that it somehow felt right.

“It means…” she managed to say before she stopped, remembering her history lessons.

“It means you are mine, Jazmine.” miss Colton said a moment later, her voice barely a whisper.

The older woman felt both nervous and aroused. The sight of Jazmine’s naked body in front of her, and they idea that soon she could have her in any way she wanted, was intoxicating.

“There is also this.” she said, grabbing the collar in one hand, while she clipped a matching leather leash onto the ring.

Once done, she finally got up, gave one strong pull  on the leash, and she pointed towards the floor.

“Get on all fours, like a good puppy.” miss Colton ordered.

Upon hearing her, Jazmine shivered in lust, as she soon realized what it meant.

Without hesitation, she dropped onto her hands and knees, raising her ass into the air and giving miss Colton a perfect view of her already wet cunt.

“Now, wag your tail.” miss Colton ordered a moment later.

Like before, she obeyed without hesitation, intoxicated with the sensations that filled her body. Now that she had the collar on, the fear seemed to have disappeared. After all, if she was miss Colton’s property, she would surely take care of her, right?

Meanwhile, Jazmine swayed her hips from side to side until she felt miss Colton pulling on the leash once more.

“You have to do everything you are told, honey.” miss Colton said a moment later, holding the leash tightly.

“Yes, miss Colton!” Jazmine answered a second later.

She was eager to please the older woman, and she couldn't wait for an opportunity to do so.

“That is perfect, honey. I think it's time you finally met him!” she said a moment later.

Still on the floor, Jazmine’s body trembled in lust as miss Colton’s word finally reached her.

“You said… him?” she managed to say, her voice full of fear.

“Now, Jazmine. Remember what I said. I don't want to have to punish you again.” miss Colton warned her.

Lowering her head, Jazmine nodded weakly, remembering the car ride with equal parts shame and lust.

Nodding in satisfaction, miss Colton pulled the leash tighter, leading the girl closer.

“As I said, it's time you finally met him. I am sure you tow will get along just fine, and maybe you can even help him. The poor thing has been in agony for the past couple of days, you know?” she said a moment later as she started walking.

A moment later Jazmine felt the leash tugging at her, and she quickly followed, crawling in all four as miss Colton led her down a hallway.

Trembling in fear, she tried to keep up with the older woman, but it wasn't easy. She could hear her high heels clicking on the hardwood floor just ahead of her, while from time to time she tugged on her leash, forcing her to keep up.

Finally, after a few moments, they reached a closed door and miss Colton stopped, allowing Jazmine to catch up.

Her knees were hurting, but she kept quiet as she struggled to hear any noise that might come from the closed room.

Smiling mischievously, miss Colton slowly opened the door before leading Jazmine in.

It was a bit dark inside, but once she was in, the young girl stopped quickly, frozen in place as she finally saw him.

The room itself was just as pretty as the rest of the house, and quiet a big bigger than Jazmine’s own room. There was a big dresser to once side, and on the opposite wall there was a big bed, with four huge wooden columns, one at each corner.

And tied against one of them, was a man.

To Jazmine, who was looking at him from the floor, he seemed as tall as a giant, though he was only six feet four inches tall. He was wearing tight leather pants, and leather boots, and his hairy chest was bare. Besides the pants, he had a leather mask on his head and a leather collar around his neck, just like Jazmine’s.

The mask covered his whole face, except for his nose and his mouth, which had a red ball gag in it. Drool seemed to drip constantly down his chin and onto his chest, and though she couldn't see his face, she knew he must have been quite older than her, or even miss Colton.

It was only when miss Colton turned on the lights that she realized that the pants had no crotch, and the man’s cock, already hard and pointing towards her, was visible. Under it where his balls, which were red and swollen, and a thick metal ring was wrapped tightly around them.

Until then, the man had been quiet, but suddenly he seemed to realize they were there and her started struggling against his bonds.

A couple of leather shackles were closed tightly around his wrists, holding his arms high over his head and firmly against the bed post, and around his feet and his waist, a couple of thick leather belts also held him in place.

“Mmmhmmh… mmhhh!” the man moaned desperately.

Leather cracked as he struggled to pull free and his thick muscles bunched under his skin, but the straps were too thick and they held him down even as the man grunted in fury.

“Don't be afraid, honey. He can’t hurt you.” miss Colton said as she watched the girl.

But Jazmine was looking at him with open fear, and soon she started trembling.

“Besides, the poor thing is acting like that because he in suffering.” miss Colton said a moment later, crouching next to the young girl.

“See his cock? it's been like that for days. Erections are not supposed to last that long, it becomes… painful, to say the least.”

Next to her, Jazmine nodded fearfully, still afraid of him, though she couldn't take her eyes from his cock. Not only it was the first she had ever seen, it was also much bigger than she imagined.

For a brief moment she realized that his cock was supposed to go inside her cunt and she wondered how she would manage to make it fit, but then she heard miss Colton talking to her and she pushed the idea away.

“Are you listening to me, honey?” miss Colton asked her.

Hanging her head in shame, she tried to remember what she had been told, but she couldn't.

“No, miss Colton. I am sorry…” she pleaded weakly.

Shaking her head in disappointment, miss Colton grabbed Jazmine collar and she unclipped the leash from it, freeing the girl.

“I told you to go there and make him feel better.” she said before she got up once more. “Go on…”

Then miss Colton went towards the bed, ignoring both Jazmine and the man, and she started undressing.

Jazmine watched mesmerized at miss Colton’s naked body, remembering how she had sucked her cunt. She could still taste the older woman's juices on her lips, and as she licked them nervously she finally remembered her orders.

