Eficient Collection


  M / m  male / under age male
  F / f female / under age female
  MMM+ multiple males
  cons fully consensual acts
  semi-cons consenting under pressure or force
  non-cons non consensual acts
  abuse psychological or physical abuse
  anal anal sex
  bagging suffocating a woman with a bag or something similar on their head
  beheading killing a woman by cutting her head off with an axe or a guillotine
  bondage using ropes, chains, etc
  bukakke covering a woman’s face in semen
  burning burning a woman alive
  drowning suffocating a woman underwater
  drugs drug use, willingly or by force
  electro inflicting pain with electricity
  exhib exhibitionism
  first first sexual experience
  garbage disposing of a woman, while still alive, with the garbage
  gang bang a woman having (usually violent) sex with multiple male partners
  hot box a metal box with a woman inside, that is left in the sun for it to heat up
  humil humiliation
  impalement piercing a woman’s body with a metal spit from ass to mouth
  incest sex with in the same family (father/daughter, mother/daughter, etc)
  insertion introduction odd objects into a woman’s pussy or asshole
  lesbian sex between two women
  meat girl a woman who is going to be cooked and eaten
  noose hanging a woman by the neck with a rope or something similar
  oral regular oral sex
  pet treating a woman like an animal (dog, cat, horse, etc)
  prostitution a woman having sex for money
  piss pissing on a woman’s mouth and body
  rape violent, non consensual sex
  sex regular sex
  snuff killing a woman
  spit spittin on a woman’s face and body
  stabbing stabbing a woman
  throating fucking a woman’s throat
  torture inflicting pain on woman’s body for one’s own pleasure
  whip using a whip to inflict pain on a woman