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Friends with Benefits

This story has a loose storyline, following Olive and Noah as they discover themselves and others, but each chapter can be read individually without losing anything too important, so feel free to pick the one you want.


disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional, along with all characters and events described in it. Any resemblance with real life is just a coincidence. Harming another human being is wrong and in no way I am trying to convey the opposite. Please, don't do anything like this!


GOLDEN SHOWERS (M/F, no sex, piss, humil)

FIRST TIME ANAL (M/F, semi-cons, first, anal)

FACEFUCKING (M/F, semi-cons, bondage, throating)

HANGED (M/F, no sex, semi-cons, abuse, noose)

SHIBARI IN THE HOTEL (M/F, cons, bondage)

SEXTING DURING SCHOOL (M/F, bondage, no-sex, humil, semi-cons)

SENSORY DEPRIVATION (M/F, cons, bondage, oral, sex)


BUKKAKE FOR DESSERT (MMM+/F, humil, cons, bukkake)

PET PLAY (M/F, cons, pet, anal, oral, whip)

HOME INTRUDER (M/F, semi-cons, rape, anal)

THREESOME (M/FF, F/F, cons, anal, oral, first, lesbian)

ELECTRO TORTURE (M/F, F/F, cons, no sex, electro)

PARTY FAVOR (MMM+/F, enema, oral, rape, anal, bukkake, humil)

RIDING THE  PONY (M/F, no sex, bondage, torture)

MY WORST NIGHTMARE (M/F, rape, non-cons, anal, impalement, snuff)

FIRST TIME DOM (FF/f, teen, lesbian, sex, semi-cons, anal, bondage, piss)

MASTER’S SLAVE (M/F, humil, bondage, oral, exhib, spanking)

GOLDEN SHOWERS (M/F, no sex, piss, humil)

After making sure that everybody was in the water, I told the coach I wasn't feeling too good and she told me to change back and to go to the infirmary. Feeling nervous, I headed for the locker rooms, but instead of going into the girls I went into the boys were Noah was waiting for me.

The place was mercifully empty, and I went straight into the showers. I walked slowly, fearing that I would bump into a boy at any moment, but I only found Noah, waiting for me next to one of the stalls. He was only wearing his swimsuit and a pair of flip flops, and he grinned at me as he saw me.

I ran the last few meters and then I went into the last stall on the left. Noah came in after me, and then he closed the curtain, giving us a little privacy. Feeling exposed, I kept jumping at every little noise I heard, but Noah didn't seem to care.

He looked at me, grinning, and then he kissed me softly on my lips. I gasped, feeling my stomach turning inside me, but it wasn't for the kiss.

“Are you ready?” he asked me, eagerness plain in his voice.

I tried swallowing the knot I had in my throat, but it was impossible. Instead I nodded once, but I stood still.

“Can I keep my swimsuit on?” I asked him meekly.

I looked down at the blue one piece swim suite we had to wear at the school, feeling like it was my last piece of armor against the world, but he shook his head from side to side.

“It's going to get all wet, it's better if you take it off.”

I nodded, knowing it was true but still wanting to keep it. Resigned, I slipped it off and then hung it from the hook on the wall. Noah licked his lips and then leered at me, making me blush even harder than before, and I had to fight hard not to cover myself.

Then I felt his hands on my shoulders and he softly pushed me to the floor. I sat down, feeling the cold water pooling under me and then I leaned on the wall. The shower didn't look so clean, and shivered thinking at the filthy water lapping at my pussy.

Noah towered over me, making me feel a little afraid. He then took his cock out, still soft, but it wouldn't matter this time. He took a step back, and then aimed it at me. Shivering in anticipation, I closed my eyes and then leaned my head back.

“Here I go!” he said, but I kept quite.

A moment later I felt his piss landing on my chest and splattering everywhere, including my face. I pursed my lips, not wanting to taste it just as he started moving the stream over my body. Warm urine fell down my chest, over my stomach and my pussy and I felt my skin tingling at the sensation.

Just as fast as it had started, the stream disappeared and I opened my eyes. I felt my face burning as little drops of his piss slid down, and in front of me Noah was watching me with lust in his face.

“You have to open your mouth!” he said. “You have to drink it, that was the deal!”

I felt my face becoming even hotter as I shook my head. He had said that it would be cool to try that, but I had never agreed to it.

Just as I was about to tell him no, we heard the door of the locker room opening and someone whistling. His flip flops echoed loudly in the empty room, and worst of all they were coming this way.

Noah turned around, placing his body between me and the curtain, while I stood petrified behind him, naked and covered in piss.

Then the sound stopped and we heard a door opening followed by someone peeing on the toilets, just a few meters away. I held my breath, trying to make no sound as my heart went mad inside my chest. After a minute, I couldn't hold it any longer and I had to breathe. It was barely a whisper, but it sounded as loud as a hurricane to me.

Luckily, whoever it was didn't hear it and a moment later he left us alone again.

I breathed deeply with relief, realizing that I was shaking from the fear. What if they had found me like this? But despite the humiliation, I couldn't deny that I was really horny. The thought of seeing someone pulling the curtain away, and finding me covered in Noah's piss was such a turn on that I felt my pussy flowing as I imagined it.

Noah turned around then, looking at me and asking me where we were, as if nothing had happened. I looked at him, feeling as if my pussy was on fire, and then I made a decision.

“You were telling me to open my mouth so you could pee in it.” I said to him feeling cocky. “Do you think you can fill it up?”

He laughed loudly, and then told me to get ready.

I leaned my head back, but this time I opened my mouth, relaxing my face as I did when he wanted to cum on my face. I trembled from excitement, and I started playing with my clit as I waited, brushing it lightly with one finger until I was moaning softly in pleasure.

After a few moments, I opened one eye and saw Noah looking straight at me.

“I want you to touch yourself as I pee on you, Olive.” he said.

I smiled and then I shoved two fingers inside my pussy, feeling it moist and warm. Soon I was moving them in and out quickly, feeling my body respond to my own touch. And then I felt him pissing on me again.

His aim was a bit off, and at first it landed on my neck, but he soon moved it up and I felt his urine pooling inside my mouth. It splattered all over my face as it fell, but I managed to open my eyes to look into him as he peed. After a few moments he finished, and I saw him flicking his cock to clear the last drops.

I stood still, a pool of piss flowing around my tongue, and for a moment I hesitated. I could feel the strong flavor on my tongue, not unlike the one on his cock when he didn’t wash properly, but much stronger, and I wasn't sure what to do.

As I did I kept playing with myself, feeling my orgasm far away, and I knew I wouldn't get to cum today, but that was okay.

I closed my mouth, and in three big gulps I swallowed it all. It felt like drinking a warm tea, but the taste was pungent and strong. I was sure that I wouldn't be able to wash it off without some mouthwash.

Once it was all gone, I opened my mouth and showed it to him. He congratulated me, patting me on the head like he would his dog and then he stood up in front of me.

For anyone else it would have been deeply humiliating to be used as an urinal, but I had loved it. My heart was beating fast inside my chest and I could still savor the taste on my mouth. With a smile I took his hand and he helped me up before he kissed my lips.

I took a quick shower while he watched me and then slipped, unnoticed, into the girl's locker room.

FIRST TIME ANAL (M/F, semi-cons, first, anal)

Noah had been trying to fuck me in the ass for some time now, but I always managed to escape it by telling him I was afraid it would hurt too much. So instead of giving up he bought several anal toys, like some beads and a little plug, for me to try. He told me that way I would get used to it, and when the time came I would be ready.

While I was far from convinced as I didn't thought it would work like that, we did try them a few times and I discovered that they could be very pleasurable if used correctly. The anal plug was the easiest to use as it was small enough to slip in with just a little discomfort and once in, it filled me up nicely. I started using it every time we had sex, as I loved the feeling of it inside me.

But the beads were just awesome. The first time I didn't know what to expect. He had fucked my pussy as I laid face down until I was wet and horny and then he had pushed the beads one by one inside me, until only the rubber handle was sticking from my asshole.

Then he started fucking me again, slowly, taking his time, until he started pulling them out one by one. The sensation of the beads leaving my asshole as he fucked me was unbelievable, and after the third or fourth bead I was cumming hard. My body clenched tightly and I started screaming as waves of pleasure flooded my mind.

After that, even I became curious to try anal sex, so it wasn't long until we had agreed on it. But Noah, being Noah, wouldn’t just fuck my ass, he wanted to tie me up first. I was apprehensive at first, as some bondage position purposely left you vulnerable, and I wasn't sure that was what I wanted for my first time, but he insisted and in the end he managed to convince me.

The next day, when we were alone in his home he led me into the attic where he had cleared the floor. He ordered me to undress and then he locked my collar on, a beautiful piece of black leather that had my name on one side, and a big metal loop on the other. Then he lead me into the center of the room.

He made me lay on the floor, face down, before he started tying me. He would take my feet or my hands, and then he would tie them down with a length of rope, stretching them away from me until my body was locked into a big X. The he picked up a few pillows and the placed them under my hips, raising them from the floor, and making it a little bit more comfortable for me.

Satisfied, he shoved a red ball gag inside my mouth before I could complain and then locked it behind my head with a leather clasp. I started screaming at him, but the gag only let me moan pathetically, and soon drool was running down my chin.

Without paying attention to what I was trying to tell him, he crouched behind me, both his feet at my sides, and then he started fucking my pussy, burying himself inside me in one push. I screamed into the gag, pulling from the ropes as I tried to escape the pain, but he had tied them well and I couldn't move. Without any foreplay, I wasn’t ready for it and soon my pussy felt raw and sore.

Luckily it wasn't long before my body responded and soon I was enjoying it. He then grabbed my ass cheeks, spreading them apart as he fucked me, and I could feel his body slamming against my asshole with every push.  I started moaning from pleasure as every push made my asshole tingle and I lost myself in the sensation.

But not everything was pleasure, as soon I realized that my breasts were rubbing on the wooden floor and the friction became painful after a while. Worst of all, I couldn't lift my head from the floor because of the position and a pool of saliva was forming under it. It mixed with the dirt on the floor, making a disgusting mixture.

Then I yelped as I felt him pouring something cold on my asshole without a warning. He started spreading it around with one finger, and then he pushed it inside me, twisting it around until I was nice and wet.

I breathed deeply through my nose just as his cock left my pussy, leaving me feeling empty, and then I felt him pressing it against my asshole. Being much bigger than anything we had tried before, he had trouble pushing it in. I felt him putting his body into it and he started grunting as the head slid slowly inside me.

But I was in agony. I started wailing from the pain as I bit the gag with all my strength until I felt the hard rubber giving under the pressure. Even then, he kept pushing forward until I felt the head slipping past my sphincter, and then it became just a little bit easier. As he kept moving inside me, it was obvious to me that I wasn't ready for this, but Noah didn't seem to realize that.

Lost in his own pleasure, he managed to push himself inside my asshole until his hips her resting on my ass and then the stood still. I managed to breathe again, as the pain slowly faded, but it was far from over. After a moment, he pulled out, and the sensation became something completely new to me.

If pulling the beads had driven me crazy, feeling his cock leaving my asshole made me delirious. Soon I didn't care about the pain I was feeling, I started moaning in pleasure, moving my hips under him as much as I could.

He lost no time, picking up his pace as my asshole stretched to accommodate his cock, and soon he was fucking me like he did my pussy. Everything else became secondary, the pain in my breasts, the dirty mixture under my face, or even the pain from my asshole, nothing mattered except him fucking me.

I pulled from my bonds again, this time in pleasure, feeling as my body rocked under him. I wondered for a minute were those guttural sounds were coming from before I realized that they were coming from me, and then I felt him pulling my head back by my hair. It forced my neck into a very awkward position, but now he had more leverage and I couldn't escape his cock as he kept pounding me.

A moment later I felt myself cumming. My body tensed until the ropes started cutting into my wrists and my ankles and I bit the gag even harder as I wailed in pleasure. I felt him pushing himself fully inside me once more and the he came, filling my bowels with his cum. I felt his fingernails digging into my ass as the last of my orgasm faded, and then he released my head, guiding it softly to the floor.

He stood still for a moment, and then he pulled out. I was left feeling empty once again, and now that my orgasm was gone, the pain in my asshole returned. It felt sore and it seemed it was pulsing along with my heart.

“Hold still, your asshole is gaping open and I want to film my cum runs out!” he said excited as he picked up one of the cameras that were recording from the sides.

I felt my face burning as he aimed it between my legs, filming every detail of my exposed asshole. When he was done, he untied me slowly, taking the gag at the end. My jaw was sore and my face felt sticky with dried saliva, but worst of all was my ass every time I moved. He had to help me up, and I screamed the first step I took.

“Don't worry!” he said as I glared at him. “There is no blood, you are just sore.”

The he started smiling at me, and I had to ask him what was so funny.

“I told you it would be good!” he said, and I couldn't say no to that.

FACEFUCKING (M/F, semi-cons, bondage, throating)

After school ended we went to his house like we always did. His mother worked as a nurse in a hospital and her shifts were 24 hours long, so she wouldn't be back until tomorrow evening.

I was nervous and excited, as he had been planning this for the whole week. I had seen him building the rack and even helped him put it together at the end, but I hadn't tried it yet since he didn't want to rush it.

Once we arrived he offered me something to eat but I didn't think it would be a good idea, so we went straight up to his room, and from there into the attic, which had a ladder going up from it. It was the perfect place for us, as it was private and it made a great ‘dungeon’ as he liked to call it.

To me it just looked like an attic, although it was full of sex toys and other various things he had used on me before.

He climbed the little folding ladder first while I went to the toilet. I sat on the seat for a few minutes, trying to relax a little, but I couldn't really do it. My stomach felt as if it was full of rocks and I was trembling. But I knew there was no point in prolonging it, so I climbed the ladder, and then I pulled it up after me.

He was sitting on a box to one side, wearing only his boxers. He looked at me, eager to start, but I knew he wouldn't push me. To one side I could see the bench we would use. A short and narrow padded bench, as high as a table. Along the walls I could also see the two cameras we had, one in front of the rack, and the other high and to the side. I knew both were already filming, and that still felt weird to me.

When he saw me staring at it, he got up and walked up to me. I had to look up to find his eyes, as mine barely got to his chest, but seeing him made me a little calmer.

After breathing deeply, I took of my shirt and my bra, leaving them on the floor by the ladder. My shoes were next and then my pants and finally my panties. I knew I was making time, but I folded everything neatly, until I couldn't drag it out any more.

After I was done, he grabbed my collar, and then closed it tightly around my neck. It had been a gift from him many months ago. It was made of black soft leather and it had my name on one side and a big metal loop on the other.

My neck tingled as he placed it round my neck, as this was a ritual every time we came here. I know it sounds silly, but when I had it on, I was a different person. I was still Olive, but now I was his Olive, and that made everything easier.

Patiently, he took my hand and led me to the bench, and I sat on the cold leather. It was taller than what it looked, and I had to stand on my toes to get my ass over it. Once on top I turned around as he instructed me until my ass was sitting on the edge and my body was lying along it.

As I waited nervously, he took my feet, tying them to two legs with some rope. He took his time, braiding the rope into a zigzag pattern until my legs were tightly locked in place at either side of the bench.

Something started burning inside me as his hands worked their way along my legs, but I knew from experience that this was just the beginning.

Once he was done, he made me lay back on the bench, until my shoulder were resting on the other edge. There was nothing to support my head, so I was forced to let it hang as it would be impossible to hold it up for long. Moments later I felt my head getting heavier as blood pooled in it.

Using more rope, he tied my arms together under the bench, pulling from them until my elbows were touching. It wasn't painful, but it wasn't comfortable either as it placed too much pressure on my back and it made it a bit harder to breathe. But that was the whole point, to leave me exposed and defenseless. I looked around, disoriented as the world was upside down now, but I was still okay.

After a minute, he tied the last knot and he asked me if I could move. I tried pulling, but I couldn't move a single muscle. Satisfied, he rose, running his hands over my taut stomach. Unable to see him anymore, his touch made me jump, but I remained silent as my heart beated  furiously inside me.

His fingers moved lazily over my skin and that warm feeling became a blazing heat in my pussy. I felt vulnerable and I couldn't stop myself from pulling hard which made the ropes cut into my skin. He moved them down along my stomach and then over one leg before coming back up and towards my pubis.

I started trembling under his touch and I heard him gasping next to me. As quick as it had started, he stopped and went to pick up more rope. When he returned he kneeled in front of me, and I saw his face upside down just in front of mine. I swallowed nervously as he showed me the ring gag, but I managed to nod despite my position.

I opened my mouth and he pushed it in me. The ring was covered in leather, but I could still feel the steel under it, and it wasn't a pleasant sensation. Then he closed the clasp tightly behind me. My heart started beating faster and faster as I tried to remember everything he had planned for today, but suddenly I found my mind blank and I couldn't ask him anymore.

Then I felt him pulling my hair as he grabbed my braid and started caressing my head slowly. He tied a final length of rope around it, and then pulled it back towards my feet, forcing my head even further back until it was hanging straight down. When it wouldn't go any further, he tied the other end of the rope to the rack.

Now the position  was really uncomfortable and my neck started screaming from the pain. Swallowing became impossible and soon saliva was running down my face. I felt it burning with shame, but there was nothing I could do.

I started moaning softly as the pressure in my back kept getting worse and worse, but he didn't seem to care. I heard him moving between my legs and then something hard and cold brushing my pussy. I tensed from the cold as he pushed something inside me, probably one of our dildos, but the sensation was far from painful, even when I felt him locking it inside me with a leather clasp.

After a moment, He did the same to my ass, but this time I knew he had placed a vibrating plug inside me. I felt the waist passing past my asshole and then I it clenched around it, locking it in place.

A cold sweat broke over my skin as I waited for him to turn them on, and after a few moments they started vibrating inside me. They were slow at first, but then he raised the speed until they felt like two small engines were running inside me.

I started moaning loudly, as they pushed me further towards an orgasm, but we both knew that I wouldn’t be able to cum like this. I needed a cock inside me to do it, and I wouldn't get one.

Sensations started to pile up on me, and soon they became overwhelming. There was the pain from my back and my arms as I pulled from the ropes, and my neck as my muscles tried to hold my head up. There were the vibrators moving inside me, keeping me right at the edge, but too far to push me over, and then he added to butterfly clamps to my nipples, making me yelp from the pain as they crushed my flesh between their jaws.

Breathing became hard and soon I could hear myself rasping every time I did.

Noah was nowhere to be seen, but I knew he wouldn't go far. A few moments later he appeared in front of me, completely naked and with his cock hard. He was playing with himself as he walked towards my head, and when he stopped in front of me his cock was just level with my mouth.

I started trembling with fear, but we had talked about it, and if we were going to do it I wanted it hard and fast. I didn't want time to chicken out.

True to his word, he moved forward, putting his cock inside my mouth and forcing his way down my throat. I felt the tip of his cock passing into it and I choked instantly. Thick saliva explode from my mouth but he didn't stop. Instead he started fucking my mouth like he would my pussy while he pulled from the clamps on my nipples.

I couldn't breathe, and it wasn't long before my lungs started burning inside my chest. I pulled from the ropes with all my strength, not caring if they cut me, but Noah kept fucking me. We had agreed that he wouldn't do it for more than 30 seconds at a time, but they still felt like a century to me.

Finally, when my lungs were about to explode, he pulled out quickly. I saw his cock covered in my saliva, thick streams connecting it to my mouth while more slid down my face and into my eyes.

I cried with joy as I breathed deeply, filling my tortured lungs with air. In front of me, he was pumping his cock and I could see excitement in his face.

“Are you okay?” he asked me as he caught his breath.

We had arranged eye signals as I wouldn't be able to talk, and for a second I was about to call it quits. The only thing I had to do was blink rapidly, and I knew he would release me, but I didn't. Instead I closed my eyes, and then opened, looking at him directly. That meant I was okay, and he smiled before pushing himself inside me once more.

Like last time, one the head of his cock passed the back of my mouth I started coughing, and soon I was choking on his cock again. He was pushing himself fully inside my throat with every push, and I could feel his balls slapping my face as he moved.

I started crying as my saliva started burning my eyes while it ran down my face. I wasn’t long before my whole face was covered in it, and his cock looked a mess every time he pulled out.

After a few moments of this he let me breath again, and my throat made a wet gurgling sound as his cock passed over my lips. I was still had the edge of an orgasm, but I felt it slipping slowly away from me as pain became unbearable. He looked at me once more, and I closed my eyes again, signaling to him that I was still okay.

Then he showed me his leather crop and I panicked. He had used it only a couple of time, as punishment for some imagined mistake, and both times I had been left in tears from the pain. I could hear my heart beating wildly inside my chest.

I really wanted to say no, but I saw him, and I couldn't say no. I closed my eyes again and he nodded once before placing his cock on my lips again. I closed my eyes, waiting for him to fuck my throat again, but instead I felt the crop striking my breasts.

The blow wasn't too hard, certainly much lighter than the last time, but in this position it felt twice as hard. I bit the gag hard until I could hear my jaw straining inside my head, and then without giving me time to recover, he pushed himself forward.

I started coughing yet again as my throat felt raw from the previous abuse and then the crop landed again, this time in my stomach. Again it felt as if he had touched me with fire but this time I couldn't scream with his cock inside me. I choked and my stomach pulsed once.

Vomit shot along my throat, burning it before it shot past around his cock. What managed to escape fell down my face and into my nose, burning me even more until my mind was filled with pain. A brilliant light flooded my eyes and then I felt my body pulling itself apart as I came hard.

As I came down a moment later, I felt him cumming inside my throat, moaning from the pleasure as he emptied his balls. He collapsed on top of me, spent, and he didn't realized that I still couldn't breather. Seconds became hours and I felt my vision closing around me until he finally pulled his cock out of my throat and I gasped for breath.

He rolled to one side and then sat on the floor next to me while I concentrated on breathing. My throat was in agony and I kept coughing as I tried to clear it, but the worst was my neck. I blinked, trying to clear my eyes, but my face was a mask of saliva and vomit, to thick for me to see through.

After a minute, I felt his hands behind my head and he took the gag off. My jaw felt stiff and sore as I moved it around, but I was glad to be free of it. After that he turned off the dildos and then released my hair before helping me up. My head felt heavy as I rose and I wanted to sit, but my arms were still tied to the bench. Without dropping me, he undid them and finally I was able to sit straight.

Pain flared in my arms for a moment as blood rushed into them, but I stood still, suddenly dizzy. Noah kept working around me, and soon he had undone the ropes around me legs. He lifted me up and then he laid me on the floor. The cold wood felt wonderful on my back and I closed my eyes as I recovered. The pain disappeared slowly, until only a tingling sensation was left on my arms.

When I opened them again, he was sitting next to me with a towel in his hand. I nodded silently, afraid that my voice would break, and he cleaned me face and my chest. I could still taste vomit in my mouth, but it was a start.

I closed my eyes again just as he started massaging my arms and legs, rubbing the rope marks off, but I knew they would be there for some time as my pale skin marked easily. I must have dozed off, because when I woke up I was covered in a big towel. Groaning, I rolled to one side and slowly kneeled. My head swam for a minute, but with a little time I managed to get up.

He wasn't in the attic, so I walked up to the mirror he had installed on one wall. I was shocked to see myself like that, but I wasn't surprised. I had a few red mark on my breast and my stomach from the crop, and my nipples were red and swollen. But the most shocking were my arms, still red from where I had pulled the ropes. The pattern was clearly marked over my skin, and I thought the zigzag pattern was beautiful despite the pain.

I swallowed, and then remembered my throat. Afraid, I tried saying something, fearing that I wouldn't be able to, but besides sounding a little raspy, my voice was still okay. Relieved, I went down into Noah's room.

He was sitting in front of his computer, looking at the videos he had filmed. It was still weird to see myself on the screen as he fucked me, but not as much as the first time. He pushed his chair back without a word, and I sat on his lap, feeling his cock under my ass.

Then he started playing the video from the start, and I watched it all with a smile on my face.

HANGED (M/F, no sex, semi-cons, abuse, noose)

I hadn't been able to sleep all night. I was just too scared, I thought, as I watched Noah sleeping peacefully besides me. For the millionth time in the night, I checked the time, but it was still early.

Today, after he woke up, he would take me to the attic and he would hang me by the neck for a whole minute. He had wanted to do it for longer, but I convinced him that a minute would be enough. Now I wondered if I could even do it for a minute.

I started crying again, as I had been doing for most of the night, sobbing quietly so as not to wake him up, but I was getting tired. Without realizing I must have finally fallen asleep because I suddenly woke up, seeing Noah in front of me, looking nervous himself.