Nodding to herself, she crawled towards him as the man continued struggling to break free, but the straps holding him to the bed were thick and sturdy.

A moment later she stopped in front of him, and she looked up and into his cock.

From up close it looked even bigger than before, and Jazmine was intimidated by it. It was as thick as her arm, and almost as long. The surface was red and covered in purple veins, and just like miss Colton’s sex before, the tip of his cock seemed to glisten under the light.

I am supposed to suck him too, she suddenly realized, looking at miss Colton for support. But the woman was ignoring her for the time being as she finished undressing.

Moving a little closer, Jazmine kneeled on the floor, which left his cock just in front of her face.

Taking a deep breath, she gathered her courage, and she finally took it into her hand.

The skin felt hot and feverish under her hand, and she could feel it twitching constantly. A moment later the man seemed to realize she was there and he stopped, pointing his masked head towards her.

“He can’t see you.” miss Colton said from behind her, making her jump. “Or hear you… or talk. The poor thing has been like that for almost two days now… I really shouldn’t have given him so many pills… it must be messing with his brain.”

Smiling warmly, miss Colton kneeled behind her, pressing her soft breasts against her back before grabbing her shoulders.

“Come on, honey. Take it into your mouth, I am sure it will make him feel better.” she heard the older woman whispering into her ears.

Looking at it once more, she nodded eagerly, suddenly unable to think of anything other than his cock.

“Pump it first…” she was ordered.

And Jazmine obeyed, slowly pumping the cock in her hand. The man, now aware of her presence, started rocking his hips towards her hand as best as he could, and if anything she though his cock had become even harder.

“Mmmh… mmhmmh!” the man roared a moment later.

“That's it honey, see how he likes it?” miss Colton whispered to Jazmine as she pressed herself against the girl’s back.

“Who is he?” Jazmine questioned a moment later, as she nodded eagerly.

“He is nothing, just a cock. Remember when I told you were a cunt?” miss Colton asked the girl, who nodded a moment later. “Well, this is the same, he is just a cock. Doesn't it look nice?”

“A cock…” Jazmine mumbled a moment later, somehow enjoying how the word sounded.

“Yes, honey.” miss Colton said, caressing the girls back.  “I think it's time you learn how to give a blowjob. I will guide you through since it's your first time. Okay?”

“Okay…” Jazmine answered a moment later, still pumping the man’s cock.

“First you can start by licking it, say… as if it were an ice cream cone.” miss Colton said, licking her own lips hungrily. “The balls too, they like that…”

Nodding eagerly, the girl moved a little closer and then she started licking the shaft, just like miss Colton had said she should.

The taste hit her immediately, as it was a lot different from miss Colton’s cunt. It was salty and musky, much stronger than what she expected, and under it she could taste a faint hint of piss.

But regardless of that, she didn't seem to be bothered by it, and a moment later she was running her tongue all over it, working her way from the middle to the tip, where she stopped for a few seconds.

The moment she reached it, the man’s movement became jerkier, as if he was trying to escape once more, but the bedpost seemed to be able to hold him, and Jazmine quickly forgot about it.

Instead she looked at his balls, now big, and bloated. Just as miss Colton had said, she grabbed one in her hand, feeling how much hotter they were, almost as if they were burning from within.

Looking up into his masked face, she suddenly felt pity for the man. She was sure that it must hurt awfully bad to be like that, and just as she had been told, she wanted to make him feel better.

So, leaning forwards, she moved her head between his open legs and she started licking his abused balls. The man winced at first, as unable to see or hear he wasn’t sure what was happening, but a moment later he realized that it was someone’s tongue and he started to relax.

Meanwhile, Jazmine kept lapping at his balls, savoring the strange sensation. The skin was hot and wrinkly and though it tasted mostly of sweat, she didn't mind that much either.

“Go on…” said miss Colton a moment later.

She had been watching Jazmine perform as the girl explored the man’s cock for the first time, amazed at the sight.

Jazmine, oblivious to anything except the cock in front of her, sucked one of his balls into her mouth, nibbling at it gently as the man started trembling in pleasure.

He had lost the sense of time a while ago, so he didn't know how long he had been tied. Worse, the mask didn't allow him to see or hear, and his cock and balls had been aching terribly since he had been locked up.

With every passing moment his agony became worse, until he thought he would go crazy, and then, out of nowhere, he had felt someone touching his cock.

At first he just wanted to be let free, but when he felt someone licking his cock suddenly all the pent up lust exploded inside of him, and he lost control. Rocking his hips as best he could, he waited as whoever was touching him teased him.

It could be his mind playing tricks on him, but he thought he could feel a very small hand wrapped around his cock, pumping it at first and then licking it all over. Then the tongue moved to his tortured balls and a moment later he felt his balls being sucked one by one.

“Mmmmh… mmhhhhh!” he mumbled into his gag as he drooled uncontrollably.

The sensation was intoxicating, more so after all the abuse he had suffered, and so he released himself into the sensation, savoring it for as long as he could but expecting it to be just a tease.

Meanwhile, Jazmine had finished sucking both of the man’s balls and suddenly she stopped.

“That’s good honey, just like that.” miss Colton said a moment later, congratulating her.

“Can I… suck it now?” Jazmine asked a moment later, her face blushing hotly.

“Of course honey, I am sure he would love you to…” miss Colton said a moment later, smiling in satisfaction at Jazmine’s initiative.

Nodding eagerly, Jazmine made herself comfortable as she moved a little closer to the man. Pumping his cock a few times, she licked her lips nervously, suddenly remembering how big it was, and then she closed her eyes.

Trembling in anticipation, she opened up her mouth and then took the tip into her mouth, swallowing as best she could while she swirled her tongue around it.

