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Emily's Journey

tags: M/f, cons, first, sex, anal, enema, bondage, oral, throating, torture, noose , meat girl, snuff


disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional, along with all characters and events described in it. Any resemblance with real life is just a coincidence. Harming another human being is wrong and in no way I am trying to convey the opposite. Please, don't do anything like this!


To the incredible woman who inspired this story almost 3 years ago. I hope you are doing well, you deserve it, and I am sorry this took so long, but life got in the way.


“Honey, have you seen Emily?”

“No… haven’t seen her for a while. I am sure she isn't too far, though…”

“I know… it's just… I am worried about how she will take the news…”

“Well, I mean.. it's a big change, but… you know I don’t really have a choice… we have to move if I want to keep my job… and besides, it's a great opportunity for us, and for her too. Her new school is great, and you know we only heard good thing about the neighborhood…"

“Yes, I know… it's just… she has all of her friends here, what if she can't make new ones there…she is still a kid... ballet is a really important part of her life now and taking it away from her seems...”

“Don't worry about that. Really, there will be plenty of time to look for a new dance school, and a better one at that. And she is already 13, she is growing up fast and making friends is easy at that age, she will be fine…”

“Okay…if you say so...”

“Do you want to tell her after lunch?”

“Not really, but we better do it now, we move in two weeks… it's not fair to keep it secret from her… she needs to say goodbye to her friends...”

"Oh, come one... She is not going to war... Los Angeles is just 2 hours away, and they can chat all day long if they want too!"

"You know it's not the same..."

"Okay, then we will do it after we eat. The burgers will be done in a few minutes. And don't worry, everything will be okay. In a few years, we will look back at this and see it as the start of something really great.”

“If you say so… I love you honey…”

“And I love you too, baby...”


My parents were right, I wasn't far away. I could smell the fire and the roasting burgers from the top of a small hill that was just behind our house. The top was bare, except for a small, round boulder I was using to rest my head.

The sun shone bright and hard over me, making my skin tingle. From time to time, a soft breeze blew by, making the leaves of the trees around me dance, their sound a soft murmur that was making me feel drowsy.

It was a moment of incredible happiness for me. The summer was just around the corner and that meant I would have all day to be with my friends and to practice more.

Miss Monica said I was making real progress with my positions and my flow, and for the first time I really felt it. I never felt more alive as when I was dancing, and for the first time in my life I had found something that I was really good at.

Taking a deep, satisfied  breath, I closed my eyes and relaxed into the ground.

The grass under my body felt delicious, and whenever I moved I could feel it tickling my skin and making me shiver.

A low, rumbling moan escaped me, and I moved my hand over my belly. My fingers danced on their own over my skin, making me shiver even more. It was almost as if they had a life of their own, and I had no control over them.

One moment they were moving up and down, then they started dancing in circles around my belly button.

I was wearing a crop top and short jeans, much to revealing for my age if you asked my dad, but I didn't care. And that day I could feel my skin burning under my fingers as I roasted under the sun.

Then, slowly, I laid my hand on my belly, suddenly trembling in anticipation.

I didn't know what I was doing, but for some reason I pushed my hand under my pants as I felt the fabric of my panties.

It was a tight fit, but I pushed on, until my hand was cupping my pubic mound. And then my fingers started moving on their own again.

I started shivering once more, as another moan escaped my mouth, this time louder than before.

I didn't know what I was doing, but it didn't matter. All I knew was that it felt good; too good to stop.

Without realizing what I was doing, I used my other hand to pop open the button on my shorts, giving myself more freedom to move. My whole body was tingling by then, a sensation so incredibly powerful that it made me a little afraid.

Suddenly I stopped, opening my eyes and looking around me in panic. I was still alone, thankfully, but I couldn't shake the feeling that what I was doing was wrong. It didn't feel wrong, not to me, but it did feel forbidden, and scary.

Still, I didn't want to stop. Maybe I simply couldn't, I told myself as I bit my lower lip.

Trembling in anticipation, I took a deep breath, and I closed my eyes once more.

Pushing my hand deeper, I moved it between my legs until I felt my vagina. My panties felt moist and warm under my fingers, and for a moment I thought I had peed myself before I remembered what little we had learned in sex ed.

Trembling in excitement, I pushed in with one of my fingers, feeling as my lips, dripping with my juices, slipped apart.

“Ohhhhh goddddd…” I moaned as I grabbed a handful of grass.

Suddenly, the world around me disappeared and it became as dark as a moonless night. I could still feel the sun shining over my skin, though, so hard that I felt I was burning under it.

Pushing my legs apart, I moved my hand a little deeper into my pants and I started caressing myself, not really knowing what I was doing. Still, I must have been doing something right I told myself, as I started to feel dizzy and my body started trembling.

Moments passed, though I don't know how long I stayed like that. Soon my body started aching as every muscle tensed under my skin. My breathing became short and shallow, and I started to feel afraid, but as before, I couldn't stop.

Another moan escaped me, louder than the last, and then I felt it. Something was growing inside of me. I had no idea what it was, but it felt both dangerous and exiting.

It didn't matter though, not then. The only thing that mattered was what I was feeling.

My panties were soaked through by then, and without stopping to think what I was doing, I pushed them to the side before I slid my fingers along my lips once more.

My pussy felt warm and sticky, and at any other time I might have felt repulsed by the sensation, but to me it felt strangely arousing, even if I didn't know why.

It was then that I realized that my left hand was resting over my small breasts. Kneading them softly. If felt nice, and it only added to the sensations that were flooding my mind.

I wanted more though, and without knowing why I started pinching pulling softly from my nipples. It was slightly painful, yes, but also incredibly exciting. Soon my whole body was trembling in pleasure and I took a deep breath.

Without a thought, I pulled my top up, exposing my breasts to the sun and giving my hand easier access to my body.

A scream threatened to escape my throat, and in my panic I bit my lower lip, hard enough that I could taste blood.

Still, it didn't matter. Something had taken over me and I had lost control of my body. I took another deep breath and then I pushed two fingers deep inside me, while I used the rest to pull my lips open.

A sharp, sudden pain ran between my legs, all the way up my body, making me tense even harder than before. Suddenly I couldn't breathe, but it was over in an instant, leaving in its place and incredible sensation of fullness that I had never experienced before.

I couldn't move my body, not even to breathe, and suddenly my mind filled with the idea that I was going to die like that.

But I wasn't completely still. My fingers, still inside me, were moving furiously, dancing in a frenzy that I had never imagined.

I don't know how long I laid like that, half undressed, unable to breathe and completely blind to my surroundings. It might have been an hour or just a few seconds, but suddenly I gasped in shock as something exploded inside me without warning.

Terrified of what it might be, I tried to fight it, but there was no way to stop it.

Waves of pleasure washed over my body and my mind, making my body tingle in ways I never even thought possible.

I was drowning in it, gasping for air that simply wasn't there. Unable to do anything, I simply surrendered into it, hoping to survive long enough for it to end.

Because it had to end, despite how good it felt. Otherwise, I was sure I would go mad, or die, or maybe even both.

My lungs were burning for air and my skin felt on fire. My mind was under a constant onslaught of pleasure, something so powerful that it was slowly driving me mad.

And then, just as I realized I couldn't take it anymore, it started to fade away, ever so slowly.

I managed to take one short, broken gasp of air, and then another. Finally, my body started to loosen up until I could finally move and I collapsed onto the ground, pulling my hand from between my legs before letting it fall to my side.

When I managed to open my eyes, the sky above me was blindingly bright. I was trembling in exhaustion, and my mind was still a confused mess.

I was filled with fear and excitement. Terrified of what I had done to myself, and wanting more at the same time.


Suddenly I pushed myself up, raising my head as I looked around, but luckily I was still alone.

My body felt heavy and sluggish, I was covered in sweat and my hand felt sticky and suddenly a little gross.

A moment later I heard my mother's voice calling me from the house.

“I am coming!” I managed to say, my voice broken and filled with fear.

There was no doubt in my mind that what I had done was wrong, and I couldn't let anyone know about it.

Filled with a sudden terror, I rolled over and I managed to stand up on two wobbly legs.

Before I realized what I was doing, I pulled my top down, rearranging it as best as I could before I did the same with my shorts.

And then it finally hit me.

Almost fearfully, I raised my hand and smelled it. The smell was hard to describe, as it was many things at the same time. To me it smelled sweet and tangy, both overpowering and delicate. I could smell piss and also that musky scent I had after sweating a lot.

Suddenly I felt the urge to wash my hands, to take a long hot shower. There was no way my parents wouldn't notice the smell. They would know what I had done. I was sure of it and I started panicking.

Trembling in fear, I took off running towards my house, almost stumbling on some roots as I ducked under a tree branch. I caught myself just in time before I fell, and without stopping I continued running, going to the front door instead of the back as I desperately tried to avoid my parents.

A minute later I was out of breath and trembling in exhaustion. I closed the door to my room and slid onto the floor after locking it.

I had no idea what I had just done, and worst of all, I was too terrified to ask anyone about it.

No one could know, I told myself as I ran into my bathroom. I washed my hands with the diligence of a surgeon, and then I stripped of all my clothes until I was naked.

I wanted to take a shower, but I stopped myself, thinking that it would look too suspicious.

Instead, I grabbed a towel and I dried myself between my legs as best I could.

My pussy was still very sensitive, and the sensation of the rough, dry fabric was far from pleasant, but I scrubbed myself dry regardless and then I stood in front of the mirror.

As I looked at myself, I thought I could still smell it, but there was no more time.

I told myself I was going to be okay. I grabbed some new clothes and I dressed as fast as I could, giving myself a few puffs of perfume before I opened the door and ran down to the backyard.

“Hey honey! We thought you were outside!” my mother said as she saw me opening the patio door.

“I was… I… I fell on a patch of mud and I had to change.” I lied as I felt my face turning a bright shade of red.

I was sure my mother would see right through my lie, as she usually did, but this time I was lucky.

“Did you hurt yourself?” she asked me a moment later, her voice filled with concern.

Too terrified my voice would break, I shook my head furiously to both sides as I took a seat by the table.

My dad dropped a burger onto my plate, and before they had another chance to ask me any more questions, I shoved it into my face and started eating.

As I ate, I closed my eyes and tried to forget what I had done, but it was impossible. It just kept coming back to me no matter how hard I tried. My legs felt weak, and my stomach was turning inside of me, but at least I managed not to puke.

I was still oblivious to the talk my parents had, to what awaited me in just a few minutes. If I hadn't been so distracted, I may have noticed my parents looking at each other over the table, or my mom's worried tone as she talked to my dad.

But I didn't. I simply wasn't really there.

Then, as the fear started to fade away I was left with only the excitement that still filled me. Suddenly It didn't feel to wrong anymore. Suddenly I wanted more, and the idea of running upstairs into my room and undressing filled my mind.

I needed more, and as I dug into my second burger, I began to feel a tingling sensation growing between my legs.

The summer was beginning to sound even more promising than before, and I couldn't stop myself from smiling as my face turned red once more.

Then I finally noticed the silence around me, and I looked at my dad.

He was smiling warmly, and as he took my hand into his, he finally told me everything.


"Well, well, look who it is. The school slut!" Natalie said as Brenda and Louise laughed with her.

Knowing all too well that answering would only make it worse, I looked down at the floor and I headed towards my desk at the back of the classroom, as far away from them as I could.

There was no point in denying it.

She already knew it wasn't true, but it didn't matter. It gave her something to hurt me, and the more she repeated it, the more people believed her.

"I bet you she was under the bleachers during last night's game giving blowjobs." Brenda said a moment later.

I felt my skin crawling in revulsion, but I remained silent.

They were good at hurting me, and everything I said would only make it worse. I gritted my teeth and I sat down, hanging my backpack from my chair.

"She must like it so much, 'cause she is a slut!" Louise added, not wanting to be left behind, and all three laughed again.

"Excuse me, is there a problem?" someone asked in a firm and slightly angry, male voice.

When I looked up, there was a man standing by the door, holding a brown leather bag. He was looking at the three of them with a puzzled look in his face.

"What do you care?" Brenda said, her voice full of disdain.

But behind her, Natalie and Louise looked at him in fear before they sat down in their places without uttering a word.

"Me?" the man said calmly, sliding his bag onto the front desk. "I am your new teacher, miss... what is your name again?"

Brenda's face turned a deadly white color as she sat down and started looking at the blackboard.

"Brenda..." she whispered as she sunk into her seat.

"Brenda, I am Mr. Grantt. Come to the front, now." he said, his voice cool and collected.

Brenda obeyed instantly, jumping from her seat and walking towards the front of the class while looking at the floor. Once there, she stood next to the desk, looking at the floor.

"You were talking with two other girls, am I right?" Mr. Grantt asked a moment later, and Brenda nodded silently.

"They were calling a fellow student a... what was the word you used?" he asked her.

Brenda stood silent as her face went slowly from white to red.

"Miss Brenda, I asked you a question?" Mr. Grantt asked again.

He didn't sound angry. If anything, he looked bemused by the situation.

Not far from me, Natalie and Louise were looking at Brenda with pure hatred in their eyes, as they already knew where this was going.

"Ahhh.... slut..." Brenda managed a second later.

"I am sorry, a little louder please." he asked her a moment later as he crossed his arms in front of his chest.

"Slu... Slut..." Brenda finally stuttered as a few girls and most of the boys in the class started laughing at her.

"Ahhh, that is what I thought I heard." he said a moment later, sounding disappointed.

Mr. Grantt looked around the room for a moment, looking at each of us, until he finally moved in front of Brenda and he pulled her face up.

"And, final question, and I don't want you to lie to me, ok? Who were the other two?" he asked her.

With her legs shaking and her face more purple than red, Brenda licked her lips and she looked at Natalie, who shook her head desperately, but it was useless.

"Natalie and Louise, sir." Brenda finally said as she swallowed nervously.

"Fucking rat!" Louise screamed a second later, but Natalie was smarter than that, and she remained quiet.

"Natalie and Louise, please join Brenda in the front." he said as he went to his desk and he pulled out a pink sheet of piece of paper.

Both complied more or less silently, though Natalie looked at me as she walked towards the front, her eyes glowering with hatred towards me, even though I had nothing to do with all of it.

A few minutes passed as Mr. Grantt wrote in silence.

No one dared to move, and on the front, the three of them waited. Brenda was fidgeting with her shirt as she looked at the floor, her face pale. Louise was fuming though, but Natalie just stood there, looking at us as if nothing were happening.

Then Mr. Grantt finished writing and he stood up. He looked at us and then he smiled.

"I imagine you can wait a few minutes for me to get back, right?" he asked as he laughed lightheartedly.

Without waiting for an answer, he pulled the door open and he led the three of them out as Brenda started crying.

The door closed behind them and the classroom remained silent. Besides a few people looking around, nobody moved for the whole five minutes it took him to get back, this time, alone.

"Well, that's done." He said as he went toward the backboard.

"My name is Mr. Grantt, but you can call me James if you want to." he said as he wrote his name in big cursive letters.

"I am, of course, your new history teacher, but... before you all start groaning about how awful history is, let me tell you how I like to teach my class, okay?" he said as he paused a few seconds.

A few heads nodded, more in curiosity than anything else.

"Instead of teaching history, I teach stories, and, modesty aside, I think I am a pretty good story teller. I won't ask you to memorize dates or names of people you won't remember the moment you finish your exams, but I will ask you to know what happened and how it affected the people that lived them. I want you to know how we got here, because the way I see it, history is one long, big story, and you are part of it."

As he spoke he started walking around the classroom, looking towards each of us until he got to the end and he looked into my eyes.

"History, I think, has a pretty bad reputation, right? But who here likes stories?" He asked, still looking at me.

One at a time, the whole classroom raised his hand until the only one left was me.

It wasn't that I didn't want to raise my hand, I was just frozen in place under his gaze.

Then he looked at me with a mixture of amusement and surprise, and I finally managed to raise my hand.

"Thats better, Emily." he said with a smile.

I gasped in surprise, wondering how he knew my name, but a moment later he turned around and then returned to the front, leaving me speechless.

"Okay, time to start, right?" he asked us. "Today we are going to start with the civil war, a little bit forward in time to what you saw last year, I think, but something that divided our country and in some ways, still does. I think it's a good place to start, don't you think?"


And with that he sat on his desk and he started talking. Like everybody else I sat silently, listening to his every word, suddenly enthralled.


When the bell rang, half the class groaned in annoyance, me included. I didn't want it to stop, but it was the last class of the day and it was time to go.

Far from being annoyed, Mr. Grantt looked at the clock and laughed.

"Well, time does fly. We will continue next time, don't you worry." he said laughingly. "But I am glad to see you enjoyed it so far."

A few people laughed nervously, maybe thinking that they weren't supposed to enjoy school, and much less history, but most just packed up their things and one by one they left.

I did the same, but slowly, waiting for everyone else to leave.

Finally, when we were alone, I grabbed my backpack and I walked up towards Mr. Grantt, who was looking at some notes.

"Mr. Grantt. I wanted to thank you..." I managed to say before I felt a knot forming in my throat.

"Well, you are welcome, Emily, but I didn't do anything special." he said as he looked up at me.

"Well, Natalie..." I started before he raised a hand to stop me.

"Don't worry about them, I arranged for them to be transferred to another class, and they will get detention for a while." he said as he smiled in satisfaction.

I nodded silently, to afraid to speak.

Silence fell between us, but I felt comfortable in it, and so did he. He simply looked at me with a warm smile on his face until I felt myself blushing.

Forcing my eyes towards the floor, I cleared my throat and I bit my lower lip.

"Thanks... for helping me... you are the first one... to... to do anything..." I managed to stammer.

Blushing even harder I looked up into his eyes, afraid he would laugh at me, but he was shaking his head while he smiled sadly.

"I am sorry others didn't, but don't worry anymore, please." he said in a fatherly voice.

I felt my legs grow weaker as I heard him, and then I started trembling.

I was about to start crying, and I didn't want him to see me like that, so once again I looked down at my shoes, nodded quickly and then I headed towards the door.

Once I was in front of the door, though, I stopped and turned around.

"It's a lie, you know." I managed to say just before my voice cracked.

Mr. Grantt looked at me from his desk waiting for me to continue, but I couldn't.

"What is?" he asked me moment later.

Swallowing nervously, I closed my eyes and I took a couple of deep breaths. It made me feel a little better, but I was still trembling.

"What they said..." I managed to say, my voice finally cracking. "I am not a... slut."

Mr. Grantt took a deep breath, and then he got up. Before I knew it he was standing next to me, and his hands were resting on my shoulders.

I was incredibly ashamed of him seeing me like that, trembling and with my voice cracking, and soon I felt a couple of tears running down my face.

"I know." he said before he hugged me. 

He must have been more than two heads taller than me, and as I buried my face into his chest I simply let go. I cried long and hard, rereleasing all the anger and the anxiety that I had been holding inside of me for far too long.

Mr. Grantt simply hugged me, rubbing his hands over my back as I sobbed.

"There was a party... I was new and didn't knew anyone yet... and... a senior.. he gave me a beer, and... we started talking... he... he told me I was pretty, that he... liked me... I believed him, I was so stupid..."

Once I started I simply couldn't stop, and I told him everything in between sobs, as I cried harder and harder.

"He took me upstairs... and then I realized he just.... he just wanted to... I told him no and then I ran away crying, feeling... betrayed... I thought I was safe... terrified, but... safe... nothing had happened... the next day, at school, I... Natalie started spreading the rumor that I had... given him a blowjob... it wasn't true, but everybody believed her... and... "

Once it was finally out, I felt exhausted. I simply collapsed into him as he held me tight against his chest.

"Shhh.... it's okay." he said as he patted my head.

"I am not a slut..." I mumbled once more, as if to remind myself. "I am still a virgin..."

Mr. Grantt looked at me once more, before shaking his head.

"It's not a race, you know?" he said as he gave me another hug.

"I am sorry." I babbled as I realized his shirt was now soaking wet and snot was running down my face.

Without letting me go, he pulled a handkerchief from his back pocket and he offered it to me.

I cleaned myself as best as I could, and then he closed the door. Taking my hand, he led me towards his desk, making me sit in his chair.