“It's time, are you ready?” he asked me, his voice soft and warm.

This is the time, I said to myself, now I can tell him I don't want to, and everything will be over. But instead, I nodded once, afraid my voice would crack if I had to speak.

He hesitated for a moment, and then he pulled the cover off me before rolling me over. Climbing on my back, he pulled my arms back, cuffing them together. The cold steel made me shiver, and I became even more scared by the way he was treating me. He had said he wanted to do it like a real execution, that he would be rough and forceful, and that he would only stop for the safe word.

I had agreed, not knowing what I was getting into, but I had always been unsure. Of all the things we had done, this was the most dangerous. What if I fell from too high? What if something happened to him when I was up and he couldn't take me down? What if he simply didn't take me down? I trusted Noah with my life, but putting it to the test wasn't so easy.

When he was done, he dragged me up from the bed and I stumbled around for a moment, finding it hard to keep my balance with my hands behind my back.

I was tired and my mind was overwhelmed with fear. I started trembling under his hands, but he paid me no attention. With one hand grabbing my arm, he led me forwards, towards the ladder that led to the attic from his room. I climbed the steps one at a time, feeling as my heart beat furiously inside my chest, and when I got to the top, I finally saw it.

In the middle of the room, hanging high from one of the roof beam, was the noose. He had made it from a thick cotton rope, and the white stood up easily on the dark room. I tried looking away, but it was impossible. I felt it attracting me, and I was morbidly fascinated with it, knowing I would be hanging from it in a minute.

I stood frozen in place, unable to move, as every step would take me closer to it. My mouth was suddenly dry and it felt full of cotton. Looking down I saw my naked body and I wished he had allowed me do this clothed, as I wouldn't feel so vulnerable that way.

Then he came up behind me, grabbing my shoulders and looking at the noose with me. I could feel his cock poking my ass, as he was also naked. He was obviously existed about this, and that made it so much worst for me.

Softly at first, he pushed me forward, but I couldn't move. Grunting in annoyance, he pushed me hard, and I stumbled forward. He led me towards it, walking briskly until I was standing in front of it.

He left me alone for a moment, and I looked up towards the noose. It looked impossibly high, but I knew it would only leave me a foot of the ground when I fell. Even knowing that, it made me dizzy to look up to it.

After a moment, I saw him returning with a small wooden chair. It was painted in pink and it was covered in colored crayon. It had been my chair when I was little, until I hand fit in it any more.

I felt my jaw quivering from the fear, and my knees started rattling together as my whole body started trembling. I tried to control it, but I simply couldn't. I was too terrified, and for a moment I feared I would piss myself.

Then I saw him placing the little chair right under the noose, and he helped me up. I followed him in automatic, not realizing it until I was standing on the seat. I could feel the wood under my bare feet as the chair wobbled slightly under my weight. From here I was almost as tall as him, and I saw his eyes for a moment, before he walked behind me.

I closed my eyes for a moment, trying to calm myself as I started hyperventilating. Behind me, I felt him running a length of rope along my arms, binding them together tightly until my elbows were touching. I had to push my chest out and my shoulder back, as he kept tightening it more and more, until it became impossible for me to move them.

Then he did the same with my legs, tying them together from my knees to my ankles. I tried to stop my body from trembling, but even with my eyes closed I could see the noose in front of me.

Once he was done he walked away and I almost fell, as the chair rocked slightly every time I moved. With my arms and my legs tied, it wasn't easy to remain still. As always, I tried pulling from the ropes, hoping against everything that I could undo them, but he had done them good, and I could barely move.

Opening my eyes again, I saw him standing in front of me, his cock hard and red. Worst of all, was his smile. He looked at me coldly, and for a moment I thought this was all real, and that he wouldn't take me down, even after the minute was up.

After licking his lips, he lowered the noose in front of my face, and then he slipped it around my neck. A shiver ran down my spine as I felt it tightening around it. In front of me, he kept fussing with it, and I coldly remembered that he had to position it so as not to cut the blood flow to my brain, something really important if I didn't want to become a vegetable.

That was too much for me. I knew I would be able to do it. I opened my mouth to speak, but my mind became blank and suddenly I discovered I couldn't remember the safe word.

Anguish overwhelmed me as I searched my mind for the word, but my mind was completely empty and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't remember it.

Oblivious to my problem, Noah finished adjusting the noose and then went to the wall, were the other end of the rope was secured. He pulled from it lightly, taking up the slack from the rope until I felt it pulling me up just a bit, and then he tied it down once more.

With everything ready, he stood in front of me again, but this time he was keeping his distance. I wanted him to take me down, to hug me and to kiss me. I wanted to return to the bed where it was warm and I felt safe, but he stood there, waiting as I tried once more to remember the stupid safe word.

“Please, no!” I begged him weakly.

He hesitated for a moment, suddenly unsure of himself. Maybe he was wondering if I was acting, or if it was true, but we had agreed that only the safe word would stop him. He could have asked me for it, or I could have told him I couldn't remember it, I could have said a million things, but I didn't, and after a minute, he nodded once, and placed his foot on the chair, ready to push it away.

I breathed deeply one last time, tensing my whole body and then I felt the chair moving from under me.

I fell in slow motion, seeing him frozen in time as my body moved down until the rope stopped me. The noose tightened violently around my neck, bending it to one side and crushing my throat much harder than what I expected. I grunted once, more in shock than in pain, and then I was finally hanging.

Terror overwhelmed me, and I started kicking around, searching for something to step on, but my legs were bound and I could barely moved them. Tears ran down my face as I tried counting the seconds on my head, but it was impossible.

Noah stood in front of me, and I saw he was masturbating. I felt betrayed and used, how could he do that now? My lungs were burning as I fought to breathe but I couldn't do it, no matter how hard I tried. I could hear myself gagging, as the noose pushed my tongue up into the back of my mouth, and I started whimpering as I begged for him to put me down.

Every second felt like hours as I dangled from the rope, my body swaying in the air as I kicked uselessly around. The noose tightened a little more with every kick, but I had to do something. I knew he would pull me down if I fell unconscious, we had agreed on that, just in case I didn't make it to the 60 seconds, but that didn't make me feel any better.

Not knowing how long it had been, how long I still had to suffer, made it much worst. I closed my eyes as I felt my heart beating slower with every second. My movements became slow and I felt my body growing heavy as energy left me. I felt my mind slowing down, and suddenly everything seemed to be far away from me. The sounds in the room were muted until I could only hear my own heart, beating slowly inside my head.

For some reason I remembered a time when I was 6 or 7 years old. I was at the park, playing with Noah in the swing. I remember flying through the air, enjoy the wind on my skin as the sun shone. He was behind me, pushing me higher and higher as I screamed in glee, free from any worry.

My body spasmed, bringing me back into the real world. I opened my eyes, seeing Noah still in front of me. I whined once more, kicking and pulling from the rope once more with the last of my strength, but he stood still, not moving from where he was.

I cursed him for doing this to me, sure that he wouldn't pull me down. That everything had been a lie. I felt betrayed, abused, and I cursed myself for being so stupid. Just then, his eyes darted to the side, and he moved quickly, grabbing the free end of the rope from the wall.

I fell down, slower than before, until I could feel the floor under my toe. My legs buckled and if not for him I would have collapsed on the floor. He lowered me carefully onto the wooden boards and then loosened the rope, taking it off my neck.

I breathed deeply, afraid at the rasping sound my throat made every time I did, but glad I could finally breathe again. I closed my eyes, as tears ran freely down my face. Suddenly I felt stupid for not trusting him. How could I think he would lie to me? I sobbed uncontrollably on his arms while he told me everything would be okay. He didn't knew why I was crying, and I knew then that I would never be able to tell him.

We stood like that for a long time, until my arms started to hurt, but I didn't say anything, instead, when he saw me fidgeting with the ropes, he rolled me to one side and then he untied me, freeing my arms. He did the same with my legs as I rubbed my arms, watching at the marks they had left on my skin. I could see every thread, printed on my arms and my legs. I tried to imagine what my neck would look, but I decided to wait a little more.

Slowly, my breathing became normal and that rasping sound disappeared completely, feeling me relief.

When he helped me up a minute later, I looked at the noose, lying on the floor. It still filled me with fear, but not as much as before.

SHIBARI IN THE HOTEL (M/F, cons, bondage)

I kept telling myself that I wasn't claustrophobic. And it was true, I wasn't. But then again, I had never been locked inside a very small suitcase on the back of a moving car.

A few minutes ago Noah had made me undress inside his garage. Once I was naked he tied my hands and my feet together and then he made me climb into the back of his old hatchback and then into his biggest suitcase, which was for me, still a bit tight. After a couple of minutes struggling, I was finally in, but I was far from comfortable. I had my head against my knees and me feet pressed against my ass but he told me it was perfect like that.

Before closing it, he pushed a red squishy ball gag into my mouth, locking it behind my head with a leather strap. He kissed my cheek once, and then closed the zipper around me. It became pitch black inside and it soon became really hot but I couldn't say anything to him. I heard the back door closing, and a minute later we were off to the hotel.

He had this idea of stuffing me into a suitcase and rolling me around the hotel lobby for a while now, but I had always managed to convince him not to do it, until last week when he told me he had already booked the room for the night. It was a suite on the 20th floor of the Plaza hotel, near the center of the town. To finally convince me, he promised me I could order anything I wanted from the room service once we were in.

And so he convinced me to get into a suitcase in the back of his car, in the middle of July. We weren’t even past the corner of his house and I was already soaking wet in my own sweat. I could also feel every stitch and rivet in the suitcase as my body pressed against the sides, as the designers sure did not consider my comfort when they were designing it.

He always drove slow and carefully, but from the back of the car every bump was rough and jarring, and it wasn't long until I started getting dizzy. The heat, the cramped position and the movement, they all made it really hard for me, and for a moment I imagined myself puking with the gag on and choking on my own vomit.

In the end, I managed to hold everything in until I felt the car stopping and the engine shutting down. When he opened the trunk I breathed deeply as the relatively cool air from outside flooded the trunk. I was about to moan for him to open the suitcase when I heard another voice, right next to me.

“Hello sir, do you want me to help you with your luggage?” a deep voice asked him.

“Ehhh, yes sure” he said, sounding a bit doubtful. “Let me help you, it's really heavy.”

The man just laughed, telling him he was used to it, and I imagined that he had moved luggage with many things inside, but another 17 year old girl was very unlikely.

I felt myself moving and then someone grunting with effort until I was dropped again.

“You weren't kidding! What are you carrying inside, an anvil?” he asked Noah.

“Nahh, just Olive.” he answered, and my blood froze inside me as he said my name.

“What, like olive oil?” asked the porter, sounding confused.

“Yeah, something like that.” Luckily for me the porter dropped the issue and I heard the two of them lifting me up and then putting me on the floor.

With the suitcase upright, now I had all my weight on my folded legs which was far from comfortable, but I was desperately trying to make any sound as it would be very hard for him to explain why his luggage was making so much noise.

The I was moving again, but this time someone was rolling me around. The sound from the street disappeared and soon we were inside. Soft music played around us, the kind of maddeningly boring music you hear only in hotel lobbies. After a minute, we stopped again and I heard him talking to someone.

“Hello, I had a reservation for Olive and Noah for a suite.” he said.

A female voice greeted him and then I heard her typing away, a moment later she mumbled something I couldn't catch and Noah Asked her if there was any problem.

“We had a problem with the prior guest off your room and I am afraid it is unavailable. However I talked to the manager and we will upgrade your reservation to the imperial suite, as a courtesy from the hotel, if that is okay with you.”

“Yes, of course! Thank you!” he said.

After filling the form she asked him if I was with him, but he told her I would arrive later. I felt my face burning in shame as I imagined the zipper ripping open while I fell on the floor, naked in the middle of the lobby, but after moment we were moving again and soon I heard the elevator doors closing.

“How are you doing, Olive? You can talk, we are alone.” he said to me.

I moaned through the gag something that I hoped sounded like a hurry up.

“Good, just another minute.” he said, obviously not understanding what I said.

Then we were moving again, but this time the ride was very silent and I imagined the hallway, covered in carpet and fresh flowers everywhere. We stopped once more, and then I heard a door opening, until we finally stopped and he laid the suitcase on the floor.

When he finally opened the zipper I had to close my eyes, as the light was blazingly bright but the fresh air felt wonderful. My body was slick with sweat as he helped me out of the suitcase, untying my arms and my legs, and when I was out I stood shakily next to it, wondering how I had managed to fit inside that.

Once I had recovered I looked around the room, amazed at the size of it. The bedroom was almost as big as my house, and it also had a living room, with two big couched and a big table to one side.

While he unpacked his thing from his backpack, I walked around, looking at every detail I could find. I had never been in a place so luxurious, and I was amazed that we would be staying the night there.

Next to the bedroom I found the bathroom. It was the size of my own room, or maybe a little bigger. The floor was marble and the bathtub on one corner was big enough for two people. It was already full of warm water, and when I turned on the Jacuzzi bubble started coming from everywhere.

Noah appeared behind me, laying his hands on my shoulders as I looked at the Jacuzzi.

“I think you need a bath. Hop in.” he said, pointing at the water, and I wasted no time.

He poured something from a jar that was next to the water and everything filled with bubbles. I laid down inside, lowering myself until only my mouth and my nose were above the surface and then I closed my eyes.

“Do you want me to take the gag off?” he asked me and I realized I still had it on.

I shook my head, as this gag was rather small and I found it oddly comforting, thought I didn't know why.

He sat on the floor next to me, and the he started cleaning my body. He took a sponge, and used it all over my body, picking up some of the foam from the surface, and then running it softly over my skin. Then he cleaned my hair, using some nicely perfumed shampoo and then massaging my head for a long time. I was lost in the sensation, as the last time I had something like this done to me was when I was little.

When it was over, he made me step out and then he dried me with a big white towel, so plush that it could have been the carpet. Once dry, he told me to wait for him in the bedroom, and he went into the shower.

I walked slowly around, feeling the warm air on my skin and the carpet under my feet. I could hear the water running behind me, but apart from that the room was awfully quiet, making me feel a little weird.

The bed caught my attention, as it was the biggest one I had ever seen. I didn't knew the size, but it seem much bigger than my mother's bed, and the small twin bed we shared in Noah’s room. It was covered in cushions of every size and the duvet smelled of lavender. Next to it, a whole wall was covered in curtains, and when I moved them apart the view was breathtaking.

I didn't know what floor we were in, but we were much higher than most buildings around, and I could see the city stretching away into the horizon. I stood there for a while, just looking at the city, until Noah came, hugging me from behind.

“You know you are naked, right?” he said into my ear.

I blushed, as it hadn't come to me that everybody could see me like that on the window, but there were no other buildings close enough. Unless some window cleaning crew came rappelling down by our particular window I should be pretty safe.

Taking my hand, he led me into the living room where he had set up his two cameras, one high over a door, and the other over a table. In the middle there was a big pile of ropes, both red and black. I shivered thinking about what we would do, but this was one of the things I enjoyed the most.

A few months ago he had picked up a book about Japanese bondage and we both became hooked. I just loved the beautiful patterns you could get, and while he sometimes struggled with some of the techniques, I really enjoyed the sessions we had.

He made me lay on the floor, and then he started working, checking the book as he went along. I simply relaxed, watching him as he worked, feeling the ropes running over my skin and the pressure as the rig developed. It was usually something I really enjoyed, but some forms were harder than others.

We spent the afternoon trying several rigs, some more complex than others, and every time he was done he would take pictures of me. In between I would rest, massaging my arms and legs as blood flowed into them, as they tended to tingle when he untied me too tight.

The most beautiful was also the hardest, as I had to remain standing for more than an hour, as he braided the rope around my whole body. When it was done I couldn't move at all, but I could see my reflection in a big mirror and I found the contrast of the red rope and my pale skin just beautiful.

After this one was done, he told me we would try one last rig, much simpler than the others. He took a few pictures before untying me and then he led me towards the bedroom, leaving me just in front of the big windows. The curtains were still open and I could see the sun setting below the horizon and the light coming on all over the city as he laced my arms behind my back.

This one was also new to me, and while it wasn't painful, it wasn't exactly comfortable. The ropes pulled my arms tightly together, until my elbows were touching, forcing my chest out and making it a little more difficult to breathe. As he climbed along my arms with the rope, he started lacing my hair into it, locking my head back and leaving my neck stretched.

To finish it up, he looped the remaining rope around my neck, forming a thick collar with it, but he left it a little loose as it would have made it impossible for me to breath otherwise. As he took pictures, I sat facing the window, wondering if anyone could see me and I felt my face burning.

Still, he finished taking the pictures quickly, and soon he had untied me again. This time I had to grit my teeth to avoid screaming from the pain as blood rushed back into my limbs. It must have been too tight, I thought as I closed my eyes, holding back some tears as he took the last of the rope and my wrists started screaming in agony, but the pain lessen after a minute.

By the time I was feeling better, it was already dark outside, and we ordered room service for some food. We sat on the floor, eating what will probably the most expensive dinner of our lives, just in front of the window looking at the city. When he took of the gag my jaw was stiff, and I realized that it was probably not a good idea to leave it on for so long, but when he later showed me the pictures I thought it had been worth. They all looked gorgeous.

The rest of the night we fucked, we slept, he woke me up in the middle of the night wanting more sex, and then we slept some more. We ordered our breakfast in the room and then fucked in the Jacuzzi until it was time to leave, sad that our time there was over.

“Where is my clothing?” I asked him as he finished putting everything away.

He looked at me with a nasty smile on his face, before telling me that he hadn't brought any. I cursed him for a good minute until he told me I had two choices, I could leave the hotel naked, or I could go inside the suitcase again. Looking at it on the floor, I swore I would kill him, and then crawled back inside.

SEXTING DURING SCHOOL (M/F, bondage, no-sex, humil, semi-cons)

In the middle of my math class I got a message from Noah. Pulling my cell phone under the table, I checked it hoping that my teacher wouldn't see me. Luckily for me she was reading a book and had left us some work, so she wasn't paying much attention to us.

NOAH: go to the bathroom, I want you to send me a picture

NOAH: you have to get naked in there!


I felt my face burning as I tried to find a way to escape, but my mind was suddenly blank. Gathering my courage, I raised my hand, and asked Ms. Fiona if I could go to the toilet for a minute. She looked at me like one would a specially annoying fly, as she didn't like anyone interrupting her class, but after I insisted that it was urgent, she told me to be back quickly.

Red faced, I left the classroom and went to the closest bathroom, wincing as my footsteps echoed in the empty hallways.

Once there I checked that I was alone, and quickly locked myself in the handicapped stall, as it was the biggest. I undressed quickly, not wanting to lose my courage, and once I was fully naked, I snapped a picture from my phone before sending it to him.

As I waited for his answer, I looked at the picture. That morning, before leaving for school, he had tied me up into a beautifully complex rope pattern that covered my whole torso. I had to wear a loose shirt to class, as the ropes over my shoulders would show with a tshirt or something tight, but otherwise you couldn't tell I was wearing it.

I really loved to feel it under my clothing, it made me feel sexy and it was kind of thrilling to be around people in bondage. But the best part were the ropes over my crotch. As the rope went down along my body it pressed over my pussy and my ass, where he had placed a couple of knots just over my clit and my asshole, so every time I walked I felt them rubbing, and when I sat the knot would press slightly inside me, sending shivers down my spine.

NOAH: noooo

NOAH: in front of the mirror, not in a stall!

NOAH: where's the fun in that!

My heart skipped a beat inside me as I imagined myself standing naked and bound in front of the mirror when someone opened the door, and soon I couldn't stop shivering.

YOU: nooo, please!

YOU: I beg you, not that, someone will see me!

NOAH: do it, come on!

NOAH: do you want me to go there?

Getting caught with him inside the girls bathroom would only make it worst, so I quickly dismissed the idea. Biting my lip, I opened the door of the stall just a little, checking if there was someone close by, but everything was silent and I couldn't hear anyone on the hallways either.

YOU: please! someone will see me!

YOU: anything but that!

NOAH: if you don't send it now I will go there and take it myself!

NOAH: ;)

Defeated, I told him I would and then I opened the camera app before dashing outside. Without wasting any time, I stood in front of the mirror and snapped a picture, but it ended up blurry and I cursed my phone as it took ages to be ready again. The second picture turned out better, and I sent it to him immediately.

That turned out to be a mistake, as I was still outside the stall when I heard the door opening. I froze in place for a second as a girl came in the bathroom, her face looking at her phone and not paying attention to me. I stumbled back into the stall, locking the door just in time as she looked up. I locked it down and then collapsed on the toilet, feeling as my heart beated a million times a minute.

“Are you okay?” she asked me, trying the lock on the door and making me jump.

“Yes!” I screamed, my voice shrill.

“Yes, thank you, you just spooked me, that is all!” I said, trying to distracted her.

Had she seen me naked? Or the harness? I prayed that she hadn't as I held my breath, but after a few moments she locked herself into another stall and I could hear her peeing. Once she was done, she left me alone again and leaned back into the cold tiles as I breathed deeply once more.



NOAH: did they see you?

I waited for a few seconds, trying to calm myself down a little before I was finally able to type again.

YOU: no… I was lucky, she was looking at her phone

NOAH: cool then, nothing happened

NOAH: oh, and nice picture, I like it!

NOAH: that harness turned out very nice, I think it is my best… yet

NOAH: okay, go back to class, we don't want you teacher to get suspicious! ;)

A second later he sent me a little heart emoji, and I smiled, feeling just a little stupid. More relaxed, I stood up and picked my clothes. Before dressing, I checked the harness once more. I truly was gorgeous.

SENSORY DEPRIVATION (M/F, cons, bondage, oral, sex)

That night we had his house to ourselves. Her mother would be working late in the hospital, so we were pretty relaxed. We eat a pizza as we watched movies in his room, sitting naked on his bed, until well past midnight.

Then he looked at me, grinning for no apparent reason, until I finally asked him about it. He told me it would be a surprise, but he wouldn't say more as he told me to go upstairs, into the attic. I climbed the folding stairs, blushing as I knew he was looking at my bare pussy and then he followed me up.

In the center of the room he had laid an old duvet, and we both sat on it. Then slowly, he started kissing my neck and my breasts, running his fingers over my legs, making my whole body tingle. Without stopping, he made me lay down on it, and then he resumed his work, playing with my body until I felt my pussy warm and moist.

I opened my legs in a silent invitation, and he moved lower, between my legs, until his face was resting over my pussy. I shivered as I felt his breath on it, but he would only run his hands over my thighs, closer and closer to my pussy, but never touching it.

It was driving me crazy, and when I couldn't stand it anymore, I grabbed his hair with both hands and pushed him down into me. I was in bliss as he started lapping at my pussy and my clit while one of his hands started playing with my nipples. Soon, waves of pleasure started rocking my body and I lost myself in the sensation, feeling as they grew higher and higher.

I started moving my hips in circles, slowly grinding my pussy against his face as I felt my juices running, but he kept holding me down.

Then without a word he stopped, kneeling in front of me. I looked at him, trying to understand why he had stopped, but he simply shook his head.

“We have all night, I don't want to rush it.” he said as he looked at me.

Defeated I closed my eyes, and he started touching my body again. My orgasm faded away, but not entirely. I could still feel it, just out of reach, and it drove me crazy.

Without a word, he pulled my arms up above my head, and then he tied them together. Before I could pull them down again, he tied the other end of the rope to a beam and then he tightened the rope, taking all the slack out of it.

While it wasn't uncomfortable, it did make me feel vulnerable, as I couldn't move my arms to cover my body anymore. The Noah resumed his work, massaging my body, from my arms, my neck and by breast, all the way down to my legs. By the time he got to my feet I was trembling, knowing he wasn't done, and sure enough, a moment later he was tying my feet, one to each side, until they were wide apart and I couldn't move them anymore.

As before, his hands roamed my body, covering every inch of my skin, keeping me just out of reach of that orgasm until I was squirming.

“Shhhh, relax and keep your eyes closed.” he said into my ear.

He slipped a blindfold over my eyes, covering them completely. Next something brushed my lips, and when I opened my eyes expecting his cock, he pushed a ball gag into my mouth, locking it in place despite my protests. The rubber felt hard under my teeth and soon my mouth filled with saliva as I tried pushing it out with my tongue.

Noah placed his hand on my forehead, pushing me down into the duvet, before he slipped a pair of headphones over my head. I didn't understand what we was trying, but he was still holding me down as he adjusted them and with the gag I could only mumble.