Inside her mouth, the man’s cock felt even harder than before, and she could feel it twitching rhythmically as he trusted his hip as best as he could.

“Ohhh.., that’s it… do you like sucking his cock, honey?” miss Colton asked, moving her hands over Jazmine’s back.

Not wanting to stop, Jazmine simply nodded as she wrapped her lips tightly around the cock, feeling as her body became hot and feverish too. It was a new experience for her, and not even while she had sucked miss Colton’s cunt she had felt something so powerful as what she was feeling.

Looking up, she watched the man once more. His head was turned towards her, but the mask was too thick for him to see anything.

She felt pity for him, and suddenly she wanted to help him even more than before.

As she sucked gently at the tip, she tried to relax as best she could. Then she closed her eyes and she took him deeper into her mouth, until she felt the head of his cock pressing against the back of her throat.

The sensation was strange, and soon she started gagging. Worse, his cock was stretching her mouth wider than ever before, and she had trouble moving her tongue.

Suddenly she wanted to pull out, but when she tried to, she found miss Colton’s hand behind her head, keeping her in place.

“Not yet… keep him there… that's it…” she said as she held the girl firmly in place.

Her other hand, meanwhile, moved lover along the girl’s back, until she found her ass, and just a little further she found the girl’s cunt, dripping with excitement.

Slipping one of her fingers into Jazmine’s cunt, she started playing with the girl as she watched her struggling with the cock in her mouth, but it was obviously too big for her. With not even half of it inside her mouth, it had already reached her throat.

For a moment, miss Colton saw herself pushing the girl a little more, until his cock popped into her young throat, but she dismissed the idea. She wasn't ready for that, at least not yet.

Jazmine, meanwhile, was starting to choke on his cock, and tears were already streaming down her pretty face. But despite that, she wasn't struggling, and instead she was doing her best to please the cock inside her mouth.

With her body trembling at the girl’s submission, miss Colton finally release the girl.

Moving desperately, Jazmine pulled back the moment miss Colton released her. By the time the cock left her mouth, her tortured lungs were screaming for air, and drool was dribbling freely down her chin.

A second later she was finally able to take a deep breath as she watched the man’s cock, trembling in front of her.

It was covered in her saliva, all the way to the middle of it, and as she remembered how it had felt pushing against her throat she shivered in place. Worse of all, miss Colton chose that exact moment to pinch her clit between her fingers. It wasn't hard, but it made her body light up in lust.

“Ahhhhh… please…” Jazmine moaned weakly as her body suddenly tensed.

“No, Jazmine, you still haven't earned it…” miss Colton said as released the girl. “You are not going to leave him like that, are you?”

After shaking her head, the girl grabbed the now sticky cock once more.

Then she opened her mouth and she swallowed it just like before, but this time she was free to move at her own rhythm. Moving slowly, she took it as far as she could go without gagging, and then she started sucking his cock.

It was hard at first, and her jaw started to ache a few minutes later, but she kept going until she managed to get a pretty good rhythm.

Above her, she could hear the man moaning in pleasure as he rocked his hips as best as the leather belt allowed him.

After what had felt like days of torture to him, he was incredibly aroused, but the think steel ring around his cock and balls made it hard to cum. The sensations around his cock were maddeningly powerful though, and even so he felt as if he would never get to cum.

But it was then that miss Colton decided to help him too.

After getting up from the floor, she moved around the man, sitting on the bed. After loosening the belt around his hips a little, she tighten it again. The man wasted no time, thrusting his hips into Jazmine’s mouth.

Miss Colton saw the girl gagging at first, but soon she recovered her rhythm and she continued blowing the man.

Meanwhile, miss Colton licked her index finger and the moved it around the bedpost. It was hard, but she soon found the man’s ass. Moving her finger slowly, she searched for his asshole while he kept rocking her hips.

Soon she found it, and slowly at first, she started teasing it with her finger, and then with her fingernail. It didn't take long for him to react, and though he might have been surprised at first, soon she felt his asshole twitching in pleasure.

Satisfied, she started pressing harder, pushing her finger into the man’s asshole until he finally surrender and the tip disappeared inside of it. After pushing a little more, she managed to move her whole finger inside and then he started fucking him with it.

For the man, the intrusion had been strange at first, but soon he felt his body responding, and his desire to cum burned even brighter than before. Even with his eyes covered, he now knew they were a girl and a woman. The hand in his asshole was much bigger than the one still around his cock.

Then, without warning, he grunted in agony as the woman dragged her fingernails across his naked back, drawing blood, just as the girl picked up her pace.

“Aaaarghhhhhh!” he screamed into the gag, biting so hard that his teeth started to hurt.

But despite the pain, or maybe even because of it, he finally reached the point of no return, and he knew he would be finally able to cum.

Rocking his hips as fast as he could, he concentrated on the sensations that were assaulting his mind and he waited, holding his breath to prolong the sensation as much as he could.

Meanwhile, Jazmine knew that something was about to happen, though she didn't know exactly what. His cock had become even harder than before, and a salty taste had suddenly flooded her mouth.

She was running out of air, too, but she didn't dare stop. Instead she redoubled her efforts and a moment later she heard the man grunting as he froze in place, while his muscles popped out under his sweat covered body.

“Mmmmmmmhhhh! Mmmmmhhhh!” the man moaned as he finally found release.

Taken by surprise, the first jet of cum his the back of her mouth, and Jazmine started to gag. Luckily for her, she managed not to cough as not a second later a second one followed, and then a third.

Jet after jet of hot cum, soon flooded her mouth and she was forced to pull his cock almost all the way out. Afraid it would spill out of her mouth, she wrapped her lips tightly around it, hoping it would be enough.