Then he kneeled in front of me, taking my hand in his and resting them both on my knee.

"Did you tell anyone at school this?" he asked me a moment later, his voice filled with concern.

Unable to speak, I shook my head, but it wasn't true.

"I tried talking to the counselor, but... he didn't... he didn't believe me, he told me..." I stammered as best as I could.

"Yeah, I can imagine what he said." he told me as he rubbed my back with his free hand.

"This will pass, Emily, everything is going to be okay. It will soon be over, believe me." he said as he looked into my eyes. "Being a teenager is not easy, I have been through it, but it does get better."

"And you can come and talk to me anytime you want, okay?" he said a moment later, squeezing my hand gently.

It took a moment for the knot in my throat to loosen up enough for me to talk, and even then it was really hard.

"Thank you, Mr. Grantt." I managed to say.

"Call me James, okay?" he said laughing softly.

I nodded eagerly, and then I tried once more to clean the mess on my face.

Then, without warning, he leaned forwards and the hugged me once more, pressing his body against me.

Trying to calm down, I took a deep breath and then another.

His deodorant smelled of chocolate, and beneath it was the smell of his body. He felt hot and strong, like a rock that had been under the sun all day, and for the first time in a long time I felt safe and happy.

But a moment later he pulled back, holding both my hands while he looked into my eyes.

"Better?" he asked me, his voice full of concern.

Once more, I nodded eagerly, and it was true. I felt better, as if a huge weight had been lifted now that I had finally told someone what had happened.

With his help, I managed to stand up, though my legs still felt weak and wobbly.

Feeling a little embarrassed, I looked at his shirt and his handkerchief and I offered it back to him.

"Don't worry about it." he said offhandedly. "I can change my shirt, and you keep that, you need it more than me."

"Thanks" was all I managed to say.

Swallowing nervously, I looked up at him and then I hugged him.

I wrapped my arms around his torso, enjoying the warmth of his body once. It lasted only a few seconds, but it was enough. I rereleased him and then I headed for the door, before I could embarrass myself once more.

Once outside his classroom, I took a deep breath and I smiled deeply to myself.

Before leaving school, though, I went into the bathroom and I washed my face. I didn't want my mom to see me like this.


My mom was supposed to pick me up by three, but she was usually late.

I wasn't worried when she didn't, but as time went on I started to become worried. She wasn't picking up her phone, which meant that she was too busy at work and that I was on my own.

It was raining so hard though, that walking home was not an option, and even if I took the bus I would also get wet.

I did try to get out to the bus stop, though, but by the time I made it to the parking lot I was soaked through, so I headed back.

Depressed and feeling a little angry at my mom, I sat down by the front entrance as I waited for the rain to stop, or my mom to appear, and neither of those was looking very likely.

But someone did stop.

A dark grey pickup truck stopped in front of the school, and a moment later the passenger side window rolled down.

"Emily?" Mr. Grantt asked. "What are you doing there?"

Of all the teachers in the school, it had to be him, obviously.

Suddenly I felt ashamed, though I didn't know exactly why. Meanwhile, Mr. Grantt opened the door of his truck and he motioned for me to come.

I hesitated for a moment, but it was getting late and I was cold.

Grabbing my backpack, I ran the distance between the front door roof and his truck, getting wet all over again, and I jumped up into his truck, closing the door behind me.

Once inside I realize I was dripping all over his leather seats, and I started to apologize before he stopped me with an intoxicating smile that made me blush.

"Relax, it's just water." he said as he looked at me. "Did your mom forget to pick you up?"

I nodded sadly, not wanting to admit that it was like this most days. Instead I looked around the truck, trying to distract myself.

It was huge inside, and the seat was so high that my feet didn't reach the floor, making me feel like a little girl.

Then I caught my reflection in the window and I realized that my white shirt, now soaking wet, was completely transparent and I could see my bra underneath.

"Ohhh..." I managed to say as I felt my face burning in shame.

Mr. Grantt must have noticed it too, as I saw him looking at my breasts a second later. Instantly, my arms shot up to cover myself, though truth be told my breasts were still so small that the bra wasn't even necessary.

"Wait... I have..." he said to me a moment later as he twisted himself towards the back seats.

"Here, you can put this on." he said as he handed me the same shirt he had been wearing during class.

Then he simply looked ahead and he started driving.

Desperate to cover myself, I pulled the shirt over me as fast as I could. It was huge, and it still had his smell. Taking a deep breath I filled myself with it, feeling a little light headed.

"So, where to?" he asked me a moment later as I clipped on my seatbelt.

"What?" I asked him, before I realized what he meant and I told him where I lived.

Nodding silently, he turned the truck around and we headed in the direction of my apartment.

It felt strange to be with him. It was raining so hard that it was almost impossible to see anything outside, and I felt as if the two of us were suddenly alone in the whole city.

"So, where are you from?" he asked me a moment later, probably trying to break the silence.

I told him we had moved from LA and into town a few months ago, and he told me he had done the same, though he was from a small town near Washington, on the other side of the country.

Soon we were talking comfortably, and when he asked me about my family, I told him the truth.

We had moved to LA when my dad got a promotion, even though I didn't want to. It hadn't been easy, and my parents started to fight all the time once we moved. A couple of months after that, he simply left us.

Alone and unable to pay the rent, my mom had no choice but to move us again. The rent was cheaper here, she said, though jobs were hard to come by. After looking for a one, the only thing she found was a double shift at a diner.

She didn't make much money, but it was enough to cover the rent and food, though I had to drop ballet, something that I missed terribly. I had tried to practice on my own at home, but the apartment was just too small, and whenever I tried I always ended up breaking something.

But it wasn't the only thing I missed. My old house where I grew up, my old friends, my dad... the life I had before we moved to LA had simply disappeared, and it was something I missed terribly.

My mom was the eternal optimist, and she always told me that things would get better, we just had to wait, but I wasn't like that.

It was then that I realized that I had been monologuing for several minutes.

"Sorry." I said a moment later, but he simply shook his head.

"I like to listen, it's not problem." he answered.

But as he did, he kept looking towards me, making me feel self-conscious about myself.

He was handsome, tall, and confident. His voice deep and he always had that infectious smile that made me blush constantly.

Meanwhile, I was too short, even for my age, my clothes felt childish and my braces ugly. He was a man, and I was still a little girl.

The more I thought about it, the more uncomfortable I felt, but luckily we were nearing our apartment and I prayed for it to be over.

Peering through the pouring rain, Mr. Grantt stopped in front of my apartment building and he looked at the number.

"It's this one, right?" he asked me.

Unable to speak, I nodded quietly while I looked at my dripping shoes.

Silence suddenly fell around us as he turned off the engine. Turning towards me, he looked at me for a few moments before spoke.

"Is everything okay?" he asked me.

There were so many things running through my mind that I didn't realize what I said until it was out.

"I really like your hair and your beard." I told him.

The moment I realized what I had said my heart skipped a beat and I froze in panic, my eyes glued to his and unable to look away.

I must have caught him by surprise, because he stood still for a moment, probably just as surprised as I was, and then he simply smiled.

"I like your eyes. That blue goes very well with your blond hair." he said. "And I like your smile, too, though you should do it more often."

Unable to speak, I simply stood still, my mouth hanging open in disbelief.

"My braces... " I stammered before I managed to close my mouth.

"What about them?" he asked me a moment later." They look good on you. I had them too, when I was younger."

Swallowing nervously I nodded quickly, and I grabbed the door handle, trying to escape the situation like the coward I was.

I pushed the door open as fast as I could and then I looked at him once more.

"Thank you, Mr. Grantt..." I said as quickly as I could.

He looked back at me, this time disappointed, before I realized my mistake.

"James... sorry." I mumbled.

"That's better. And don't worry." he said smiling once more. "See you next week."

Before I could embarrass myself further I ran way, slamming the door closed behind me and running into the apartment as fast as I could.


A minute later I was inside, and as I closed the door, I fell back, resting my back against it.

"He said he liked my eyes." I said out loud.

Closing my eyes, I felt my body shivering in lust, something that I hadn't felt since that first time, before we moved.

Dropping my backpack, I closed the door and I made sure my mom wasn't home.

It wasn't rare for her to be so tired that she forgot me at school and instead went home to sleep, but she wasn't in her room or in the living room.

Finally satisfied that I was alone, I ran into my small bedroom and I slammed the door shut.

I had a full length mirror on the door of my closet, and as I stood in front of it, I looked at myself.

I was still wearing his shirt, though it was so long that it looked like a dress on me. I quickly took it off, before I folded it carefully and I placed it over my bed.

Then I looked once more at myself.

I could see my bra under my shirt, my hair was a mess and my makeup, what little my mom allowed me to used, was also a mess, either from the rain or from crying.

But somehow, neither of those things mattered.

"He liked me eyes... and my hair..." I said out loud again.

Then I pulled my lips apart, looking at my brackets, and I blushed once more. He liked those too.

Giggling like a small child, I pirouetted in front of the mirror, standing on the tip of my toes as I used to do in ballet, and then I stopped.

With trembling hands I started undressing myself, throwing my soaking wet clothes onto the floor, until I was completely naked in front of the mirror.

What I saw was a child's body, and I hated that.

My breasts were too small, I thought. Two mounds of flesh with small, pink colored nipples on them. I had no hips, and my ass was too thin.

Then I pulled my legs apart and I looked at my pussy. There was a soft, peachy fuzz above it, a small source of pride for me as it was pubic hair after all. But more importantly, I could see my lips spreading open ever so slightly in arousal.

Still trembling, I brought one of my hands towards it. Running a finger in between my lips I was surprised at how wet I was. Shivering at my own touch, I swallowed nervously and I looked at my bed.

Without thinking I jumped up into it before I grabbed a thick, black marker I had in my beside table. It was long dry, but it didn't matter. The cap was rounded smooth, and with practiced ease I laid on my back, my legs spread open and I started moving the marker between my pussy lips.

This time though, it wasn't a marker in my mind, but James's fingers touching me softly.

The idea was both incredibly ridiculous and existing at the same time, and it was then that I remember his shirt, still lying on the bed.

Stretching myself, I grabbed and I buried my face in it before I took a deep breath, filling myself with his smell.

My whole body was tingling in anticipation, and after laying his shirt over my face, I started playing with myself, using my fingers and the marker with practiced ease.

My pussy, dripping wet by then, felt hot and sticky, and I couldn't stop myself any longer.

Twisting my arm under my own ass, I pushed the marker inside of me, slowly at first as I got used to the sensation, and once I was comfortable, I started pumping it slowly, imagining James's finger moving inside of me.

It usually took a while for me to cum, but this time was different.

My arousal grew faster and faster, until suddenly I couldn't take it anymore and I screamed loudly into the air.

I was cumming, and my whole body was convulsing as I flopped on the bed. The sensation was so strong that it was hard for me to breathe, but it didn't matter.

I kept moving the marker inside of me as long as I could, until even that became imposible, and then I collapsed on the bed, panting and out of breath.

Then I finally crashed and all my strength finally left me. I felt weak and disoriented, still out of breath, and with my whole body burning from within.

It took me a few minutes to recover, and when I did I moved slowly and carefully pulling the marker out of my now sensitive pussy.

Pushing my head up, I looked at my hands. They were sticky with my juices, much more so than ever before, and it was then that I realized the wet spot under my ass.

Jumping from the bed I looked at it with wonder and fear, unable to believe that I had done that.

Then I saw myself in the mirror again and I turned around towards it.

My nipples were hard, standing proudly in front of my now puffy breasts. Between my legs, my pussy glistened under the lights in my room, something that filled me with a strange sense of pride.

"He liked me eyes... and my hair..." I said out loud once more.


Before my mom could get home, I pushed everything that I could fit into the washing machine. My bedclothes, James's shirt and his handkerchief, my underwear and my clothes, they all needed to get washed.

Once they were clean, they went into the drier and then into my room again.

I made my bed again, changed my clothes, cleaned my pen and then I folded James's shirt, sad that it now smelled of soap. I stashed them in my backpack, hoping to give them to him on Monday.

I didn't have his class on Monday, but I had decided that I was going to see him anyway.

Suddenly it was the only thing I could think of, and the weekend went by at a snails pace, until it was finally Sunday night, and I went to sleep smiling, knowing that I was going to see him the next morning.


Unfortunately for me, I got to school late, and I didn't have a chance to see James before my classes started. Instead I had to wait until lunch, hoping that he would be in his classroom.

I stood outside for a full minute, thinking about what I was going to say, but my mind was just filled with noise and I couldn't think of anything good.

Finally, unable to wait any longer, I knocked twice and then I entered.

He was sitting behind his desk, a pile of paper covering everything, and when I entered he looked at me, his face a mixture of surprise and happiness.

"Emily! How are you?" he asked me with a warm smile in his face.

Blushing, I looked at the floor as I didn't know what to say, but instead I moved in and I closed the door behind me.

"I brought you this..." I told him as I pulled his shirt from my backpack. "I washed it..."

Smiling, he took it from me, his hand brushing mine for just an instant, but long enough for my whole body to start tingling.

"Thank you, Emily." he said as he placed his shirt in a drawer. "How was your weekend?"

"Ahhhh, boring... I don't have many friends, and there is not much to do when it's raining all day long..." I answered as I started fidgeting with my shirt.

I was wearing short and long sleeved flowery shirt, a combination that had taken me almost an hour to choose. Conscious of his gaze, I tried to show it to him without being too obvious.

"Nice shirt, it looks good on you." he said a moment later.

Blushing I thanked him and then we looked at each other in silence.

It was him who spoke first, giving me a suspicious look.

"Shouldn't you be grabbing lunch?" he asked me.

I nodded at first, and then I shook my head.

"I... don't have many friends, and I am not really hungry... sooo..." I said, feeling my face blush. "Besides its pizza day... or cardboard and cheese day, depends on what you call pizza."

"Ahhhh, yes... I haven't tried the pizza here yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if it were really made out of cardboard." he said laughing.

"I... I wondered if I could stay here?" I finally managed to say.

"I won't bother you, it's just... it's quiet, and no one will bother me here. I can do some homework...." I added a second later.

I was afraid he was going to say no, but instead he simply nodded, pointing at the other side of his desk.

"Sure, grab a chair and sit down. We can talk if you want to, I don't mind." he said.

As my heart soared inside of me, I grabbed a chair and I dragged it towards his desk. I still had about 20 minutes before the end of lunch, I told myself as I sat down and I took out my books.

But before I could even start, James looked up and he pointed a finger at me.

"Wait, I never asked." he said suddenly serious. "What did you think of my class?"

And with that we started talking of his class first, and then of other teacher's classes and how good or bad they were, until those 20 minutes flew by.

The bell rang and with it I felt my heart being crushed.

"Dang... time flies when you are having fun." he said as he smiled at me.

He started picking up all his papers, and reluctantly I did the same, but then he stopped.

"Same time tomorrow?" he said, almost off handedly. "We can have a chat, or have lunch together if you want to."

"Yeah, sure... I would love that..." I managed to say before he told me go.

His first students were starting to come in, and though I didn't want to, I looked back one last time towards him and then I headed for my class.


From then on, every day became the same. I came in as early as I could just to say hi to him, then spent the first half of the day thinking of him until lunch time, then we had 30 minutes together, where we talked about everything and nothing at the same time, and then the second half of the day would drag on forever as I waited for the day to be over.

James used to stay a little while longer than others, just grading papers and when I found out, I made it my duty to find and excuse to stay that time with him.

Days turned to weeks, and I could think of nothing else than being with him. And the days when my mom forgot to pick me up were actually a reason to get happy, as I would get a ride home with him.

It was one of those days when he gave me a nick name. I was about to get off the car, when he looked at me and he called me little bird.

I blushed, not really sure what he meant, and he told me it would be his nick name for me. A secret one he added. I nodded eagerly, my body tingling as I repapered the words inside my head.

My desire to be with him soon became overwhelming, and I started masturbating much more often. Sometimes every day, after I came home, and others at night too. And always with him in my mind.

In my fantasies, James was always hard and controlling, a far cry from the gentle man I knew, but the idea was strangely arousing to me in a way I couldn't explain. In them he would command and I would obey, without question, forcing me to serve him.

One day, while I played with myself, the idea of him asking for a blowjob came to my mind, and afraid I wouldn't know how to give one, I decided to learn.

The trip to the infirmary to get some condoms was pure torture, but under the excuse of feeling sick, I managed to grab a handful before the nursed noticed and then I ran away.

That night, I stole a banana from the kitchen, and after looking for a video on how to give a blowjob, I started practicing.

It was pathetic at first, as I could barely get an inch inside my mouth before I started gagging, but as I practiced I managed to get it all the way to the back of my mouth, and as I blushed in pride, I started practicing on what to do once I had it in my mouth.

Weeks turned into a month and I was always exited to see him. The rest of the day, though dragged on and sometimes I had trouble concentrating on other classes.

When my first report card came in, he asked to see it, just out of curiosity he said, but I didn't want to.

I couldn't say no to him, though, and when he saw it, his face filled with disappointment.

"I'm... surprised, Emily... you are very smart girl, I don't understand." he said a moment later.

It hurt to see him disappointed in me, but he was right.

I somewhat expected him to put an end to our times together, as it was obvious that I was spending too much time with him, but instead he looked at me. He was silent for a minute as I cowered under his gaze, and then he gave me my card back.

"I am still disappointed, but... maybe I can help you." he said.

Looking at him with confusion I nodded, not really knowing what he meant.

"I like spending time with you, but not if it means you will repeat the grade, so instead, I can help you with you other classes." he said.

A new hope blossomed inside of me as I realized what it would mean, and I accepted his offer with a hug.

It would probably mean even more time with him, I told myself, and the idea filled me with excitement.

And so, the very next day, when I entered his classroom, I saw my chair right next to his, and I had to fight hard to keep from jumping up and down in excitement.

"Ready to start?" James asked me as he patted my chair. "I think we should start with math..."

Math was the last thing on my mind, but if it meant spending more time with him, math it would be.

With that I sat down and I started a new routine, in which I would spend my lunches and a little bit more time after school with him, going over the classes of the day, what I had missed and doing my homework with him.

We would always sit side by side, and as he explained something to me I would lean over him, smelling his perfume and feeling the warmth coming off his body. Sometimes he would rest his hand on my thigh, making me tremble, and others he would massage my shoulders while I worked on something hard.

It was becoming incredibly difficult to wait until I got home to masturbate, though, and sometimes I just wanted nothing more than to do it in front of him, despite how crazy it sounded.

As for my grades, it's not as if I really needed the help, I just couldn't concentrate when I was away from him, so just as quickly as my grades had plummeted to the ground, they rose up again.


He congratulated me often, which filled me with pride, but at the same time there was something looming on the horizon that was filling me with dread.

Spring break was coming, and that would mean I would be away from him for a whole week, and the idea filled me with dread.


Just a few days before spring break I arrived at his classroom, but this time he was leaning against his desk, wearing a mischievous smile that made me stop by the door.

"What?" I asked him as I tried to think what it might be.

"Come in, and close the door. Otherwise I won't tell..." he said as he crossed his arms in front of his chest.

Despite the nervous feeling that suddenly came to me, I did as told, and I closed the door behind me before I moved towards him.

I dropped my backpack on the floor by the desk and then I waited.

"I just spoke with Ms. Johnson, she gave me your test result." he said

Ms. Johnson was my math teacher, and the test he was talking about happened last week. I had no idea how I had done in it, but judging by his face it couldn't have been that bad.

Feeling even more nervous than before, I waited for him to tell me, but he just stood there, grinning mischievously as I felt my stomach turning inside of me.

Finally, when I couldn't wait any longer, I had to ask.

"Tell me!" I ordered him as I punched him lightly in his arm.

"Ouch!" he said, even though to me it had felt like punching a wall.

"Okay, I give up, no more, please!" he said mockingly. "You got an A... not bad, though I will claim at least a third of that as my own."

Wearing a wide grin on my face, I launched myself forwards and I hugged him. My arms were barely able to make it around his torso, but it didn't matter, it was just another excuse to feel him against me.