Once they were adjusted, he told me to relax, and then Britney Spears Baby One More Time started playing at full blast. I screamed into the gag, desperate for him to shut it off, until a moment later the music changed and my ears filled with the sound of running water.

I could barely hear him over the sound, but he told me to relax again. With the music and the blindfold, I couldn’t see or hear him moving, so everything became a surprise. Soon his touch left like electricity over my skin and when he started sucking my nipples I started moaning into the gag.

I started squirming as he touched me, going from my breasts to my thighs, and then to my neck. I felt him sliding one finger between my pussy lips, and then pinching my nipples. Pleasure rose inside me, going higher and higher as he played my body.

I don't remember how long we stayed like that, but I do remember that at some point I felt something icy on my stomach, and then something pointy rolling over my breast and my thighs. At some point he also plugged my ass and my pussy with a couple of little vibrating eggs, and I could feel them moving inside me, slowly enough that they would keep me on the edge without pushing me over it.

It wasn't long before I grew frustrated, as every time I got too close he would stop, leaving me alone for a few moments until I cooled off. It soon became torture and I started pulling away from his touch.

The noise made it really hard to concentrate, and I hadn't realized how overwhelming it was until he lowered just a bit.

“That was 30 minutes. Now I am going to leave you like this for a couple of hours.” he said over my headphones before he pushed the volume up again.

I started screaming into the gag until my throat felt raw, but I couldn't feel him anymore. A moment later I collapsed from exhaustion, and I started sobbing into the gag, feeling as the blindfold became wet with my tears.

When I recovered, I tried concentrating, searching for a way out, but the ropes held me well. My skin was covered in sweat and the only thing I could feel were the two vibrator, moving softly inside me as they drove me crazy. I screamed once more, in frustration, but I couldn't hear anything over the white noise and the blindfold was on too tight for me to loosen it up.

Time soon disappeared and I couldn't even guess at how long I stayed that way. That fire inside me became a dull heat that refused to die while the vibration became almost painful in my frustration.

To this day I can't tell if I stayed like that for the two ours he said, for 30 minutes or for a whole day. By the time he returned I was going mad. Then I felt him pulling the egg from my pussy off, and he pushed myself inside me. After so long on the edge, I was soaking wet and more than ready for him, so he slipped inside me easily, filling my pussy in one swift move.

I came almost instantly, feeling as my body contracted, pulling from the ropes until I heard them creaking. After so long in darkness, my mind filled with a brilliant white light and I screamed hoarsely into the gag.

When I opened my eyes again, I was laying on the duvet, but the ropes and the rest of the stuff was gone. He was holding me up, his face worried and pale.

“Are you okay?” he asked me.

“Yes, I just came.” I said to him smiling.

He smiled at me, looking relieved thought I couldn't say why.

“Yeah, that was 10 minutes ago. You passed out, Olive.” he said. “I was about to call an ambulance, I was worried.”

At first I couldn't believe him, but he didn't seem to be lying, and he had no reason to do it. Afraid, I checked myself, suddenly unsure if I was really okay, but everything was as it should. I could feel and move everything, and I felt just fine.

“Was it good?” he asked me, looking ashamed.

“Yes.” I said, kissing his lips.


As the car moved along the road, I remembered the last time I had been locked inside the trunk, but at least now I wasn’t inside a suitcase. Still, I was nervous and the movement of the car was making me dizzy. Knowing what awaited me didn't make it any easier either.

A few minutes later I felt the car stopping, and then Noah opened the trunk. I moved back as far as I could, fearing that someone might see me, but he ordered me to come out and I reluctantly hopped off. I looked around the parking lot, but it seemed deserted, though we were still close to the city so I didn't feel too safe.

I started rubbing my arms as I felt the cold air blowing over me, but naked as it was a losing battle.

“Okay, just a few more things.” he said, taking out my leather armbinder from the truck.

I had pleaded to him not to use it, but it had been useless, so resigned, I joined my hands behind me as he slipped it on. After tightening the straps, he slowly closed the zipper, pushing my elbows together. Once it was on, it pushed my chest forwards and my shoulders back, making it a bit harder to breath, but the worst would be keeping my balance with it.

After that he took my ring gag from his pocket, pushing it deeply inside my mouth and locking my jaw open. It always made me drool, and soon a thin line of saliva was falling from my chin and into my breasts.

I tried remembering the plan but my mind became blank as I looked at the abandoned shopping mall. The graffiti on the walls didn't inspire me any confidence in the ‘abandoned’ part, and I started regretting my decision to do this, even before I started.

Besides the armbinder and the gag, the only thing I had were some running shoes. It would be hard to move, especially so late in the day, but Noah told me there would be plenty of light inside from the big skylights. Still, as the wind blew between my exposed pussy lips and my nipples got hard, I wasn't so sure.

Not wanting to waste any more time, I looked at him but he was busy rummaging inside his backpack. When he turned, he had a black butt plug, connected by a cable to a small plastic box. I mumbled something that I hoped resembled a what is that, which somehow made him smile.

“This is a remotely controlled vibrating plug.” he said. “I can control it with this little remote.”

I shook my head from side to side, as I didn't want to have that inside me, but he paid me no mind. Grabbing the end of the armbinder, he pulled my arms up, forcing my head down and leaving my ass exposed.

He strapped it on, and then he carefully pushed it inside me. I tried clenching tight, but he was stronger than me and soon the pain made me give up. The plug slid easily inside me, locking itself in place. He then tapped the little box to my leg and said I was finally ready.

The plug wasn't painful, but it made me feel full and when I walked it felt weird inside me. Just when I was getting used to it, I felt it start vibrating without warning, making me jump. I crouched on the floor, pushing hard from my stomach as the tip send waves of pleasure through my body. But just as soon as it had started, it went off again, leaving me frustrated.

“Okay, let's go over this once more, just in case.” he said as I recovered.

“You have to cross the mall, and get to the food court on the top level. It's on the opposite side, so it's pretty far. Once there, you have to find the key I placed inside the old McDonald's kitchen. Or was it in Burger King’s?”

I screamed at him through the gag, knowing he was playing with me, but he wouldn't tell me which one it was in.

“Once you have it, bring it back and we are done. Just be careful not to fall and I will be waiting here. Any questions?” he asked me grinning.

I glared at him, feeling as more saliva landed on my chest.

“Ok then, off you go!” he told me.

I turned around, and after looking around the parking lot once more, I ran towards the doors. The first few meter weren’t so easy, but soon I managed to find a good rhythm despite the armbinder and the plug, and in less than a minute I was through the doors.

The glass was long gone, so I was able to get in with no problem, but once inside I froze in place. I watched around, seeing all the stores deserted and covered in dirt, the floor littered with trash and the endless graffiti, covering every free wall.

My legs felt rubbery, and I started trembling, but I couldn't return without the key as Noah would just send me back. I breathed deeply, and then started moving again, only this time I went very slowly, trying to hear to every little sound and wincing every time I stepped on something crunchy.

While there was light in the middle of the hallways, the stores were dark and filled with shadows. The deeper I went the harder my heart was beating, even thought I was walking very slowly.

I made slow progress, but soon I managed to get to the stairs. I looked at them, suddenly unsure about going up, but I couldn't return empty handed. Afraid, I started to move again, but just then the plug started vibrating inside my ass and I collapsed on my knees.

Before I could stop myself, I moaned loudly, the sound echoing all around me. It scared me how loud I had been, and despite the plug inside me I stood still, hearing all around me for even the slightest sound. After a minute the plug turned off again, but I still couldn't move.

A minute later I was finally able to move again, but I was trembling in fear, not only for being alone inside the mall, but also by the plug. What if someone came, and it started on just then. What if someone found me? I wouldn't be able to escape, and I was naked and bound. The whole idea became more stupid with every step I took, but I still couldn't turn around.

After a minute, I made my way to the second floor. Next to me there was an old map, showing the next stairs, right on the other side of the mall. I would have to zigzag my way across the place until I found it food court, but I still had two more levels to cover.

As before, I started moving slowly again, watching every step and stopping from time to time, listening for any strange noise. But the mall was far from silent. The wind howled through the broken skylights, and from time to time I could hear a rat running along the shadows. The floor here was littered with broken glass, so I had to pay more attention, as falling here would be very bad.

Still, after another ten excruciatingly minutes, I managed to get to the other stairs. I climbed up another level, feeling a little better as nothing really happened when I got to the top. Then I saw something moving just out of my sight and I dashed to the side, hiding behind an old trash can.

My heart jumped inside my chest, and I closed my eyes, trying to hear anything as kept telling myself it had only been my imagination. I waited more than five minutes, crouched behind the trashcan, until I was finally convinced that I was alone. But just as I was about to move again, I felt the plug moving again. Unlike before, this time it was barely a whisper. I waited for a few minutes, waiting for it to go off, but this time it remained on.

Defeated, I kept advancing as it vibrated inside me. It felt really bad to be moving with it inside me, and soon my stomach was cramping painfully. I pushed forward again, paying more attention than before, but the vibrator made it much more difficult than before. I  took me twice as long to get to the other side, but mercifully, once I got to the end, it went off.

I kneeled on a clean piece of floor, catching my breath and trying to calm my stomach, but I was to scared. Instead, I pushed myself up, and climbed the last set of stairs. Once on the top, I watched ahead of me, and I could already see the signs pointing at the food court.

Walking unsteadily, I made my way towards it, keeping myself close to the store fronts. Luckily, up here the light was better and I could see almost all the way inside.

That is when I saw it. A man, staying in one of the stores just at the edge of the shadows, looking at me. I jumped off, screaming and then ran forwards, not paying attention to where I was going. By some miracle I made it all the way across the food court without falling on anything, and I crouched behind the counter of a dilapidated Pizza Hut.

I tried to control my breathing, as I didn't want him to find me, but I was hyperventilating and it took me a full minute to get it somewhat under control. From time to time I would peek above the counter, looking for him, but I saw nothing.

Not for the first time, I prayed for Noah to appear next to me to take me away, but he was far and I had no way to call him without giving my hiding place away.

Then, when I thought that things couldn't be any worst, the vibrator started again, pulsing inside me and making me feel even worst. I swore I could hear the vibration echoing from the walls, and I started sobbing.

I imagined that man finding me, defenseless, and then raping me. For the first time since I was alive, I feared from my life. My mind was filled with flashbacks, moments, places and friend. From Noah to my mom, I didn't want to die, not here, not now. The vibrator kept moving inside me, but it was far from erotic now.

But after another minute, it died down again, and I relaxed just a little. Minutes passed and nothing happened, I stood behind the counter, looking around but the only thing I could see was a rat, running around the food court with something black in its mouth.

That's when I saw the faded McDonalds sing, right next to me. I hesitated for a minute, thinking that it would be better to run as fast as I could, but I told myself it would only be a minute, and I could hear for any sounds while I searched for the key.

I waited another minute before I moved again, entering the kitchen. It was darker than anyplace before, as there were no skylight in here, but after a few moment my eyes adjusted to the darkness and I saw it, a red key sitting on top of the counter.

For the first time I entered this place something had turned out okay. I had the key now, I just had to get back down, and everything would be okay. But then I realized that I had no way to pick it up. I couldn't even use my lips, as I still had the gag on. I panicked, realizing the everything had been in vain.

I racked my brain for a solution, desperate to get out, but I didn’t want to return empty handed.

Then a beam of light flashed inside the kitchen and I dropped to the floor in reflex. Someone was definitely outside, that hadn't been my imagination! I stood paralyzed, as terror flooded my mind and I could only think about running away.

With great effort, I managed to crawl slowly out of the kitchen and once behind the counter I could hear someone walking along the food court. His footsteps sounded far from me, so gathering my courage I peeked over the counter and I finally saw him.

He was as tall as Noah, but he was dressed all in black, his head covered in a hood. He had a big plastic flashing in one hand, and he was walking slowly around the food court, stopping in some of the kitchens. I knew it would only be a matter of time until he checked this one, and I knew that I had left some footprints on the floor with all this dirt, so I had to find a way to escape.

My legs felt rubbery and weak, but I thought my only chance would be to run away, maybe I could outrun him. I was in good shape, and I could run pretty fast. But what if I fell, or if he was faster than me? What if there was more than one of them?

I tried to stop it, but I could see him in my mind, catching me in the middle of the food court, tackling me to the ground and then raping me, his cock forcing his way into my pussy. I felt my lips trembling and I started hyperventilating again, unable to control my own body.

I peeked once more, seeing him entering a kitchen far away from me, and I knew I could waste no more time. I got up and he took off running, straight for the exit and the stairs. I tried to be as silent as possible, but after a few steps I realized it was useless and I just decided to run as fast as I could.

Just as I was turning towards the stairs I heard him screaming and my blood froze inside my body. It was a miracle that I stayed on my feet, but somehow I kept running until I got down to the second level.

Without stopping to look back, I ran for the next stair, focusing on my feet and my breathing. Nothing else mattered, not the key, not the man running after me, nothing. I just had to make it to the door were Noah could see me.

I ran down the last set of stairs and then turned towards the door. They looked to be a million miles away, but I started running again. My legs felt heavy and I was running out of air, but I pushed forward. The closer I got the bigger my hope grew, until I could see the late afternoon sun shining across the broken doors.

Then I felt something heavy catching me in the middle of the air and my body stopped in its place. What little air I had escaped me, but I started kicking around while I screamed hoarsely into the gag.

I couldn't believe he had caught me so close. I felt his hands dragging my body and I twisted away, kicking wildly until I felt my foot connecting with something. He screamed and I hoped for a miracle, but then he managed to grab my arms and he pulled viciously up. I screamed in pain, and then I collapsed to the floor.

“Olive! It's me! Stay still!” screamed Noah above me.

I looked up, seeing him towering at me, and I started crying uncontrollably. He picked me up, and then he took the gag off. I collapsed in his arms and he hugged me as he tried to release the armbinder with one hand, but it was impossible. After telling me to stay still for a minute, he opened it up and I could move my arms again.

We stood by the door as I recovered, feeling much better now that I was with him, though I kept looking back to where I had come, fearing I would see the man.

When I managed to tell him what had happened, he looked at me with fear, and my stomach twisted inside me.

“Olive, it was me. I came looking for you, you were there for two hours, I was scared!” he said, sounding preoccupied.

“But, I saw a man, inside the store.” I said, suddenly unsure.

“The place is full of mannequins. Of course you saw a man.” he said, and I knew he was right.

I cursed myself as I finally understood everything. He had screamed my name then I was running thought the food court, and I had been too worried to understand. I suddenly felt stupid as he held me in his arms, but at least it was over.

I grabbed the armbinder from the floor and he led me outside, taking my hand as we walked towards the car. Outside the sun was already gone and the parking was dark and full of shadows, but at least I was with him now.

When we were in the middle, he stopped, looking at the mall.

“Did you get the key?” he asked me, and I felt myself blushing.

“I couldn't pick it up.” I said weakly, worried that I would disappoint him.

“Ahh, well, you can come pick it up tomorrow!” He said, laughing and I threw the armbinder at his face.

He ducked just in time, and then took off running towards the car, screaming at me to catching him or he would leave me behind. Without wasting any time, I started running after him, and I made it to the car just as he was turning on the engine.

BUKKAKE FOR DESSERT (MMM+/F, humil, cons, bukkake)

One night, as we laid naked on his bed after having sex, Noah told me that tomorrow night we would be going out to eat. I was excited, because it would be the first ‘date’ we ever had since we started all this, but it also made me feel nervous.

The next day I couldn't think about anything else, and when the classes ended, I wasn't sure if I should feel relieved or terrified. He drove me home in silence, dropping me off at my house so I could change, and then he promised me that  he would pick me up in the evening. Just before he left, he told me to wear my black dress. It had been a surprise gift from him, and I loved it. The black fabric felt smooth and luxurious as it hugged my body and the skirt was loose and cool, ending just under my breasts.

Knowing we would end up having sex afterwards, I chose a matching set of panties and bra, all in black and embroidered with little flowers. Since I would be wearing stocking with the dress, I also picked up a garter belt. Once I had them on, I stood in front of the mirror, looking at my reflection, amazed at how good it looked. My skin was much to pale to my taste, but the black looked awesome with my red hair.

Feeling excited, I slipped on the dress and then a pair of high heels. Nothing crazy, but they did give me a couple of extra inches so I wouldn't look so short next to him. Then there was makeup and hair, and I spent the next hour trying to do it right. After I was ready I looked at my reflection in the mirror as I turned, and my long hair, braided into a thick ponytail behind my back, whipped around me.

With no more excuses, I went down, and locked the door behind me. Noah was waiting for me with his car, and rusty old Ford hatchback that consumed as much oil as it did fuel, but it was our only car and I loved it.

After a quick kiss, he told me I looked gorgeous and he opened the passenger door for me. Not just out of courtesy, as the was stuck with rust and I wasn't strong enough to open it on my own. But still, it was very nice of him.

We drove around town as the night fell, enjoying the cool air coming through the windows until we reached a fancy new restaurant that had opened last week. The place looked way too fancy for us, but when I asked him about it he told me it was on him.

We walked in, and the Maître D' greeted us before leading us to the balcony, where Noah had reserved us a table right on the edge. I was amazed by the sight, as the restaurant was built on a small hill. Below us the city extend far and wide, shining as light came on everywhere.

The waitress appeared a minute later, a young woman with blond hair and big hips. He ordered for us, something fancy that I had never tried before and then she left us. I watched her hips, swinging from side to side with a little bit of envy, as I knew I wasn't so graceful when I walked. Then we sat there, drinking wine and looking outside.

“I brought you something.” he said, and for a moment I imagined him taking out a golden ring.

But then he took out my vibrating plug, placing it on the table. The black plastic was shining under the light, and I panicked, fearing that someone would see it. I covered it with my napkin, as he laughed at me.

“Relax, we are alone here!” he said, patting my leg.

We were alone, but still, the waitress might come back at any moment. How would I explain the anal plug on the table to her? He looked around once more, and then, licking his lips he smiled playfully.

“I want you to put it on for me.” he said, as if he was talking about a scarf or a hat.

I shook my head, nervous at the idea of him having the remote, but he insisted and soon I was in the lady’s bathroom, with the door locked and the plug in my hand.

Raising my dress, I pulled my panties down and then I licked the tip, hoping that my saliva would be enough lube to push it in me without too much pain. Slowly, I pressed it against my asshole, feeling as the tip stretched me wider and wider, until finally the waist was past my asshole and it locked itself inside me.

Feeling silly, I clipped the battery box to my garter belt and then rearranged my dress. It was impossible to tell I had it inside me, but if he turned it on I would be in deep trouble. A shiver ran down my spine, as I wondered if that would be so bad, but I decided not to tell him that.

When I returned to the table, our food was already there, and I also noticed a few other couples sitting on the balcony, though the tables around us were still empty. He kissed me softly as his hand patted my hips, and once felt the box he told me we could eat.

The food was delicious, and soon we were trying each other's dishes. I had never been to a restaurant like this, so the food names told me nothing, but everything that we tried that night was amazing, even the wine, something I rarely tried at home.

I almost forgot the plug, as it was just a little bit uncomfortable inside me, especially when I was sitting down, but it was soon in the back of my head as we ate. That was, until he turned it on without warning just as I was about to start the main course.

I yelped loudly before I could stop myself, and my fork flew through the air from the surprise. Noah looked at me, trying to hide his smile, as he asked me if I was okay. I felt my face burning, as I told him everything was alright while the plug vibrated inside me.

He started playing with the intensity, pushing it all the way up only to push it down a moment later. Soon the vibrations were driving me crazy and I had to cross my legs, as I tried not to moan from the pleasure. Around me, I swore everybody was looking at me, and I felt my face getting hotter.

When I managed to pick up my fork again, he lowered them down again, until it was barely moving and I pleaded at him to turn it off. He refused, telling me he had plans for later and I needed to be ready.

Far from making me feel better, I now started worrying about those plans, but there was nothing I could do. The rest of the meal was mercifully quiet, and he only pushed the vibrator up once, as I was drinking wine. I almost choked on it, but I managed not to spill anything.

When the waitress returned, she asked us if we wanted some dessert, but he told her no, that we would get something later. After paying, we walked outside, but when we got to the car, he stopped me and looked me in the eyes, making me feel a little uncomfortable.

“You look beautiful.” he said, running his fingers along my face.

I felt my knees turning to rubber, and for a moment I actually wanted him to turn the plug all the way up. But he didn't, he simply kissed me softly, leaving me with the taste of his lips on mine.

“I want to take you to a place I found, but you have to trust me. You will be safe, and nothing will happen to you if you don't want. We will just be looking.” he said.

I looked at him, feeling apprehensive, as he refused to tell me the place. But I trusted him, and I wanted to know what he had in mind. I nodded silently, hoping that I wouldn’t regret my decision, and then we got into the car again. After driving for a few minutes, we arrived to a night club. The place didn't look like much and there was no line outside, which was strange as on a Friday night I expected it to be bursting.

He parked the car close by, and then we walked towards it. Before opening the door, he asked me again to trust him, and I said yes.

After closing the door, we were in a small dark room, were a bouncer was sitting casually on a stool. He looked bored, but when we entered he stood up and asked us our names. Surprised at being in the list, I looked at Noah, but he was picking through a bunch of masks that were on a shelf to my right.

He picked up one made of white plastic, that covered the top of my face all the way down to my nose. It was gorgeous, covered in vines and flowers, and on the top, above the right ear, there was a real flower and some leaves.

He showed it to me, and exited I put it on. The weight felt comforting somehow, kind of like a superhero mask, but without having to use my panties over my pants. Then I noticed he had another thing in his hand.

It was my black collar, and attached to it there was a long leash. I swallowed, suddenly afraid.

“It's the rules.” he said, pointing at a sign on the wall.

On it there was a girl, on her knees and with a leash around her neck. The text said ‘slaves must be leashed at all times’. I shivered, suddenly afraid at what I would find on the other side of the door. He waited patiently for me, until I lowered my head and pulled my hair to one side.

He slipped the collar around my neck, locking it behind my head. It was tight, but not so much that I couldn't breathe. When I turned, the bouncer was looking at us, but he didn't say anything as he opened the door.

Music blasted through it, and we walked inside. The place was pretty small, more a pub than a club, but there weren't that many people either. We stood by the door for a minute, getting used to the music and the light, and then I started paying attention.

A few men and women were completely naked. Half of them had leashes on their neck, just like mine, and most had masks, though some didn't, like Noah. Nobody paid us any attention as he led me to the back, pulling the leash until I was forced to follow him.

As we made our way between the tables and couches, I saw people fucking and playing with each other, completely oblivious to the world around them. Some were also were being tied or spanked, some girls were giving blowjobs on their knees, naked as the day they were born. Most, if not all of the girls, were bound in some way, the simplest behind a set of leather cuffs, to one that was wrapped in rope, just like he had done to me in the hotel a few months ago.

In the middle of the room there was a small stage where a girl was being tied to a wooden rack by a big man covered in leather. Her big breasts stood proudly in front of her, and they made me feel a little bad about mine.

When we reached the other side of the room, Noah picked a couch and he sat, patting his leg for me to do the same. I sat on his knee, feeling as the plug buried itself a little more inside my asshole, and then he pushed the vibration a little higher, making me squirm in his lap.

I was grateful for the mask, as I wouldn't have been able to face this without it, but I was still afraid. I trusted his word when he said that nothing would happen, but the place was full of people that I didn't trust.

I felt one of his hands caressing my back while the other did the same with my thigh, just under my skirt. I wouldn't have let him do this on another place, but shoving his hand under my skirt was pretty tame compared to what I was seeing.

On the stage, the man finally finished his work, leaving the woman tied with her arms high above her and her feet to the floor. It looked uncomfortable, and it left her awfully exposed, but she was smiling. Then the man grabbed a leather whip from the floor, showing it to the people around them and he started whipping her body.

I jumped as the first one struck her skin, but she bit her lips, obviously enjoying it before counting it with a loud one. The second struck again, this time in her breasts. It left a thin red line on her skin, and as before she counted it.

On and on it was repeated, but he never struck her twice on the same place. By the time she got to twenty her body was covered in marks and her skin glistened from the sweat. Still she was smiling, and he kept working. We seemed to be aiming to cover her whole body, and when he finished, at fifty lashes, her whole body was covered in red. Her breasts, her stomach, her ass and her back, even her thighs were covered in angry looking marks, though there was no blood.

He untied her, holding her as he released her arms before she could fall, and once she had recovered, she waved at the public before stepping down the stage. A man hugged her once she was on the floor, kissing her and helping her onto a couch, where she sat, looking exhausted but happy.