And her efforts seemed to pay off, as she managed to catch all of it, until almost half a minute later, it seemed to be over.

Amazed at how much cum there was, she finally released his cock, sitting back as she breathed deeply through her nose.

A second later one final squirt of cum shot into the air, landing squarely on her face as she looked incredulously at the man, who now collapsed from exhaustion until he was hanging from his bonds.

“Ohhhhh… look at you!” miss Colton said as she returned to the girl’s side. “I am so proud of you, Jazmine. Let me see that!”

After catching her breath, Jazmine tilted her head back and she opened her mouth, showing the contents to miss Colton, who was amazed by the sight.

Jazmine could feel the man’s cum oozing over her tongue, a feeling that made her shiver in lust.

“Can you swallow it? It's a lot, but…” miss Colton asked her a moment later.

Jazmine had her doubts, but she didn't want to disappoint miss Colton. Closing her eyes, she tried to swallow the cum, but it wasn't easy. The thick fluid stuck to her throat, and there was a lot of it. It took her a few tries, and halfway there she almost puked as her stomach revealed inside of her, but finally she managed swallowed the last part.

Feeling proud of herself, she opened up her mouth to show miss Colton, who congratulated her.

“Ohhh, you are such a good girl!” miss Colton said making Jazmine blush.

Then, without warning, miss Colton leaned forward, taking the girls face in her hands, and she kissed her. It was a sweet kiss at first, just a brush of her lips, but Jazmine was still shocked.

Even after all she had done, miss Colton had never kissed her, but soon she surrender to the older woman and miss Colton pushed her tongue into the young girl’s mouth, kissing her passionately

While she explored the girl’s mouth with her tongue, she could taste the man’s cum, still lingering there. Her body flared up in lust once more, and as she pressed herself against Jazmine, she felt the cum on the girl’s face smearing on her own.

With the man momentarily forgot, the two of them kissed with passion, pressing their naked bodies together. Then miss Colton grabbed one of Jazmine breast sand she started fondling them, making the young girl moan in lust.

A minute later, when miss Colton started to run out of air, she finally broke off. They were both panting heavily and their faces were flushed with lust. Unable to hold the older woman’s gaze, Jazmine finally looked away, blushing even harder.

“Jazmine… ohhhh, Jazmine…” said miss Colton as she tried to catch her own breath.

A moment later, the man moaned once more, drawing their attention.

He was rocking his hips into the air, apparently searching for Jazmine’s mouth, and his cock still as hard as before.

“Shouldn’t he… I mean, I though they… you know, got hard and after they came… his... cock would…” Jazmine managed to say before she couldn't keep taking.

Miss Colton smiled at Jazmine innocence, as even after all she had done, the girl still couldn't talk about sex without stammering. Still, she had a good point, he was still hard, just as she wanted him too.

“I know honey. Yesterday, before I tied him up like that, I gave him… a few Viagra pills. He will stay like that for a long time.” miss Colton said, patting the young girl on the head.

Jazmine, still blushing at miss Colton attention, looked at the cock once more as her stomach fluttered inside of her.

Suddenly she knew she wanted more. The blowjob had been incredibly arousing, but she knew there was more to sex than that, and she wanted to experience it all.

“Can I…” she managed to say before she froze once more, his face burning in shame.

“Ohhh, you want him to fuck you?” miss Colton said, teasing her.

Unable to speak, Jazmine nodded slowly, afraid miss Colton would laugh at her, but the older woman simply nodded as she got up from the floor.

“Of course you can honey, but you have to help me. I am afraid that he will be… hard to control if we untie him, and you won't be able to do much with him all trussed up like that.” miss Colton said, grabbing the leash she had used on Jazmine from the floor.

After moving closer to the man, she clipped the leash around his collar, and after giving one strong pull from it, the man looked up.

Jazmine watched as the man slowly looked towards miss Colton direction, apparently trying to find the older woman, but he didn't seem to be able.

“Give me a hand honey. Get on the bed, and undo the belt around his waist first.” miss Colton said, wrapping the leash around her right hand.

Jazmine was suddenly afraid of what he might do once they freed him, but miss Colton didn't seem worried, so she crawled onto the bed and then she unbuckled the heavy belt, dropping it to the floor.

The man seemed to become more alert after that, but he stayed still as miss Colton smiled.

“Now do his legs, honey.” she said. “And don’t get too close, please.”

Trembling a little, Jazmine did as she was told, taking off the belt as quickly as she could before moving away. But the man remained still, which only made her feel even more nervous.

“Now free his hands, Jazmine. Don't worry.” miss Colton said, looking confidently at the man.

Jazmine hesitated at first, but she couldn't ignore miss Colton for long, and with trembling hands she finally release the last belt, the one holding both shackles to the bedpost.

But just as she did, Miss Colton’s hand shot towards the man’s balls, squeezing them tightly, while she also pulled as hard as she could from the leash.

The moment he was free the man tried to take a step, but miss Colton just squeezed a little harder, and the man froze in place, moaning in agony.

“Mmmhhh… mmmhhh… mmhhh…” he moaned miserably as drool dripped down his chest.

“You see, honey. There is nothing to fear. He knows what is good for him.” miss Colton said with a smirk on her face.

A moment later, just as Jazmine started to relax, she released the man’s balls. The girl gasped, expecting him to jump at them, but she stood still, breathing heavily as miss Colton held his leash loosely.

“Come here, honey...” the older woman whispered a moment later.

Jazmine nodded fearfully as panic rose inside her mind, but she obeyed once more, climbing of the bed and walking towards miss Colton’s side.

Standing next to the older woman, she watched the man intently, waiting for any sudden movement, but the man just stood there, breathing heavily.