"And... and... since you did so well, I have a present for you." he told me a moment later.

Taking a step back I looked back at him, my mind racing at all the possibilities. For a moment I imagined him kissing me in my lips and I felt my legs growing weaker, but I tried to push the idea away before I embarrassed myself in front of him again.

"You have to close your eyes first, and no cheating." he told me a moment later as he took a step towards me.

There was no way he was going to kiss me I told myself over and over, but even then I had my doubts.

Then I felt his hands on my shoulders and he turned me around, until he was standing behind me.

"No peeking." he said.

A moment later I felt something cold wrapping around my neck. I gasped in shock at the feeling, more in surprise than anything else, and a moment later his hands moved behind my neck before finally releasing me.

"You can look." he said.

I opened my eyes and looked down at the necklace that now hung from my neck.

Wrapping around my neck was a thin silver chain that had a small silver cage hanging in the middle, and inside of it there was a tiny gold bird.

Unable to speak, I looked into his eyes as joy flooded my mind. Then I stood on the tip of my toes and I stretched as much as I could, until finally I was able to give him a kiss on his cheek.

"Thank you." I said, my voice barely a whisper. "It's lovely."

"I am glad you like it, I saw it and I thought of you, and no better reason to gift it to you than to celebrate, right?" he said as he handed me a small velvet covered box. "So you can keep it safe."

Unable to speak I grabbed my new necklace and I looked at it once more, marveling at the little carved feather on the bird and how small it was.

"So, what are you going to do during spring break?" he finally asked me.

And with that the spell was broken and all the grief I had been feeling about it came rushing back.

"Nothing..." I said as I tried not to let my sadness show. "I am staying home."

"Ah, that's okay, me too." he said offhandedly, almost as if he had realized his mistake and he wanted to change the subject.

The rest of our lunch break flew by as we talked about movies, and once it was time to leave I realized that I had only two days left before spring break.


That night, after diner, I went into my room and I locked the door behind me.

My mom wasn't home yet, and wouldn't for a few more hours, but I still moved silently and carefully.

The necklace had been too precious to keep on all day long, and besides my mom would get suspicious if she saw it. Reluctantly, I had taken it off before I got home and I placed it in its box.

Now that I was alone, I grabbed the box from my backpack and I looked at it under my bedside lamp. It shone delicately, the metal smooth and cool under my touch, and I was able to put it on again.

Almost reverently, I pulled it off the box and I closed the chain behind my neck, placing the little cage with the bird inside just under my neck.

It looked beautiful, and as I remembered his hands putting it on me for the first time, I started taking off my clothes until I was totally naked.

Then I turned all the lights off except for the one on my bedside table, and I moved in front of the mirror to look at myself.

"I am his little bird..." I whispered, too afraid to say it out loud.

"James's little bird...." I whispered a moment later.


That night I played with myself again, thinking of him. In my mind, his hands roamed all over my body, playing with my breasts and my pussy. It didn't take me long to cum, and as I laid in my bed, exhausted but with a feeling of deep satisfaction, I pulled the covers over my still naked body and I fell asleep thinking of him.


Friday finally came, and I was terrified as I hadn't been able to think of anything.

The first half of the day dragged on slower than ever as I imagined what it would feel to not see him for a whole week, and then when lunch finally came, I was suddenly too scared to see him.

Instead, I hid in the bathroom, watching the time pass until it was time to return to class.

My last class of the day, though, was with him, and I couldn't avoid him there.

I entered the classroom almost late, trying to ignore him as he gave me a worried look, but he never treated me differently during class anyway, as it would be too obvious.

Instead, he gave his class as normal, almost ignoring me as we all listened to him talking about a famous battle or a long gone general.

Soon though, the bell rang for the last time and spring break had arrived.

"Okay, that's it." James said from the front of the classroom. "Happy spring break everybody, try not to get arrested."

Half of the class laughed at his joke and the other half was already out, desperate to taste freedom.

But I remained behind, afraid to leave.

James came to my desk once we were alone, looking worriedly at me, and then he sat on the desk nearest to me.

"Are you okay?" he asked me, his voice filled with concern.

No, I was depressed, but I didn't want to tell him that, it would sound childish. I didn't have too, though.

"Are you sad we won't be seeing each other next week?" he asked me a moment later.

Of course, he would know, he always knew I told myself.

Still looking at my desk, I nodded sadly, afraid that my voice would crack if I tried to speak.

"It will fly by in no time, believe me." he said a moment later, trying to make me feel better. "It's only a week."

But I simply couldn't believe that.

Instead, I closed my eyes, and I remembered what I had been thinking for the past two days, something that even when I said to myself, made me feel scared. But it was now or never.

"I wanted... I was wondering... if... maybe..." I started to say as I tried to find a way to say it.

Still sitting next to me, James simply looked at me with a patience that I felt I didn't deserve.

"If you wanted to go on a date..." I finally blurted out as my face started burning a bright shade red.

Even before finishing, I knew that it sounded ridiculous, and I was almost waiting for him to start laughing at me.

"Emily, I would love to." he said, and my heart stopped inside of me.

"But... you know... you are underage, and my student. If people saw us out together, they would call the cops on me." he said half jokingly and half seriously.

And he was right. But I had thought of that.

"At your house then, we can have diner, maybe watch a movie..." I said, my voice filled with hope.

James looked at me for a long while, his face impossible to read, and I could only imagine him saying no, but to my surprise he started smiling.

"Ahhh, I see you had a plan from the beginning..." he said as he laid his hand on my thighs.

"I don't have a TV, though, never had one. But we can make a fire outside and watch the sunset together." he said as I looked at him incredibly. "How does that sound?"

Unable to speak, I simply nodded as he got up. Taking my hand, he pulled me up too, and though I was still scared, I looked up at him and smiled.

"Tomorrow at 6:30, I will pick you up at your place, okay?" he said as he looked into my eyes.

Once more, I nodded eagerly and with that we said goodbye and I left before I could pass out from the excitement.

We had a date. James and I had a date.


By noon the next day I was so nervous I could barely think.

I hadn't slept well, spending most of the night tossing and turning nervously on my bed until I finally managed to fall asleep, feeling exhausted and nervous.

I must have managed a couple of hours of sleep before the sunlight coming into my room woke me up. I was still tired, but I knew I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep, so I pushed myself up and took a long, hot shower, trying to calm down.

My whole wardrobe was laying in my bed, and I had tried most of it at least twice, trying to find something nice to wear.

The problem was that I didn't have too many clothes that weren't childish, or just plain boring. And I didn't want to look like a child on my first date with him.

But I did have two summer dresses that I liked, one in plain yellow, and another that I liked a little more. It was black, with huge yellow and pink flowers stamped over it. It was fairly long, ending just over my knees. It had an elastic just under my breasts, to hold it in place, along with two thin strips that went over my shoulders.

It was simple and comfortable, but I like how it looked on me.

After trying it once more, I decided it was my only real option.

That, a pair of high heeled black boots, and a pair of small, heart shaped earrings was the best I could come up.

As I looked at myself in the mirror, though, I felt my mind filling up with doubt. I didn't look like a woman, I thought, I looked like a child playing dress up.

It was too late, though. By the time I had finished putting on what little make up I had, it was almost time. I pushed my fear away as best as I could and I gave myself one last look, telling myself that he would like it.

Before I could forget, I grabbed the necklace he had given me, closing it around my neck, and then I headed out.

Once outside I stopped by the door, but the adrenaline I had felt as I rushed to get ready faded away and the fear returned.

Suddenly I felt as if everybody knew what I was doing, and feeling self-conscious, I moved into a little corner by the entrance, from where I could see the street, but which gave me a little protection from prying eyes.

I didn't have to wait long, though. A few minutes later I saw James’s pickup turning around the corner and I ran down the stairs to meet him, opening the door almost before he had stopped.

"Wow!" he said as I jumped inside, and I closed the door behind me.

I felt safe inside his truck, and as I tried to catch my breath, I looked at him for the first time.

We was wearing jeans and a white shirt. His hair was combed, but his beard was still as messy as always.

"What's the rush, little bird?" he asked me as I clipped on my seat belt.

"Nothing!" I said so fast that I almost screamed it.

Unable to stop myself, I suddenly started laughing with joy at the idea of what was to come. My date with James, I said. And then I corrected myself, my first date with James.

"Well, someone is in a good mood." he said as he started driving.

"I'm... just happy." I simply said before I embarrassed myself.

"That's okay." he said looking at me for a moment. "I love your dress, by the way, you look good enough to eat."

Blushing under his gaze I grabbed the edge of my dress and I ran my hands over my thigh as I felt my stomach turning inside of me.

I was too nervous to talk, but the radio was on and a comfortable silence fell between the two of us as he drove us towards his house.

It didn't take long, and before I knew it, he was parking his truck in front of a small one story house.

It was painted white, with a small lawn in the front and a big oak tree by one side.

Once he finished parking, James gave me a warm smile and he told me to wait for him.

After getting out, he walked around the truck and he opened the door for me, giving me his hands as I jumped of his truck.

"This way." he said a moment later as he headed towards the front door.

As he opened it, I brushed my dress with my hands and I tucked my hair behind my ears, cursing myself for not tying it into a ponytail or something more practical.

Then the door was open and I moved in.

"It's not much." he told me as I looked around. "But it's a very comfortable house."

I nodded slowly as I looked around.

Small or not for a house, it was twice as big as the apartment I lived on and I couldn't help but look around in envy.

To one side was the living room, with a small couch, and as he had said, no TV. In its place was a bookshelf that covered an entire wall, filled with books.

To the other side was the kitchen and the dining room, both small, but again, they looked warm and inviting. And in front of me were a couple of closed doors, which I assumed were the bathroom and his bedroom.

Just looking at it made my legs feel weak, but a moment later James took my hand and we headed towards the kitchen.

"Well, this is a bit embarrassing. I just realized that I never asked you what you wanted to eat." He said as he looked around the kitchen for a second. "But, my idea was to make spaghetti alla carbonara. I promise it's very good, and we can make it together."

I nodded eagerly, even though I had no idea what it was.

"Awesome!" he said as he looked around the kitchen, looking for something. "Wait, I have something for you."

As I waited, I looked around his kitchen, marveling at it. It was a pretty big, very modern, but what caught my attention was the size of the stove and the oven. They must have been more than twice as big as the one back home, like the one I imagined a restaurant might have, and I wondered why he needed one so big if he lived alone.

A moment later he returned with a black apron that read "Kiss the Chef" in big white letter. He told me to put it on and then he went to the fridge as he started taking the ingredients out.

As I slipped the apron on I thought about what it said and I felt myself blushing slightly. Hoping he wouldn't notice, I tied it behind my back and I started working.

He took care of the pasta and the bacon while I scrambled the eggs, grated the cheese and seasoned it all with pepper and salt.

Once the pasta was ready, he showed me how to put it all together in the pan where he had cooked the bacon, and in a matter of a few minutes it was done.

A wonderful smell filled the kitchen as we set the table, and once it was done, we sat down to eat.

"Ohhh, wait!" he said just as I was about to grab my first bite. "I forgot the wine!"

Despite how hungry I was, I waited until he returned with a bottle of red wine and two glasses.

He poured himself one, and then a half one to me as I looked at it doubtfully.

"Don't tell anyone this, you are not supposed to drink alcohol for another... what, 4 years?" he said.

I nodded sourly, not happy with the remainder that I was still underage.

"It might be a bit too strong for you, it's a Malbec." he said a moment later. "Try it and we will see, we can add a bit of soda if you want, my dad used to do it with me when I was a kid."

I dutifully took the glass and I took a small sip. I wanted to say it was good, but it tasted awfully bitter to me, and as I twisted my face at the taste he got up again, laughing softly, only to return with a small bottle of soda.

He filled the other half of the glass with it, and told me to try it again. This time it was better, not something that I would ask for, but it didn't matter.

"You can't have spaghetti alla carbonara without wine. I am pretty sure it's in the Italian constitution." he said as I laughed.

After that I could finally start eating, and it was delicious. Hungry as I was, it was hard not to wolf down my plate as I used to do back home, but since we were talking I ate slowly, sipping from the wine from time to time, and just enjoying his company.

I felt nervous though, as I wanted to be closer to him. But I couldn't find any excuse to move my chair next to his.

Delicious as the food was, I only ate a small portion, not wanting to feel bloated afterwards.

James didn't seem worried about that though, as he not only had another big portion, but he almost finished the bottle of wine alone.

Once the food was over and I had finished my wine and he asked me if I was ready for dessert. I felt a shiver running down my back as I imagined what that might mean, but after pushing the idea away, I simply nodded.

Together we headed out the back, into the garden, as my head buzzed from the wine.

There was a big fire pit in the middle, already loaded with firewood, and just in front of it, an outdoor couch. The air was much colder than before though, and it was then that I realized that I had nothing warm to put on.

"Look." he said as he left me by the door.

He took something out of his pocket, and before I could see what it was, he threw it at the fire pit which exploded in a huge fireball, lighting up the garden as if it were a lightning before the fire died down a little.

It was still huge though, as the flames were taller than me, but I could at least get closer.

James took my hand and together we sat on the couch, though I was too afraid to sit too close to him.

It felt good to be in front of the fire, but I was still a little cold, and as I looked at James, he smiled mischievously once more and he wrapped his arm around me, pulling me closer until I was leaning against him.

"Dessert was actually ice cream, but it's a bit chilly, I think." he said a moment later. "Maybe later?"

I nodded slowly, too comfortable under his embrace to move, and I simply watched the sun setting in the distance as the fire burned.

I don't know how long we stayed like that, silently watching as the sky turned colors and the fire roared in front of us, but by the time the fire started to finally die the sky was pitch black and filled with stars.

"How are you doing, little bird?" he asked me as I nuzzled closer to him.

"A little cold." I said truthfully.

I wanted to stay like that, but the cold was starting to become uncomfortable.

James nodded silently, and together we got up from the couch, looking at the embers that were burning at the bottom of the fire pit.

"I love fire." he said a moment later. "And barbecues... well, cooking meat in general."

His eyes found mine as he said the last part, and the way he looked at me suddenly made me shiver.

Then he moved behind me and he wrapped his arms over my shoulders me, giving me much needed warmth.

"Maybe you can do some steaks next time?" I said offhandedly.

"Ohhhh, so there is going to be a next time already?" he said jokingly.

"Maybe." I answered as I tried not to laugh.

"Let's go inside." he said a moment later.

If not for the cold I would have stayed longer, but I simply nodded as he took my hand and he led me into the house.

Once inside, he looked at the time, and with a surprised look on his face, he looked at me.

"Ohhhh, shit. Its 10 pm, I better take you home." he said as stretched his back.

Suddenly a wave of fear rushed over me, as I didn't want this to end like that, but I didn't know what to do.

Panicking, I asked him where the bathroom was, and he guided me to one of the two closed doors I had seen before.

Once inside I locked the door and I sat on the toilet, trying to calm myself.

It had been a perfect date so far. I didn't want it to end like that. Tears threatened to come out, but I fought back, breathing deeply until I managed to calm down. I didn't want to ruin my makeup, or for him to hear me crying.

Instead, I turned on the water and I washed my hands, thinking about the first night after he had given me the necklace.

Running my hands over it I felt my body shivering at the only idea in my mind, and what he might think of me if I did it, but if I left now, I knew it would be over.

Swallowing nervously, I sat on the toilet and then I took off my boots, leaving them to one side.

Then I stood in front of the mirror, and after raising my arms, I took off my dress until I was only wearing my underwear, a simple white cotton set.

Suddenly I felt too childish for him, and my mind filled with doubt. I told myself that this was a stupid idea, that he would freak out and reject me. That we would not see each other anymore, but I was desperate.

Taking a deep breath, I closed off the water, and I opened the door.

James was sitting on the couch, looking at his phone, so he didn't notice me at first.

"Are you ready?" he asked me before he looked up at me.

"Wow... Emily, what are you doing?" he said, his voice filled with fear.

Terrified, I took a step towards him, and then another, moving closer and closer as he looked at me, frozen in place.

Finally, after an eternity, I stood in front of him, wearing only my underwear and the necklace he had given me. I was trembling horribly, and I could feel a knot forming in my throat from how nervous I was.

"I don't want to go." I managed to say, my voice barely a whisper.

Then I gathered my courage and I leaned forwards, kissing his lips.

It was just a peck, but I felt a jolt of electricity running through my body as our lips touched, and it left me breathless for a moment.

"Emily... I... you are too young..." he said, though I could see doubt behind his eyes.

"I am 14, I am not too young..." I said firmly a moment later.

"And I am twice your age... more, actually." he said, though he didn't sound angry when he said it, his answer felt as if he had punched me in my guts.

I wanted to touch him, to kiss him again, properly this time, but I didn't want to push my luck.

Instead, I waited as he looked at my body.

"You don't know what you are asking, what you are getting into..." he told me a moment later, licking his lips hungrily.

"I know about sex... even if I am a... if I haven't done it before." I said a moment later, regretting it almost instantly.

But it was too late. He shook his head from side to side, but I nodded.

"I do, and I have wanted to be with you for so long that... just your touch... I want..." I started before he shook his head once more.

"You have fantasies about me?" he asked me a moment later.

I nodded silently, suddenly ashamed.

Suddenly James was looking at me without fear, and as I waited, he looked at me once more.

"Tell me about them." he said, his voice a command I couldn't ignore.

"You... in them, you touch me. Here, and here." I said as I pointed at my breasts and between my legs.

"We sleep together. And make love to each other." I added as I felt my face burning up.

"Tell me more." he commanded me again. "Have you played with yourself? Thinking about me?"

I nodded slowly, unable to talk or even look at him. I was terrified, but also incredibly aroused, more than ever before.

"I will say it again, you don't know what you are getting into." he said. "But, if you promise to obey me, my commands...you have to understand I don't make love, not usually."

Without doubt I nodded once more, and he pulled his legs apart.

"Come." he ordered.

Trembling, I took a step forward, until I bumped into the couch.

"Take of your bra." was his next command.

I hesitated only for a minute, as it was the first time I would do it in front of a man, but I soon did as I was told, taking off my bra before I dropped it to the ground.

Not knowing what to do, I hung my arms at my sides, and I waited.

"You said that in your fantasies I touched you." he said. "Here"

As he said that, his right hand moved up, cupping my breast as his thumb moved in circles around my nipple.

"And here." he added.

Taking a deep breath, I tried to prepare myself, but it was impossible. A moment later his left hand moved between my legs and I jumped slightly.

Without having to be told, I pulled my legs apart, giving him more room to touch me.

"Yes...." I whispered as my body slowly burned from within.

His finger pushed harder against the fabric of my panties, until I felt my lips moving apart, and I gasped in pleasure.

"You are wet." he said as a matter of fact.

Nodding weakly, I struggled as hard as I could to stay still under his touch, all while he smiled in front of me.

"You are overdressed, my little bird." he said a moment later sending a shiver down my back.

Suddenly, both his hands reached for my hips and in one swift movement he pulled my panties down until they were on the floor. I kicked them away without hesitation, and I was finally naked in front of him.

Both his hands returned to my hips before they moved lower, onto my ass. He started kneading it, moving his hands all over it as I struggled to keep my balance, and then he simply pulled me closer to him.

"Kneel on my legs." he ordered me.

Following his command, I climbed over his legs as best as I could, grabbing his shoulders for balance. My face, now inches from him felt hot and feverish, and though I wanted to kiss him, I didn't dare to do it without his permission.

Then his hands continued roaming my body, going over my ass and between my thighs, my breasts and my back.

I was trembling hard, but I stood still, looking into his eyes as I felt my body responding to his touch.

"As I said, I don't usually make love, my little bird. I usually fuck..." he said, his voice low and powerful.

"I might make an exception with you... this time." he said as he laughed. "Would you like that?"

"Yes, please... I want you...." I managed to say before I started moaning.

One of his hands had found its way between my legs, and as he pushed a single finger between my pussy lips, I felt my body melting in lust.

Shivering in pleasure, I simply stood still as he moved it along my lips, teasing me slowly.

Then his other hand moved up, playing with my breasts for a second, before reaching for my neck.

His hand clamped around it, squeezing lightly as I gasped in shock.