For some reason, I was a little envious of her, but I wasn't sure why. It had certainly been painful, but I wondered how it would feel to be wiped.

Once the show was over, Noah kissed me, and I realized his cock was poking my ass.

“I want you to blow me.” he asked me, and I knew he meant right now.

I felt my face burning as I looked around, noticing that next to us a busty blond was doing the same for and old man dressed in a black suite. I shook my head, but somehow he convinced me, and I found myself on my knees between his legs. I felt the dirt on the floor against my knees and the plug vibrating as he pushed his pants down before pulling me closer with the leash.

Grabbing, his cock I took it into my mouth, feeling his heat as I ran my tongue over it. Soon I didn't care if anyone was watching me, I started sucking him into my mouth, going deeper and deeper until I could swallow him whole. He pushed the vibrator all the way up and I felt my asshole quivering as I pushed his cock inside my throat.

His hands started caressing my head, pushing me deeper into him until my nose was buried in his stomach and he was moaning loudly. Without stopping, he pulled my dress and my bra down, exposing my breast and my rock hard nipples for everyone to see. Then I felt him twitching, and knowing he was going to cum I readied myself.

But he pulled me of his cock before he came, forcing my head up and telling me to close my eyes. A moment later I felt his cum landing on my face, first once and then a second a third time, coating my mask and my mouth in it. What landed on the mask slid down between the eyeholes and I felt it running down my nose and into my mouth.

“Ohhh, yes… I liked that.” he said above me, his breathing hard.

I licked my lips, savoring his taste, and feeling as his cum slid down my throat when I swallowed.

Then I suddenly remembered where we were, and expecting to see a multitude around me, I opened my eyes, but there was no line of people. I was surprisingly disappointed, for some reason I didn't want to think too much about, until I saw the blonde that was blowing the old man a minute ago, looking at me. She winked, smiling, and blew me a kiss, and I nodded meekly as I felt my face burning under the mask.

When I asked him for something to clean myself, he told me to leave it on, and I felt my pussy getting hot as I nodded. I sat on his lap again, frustrated as he lowered the dildo once more, while I tried not to think too much about having my breasts exposed and my face covered in his cum.

After that we relaxed and he ordered something for us to drink. On the stage we saw a few more shows, one in which a girl had a furry tail shoved up her ass and then she crawled all over the place acting like a bitch in heat. It was strange seeing those thing as a few I had already tried, but I enjoyed it. The mask allowed me to be anonymous, and it also made me feel somehow more powerful. And like before, as the girls came down and were applauded, I felt a little envy growing inside me.

In between shows, music would play and the waitresses, dressed in a leather corset and high heels would walk around the place, taking orders and putting empty glasses away. I noticed that no one touched them, even when they were playful and provocative, and it made me feel truly safe.

Then, just as I thought the night was over, one of the waitress came to us, and kneeled on the floor, locking her arms behind her.

“Hello, Sir.” she told Noah, ignoring me. “I have a request from the owners.”

Intrigued, he asked her to explain, and she told him that they wanted to have another show, a bukkake exhibition, and that they wanted me as the star. My blood froze inside my chest as I imagined myself on the stage under the lights, naked and bound as lines of cocks came over my face. I started trembling in place, feeling my heart in my throat as Noah looked at me.

“That would be cool.” he said, and my heart stopped. “But I can't decided for her, sorry.”

She told him it was okay, and after thanking him for his time, she left us alone. I was relieved when she left, but I was also sad. I felt that I had missed something, an opportunity maybe, simply because I was too scared to try it.

“What's wrong?” Noah asked me, reading my mind.

“I… do you want me to do it?” I asked him, my voice barely above a whisper.

“If you want to, yes. Thought I have a few conditions.” he said as I felt my stomach twisting itself into a knot inside me.

“They would only cum on your face, I don't want you sucking their cocks.” I nodded, feeling a little relieved that I wouldn’t have to give them blowjobs.

I looked at the stage, feeling as my body tingled in anticipation, before telling him I would do it. He asked me if I was sure, that he wouldn't pressure me, but I insisted, and he left me on the couch while he went to the bar to arrange everything.

When he returned a minute later, I couldn't look away from the stage, but he sat in silence next to me until the music stopped and the DJ called me by my name into the stage. I rose shakily, feeling as if my knees were made of rubber and then I walked slowly toward the stage. A couple of women, completely naked except for their collars and high heels, climbed it first and then helped me up.

Once on it, I turned around, looking towards the tables, but the light blinded me and I couldn't see anything. That made me feel a little calmer, as I wouldn't have to see their faces.

The two women, led me to the center of the stage, and then they started undressing me slowly, taking my dress and then my bra and my panties. When they were done, I was left only with the leash, my stockings and my garter belt, and my shoes.

“Ohhhhh, what is this!” said the brunette to my left as she unclipped the battery box from my garter belt.

I had completely forgotten about it, and I heard people applauding as he showed it to them. The other one turned me around and then told me to bend, and I felt everybody staring at my plug and my pussy. By that time it was soaking wet, and I felt my juices running down my thighs.

Clipping it on again, they both kissed my cheeks and then they led me to a low padded bench that I hadn’t noticed before. It was taller than a chair, and long enough for me to lay my body with only my legs hanging down. As they helped me onto it, they arranged my hair, letting it fall down the edge.

I started trembling as the DJ called for volunteers, and many men climbed the stage, forming a line that went towards the back of the stage. I tried counting them but I lost count after ten, and I started trembling hard. At that time I couldn't believe that I was about to do it, but without giving me time to back out, the two women kneeled next to me, and one by one they started blowing the men as they came forward.

I watched them, fascinated as they expertly sucked each cock, pushing the men right to the edge, but not letting them cum. When they were ready, they would step to my side, two at the time, and then they would start masturbating.

Biting my lips, I readied myself for the first time, feeling Noah's cum drying on my face. Then one of them moaned in pleasure and he came right over my closed mouth. I felt it landing on my skin, thick and warm, and I grabbed the sides of the bench hard, feeling as the leather creaked. The second followed him intermediately, choosing to cum on my mask. His cum ran down to the side, and I felt it over my hair.

I was overwhelmed with shame as they flicked their cocks, whipping the last drops of cum on top of me, splattering my breasts. My skin was covered goose bumps and my face felt on fire when I heard the first applauses.

The men walked away, and I looked to the side, trying to distract myself. The brunette was busy blowing another man with a mask shaped like a dog, but when she saw me she winked at me, not losing a beat.

Looking up, I fixed my eyes on the ceiling, as I waited for the next two, and it wasn't long before they arrived. Like before they started masturbating over my head until they came, one on face and the other on my breasts. I felt his cum burning my skin as if it were acid, and he kept cumming for a long time, until my whole chest was covered in his seed.

Then they left, only to be replaced by another two men. Before they came, I saw the other woman, her face just inches above mine.

“You have to open your mouth!” she said, whispering into my ear.

I shook my head from side to side, but she insisted.

“Do it, thrust me.” she said before leaving.

But I didn't know her, how could I trust her? The two men came at the same time, both aiming for my face and I felt their cum running over my lips. I remembered her words, and before I could chicken out, I opened my mouth wide.

Their cum fell into my mouth, running down my tongue before I managed to swallow it. It felt sticking to my throat, hot and pungent, just like Noah ’s. The taste remained in my mouth even after I had swallowed it all.

After that, four more pairs of men came on my face and my breasts, until my face was a mess of cum. It stuck to my skin and my mask, my breasts and my stomach. Now that I had my mouth open, a few men came directly inside it, and soon it fell dry and pasty.

Feeling as my lust washed over my body, I slipped my hand over my pussy, and I started playing with myself as men kept cumming on me. Soon I had two fingers inside me and I was moaning in pleasure as I grinded my ass and the plug against the bench. Still, my orgasm was too far away, and I knew I wouldn't be able to cum like that.

Then I heard a loud applause, and I opened my eyes, feeling them burning as a little cum slipped past my eyelashes. Above me I could see Noah, pumping his cock over my face until he too came. I extended my tongue, trying to catch his cum, but most fell on my face and my hair.

Without a word, he took a step back and the two women appeared to my sides. They helped me to sit, and I looked into the lights, imagining as peopled watched me, covered in an orgy’s worth of cum. Sitting up, some of the cum slid down my body and soon I could feel it pooling under my pussy, still wet from my fingers.

Then the brunette sat beside me, oblivious to the cum that covered my body, and I noticed she had a spoon in her hand. She looked at me and then the spoon, raising her eyebrows silently. I knew what she wanted, and while it sounded disgusting, I was too far in to say no. I nodded once, and then she smiled.

Using the spoon, she started picking up the cum that covered my body before feeding it into my mouth. After I swallowed the first spoonful, she told me to hold the next, and soon my mouth was full of warm cum. I could feel it oozing around my tongue and my teeth. Only when my mouth was full and I could feel cum dripping down my chin, she told me to swallow. I had to do it three times before I was done, and I obediently opened my mouth to show her it was empty.

Around us, everybody applauded, and I felt my face burning even more than before. A few moments later, she fed me one last spoonful of cum, and then the whole room erupted in applause.

I stood up, dizzy under the lights, and bowed towards the table, feeling really stupid. Noah helped me down, taking my hand with care as I was still sticky with cum, and then he led me towards the couch again.

A waitress brought me a dry towel and a glass of cold water. I drank it in one go, trying to get the taste of cum from my mouth, but it was impossible. Then I cleaned myself as best as I couldn't and finally I dressed myself again. My hair was still a mess, and I could feel dry cum flaking of my skin every time I moved, but the worst was my mask. Cum had gotten between it and my face, and I couldn't clean myself without taking it off.

When I told him about it, he took me to the lady’s room, and after checking it was empty, he stood guard outside while I took it off. I watched my face, covered in cum, and I felt sexy and alive. I washed it off as best as I could and then I slipped the mask on again, though it was still a little tacking from all the cum.

Outside, Noah kissed my lips, telling me that my breath stank of cum, and we both laughed.

“How are you feeling?” he asked me.

There wasn't an easy answer, but the more I thought about it the better I felt.

“Well, I am okay. Thought I am really horny…” I said, feeling a little embarrassed at having said that in public. Behind us I could see that most of the people had already left, but I could still hear someone fucking, though I couldn't see where they were.

“Oh, don't worry about it. I am going to fuck you when we get home. But first I think you need a shower.” he said.

“Yes, a shower first!” I said as he grabbed my leash. Pulling from it, he led me outside and towards the car, and finally we were home again.

PET PLAY (M/F, cons, pet, anal, oral, whip)

On Wednesday , as we were eating our lunch under the track benches, Noah told me that we would do something special next weekend, but he then refused to tell me what. He always did the same, and it always drove me insane as I would spend the rest of the week worrying and trying to figure it out.

This time, it was the same as always, and it wasn't until Friday afternoon, just after we got to his house, that he told me.

“Okay, this is it. From now until Monday morning you will be my pet.” he said.

I looked at him incredulously as my mind tried to figure out exactly what he meant. No detail was too small with dealing with him, as I knew from experience. When I asked him what he meant with that, he looked at me, smiling mischievously.

“Simple, I am going to treat you like a pet for the weekend and you will behave like one.”

He told me he would put a leash on me and a tail plug, and that we would do all that we usually did on the weekends, but since her mother was away on a trip, we would have the house to ourselves.

Mortified, I refused as I thought it was humiliating to be treated like an animal, but after some time, he managed to convince me. I was still unsure about it, but since he promised that I could back out whenever I wanted, there was no harm.

That's how the weekend started. He made me strip in the living room, and then he gave me a tiny plaid skirt, that had nothing to do with me being his pet, but he said he liked how it looked on me. Red faced, I put it on and then he told me to drop on the floor.

Once there, he took out the tail plug from a box, showing it to me as if it was a bouquet of flowers. It was made of a furry tail, and the plug, a long think piece of rubber made to resemble the cock of a dog. It was shaped like a ball near the base, which would keep it firmly locked inside my asshole once he pushed it in.

“No, please, not that!” I pleaded to him.

“You can't be a dog without a tail.” he answered, but I thought it was a pretty weak excuse.

Still, I turned around, and after lubing it up, he slowly pushed it inside me. It was much wider than my usual butt plug, and once it was in I was constantly aware of it, like a dull throb on my ass.

To finish my transformation, he locked my collar around my neck and finally he clipped a leash to it.

“Satisfied?” I asked him, feeling rather silly with a tail between my legs.

He nodded and then he started taking pictures of me. The skirt was much too short for me, and it was more a belt than something to cover my ass. When I was on my hands and knees, it left my ass exposed and the tail rubbed against my bare pussy, sending shivers down my spine.

After he had all the pictures he wanted, he told me to come to his room, so we could do our homework and then forget about it. I made a move to get up, but he scolded me.

“Nooo, you are a dog now, and dogs walk on four legs.” he said as he kneeled in front of me.

I glared at him, as he appeared to have forgotten that little detail when he explained everything to me, but I started crawling up the stairs and into his bedroom. My knees were hurting when I got there, but the carpet in his room soothed me a little.

Once there, he laid my book on the floor while he sat on his desk, and we started working. I struggled to find a comfortable position, as he didn't want me to sit, so in the end I ended up laying on the floor, with the book in front of me.

Two hours later we both finished our work and he cleared all our books away. I was feeling cranky and my back was killing him, but he always seemed to read me. He climbed on top of my back as I laid on the floor and he started massaging my back. He took his time, working my muscles with his thumbs and his palms. It felt so good that I dozed off at some point, and I woke up when he was getting up.

“I will go to the supermarket to get something for the weekend, you will have to stay” he said.

“What? Why can't I go with you?” I asked him, but I already knew the answer.

“No pets allowed inside the supermarket. And besides, I don't think you want to go like that, don't you?” he asked me, staring at my tail.

“Noooo.” I said, feeling as my face turned to red.

He changed his clothes and the he told me to climb to the attic. It wasn't easy climbing the ladder with only my hands and my knees, but I finally managed to get all the way up. He followed behind me, running three steps at the time, and then he grabbed a big plastic box from one wall.

“Ohhh, no way!” I said as he showed me a plastic cage like the ones used for dogs.

While it was big enough for me, I didn't like the idea of being locked inside it. He set it in front of me, and then he grabbed my leash, pulling from it until it was taunt.

“How bad can it be, compared to the suitcase?” he asked me, referring to the time he had locked me inside a suitcase and then rolled me around a hotel lobby.

I looked at the cage next to him, feeling nervous and afraid of it, without knowing why. It was true that I would have much more room inside there, but the idea of him leaving me alone inside somehow terrified me. I begged him again, but in the end I was defeated.

Crawling inside, I felt the hard plastic under my knees and once I was inside he closed the door, locking it with a small padlock.

“I will be back in an hour, at most. It you behave, I will get you something nice to eat before dinner.” he told me.

Then le left me inside the cage, and a minute later I heard his car leaving the house. I hooked my fingers though the bard in the gate, pulling from it until my fingers hurt, but it was locked solidly and it wouldn't move.

I sat on the floor, taking care to move the tail from under my ass and then I hugged my knees as I waited for him. The house was never silent, and soon I could hear the structure creaking as it expended under the afternoon sun.

Time dragged on and the plug became more uncomfortable with every minute. I thought about taking it off until he returned, but I was sure he would know. I left it on, trying to find a more comfortable position, but it was still uncomfortable. I laid on the plastic floor, looking outside the door while I waited, feeling sorry for myself.

What if he didn't return? I thought. If he had an accident, how would I get out? I got more nervous the more I thought about it, but the door was locked and it was too late. I started moving around, trying to think how long it had been, but with no clock it was useless. It might have been an hour or it might have been a full day for all I knew.

The only thing I could do was wait and listen for his car. Then I was sure he had been gone for more than an hour and he still wasn't back. I got scared, and I called for him weakly, knowing he wasn't around. I started crying, convinced that something bad had happened.

Sobbing, I must have missed the sound of the car. I heard him only when he was coming up the ladder. I quickly turned around, wiping my face with my hands as he unlocked the door. When he saw me he asked me if I was okay, and I almost started screaming at him.

“You took too long.” I said accusingly from inside the cage.

He looked at his watch and then told me it had only been 40 minutes. Embarrassed, I looked to the floor as I crawled outside.

“I… it felt longer, I am sorry.” I said.

He kissed me tenderly, hugging me until I was better. After a minute, he rose, and I stood on the floor, kneeling in front of him. Now, besides the uncomfortable sensation of the plug I needed to pee. I looked at him suddenly knowing what he would say, and I felt my skin crawling as I imagined myself peeing on the back lawn.

When I told him, he laughed at me but he told me that yes, I would have to go outside like any dog. For a moment I wanted to ask him if I would have to crap outside too, but maybe it wasn't the best time.

Grabbing my leash he led me outside. Luckily for me, the fence on his mother's house was pretty tall and you couldn't see the neighbor houses from it. I crawled on the grass until I was under a big tree and then I crouched.

“Watch your tail.” he said to me from my side.

I had expected him to leave me alone for it, but apparently dogs didn't get privacy either. Picking my tail from the ground, I peed, feeling as tiny drops of piss splashed against my legs and my ass.

Once I was done, I realized that I had nothing to wipe myself with, but when I looked at him he had a tissue in his hands which he pocketed after I was done with it. As before he led me inside, this time into the living room. He sat on the couch, and then made me sit on the floor, where I could rest against his legs.

We watched a movie together until it became dark outside. He spent the whole time caressing my head, and I found myself dozing under his touch. When the movie ended, he asked me if I wanted some pasta. I nodded, feeling grateful that he wasn't making me to bark, and then I kneeled on the kitchen floor as he cooked.

He served only one bowl, and instead of sitting next to him, he made me kneel while he fed me, one bite at a time. It was strangely romantic to be fed in my mouth, even with the plug on, but I didn't know why I felt like that.

“Tomorrow you will eat from a bowl on the floor, okay?” he said casually as he wiped some sauce from my face.

I nodded, already knowing that would say that, but surprisingly I wasn't worried about that. Once he was done, he took me upstairs again and into his room where he laid me on the floor. Without wasting time, he undressed and then he kneeled between my open legs before he started eating my pussy out.

It felt glorious to feel his tongue over my pussy, and every time he circled my clit with it I felt myself shivering. Soon I was grinding my pussy against his face, as I ran my fingers through his hair. Without stopping, he grabbed my tail and he started pulling from it until the ball was just over my asshole before pushing it inside me again. After having it inside me for so long, my as was loose so it didn't hurt like before.

It wasn't long before I was moaning loudly as he pumped the tail in my asshole, and when he pulled it almost all the way out and before shoving it inside me again I came on the spot. A wave of pleasure washed over me, flooding my mind until I could think of nothing else and then I felt my body pulling itself apart until it hurt.

Slowly, it began to fade, leaving me exhausted on the floor. The tail was fully inside me again, and Noah was standing above me as I opened my eyes again. His face was covered in my juices, but he didn't seem to mind.

“Shit, that was good!” he said as I recovered my breath.

After a minute I was able to kneel again. I looked at him, seeing his cock standing hard in front of him, and with a smile I crawled towards him.

“Lay on the bed.” I told him as I grabbed his cock in one hand.

He looked at me dubiously, but once he was sitting on the edge I told him to lay flat. Then I took him into my mouth, swallowing his cock until it was pushing the back of my throat. I gagged a little at first, but after all we had done, I was finally able to do him without any problems.

As I had before, soon he had his hands on my head as he fucked my throat. It loved the feeling of his cock inside my mouth, but today I had other plans.

“No, put your hands above your head.” I told him, as I escaped his hands for a moment.

To my surprise he did as I told him, and soon I resumed my work, but this time I went more slowly, taking my time. Then I placed one hand on his ass, moving my finger around until I found his asshole. I heard him gasping as I started playing with it, pushing slightly in until I felt it giving slightly.

His breathing became ragged and fast and his legs started trembling, but I wasn't done.

“Pull up your legs.” I said, taking his cock out of my mouth for a minute. “Hold them up.”

He raised his legs instantly, holding the up high above my head and then I started licking his balls. Like before his breathing became fast and ragged and he was soon moaning, After a minute, I started moving down as I pumped his cock. My tongue left his balls and I buried it in his asshole. It tasted salty and musky, and it wasn't a pleasant taste, but when I heard him moaning I couldn't stop.

Soon he was moving his hips against my face as I kept rimming him. At first I would only lick the outside of his asshole, but after some time I started pushing in, feeling as my tongue slipped inside him.

Satisfied, I pulled out and started sucking him again as I shoved a finger inside his ass. It felt tighter, not unlike my pussy before foreplay, but it was over a few moments later. He screamed loudly into the air and soon I felt his cock shooting his cum down my throat. I choked for a moment, as he came much harder than usual, but after a few seconds he collapsed on the bed.

I took my finger off his asshole, not knowing what to do with it as Noah laid on the bed, his hand over his eyes as he moaned.

“Fuck.” he kept saying, and I smiled, happy that for once I was not the one that couldn't talk.

As he recovered, I dashed into the bathroom and washed my hands. I got back just as he was getting up, and I kneeled on the floor, with a smug smile on my face.

“Wow. That was awesome!” he said before kissing me.

Since we were tired, we went to sleep. He climbed into his bed and for a moment I thought he was going to make me sleep in the cage, but he opened the covered and I climbed after him.

“Can I take the plug off to sleep?” I asked him, knowing it wouldn't make it easy for me.

“Nope.” he said, running his hands over my breasts.

Defeated, I curled up against him and we went to sleep.

The next day I woke up feeling his cock against my back. The plug was still inside me, and I felt bloated and full. Knowing I would have to take a crap soon, I tried to get off without waking him up, but he woke up just as I was nearing the door.

“Where are you going?” he said, freezing me in place.

“I need to go to the toilet.” I answered hi, as I felt my stomach pulsing.

“I will take you outside, give me a minute.” he said, picking up his pants from the floor.

“Ehhh… I have to go to the toilet, it's a…” I couldn't bring myself to tell him I wanted to take a crap, but he got the message anyway.

“Right. Okay, you can take the plug away, but you have to clean it before putting it on again.” he said, and relieved I crawled into the bathroom.

Once I had locked the door I stood up, feeling weird as I walked on two feet for the first time since yesterday. Squatting over the toilet, I pulled the tail plug off, and then did my business. I felt much better after I was done, and I reluctantly cleaned the plug before putting it inside me again.

I was surprised at how easy it slipped in, but after having it inside me for more than 16 hours I was it was only to be expected.

When I was done I went to the kitchen where Noah was making some breakfast. My stomach grumbled while I smelled toast, but when he placed the plate on the table there was only one piece of bread.

“Oh, right.” he said as he rose again, but instead of making me another toast, he poured some milk in a bowl of cereal and then placed it on the floor next to me.

I looked at him expecting a little bit of mercy, but I wasn't going to find it in him. Instead, I lowered my head over the bowl, holding my hair out of it, and then I started sucking the milk.

“No noise!” he said, making me jump.

With no other option, I lowered myself again and then started lapping at my bowl. It was slow work, as I tried to push the cereal to the edge for my tongue to pick it up, but in the end I had to burry my face in the milk to the get last of it. As I ate, the tail would brush over my pussy, making me shiver, but I managed to finish it all up.

I straightened up again, feeling as blood left my head, but a moment later the sensation was gone.

Noah looked at me as he thought about something, but he wouldn't tell me what. Instead, he led me to the back lawn and told me to wait there as he prepared something upstairs. I looked at him, suddenly afraid with so much secrecy, but he left me alone anyways, so I decided to use my time wisely.

It was a bit early, and the air felt cold, but I laid on the grass, facing down as I enjoyed the morning sun. Despite the hour I fell asleep again, until Noah returned. He picked up my leash and then sat on the floor in front of me. Kneeling, I waited for him, but he seemed to be making time.

“I want to try something new.” he said after a minute, and I waited for him to continue.

“Remember that time in the BDSM club last month? The girl in the wooden rack?” he asked me.

How could I forget it. He had taken me out to dinner and then into a BDSM club. Late into the night I had climbed the stage where a dozen men came in my face and my mouth. It had been a wild night, one that I would be difficult to forget. But the girl he was asking me about had been before my show.

She had been tied to a rack and then a man had whipped her body until it was covered in red angry marks. What had struck me the most, was how happy she looked, and how satisfied she was when it was over. As if she had passed some kind of test.

I nodded slowly, knowing what he wanted, but the idea of facing that filled me with dread. I felt a knot twisting inside my throat as he looked at me, patiently. In all this time, I couldn't say I regretted anything of what he had done to me, but there had been some very hard times. Worst of all the time he had hanged me from my neck.