Then miss Colton took a step to one side, and after taking Jazmine’s hand, she pulled the girl in front of the man.

The trembling girl, now standing just a foot in front of the unrestrained man, looked up into his mask, waiting for her next command.

A moment later, miss Colton released the man’s leash, and she grabbed his hand. The man, still remembering the sharp pain in his balls, surrender as the older woman guided his hand towards Jazmine face.

Once he touched her, miss Colton took a step back, leaving them alone.

The man, meanwhile, now knew the girl was, and he started exploring her face with patience.

He knew the girl, and now he was sure it was a girl, was the one who had given him the blowjob. But who was her?

His mind was still muddled from the constant pain and the isolation the mask forced upon him, but he thought he knew what they wanted. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have released him, at least unless there were others in the room.

But even if that risk was real, he was also still aroused, and with his cock throbbing for release, he soon forgot about everything else.

For Jazmine, the idea of being at the man’s mercy was both terrifying and exciting. Being almost two feet taller than her, and much heavier too, the man towered over her like a giant. She knew she would have no chance to stop him, but she later realized that it only made it more exciting.

So, still trembling, she let him explore her face. His hands, rough and calloused, moved all over it, exploring her until they moved down, towards her neck. He stopped there for a moment, wrapping one of his hands around her neck while she held her breath, and then he finally continued towards her chest.

Once there, he fondled her breasts as she moaned loudly, but she remained still even then, waiting.

The man, feeling that the girl wasn't resisting him slowly lost what little control he had left.

A moment later, his hands left her breasts and they moved even further down. She suddenly tensed as they approached her cunt, but without realizing what she was doing, Jazmine moved her feet apart, giving him better access as his hands moved between her legs.

“Aaaaahhhhh…” she moaned as soon as his hand found her already cunt.

The man wasted no time before he pushed one and then two fingers inside of her.

Gasping at the sudden intrusion, Jazmine started shuddering as his fingers stretched her cunt more than ever, and for the first time she felt pure fear, wondering what his cock would do to her.

“Take him to the bed, honey.” she heard miss Colton say to her.

And trembling in fear, Jazmine obeyed her. After taking the man’s hand away from her cunt, she turned him around and she led him to the bed. The man, unable to see, followed her with one hand in front of himself.

Once on the bed, Jazmine climbed on top, pulling the man along. Then she laid down, facing up and she waited as the man climbed after her.

The man crawled over her small body, sniffing the air as his drool dripped onto her chest. To the terrified girl looked like a beast, searching for his prey.

A moment later he froze, and after moving further down along her body, he buried his head between her legs.

Jazmine gasped in pleasure as she suddenly felt the mask face pressing against her cunt. As she closed her eyes, she started moaning as she fantasizes what his tongue would feel, lapping at her sex, but she knew she couldn't. Still, as the man nuzzled his face against her sex, Jazmine felt her body trembling in anticipation.

Meanwhile, the man was also becoming mad with lust as he rubbed his face against the young girl’s cunt. He couldn't see her, but even through the mask he could still smell her and the aroma was slowly driving him mad.

A moment later, he pushed a couple of fingers into her cunt and he started moving them around for a while, hoping to loosen her up a bit.

It was only a few seconds, but it seemed to be enough foreplay for him, as a moment later he pulled them out, leaving Jazmine’s cunt feeling sore and stretched.

Moving quickly, he then grabbed the girl’s legs, pulling them up into his shoulder as he grabbed his still hard cock, aiming it blindly at the girl's cunt.

Growing desperate, he trusted forward but missed her cunt. The second attempt was also unsuccessful, and soon he started to grow frustrated, but a second later he felt the girl’s hands around his cock.

Incredible or not, she was guiding him towards her cunt, and he wasted no time. A moment later he felt her cunt lips wrapping around his cock and he moaned in pleasure.

Jazmine was trembling under the man’s bulk, and she couldn't believe what she was doing. Still, as terrified as she was, her body burned in lust and she wanted nothing more than to feel his cock filling her cunt.

Then, just a second later, he trusted his hips forwards, burying himself into her formerly virgin cunt.

“Aaaaarghhhhh!” she grunted in agony as his cock stretched her beyond what she thought possible. “It hurts…”

But miss Colton remained quiet, so Jazmine was alone in her agony.

Unable to hear the girl’s cries of pain, the man kept pushing forward, moving deeper and deeper into her cunt as it squeezed his cock. The sensation was incredibly intoxicating and unlike anything he had ever experienced before.

Meanwhile, Jazmine gritted her teeth as her torture seemed to stretch forever, until suddenly she felt his hips pushing against her ass.

Unable to believe it was happening, she opened her eyes, but it was real. His cock, as big as it had looked before, was now fully inside of her. Her tortured cunt felt full but now that he was in, the pain became just a dull ache.

Both the girl and the man were lost in their own pleasure as miss Colton watched mesmerized. She had feared that his cock would be far too big for Jazmine, maybe that he would even hurt her badly, but instead the girl had taken his cock all the way into her cunt, and incredibly or not, the girls face was now twisted in lust.

A moment later the man started moving once more, and soon he was fucking the girl's young cunt with wild abandon.

Trapped under his body, Jazmine surrender to his assault as she felt her body burning from within. Soon she was covered in sweat, just as he was, and her juices dripped down her ass until they formed a damp spot on the sheets.

But nothing mattered and the man was soon pounding her against the bed, driving the air out of her lungs with every thrust of his massive cock.

Soon Jazmine’s lungs were burning for air and she tried to push him away, desperate to breathe, but he was too heavy. As the seconds passed, she started to fear she would be suffocated under his bulk.