Then he leaned forwards and he kissed me, forcefully, and I was unable to resist as he explored my mouth with hunger.

His finger, still moving between my pussy lips, suddenly pushed harder, penetrating me without warning, and though it was smaller than my pen, I gasped in shock at the intrusion.

Suddenly it all became too much, and I only managed to take a deep breath before the world around me disappeared in flash of light as I came.

All the strength in my body suddenly disappeared and I started swaying over his legs as waves of pleasure assaulted my mind, one after the other. I felt dizzy and lost, and if not for his hand around my neck I would have fallen backwards.

It lasted only a minute, but once it was over, I was left gasping for air as my body tingled all over.

"You came." James said a moment later, bringing me back to the real world.

"I am sorry..." I managed to say, feeling that I had done something wrong.

"Make that the last time you cum without my permission, little bird." he said, his voice filled with unsaid consequences.

"Make that the first rule you learn." he added a moment later.

Unable to speak, I nodded as best as I could. He was still holding me by my neck, and only after I had, he released me.

"Do you know how to suck a cock?" he asked me a moment late, and I simply nodded nervously.

"Then show me." he said a moment later.

Crawling backwards, I got of his lap, and then I kneeled on the floor between his open legs, leaving his crotch right in front of me.

Despite having dreamed of this many times, suddenly I was terrified. I had never given a blowjob, not really, and I was afraid that my clumsy attempts would not be good enough for him.

"I am waiting." he said, his voice suddenly hard and cold.

Swallowing nervously, I closed my eyes and I started undressing him, hoping to appease him a little. I undid his belt and then I pulled his pants open.

Once that was done, he lifted his hips from the couch and I pulled his pants down, leaving only his underwear behind. I could see the outline of his cock, already hard and looking impossibly big, stretching under it.

Suddenly excitement exploded in me and the fear slowly started to disappear. I was still trembling though, but not as much as before.

Then, with one trembling hand, I touched it. Even through the fabric I could feel the heat coming off it, as if it were burning from within.

Despite my excitement, I wasn't ready. I licked my lips nervously as I started stroking it lazily with one hand as I ran my fingers over it.

"Yeah... I like that..." he moaned above me.

Feeling a little more confident, I finally did as he had done with me before, and I hooked my fingers on the elastic of his underwear, pulling down, and with his help I dragged them all the way to the floor.

His cock, now free, sprung up until it was pointing at the ceiling, and if anything, it looked even bigger than before.

Without having to be told, I grabbed it with both hands, and I started stroking it, slowly at first, and then a little faster.

His cock felt smooth and hard, feverishly hot too, and I could feel it twitching under my hand with every stroke. But I knew what he wanted me to do, and licking my lips in trepidation, I moved in closer, until the tip was just in front of my lips.

I could smell him from there, a not too unpleasant mixture of soap and piss that I found strangely arousing, and without having to be told, I opened my mouth and I swallowed it.

Just the tip felt huge in my mouth, much bigger than the banana I had practiced on. The taste hit me then, a much stronger version of the smell that made my mouth water.

"Yeah... Suck it." James ordered me from above. "And watch your teeth."

I relaxed a little, as he seemed to be liking it so far, so I did as I had seen on the video and I started swirling my tongue around it as I stroked the base, cupping his balls with my free hand.

They felt strange, cold and wrinkly, but he moaned harder when I touched them so I continued, until I gather more courage.

Taking a deep breath, I swallowed him a little deeper, and then more and more, always sucking, always stroking it with my tongue as best as I could.

The room filled with the noises I was making, wet, gurgling ones that I found strangely erotic.

Soon I lost myself in the sensation, and though I wanted to swallow him deeper, but only half of it was enough to fill my mouth fully. My jaw ached painfully, and I knew that if I continued, I would start gagging on it, something that was far from appealing.

Instead, I started moving up and down, sucking him like in the movie, taking his cock out of my mouth only to catch my breath or to lick the sides as if it were a lollypop.

It felt strange and wonderful, terrifying and arousing, all at the same time, and I felt my body responding.

This time I was trembling with excitement, and I started wondering what we were going to do next.

"That feels great." he moaned above me. "Do you remember what you promised?"

I did, and the memory of it, was incredibly arousing.

"To obey you." I moaned when I stopped to catch my breath.

"Yes, good..." he said.

He was resting on the couch, his eyes closed as he moaned in pleasure from time to time.

Not needing to be told what to do, I resumed my work, sucking him as deep as I could before I pulled out, moving faster and faster every time, trying to pleasure him as best as I could.

I had always imagined him cumming, filling my mouth with his seed. I wanted to ask him if he would, but I knew I couldn't.

Instead, I kept going sucking him until my mouth started to overflow with saliva. Soon it was escaping around my mouth, running down his cock and his balls, and along my chest. It felt strangely good.

And then I felt one of his hands resting on the back of my head.

It was just resting, maybe as a reminder of what he could do if he wanted. He was much stronger than me, and I knew there would be no way for me to stop him if he wanted to force his way deeper, not if he wanted too.

And I both wanted him too, and not, as the idea was still terrifying to me.

Instead, he took a deep breath and he looked at me. His eyes filled with lust just before he grabbed my shoulder and he pushed me back. Fearing I had done something wrong I waited, a knot forming in my stomach.

"I am gonna cum." he said. "Do you know what that means?"

I nodded nervously as excitement bubbled inside of me.

"A new rule. When I cum in your mouth you have to swallow it all, but not until I give you permission." he said as a matter of fact.

Once more, I nodded without hesitation, barely able to contain my excitement.

Then he released me, and I resumed my work, more eager than before.

As I sucked his cock, his moans became louder and more powerful, soon he started rocking his hips along with me, and his hands roamed my head, his fingers digging painfully in my scalp.

It didn't take long after that for his breathing to become faster and I knew he had to be close. Not a moment later he grabbed my head, holding me in place.

A low, guttural screamed escaped him as I felt his cum gushing into my mouth.

Despite his warning, it caught me unprepared, and at first I thought I was going to choke on it, but I managed to relax as more and more exploded out of his cock, coating my tongue and my mouth.

As he came, I could feel his cock twitching inside my mouth and it soon felt full, but still he kept cumming.  Afraid I wouldn't be able to hold it all in, I tried to push back his cock, giving me a little more room, and then it was finally over.

With one last jet of cum, he finished, and I saw him collapsing on the couch as he looked at me, his cock still in my mouth.

That’s when I remembered his words.

I stood still, my mouth full of his cum and then the taste finally hit me. It was strong and pungent, like boiling bleach and far from pleasant, but even if I had wanted to complain about it, I knew I couldn't.

A moment later he slowly pulled his cock out of my mouth and I closed my lips, not wanting to spill his cum.

"Very good." he said as he patted my head. "Tilt your head back and show it to me."

Nodding slowly, I did as I was told, tilting my head back before I opened my mouth.

I could feel his cum, still hot, clinging to my braces and oozing around my tongue as I played with it. There was a lot of it too, much more than what I had imagined, and suddenly I was afraid I would not be able to swallow it as he had told me.

"Swallow." he ordered me not a moment later.

Determined to at least try, I closed my mouth, and I swallowed a little.

The hot, sticky liquid stuck to my throat, making it difficult to swallow, and once in my stomach it threatened to come up once more. Little by little, though, I swallowed it until the last of it was gone.

My stomach twisted and turned inside of me for a moment, and then the strange sensation was gone.

Feeling proud of myself, I looked at him and I opened my mouth, showing him that I had done it.

"Good, my little bird, very good." he said as he looked at me.

Blushing even harder than before I smiled shyly and I looked at the floor, unable to hold his gaze any longer.

Meanwhile I could feel my body tingling all over.

"I think, little bird, it's time I showed you my room..." he said as he pulled his pants back up.

Then he got up, looking down at me, and he smiled. I was still kneeling on the floor between his legs, his crotch now pressing against my face.

"Follow me." he said. "Crawling."

A shiver ran down my back as I heard his command. I looked at him searching for pity, but I found none.

Instead, he simply left, leaving me behind in the living room as he headed towards his bedroom.

Trembling, I looked at the floor and at my hands, before I dropped on all four, and I started crawling behind him.

The floor was hard and cold, and it soon became uncomfortable on my knees, but the worst was the humiliation I felt at being treated like a dog.

But that soon passed, and by the time I made it to the door I was still uncomfortable, but the humiliation had become something else that only added to my growing arousal.

He was standing by the bed, looking at me with a bemused smile on his face and without having to be told, I crawled all the way to his side before I kneeled on the ground, like I had done before.

"Good, you are a quick learner... but we knew that didn't we?" he said as he ran his fingers through my hair.

Not knowing if I could speak, I nodded silently.

Then he headed towards the dresser, and he started undressing as I watched him, feeling trepidation at the idea. True, I had just sucked his cock, but I had never seen a man naked. Never seen him naked.

He was quick and methodical, removing his clothes one by one before leaving them folded over the dresser, and a minute later he was only wearing his underwear. That too went away, and once naked, he turned around to face me.

His cock, still wet with my saliva, stood hard once more, pointing towards me, and I shivered at the sight of it.

"Emily, I gave you my word, I think, that I would make love to you, didn't I?" he asked me as he moved closer towards me.

Once more, I nodded silently as he started moving in circles around me.

"And I will... but... I usually fuck, as I said." he told me a moment later. "Do you know the difference?"

Swallowing nervously, I opened my mouth, but then I stopped, not knowing if I could speak.

"Go on, you can speak." he said.

Nodding once more, I thought about his question and once I had an answer, I looked up at him.

"Making love is tender, sweet... something between two people that... well, love each other.... that both can enjoy" I said, suddenly thinking that I sounded silly, but to my surprise he nodded encouragingly.

"Fucking... is for pleasure... there is no love, just... lust?" I asked, sounding a little unsure about the last part.

"Very well. That would be an A, if you ask me." he said patting my head once more.

He was still moving in circles around me, and every time he passed in front of me I could see his cock, bouncing up and down, making my body tingle in anticipation.

"And what does being fucked hard, mean?" he asked me a moment later.

This one I didn't know, and as I tried to come up with an answer, I thought best to tell the truth that to invent something.

"That's okay, I appreciate your honesty." he said a moment later.

"Being fucked hard implies violence, and sometimes pain." he said offhandedly. "It means that the one being fucked can become an object, or a vessel if you will, for the other person's pleasure, without getting anything in return."

"It's not exactly easy, as you can imagine. People rarely enjoy pain. Some simply submit and endure it, and others do enjoy the pain." he said as he finally stopped in front of me.

"Have you ever felt pain, Emily? Real pain?" he asked me after kneeling in front of me.

Suddenly I felt terrified of him, but I was still frozen in place, and instead of running away I shook my head slowly.

"No, I imagine you haven't." he said as he started fondling my breasts.

Jumping at his touch, I told myself to stay still, even though I couldn't stop trembling.

"Pain can come in so many forms that it's sometimes hard to explain. Some of it is just awful and unbearable, but sometimes it can be... enjoyable?" he said as he started playing with my nipples.

"Some people really like it, and it brings them so much pleasure that it becomes an almost sexual experience."

By then his fingers were pulling and pinching my nipples. It started off soft, but it was getting increasingly hard, to the point where it had become painful, and it was becoming hard to concentrate on what he was saying.

"You said you would obey me. Remember?" he asked me a moment later.

Gritting my teeth at the pain coming from my chest, I nodded quickly.

"Say it again." he ordered me.

"I..." I started before he pinched even harder than before, making me jump from the pain.

"I... will... obey you." I finally managed to say trough gritted teeth.

The moment I finished, he released my nipples, and the pain started to fade away almost instantly, going from hot searing agony to a dull throbbing pain in a minute.

"The lesson is over, for now." he said, looking satisfied.

Then he stood up, offered me his hand, and after I took it, he pulled me up before leading me towards the bed.

I climbed onto it feeling afraid. I jumped at his every movement, and it was impossible to relax, despite the fact that it had been my fantasy for so long.

James noticed it though, and a moment later he placed a hand on my shoulder.

"Shhhh, relax. I promise there will be no more pain tonight." he said a moment, smiling warmly at me.

Then he leaned forwards and he kissed me, softly at first and then with more urgency as I finally relaxed into it.

Without breaking our kiss, he laid me down on the bed and he started caressing my breasts. They were still tender from his previous abuse, but soon the pain faded away and I started to enjoy it.

When he finally broke our kiss, I was left panting and out of breath, and wanting more.

"Relax, you are going to like this." he said as he crawled back over my body.

Then he grabbed my legs, placing them over his shoulder and he lowered his face between my legs.

Suddenly ashamed, I tried to close my legs, but he simply pushed them open once more.

Then, without warning, I felt his tongue running over my pussy as he started lapping at it. The sensation was incredible, and unable to resist, I clamped my legs around his head, though he didn't seem to mind.

"Ohhhhh, goooddddd..." I moaned as I squirmed in pleasure. "Stop... it's too much... pleaseeee"

But far from stopping, I soon felt him pushing a finger inside of me, and then another, before he started pumping them in and out. His tongue, meanwhile, had found my clitoris and as he liked it, he sucked from my juices hungrily.

Despite having cummed not long ago, I felt my body responding once more.

I felt myself burning up, my breathing became fast and shallow, and I could feel my pussy tightening around his fingers.

"Not yet." he said a moment later, pulling back.

"Remember what I told you, you can't cum without my permission." he told me as I groaned in frustration. "I don't want to have to punish you."

Nodding weakly, I closed my eyes, and I took several deep breaths, trying to calm myself.

Once I opened them again, I saw him kneeling on the bed, just in front of me. He was stroking his cock as he looked hungrily at me.

"Try to relax." he told me as he moved forward, laying over me.

I tried to do as he said, but it was impossible. I had fantasized so many times with this that I simply couldn't.


A moment later I felt his cock moving over my pussy, spreading my lips and I tensed instinctively, afraid it would hurt.

But he did keep his promise.

Slowly at first, he pushed himself into me. First the tip before he stopped, giving me time to get used to the sensation as he was much bigger than my pen. I could also feel the heat coming of his cock, which only added to the sensation.

After I managed to relax a little, he pushed himself a little deeper, and then a little more, always giving me time to recover, until finally he managed to bury his whole cock into me.

My pussy felt strangely full, but despite my fears, there was no pain.

Then he started moving his hips, slowly at first, until I grew accustomed to the sensation, but faster and faster as my body responded, and my pussy became wetter.

Arousal grew inside of me, and above me, James's face twisted in concentration as finally made love to me.

The sensation of him inside of me was much more powerful than what I had ever imagined, and as I wrapped my arms around his neck, he first started kissing mine and then I felt him taking little bites that made me jump in surprise.

So desperate and so close to cumming I was that I had to bite my lips though, hoping that the pain would help, but it didn't.

"Please, slower..." I moaned.

James, meanwhile, was lost in his own world and he simply ignored me, but he too was close. I could tell by the way his breathing became ragged and irregular, and how hard he was frowning.

"I am going to cum inside of you." he said a moment later.

Gasping at the idea of him filling me with his cum, I shook my head, but he didn't pay me any attention.

We weren't using protection, and I wasn't on the pill yet.

But like before, what was once a source of panic, soon became arousing as I imagined him pumping my pussy full of cum, just as he had done with my mouth.

Closer to my own orgasm than ever before, I prayed silently for him to allow me to cum, and just as I felt his body tensing, he finally did.

"Cum for me." he ordered me.

And in an instant, all the pleasure I was holding back exploded, flooding my body until I couldn't breathe anymore, and I came.

Like before, I felt myself drowning in pleasure until I thought I would go mad, but all too soon, the sensation started to fade away.

Just as I felt my body exhausted body going limp, I felt his cock twitch once, then twice and then once more as he pumped his cum inside of me, filling my pussy.

I hugged him as hard as I could, lost in the sensation, not caring about anything that might happen, until it was finally done.

Exhausted, he collapsed on top of me, crushing me until it became hard to breathe.

Luckily, he soon rolled over to the side, and I felt his cock leaving me. Suddenly I felt sore and empty, and when I took my hand between my legs I felt his cum, hot and sticky, dripping out of me and onto the bed.

I was a woman, I told myself. Not a girl anymore, but a woman, and the idea filled me with pride and happiness.

James was resting next to me, his face, now covered in sweat, looked relaxed and happy, and I couldn't stop myself.

"I love you..." I whispered in his ears, too afraid to say it out loud.

A moment later he looked at me with that infectious smile of his, and I felt my body melting under his gaze.

"I know, little bird..." he said.

For a second, I felt disappointed he hadn't said it back, but it only lasted a moment as I told myself it was too soon.

Instead, I wrapped my arms around his neck and he did the same with me.

Looking into his eyes I waited for a minute and then I nuzzled my head closer to him.

"I told my mom I was staying at a friend's house." I said in a low voice, almost ashamed.

James chuckled softly before he cleared the hair from my face, and then he closed his eyes.

"I guess that means you are staying over. That's good to know." he said.

With one hand, he then pulled the covers over our naked bodies and he told me to roll over before he pulled me closer, spooning me against his body.

I could feel his cock, now soft and sticky against my butt, something that was strangely comforting, and with his arms around me, I finally relaxed and went to sleep.


The next morning, I woke up lost in a place I didn't know.

It took me a minute to remember that I was in James's bedroom, but when I turned round, I found the other side of the bed empty, which filled me with sadness.

With the sun shining through the window, I stretched under the covers, enjoying the feeling of the covers over my naked body. If not for the fact that I needed to go to the toilet, I would have stayed like that much longer, but I couldn't.

Groaning, I slipped from under the covers, and I looked at myself, suddenly thinking that I couldn't roam around his house naked.

Instead, I looked around the room, and after finding James's shirt over the dresser, I slipped it on, and I headed towards the bathroom.

The door was closed though, and I could hear him taking a shower inside, so instead I went towards the kitchen, thinking that maybe I could make us some breakfast.

Cereal and milk sounded childish, though, so I looked around, and I made us some toast and some coffee. There was jelly and butter in the fridge, too, so I grabbed them, and by the time I arrived at the table I realized James was standing by the door.

He was wearing only his underwear, and still wet from the shower, he looked at me with a mixture of sadness and regret that made me feel very uncomfortable.

"I made breakfast." I said meekly as I looked away.

"I can see that." he said. "I am hungry, you?"

Nodding, I took a seat at the table and he did the same a moment later, though this time he dragged his chair next to mine instead of sitting in front of me like last night.

Suddenly, I felt nervous about wearing his shirt, and only his shirt, remembering that my panties were probably still in the living room.

"Did you sleep well?" he asked me a moment later as he poured himself a cup of coffee.

Then he offered to pour one for me, and though I had never tried coffee, I nodded absentmindedly.

After he filled it, I grabbed my cup and I wrapped my hands around it, just enjoying the aroma and the warm feeling it gave me.

"Look, Emily... what happened last night... I... I am sorry, I think I had a little too much wine, and... " he said as I looked at him in panic.

"No, I... it was my fault, I... I wanted..." I managed to say before I had to stop.

Then we both looked away and silence enveloped us.

Fearing he would say that we could not see each other again, I tried to think of something to say, anything to avoid that, but I couldn't.

Instead, it was James who spoke first.

"Look, Emily, I am not going to lie. I had a great time last night, but you are only... 14 years old... and my student... it's... wrong." he said, his voice filled with regret.

And when he did, I felt my stomach dropping inside of me, knowing that it was the end.

But then he looked at me and he smiled warmly.

"But...laws aside, I think we both had a great time together?" he said sounding unsure of himself.

I nodded eagerly, feeling hope blooming inside of me.

"Good, that's good..." he said.

"I liked it..." I said shyly as I looked at the coffee in front of me.

"Good... I was afraid, you know, I think I told you I like it a little rough... and I was afraid you..." he said a moment later.

As he did, I closed my eyes and I remembered his hand around my neck, and the way he had squeezed my nipples, how it had hurt. Not realizing what I was doing, I took my hand towards my breasts, and it still hurt a little if I touched them.

"I liked that too..." I said, feeling as my face started to turn red once more. "The rough.. parts..."