Still, I trusted him to know when enough was enough.

I told him we would do it, and his face light with a smile. Without another word, he rose and then he walked me into the attic again. There was a rope hanging from the middle of the room, and he made me stand under it. Like the girl, he tied my hands over my head until I had to stand on my toes, and then he tied my ankles, one at each side, until I was unable to move.

As he worked my breathing became fast and swallow, and I grew more nervous. What if it was too much? I closed my eyes, trying to relax when I felt him standing in front of me.

He was naked now, and in his hand he had a whip with a long strip of leather. He also had a ball gag in his hand, which he offered me.

For a moment I thought about refusing it, but I didn't think I would be able to stop myself from screaming, so I opened my mouth and he locked it behind my head. I ran my tongue over the hard rubber, feeling the pits and marks I had left the last time I had used it.

“I will start with ten light ones, and we will see from there.” he said, taking a step to my left side.

I tensed my body, trying to prepare for the pain but it was useless. A second later I heard the whip whizzing through the air and then it hit my ass. The pain was like a brilliant flash of white inside my head and I had to bite hard into the gag to stop myself for screaming. From my side, I heard him asking me if I was okay, and I nodded once.

The second blow came a moment later, landing just a little bit higher. I thought that it would be easier on the second, as I would know what to expect, but the pain was just as bad. I could feel my heart beating faster inside as I nodded again. The third blow was much the same, but by that time the first was had started to throb painful.

By the last blow I was hanging from my arms, exhausted from the pain and the effort. My body was slick with sweat and my back was a mass of pain that screamed inside my mind. Still, I hadn't screamed, not even once, and I felt a strange satisfaction for that. And I was also starting to feel something stirring inside me, something that both scared me and exited me.

Through the fog that was my mind, I saw Noah in front of me, his cock standing proud in front of him and his breathing hard and fast. He was obviously enjoying this, but I knew he wanted more.

He asked me how I was and I nodded once more. I thought that it would be impossible to explain him what I was feeling, as I felt my pussy dripping down my thighs. Maybe because of that, when he asked me if I wanted more, I nodded eagerly, surprising myself.

He nodded once, and then he positioned himself on my right side. I breathed deeply once more, and straightened myself as best as I could. When the next blow came, it landed on my stomach, and the pain was excruciating compared to my back. I tried to curl up into a ball but I couldn't. The second came a moment later, this time without a warning and when it landed on my thighs I bit so hard on my gag that I felt my muscles in my jaw popping.

Still I kept silent, determined to pass this test. I closed my eyes tightly, concentrating on the number two, as drool ran down my chin and then the third blow came. It landed on my stomach, a little higher that before, knocking what little air I had in my lungs.

By the time there was only one left I was in tears and my whole body was screaming in agony. I couldn't open my eyes, as my head was hanging over my stomach and I was afraid of what I might see, but it also meant that I got no warning to the blows.

I kept telling myself that there was only one more, when I heard the whip moving again. The last landed across my breasts and it was finally too much for me. I screamed into the gag, scared at my own voice and then I collapsed completely, hanging from the ropes like a puppet.

Noah was by my side in an instant, helping me up and then untying me. Slowly, he lowered me to the floor and then he took of the gag.

“I am sorry.” I said to him, begging for his forgiveness.

I had failed after all, and only after 20 blows. As he ran his fingers over my hair I wondered how had she done it.

“Shhh, you did good.” I heard him whispering over me.

I started sobbing from shame. I didn't want him to see me like this, but I was too tired to move and my body felt feverish and heavy. He left me for a moment before he returned with a big  pot of cream. The smell of lavender flooded the room as he started massaging my body, and it helped me relax despite the pain I felt every time he touched one of the whip marks.

After a few minutes, he rolled me over and then did the same time my back and my ass. The cream felt wonderfully cool against my skin, and soon I felt better. When he helped me up, I saw myself in his mirror and I froze in place.

My body was covered in red lines, just like the ones the girl in the club had. I turned around, looking at my back, but it looked the same as my front. Noah hugged me from behind, and I felt his body, much cooler than mine, against my back. He started kissing my neck softly, as I grabbed his cock. It felt hard as rock under my hand.

“Did I do it good?” I asked him, pumping it slowly.

“Yes, but next time you will do better.” he said into my ear, making me shiver.

Yes, next time I would do even better. That night he made me sleep in the plastic cage, right next to the bed. He gave me a thin sheet to cover myself, but despite it the plastic was hard and uncomfortable on my skin. After all that had happened it wasn't long before I fell asleep, thinking that we still had a whole day to ourselves.

HOME INTRUDER (M/F, semi-cons, rape, anal)

Ever since our visit to the mall the idea of being raped stuck inside my head. At the time, I was sure a man was following me, and that when he found me he would rape me. My mind played it all in my head as I tried to hide, how he would force me to the ground, how his cock would force its way inside my pussy, how I would try to fight him, uselessly.

I had been trying to forget about it, but it made me feel anxious and ashamed. I kept asking myself why I felt that way, but I couldn't find any answers.. It has been consuming me since then, and sometimes, when I am alone, I start playing with myself as I daydream of it. As disgusting or repulsive as it sounds, the idea excites me. Noah has been very forceful with me before, but never like what I imagined back then, and I can't keep lying to me anymore. It's something I want to experience, and that feels me with dread.

That why I had been gathering my courage for a few days now, thinking how I would tell Noah about it. I was ashamed of it and I believed that he would think I was sick, but I couldn't keep it a secret anymore. So after school, as he was driving us home, I finally decided it was time.

“I want you to rape me.” I said to him, trembling with excitement.

He looked at me, surprised, and was silent for a minute as he kept driving. Every second that passed I felt my face getting hotter, until he pulled the car over.

“What? Like in a role game?” he asked me, as I escaped his eyes.

Before I lost my courage, I explained to him what I felt about it, and how it had all started back in the mall. He knew what had happened inside, but I hadn't told him that at the time I thought I was going to be raped inside it.

When I was done, he was silent for a moment, looking ahead.

“You want me to rape you?” he asked me, and I nodded, feeling stupid.

“Like, beat you up, force you into the ground and rape your cunt no matter how hard you scream at me to stop?” he said.

My breathing became fast and swallow and I felt my skin tingling, but I nodded again. That's what I wanted to feel, to experience, even if I felt myself shaking in fear just from thinking about it.

“I don't think it's a good idea, Olive.” he said, and I felt my heart stopping inside me.

He looked at me silently for a few seconds, until I couldn't look into his eyes again.

“You are right, I am sorry.” I said, feeling dejected.

After that I knew I couldn't talk to him about it anymore. He dropped me at my house and then left without a word. Crying, I went to my room, ignoring my mother as she asked me what was wrong, and then spent the rest of the day sulking inside my room.

I feared that what had happened in the car would somehow ruin what we had and I wanted to call him, but the more I waited the harder it became for me to face him. The next day he picked me up as always, but he drove silently as I watched outside. I hadn't been able to sleep much, and I felt tired and depressed.

He avoided me during lunch and by the time school ended, we hadn't said a word to each other. Worst of all, when I went to the parking lot his car wasn't there, and only after I texted him he told me he had left early. Feeling even worse that in the morning, I walked back home as I cried.

Only after getting home I remember that my mom was away on a business trip and that I had the house to myself. The place felt empty and silent without her, and it made me feel nervous. Feeling stupid, I turned on the lights on the living room and the kitchen and then I locked the door, feeling just a little safer.

With so little sleep, my body felt feverish and weak, but I couldn't stop thinking about what had happened. We had been friend since we were little, but I had ruined it. Wanting the day to end, I undressed, dropping my clothing on the floor and then I went into my bathroom and took a shower.

The hot water made me feel much better, and I stood under the stream for a long time, until the water became cold. Wanting nothing else than to sleep, I dried myself and then I noticed the door to my bedroom open. Despite how tired I was, I distinctly remembered closing it, as  the hallway outside from my room was always dark and with the house empty it made me feel scared.

Slowly, I walked towards it, trying to hear for any sounds, but the hallway was empty. Feeling stupid, I closed the door and then locked it.

As I turned I saw something dark moving next to me and then I fell to the floor, grabbing my stomach as I tried to breathe again. Before I could raise again, someone fell on me, pinning me to the floor. I tried to scream, but I couldn't. Without warning pain exploded on my ribs as he punched me, and I cried from the pain.

I started punching and kicking into the air as I tried to push him off, but he was too heavy for me. Without effort, he grabbed my wrist before crushing them together. I screamed again, as tears ran down my face from the pain. Pulling from them he rolled me over until I was facing down, and I felt the carpet burning my nipples as I squirmed under him.

Grabbing my tshirt from the floor, he tied my hands behind me as I begged him to stop.

“Please, let me go! Please!” I screamed hoarsely, but he paid me no mind.

Grabbing my hair, he pulled my head up and then he smashed it against the floor. I only managed to twist it at the last time, saving my nose, but the blow rattled inside my head until I felt him pushing something inside my mouth.

I could taste my own pussy as I tried to push my panties out of my mouth, but before I could he had tied a dirty sock around my head, locking them in place.

Gagged, I could no longer plead to him, but I kept screaming into the gag until my throat felt raw and my lungs were burning. Above me, I could feel him moving around as he pulled his pants down. Terror overwhelmed me as I felt his cock against my ass and he started grinding himself on it.

After a minute he stopped moving and I hoped for a second that he would let me go, but he was only getting ready. I felt him grunting as he placed the head of his cock over my pussy. Terrified, I clenched tight, but it was useless.

He pushed his hips forward, burying himself inside me and his cock slowly entered me. I was far too dry for him, and the sensation was awful. His cock dragged inside me, and soon I felt my pussy burning.

“Uggghhh!” I cried under him, a guttural sound that scared me.

Oblivious to my pain, he picked up my pace until he was moving in and out of my tortured pussy. Every time he pushed he moved my body forwards, dragging my breast and my face on the carpet, until I could feel my breasts burning.

I was overwhelmed with pain as he raped me, tears running down my face. Fearing what could happen after he was done, I renewed my efforts and started thrashing under him, but he wasn't having it. Before I could do much, I felt his arms locking around my neck from behind, and he started choking.

Unable to breathe, I felt my face becoming heavier as blood pooled inside my head. My lips felt bloated and my eyes felt on fire as time dragged on. He kept fucking me as he choked, until I knew I would die that day. Grief flooded me as I remembered my life, and that thought of dying without saying goodbye to my mom or Noah broke my heart.

But it wasn't over yet. Just as I felt my lungs screaming in agony from the lack of air, he released me and I felt his cock leaving my pussy. He stood kneeling above me as he breathed, but I was too tired, to hurt to try to escape. I remained on the floor, breathing deeply as I felt my head becoming lighter.

For a moment, a small flame of hope grew inside me as I thought that he might just let me live after all. Then, out of nowhere he grabbed my hair again and he slammed my face on the floor. This time I couldn't twist my head, and I felt my nose smashing into the floor. I could taste blood in my mouth, but I didn't hear it cracking. I started screaming in panic as I bit hard on the gag.

Then he lowered himself once more and I felt a shiver running down my spine as he pushed his cock into my ass. I clenched tightly, fearing he would hurt me if he raped my asshole as he had done with my pussy, but he started slapping my ass while he pushed himself inside me.

He slowly buried himself inside me, stretching my asshole as his cock disappeared past my sphincter. Under him I was in agony, my ass was completely dry and the only lube were the meager juices my pussy had produced under his assault. It wasn't enough, and by the time he had pushed himself fully inside me my whole body was trembling from the pain.

Without wasting time he started fucking my ass, just as he had done my pussy before. I was too tired to fight him, and I collapsed on the floor as he enjoyed my tight ass. I could feel him running his rough hands on my back as he moved them over my skin.

Time seemed to drag as he kept using my asshole for his pleasure, and to my horror I felt my body responding to the abuse. The pain that was in my pussy before turned to lust and I could feel myself feeling wet inside. With my asshole loose, the pain wasn't so great, thought I was still biting the makeshift gag as I tried to stop myself from screaming.

I was disgusted with myself as I realized I was enjoying it, and filled with shame, I twisted my hips upwards, giving him better access to my battered asshole. I felt him renewing his effort when he saw me. He started moving faster and then he would pull out almost completely before burying himself in my ravaged asshole in one move.

Soon I was moaning from pleasure. I could feel my juices dripping down my pussy and my thighs, and I couldn't lie to myself. Waves of pleasure washed over my body, making me shiver with every time he moved, and I could hear him tensing above me.

Once more he grabbed my hair, but this time he pulled hard from it, lifting my face from the ground and forcing me to arch my back. I heard him grunting, and then his cock spasming inside me as he came. Thick jets of cum filled my rectum and I could feel the disgusting liquid mixing inside me.

It was both repulsive and exciting, and I could feel it burning inside me afterwards, reminding me it was there.

When he was done, he released my head, and I was able to stop myself from slamming into the floor. As his cock left my ass I clenched tightly, trying to stop the pain that flooded my mind. After it was out I could feel it gaping open as his cum ran down from it.

Now that it was over and my lust faded away I felt disgusted again. My body was sticky with sweat, and both my pussy and my asshole felt on fire from the abuse. Twisting my head to one side, I finally got to see him as he cleaned his cock with the cover on my bed.

He was wearing a mask that covered his face, leaving only his eyes and his mouth free. He was also wearing a loose tshirt that hid his body.

He was looking at me with hatred in his eyes, and when he was finished he kneeled in front of me. I tried to move away from his grip, but he grabbed the top of my head with one hand, pulling from my hair until my scalp was on fire. He spat on my face, and I closed my eyes as I felt his saliva sliding down my nose. With my eyes closed, I didn't saw his hand moving until he slapped me hard, rocking my face to one side.

Dropping me on the floor, he went into my bathroom to wash and I was left alone for a moment, feeling as my face burned from the slap. My whole body was hurting and I kept crying, feeling vulnerable and afraid. What would he do know? I imagined him pulling a knife when he returned and then slitting my throat with it. In my mind I drowned in my own blood, kicking in the floor like a fish out of the water.

Now that I was alone I felt cold and afraid, thought the lust I had felt before was now a small ember burning inside me. There was something exciting about this, despite the terror and humiliation I felt as I waited for him to return, fearing he would kill me. I was ashamed to admit that this had turned me on, and I knew that if he had kept fucking me longer I would have been able to cum. I cried hard with shame, until my vision was blurry with tears, and then I saw him coming back.

He had put on his pants again, and as he walked towards me he pulled the sheets from my bed, dragging them towards me. Then I saw something flashing in his hand, and I heard a knife flicking open. Desperate, I wailed into my gag, knowing it was useless. Noah wouldn't come, I was alone, and I would die in a pool of my own blood. I closed my eyes, as I didn't want to see him coming when I heard fabric ripping.

Above me, he was pulling the sheet apart, forming long strips of fabric which he used to tie me tightly together from my ankles to my arms. I trembled under his rough touch until he was done, and after pulling from them to ensure I couldn't escape he felt me on the floor, suddenly forgotten.

I saw him searching for something in my room, trashing everything around me, but after a minute of this he grunted in frustration. Kneeling in front of me, I saw him pulling out two dollar bills from his pocket. He showed them to me and then he rolled them into two cylinders.

He then rolled me over until I was facing down, burning my breast again on the carpet, and I felt him pushing one of the bills inside my sore asshole. I was humiliated as I realize he was paying me, one dollar for each hole he had used, but it became worst as he shoved the second one inside my pussy.

I felt him running the rolled bill between my lips, smearing my juices and his cum all over it, and then he showed it to me. I could see him smile thought the mask as my face burned in shame. Before raising, he cleaned his hand, wet with my juices, on my face as I recoiled in disgust.

A moment later, I heard him leaving the house and I was finally able to breathe again. Minutes passed and the pain went from agonizing to a dull ache all over my body. If I stayed still it wasn't so bad, but when I tried pulling from the sheets they dug into my flesh, leaving me in agony.

After half an hour I was exhausted and I collapsed on to the floor. I could see my phone over my bed, but there was no way I would get to it. My mom wouldn't return until after tomorrow, and I didn't think Noah would come pick me up again. Suddenly I realized that I would stay like this until my mom returned home, only to find me bound and naked on the floor, some stranger’s cum drying on my asshole.

Despite everything I must have dozed off at some point. When I came back I saw Noah was sitting on the floor in front of me, dressed in the black tshirt and with the mask lying on one knee. He smiled at me, and I felt my face burning with shame.

Without a word he untied me, and then helped me up. My knees felt weak and if not for his help I would have had to crawl into the bathroom, but he walked besides me, holding my arm until I collapsed on the bathtub. The cold porcelain felt wonderful against my skin, and as he filled it, I was able to see the bruises that covered my whole body. My nipples were red and swollen, but the worst was my asshole. I winced as warm water washed over it, but soon the sensation disappeared.

When the tub was full, he washed my whole body, massaging my shoulders and my neck. It felt wonderful to feel his touch, but I couldn't forget how he had raped me.

“Thank you.” I said to him weakly.

“Shhhh, I liked it too.” he said into my ear, and I could only smile.

THREESOME (M/FF, F/F, cons, anal, oral, first, lesbian)

We were both sweaty and tired one night, after having sex on his bed, when Noah climbed on top of me. He grabbed my wrists, pinning them against the bed, and then he started kissing my neck. I could feel his tongue, driving circles over it, and it drove me crazy.

When he stopped I was breathing heavy, and I wanted him to fuck me again, but he kept me pinned as I squirmed under him.

“I want to have a threesome with another woman.” he said out of nowhere.

I froze in place, looking into his eyes as my brain tried to process what he had said? Was I not enough for him, that he needed another pussy to fuck? I felt betrayed and suddenly I started kicking at him to get off of me. Instead he pushed harder, until my wrists started to hurt and I quieted.

“Shhhh. It's not what you think. Calm down!” he said as we struggled.

He told me he just wanted to try a few thing with me that we couldn't do on our own, and he pointed that it wouldn't be the first time we introduced someone else to our relationships. I blushed as I remembered the bukkake show I gave at the BDSM club a while ago, and I felt my pussy quivering. There had been something raw and powerful about being covered in cum from a dozen men, and from time to time I still thought about it, feeling as my pussy got wet.

I looked at him again, wondering what it would feel to be with another woman, to eat her out as Noah did with me, to feel her breasts against mine, and the idea turned me on almost instantly.

After that, he did fuck me again, and as we recovered we talked about it, though he said he wanted to keep it a surprise for me. Knowing I wouldn't be able to get anything out of him, we slept and the next Friday we went out into the club and in search of a willing participant.

It felt weird going into the club again, and as before Noah choose a mask for me and then he placed a leash around my neck. When we walked in the club looked much like it had before, with people walking naked or bound around us, some fucking in public, and in the center a show, where a black girl was being hung from the ceiling by a small Japanese man.

I watched fascinated until Noah pulled my leash, leading me into the bar. He started talking to the barman, asking him if there was a way to find a girl willing to go with us, and he told him to wait for a few for him.

When he returned, an old man with white hair and a big mustache came to us, shaking Noah's hand as if they were old friends. He introduced himself as Nick, the master of Rose, the girl on the stage, and he told us he would be willing to lend her to us for the night, provided we brought her home the next morning.

Noah looked at me, and I nodded while Rose was being tied in a different way. I sat next to Noah as we waited, but he spend the time talking with Nick. Not wanting to interrupt, I watched the club as people came and went, until the show was finally over and Rose bowed to the public.

She hopped from the stage and came directly to us, kneeling on the floor next to Nick. She was smiling as she waited for him to acknowledge her, and I saw her body covered in marks from the ropes. The pattern was beautiful, just like the one’s Noah did on me, but much more complex.

From up close I saw that she was older than what I thought at first, but she was in great shape. Her breasts were bigger than mine, but despite her age they were still perky and her stomach was flat.

Then Nick laid his hand on her shoulder, and she started purring like a cat, making me a bit uncomfortable. He explained her that she would go with us tonight, but it wasn't a question, as Noah had done with me, but a simple order. Still, she nodded once, keeping her eyes on the floor.

We left a moment later, after Noah promised to take her home the next morning, and she picked her coat on the way out. She was naked except for that and her shoes, but she didn't seem to mind as we walked towards our car. She sat on the back, while I rode next to Noah, and the he drove us home. It was uncomfortably silent in the car at first, until Noah asked Rose how old she was.

“I am 34 years old.” she said laughing and I was speechless.

She then told us that Nick, who was 55 years old, was her husband, and that she had a little girl named Emily that was 5 years old. I was speechless as she told us about her life, since I didn't expect her to be so as old as my mother. She certainly didn't look like she was 34, and it made me feel a little insecure about myself. Despite my red hair and my pale skin I had small breast and thin hips, and no one would call me curvy. But she was gorgeous, with her full hips and her big breasts.

When we arrived to Noah’s house, he told me to wait for them upstairs, and feeling dejected, and went up while they talked in the kitchen. I didn't know what to expect, or if he wanted me to get naked, so I sat on the bed and kicked off my shoes and my socks, looking around as I tried hearing them. I felt like a little girl spying on her parents, and I was so nervous I started remembering my first time with him.

A few minutes later, Rose came into the room, closing the door behind her. She was naked again, and I looked at her body, still not believing that this was happening. She sat on the bed next to me, and then waited silently.

“I won't bite, you know?” she said looking at me.

I nodded, afraid of talking, and wishing that I had said no when Noah asked me. I didn't want to do it, but I also knew I didn't have to courage to say no to him now.

“Noah told me a little about you both. We talked a little, and he seems like a nice guy. And he truly likes you, you know? That is not so common in this.” she said, looking to start a conversation.

“I know.” I said weakly.

“Are you afraid? He told me you agreed to this but I think you are having second thoughts.”

“Is it obvious?” I asked her and she nodded.

“He knows, that is why he sent me here first, so we can get to know each other.” I bit my lips, imagining what ‘getting to know each other’ really meant, but I kept silent.

“Let me tell you about my first time in a threesome. That might make you feel a little better.” she said, before she told me how unsure of herself she felt at the time, and how envious she was of the other woman. She had spent half of the time fearing that her partner at the time, would prefer her, but then she realized that it wasn't like that. She spent the rest of the night with both of them, exploring things that couldn't be done with only two and she swore that to this day she still thought of her a friend.

I looked at her, wanting to thrust her, but it wasn't easy. Then without asking for permission, she kissed my lips and pushed me into the bed as she ran her finger through my hair. I opened my mouth, searching for her tongue and soon she was taking off my clothing, pulling from them until I was naked on the bed.

I was breathing hard, naked under her body, while she looked at me the way Noah did just before sex.

“Move up the bed and let me show you something.” she told me.

Once I was in the middle, she laid next to me, looking into my eyes as she started trailing her fingers around my breasts. Her touch felt electric and I found myself looking into her dark breasts, wondering what she would taste like.

Not wasting any time, she started kissing me again as her hands went lower. I opened my legs, giving her room and then I felt her touching my pussy. I was already wet, and she slid her fingers along my slit, pushing it over my clitoris as I shivered. Without stopping, she moved herself between my legs, and went down on me, lapping at my pussy with her tongue as she pushed one and then two fingers inside me.

Were Noah was quick and rough, she was gentle and sweet, and soon I was moaning in pleasure as she played with my body. Before I knew it, I was coming and I felt my body rolling as waves of pleasure traveled down my spine.

When I recovered, Noah was standing next to us, naked and already hard. I blushed as I looked at him, but Rose acted as if nothing had happened, even when I could see her face shining with my juices.

Rose grabbed my hand and pulled me from the bed, making room for Noah to lay down. He made himself comfortable, and then she crawled between his legs before taking him into her mouth. I watched, fascinated, as she swallow him until his cock glistened with her saliva. A moment later, she told me to join her, and I crawled next to her.

We started sucking his cock between the two, sometimes she would take him into her mouth, and other I would do it, and in between we would lick his shaft at the same time. I heard him moaning and squirming as we pleasured him. After a few minutes, he rose, and then keeled on the bed. Rose told me to lay down and he moved himself above my head.

Without waiting to be told, I started sucking his balls and caressing his asshole, feeling it quivering under my touch, while rose blew him. We stayed there for a minute, until he told us to stop.

“I don't want to ruin your fun.” he said to Rose, and she laughed.

She left the bed, while he tied my hands above my head, fixing them to the headboard. Then Rose wrapped my eyes in a dark silky fabric, blocking my sight completely. She climbed on top of me, until I could smell her pussy above me, and Noah started fucking me.