Luckily for her, the man then propped himself up using one hand, while using the other to fondle her breasts.

Unlike miss Colton’s touch though, the man’s touch was much rougher and soon it started hurt as he kneaded her breast, pinching and stretching her tender nipples without mercy.

But despite the pain, Jazmine felt her body still burning for release, and she felt her third orgasm of the day just in front of her.

Desperate to cum, she took her hands between her legs, and she started playing with her pussy.

It took only a few seconds before she felt her body tensing and the world around her exploded in a show of lights. The room and the man seemed to disappear for a second, and only his cock remained, still pounding her mercilessly against the bed.

She felt herself floating in the air as her body tingled deliciously and though she wanted to stay like that forever, soon it was over and she returned to the real world.

Slowly at first, her senses returned one by one. First the sound, as she heard him grunting wildly above her, then the smell of raw sex and sweat hit her. Finally, when she managed to open her eyes she saw the man’s chest over her face as he kept fucking her, oblivious to her orgasm.

“Stop… please…” she pleaded weakly.

Now that it was over, her cunt felt sore and tender. Every thrust send a jolt of agony through her young body, but the man continued regardless of her pleas.

A moment later she saw movement next to her, and she looked at it. Miss Colton was standing next to the bed, watching as the man fucked her without mercy.

Then without warning, she grabbed the man’s leash and she gave it one strong pull.

To Jazmine’s surprise, the man stopped a second later, turning his masked face towards the older woman. Then miss Colton pulled hard from the leash, and the man finally pulled out of her.

Her cunt felt sore and sticky, and she could feel it gapping open grotesquely, stretched beyond what her young body was prepared for.

“Face down, honey.” miss Colton ordered a moment later.

Still dazed from her orgasm, Jazmine nodded quickly without realizing what it meant, and a moment she was laying on the bed, a pillow under her chest.

Satisfied, miss Colton grabbed the man’s cock, oblivious to the girl’s juices that covered it, and she guided it towards her cunt once more.

Once there, the man pushed forwards and his cock slipped into the girls’ cunt with ease. Then he was fucking her just as hard as before.

But Jazmine soon discovered that being pounded like that was much more intense, and soon, despite having cummed just a minute ago, her body began to burn from within yet again.

This time though, miss Colton crawled onto the bed and she sat close to the girl’s hips.

Soon Jazmine could feel the older woman's hands, caressing her ass and back while the man kept pounding her.

Trapped under him, the girl started wondering how long he could last, and what it would feel when he cummed inside of her.

And there was no doubt in her mind that he would, and thought she felt terrified, the idea aroused her even more than before. As she remembered how much he had cum the first time, she tried to imagine how it would feel as his hot seed filling her cunt.

Meanwhile, miss Colton's massage was becoming much deeper as she moved her hands in an ever expanding circle until she found her asshole. Just like with the man before, she licked her finger and then she started playing with the girl’s asshole.

Jazmine, unprepared for the sudden intrusion, gasped in shock when she first felt miss Colton’s finger in her ass, but soon she relaxed into the new sensation.

Miss Colton, sensing that the girl wasn't fighting her, smiled to herself and she became bolder. Soon she was pushing her finger into the girl’s tight virgin asshole as the girl rocked her hips.

But miss Colton had other plans. Before the girl could realize what was happening, miss Colton climbed onto her back, facing the man.

The older woman weighted much less than the man, but it still made it difficult for Jazmine breathe, who was soon struggling with every breath.

Then Jazmine felt something warm dribbling onto her asshole, and she realized that miss Colton had spat on her. Soon her finger returned, pushing deeper and deeper, until the girl could feel it moving inside of her along with the man’s cock.

But just as soon as it started, it stopped and miss Colton pulled her finger out, leaving the girl wanting more.

Unknown to her, miss Colton then grabbed the man’s leash, and after giving it one pull, he stopped. Taking his cock in her hands, the older woman guided him out of Jazmine’s abused cunt, and towards her asshole.

The man, sensing what was happening, nodded eagerly despite not being able to see. A moment later he felt his cock nestled on the girls ass and he grunted in lust.

The girl though, suddenly panicked as she realized what was about to happen.

“Noooooo! Miss Colton! Pleeeaseee!” she begged desperately. “Pleeeeeeaseeeee!”

But the older woman simply ignored the girls protests, and moving a little further back, she pinned the girl in place while the man grabbed his cock, aiming it towards the defenseless girl asshole.

A moment later miss Colton heard him grunting wildly before he rammed himself forward, buying the tip of his cock into the girl’s asshole.

“Aaaahiiiiiyeeeeeee!” Jazmine wailed in agony, before miss Colton pushed her head into the bed, silencing. “Nooooooooo! Noooo!”

Meanwhile, the man had stopped, as the girl’s asshole was too tight for him. Desperate as he was, he just couldn't do it. His cock was starting to hurt from the strain, so he reluctantly  pulled out a little, and he started fucking the girl with slow, short thrusts, hoping her asshole would loosen up in time.

Jazmine was crying desperately by then, and her muffled cries filled the room. But miss Colton was merciless, and she held the girl in place while the man slowly pushed his way inside the her bowels.

But despite her struggles, the man could feel the girl loosening up with every passing second, and soon his cock started to move deeper into her.

The tightness of her asshole was incredible, and soon he felt his second orgasm approaching. It was only a matter of time before he manage to cum once more, and this time he would hold nothing back.

A minute later, he was finally able to bury himself as deep as he could into the girl’s asshole. After taking a short break to savor the sensation, he started to fuck her, as she was now loose enough that he could move freely.