James face filled with surprise, and before I could say anything else he took a long sip of his coffee.

Then he got up and he went towards the sink. Looking out the window, he shook his head and he chuckled once before silence filled the room.

Feeling uncomfortable, I took a sip from my coffee before I realized my mistake.

It was incredibly bitter, and unable to swallow it, I spit it back into my cup as James laughed behind me.

"Yeah, black coffee tastes nothing like it smells. You should add some sugar and cream if you are not used to it." he added as he pointed at the sugar top on the table.

"Maybe next time." I said as the awful taste lingered in my mouth.

Instead, I pushed my cup away from me, and I made myself a toast with plenty of jelly, hoping to wash away the taste.

I ate in silence as I looked at James, brooding by the window, wondering what he was thinking. I still had a little bit of hope that this would not be our last time together, but I was terrified it might.

When I finished my toast, he finally turned around, and I noticed he had an erection. It was obvious under his tight underwear, but he didn't seem to notice.

Instead, he grabbed his chair and he flipped it around, placing it in front of me before he sat down.

"Emily, what I said is true, I enjoyed myself last night, but I also told you something else, remember?" he said suddenly serious.

I nodded, remembering the lesson he had given me.

"What was it?" he said, insisting.

Biting my lips, I looked away before I spoke.

"You told me the difference between... making love, and fucking... and fucking hard..." I said as I remembered our talk last night. "And about pain."

"Yeah, I did." he said. "Does that scare you?"

Looking at him I felt my stomach turning inside of me, suddenly feeling that this was much too dark of a topic for a Sunday morning.

But the more I looked at him, the more I remembered about last night, and all the emotions I had felt. I remembered his touch, both when he had been gentle and caring, and when he had caused me pain. I also remembered telling him I loved him, and how true it was.

"Yes, it does..." I said a moment later. "But..."

He waited a minute for me to continue, but when he saw I couldn't, he nodded slowly.

"I know it's a lot to ask, and maybe it's too soon." he said a moment later. "But maybe we can take it slow, see what you like, and what you don't."

I nodded eagerly, even thought a voice in the back of my head was warning me about it. I would never say no to him, but maybe he didn't need to know that, not now at least.

"Deal?" he said as he extended his hand.

Smiling, I took it, and we shook hands, though it felt a little silly.

"So... we are dating now?" I asked him as I grinned.

"Yeah, I guess so." he said, smiling back.

"I'm...." I started but I couldn't say it.

"My girlfriend." he finished for me.

My stomach fluttered inside of me and I felt like giggling madly.

Instead, I leaned forward and I kissed his lips softly, taking him by surprise. It was just a second, but I wanted to taste his lips once more.

Once I pulled back, he looked at me before grabbing the collar of my shirt.

"This is mine." he said, his voice suddenly serious. "You never asked for permission."

"I am sorry." I said almost automatically.

I expected that to be it, but James seemed to have other plans.

"Stand up." he said, his voice suddenly an order.

Without hesitation I did as he said, pushing my chair back before I stood up, and he did the same.

Taking my hand, he led me towards the bedroom again, and once there he sat on the bed and he dragged me until I was standing in front of him.

Then, without another word, he started undoing the buttons. Slowly, one by one, he pulled them open, until the last one was gone. Then he pushed my shirt of my shoulders, letting it fall onto the floor and leaving me naked once more.

I was trembling in anticipation, and not knowing what he would do to me only added to it.

"You need to be punished." he said as a matter of fact.

And before I could realize what I was doing, I nodded slowly, my eyes glued to my feet.

Once more, he took my hand and he guided me, until I was lying with my stomach over his knees, and my legs and arms were touching the floor.

James then started caressing my back, my neck and my butt, running his big hands in slow circles that sent shivers down my back. But soon his movements started to close down, until his hands were resting on my butt.

"How many?" he asked me.

Confusion filled my mind, but only for a moment, until I remembered my dad, spanking me over his knees when I was 3 years old.

Suddenly terrified, I shook my head, but he simply insisted.

"How many?" he asked me once more.

My mind filled with panic as I tried to think of a number. But it was almost impossible. If it was too low, I thought he would simply choose one himself, and if it was too high, it would hurt much more than it needed to.

And despite how ridiculous it sounded, I did believe I needed to be punished, I was just too afraid of the pain. Or more specifically, of not being able to handle the pain for him, which would be much worse.

"Four!" I suddenly screamed, afraid that he would lose his patience.

Grunting in satisfaction, he pinched my butt once on each cheek, and then I felt his hand moving back.

"You can't move." he told me, and I nodded desperately.

The anticipation was horrible, as I had no way to now when the first blow would land, but I didn't have long to wait.

Not a moment later I felt him moving and in an instant, a flash of bright pain exploded in my left butt cheek as his hand landed on it, hard. The sound was horrible enough, but the burning sensation that followed it a moment later, raising and raising with every second, was even worse.

I gritted my teeth hard, trying to avoid screaming, and I just barely made it. The pain, eventually, started to fade away, leaving behind a dull throbbing pain as a couple of tears fell down my face.

"One." he said, as if to remained me that we had just started.

The second blow thankfully landed on my other cheek, but it was just as painful as the first. With two more to go I knew the worst was yet to come.

My butt still hurt from the first blow, and when I felt him moving once more, I tensed my whole body, trying to prepare for the agony I knew was about to come.

His next blow didn't disappoint, though, as it landed on the first cheek, almost exactly on the same place. This time, it was too much, and a dry, hoarse scream escaped my mouth despite my efforts.

The burning sensation was much stronger this time, and it lasted longer too. Suddenly I was crying hard, but despite that I remained still as I trembled over his lap.

"Three." he said.

One more... just one more, I said to myself as I readied myself. But like before, the pain was excruciating, and I started bawling like a baby the moment his hand landed on my butt, leaving a stinging sensation as if hundreds of needles had stabbed me, all at the same time.

"Four." he said.

Too afraid to move, I stood still as I kept crying. Again, after the pain from the blow faded away it left a slow burning throb that was slowly spreading along the rest of my body. Even breathing send shivers of pain along my body, until the only thing I could manage were slow, short breaths.

But then I felt something cool landing on my butt, and James started massaging my butt, spreading it around. It lessened the pain almost instantly, but not all of it.

Slowly, that burning sensation faded away, leaving only a faint memory of what it had been, almost like a sunburn.

A few minutes passed like that, until I was finally able to take a deep breath without feeling any pain.

Without another word, James helped me up, and then he made me stand in front of him.

My face must have been a mess of tears and snot, but he didn't seem to mind. He simply smiled at me and then he hugged me tightly against his chest.

My mind, filed with a mixture of emotions to complex for me to understand, simply accepted the gesture as I started sobbing.

"Thank you..." I said to him before I realized what I was doing.

"What for?" he asked me innocently a moment later.

And strangely enough, I knew the answer to that question, though it sounded ridiculous at first.

"For the lesson." I said as I hugged him back as tight as I could. "I will always ask permission."

"Good, my little bird." he said as he caressed my back.

After giving me a soft kiss on top of my head, he picked me up easily and he carried me to the bed.

And just as he had done the night before, he made love to me, slowly and tenderly, making it impossible for me to resist.

But I did remember my lesson, and despite his best efforts, I did my best not to cum, to hold on as long as I could, even as he drove me closer and closer to it. And only when I felt like I was about to lose my mind, I dared to ask for his permission to cum.

When I did, he looked into my eyes, taking his time as I gritted my teeth, but he did finally give it to me, and only then I relaxed and I let him take me the rest of the way into another powerful orgasm.

Like before, I felt myself gasping for air as my body burned from within, all while I giggled stupidly, unable to contain myself.


Despite my disappointment, once I had managed to recover myself, he told me I had to go, and I knew it was true. My mother didn't work on Sundays, and she would get suspicious if I didn't show up by noon.

Groaning, I left him on the bed, and I headed toward the bathroom, where I took a long, warm shower, trying to loosen my sore muscles.

As I tried to relax, I thought on what we had done, and the fact that he had cummed inside of me twice. What had been arousing before, now worried me a little.

Though I would never admit it, the idea of him making me pregnant was strangely arousing, and as I closed my eyes, I could imagine myself with a big belly and my breasts bloated with milk.

Still, I had to recognize that it wasn't a good idea, and I made a mental note to ask him about it.

Once I had cleaned myself up, I stood in the bathroom, looking at my body like I had done the day before.

Not much had changed, except that I could see the shape of his hand printed in red in my butt, and that I couldn't stop smiling.

But I felt so different than before, that it was hard to even believe that only one day had passed.

Despite my happiness, having to get dressed in my dirty panties and bra felt wrong, though I had nothing else to wear and arriving home wearing James's clothes was out of the question.

Once I was dressed, I jumped into his truck and we drove away.

It took me a few minutes to gather up my courage, but I finally told him about him cumming inside of me, and he admitted we had to do something.

He drove towards a pharmacy and while I waited inside, he got me a morning after pill, some contraceptives, and a bottle of water.

I took the morning after pill first feeling a sigh of relief running through my body, and after that he told me to take the contraceptives every morning, without skipping a single day.

His voice was serious as he did and filled with the promise of a new punishment if I failed again.

I promised I wouldn't, and soon we arrived at my place, though this time he stopped a couple of blocks away.

"It's better if they don't see the truck, it's not a school day." he said as he looked around us. "Next time I will pick you up at another place, okay?"

I nodded silently, feeling my heart fluttering as he mentioned a next time, but then he took my hand and he squeezed it hard.

"And something else. No one, and I mean no one, can know about us." he said, once more his voice filled with a silent threat. "You can't write about us in a diary, we can't mention it in a chat, or text, only in person or through a phone call. Is that clear?"

Still holding my hand, he looked into my eyes as I nodded nervously.

With that, he released me, and after kissing my cheek I got off and I walked the rest of the way home.


The rest of spring break was pure torture, as he hadn't set another date and I knew better than to ask him. As I waited for the week to pass, I thought about him over and over, thinking of our date and all the things we had done.

Since my mom still had to work, I was mostly alone.

Soon I fell into a routine, where I would clean and cook my mom some breakfast for when she got up, and then she would leave, and I would have the house all for myself for the rest of the day.

I filled that time masturbating, desperate for his touch and burning with a fire that never seemed to go out.

Not wanting to waste my time, I watched videos on how to give better blowjobs, and I practiced with the banana again. I was trying desperately to swallow it into my throat, but every time I tried, I started retching painfully.

I also swapped my pen for a deodorant can. It was the closest I could find to his cock, at least in size, and though it was not the same, I played with it constantly, trying to feel what I had felt with him.

But I knew there was more to sex that that, and with every passing day I gathered more courage to explore new things, even if only by watching videos I found on the internet.

Soon I discovered things like anal sex and throatings, something that filled me with equal parts curiosity and repulsion. I had never before seen so many things, and since everything was new, I soon lost myself exploring a new and scary world.

I also went shopping a couple of times, thinking that plain white cotton panties and bras weren't very sexy. I didn't dare to go to a lingerie shop for fear they would run me out, but I found a few things I liked in the supermarket, and I also bought some pantyhose, something that I saw a lot in the videos I watched.

Make up was harder, as I didn't know anything about it, but I did get a lipstick in a slightly pale red.

Thinking that maybe I could ask James to buy me something else, I went back home, and I tried the underwear and the lipstick in front of my mirror, marveling at how much my body changed with them.

The whole week went by slowly though, until soon it was Sunday once more.

Feeling happier just because I would get to see him again the next day, I went to sleep early, exited and hopeful.


The next morning, I woke up way too early, but too excited to go back to sleep. Instead, I took a long warm shower, I slipped into a pair of lacy panties and I tried one of my knew bras. Then I slipped on a white shirt and a pair of jeans, and I was ready for school.

The drive seemed to go in slow motion, but finally, we made it to school and after saying goodbye to my mom I ran inside in search for James.

I found him entering his classroom, and without realizing what I was doing I grabbed his arm and I tried to pull him down for a kiss.

He pushed me way firmly, looking down on me with a face that was suddenly terrifying.

"Emily, can I help you with something?" he said coldly.

"I..." I managed to say before he cut me off.

"Come in, we still have a few minutes, tell me." he said as he moved inside.

I followed him in, suddenly realizing how colossal my mistake had been. The hallway was full of students, and I had tried to kiss him.

The door closed behind me a second later, and James's hand shot out of nowhere, grabbing my neck. I dropped my backpack in surprise, and he pushed me back into the storage closet that was by the door.

"What the fuck were you thinking?" he said a moment later, his voice filled with anger.

"I am sorry... I thought..." I managed to say before he squeezed harder.

"No, you didn't think, that's the problem." he said.

His eyes locked into mine as he clamped his hand a little bit harder around my neck, and then he lifted me into the air with no effort at all.

The moment I felt my feet leave the floor I panicked, and I started struggling. With my whole weight resting on my neck I simply couldn't breathe, and as he held me up I felt my lungs screaming for air.

Suddenly terrified, my hands grabbed his arm and I started pulling but it was like pulling from a wall, and as seconds ticked by, I felt my mind getting slower as my brain ran out of oxygen.

But just before I lost consciousness, he gave me a twisted smile and he lowered to the ground.

He didn't release me, not fully, but he did open up his hand a little, just enough for me to take a short breath, and then a second one.

"Fuck, that felt good..." he whispered into my ears a moment later as I felt my head pounding inside my head.

Then without warning he kissed me, forcing his way into my mouth as his free hand played with my breasts.

It lasted only a second, but it felt like an eternity to me.

Once he broke our kiss, he finally released me, and I took my hands to my neck before I started coughing violently.

"Don't ever do that again. When we are in the school you are just another student, you can't come up and kiss me." he told me. "Is that clear?"

I nodded weakly, afraid my voice would break if I tried to talk.

"I can't believe it... I hope no one saw you..." he said as he shook his head in disbelief.

Still inside the closet, I tried to regain my breath as I touched my neck. It felt tender, and afraid he had left a mark on me I took out my phone and I used it as a mirror.

There were no marks, luckily, and the pain was slowly disappearing. With shaky legs I finally moved out of the closet, looking at him in fear.

"Since I am in a good mood, I will not punish you for this one, but this was your last free pass. Is that understood?" he asked me firmly, and once more I nodded.

James looked at me then, and after that he leaned forwards, making me jump.

He didn't hit me, though, instead he pulled my chin up and he kissed me gently on my lips. His kiss was soft and tender and slow, all the things I wanted, but it only lasted for a moment before he broke off.

"I missed you." he said as he took a deep breath.

The way he said it took my breath away, and I almost forgot how he had choked me before.

"I am sorry, it won't happen again." I managed to say as I looked away. "I just missed you..."

As he looked at me, I thought he was going to hug me and there was nothing I wanted more, but a second later the door to his classroom opened and a couple of students came in, just in time for the bell to start ringing.

"It's a bit of a long answer, Emily." James said a moment later as he headed towards his desk. "Let me think about it and I will see what I can come up, okay?"

Knowing it was time to go, I nodded once while I grabbed my backpack from the floor.

"Thank you, Mr. Grantt." I said trying to hide the regret in my voice.

With that, I left, still feeling a tightness in my throat that had nothing to do with him choking me, and I headed into my first class of the day.


When lunch finally came, I walked towards his classroom with a mixture of fear and anxiety.

I could see him grading some papers through the open door, and after taking a deep breath, I went inside and I closed the door behind me, just as I had done a hundred times before.

"Sit." he said as he pointed at the chair next to him.

Swallowing nervously, I did as I was told, too afraid to anger him again.

He wasn't angry anymore, though. The moment I sat I felt his hand on my thigh, and he moved closer to me.

"I really missed you, you know?" he said, making me feel a little better. "But what you did was pretty stupid."

"I know, I am sorry... please don't be angry..." I said, apologizing as fast as I could.

"It's okay, I know it won't happen again." he said as he moved his hand over my back.

Almost instantly, I felt my body starting to melt under his touch, but he soon stopped, looking at my eyes.

"Here, we have to be very careful. No games, no nothing." he said as I felt myself slumping in disappointment. "We can still hang out and talk like before, but no touching, no kissing."

I nodded miserably, despite knowing that he was right.

"I was thinking though, of how you can come home more often. If you have any ideas, I am open to them." he said to me.

"I really want to spend more time with you, but it has to be in my place, and we have to find a way for your mom not to suspect. You can't just disappear a few nights a week."

"I know..." I said sullenly.

Unable to find an answer, we spent our lunch just talking, but I was in a bad mood. If we couldn't find a solution, it meant we would only be able to see each other on weekends, and that just sucked.

I felt miserable the rest of the day, and just trying to concentrate on my classes was a torture. Once it was finally over, I headed towards James's classroom, hoping to see him, even if only for a minute so I could feel a little better.

He was still inside when I got there, saying goodbye to another student. I didn't know him, personally, but I had seen him around before.

"Hey, Mr. Grantt... about that question, I was wondering..." I said as he finally left, closing the door behind him.

"Yes, Emily?" he asked a moment later, looking at the door. "Let's wait a minute..."

We simply stood there, looking at each other uncomfortably, waiting for some time to pass so we could be just a little safer, but he was right. We would never be safe in the school.

Instead, I looked up at him, my face lighting up with hope, and blurted an idea.

"Can we go to your truck?" I asked him.

He looked at me, his face suddenly serious, and then he nodded slowly.

"I will pick you up in five minutes. Go out the front, turn left and follow the street. Two blocks, okay?" he said as he checked his watch. "Two blocks, and wait for me in the corner."

I nodded eagerly before I almost ran away, dropping everything I could in my locker before I did as he told, walking quickly out the school and then along the street.

By then, almost everybody had gone home, but there were a few students still mingling around, and I could see a few cars still in the teacher's parking lot.

When I got to the corner, I didn't have to wait for long, as James was just arriving in his truck, which had a unique advantage. With all the windows tinted, it was impossible to see inside.

He stopped, and I quickly jumped inside. Before I could clip in, he was already driving away as he looked around us, but I hadn't seen anyone I knew close by.

"I missed you." I said a moment later, unable to wait any longer.

James looked at me, his face filled with sorrow and a moment later he parked the truck on a side street, before killing the engine.

We might be safe inside the truck, but it wasn't very comfortable.

He tried to hug me, but the huge center console of the truck was between us, making it almost impossible.

Instead, he looked at the back seat, and after giving me a big grin, he squeezed himself into the back. I did the same a moment later, and soon we were sitting together. He hugged me tight as his big hands ran over my back, and I suddenly started sobbing softly, even though I didn't know why.

"We really need to find a way." he said as he suddenly kissed me.

It wasn't the soft kiss I wanted. This one was hard and passionate, but I soon melted into it, as I felt his hands exploring my body.

My body started tingling in anticipation, imagining what we would do as he suddenly started unbuttoning my shirt, but after pulling it off, he just as suddenly stopped, leaving me panting and out of breath.

"Is something wrong?" I asked fearfully as I looked down at my new bra.

"No... yes..." he said, sighing tiredly.

"It looks beautifully on you." he said as he ran his finger behind one of the straps, straightening it.

"But we can't do this here, it's stupid..." he said.

"Only at my place... we need to think of something." he said sounding disappointed as he looked at my breasts.

"Put your shirt back on, I will take you home." he said, pushing me to one side.

Then he got out of the truck and came back in on the driver's seat, while I fumbled with my shirt's buttons, feeling rejected.

Unlike him, I squeezed back through the middle of the seat, knowing that he wouldn't want me to be seen, and once I was seated, he drove off, towards my house.

"We will think of something, relax." he said, but I didn't believe him.


The next week was pure torture, as I wanted nothing more than to be with him, but I remembered my lesson well, and when we were at the school, the most I would get was a hug and a kiss at the end of the day.

With the weekend approaching, though, at least it wouldn't be long until we could see each other again.

I knew I would tell my mom I was staying at a friend's house, without telling her which. That I would take a change of clothes in my backpack this time, and that I would leave with him on Friday, but as for the rest, James didn't want to tell me anything, saying it would be a surprise.

It was Thursday morning though, when my mom was just about to drop me off and she looked at me worriedly. She parked the car still a few blocks from the school and turned it off.

"Mom?" I said worriedly, suddenly fearing she knew. "Is something wrong?"