I started eating her out, tasting her pussy for the first time, and cursing the blindfold, as I wanted to see her dark lips above me. I tried concentrating on it, trying to give her what she had made me feel, but with Noah fucking me, it became impossible. I started moaning and bucking my hips under his assault.

A moment later he pulled his cock out of my pussy, leaving me empty and horny. Then I heard Rose blowing him again, and the thought of her tasting my juices on him drove me crazy. When he pushed himself over me again, I came instantly for the second time that night. Rose sat on my face, muffling my screams while she grinded herself on me. A moment later I heard Noah cumming, and he filled my pussy with his seed.

When she stopped my face was soaked with her juices, and I could taste her on my mouth, a salty and musky flavor, not too different from what I tasted like. I felt dirty and my body tingled from my last orgasm, but it was far from over.

While Noah sat on the bed next to me, Rose crawled between my legs again, kissing my breast and my neck as I pulled from my bonds.

“Remember when I told you I wouldn't bite?” she said into my ear, sending shivers down my spine. “I lied.”

Then she started biting me softly on my nipples, my neck and my stomach. I cried in pleasure, feeling her teeth on my skin, until she started moving towards my hips again.

“I wonder how Noah’s cum tastes like?” she said just before I felt her sucking my pussy again.

The thought of her sucking his cum from my own pussy was intoxicating, and I started grinding my hips against her, but she wouldn't let me cum. She stopped a moment later, telling me how tasty that had been, and then I felt Noah releasing my hands.

I pushed my head up, looking at her with a mixture of lust and amazement, until Noah told me to roll over. I moved slowly, feeling my orgasm close to the edge. Then Rose told me to get on my hands and knees, and Noah kneeled in front of me, pushing his cock into my mouth.

Behind me, I felt Rose pushing something hard and cold against my asshole, and she started moaning. It felt slippery, and I thanked her silently for lubing it up as Noah started pushing himself inside my throat while Rose started fucking my ass. Together, they filled me from end to end, until I thought I couldn't take anything more.

Then Rose started slapping my ass hard, each blow making me jump as I tried to keep Noah inside my throat. Once again, she pushed me over the edge without mercy, and I felt my body convulsing as I came for the third time in less than half an hour. I was exhausted, but they were just starting.

Noah was the first to cum, just a moment after me. I felt his cock twitching and then he came down my throat, falling to one side as he recovered. Rose kept fucking my ass through all this, fucking me roughly me as her own screams became louder. After a while, I managed to move one of my hands between my legs, and I felt her hips bucking against mine.

She had a dildo inside her pussy, the same she was using to fuck my ass, so I started running my hand over her own asshole. I hear her giggling above me, and a moment later she pulled from my hair and came. Her own body contracted loudly, and I saw her muscles taut under her dark skin.

Exhausted, she collapsed to one side, and I felt the dildo pulling out of my abused asshole. I twisted around and looked at her as she breathed, feeling happy that she had managed to cum at least once.

Feeling curious, I crawled between her legs, running my hand over the dildo. She opened her legs and told me to take it out.

Trembling, I opened the two straps that tied it around her hips and then pulled it out. It was shaped like an L, with a long and thick part that she had used on my ass, and a thinner and shorter part that was coated with her juices. On the joint between the two there were ridges molded into the plastic that rubbed just on your clit when you had it on.

Licking my lips, and wanting to experience it, I slipped it inside my pussy. Tingling in anticipation, I locked it around my hips and rolled her body until she was facing down.

When I looked down the sight of the dildo sticking out in front of me like a cock, made left me suddenly unsure about this. I laid on top of her as she started purring again like in the club. Feeling nervous I swallowed once and then I placed the tip over her pink asshole.

“Ohhhh.” she moaned “Yes! Please!”

Since she insisted, I started pushing myself in. I saw the tip slowly disappearing past her spinner, as she moaned. When I was halfway inside her, the pain became too much. I saw tears streaming down her face and she buried her face on the matters, muffling her screams.

I looked at Noah, unsure of all this, but he nodded to me as he played with his cock, obviously excited with what he was seeing. After that I kept pushing myself inside her, until I felt my hips against her ass. Her body was covered in sweat and the room stank of sex, but I had never been more excited in my life.

Without giving her time to rest, I started fucking her asshole as she had done with mine, and every time I moved I felt the dildo inside me moving. It wasn't long before she was moaning again while her hips pushed against mine. She stretched her hands forward, and Noah started caressing her hair while I fucked her.

I felt my own orgasm close, but that didn't seem so important to me as hers. The novelty being the one fucking was intoxicating and I lost track of time until I heard her cumming loudly. Feeling just a little frustrated, I pulled out of her asshole, amazed at how wide it looked.

I don't remember what happened after that, but I do know that we stayed up until very late. In the end, the three of us laid on the same bed, naked and covered in sweat. We stank, but we didn't care. Noah was in the middle, his arms under our head as we all fell asleep.

When I woke up the next day, the bed was empty, but Noah appeared only a moment later.

“How are you?” he asked me and I tried to think of an answer.

I was sore all over, and my ass hurt. My breast were covered in bite marks and I could still taste Rose’s pussy in my mouth. I told him I was fine with a big smile on my face.

“Rose told me to thank you. She said she had a great night.” he said, making me blush.

He had taken her back to her home a little bit earlier, and he told me that Nick had come out to greet her along with her daughter. It must have been a little weird for him, but he didn't said anything about it.

“Ohhh, I almost forgot. She left you this two things.”

The first was the strap on we had used. Someone had cleaned it as it smelled of soap and it wasn't sticky anymore. The second was a small piece of paper. When I opened it I saw a phone number, and under it, written in long curvy letter, it said ‘call me’.

I felt my face burning when Noah asked me what it said, but I folded it back up before he could see. It looked like I had a new friend.

ELECTRO TORTURE (M/F, F/F, cons, no sex, electro)

One night, while browsing Pornhub, I came across a video of a girl being ‘tortured’ with electricity. I say ‘tortured’ because she was moaning in pleasure the whole time. I was fascinated as I watched her muscles contracting rhythmically as the power cycled through her. Being skeptical of any ‘porn’ video, I sent it to Rose to see if she had tried it, and she said she had and that it was an incredibly intense experience.

Rose was another sub that we had met in a club, and the only other woman either Noah or I had been with. After that night together, I had stayed in touch with her and now we usually chatted online every other day. Rose was twice my age, at 34 years old, and quite experienced, so she had become a sort of motherly figure in the world of BDSM, something that my real mom knew nothing about. So when she told me it was good I had to try it.

When I showed it to Noah he said it looked cool, but he was a bit worried about playing with electricity without any experience so he suggested we talked to Rose first. Luckily for us, when I talked to her she invited us for a night with her so she could show us how it was done.

That's how we ended up coming to her house on a Friday night. Noah had been to her place before, when he brought her back after our first night, but I hadn't and I felt a bit uncomfortable coming into their home like this.

Rose opened the door for us, dressed in a pair of jeans and a white tshirt that made her dark skin even darker. Just as we were arriving, Nick, her husband, was leaving with their daughter Emily. At five she was full of energy and she ran past us screaming while Nick told us she would take her camping to his parents house so we could have some privacy.

We said goodbye to him and I felt even worst as I saw everything they were doing for us, but Nick assured me it was no problem and after telling us to have fun, he drove away.

“Why don't you get comfortable while I go change into something more appropriate?” Rose said, leaving us alone.

Noah hugged me from behind, kissing my neck and telling me to relax, as I was feeling a bit nervous, but I couldn't help it.  When Rose came back she was naked, her dark breasts standing proudly in front of her and her wide hips swinging from side to side as she walked confidently.

“You don't look too comfortable, Olive. Why don't you take that off?” she said, and Noah nodded next to me.

With no way to escape, I undressed, keeping only my shoes, and we went to the kitchen. Rose made us spaghetti alla carbonara, a delicious pasta dish and we ate together in the dining room, drinking wine and talking about random stuff. I was envious of Noah, as he looked comfortable and relaxed talking with her while I was a ball of nerves despite the fact that this had been my idea. I kept asking her about what we would do later but every time I did she told me to relax, and that we would talk about it when the time came.

Finally, once we had finished eating, she told us to follow her and she took us to her basement. Walking down the stairs felt strange as I knew this was their private ‘dungeon’, and unlike Noah’s attic, this one looked the part. The room was dark but I could see that the walls were covered in pieces of old foam, which Rose told us while laughing, made it sound proof.

Once we were down, I saw an old metal bed in the middle of the room, and a big couch next to it. The bed looked old and rusty, and was nothing more than a simple frame with a mesh of wire stretched in the middle to hold a mattress. I trembled as I Imagined myself tied to it, but Rose took my hand and led me to the couch first while Noah sat on the stairs.

“That is for later, first we have to start small, okay?” she said to me and I nodded.

She then made me lay on the couch and she kneeled on the floor next to me. Slowly, she started massaging my body and rubbing my skin with a thick oil until I started relaxing under her touch. It wasn't easy, as even with my eyes closed I could see the bed next to us, but it wasn't long before my body responded to her touch. Soon I felt my pussy wet and she told me to stay still.

She placed some electrodes on my skin, two on my thighs, on either side of pussy, and then another two on my stomach, explaining to us that it wasn't safe to used this above the hips as it was too close to the heart. Once they were on, she plugged them to a little box full of dials and then she ran a finger between my pussy lips. It came out wet with my juices, and she liked it as I watched, making me shiver.

Like before she started playing with me, rubbing my breasts and my thighs, getting me hornier and closer to the edge, until I felt the electrodes coming alive for the first time. She had said that on the low setting it would feel like a tickle, or maybe like small needles, but too me it felt like very powerful vibrator that was working inside me.

While she finger fucked me, she would increase the speed or the intensity, pushing me forwards until I was moaning loudly, but every time I started grinding my hips against her she would lower it all the way down, waiting until I cooled off a little before she continued. Whenever the power rose, I would feel my muscles contracting rhythmically, and that tingling sensation started to grow into a low heat inside me, until I couldn't take it anymore and with a scream I came on her hand.

Just as I was reaching the peak, Rose pushed the power a little higher and I gasped. My body contracted quickly and I felt myself pissing before I could stop myself. I looked at her, embarrassed, as the last of my orgasm faded away, unable to talk.

“Ohhh, that must have felt good, right?” she asked me. “Just relax, it happens sometimes, it's nothing to be ashamed of.”

Raising, she told me to relax and then she peeled off the electrodes, putting them away as she went to talk with Noah, who was walking around the room looking at all the tools hanging from the walls. I hadn't noticed them before, but on the walls they had almost any kind of dildo, whip or gag I knew off, and many that I didn't even knew existed.

Noah seemed particularly interested in a long curved rod of steel with a big ball on one end and a loop on the other. He seemed to know what it was, but I didn't.

“Have you used it before? It looks big.” he asked Rose.

“Many times, but it's not bigger than a fist!” she said, making him laugh. “I think you are overdressed.”

Nodding, he stripped naked, leaving his clothing in a pile by the stairs, and then came to me, caressing my hair as I waited for Rose to continue.

“You know what it feels like now, are you sure you want to continue?” she asked me, and I nodded, trembling in anticipation.

Taking my hand, Noah led me to the bed and I sat on it. The metal was cold and uncomfortable, but they pushed me against it without caring about it. I could feel the old springs stabbing my back, and the rust sticking to my sweaty skin.

I had told her before that I wanted them to be rough with me, and they did just that. If before she had been slow and careful, she now became forceful and uncaring, pulling from my arms and tying them above my head as Noah did the same with my feet. Once it was done, she twisted one of my nipples and when I opened my mouth to scream she shoved a big ball gag inside it, silencing me.

Once I was immobilized, Rose picked up another set of electrodes from the floor, but this one would be much more powerful. There was one for my pussy and one for my asshole, and along with the bed itself, they were going to be the contact points on my body. 

Noah sat next to my hips, and taking one from her he lubed it up and then shoved it roughly inside my pussy. It felt freezing cold inside me, and I was soon squirming as the sensation spread inside me. The other went into my ass the same way, and while it was uncomfortable, it wasn't as big as the monster butt plug Noah had used on me before.

The anticipation was killing me as I remembered how she had described it, but I could do nothing more than wait now.

“Are you ready?” Noah asked me, grabbing the control box from Rose.

I started nodding, but before I had finished he turned it on and I felt my body pulling from itself as the electricity coursed through my body. What had been a tingling sensation before now felt like I was being stabbed by a hundred needles all over my body. Breathing became impossible while the power was on, and I could only endure, hoping that it would shut off before I ran out of air

A moment later he cut the power and I collapsed on the bed, gasping for air as I felt my body trembling. I felt tears streaming down my face as my body started to hurt all over, but this was just the start. Before I could recover he turned it on again, a bit higher than before. It also felt longer, though time became hard to measure when I was hooked up. Like before, once it was off I collapsed on the bed, sweating profusely.

They repeated the same pattern many times, rising the power and the duration every time. What felt painful at first became intensely pleasurable as time went on, and I felt my body responding to it. My pussy became wet and warm until I felt my juices running down my ass and my nipples stood hard over my breasts. Rose sat next to me, caressing my head while I waited for the next assault, and Noah looked at my eyes, looking for the sign that I had had enough.

It wasn't long before I felt myself on the edge of an orgasm, but he kept me there for as long as he could, playing with me until my whole body felt on fire and every muscle in me screamed in agony. I don’t know how many cycles they made me endure, but it soon the only thing I could think was in how wrong this was, and how much I liked it.

Then he turned it on once more, only much higher than before. I made a guttural sound as I pulled from my bonds, the ropes digging painfully into my skin, and then I was finally able to cum. My body contracted, trying to pull itself apart and my mind filled with a bright white light as waves of pleasure washed over every nerve in my body. I distantly thought that Rose had been right after all, it was just that in intense.

A moment later I came back, feeling euphoric but exhausted. Rose kissed my lips over the gag before taking it off while Noah pulled out the electrodes from inside me. The ball gag was  pitted and cut where my teeth had been, which explained why my jaw hurt so much. Together, they untied me, and Noah moved me to the couch so I could be more comfortable.

“How are you feeling?” Noah asked me as he gave me a glass of cold water.

I nodded as my throat still felt raw inside. I could also feel my body tingling all over, as if I was still connected, but she had told me it could happen, and that it would go away in a few hours.

“Was it good?” Rose asked me, and I blushed, as I remembered how it had felt.

Smiling, Rose told Noah to take care of me as I recovered, and to give me time before we did anything hard, but as she started to leave he told her to stay.

“I want to try that anal hook over there, and I don't think Olive is up for it now. What do you say?” he asked her.

She looked at him, licking her lips as she smiled and then took the hook from the wall, giving it to him.

“Olive said you are good with ropes. Let's see what you got.” she said as she laid on the floor.

After kissing me sweetly in the lips, Noah picked up some rope from one wall, and he started working on her. I looked from the couch, feeling too tired to join them. It felt strange to see him playing with Rose’s body, and I knew that before this all started I would have been jealous, but now I just sat there, enjoying the show with a smile in my face.

PARTY FAVOR (MMM+/F, enema, oral, rape, anal, bukkake, humil)

A few nights ago we were watching a movie with Noah, both naked in bed. I had picked it based on the title and the poster, expecting a comedy, but it turned out to be a drama about an abused woman's struggles with addiction. Halfway down the movie, there was a flashback scene where the woman was raped by a dozen men in a bar. They took turns fucking her one by one as she cried and begged for them to stop, and when she tried to resist they would slap her face around.

I knew I should have felt disgusted, but instead I felt my body tingling all over and my pussy getting wet as I watched. I imagined myself in that situation, being pounded by a dozen men until I was sore and covered in their cum, feeling their dirty cocks inside my body and then tasting myself as they shoved themselves in my mouth. I had seen gang bang videos before, but this one was much more brutal than any of those, and I felt myself shivering as the woman was forced to serve men after men.

I didn't say a thing to Noah, thinking that he would laugh at me, but when the movie ended he stood looking at me with a smile on his face.

“I think someone liked what she was seeing?” he said, pulling my covers off and sitting on top of me.

My pussy was so wet I could smell it and I was sure he could too. Embarrassed, I didn't say anything at first, but in the end I managed to nod as he started fondling my breast.

“It's okay, nothing wrong with that. Do you want to try?” he asked me, moving further down so he could get access to my pussy.

I opened my legs slightly, and I felt him running a finger over my pussy. When he pulled out it came out wet and covered in my juices. I heard myself moaning under his touch, and since I was already wet he wasted no time. He pushed himself inside my pussy, fucking me as I squirmed under him. I felt my orgasm closing in slowly, like waves moving on the shore, one after the other.

“I bet you would like to be raped by a bunch of men. It wasn't enough when I did it, was it?” he said in my ears as he fucked me.

I grunted, unable to speak and he laughed.

“Of course you do!” he said, pulling my head to one side as he started biting my neck.

A moment later I felt him cumming inside me, but I was still too far away from my own orgasm. He pulled out and then looked at my eyes as he recovered, hopping I would beg him to let me cum. I kept quiet, feeling frustrated as he turned around and went to sleep, but too proud to beg. At least for now.

The next morning, when we were having breakfast, he asked me again if I really wanted to do it, as there would be no turning back once we started. I remembered the movie again, and the time he had raped me without telling me it had been him. The horror, the humiliation, and how much I had enjoyed it.

I nodded once, and then he didn't say another word about it until today when we were coming home.

“Today is the day. When we get home take a shower and then we go to Nick’s house.” he said while the drove

Suddenly I was nervous and I felt my body tingling in anticipation. One thing was to fantasize about something, but another was to face it. I felt a knot in my stomach the whole time as I showered, and when I was finished I noticed Noah in the bathroom, holding a rubber bag and a hose.

I knew what that was for, and I didn't want to have it, but he insisted. He made me kneel on my hands and knees and then he pushed the end of the hose inside my asshole. It was covered in lube, but he had to push it hard inside me until I felt it locking itself past my asshole like a butt plug would.

I stood there, waiting for it to start, but he seemed to be enjoying himself as I squirmed in fear. Finally I felt the cold water flowing inside me, as it slowly filled my intestines. I felt full and bloated, and it wasn't long before I felt my stomach cramping painfully. There was nothing sexual in it, and I wondered why people insisted it felt good. After a while, he removed the hose, telling me to clench hard. Once free he told me to go to the toilet. I waited for him to leave, but he stood there, looking at me as I took a crap.

I felt much better once everything was out, but it was still humiliating to have him there with me. After I was empty again, I wiped and he repeated the process once more. This time the water came much cleaner, and Noah told me to clean myself up and to get dressed.

He made me wear one of my dresses, but no bra or panties, as they would be on the way, and once I was ready, he drove us to Nick’s house.

We had been there before, when I tried electro stimulation, but I still felt weird entering their house. Nick greeted us by the door, telling us Rose would be here any minute, and then he led me to the living room. He had pushed the furniture against the walls, leaving a big open space in the middle.

I looked around, imagining myself on the floor with all the men around me, grunting in pain as they fucked me, and I started trembling. Noah was behind me in a minute, running his hands on my back and telling me to relax, but he wasn't the one that was going to be gang raped.

Then a few minutes before 10 pm, Nick told us it was time and Noah took me back to the door. While we were in the living room Nick had hung a rope from the ceiling, and with it, Noah made a quick noose.

“Take of your shoes, and let me tie you up. You will greet everybody like that as they arrive.” he said.

Feeling nervous, I kicked of my shoes and then he tied my arms tightly behind my back. Then he pulled my dress down, leaving my breast exposed and finally he slipped the noose around my neck, tightening it until it was snug against my skin.

I could do nothing but wait, but if I stood still the rope didn't bother me much. Then without warning, Noah pulled from the rope, lifting me from the floor and forcing me on my toes. When he tied it again a moment later, I had to remain on my toes if I wanted to be able to breathe.

“Ok, they should be here any minute now.” he said, kissing my lips, and then he left.

A minute later my calves started cramping from the effort, and even then the noose pulled tightly from my neck. I felt blood pooling in my head and it wasn't long before my breathing became ragged and swallow.

Then one by one, they arrived. The bell would ring and either Nick or Noah would open the door, letting the men in and exposing me to anybody that might be passing by. The men, without exception, stood in front of me, telling me how pretty I was while they groped my breasts and pulled my nipples. I could only groan as I felt my face burning in humiliation, but before it was over I also felt my body responding, and my pussy getting wet.

The last one to arrive was Rose, looking cheerful and happy.

“Oh, that looks uncomfortable!” she said, kissing me. “Let me go upstairs to change.”

A minute later, Noah came back and released the rope. I collapsed on my knees, breathing hard as I felt my legs screaming in agony. I waited for Noah to take the noose off, but he only loosened it a little before he pulled from the rope again. With a smile, he told me to follow him as he used it as a leash.

Humiliated, I crawled on my knees, my arms still tied behind me, where all the men were waiting. As I entered the room, they looked at me like a piece of meat, sending shivers down my spine, but I waited obediently in the center of the room. The man were all older than what I had imagined, and I had a suspicion that they were friends and colleagues of Nick. I suppose it hadn't been hard to convince them to come rape a 17 years old redhead, but still I was surprised at how many there were.

A while ago, Noah had taken me to a BDSM club, and there I had been the star of a bukkake show, where twelve men had come on my face, covering my in their semen. But this time I was supposed to fuck them, and I was suddenly afraid it would be too much for my body.

Before I could say anything, Rose came back, dressed in a black latex dress and ballet boots. Her dark body looked gorgeous as she walked past me, but she wasn't looking at me. Noah took her hand and together they sat on a couch to my side.

Then Nick rose, walking slowly towards me. He was old enough to be my granddad, and with his white hair and mustache and his big belly, he looked like a character from a movie.

Kneeling in front of me, he took of the noose and then lifted my head until he could look into my eyes.

“Are you afraid, Olive?” he asked me, his deep voice rumbling in the room.

“Maybe you should. This guys are pretty rough.” he said after I nodded. Behind him I could heard the men laughing.

Then he opened his zipper and took out his cock, pushing it against my lips. I had never sucked another man before, but that would certainly change today.

I opened my lips, taking him inside my mouth as I licked the head of his cock. He was clean, and much smaller and softer than Noah, but he didn't seem to care. He started moaning as I blew him in front of everyone else. I closed my eyes, trying to forget about the situation, but I couldn't. I could still imagine them around us, leering at my body as I sucked Nick’s cock.

Lost in his own pleasure, he started running his hands over my back, pushing the dress down until it was just over my hips. He started moaning loudly, and his cock grew a bit harder inside my mouth. Then I felt his hands behind my head, pulling me towards him, and he came, shooting his cum down my throat. I coughed a little, as I wasn't expecting it, but I managed to swallow it all.

When he released me I sat back, breathing hard and then opened my eyes. Every men in the room was looking at me with lust and I felt like a bleeding fish as hungry sharks circled around it. One by one, they rose and then undressed themselves, before they formed a circle around me. For just a moment I saw Rose, stroking Noah's cock over his pants, and then I was surrounded.

I never knew their names, and I quickly lost track of who did what to my body, but one of them made me stand only long enough to take my dress off while one of them laid on the floor next to me. Between two they picked me up, lowering me on top of him. I was pretty wet by then, and I felt his cock slipping inside my pussy with little effort. I moaned, feeling another cock inside me for the first time while the man under me played with my breasts.

Another man replaced Nick in my mouth, and together they started fucking me, moving in turns so I was unable to find any rhythm. The one in my mouth started fucking me roughly, I felt his cock pushing inside my throat, much bigger and harder than Nicks, all while the one under me kept slowly fucking my pussy.

Then I felt another one kneeling behind me and I felt my skin crawling in fear. He grabbed my hips, and then I heard him spitting on my asshole before he smeared it around with one finger. I tried to say no, but the on in my mouth held me firmly and I could only moan.

“Auggghhhhhhhh!” I screamed, as my fear turned to terror.

I felt his cock pressing against my asshole, pushing himself inside me slowly. The other two men stopped for a moment, making it easier for him to force himself inside my asshole. I clenched hard, trying to stop him, but in the end he was stronger than me and the pain became too much. He slipped inside my asshole until his hips were resting on my ass, and then all three started fucking me.

Around us, the rest of the men stood watching as they raped me. It was humiliating, but it was nothing compared to what I felt a moment later as I felt my body responding. Soon I was moaning in pleasure, not caring whose cock was inside me as they took turns over my body.

I never knew how long it lasted, but it must have been many hours. They used my body as roughly as I had imagined, and sometimes even worst, and I was soon choking and gagging on their cocks as they fucked my throat, my pussy and my asshole. When they came, most filled my holes with their semen, but a few chose to cum on my face, pulling from my hair as they did. My pussy and my asshole felt raw as men after men used me. After the first man took his cock out of my ass and shoved it inside my mouth I was grateful for the enema. I could still taste my own asshole on him, a wet musky flavor that was very unpleasant, but I knew it could have been worse.