Miss Colton, sensing that the girl had stopped struggling, finally release her. Jazmine gasped desperately for air, moaning in pain as the man picked up his pace, but when the older woman got up from her back, she remained in place.

“Soooo goooood…” the girl moaned a second later, her face twisting in lust.

The sight of the man fucking the young girl’s ass was intoxicating, but miss Colton had had enough with just watching.

Moving high up the bed, she laid in front of the girl, who sensing the older woman’s movement, opened her eyes.

Just in front her was miss Colton’s cunt, dripping wet and waiting, and the girl didn't have to be told what the older woman wanted.

Despite the pain and the strange sensation of fullness she felt, Jazmine crawled forward before she buried her face between the older woman's legs.

A moment later miss Colton moaned in pleasure as she felt the girl’s tongue moving along her cunt before she started dancing in circles around her clit. The sensation was incredibly arousing, and as she watched the show in front of her, she relaxed into the bed and waited as the fire burning inside of her grew even hotter.

Minutes passed as the man and miss Colton concentrated on their own pleasure, and in between the two, Jazmine struggled with the savage pounding she was receiving while she tried to please the older woman as best as she could.

It wasn't easy though, and the man seemed to become more brutal with every thrust, and soon he was rocking her body along the bed.

Wrapping her hands around the woman’s hips, Jazmine tried to remain still but it soon became increasingly difficult. Not wanting to displease miss Colton, she soon redoubled her efforts, burying her face even harder against the older woman’s cunt while she sucked madly.

Then miss Colton felt the girl's tongue moving even deeper and more frantically. The older woman started fondling her own breasts with one hand, while she held the girl’s head with the other.

She was close to another orgasm and as her body trembled in anticipation, she sank deeper into the bed, praying for Jazmine to hurry up.

“Aaaaarghhhhh!” the man grunted a second later.

On the other side of the bed, the man was growing frustrated. The ring around his balls was making it almost impossible to cum, and despite the girl’s tightness, he felt as if he wasn't making any progress. He wanted to cum one more time, and as he felt his orgasm slipping away, he too redoubled his efforts.

Grabbing the young girl’s hips, he started slamming his cock as hard as he could into the girl’s asshole, slapping her ass from time to time until his hand started to sting from the pain.

Unable to hear, he didn't notice the girl’s cries of agony from the new assault, but even if he had it wouldn't have mattered.

A thick fog descended on him, and the only thing that mattered anymore was to cum.

Jazmine asshole felt on fire, and the pain was becoming worse and worse. But underneath it all, she too felt another orgasm approaching, and despite everything she too was desperate to reach it.

Taking one hand between her legs, she started playing with her clit once more, hoping that it would be enough to overpower the pain. Soon her body was tingling in anticipation as she neared her fourth orgasm for the day.

And just like that, unknown to the others, each of them reached the same point at the same time. The man, miss Colton and Jazmine, all crossed the point of no return together, their bodies mixed together in an orgy of pain and pleasure.

Miss Colton was the first one to reach it, though. Her body tensed and she held her breath as without warning her body flared up into a blinding explosion of light. While every muscle in her body became taught, she closed her legs around the girls head, suffocating her while Jazmine tried the best to get away.

The pleasure soon became so intense that miss Colton thought she would pass out from it, and as she too struggled to breathe, she just hoped she wouldn't.

The man was the second, just a few seconds after miss Colton. After picking up his pace once more, he felt his body responding as his cock started twitching. The girls asshole, still wrapped around his cock, became just a little tighter as unknown to him she struggled to breathe, and it was all it took to push the man over the edge.

Before cumming, he slapped the girl one more time, sending a bright flash of pain along his arm, and then he came.

Like before, waves of pleasure racked his body as he continued fucking the girl nonstop. Jet after jet of hot cum started filling the girl’s asshole as he slammed his cock brutally into her.

It was then that Jazmine couldn't hold any longer. She could feel the man filling her bowels with what felt like boiling hot cum, it soon became too much for her, and she finally came once more.

Her whole body tensed in delicious agony as she tried to resist her orgasm for just a little longer, savoring every second of it. And to the man it seemed as if she was milking his cock with her asshole, sucking every drop of cum he had.

But despite his incredible orgasm, the man never stopped, and even when it was over, he was still hard and willing to fuck the girl even harder than before.

To Jazmine, trapped between the two of them, her orgasm seemed to explode instantly and without warning. Suddenly her body tensed until she thought her muscles would simply rip themselves apart and then her mind went blank with pleasure.

Her body became a burning flare of light, so bright that she could feel it burning itself away as waves of pleasure assaulted her mind. If the last orgasm had been powerful to the young girl, this one was even more so, and she had no words to describe it.

Neither miss Colton nor the man noticed the girl cumming, so they kept using her for their own pleasure as the three came together.

The world around her disappeared in an instant, and for a moment she felt herself drifting in the air with a feeling of pure bliss. She tried to remember what had happened to her, but her mind kept wandering away, until she finally gave up.

And just like before, her senses started to return one by one after some time, though she would never know how long it lasted.

When she finally came back, she realized that she was still being fucked in the ass by the man, but miss Colton had finally opened up her legs and she was then free to breathe again.

Despite the mind blowing orgasm, the older woman had managed to hold onto her consciousness, though just barely. She was then laying exhausted on the bed, without the strength to get up as she watched the continued assault on Jazmine’s asshole.

Then she saw the girl opening her eyes, slowly at first, until she seemed to finally realize where she was.

“Ohhhh… miss... Colton…” the girl moaned in between the man’s savage thrusts, her voice dry and raspy.

Jazmine’s face was a complete mess and miss Colton’s own juices were dripping down her chin. Her blond hair was tangled and wet, and her eyes were glassy and unfocused.