My mom looked at me tiredly and she shook her head.

"No, honey, it's just that I have something to tell you." she said as she looked at herself in the sunshield mirror.

"I got a new job, one that pays a little better, but it will mean changes..." she said. "It's nothing special, but I am starting as a nurse in a nursing home tonight."

Licking my lips, I thought about what she had said.

"Tonight?" I asked her.

"Yes... it's, well, the graveyard shift, from 8 pm to 8 am, but the money is better than at the diner and I would be doing what I studied, for once." she said trying to spin it in a more positive light.

"I also talked to some of the other nurses, and they seemed happy there, so..."

"It's not forever either, only until I find something else..." she said as I thought about the possibilities.

"You will be gone all night and will probably be asleep all day." I said slowly, too afraid I would sound happy.

"Well, yeah, you will be in school when I get home, we will have to find a way for you to go alone, maybe the bus. And by the time you get back I will be asleep. But we might see each other a little before I leave for work, and again, this is temporary...." she said smiling.

"I can take the bus home, mom, don't worry." I said as I smiled warmly. “And I am glad you found a better job."


When she dropped me off, I almost took off running towards James's classroom, but I knew better this time.

We didn't have time to talk, either, as the bell was about to ring. Instead, I gritted my teeth and I went into my first class of the day, praying for the day to pass quickly.

It didn't, though, and by the time lunch time arrived I felt as if a whole day had passed.

Still, I dropped off my books at my locker and I headed into his classroom, closing the door behind me as usual.

"Hi, Emily." James said the moment he saw me enter.

I was anxious to tell him, but instead I waited patiently by the door as he got up.

Walking confidently, he moved towards me, taking my hand and pulling me along into the locker, where he hugged me, and he kissed me tenderly.

Like always, I felt my body melting under his touch, though I was left wanting more. But I also knew that it was not my place to decide.

Instead, I surrendered into his embrace, savoring every moment of it as he kissed my lips before moving towards my neck, taking little bites along the way.

"Ohhhh, shit... I want you so bad..." he said "So bad I could eat you."

An image suddenly appeared in my mind when I heard him, one so ridiculous I started giggling.

James stopped a moment later, looking at me.

"I... I just imagined myself.... in an oven, trussed up like a... turkey..." I said as I felt my face burning a bright red.

"When you said you wanted to eat me?" I added a moment later when I realized how stupid and ridiculous it sounded.

But James simply looked at me suspiciously before he smiled warmly.

"Ohhh, yeah... that." he said as he took a step back.

Finally, I couldn't contain myself any longer, and as we sat around his desk I looked into his eyes and I started grinning madly.

"What?" he said.

"I have news." I told him, before I just blurted out the rest.

I told him about my mom's new job, and her new schedule. That she wouldn't be home all-night and that meant I could sleep at his place whenever he wanted.

I had wanted to say when we wanted, but just before I did I stopped and I corrected myself.

Meanwhile, James sat in front of me, his face slowly twisting in a mischievous smile that sent shivers down my back.

"That's great, my little bird... that is great..." he said.

Filled with a mixture of pride and excitement, I simply looked at him as I waited.

"You are coming to stay with me tomorrow, until Sunday morning." he said as felt my heart freezing inside of me. 

"You will have to bring extra clothes, but don't worry about the rest, okay?" he said as he squeezed my hand.

The idea of spending two full days with him filled me with excitement, but also fear as I remembered his punishment.

Nodding eagerly, I promised myself that I wouldn't make any more mistakes, and with that I smiled at him.

"Oh... something I have been wanting to ask you." he said a moment later. "Do you still have your ballet uniform?"

"Yes!" I said almost instantly.

"Good, bring it, all of it, I’d like to see you in it." he said as he got up. "I would love to see you dance for me."

A moment later the bell rung again, and lunch was over.

I got up, unable to speak as my heart fluttered inside of me. It had been so long since I practiced that I just knew I would make a fool of myself in front of him. But I didn't dare to say no to him.

The rest of Thursday flew by, and once I got home, I started digging in my closet, looking for my uniform. I had packed it away when I moved to LA and never taken it out again, but it was still there.

Ripping the bag open, I took out my tights, my leotard, my skit and my lace up shoes.

The fabric smelled musty and old, so I would have to wash them before tomorrow, but before that I had to try them on, just to see if they would still fit.

After stripping of everything except my panties, I sat on the bed and I slipped my tights on. Then I put on my leotard, which thankfully still fit me and then I closed my skirt around my waist.

I never wore a tutu, but I liked to wear a skirt when I danced, as it would move and swing along with my rhythm, and it felt good.

Finally, I grabbed my shoes, the source of so much discomfort and pain the first time I tried them on, and I slipped them over my feet, lacing up the straps halfway up my shin.

Feeling nervous, I got up from the bed and I stood in front of the mirror, looking at how it all fit together.

I hadn't grown much in all this time, it seemed, because it fit me just like it had always done. It was tight, but in a comfortable way that brought memories of me practicing at school for hours on end.

Felling sad, I finally had to look away.

It would have been nice to practice a few moves, I told myself, but there was no room anywhere in the house, so instead I striped once more and I threw it all in the washing machine, hoping to wash the old smell from it.

The rest of the day passed by slowly, as I felt nervous and exited at the same time, but I managed to fit a change of clothes into my school backpack, along with my uniform once it was dry.

I really didn't know what to expect, so I took the same dress I had used on our first date, and then I would have my jeans and a couple of shirts to change if I needed to.

Then I went to sleep, tossing and turning for an hour in anxiety, until I finally managed to sleep.


The next day I woke up into the empty house, as my mom was still working. I took a shower, dressed up, had breakfast and then I nervously checked my backpack.

Remembering my contraceptives at the last moment, I took today's pill and then I stashed the rest in my backpack.

Once I was ready, I headed out and I took the bus too school. I didn't have time to visit James, but I felt too nervous to do it anyway. Instead, I headed for my first class, and I tried to concentrate on it, hoping that it would make the time go faster.

Lunch came sooner than I had imagined, and feeling a more than little nervous, I headed towards his classroom.

He smiled warmly once I got in, making me feel a little more relaxed, and as I closed the door he came towards me and he hugged me tenderly.

"Hey, little bird." he whispered into my ears. "Feeling nervous?"

Swallowing nervously, I nodded towards him. I wanted to know what he had planned at least, but I knew better than to ask.

Instead, we sat down, and we had lunch together. He had made pizza last night, and even cold as it was, it was delicious.

As I wondered what other things we would eat on the weekend, we spent the rest of our lunch doing my homework, hoping to get it done now so we would have the weekend free.

I only had a couple of classes left after lunch and the last one was with him, so the rest of the day flew past in a blur as I nervously awaited the final bell of the day.

James's classes were eclectic at best, and we followed no chronological order. Sometimes he would be telling us about the civil war, and then world war two, and then he would go on a completely different path, to things that weren't even in the curriculum, and that was what made his classes fun and engaging.

Today was one of those days, apparently.

After we were all seated, he told us the story of the failed Captain Sir John Franklin, and how he took two ships, the Erebus and the Terror, into the arctic circle in search of the famous Northwest Passage.

It was a gruesome story, as soon after getting into the Canadian archipelago, the ships got stuck, and the crews had to endure two brutal winters, in the cold and dark arctic, isolated from the world and with dwindling supplies, as the ice slowly crushed their ships around them.

We all listened, captivated by the stories, as he got to the point where all records stopped. He said no one had survived to tell the rest of the story, but that historian and explorers, along the years, had pieced some of it together.

How the ships had been abandoned by the survivors, and how they had headed south, in search of help. How their supplies had run out, and how when they ran out of food, they resorted to cannibalism, something that the Victorian society of the time though unimaginable.

I shivered in my seat at the idea of eating human flesh, or worse, knowing that when you died, someone would eat you. The idea was both repulsive and incredibly intriguing.

Some, he said, sacrificed themselves when they became too weak to continue, giving their lives so that their teammates would live.

Though in the end it had all been in vain.

When the bell finally rang, we all remained in silence, looking at each other as James leaned against his desk at the front, grinning widely.

It seemed impossible to break that silence, but someone finally did, breaking the spell, and one by one, we all got our things and we started to leave.

I stayed behind, of course, until I was the last and then I looked up at James, suddenly feeling nervous in his presence.

I could suddenly picture him in my mind as one of the men on the expedition, a grim and tough character, prepared to do anything to survive, including eating human flesh. And as I looked at him, I suddenly felt weak and tiny next to him, unable to resist him in any way.

"You okay?" he asked me a moment later.

Unable to speak, I nodded quietly as we arranged for a new pickup point.

It was three blocks away, he said, and once I was ready, I left, feeling strangely relieved to be away from him, if only for a moment.

Leaving my books behind, I headed out, feeling a little better now that I could feel the sun shining down on my skin, and I walked towards my pick up point. It wasn't far, but by the time I got there, the story had become just that, another one of his stories, and I felt much better.

Like always, he stopped quickly and I jumped up before he took off again. A moment later we were heading towards his home, and a weekend together.


This time though, he stopped the truck and I saw the garage door opening in front of us.

"From now on, we get out in the garage, so no one can see us." he said.

I nodded instinctively as he drove forwards, and then the door closed behind us, plunging us into darkness.

Unfazed by it, James got out, leaving me alone in the pickup as I gripped my backpack nervously, but a moment later he turned on the light, and I finally managed to get out.

He was waiting for me by the door, but when I got there, I noticed a big metal cage resting against the wall.

"Ohhh... did... did you have a dog?" I asked, knowing that he didn't have one now.

"No." he simply said as he pointed out the door and into the hallway.

I did as he said, and once in the hallway I looked around, feeling slightly nervous.

"Are you hungry?" he asked me a moment later.

Shaking my head, I touched my stomach. I was way too nervous to eat, but he did grab a couple of crackers and he started eating them as he kicked his shoes off.

"You look tense." he said as he rested his hands on my shoulder, massaging them slowly.

I tried to relax, pushing all my worries away, but it wasn't easy. His touch, though, was impossible to resist and soon I felt myself melting under his hands.

"Take off your shoes and lets go to the couch." he said as he took my back pack away.

Nodding, I slipped my shoes off and I followed him onto the couch.

My backpack was resting on the floor, and he was sitting on the couch crossed legged. When he saw me, he patted his lap, and I slowly climbed on top of him, sitting on top of his legs with my back resting on his chest.

I could feel his breathing, slow and rhythmical against my back as he started caressing my shoulders.

"I want you to relax." he whispered as he started nibbling at my neck, taking little bites from time to time.

The sensation was intoxicating, and as I leaned my neck to the other side, I couldn't help but to start moaning softly.

"Why are you so tense?" he asked me a moment later.

"It's just... I don't know... nothing..." I finally managed to say as he continued nibbling my neck and my shoulders.

"Yes, and I like that." he said offhandedly.

"I am in control, and you obey, remember?" he said as his hands moved from my shoulders and onto my neck.

"Yes..." I whispered as I felt his hands caressing my neck while I moaned softly.

"Remember when we were talking about the civil war"? he asked me a moment later, as his hands left my neck, and he started unbuttoning my shirt.

Unable to speak, I simply nodded, trembling under his touch as he slowly opened up my shirt.

"What was one of the causes for it?" he asked me.

There were many, he had told us, and he always said that things were not as simple as what they looked, but in that case there was only one answer possible, and I knew it.

"Slavery..." I moaned as he undid the last of the buttons on my shirt and he pulled it open, revealing my bra.

"Yes... very good my little bird." he whispered into my ears.

"So, there were masters, who gave the orders and owned the slaves, and then the slaves, who simply obeyed, or faced punishment, right?" he asked me.

I nodded weakly, trembling under his touch.

"Imagine, for a moment, a relationship similar to that." he asked me moment later. "Don't answer, just imagine."

And I did, as best as I could while his hands started massaging my breasts over my bra. I found it incredibly hard to concentrate, but I knew the consequences of failing, so I breathed deeply, and I closed my eyes.

He would give me orders and I would follow then or face the consequences, I said to myself. And then I wondered if that was that much different to what we were already doing.

Shaking my head, I tried to concentrate, but his hands had moved under my bra and were now playing with my nipples, pulling and pinching them softly as I squirmed over his lap.

"A relationship like that, has to be based on trust. Mutual trust." he said a moment later.

And I nodded almost instantly.

"And like in any other relationship, there will be tasks that each part has to do, rewards.... and consequences." he said, putting a heavy emphasis on the last word.

And for a second, I told myself that I knew about those, but my mind told me that I knew nothing, and a shiver ran down my back.

While his left hand continued playing with my breasts, his right one moved lower, over my belly and onto my pants.

Without asking, he unbuttoned them, and he pulled the zipper down, before he pushed his hand into them.

Gasping in shock, I tried to stay still but it was becoming increasingly hard. Soon, his hand had found my pussy, and his fingers started rubbing it over the fabric of my panties.

"I told you that you didn't know what you were getting into, remember?" he said a moment later.

Again, I could only nod as he played with my body.

"And this is it." he said. “If you accept, you become mine, you will have to swear to obey me, to do what I tell you, when I tell you, without hesitation."

His right hand started moving faster and faster, driving me slowly forwards until I could feel my body burning from within.

In the jumbled mess that was my mind, I almost forgot that I wasn't allowed to cum, until suddenly I remembered.

Groaning in frustration, gritted my teeth and tried to relax, even if only a little, as I concentrated on my breathing.

"You can say no, of course, and I will let you go." he added a moment later, his voice barely a whisper. "But know that there is no in between for me."

It should have been impossible to make a decision like that, especially in the state my mind was. But I had already decided my answer, long before he even asked me.

"Yes..." I whispered, my voice low and throaty as I tried to control myself.

"Yes what?" he asked a second later, his voice mocking me.

It took me almost a minute to finally answer, and there were a couple of times where I almost lost control, catching myself at the very last moment.

"Yes, I... I am yours..." I finally managed.

I wanted to beg him for release, for his permission to cum, but I didn't dare to. I knew I couldn't hold on any longer, though, and as I tensed myself for an orgasm knowing well that I would be punished for it, his hands suddenly stopped.

I opened my eyes in surprise, fearing I had done something wrong, but he buried his head in my hair and then took a deep breath.

"You are mine." he said a moment later.

It was a command, one that I would have to obey, and I felt myself shivering as the idea sank into my mind.

"Did you bring you ballet uniform?" he asked a moment later.

Nodding eagerly, I looked at my backpack, but I remained silent.

"Put it on for me." he ordered me.

There was no doubt in my mind, no way I would disobey him, and even though I was still incredibly close to an orgasm, I slowly climbed off his lap, and with wobbly legs I moved towards my backpack.

Then I froze, suddenly unsure.

"Do I change here?" I asked him shyly.

Still looking at me from the couch, he nodded silently as he smiled.

A moment later he got up and he dragged the coffee table that filled the center of the room towards the side, pushing it against the wall, next to me.

Nodding to myself, I started undressing, taking my pants and then my shirt off. Then I unclipped my bra and I pulled it off along with my panties.

Once I was naked, I kneeled next to the coffee table, and I started pulling the clothes from my backpack, searching for my ballet uniform.

I had my back towards him, but I could hear him undressing himself, and the idea filled me with excitement.

Still, I started dressing, slipping my tights on first and then my leotard as I felt his gaze on my back. I wondered if I should leave the skirt off, but in the end, I slipped it on too.

My shoes were last, and I sat on the floor as I slipped them on, lacing them up along my legs in a criss cross, and ending them with a knot.

Once I was ready, I pushed myself up and I finally looked up at him.

He was still sitting on the couch, looking at me with obvious excitement, and wearing only his underwear. He was already hard, though, as I could see the shape of his cock under the tight fabric.

Feeling slightly terrified, I walked towards the center of the room, and I looked at him, awaiting another order.

"Dance for me." he said a moment later, twirling one of his hands in the air.

Suddenly I froze not really knowing what to do, but he was looking at me expectantly, and I swallowed nervously before I started with the basic positions, moving my feet and my arms as best as I remembered.

He seemed satisfied by it, though I knew it had been far from good.

Then, as more and more of what I had learned came back, I started moving more fluently, and as I closed my eyes, I started dancing.

I wasn't following anything in particular, just exercises I had done countless times before, moving my body one way or the other, as I tried to remember the names, though French had never been my forte.

Still, I was dancing for the first time since I left for LA, and as I let myself go, I experienced a joy that I hadn't felt in more than a year. I suddenly realized that teas were streaming down my face, but it didn't matter. I couldn't stop.

Not yet.

Instead, I continued dancing, trying to loosen my limbs as I did, until I felt I was ready.

I danced my way to the center of the room, and once there I pushed up with my legs while I lifted my arms high above my head. Once I was ready, I pushed once more, this time with my toes, until I was balancing on them.

En pointe, as my teacher would say.

I stood like that for a few moments, until my calves and my toes started aching, and then I slowly came down onto my feet.

"It was beautiful, Emily." I heard James saying, and I was suddenly brought back to his living room.

Suddenly I felt silly for dancing without music, and I felt myself blushing as he looked at me.

"Don't be ashamed, that was truly beautiful." he said a moment later, making me blush even harder.

"Come here." he said, and I quickly moved towards the couch.

When he pulled his legs apart, I moved closer, standing between them as he grabbed my back with both his hands. Then he smiled at me and he started running them all over my back and my butt.

Feeling dizzy, I grabbed his shoulders for support, and I stood still as his hands moved in slow circles all over my back.

"I am very proud of you, my little bird." he said a moment later, as his hands started moving deeper into my butt and between my legs.

"Thank you." I answered, drunk in pleasure and joy.

"Get on your knees." he ordered me a moment later.

I found it impossible to resist, even for a second, and before I realized what I was doing, I was kneeling on the floor between his legs, on the same position I was when I sucked his cock for the first time.

Trembling in anticipation, I looked at him and he simply nodded, as there was no need for words.

Pulling his underwear off, I grabbed his cock and I swallowed him into my mouth, savoring the taste and the sensation with a hunger that was almost scary.

Remembering all my practice, I concentrated on pleasing him, taking him as deep as I could before I started blowing him, sucking him in and out as I pumped the base of his cock with my hand.

Soon the room filled with the wet, slurping sound I had heard on all those videos, and above me, James started moaning loudly.

"Fuck, that feels good..." he said as his hands grabbed my head lightly.

Filled with pride, I continued my work, taking him all the way into my mouth before I pulled out, only to swirl my tongue around the tip as I took a quick breath, and then I repeated it all.

Using my free hand, I moved it between his legs, and I cupped his balls, playing softly with them as he started grunting above me. Then I pulled his cock out of my mouth, and I ducked my head between his legs, licking his balls as best as I could.

The texture felt incredibly alien compared to the smoothness of his cock, and they tasted mostly of sweat, but by the way he moved his hips towards me, I knew he liked it, so I continued for a moment before I returned to blowing him.

His hands, meanwhile, started moving over my head as he ran his fingers between my hair, holding me tighter and tighter.

I was terrified he might want to push himself deeper, that I would puke if he tried, but he didn't. Instead, he let me do all the work, until I finally felt him rocking his hips and his breathing became ragged and fast.

I got ready, pulling his cock almost all the way out of my mouth as I sucked on the tip, and just like before I felt him cumming into my mouth, filling it with his seed. It was hot and pungent, like before, but the taste didn't bother me this time.

After he finished cumming, I held him in my mouth for a moment and then I sat back, doing as he had told me.

Looking into his eyes, I opened up my mouth and I showed him his cum as it clung to my tongue. Once he nodded, I swallowed it down in two big gulps, and then I opened my mouth once more, pleased to show him it was gone.

Smiling, he patted my head, and he relaxed into the couch.

Knowing well the consequences of disobedience, I waited patiently by his feet, until he finally started to get up and I moved back, giving him room.

"Come, we have to get you ready." he said as he headed towards the bathroom.

Like before, I started crawling behind him, feeling a strange sense pleasure at the humiliation of being forced to crawl.

James was waiting for me there, looking at me with that mischievous smile he usually wore.

"I really like how that looks on you. You look good enough to eat." he said as I blushed. "But take the leotard and the skirt off. They will get in the way."