Caring only for their own pleasure, I was reduced to a toy. They would hurt me just so they could hear me scream, pulling from my nipples until my vision turned white, only to slap my face a moment later. But the worst ones were the ones that fucked my throat without stopping until they came, leaving me no way to breathe. The first one took so long that by the time he shoot his cum down my throat I could feel my lungs burning from the lack of air.

When it became too much for me, I tried begging for them to stop, but they just laughed. My abuse continued as men came inside me or in my face, only for another one to take their place, giving me no rest. I started crying halfway through, as my body screamed in agony, but they kept fucking me, not caring what I felt.

And while they did, I came, too many times to count, until my last orgasm became painfully strong and I could take no more. It was as intense as I had imagined it would be, or maybe even more.

By the end I was reduced to a blubbering ball of pain and bodily fluids. My whole body hurt and I was covered in bruises and cum. When the last two finished, shooting inside asshole and on my face, I collapsed on the floor, too exhausted to move. I heard them laughing as they changed and left, leaving me moaning in the floor.

When I opened my eyes, the room was empty except for Nick, Rose and Noah, all three looking at me from a couch. Noah and Rose were both naked, and I could see his cock wet with her juices, but I wasn't jealous.

He walked towards me, stepping carefully around the pools of semen that covered the floor, and then he kneeled in front of me.

I looked away, unable to meet his eyes as I felt my gaping asshole dripping cum over my sore pussy. My mouth was dry and pasty, full of their cum and my face was also covered in it, from where it dripped into my breasts slowly. For a moment it became too much, and I wanted to cry, but then I felt his hand, caressing my hair despite everything.

He pulled my head up and I saw him smiling.

“Are you okay?” he asked me softly, and I nodded. “Did you like it?”

I felt my face burning with shame, but I couldn't lie. I nodded again as a shiver ran down my spine.

Rose came a moment later and helped me up, oblivious to the cum that covered me, and then she took me upstairs into a bathroom. After untying my arms, she made me take a shower, and the warm water felt wonderful on my body. As she dried me I tried moving my arms and my legs, but they felt stiff and sore, and every time I moved something new seemed to hurt.

I stood in front of the mirror, feeling her warm body next to me. My breasts were covered in red angry bruises and my nipples were swollen from being pulled, but I couldn't help smiling.

That night, once we were back home, Noah made me lay on the floor and then he fucked me. He tried to be gentle, but even then by the time he came I was crying in agony, as my pussy was sore from all the abuse. I took me a week to recover, but I still think it had been worth it.

RIDING THE  PONY (M/F, no sex, bondage, torture)

This past month Noah had been pushing me harder and harder when he ties me, both in time and in how hard they are on my body. For the most part, it has been fun and I am always surprised at how much I want to do this, despite the pain and the discomfort. But not every time it's like that. There have been a few times in which he either overestimated my capability, or I just wasn't ready.

Both times I was forced to use my safe word, or in one case, to blink rapidly as I was gagged, when the pain became too much for me. Both times it happened, he would always cut me down as fast as he could, and then helped me down on to the floor, checking me to see if I was hurt. But once it was over, the worst became the shame I felt for not having been strong enough. I had failed, and when he said it was silly for me to think that, it just made me feel worst.

That why when he told me his plans for the day, I started trembling, unsure if I would be able to do it. Saying he trusted in me, he made me strip and then took me to the attic.

He had modified a wooden sawhorse by nailing a thin wooden board along its side, so that it formed a thin ledge over it. I immediately knew what that was, and I felt my stomach turning into a big knot inside me. But despite that, I walked towards it as Noah picked up some rope from the walls.

From far the edges looked sharp but when I was standing next to it I saw that he had sanded the wood smooth  and the edges had all been rounded. I coldly thought that at least I wouldn't get any splinter in my pussy as the board tried to break my hip in two.

A moment later I felt Noah's hands on my hips, and he kissed my neck.

“Are you ready?” he asked me.

I looked at the wooden pony, with growing terror, but I nodded to him, knowing that at least I had to try. Without a word, he took my hands and tied the together at the wrists, taking the rope along my arms and tying it tightly until I could feel my elbows touching. The position forced my chest out and put some pressure on my shoulder, but it wasn't painful.

Once that was done, he told me to get up but he had to help me as I couldn't keep my balance with my hands tied behind me. As I swung my leg over it, I realized that it was taller that it looked, and I was forced to stand on my toes while I felt the wood brushing my pussy. While he went looking for more rope, I discovered that I could clamp my thighs around the wood, and that took some of my weight from my legs, making it just a little bit easier. For a moment, I thought that it wouldn't be so hard after all.

Then Noah grabbed my hands again, tying  a new length of rope around them which he then passed through one of the roof beam. He pulled from it, forcing my arms up and putting even more pressure in my back and my shoulders, and then he tied it to my braided hair. In a normal strappado you can bend forward, taking some of the pressure from you back, but here I wouldn't be able to do that.

When he was done he started fondling my breasts as he kissed me. I felt my arousal growing, but he left me wanting for more as he stopped a moment later. Before I realized what he was doing, he looped a rope around my chest, above and under my breasts, and then he tied the loose end in the middle of my chest, pulling them together. The effect was almost instantaneous, as I felt the ropes squeezing my breasts between them. I whimpered as the pain grew worse and worse, and I below me I could see then turning a deep shade of red.

As blood pooled inside them, I felt my breasts beating along with my heart. He then brought a ring gag, which he forced into my mouth. The taste of the leather against my tongue made me drool almost instantly, and soon it overflowed my mouth and started running down my breasts. My spit felt cold on my skin, which was probably not a good thing.

Finally, he walked up to me holding a long wooden dowel. He kneeled next to me, and tied one end to my ankle as I tried begging him not to do it, but he didn't listen. Once one side was done, he pulled my legs apart and tied the other end to my other ankle, forcing me to keep that position.

From then on I couldn't reach the floor anymore, and my whole weight rested on my perineum, that little soft area between my pussy and my asshole.

At first I only felt pressure, that compared to the pain in my breast and my back was nothing especial, but I knew that would change. I tried moving my hips around, seeing if I could lessen the pressure, even if it was for a few moments, but with the strappado held me firmly in place. The best I could do was move forward just a bit, but that only managed to crush my clip against the wood.

Frustrated, I moaned at him, but he paid me no attention. As a finally form of torture, he placed his phone on the floor, right where I could see it, and started the timer. Then he sat behind me as I squirmed and drooled, feeling more uncomfortable as time passed.

A few minutes later I discovered a new problem, as my muscles started to get tired. Without my feet, I had to keep pulling with my arms and my abs all the time, just so I could remain upright on the board, but after 10 minutes my arms ached and my back started screaming in agony. Meanwhile, the pressure on my perineum kept increasing until it became unbearable.

Without another choice, I balanced myself to one side. It did lessen the pressure, but I managed to pinch one of my pussy lips against the wood in the process. Unable to withstand the pain for long, I rolled to the other side, alternating them for a minute until I couldn't take it anymore. Despite my efforts, it hadn't been long enough to recover, and when I straightened over the board my perineum screamed in agony once more while my pussy felt on fire where I had pinched it.

My mind felt slow and heavy as pain starting to add up around my body, but I could do nothing but endure. When I looked at the clock I saw that it only said 15 minutes, and I started whimpering, realizing all of a sudden that he hadn't told me how long I would be there. I tried remembering how long our previous sessions had been, but my mind was suddenly blank.

I closed my eyes, trying to concentrate as I felt myself sweating from the effort. Then my chest started itching as my sweat mixed with the saliva that was covering me. Tears ran down my face, from the effort, until my vision became blurry.

At around 30 minutes the board started digging deeper into my body. I felt it spreading my pussy lips apart until my clit was resting against the wood, and then my asshole was pressing against it. My breathing became short and ragged as I kept trying to find a better position. I moved my hips from side to side, alternating sides until it became a choice of where I wanted it to hurt.

When I opened my eyes again I saw the clock, mocking me as it told me I had only been there for one hour. Surely this couldn't last much longer, I thought. Then Noah appeared in front of me, naked and with his cock in one hand. He pushed his finger between my pussy and the board rubbing my clit and making me shudder.

I felt my body responding to his touch, and I felt my own arousal growing inside me as he started masturbating with his free hand. A moment later I heard him moaning and he came on my stomach. Then his hand left my pussy as I felt his cum dribbling down over my pussy. Was he going to leave me like this forever, I asked myself thought the haze that had become my mind.

A few minutes later he returned, and I felt his hand on my breasts. They felt hard and bloated, and I started sobbing as I looked down and saw them purple. My nipples were standing straight, like two corks ready to pop, and my skin was pulled tight as blood pooled inside them.

Horrified, I closed my eyes as I fought with myself. I wanted this to end, for him to release me, but I couldn't, not after failing him last time. I gritted my teeth, determined to endure for as long as I could.

Then, suddenly unsure, I opened my eyes and watched the clock. It read a an hour and a half, and I told myself that this wouldn't last more than two hours. I could do it.

As if reading my mind, he kissed my hair and told me to hold a little longer. I nodded weakly, and then he left me again.

What followed after that is impossible to describe in words. The pain became an agony and it was the only thing I could think off. The board kept moving deeper into me, slowly splitting me in half. The sensation was unrelenting, harder than anything I had ever felt before.

At some point I peed myself without realizing I was doing it until I heard my urine dripping onto the floor. I felt humiliated as I lost control of my own body, and I feared I would shit myself if this lasted much longer.

Between the pain I could feel the rest of my body. My aching shoulders, the numbness in my breasts, the drool running down my chin and his cum drying in my stomach. I could feel him next to me, touching my arms and my legs from time to time, but he remained quiet.

Then the entire board started moving under me, like a giant vibrator. I felt his finger under my pussy again, and despite the pain I felt my body responding. As he played with me I moved my hips from side to side, oblivious to the pain, hoping that this time he would let me cum. A moment later I shuddered and came, surprised at how close I had been to the edge.

After the orgasm, I became too weak to hold myself upright anymore, but Noah was besides me, holding me in place as he caressed my head.

“Shhhh, you did good. It's over.” he said into my ear.

He released my arms from my head and then the spreader bar from my feet, taking me off the board as I groaned in pain. Once I was laying in the floor, he untied my arms, but he left the gag on.

“I have to untie your breasts.” he said “They are going to hurt.”

I wasn't a stranger to nipple clamps, and I knew that they hurt as much coming on that coming off. I shuddered just thinking about what it would feel when he released my breast, but there was no escaping it.

Biting hard on the gag, I tensed my body and he undid the first knot. He took his time, unwrapping them slowly to give blood time to trickle back out. It hurt terribly, but I was able to endure it without screaming. Finally, he took the gag off, and I was finally free.

My whole body hurt and I felt every muscle aching in pain. I gingerly took my hand between my legs, fearing I would find a square groove on it but besides being sore and wet it was okay. As before, Noah helped me up slowly, first into a sitting position where I could finally see my body, covered in rope marks, and then I was able to stand on my own.

When I limped towards the sawhorse, I saw his cell phone on the floor, the clock stuck at two hours and a half. I was stunned speechless, amazed that I had been able to stand that for so long. Feeling proud, I ran my fingers over the board, thinking that next time I might try for three hours.

MY WORST NIGHTMARE (M/F, rape, non-cons, anal, impalement, snuff)

I closed my eyes again, concentrating on my breathing as I tried to fight the dizziness that had been creeping on me for the past hour, but it's was  losing battle and I knew it. Around me, the car shook and trembled with every bump in the road and the air felt hot and sticky.

Before this I had been watching TV back at Noah’s house, when he grabbed me by my hair and then dragged me towards his car. After making me strip on the street, he tied my arms behind my back without a word, and then pushed me inside the trunk. Panicking, I asked him what was happening, but his only response had been to slap my face and then to shove a ring gag on my mouth, silencing me. Finally, he slipped a black canvas hood over my head and then he closed the trunk with me inside.

The car started moving a moment later, as I panic rose inside me. I started drooling almost immediately, as I always did with that gag, and soon the hood was wet with my saliva. While it wasn't the first time he had locked me in the trunk, this time he wasn't driving slowly and the movement made me dizzy almost immediately. I prayed that we would get to wherever we were going fast, as I didn't want to puke into the hood.

Moments later, the car turned and the noise changed. We were moving on a gravel road, and the ride became much bumpier than before. A few minutes later the car finally stopped and the engine died. I waited silently inside the trunk as I heard the front door opening and Noah walking around the car.

When the trunk finally opened I moved back as far as I could, feeling the cool air over my naked body. I couldn't stop trembling as I imagined him standing in front of me, silent as he watched me.

“Get out!” Noah screamed at me.

Jumping at his voice, I stretched my leg towards the edge, trying to get out without falling, but he grabbed my leg and pulled from it, dragging me out of the trunk and into the ground. I feel on my ass with a soft thud, feeling earth and leaves under me.

Panicking, I scrambled to my feet as fast as I could with my hands tied behind me. A moment later, he pulled the hood off, and I saw that we were in a forest. The road ended where we were, but I could see a few footpaths continuing off in various directions.

I looked at Noah, hoping for an explanation, but he just pushed me forwards, telling me to walk. Without another option, I started moving along one of the paths, but without shoes each step was a torture. Twigs and branches stabbed my feet and the dry brush scratched my shins as I passed.

Behind me, Noah walked silently, pushing me whenever I stopped to rest. The few times I stumbled, he told me to get up but he didn't help me, as I struggled to do it without my hands. A few minutes later I was breathing hard and covered in sweat and dirt, but he kept pushing me forwards. I don't know how long we walked, but when he finally told me to stop, I collapsed onto my knees, exhausted, but glad that it I had made it.

Noah paid me no attention as he walked towards a big log that had fallen by the side of the path. It was as big as a barrel, and the bark looked rough and wet, and after examining all around he nodded to himself.

He leaned against it, and looking at me as he took his cock out. He was already hard, and I looked at him shocked because I knew exactly what he meant. Afraid, I crawled towards him and once I was kneeling in front of him I took him into my mouth. It was humiliating, but I had no choice.

With my hands tied and the gag on my mouth there was not much I could do to pleasure him, but I tried my best, pushing his cock into my throat with practiced ease while I used my tongue along his shaft. I knew he hadn't washed himself before, as I could taste his urine on it, and the rank and musky flavor was disgusting.

Soon he placed his hands on my head and he started pulling me along as he moved his hips, fucking my mouth. I started gagging, but I was too afraid to do anything except to endure. Closing my eyes, I concentrated on the rhythm, hoping I wouldn’t vomit on him. Under my knees I could feel the wet earth, and it wasn't long before I started shivering from the cold as my sweat dried on my skin.

After a few minutes he pushed me away and I fell on the ground. Grabbing one of my shoulders, he rolled me around until I was facing down and then he climbed on top of me. I felt his cock between my ass cheeks as he started grinding himself against me, and I started bucking under him in terror. I was far too dry for him to fuck me, and he knew that. But despite that, he took his cock in one hand and pushed himself into my pussy.

I screamed into the gag, biting hard as the pain grew higher and higher, but he kept pushing himself inside me despite my cries and the tears that were now running down my face, until finally I felt his hips resting on my ass. He stood still for a moment, giving me time to breath once, and then he started fucking me hard, pounding me into the dirt.

I was in agony, from my pussy as he fucked me dry, and from my breasts and my face as they dragged against the ground. I tried lifting my face up, but when I did he pushed me back down, pressing me against it as he kept fucking me.

Despite the gag I begged for him to stop, to tell me why he was doing this, but it came out as an incoherent mumble and he ignored me. I could taste dirt in my mouth, as it mixed with my saliva and my tears. Behind me, he was relentless, fucking me as if he was punishing me for something, until my whole body was screaming in pain.

Then with one final push, he came inside me, filling me with his cum. I had always craved the feeling of his warm cum splashing inside me, but now it was just humiliating. I felt my face burning as he pulled out, and then he wiped his cock in my ass. I felt empty and sore as he stood up, leaving me sprawled on the ground.

I curled up into a ball, trying to relieve the pain I was feeling, but it made little difference. Then he kneeled in front of me, pulling from my hair until I looked at him.

“Pathetic.” he said, as I wept.

Ashamed, I looked away and he released me, leaving me on the ground. I closed my eyes, trying to ignore the pain as he walked away, but a moment later he returned. Passing one arm under my stomach, he pulled me up and took me towards the tree.

He pulled my legs apart and then dropped me on top of the tree, making me wince as my battered pussy landed on it. Then without giving me time to recover, he pushed me forwards until I was laying on it. He started tying me down to it, using ropes to secure my torso and my legs, until I couldn't move anymore. Finally, he twisted my head until I was facing forwards and tied my neck down, leaving me completely at his mercy.

I could feel the rough back against my breasts and my thighs every time I tried to move, but it was nothing compared to the terror I was feeling. I could hear him moving behind me, but I couldn't turn my head to look at him. I moaned and pulled from my ropes, but it made no difference.

Then he walked in front of me, holding a long and thick metal bar with a tapered point. I felt my heart freezing in my chest as I realized what he was planning. He looked at me, his eyes hard and cold as I tried to breathe again.

“Nuuuuuuuu!” I screamed into the gag. “Uggghhh!”

In front of me I could see him through blurry eyes, as he stared at me, his face angry and detached. I felt frozen in place as his eyes bored through mine, and a shiver ran down my spine.

After a moment, he walked behind me and I was finally able to move again. I started thrashing and pulling from the ropes, desperate to escape before he killed me. But despite how hard I pulled the ropes were stronger than me and the only thing I managed was to cut myself on them.

Noah took his time, waiting until I was tired and I had no more strength left, and then I felt him placing the cold metal tip over my asshole. I clenched hard, as terror overwhelmed me, but it wouldn't make a difference.

A moment later he started pushing and I felt the tip spreading my asshole open despite my efforts. It felt cold and sticky, as there was no lube, but he pushed and twisted hard, shoving it inside my rectum. I closed my eyes, trying to fight the terror, but soon I was hyperventilating as I felt the spit moving relentlessly inside me. It wasn't long before I felt the tip scratching something inside me, and I coldly realized that it had reached the end of my intestines.

But the spit stood still for a moment, though I never knew if he was having second thought or if he was just playing with me. The cold from the metal started spreading through my belly, and I felt my stomach cramping painfully.

A moment later it moved again, pushing hard against my intestines until it pierced them cleanly. I tensed my body in agony as I wailed, biting the gag until I heard my teeth cracking, feeling as the tip started moving again, forwards inside my body. With every inch I felt it dragging my flesh along with it, tearing me from the inside.

Tears burned in my face as I realized my body was dying, but Noah didn't care. He continued his macabre work, shoving the spit inside me. I could hear him grunting from the effort behind me, but besides that he remained silent. The more it went inside me, the more force he had to apply to keep it moving, and soon I felt my body being pushed along, dragging my breasts and my stomach over the rough bark until they were bleeding.

I felt my body weakening as I bled inside and I felt myself growing feverish. Then I felt another prick inside me, and I had time for one last breath before he pierced my diaphragm. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't breathe anymore. Every time I tried a dry and raspy sound came from inside me. I could feel the tip moving closer and closer to my mouth as I waited for the inevitable, and soon I started gagging as the tip forced its way past my throat and over my tongue.

As the tip dragged over my tongue I tasted my own blood, and finally the tip emerged from my mouth, passing right by the center of the gag. It kept moving until there was about a foot of it coming out of my mouth and then it stopped. I looked at the red tip, not believing that he had done it as my lungs screamed for air and my body contorted in agony. With it blocking my throat I felt like I was about to puke, but my stomach was blocked by the shaft.

A moment later Noah appeared in front of me, looking angry and disappointed. He looked at me for a moment, and then turned away, walking towards the car without looking back. I wanted to call him back, to ask him why had he done it, but before I could he disappeared between the trees, leaving me alone to die.

The pain flooded my mind until it was the only thing I could think off, and I don't know how long my agony lasted. I felt my belly filling with my own blood until it was bloated and distended, then my eyes became heavier and thinking became really hard. But the pain also started to fade away, and that made me happy. I knew I was going to die, but at least it would be soon. That was better than to remain like this, feeling betrayed and abandoned, as my heart slowed down for the last time.

Then I closed my eyes once final time, tears slid down my face, and there was only darkness.

A moment later I woke up again, jumping from my bed. I was covered in sweat, the sheet sticking to my naked body, and I could taste blood in my mouth from where I had bitten my tongue. Next to me Noah was sleeping peacefully, completely oblivious to my nightmare.

The terror I had felt in the dream started to fade away, slowly at first as I tried to control my breathing. Despite knowing it had all been a dream, I was still trembling, and I couldn't control it no matter how hard I concentrated. It took me a long time to fall asleep again that night, but there were no more dreams, and the next morning the terror was gone, leaving only a faint memory of it.

FIRST TIME DOM (FF/f, teen, lesbian, sex, semi-cons, anal, bondage, piss)

As Noah drove I looked out the window, lost on my own thoughts. The city went by in a blur until I saw a few houses I recognized, and then we finally arrived. The house were Nick and Rose lived was a familiar sight by now, but I still felt nervous every time we came to see them.

“Are you okay?” he asked me after shutting down the car.

I nodded once as I looked at their front door in trepidation. From outside it looked just like any other house, but what happened inside was anything but normal. As most times, Noah had refused to tell me what were the plans, and when I asked Rose she told me to relax, that it would be fun, but I knew her concept of fun and that made it hard to relax.

Still, this wouldn't be the first time I did something like this, and despite the fear I felt, I was also very excited. Together we walked towards the front door, and I squeezed his hand hard, feeling just a little bit better.

Just as we were about to knock, Rose opened the door. She was wearing a lacy bodysuit that hugged her dark skin like a glove, but it did nothing to cover her. Her breasts were bare to us, framed by the lace, and the crotch was open, leaving her pussy exposed. Despite being in full view of anyone passing by, she greeted us like it was the most normal thing in the world.

“Noah! Olive!” she said as she hugged me and I blushed.

“Nick is in the kitchen, why don't you go there while I take Olive downstairs.” she said to Noah after closing the door.

Noah kissed me and then he disappeared, leaving me alone with her. Downstairs meant the basement, where they had true dungeon, full of racks, whips and toys. I had been there more than a few times, but every time I stood in front of that door I felt my heart racing, especially now that I didn't know what awaited me.

Still, Rose took my hand and led me down the stairs. The light was off at the bottom, but I could hear someone moaning. I felt my skin crawling and a shiver ran down my spine as I reached the bottom and Rose turned on the lights.

On the middle there was a girl, her naked body stretched in an X. I didn't know her age, but she looked young, much too young to be doing this. Ropes pulled from her limbs and another was around her neck, stretching her and leaving her defenseless. They had also tied a magic wand above her, so that it rested in between her legs. She was desperately trying to press herself against it, but every time she managed to move her hips the vibrating wand simply moved away.

Next to me, Rose looked into my eyes with a wicked smile, and then she walked slowly around the girl.  On the floor, she could do nothing but whimper and moan in frustration, as the wand kept her on the edge, and I could see her juices dripping down her thighs and into the floor.

“Olive, I want you to meet Lily.” Rose told me, pointing towards the naked girl.

Then I noticed that Lily's body was covered in bite marks. They were light, but now that I knew they were there they were impossible to miss. Her breast, her thighs, her stomach and her neck were full of them.

“What happened to her?” I asked Rose, pointing at her.

“Ahhhh, I got carried away as I waited for you.” She said blushing in fake shame.

I swallowed nervously, wanting to ask her how old she was, but afraid at what her answer would be. Instead, I remained silent as Rose kneeled next to her head. Almost lovingly she started running her fingers along Lily's wet hair, stroking it like a mother would a child.

“Did you come, lily?” she asked her in a whisper.

“No mistress, I didn't, I swear!” the girl answered her frantically, as her eyes looked wildly at me.

Without a word, Rose pulled from a rope and the wand moved up and away from her body. Then she ran her finger in between her pussy lips, and I could see them wet with Lily’s juices as she moved them towards her mouth.

“Mmmmm… I think you did. You know I don't like it when you lie to me!” Rose told her as she licked her fingers clean.

I felt myself getting wet as I stared at the scene, and soon my body felt hot and sticky. Without wasting time, I undressed as Rose kept caressing her. Her hands roamed her young body, moving over her neck, her breast and her thighs, pushing her closer and closer to an orgasm, but she knew what she was doing, and whenever Lily breathing accelerated Rose pulled back, leaving the poor girl frustrated.