But underneath it all, there was a look of pure pleasure on the girl’s face that made the older woman feel envious.

Behind the girl, the man looked to be in a frenzy, and after giving him one long look miss Colton became just a little scared.

Gathering her strength, she tried to get up from the bed, hoping to stop him, but she was still too weak.

Jazmine, meanwhile, was now fully conscious once more, and the world around her became a jumble of extreme pain and pleasure. On the one hand her body was still burning with the last remains of her orgasm, but on the other, the continued assault on her asshole was becoming too much for her.

She could feel her asshole becoming looser and the pain increased rapidly. Worse off all, she felt bloated and sick in her stomach, as if the man’s cum was spreading inside of her. She wanted to get away from him, but he was still grabbing her hips, pinning her to the bed.

“Pleeaaseeee… no more…” she pleaded weakly, but the man just couldn't listen to her.

Jazmine was growing desperate, and soon she started to think that the man would fuck her to death. Tears started to run down her face as she grabbed the sheets, grunting in agony.

It was only then that she noticed miss Colton standing by the bed with a determined look on her face.

The older woman walked unsteadily around the bed, and once behind the man, she finally managed to grab the leash still dangling from his thick neck.

“Stop!” she roared as she pulled from the leash.

The man stopped almost instantly, raising his head before she looked behind him

Despite the mask, Jazmine knew that he was looking at miss Colton, who seemed as small and frail as she against the man, but despite that, the man lowered his head and moving slowly, he finally pulled out of the young girl’s abused asshole.

The moment it was out, Jazmine felt his cum gushing out of her, soaking the bed with what seemed like gallons.

Her asshole felt sore and loose, and when she took her hand towards it a moment later, she felt it gaping open grotesquely as cum continued to slowly dribble out of her.

“Ohhhh… god…” she moaned with lust as she saw the man’s cock.

It was just as hard as before and Jazmine couldn't believe that he had managed to make it fit inside of her.

Smiling warmly, she finally surrendered to the exhaustion that was slowly taking her, while behind her miss Colton dragged the man out of the bed.

Just by pulling from his leash, she had managed to drag him to the same bedpost as before, and with the last of her consciousness, Jazmine saw the older woman securing the man once more, just as he was before, while his hips fucked the air like an unstoppable machine.

Then she couldn't hold on any longer, and as she closed her eyes, she finally drifted away in a feeling of ecstasy.


It was hours later that miss Colton returned to her room.

After Jazmine had passed out, she had finished securing the man and she returned to the girl, suddenly terrified that something had happened to her, but the girl seemed to be okay. Her whole body was covered in sweat and cum, her face in her juices and her asshole looked red and sore as it gaped open.

But despite everything, the girl had a smile on her face, and soon miss Colton managed to relax.

With shaking hands, she picked up the girl from the bed, and then she carried her into the bathroom, where she bathed her with great care and then herself.

It took a while to get all the cum off her, but once it was over the girl was clean once more, albeit slight red. A few minute into it, the girl came back, and though she was still smiling, she was quiet as the older woman cleaned her up.

After that, she went to the car to grab the girl´s clothes, they both dressed and she drove the tired girl to her house.

They said goodbye with a kiss and after that she returned to her bedroom, where the man was still tied.

He too was covered in sweat, and though he had stopped struggling a while ago, his cock was still hard. It was covered in dried up cum and the remains of the girl’s asshole, but miss Colton didn't seem to mind as she walked up to the man before grabbing it and giving it a tug.

Smiling mischievously, she removed the ball gag from the man's mouth before dropping it to the floor.

“Ohhhh… oddd…. otheeee ukeeeer…” he moaned as he worked his stiff jaw loose.

“How are you feeling, honey?” miss Colton asked him a moment later.

“Hhhhmpffff…” he groaned a moment later. “How long it’s been?”

“About two days, give or take a few hours I guess…” miss Colton said dismissively.

The man gasped, suddenly realizing why he felt so tired. His cock was a constant source of agony and every time she touched him, he felt it flaring up in agony.

But despite that, he was still incredibly aroused and as he remembered how the girl’s cunt and asshole had felt wrapped around his cock, he shivered in lust.

Miss Colton, feeling a little bit of pity, climbed onto the bed, and after a short struggle she finally removed the thick leather mask from his head.

Once free, the man blinked his eyes rapidly before looking around the room in search for the girl, but she was nowhere to be seen.

“Is she gone?” he asked a moment later, swallowing nervously.

“Yes, I took her home a few hours ago.” miss Colton said, sitting on the bed next to him.

“For a moment... I thought you would kill her with your cock, you were fucking her… like… it was… intense…” she said, shivering in pleasure as she remembered the scene and her various orgasms.

“Ahhhh, yes, it was…” the man said as he smiled. “Do I know her?”

“Well, she is a student, so I guess you do, though I won’t say more. I want you to look at the students tomorrow morning and wonder whose asshole you ravaged with your cock.” miss Colton said as she laughed.

“Bitch…” said the man, but there was still a smile on his face.

He too liked the idea of not knowing, as that way it could really be anyone. Besides, knowing miss Colton, he was sure this wouldn’t be the last time he enjoyed the girl.

“You know that as the principal I can have you fired, don't you?” he said a moment later, with a smirk in his face.

“I do, but you won't.” miss Colton said calmly.

“Now… what do you say I release you and you fuck my cunt just like you did hers?” miss Colton said as she dropped her skirt once more, showing him her dripping wet cunt.

“A girl can only watch so much before she starts to get jealous, you know?” she said, dropping to her knees in front of him.

A moment later she opened up her mouth, she swallowed his cock into her throat, and the man grunted in pleasure.



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