Still on the floor, I nodded quickly, dropping my skirt to the floor before I pulled my leotard off.

Wearing only my tights and my shoes I crawled closer to him, until I realized he was holding a pair of handcuffs in his hands.

Suddenly afraid, I stopped, looking at him for any sign, but he simply smiled.

"Stand up and pay attention." he said.

Unable to take my eyes from the cuffs, I pushed myself up and I stood in front of him.

"I really like anal sex." he said as a matter of fact.

Swallowing nervously, I remembered the videos I had seen, and while some had been terrifying as the girls in them were constantly screaming in pain, others were more gentle, and I could see them enjoying it.

"The problem is that it is a bit messy, so I will introduce you to something I also like." he said as he grabbed one of my hands.

He closed one of the cuffs around it and then he pulled me along, until I was standing in front of the bathtub.

"Bend over and grab the handhold." he ordered next.

There was a steel handhold bolted to the wall, and despite my growing fear, I bent over at my waist, and I grabbed the handhold, only for him to pass the free cuff over it. Before I could react, he closed it around my other hand, trapping me in that position.

"Don't move." he ordered me next, and a second later I heard a loud metallic sound that made me jump.

But I couldn't stop myself and I looked behind me. He was holding a pocket knife in one hand as he moved towards me.

Suddenly terrified, I started pulling from the cuffs, desperately trying to free myself, but I only managed to hurt myself.

Instead, he simply laughed at me as he laid one hand in my butt.

"I am not going to hurt you, relax." he said. "Though I insist, don't move."

And despite the terror that was slowly bulging up inside of me, I believed him.

Frozen in place, I closed my eyes and I waited as he pinched my tights and then pulled back, only to make a single long cut along them.

"There, now we can fuck while you wear your tights." he said sounding satisfied. "Though that is for later."

A moment later he simply pulled my tights down, exposing my butt. I could feel my pussy, now exposed, dripping slowly from my previous arousal.

Ashamed, I tried to hide it, but tied as I was, it was imposable.

"As I said, I love anal sex, but it is kind of messy." he said as I heard him working behind me, and this time I didn't dare to look back.

"The solution, though, is simple." he said as he opened the faucet.

He kept it running for a whole minute before closing it up again, and then he moved towards me.

"Do you know what an enema is?" he asked me as I saw him hanging a big, red bag filled with water from the curtain rod.

Shaking my head, I retuned my eyes to my hands, trying to calm myself.

"An enema is a way to clean your bowels... your ass, if you will." he said calmly as he worked above me.

"Basically, this bag is full of water, that I am going to pump into your ass, cleaning you up, and then your ass will be nice and clean, and we can have anal sex without having to deal with the messy part."

As I looked up the bag, it looked impossibly big, and I thought that there was no way all that water would fit inside of me, but he didn't seem to notice my raising panic.

Instead, I saw him connect a small clear hose to it, that ended in a small rounded bulb.

"I..." I said before I stopped myself.

James looked at me, his face curious, maybe wondering if I would dare to say anything, but I remained quiet.

"Anyway, it might be a little uncomfortable, but it shouldn't hurt, so try to relax." he said.

A moment later he moved behind me, and I heard him spiting.

A big blob of saliva landed between my butt cheeks and a moment later he smeared it over my asshole, before pushing slowly into it with his thumb. The pressure increased slowly as he started moving in a small circle, until it finally popped into me.

It was more uncomfortable than painful, but it only added to my growing fear.

Then, without warning he pulled out and he replaced with his finger with something bigger. The bulb I thought as he started pushing it in.

"Relax. The more you fight, the more it hurts." he told me as he caressed my butt with his free hand.

Meanwhile, he kept pushing the bulb in, harder and harder, stretching my asshole until it became painful, but despite my resistance, it soon popped into me.

Once it was in, he let it go, and almost in reflex I tried to push it out, clenching my ass hard, but I couldn't. Frustrated, I tried it again, but it was somehow stuck.

"It will feel strange at first." he told me a moment later. "Try to relax."

Before I could do anything else, I felt something rushing inside of my body. It was warm, and not all that unpleasant. It remained me of the times he had cummed inside of me, but unlike his cum, this came in much faster and it truly seemed go on forever.

A minute later I could feel it moving deeper and deeper into me, and the sensation became much more uncomfortable. I could feel the pressure inside of me increasing too, and soon I was squirming in pain as my knees grew weaker under me.

"Shhhh..." James said as he caressed my back.

But another minute passed, and the water kept flowing into me. Looking up, I saw the bag, looking impossibly big still and I gritted my teeth as sudden, painful cramp rocked my body.

Another minute and the water kept flowing. I felt full and bloated, to the point that I feared I would simply explode.

Terrified, I looked down at my belly, gasping at the sight.

Now filled with water, my belly hung impossibly big, almost as if I were pregnant, and when another cramp rocked my body, my mind had enough.

"Please... stop.... no more..." I pleaded as I tried to keep the pain from my voice.

"Shhhh... it's almost over." James said instead.

I was sweating hard by then, trembling from the pain and my knees felt so weak that I feared I would simply collapse onto the floor.

Please, no more, I pleaded, though this time inside my head.

And this time my prayer was answered.

"There." I heard James saying and a moment later as the flow of water slowly stopped.

"Now you just have to hold it." he said, without telling me for how long.

But the pain was increasing and the cramps were coming closer and closer, until they became unbearable.

Once more I pulled from the cuffs but they held firm, and as tears started forming in my eyes, I couldn't help myself. Looking down once more I saw my belly, even bigger than before, jiggling like gelatin.

I wanted to plead for mercy, but I didn't dare, too afraid of what the punishment might be next time.

Then I felt James's hand moving again, moving tenderly in circles over my back before he moved to lower, towards my butt, and then lower again, moving between my legs until he found my pussy.

Despite the agony I was feeling, I was still aroused from before, and as his fingers started moving between my lips, I couldn't help but gasp in shock.

Wasting no time, he pushed one finger inside of me, and then a second, and then he started pumping them slowly, driving me mad with pleasure.

My mind couldn't comprehend what was happening to my body, and soon pain and pleasure mixed into one until I couldn't tell them apart, and I simply started praying silently, not sure what I was praying for.

How long he held me like that, I don't know, but by the time it was over I was crying and moaning in pleasure t the same time. I was confused, and though I wanted the pain to stop, I didn't want his hand to go away.

"It's time." James said a moment later, pulling his fingers away, and I was left feeling strangely empty despite my bloated belly.

"When I pull the plug, you have to squeeze tight, otherwise you are going to make a mess." he said as he released me from the cuffs.

With his hand gone, so was the pleasure I was feeling, and the pain returned in force.

I tried to stand up, but the moment I tried, a powerful cramp ran through my body, making me cry in pain and I could barely hold on to the handhold as I gritted my teeth.

"Ready"? James asked me a moment later, and even thorough the haze of pain that filled my mind I nodded.

A second later I felt him tugging and the plug popped out of my asshole. I squeezed hard, desperate not to fail, and for a moment I thought I wouldn't be able to hold it in, but somehow I managed.

Then I felt James's hands on mine as he helped me, and slowly, I backed up into the toilet.

Sitting down was pure agony, and finally I had enough. The moment my butt landed on the seat I finally relaxed and everything came rushing out.

I gasped in shock as I felt the water leaving my body in a powerful jet, oblivious to the fact that James was holding my hand as he caressed my hair.

And then it was over, and I heard James flushing the toilet for me before he gave me a towel to dry myself up.

I felt weak and dizzy, but I did manage to clean myself up, and once it was over I looked at my belly, marveling at the fact that it was back to normal.

I felt strange, empty somehow, but there was more to it and I couldn't find word to explain it.

James took my hand once more and he helped me up. Then he pulled my tights up, and before I could realize what he was doing, he cuffed both my hands in front of my body.

I looked at him searching for mercy, but I found none in his eyes.

He was looking at me with hunger in his eyes, and as I shivered under his gaze, he grabbed the cuffs and he pulled me along towards his bedroom.

The last time I had been there, he had made love to me. It had been tender and soft, everything I wanted and more, but this time I knew it wouldn't.

This time he was going to fuck me.

As I crossed the door I felt myself shivering in anticipation, and knowing he was going to fuck my ass only added to it.

He guided me toward the bed, pushing me against until I fell backwards. Then he crawled over me, and grabbing my cuffs, he pulled me up along the mattress, until my hands touched the headboard.

"Don't move." he said as he crawled down along my body.

Trembling in anticipation, I did my best to remain still as he grabbed my legs in one hand, holding them up with ease.

Using his free hand, he grabbed his cock and he started rubbing it over my pussy. After the pain from the enema, the sensation was intoxicating and I readied myself for his cock, wanting him to fill my pussy, but his cock instead moved lower, until I felt it pressing into my asshole.

"The more you tense, the more it will hurt." he said as he pressed lightly.

But it was impossible to relax, I told myself. The handcuffs were on too tight and I could feel them cutting my wrists every time I moved, my ass was still sore from the enema and the position, with my legs high up in the air, was far from comfortable.

I wanted to scream in frustration, but I didn't. I had no time.

The pressure against my asshole increased once more, and then without warning I felt it give in and James's cock slipped inside of me with surprising ease.

There was no pain, not then at least, but instead a strange sensation of fullness similar to the one I had with the enema, only much softer.

Then he pressed harder, burying himself deeper and deeper into my asshole.

The sensation was strange, and deeply uncomfortable, but soon I felt his hips slamming against my butt and I opened my eyes.

James's was looking at me, his face filled with satisfaction as I squirmed under his body.

Then he simply pulled out, and he started fucking me. There was no warning, no fore play, one moment his cock filled my asshole and the other he was fucking me hard, slamming his hips against my butt with every thrust.

Pain exploded in my asshole, much more that what I thought possible, and though I tried to, I couldn't stop myself from crying in agony.

"Aaaarghhhhh!" I screamed as I felt him savagely pounding into my asshole.

Soon I was crying hard, and tears were streaming down my face as I started sobbing.

But if I expected mercy, I found none, as James simply ignored my screams, continuing his assault.

Trapped under his weight, I could only squirm in agony, as my body became hotter and hotter, and sweat pouring down my body until I was soaking in it.

But I was still aroused from before, and as I tried to relax the pain became less and less powerful. Like before, pain and pleasure mixed until I couldn't tell them apart, and soon I could feel my body responding to his assault.

It was slow, but I had been very close to an orgasm, and before I knew it I felt my arousal growing inside off me, to the point that I became desperate to cum. I didn't have his permission though, and I was afraid to even ask.

I endured as best as I could, but once my body got used to the sensation, I started to enjoy it, and soon I was moaning with every thrust of his cock.

"Do you want to cum, my little bird?" he asked me a moment later.

"Yes... please... I want... let me..." I managed in between moans of pleasure.

James's managed to smile wickedly as he picked up his pace, and only then I saw him nodding slowly.

Afraid he would cum before me, I closed my eyes and I concentrated on his cock and the feeling coursing through my body, but it wasn't easy.

I wanted to touch myself, to play with my pussy, or even to touch him, but I didn't dare take my hands off the headboard.

It was maddeningly slow, but I started rocking my hips, trying to get as much pleasure as I could, until suddenly I felt James tensing and he started grunting.

"Noooo, I am not ready..." I pleaded desperately, but he didn't listen.

Suddenly he collapsed on top of me, burying his cock all the way inside of me again, and then he came. Jet after jet of cum filled my bowels as I looked up at him in disbelief.

Once it was over, he simply pulled out, and I gasped in shock as I felt my asshole gapping open as his cum dribbled out of me and onto the bed.

My orgasm slowly faded away, and as I looked up at him, I felt betrayed.

"I said you could cum, not that you would, little bird." he said as he looked at my sex.

Suddenly ashamed, I tried to cross my legs but he simply pulled them apart, leaving me even more exposed than before.

Giving me a lewd look, he shook his head slowly.

"Never cover yourself up in my presence." he said, and I nodded eagerly, afraid on a new punishment.

James looked at me for a few minutes as his cum continued to dribble out of me, and then he smiled.

"I am hungry." he said as he rubbed his belly.

Then he rolled of the bed, leaving me there as he searched for a fresh pair of underwear on the dresser, and once he was dressed, he told me to follow him.

With that, he left, leaving me on the bed, wearing my ripped tights and my ballets shoes, and with my hands still tied together.

Feeling frustrated, I rolled over slowly, as my ass felt sore and sticky, and then I kneeled on the floor, only to realize that I wouldn't be able to crawl with my hands tied, not on all four at least.


When I finally managed to get to the kitchen, James was cooking and the smell of steak filled the kitchen, making my mouth water.

I didn't know what to do, and he simply ignored me, so I simply kneeled by the door, trying to stop myself from drooling. I was very hungry, apparently, and as James moved around the kitchen with practiced ease I became more and more hungry.

I could see him making a salad, two steaks, and finally a sauce once they were ready.

Then he served the table for two, taking a bottle of wine and two glasses, but he still ignored me.

Confused, I looked at my hands, wondering when he would take my handcuffs off. I didn't mind eating half naked, but I wouldn't be able to eat cuffed like that.

"Hungry?" he asked me a moment later.

I nodded eagerly as he offered me his hand.

Using it as support, I managed to get up, and then he led me to the table, pulling the chair for me and pushing it in once I was seated, but the handcuffs remained.

He had made us a steak each, a green salad and a red looking sauce that was making my mouth water. But it was then that I noticed that there was only one knife and one fork.

"I...." I started before he shook his head.

"Ohhh, of course... silly me." he said as he laughed. Then he started cutting up my steak, until the biggest piece was bite sized, and he started eating himself.

"Do you want some wine?" he said as he poured me half a glass.

After that, he once again ignored me, though I could see him smiling as he looked at my confusion.

Assuming I was supposed to eat with my hands, I grabbed a small piece of meat, dipped it in the sauce and I took it to my mouth. The handcuffs didn't help, but I managed. The salad was harder, but I still managed myself.

We ate in silence. I was concentrated on keeping the mess to a minimum but eating with my hands like that made it almost impossible, and James mischievous smile didn't help either.

This time the wine was a little easier to drink than last time, though, and as I finished my plate, I realized I had also finished my glass.

Despite my efforts, my hands and my face were a mess, though, dripping with sauce, meat juices and the salad dressing.

I felt silly as I looked around for a napkin to clean myself, but there was only one in the table, and it was on his side.

He was looking at me, though, and having no other option, I started licking my fingers until my hand were as clean as I could get them.

Only then did he smile, leaning back into his chair.

"How was it?" he asked me nonchalantly. 

I stopped only for a second, still savoring the meat.

"Amazing..." I said. "The best meat I ever ate... juicy, tender..."

He tilted his head in my direction as he leered at me.

I was wearing my ballet tights, thought they were now ripped at my crotch and covered in stains, and my shoes, but nothing else, and I could feel his eyes slowly savoring my body.

"It's Friday night, so what do you say I takes those clothes off, we take a shower together and then we return to the bed.?" he asked me.

"Yes... I would love that." I said as I nodded slowly, smiling as I imagined what might come.


The next morning, I woke up sore and feeling exhausted. My body was sticky and in between my legs I could feel the remains of his cum, now dry.

I was also wearing the handcuffs, but nothing else.

James was snoring behind me, oblivious to the fact that I desperately needed to pee, so I slipped off the bed as quietly as I could and went to the bathroom.

After peeing, I stopped in front of the mirror and I looked at my body.

There were bite mark on my breasts, light ones, but deep enough that I could make out the shape of his teeth. I also had a hickie on my neck, right under my left ear, and my face was a mess.

But despite all that, I remembered last night, and I couldn't help but smile. The anal sex had been painful at first, but it hadn't been all that bad at the end, even if I hadn't managed to cum.

Taking a shower together had been a new and exciting experience, and once we were back on the bed, he made love to me for what felt like hours, until I simply collapsed on the bed, too exhausted to even cum again.

Only then did he stop, and like that first night, he had pressed his body against my back and together we had fallen asleep.

I still felt tired, but it didn't matter I told myself as I pirouetted in front of the mirror.

Then I returned to the bed, where James was waiting.

He was completely naked, and seeing his cock hard again, made me blush.

"I had too pee." I said defensibly, almost afraid.

"I imagined." he said, sounding unconcerned. "Come here."

He patted the bed next to him, and without hesitating I laid down once more, right next to him.

"I was thinking, that despite the obvious appeal of staying in bed all day with you, we might go shopping for some things." he said as he started playing with my nipples.

"Things?" I asked shyly.

"Yes, I was thinking some lingerie for you, some new clothes, maybe a few toys..." he said offhandedly.

I nodded without hesitation, excited at the idea of new clothes, but also of going shopping with him.

"We will have to go to LA though, someone might recognize us here." he added.

And once more I simply nodded.

With that, he grabbed the keys to the handcuff from the nightstand, and he pulled them off for the first time since yesterday evening.

My wrists were sore, and I had a couple of red marks around them that would be hard to cover up.

"Go take a shower and then change into something nice, we better leave soon." he ordered me.

Smiling, I jumped of the bed and then I stood at attention like a soldier.

"Yes, sir!" I said smiling.

Then I took off running, before he could catch me.


After the shower, I got dressed and we jumped into his truck. It was still early, but we would have to drive two hours to get to LA, just to get away from anyone that might knows us. It was long and tedious, but we spent the time chatting or listening to music, and I enjoyed it too.

Once we arrived at the mall though, I kept looking around all the time, half expecting someone to recognize us, though luckily, we never saw a familiar face.

Instead, we started walking through the mall, holding hands, knowing that if anyone saw us, we would look like a father and daughter.

I couldn't kiss him, off course, but we could hug each other, and I felt happy just walking along the mall with him.

He had a plan, though, we weren't there just to look around.

After looking around a bit, he found a shop that he liked and he took me in, so that I could buy some lingerie.

The employee that came to greet us, looked at James distrustfully at first, especially once I told her the lingerie was for me. But after telling her I was 16, and that it was for my boyfriend, I pushed James outside, and she started showing me what she had.

There was so much to choose from, that it was dizzying at first, and I wanted James to be there for me, to choose them for me, but of course he couldn't.

Instead, I choose a couple of lacy sets in various colors, some more revealing than others, and then a garter belt and a couple of pantyhose.

Then I asked James for his credit card, and I paid with it, before leaving with 2 bags full of lingerie.

Our next stop was the opposite. I couldn't even enter, and instead I waited outside as James went into a sexshop. He was inside for a while, and when he came out, holding a big cardboard box under his arm, I was suddenly afraid.

By then it was noon, and we decided to eat something in the food court. I chose McDonald's, and he chose a pizza, and together we ate talking about the people we saw around us and inventing stories about them.

Then we decided to take another look around, and James stopped in front of a tattoo shop.

I looked at him with trepidation, but he told me to wait outside as he headed in. A few minutes later he came back holding a little paper bag and wearing a smile.

I didn't dare ask him what he got, and instead I followed him once more, though it was getting late by then, and we decided to go back.

The trip back to his home was long, and I was getting tired. I hadn't slept well the night before, and I couldn't stop myself from falling asleep halfway through. I woke up as the garage door closed behind us, drool drying on my shirt.

I apologized, but James dismissed it with a smile, saying that I would need the energy that night.

A queasy feeling filled my stomach as I grabbed my bags from the back, and then he told me to go ahead as he took down the box, he had picked up at the sex shop.

I wanted to stay and look at what he had bought, but I knew better than to disobey. The last I saw of it as I crossed the door, was him putting it on the small workbench.

Instead, I headed into the kitchen and I made us some sandwiches as I waited for him.

We ate in silence, just enjoying each other's company, but I was anxious. That box and its contents weighed heavy in my mind. I ate fast, much faster than him, and when I finished, I rested my hands in my lap, waiting for him.

"You shouldn't eat so fast..." he said as he took another bite of his sandwich."This is very good, by the way."

"But, since you finished, there is a present for you over the bed. Go and put it on, and then come back." he said.

Nodding eagerly, I got up and then I stopped, suddenly unsure of the rules. Could I walk now, or did I always had to crawl in the house?