When I was naked I sat on the floor next the Lily, looking at her as I imagined myself tasting her pussy. Then I heard the door opening and Rose told me to get in position.

I turned around and kneeled on the floor, resting my face on the cold tiles as I stretched my arms in front of me. The position left my pussy and my asshole exposed to everyone that walked behind me, and it made me feel humiliated and vulnerable as I felt my pussy growing wet.

Then I heard Noah talking, as he walked down the stairs with Nick. I wanted to turn around to see if there was anyone else with them, but I knew I shouldn't so I tried to keep as still as possible. Next to me Lily kept moaning and I could smell the sweat that covered her body and the musky aroma of her pussy.

Neither Nick or Noah paid us any attention as they walked past us, but I remained in position, awaiting their orders as I felt myself growing more excited by every passing second. I couldn't make out what they were saying but they started laughing loudly a moment later, and then Noah walked towards me, kneeling next to my head.

“Tonight it's going to be a bit different. This time, you and Rose will be in charge, and you can play with Lily for as long as you want.” he said into my ears as my body trembled in anticipation.

Then he rose and walked towards Nick, who was sitting on a bench on the other side of the room, looking at us. He had seen me naked before, and he had even fucked me once, but he could still make me uncomfortable with his eyes if he wanted to. It might have been the contrast between how he looked, like and elderly Santa Claus with his white beard and his big belly, and his sadistic side which Rose had told me about many times.

Rose took my hand and we both stood next to Lily as she squirmed on the floor. As I watched her struggling I noticed that the rope around her neck looked tighter than what I had thought at first, and I remembered the feeling of hanging in the air, a nose around my neck and my hands tied behind me.

I knew what Noah had said, but I had no idea how to start. Despite having been tied and flogged and fucked, I didn't know how to do any of them. I panicked for a moment, looking at Rose next to me for help, and she winked before taking my hand.

She led me to one corner of the room and together we brought a wooden sawhorse to the center. I kind of looked like the one Noah had made me ride a while back, but the wooden beam on the middle looked much wider. Then Rose told me what to do, and together we untied her without releasing her. It took time, as every rope had to be replaced before it was removed, but after a few minutes we were done.

Soon Lily was tied on the sawhorse, her body perpendicular to the beam and her back resting on it. Rose tied her legs apart, one to each side, and her arms in the same way, as I held her down, though despite how uncomfortable it looked  Lily seemed to have resigned to her fate.

A moment later it was done, and I admired her body with satisfaction, as the ropes pulled her into a backwards C over the sawhorse. Her stomach was pulled tight, her small breasts stood proudly in front of her, and with her legs apart it left her pussy completely exposed. I started trembling as I imagined myself in that position, fighting the urge to play with my own pussy.

“Please! Mistress, I beg you!” Lily said, as her voice quivered.

“Shhhhh… not yet, you haven't earned it.” Rose told her, as she ran her fingers over the bound girl.

Without another word, she went to one of the benches along the wall and from a drawer she took a double ended dildo, just like the one we had used on our first time together. I took it from her, blushing as I remembered that night, but eager to try it again.

I spread my legs and slowly rubbed the tip against my pussy, covering it in my juices. By that time I was already wet and it slid easily inside me, stretching my pussy as it moved deeper inside me. When it was all the way in, the middle of the L rested just over my clit, and I could feel it rubbing over it when I moved. Finally, I clipped the two straps around my thighs and my ass, locking it in place.

Once I was ready, I stepped between her legs, grabbing the dildo with one hand as Noah did when he fucked me. I started rubbing the tip against her pussy, and she immediately started moaning loudly, the sound echoing in the small room.

By then she was even wetter than me, and I slipped easily inside her. As I pushed, the tip inside me pushed back, making me shiver in pleasure. Slowly, I started rocking my hips, fucking her as Noah did with me, until I was moving steadily inside her. Her breathing became faster and she closed her eyes as she concentrated.

“Don't you dare to cum, Lily!” Rose said to her before she took two butterfly clamps and closed them on her nipples, making her jump from the pain. I watched fascinated as they turned red and then white as the she closed the clamps tightly.

Lost on my own pleasure, I closed my eyes and picked up my pace, sliding the hard dildo into her wet pussy faster and faster. With one hand I grabbed her hips, giving me a better hold on her and the other landed on her stomach. I caressed her slowly, running my fingers over her skin as she trembled, but it wasn't enough. Forming a claw, pressed my fingernails into her, until she started whimpering in pain. When I pulled back I could see the marks I left on her skin, four tiny red moons clustered together.

The feeling was intoxicating, and soon I lost all control I had. I started pushing myself even faster, until she was screaming constantly and the dildo inside me felt hot and sticky with our juices.

“Do her ass, she likes that.” Rose whispered next to my ears.

I stopped for a moment, looking at her until she nodded. Needing no further push, I pulled out of her, and then pressed the tip against her asshole. Since it was already wet from her juices I started pushing immediately, noticing how tight it was compared to her pussy. In front of me, Lily closed her mouth, but I could see the muscles in her neck straining under the pain as she tried to stop me by clenching hard, but I knew it was a losing battle.

The head was in a moment later and the rest slid easily inside her. She gasped once as I pushed all the way in, until my hips were bumping against her. It wasn't as easy as before, but I started rocking my hips, trembling as her asshole pulled from the dildo inside me.

Meanwhile Rose had walked around her, and she pushed her own pussy against Lily’s mouth. The girl stretched her tongue out and then started lapping at Rose’s dark pussy. Lost in her own pleasure, she pulled the girl's head against herself as she started moaning. Lily started moaning in protest as we abused her but neither of us seemed to care.

I kept fucking her ass, knowing that I should say something but I was too far gone to care about anything. I felt my own orgasm getting closer and closer, and I pitied Lily as she struggled to breath over Rose’s wet pussy.

“Please, mistress! I can't stand it anymore!” Lily begged Rose when she released her for a moment.

Laughing, she pushed the girl back between her legs before looking at me.

“She is beautiful, isn't she?” she said to me, and I nodded. “It's incredible that she is only 14 years old!"

As I heard her age I felt my blood freezing inside me, but just then everything became too much. Her ass pulling the dildo inside me, her moans as she ate Rose’s pussy, knowing that Noah and Nick were watching it, it all pushed me over and I came hard, my body pulled from itself as I came and I slipped on the wet floor, pulling the dildo out of Lily’s ass. In front of me, she screamed once and then she too was coming.

Exhausted I collapsed on the floor as she spasmed on the sawhorse, her face still buried in Rose’s pussy. Then I panicked, knowing she was under age, but when I looked at Noah he looked relaxed and I knew they had told him before. And since she was obviously enjoying it, at least I knew that Lily wasn't there against her own will, despite her age.

When I looked back at her, she was whimpering as she licked the juices that covered her face. Above her, Rose was looking at the girl with disapproval.

“Ohhhh, you will regret that, Lily.” she said, touching herself.

“I am sorry, mistress! I couldn't stop myself! I promise I will be good, please, give me another chance!” the poor girl started blabbering as she cried in fear.

Looking at me, Rose told her she would have another chance. She took my hand and made me stand, and then she carefully took the dildo out of me. When it was gone my pussy felt sore and empty. She showed it to me, holding it close to my face until I could smell the musky aroma of her ass and my pussy.

Without needing to be told, I walked towards her head and then turned around. Then I bent over, pushing my own pussy against her face. Lily started eating me out almost immediately, and I felt her tongue running over my pussy, pushing my lips apart until she found my clit. Despite having cummed a minute before I started moaning in pleasure as she worked on me.

Like Rose, I grabbed her head and started pulling her against my pussy as I moved my hips. Then I saw Rose standing between her legs like I had done before, with the dildo inside her. Lily moaned against me as Rose pushed herself inside her pussy, and then she started fucking her fast and hard, pushing the sawhorse along with each thrust.

I don't know how long that lasted, as Lily ate my pussy and I played with my nipples, but at some point I came again, just as hard as before and then I collapsed on the floor.

I wasn't usual for me on the giving end of abuse, and it felt intoxicating. Above me Lily was breathing hard, her body and hair covered in both our juices and her own saliva, and from where I stood I could smell her pussy and her ass, a musky flavor that was starting to drive me crazy.

Then Rose undid the ropes that held her in place as she told her how filthy she was. Lily remained moaning the whole time, as blood rushed back into her limbs. When she was free she laid on the floor, waiting as Rose pushed the saw horse back against the wall.

As she moved next to me, the smell of her pussy was finally too much. I rose from the floor and kneeled between her legs. She immediately spread her legs apart, giving me access to her pussy. After what I had done to her I thought it was only fair to give something back to her, thought there was something to cleared before I started.

“Don't you dare to cum again!” I said to her as I traced a circle over her stomach.

“Noooo, I swear I won't! I swear!” she said, sounding frightened.

Then I lowered myself between her legs and started lapping at her pussy. That musky smell I had felt multiplied by a hundred, driving me forwards as I grabbed her thighs and buried my face against her sex. I felt her hips moving under me as I sucked on her clit, feeling her warmness against my skin as she moaned in pleasure.

Rose took the opportunity to squat over the girl's face, leaving her pussy just over her mouth and Lily returned to her previous work, lapping at her pussy. From where I was I could see Lily’s tongue moving around her pussy, spreading her lips and sucking at her clit, just as I did the same to her.

And then without a word I stopped, just as Rose started peeing on the girl's mouth. It was obvious it wasn't the first time she did something like that, as she drank the golden fluid without a word, swallowing it in a few big gulps until there was nothing left.

Once it was done, she looked at me, her eyes pleading me silently, but I simply smiled at her as I played with my own pussy. Then I noticed Rose, laughing behind me, She was carrying a long rope in one hand, and a butt plug and a ring gang on the other. For a moment I feared those were for me, but she told me to help her and together we started tying Lily yet again.

This time Rose choose to do a hogtie, tying her arms behind her and then her legs, before she pulled them together. Lily’s back curved into another backwards C until her feet were almost touching the back of her head, and then Rose wrapped the rest of the rope, locking her in place.

Then she smiled as she showed me the black anal plug before she pushed it inside the defenseless girl, who moaned and squirmed in pain. I watched fascinated as the waist slipped past her asshole and then it closed tightly over it, locking the plug inside her. Satisfied, she rose from the floor, and gave me the ring gag.

“You do the honors.” she said, before leaving me alone with Lily.

The metal ring felt cold and heavy in my hands, and I knew from experience that it was a bit too big for her, but to my surprise she opened her mouth without a word. I pushed it in until her jaw couldn't open any further and then I locked it behind her head with the strap. Once I was done I watched her silently as drool started running down her chin. Then her eyes locked on mine and I thought that she was smiling.

Noah, now naked, walked slowly towards me, laying his hand on my shoulders as he kissed my neck.

“You are still wet” he said into my ear and I felt myself blushing.

Then he laid me on the floor and kneeled between my legs. In one swift move he pushed himself inside my pussy, filling me completely as he started fucking me. Next to us, Lily watched us with envy.

MASTER’S SLAVE (M/F, humil, bondage, oral, exhib, spanking)

Yesterday Noah told me he would take me shopping for a new dress and I was extremely excited. Not only because I only had two dresses, but because if we went to the mall it gave me an opportunity to get the gift I been wanting to give Noah for a while. It hadn't been easy to choose something that he would like, but after talking with Rose I finally found something perfect.

Still, I should have been paying more attention. That day, when we were leaving for school, Noah tied a rope harness for me, which wasn't unusual, but since we would be going to the mall straight from school it meant I would go shopping with it. It wasn't the end of the world, as I usually wore loose clothing with it so it was impossible to see, but once we were in the mall and we started walking, I started to feel a little apprehensive.

The first place he took me to had mostly dresses and leather jackets. I choose a few black dresses to try. The first had a high waist and when tried it on I marveled at how beautiful it looked on me, though the second one, a simpler strapless version of the same dress looked even better.

When I told him I liked that one, Noah told me to show it to him, but I saw myself in the mirror, and the harness was obviously visible on my shoulders. Blushing, I told him to come in instead, as I didn't want the people in the shop to see me. He did like it, but he insisted that we kept looking, as we could always come back.

A little sad, I changed back and we kept walking. We checked a few more places, trying on different models until we had a few we both liked. I had never been much of a shopper, but coming with him was really nice, and after a while I started to relax a little.

In the end I chose a black dress made of cotton, with two thin straps on either shoulder. It was much shorter than the one I had, ending half way up my thighs, but it wasn't overly provocative. Happy about it, I followed him as he paid, but then he looked at me and I felt my blood freezing inside me.

“What do you say you put it on again now?” he said smiling.

The two straps on the dress were way too thin to hide the rope over my shoulder, and we both knew that it would show. Still, he kept looking into my eyes and I felt my pussy getting wet just by thinking about it. I looked around the store, but there wasn't that many people.

Feeling excited, I nodded and went to change again. Once it was done, I looked at myself in the mirror, trying to hide the ropes under the straps but they were way too thin. Without a warning, Noah pushed the curtain to one side and he entered the booth.

“I have something else for you.” he said, pulling out a pair of black stockings from his pockets.

When I grabbed them I noticed something hard inside them, and with horror I found my vibrating plug inside.

“Nooo, please!” I begged him, knowing that he had planned this all along.

“Do it.” he ordered me with a smile.

I knew better than to refuse, so I put on the stockings, and then I lowered my panties. Bending over, I looked at my ass on the mirror, trying to find a way to push the plug inside me, but he had placed a knot right over my asshole. With some effort, I managed to squeeze it under the ropes, and once it was in I was able to rearrange the harness so the knot was pressing on the flange of the plug.

The plug filled my asshole nicely, but it was far from uncomfortable, and I knew that the ropes would press against it as I moved. Even better, Noah had the remote control for it, and I knew he would use it in the worst possible time.

Once I was ready I looked at him and he shook his head.

“Give me your panties.” he whispered in my ears, and I felt my face burning.

Putting one hand against the wall, I slipped them off, seeing a small wet spot on the middle. He took them and slipped them in his pocket, telling me he would give them back later.

Taking a last look in the mirror, I walked outside waiting for someone to point at me screaming as they saw my harness, but nobody was paying me any attention. Feeling a little more secure, I followed Noah outside, but just as I was crossing the door the vibrator went on inside me.

I gasped once and almost fell, but I managed to regain my balance. Besides me, Noah asked me if I was okay, and I nodded, gritting my teeth as the plug moved inside my rectum. I closed my eyes, enjoying the sensation it gave me, and at that time I didn't really care where I was. Pleasure washed over me in waves, each higher than the last, until I felt I would explode, and then the vibration stopped.

The waves fell back, one after another, leaving horny and angry. I was so close! Then I opened my eyes, and Noah was looking at my, surprised, and I quickly knew why. People around us were looking at me funny, and I knew I had been moaning as I was about to come.

I felt my face burning in shame as I tried looking for the closest place to hide, but Noah grabbed my hand before I could run and pulled me along. I shivered as I felt air rushing over my bare and wet pussy, but I kept walking, trying to blend in with everybody else. Slowly people stopped looking at us, and I felt a little better.

“Are you okay?” he asked me, looking concerned. “I think you forgot were you were. Sorry about that, I didn't think it would be so strong.”

I nodded, feeling lightheaded. I wanted to tell him how loud I had been, but I couldn't talk yet. Instead he led me to the parking lot. He had left his car against a corner, as far away from the entrance as possible. There were few cars around us, except for a huge pickup that had parked right next to us.

He walked me behind it, looking around as he went, and once we were behind, he told me to kneel on the floor. Still horny from before, I did as he said, pulling his cock out before he could tell me and I started blowing him. He was already hard, and I felt myself trembling as he shoved himself forcefully inside my throat, pushing me against the wall. Every time he pulled out I would lick the head of his cock as if it were a lollipop as I looked into his eyes.

Then the vibrator came on again, and I came, just as his cock passed into my throat. I felt his hands in the back of my head, pulling me towards him, and he too came, gasping as he shoot his cum right down my throat. When he released me I pulled back just a little and then I started sucking again, savoring his taste for a little longer.

When I was done, he collapsed against the pickup, breathing heavily as I liked my lips. Then I remembered that I hadn't gotten his gift and I looked at him, embarrassed.

“I forgot something, can you come pick me up in an hour?” I blurted at him.

“Why? What do you need to do.” he asked me, but I kept quiet.

After asking again, he finally let me go, telling me I could call him when I was done. I kissed him and then I returned to the mall. It felt strange to be alone in there, especially as I was still plugged and my body still tingled from my orgasm.

Climbing to the top level, I walked towards the only tattoo shop in there. After taking to Rose, I had chosen to write ‘Noah’s slave’ on my pubis as a gift for him. She said it would drive him crazy, and it would also remind me I was his. The idea made me shiver, but as I stood in front of the store I wasn't feeling so sure anymore.

For once I had forgotten about the harness, and the plug, and worse my dripping pussy, but I had heard that sometimes tattoos could hurt a lot. I looked at the pictures of their work on the front, trying to find my courage, but it seemed to be slipping away. Then before I could run away, I went in, closing the door behind me.

I had expected to find a seedy looking room, but the inside was bright and clean, and it mostly smelled of incense. To my relief there was no one else besides a girl behind the desk. Her arms were covered in tattoos full of dragons and flames, and she had a ring on nose.

“Hey! Come in, my name is Lily, how can I help you?” she asked me cheerily.

I told her I had called yesterday about getting a tattoo and that I had spoken to a man called Andrew. I expected him to be the guy that did the tattoos, but she told me he was her boyfriend, and that she was the one who did them.

Embarrassed, I hesitated for a moment, wondering what she would think when she saw me, but I had come too far. I followed her to the back and she told me to lay on a stretcher.

“So, what's it's going to be and where do you want it?” she asked me, as she put on some black gloves.

“I want you to write something. It's a gift for my… boyfriend. I want it to say…” I hesitated for a moment, embarrassed, while she looked at me.

“It has to say Noah’s Slave.” I finally managed, feeling my face burning.

She looked at me, and for a moment I thought she was going to start laughing, but she started nodding.

“Cool. Have you thought about what type do you want it? Like, big chunky capital letter or something curvy?” she asked me.

Relieved by her reaction, I admitted her I hadn't thought about it, and she drew me a few examples until I picked up one I liked. Then she asked me where I wanted it, and I lifted my skirt, showing her my bare pussy and the bottom of the rope harness.

“Are you wearing a butt plug?” she asked me as she pointed at the battery box for the plug, clipped to a rope.

“Nice! I love those. I used to wear one here work, but my boyfriend once pushed it to maximum when I was tattooing this really big bald guy and I slipped. He ended up with a line across his arm, but I managed to fix it. I haven't used one here since then, but at home is a different thing, right?” she asked me as if it was something normal.

Feeling that maybe I wasn't so crazy for liking this kind of things, I relaxed on the stretcher and let her do her work. She had a bit of trouble working around the harness, but she insisted that it wasn't necessary to take it off, and after a few tries we chose a spot right above my pubic hair and she started working.

To my surprise it wasn't that painful. Yes, I could feel the needle piercing my skin constantly but she took her time and after some time it even started to feel good as I could feel the vibrations right on my pussy. I closed my eyes and relaxed as she worked.

“Feeling good there?” she asked me a few minutes later, and I nodded.

Before I realized it, she told me it was done. I hoped of the stretcher, and she told me to take the dress off, as it was like he would be seeing it. I was strangely relaxed as I stood naked in front of her, but once I did I stood in front of a big mirror and looked at myself.

The lines looked red and angry, but I knew it would heal and I loved how it looked. I turned around, admiring my body and how the harness looked. For a moment I wished that I had the control for the plug, as I wanted to feel it moving inside me again, but Noah had it with him.

Besides me, Lily stood watching, but I didn't mind.

“Since this is a gift, maybe you can get him something else. Like a piercing.” she said and I hesitated.

“Can I show you something?” she asked me and I nodded.

She came closer, and after pulling down her pants she showed me her pussy. She had shaved it bare and a big tattoo full of vines and flowers started just above her clit and then went up under her shirt. But above all what stood out were two little silver balls around her clit. When I realized I was staring I looked away but she told me it was okay to look.

“Does it hurt?” I asked her.

“At first, but then it feels really good, and oral sex will never feel the same for you. Besides, if you like being bound this just gives him more options.” she said pointing at my harness.

The more I thought about it the more I like the idea, and I was sure that Noah would find many ways to use it, but I still wasn't sure. Lily kept looking at me with her pants down.

“Ok, let's do something, I will give you one for free, what do you say to that?” she said, finally pulling her pants up.

“Why would you?” I asked her, suddenly suspicious.

She laughed softly, and then went to one of the many drawers she had. After rummaging for a bit, she came back with a little silver stud with two silver balls, just like the one she had.

“First because I like you. And second because it's good for business. You never know, you might like it so much that you come back for more!” she said as I looked at the stud.

After asking her against if it was truly free she said yes and I went back to the stretcher, only this time she told me to move my ass to the edge. I had to pull the ropes that went around my crotch to the side as they were in the way but after that I just had to relax as she worked.

Being my first she told me each step before she started, but she still worked fast and methodically. After wiping me down with a cold antiseptic I felt her gloved hands on my pussy, spreading my lips and then touching my clit. She said that the stud didn't actually go into the clit, but instead it was placed through the hood that covered. After a few tries, I felt her pinching it and then I jumped as she clamped some pliers over it.

Before I could chicken out she ran the needle through my flesh and I had to bite my lips to stop myself from crying, but even then I felt tears running down my face. Luckily the pain was over fast and a moment later she told me it was done.

I jumped off the stretcher again, and walked to the mirror. The ring stood out proudly over my pussy, and next to it the tattoo. The pain I had felt before had now turned into a dull throb she said would go by tomorrow, but I still had to be careful with it until it had healed. Turning once more, I dressed again and after paying I called Noah.

While I waited for him I walked along the mall, no longer afraid of what people might think, and feeling the stud between my legs. By the time he picked me up, I was soaking wet, but when he asked me what all that had been, I told him I would tell him later, just like he always did to me.

When we got to his place, I told him to wait for me in his room and then went to the toilet. I took off the dress, folding it neatly as I felt my stomach twisting inside me in anticipation, and unable to wait any longer I went into his room.

He was waiting for me in his bed, but he stood up the moment I entered. His eyes found my pussy almost instantly, and then he just stared at me.

“Do you like them?” I asked him nervously.

“Ohhh…” he said “I love them.”

He kneeled in front of me, and with his face in front of my pussy he told me to spread my legs.

“Did it hurt?” he asked me, running his fingers over the tattoo. His touch felt electric, and I felt my pussy quivering inside me.

“A little. The piercing was the worst.” I answered him.

“I imagine. How long do you have to let it heal?” he asked me, his finger moving between my pussy lips.

“She said a week, but it might be less.” I couldn't stop myself from moaning as he inserted his finger inside me.

“Pity. I have so many thing I want to try with it.” he said raising. “I guess I will have to fuck your ass this whole week.”

I felt my body warming up in anticipation as he started undressing. Once naked I saw his cock, already hard and pointing at my stomach, and I wanted nothing more than to get down on my knees to suck his cock, but he grabbed me by the harness before I could.

“But first, there is the little problem of you punishment. After all, even if I like it, if you are my slave you body is mine, and before you modify it you have to ask for permission, don't you think?” he said, sitting on the bed and pulling me over his legs.

“Ohhh… yes!” I cried as he made me lay on his knees, leaving my ass exposed.

One of his hands, grabbed the harness, just over my ass, and started pulling from it. The rope dug deeply into pussy, rubbing against my clit and pushing the plug deeper inside me. A moment later the vibrator started moving inside me and I heard myself moaning just before the first blow landed on my ass.

He started spanking me, softly at first but then he started hitting me harder and harder. My as felt on fire but I couldn't stop moaning and soon I was moving my hip, pulling from his grip until the ring pulled my flesh painfully.

The next time his hand landed on my ass I came hard. Pleasure overwhelmed me and my mind filled with a blindly bright light. I heard myself screaming loudly until I ran out of air and then I just collapsed on top of his knees.

It took me a minute to find the strength to move, but Noah waited patiently until I could stand on my own. I touched my ass and it felt hot and feverish, but I didn't care. Then he touched my piercing, ever so slightly, and I started trembling.

“I think I am going to take you back to the mall next week. I am thinking a couple of ring through your nipples will look great too. Don't you think?” he said.

“Ohhhhh!” it was the only thing I could manage to say before he threw me in the bed and started fucking me.



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