I looked at him for an answer, but he simply looked back, wearing a look of puzzled innocence.

Deciding to play it safe, I got on my knees and I crawled away towards the room.

"Smart move, little bird." I heard him saying as I left the kitchen.

Once in the bedroom, I found a small package with a uniform in it. "Slutty Schoolgirl" the package read, and when I opened it up I found a red plaid skirt, a white shirt, and a matching plaid tie.  Finally, there was another, smaller package, with some white pantyhose.

There was nothing else in the package, and as I looked at them nervously, I started undressing. There were no panties, so I took mine off, and I decided not to wear any.

The skirt was so short that it should have been considered a belt. It barely reached down my butt, and if I bent over it would show everything to anyone behind me.

The shirt wasn't much better either. There were no buttons, but the picture showed the model just tying it down on the front. I was more of a big bra than a shirt, though, and the fabric was so sheer that I could see my nipples under them. The pantyhose was next, and I slipped them easily over my legs, until the white fabric reaches just above my knees.

And finally, there was the tie. It came already tied, which was good because I had no idea how to do a proper knot, and as I slipped it over my head I started trembling.

To me it felt like a leash, and I was pretty sure that was the idea.

Once I was dressed, I took a quick look at myself in the mirror, and decided that I needed to add something.

My backpack was still by the bed, and from it I took my cheap red lipstick and a couple of red hair ties. I applied the lipstick it liberally, covering my lips in a thick coat that somehow look good with the uniform, and then I decided to tie my hair into two ponytails, at either side of my head.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I turned around slowly, remembering the title on the package.

"I look like a slut..." I said out loud.

But when I did, instead of feeling the pain that I had felt when Natalie said it, I felt myself smiling with a strange sense of pride.

Swallowing nervously, I got on all fours and I crawled back to the kitchen, where James had cleared the kitchen.

I couldn't see well from the floor, but I could see a bottle of alcohol, and a packet of gauze in it, which wasn't very comforting.

Regardless, I moved towards him as he pulled his legs apart, telling myself that maybe he just wanted another blowjob.

Once I was between his legs, he pulled my chin up and he looked into my eyes as he smiled evilly.

"When we were at the mall, I thought it was time to give you some piercings, something nice." he said.

I had my ears pierced since I was a baby, and even then I had some simple pearls on, so I didn't understand what he meant, not until he moved his hand towards me and he undid the knot that held my shirt closed.

"These ones will hurt a little at first, but they will become very useful in the future." he said.

And then I understood perfectly what he wanted.

A shiver ran down my body as I tried to imagine how painful it would be, but the answer was pretty obvious, and it was a lot.

Ignoring me, James started playing with my nipples, pulling and pinching them until I was wincing from the pain.

"I have to disinfect you first, thought." he said.

He never asked me if I wanted them, he simply told me I would get them and that was that. It felt... humiliating, as if my opinion didn't really mattered, but then I told myself it didn't, I had sworn to him that I was his, so why would it?

Besides, how painful could it be? Plenty of girls had their nipples pierced, I told myself.

Trying to relax, as I was starting to learn that being tense only made pain worse, I waited as he dabbed a piece of gauze in alcohol, and then he used it to clean my breasts.

It stung, a lot, and suddenly I was terrified. If the alcohol hurt, the piercings would be much worse.

But James was still ignoring me. He worked silently, laying a kitchen towel over his leg, and arranging all the tools over it.

There were a couple of long, thick needles, a set of strangle looking pliers that had rings on the tip, and then two piercings.

They were straight, with a single steel ball on either end. They looked much too big, I thought as I looked at them, but I was much more worried about the needles. Those looked huge.

Once he had everything set, James used the gauze to clean me up once more. It stung again, but I could hardly feel it that time, as a moment later he grabbed the pliers and he opened them up in front of me.

"Don't move." he said as he grabbed my nipple.

Even if I would have dared to disobey him, I was frozen in terror as I watched him moving, almost in slow motion. I couldn't even look away, which only made it worse.

Ignoring my raising panic, he pulled from my nipple a little more, and then he closed the pliers over them. The pain wasn't so bad, I thought for a second, before he squeezed them hard, and I heard them clicking closed.

It felt as if he had simply crushed my nipple, and I couldn't avoid jumping in pain as I gritted my teeth, desperate not to scream.

But James continued to ignore me.

Instead, he took one of the needles, and without wasting time he stabbed it into my nipple, piercing it from one side to the other in the middle of the pliers.

I was in so much pain already that I barely felt the needle. Instead, I started sweating as my body started to feel feverish, and I suddenly felt dizzy.

Meanwhile, James worked quietly, pulling the needle almost all the way through, and then he slipped one end of the piercing into the needle before he pulled them together, threading them into my flesh.

Once that was done, the threaded the ball onto the free end and he finally opened the pliers.

Still frozen in place, I looked as my nipple turned from white to a pale pink, and then into red as I started bleeding. It wasn't much, but I was terrified and still in pain, and I had never liked blood all that much to begin with.

Soon I was breathing hard, and I had to close my eyes.

A moment later though, I felt James cleaning up my nipple with what I assumed was more gauze, though there was no alcohol involved this time.

He held it to my nipple for a minute, until the pain started to fade away, leaving a dull throbbing sensation that made me squirm.

When he finally pulled the gauze away, I couldn't help but to look at it.

The piercing looked huge, and though I had stopped bleeding, my nipple was still swollen and very tender.

I had to admit, though, that it looked good, and I felt a strange sense of pride about it.

The left one was next, and it hurt, though maybe not as much as the first one.

By the time it was over though, I was sweating hard, and both my nipples felt sore and tender.

Once he was done, James cleaned my breasts one more time as I winced in pain, and then he put everything away as I waited on the floor, still kneeling in front of his chair.

"Come." he said, as he headed towards the living room.

I followed him closely, and once we reached the living room he pointed at the center of the room, where I had danced the night before.

"You did good, I am very proud of you, my little bird." he said as he started moving in a slow circle around me. "I think those will prove very useful in the future, too."

"Time for another lesson, though." he said a moment later, stopping in front of me.

"Fold your legs under you and put your arms behind your back." he ordered.

"That's it, now push your chest out a little more, and look straight ahead." he continued as I tried to follow his command. "Better."

"Whenever you are waiting for my command, you will assume this position, is that clear?" he said.

I nodded eagerly, feeling exposed and vulnerable as he looked at my freshly pierced nipples.

Then he started moving around me once more, making me tremble in fear every time he went behind me. He did it a few times, his eyes exploring my body with every turn, until suddenly he stopped by the couch, and he undressed himself.

His cock was already hard, and at the mere sight of it I felt my mouth flooding with saliva.

I expected him to stop in front of me, but instead he returned to his rounds, walking slowly around me as I waited patiently. Wondering what awaited me next.

"Stop fidgeting." he ordered me a moment later.

If not for his command, I wouldn't even have noticed it, but I was. I was uncomfortable in that position, and I kept moving from one side to the other, trying to give my legs a rest.

Once more, he kept walking around me as the anticipation started to become arousal, and I could feel my pussy, exposed by the position I was in, getting wet.

And then he simply stopped, though not in front of me, but behind.

I felt him kneel behind me and then his hands rested on my shoulders.

"Grab my cock." he said, and I reached behind me until I found it.

Without having to be told I started stroking it, though the position didn't allow me much movement.

Meanwhile, James tilted my head to one side before he started sucking my neck, nibbling at it almost tenderly.

His free hand, however, soon found my breasts and he started kneading them. I winced in pain under his touch, but I didn't dare to complain.

We continued like that for a while. Me pumping his cock, and him sucking at my neck while he played with my breasts and then with my tender nipples, pulling from my piercings until I had to grit my teeth.

Behind me, I could hear his breathing becoming faster and more ragged, as his touch became more urgent and forceful.

Then his free hand moved around my neck, grabbing my necktie, and twisting it behind me.

I gasped in shock, too terrified to move, as he soon started pulling from it, harder and harder, until he started choking me with it.

Then he simply got up, still holding the tie, and lifting me off the floor and into the air.

I pushed my legs down, desperate to support my weight on them, but he was much faster than me, and it took me a second to regain my footing. I was dangling from my tie, unable to breath and terrified of it.

But soon he released me, dropping my tie between by breasts as I stood trembling under his gaze.

But despite what he had just done, he was smiling warmly at me, almost tenderly. My mind became a jumbled mess of emotions as I could still feel the necktie closing around my neck.

"Come, I think you earned something." he said as he took my hand.

I followed behind him, too terrified to ask what, but I needn't have worried, as once we arrived to his bedroom, he made love to me like on our first night.

He was slow and patient, giving me time to enjoy the sensations running through my body as he ate my pussy, playing with my sore breasts tenderly as I moaned loudly in pleasure. Once I was soaking wet, he pushed his cock into me and he made love to me, just as he had said.

Pinned under him I wrapped my legs around him and I tried to bring him closer to me, lost in the indescribable sensation that were assaulting my mind.

When it became too much I simply told him so, and he pulled out, giving me time to recover.

Sometimes we would simply lay on the bed as he caressed me, other times I would play with his cock, wanting him in me but knowing that if he did I would finally cum. Once I took him into my mouth, my juices still dripping from his cock.

A week ago the idea would have sounded disgusting to me, but now it was incredibly arousing to taste myself on his cock.

Then he would push himself inside of me once more, until finally I lost control and I came. The world became hazy in an instant, and the last I remember was him screaming hoarsely into the air as he came inside of me.


When I woke up the next day, I opened my eyes slowly, feeling extremely tired and sore all over my body.

James was looking at me from across the bed, his head resting on his hand. His smile was unnerving to me, though I didn't know why, and as the previous night memories started coming back, I shuddered in pleasure.

"Hello, little bird..." he said.

Unable to speak, I blushed hard, my face burning under his gaze.

"I have been watching you for a while." he said a moment later, extending his hand towards my breasts.

His fingers brushed my nipples and I started shivering as I gasped silently.

"I was so hungry that I wanted to take a bite out of you, though." he said.

"Maybe from your breasts, or your cute little ass... a little bit of thigh, grilled...." he continued as I felt myself becoming wet.

The idea was ridiculous of course, but I couldn't stop myself from thinking about it, and I remembered the story he had told us last Friday, and I shuddered at the idea of him eating me.

I was covered in bite marks, though. And as I looked at myself I saw my arms, my breasts and my belly all covered in his bruises and bite marks.

He almost ate me last night, I thought as a shudder ran down my back.

"I...." I said before my voice turned into a low moan.

He remained silent though, just looking at me as I felt my pussy dripping between my legs.

The more I thought about last night, the more aroused I became, until slowly I felt my body starting to burn from within.

Before I realized what I was doing, one of my hands moved between my legs and I started playing with myself. I knew the danger of angering him all too well, and though I hadn't asked for permission, I simply couldn't stop myself.

James, meanwhile, just laid there, licking his lips slowly and deliberately as he looked at my breasts.

A moan escaped my mouth a moment later, and then another one as my arousal grew inside of me.

Despite how crazy it sounded, I felt my orgasm approaching as my body tensed and my breathing became fast and ragged.

Then James moved closer to me, his eyes never leaving me, and a sudden urgency filled me. My hand started moving much faster as I pushed two and then three fingers inside of me, pumping them in and out of me in desperation.

James, finally, decided to move as he leaned over my left breast and he started sucking on it. He was gentle at first and I could feel his tongue running all over it, swirling around my nipple and gently pulling from my piercing with his teeth.

But his gentleness didn't last for long.

Soon he started biting me, soft at first, and then harder and harder, until I could feel his teeth digging into my flesh as if he were really trying to eat me.

It was excruciating, and I truly thought he would just rip my breast off with his teeth.

Then, without warning, I came. My body tensed so hard that I couldn't breathe, and I felt myself gritting my teeth as I desperately tried to fight back. Lights exploded in front of me, and my ears started ringing from the strain, until suddenly I couldn't take it anymore, and I simply passed out.


When I came back, James was nibbling softly on my breast, and I looked at him suddenly ashamed and afraid he would punish me.

He didn't seem too concerned though.

Instead, he got up, smiling at me, and after putting on some underwear, he looked at his cell phone.

"I think there is still time for breakfast, what do you say?" he said as if nothing had happened. "Pancakes?"

I nodded stupidly, too stunned to say anything, and he simply left, leaving me alone on the bed.

After a few minutes I managed to calm down enough that my mind started functioning again, if only a bit slower than usual, and with that I rolled over on the bed and I managed to sit on the edge.

I was still naked, obviously, except for the tie still around my neck.

Everything hurt, and I meant everything, from the top of my head to my toes, my whole body hurt, and I was also exhausted.

Despite it all, I managed to get up from the bed and I made my way towards the bathroom, moving almost drunkenly along the short hallway.

Once there I looked at myself in the mirror, amazed at the amount of marks that covered every inch of my body. His teeth, clearly visible in most of them.

The worst was my left breast, though, which was just one big bruise. It looked so bad that I didn't even dare to touch it, convinced I would pass out from the pain.

But as I looked at myself, the memory came back. Of me masturbating wildly while James... chewed on my breast, and how good it had felt to imagine him eating me.

It was then that I noticed the smell of cooking meat, and my stomach rumbled inside my belly.

A moment later I shook my head, too tired to continue thinking, and instead I went into the kitchen.

Once I got there, I remembered that I was supposed crawl, and to kneel as I waited for him, but thankfully he was busy cooking and he didn't see me.

My body felt stiff and painful as I kneeled on the cold tiled floor, but I didn't want to test my luck any further, and instead I waited patiently as he cooked what appeared to be pancakes and bacon.

James seemed happy to ignore me as he cooked, something that he seemed to enjoy, and once more, he set the table with two plates, but only silverware for one.

Once he was seated, he looked at me and he pointed at the chair, and this time I did remember to crawl my way towards it, getting up only for me to sit on it.

He had cut my pancakes and my bacon into small bites like before, and as I looked at the food in front of me with hunger, he finally spoke to me.

"Maple syrup"? he asked me.

I nodded eagerly, trying to remember the last time I had the real thing, and he poured a generous portion over my cakes before he placed the jar on the table.

I was about to grab a piece when I noticed him dangling the handcuffs in one hand.

Confused, I gave him one hand and he cuffed it tight, before he twisted my other arm behind my back and he cuffed my wrists together.

I stopped for a second, even more confused than before, but he simply looked at me patiently.

"Do you want more syrup"? he asked me.

I shook my head quickly, looking at the already messy plate in front of me, but my hunger won out.

Leaning over it, I did my best to grab a bite without making a mess, but it was impossible Maple syrup ended dripping from my nose and my chin as I chewed my first bite.

It was humiliating, I thought as I swallowed and then tried to clean myself up with my tongue. But it was pointless, and once more, hunger won me over and I started eating, annoyed by the mess, but trying to ignore it as best as I could.

It took me a while, but I did manage to finish my plate while James looked, with an amused smile on his face the whole time.

By then, I had maple syrup all over my face, on my breasts and my thighs.

"Bit of a mess, eh?" he said as he laughed, but I didn't feel like laughing.

I wanted to wash off, to get the sticky fluid off of me, but I remained seated until he finished eating, and then as he picked up the table, carrying everything to the sink.

Then he stopped in next to me, looking into my eyes as I pleaded silently at him.

"Time for a shower, I think." he said. "Stay."

With that he left, and a moment later I heard the shower turning on.

When he returned, he motioned me to get up, and then he simply picked me up before he carried me out to the kitchen and into the bathroom as if I were his bride on our first night.

Then he gently lowered me into the already half full bathtub, and he bathed me slowly, cleaning off my body before he helped me duck under the water. Then he washed my face and my hair, a sensation that was strangely comforting despite the fact that my cuffs were on too tight.

After draining the water, he filled the tub once more, and he washed me all over again, until my whole body was wrinkly and slightly pink.

With his help I got up, and he dried me up using a big fluffy towel, drying my hair as best as he could.

"I should get a hair drier." he said apologizing for the lack of one, but I didn't care much.

I was enjoying the sensation of him bathing me way too much, but soon it was over, and I followed him into his bedroom once more.

Only then he released me, undoing the handcuffs before he dropped them on the bed.

Once I was free, I rubbed my sore wrist and I watched him as he put on some jeans and a blue shirt.

Then I remembered our trip, and I opened one of my shopping bags, and I grabbed a red, lacy bra and its matching panties, before I slipped into it. I could still see the shape of my new piercings under it, but after I slipped on a white shirt they disappeared completely, which was a great relief.

Instead of pants, I grabbed a dark, green skirt from my backpack, and then I put on my shoes.

James was waiting for me, and after giving me a quick kiss, he told me I could leave some of the bags at his place, for which I was grateful. It would have been hard to explain if my mom found all of it, but I did grab a couple of matching sets of underwear to take home.

Slightly disappointed that I had to leave, I followed him into the garage, noticing once more the big, metal cage that was there, and wondering why he had it.

Then I climbed onto his truck and we left.


We didn't talk on the drive to my apartment, and like before, he left me a couple of blocks away after kissing me softly and telling me to take care.

But once he was gone, I felt sad and lonely.

The walk home was miserable, and once I got there my mom was sleeping soundly, so I went into my room.

I locked the door, dropped my backpack onto the floor and then I threw myself into my bed, wishing it was his.

We had spent less than 48 hours together. But so much had happened, so many emotions and new experiences, that it felt much longer.

Feeling anguished, I rolled over, burying my face against my pillow and I started sobbing softly, wishing I could be with him once more.


When Monday finally arrived, I was exhausted and afraid. I made my way to school, taking the bus and thinking of what might happen, but the more I did, the more it depressed me.

I was hoping to talk to James before my classes started, but I got there a little late, and instead I had to go straight into my first class. Time dragged on slowly, and by the time lunch came I was feeling even more depressed than before.

Almost dragging my feet, I made it to his classroom, and I entered, closing the door behind me.

James was smiling when I entered, but the moment he saw me his face filled with concern and he came rushing towards me, pulling me to one side and hugging me.

The weight of his arms around me, his smell, the fact that he had looked concerned, all helped me feel just a little bit better, and by the time he stopped to look at me, I managed to give him a small smile.

"What's wrong?" he asked me as he led me to his desk.

"I... I just missed you... so much..." I said, feeling silly as I said it.

James looked at me with concern, resting his hands on my shoulders.

"I missed you too." he said a moment later, rubbing my shoulders.

It felt good to be with him again, but I wanted more. To hug him longer, to kiss him. I didn't want to understand why I couldn't.

I didn't dare to say it out loud again, but I loved him, and it hurt me to not be able to say it out loud, to let others know that I did.

"Can I go home with you tonight?" I asked, my voice barely a whisper.

Above me, I heard him taking a deep breath and then he crouched in front of me.

"I would love to..." he started. “But you know we can't, I am sorry..."

But I didn't know why, and I didn't dare ask him, so instead I hung my head down, looking at the floor and my shoes.

"When can I?" I asked instead.

"Thursday." he said, and I felt my heart sinking inside of me.

"But... I have an idea. It will be a surprise, tomorrow after school." he said as he hugged me briefly.

Finally finding some hope, I looked at him and smiled. It wasn't what I wanted, but it was something.

After that, we sat down and ate together.


Tuesday didn't start all too well.

I overslept, had to rush to catch the bus, missed it, and was late for my first class. My sour mood lasted the rest of the day because James had a meeting with a parent at lunch, so I had to eat alone at in the gymnasium, preferring not to go to the cafeteria.

My last few classes didn't go any better. With a surprise test I thought I barely passed, and then a 45 minute video about sex that was filmed in the '90s and was so bad even our teacher cringed as we watched it.

Finally, though, the last bell rang and I was free.

I packed my things and left my books by my locker, before I ran towards his classroom.

I wanted to hug him, but he shook his head as I entered, and I almost realized too late that there was a student still inside, packing up his things.

Instead, he gave me a slip of paper and he winked at me before he motioned for me to leave.

I followed his instructions, and a few minutes later he picked me up in a new place, not far from the school.

Once inside I couldn't contain myself, and I kissed him. I just wanted a small kiss, but instead he grabbed my head and he kissed me back fiercely. By the time he finally released me, I was out of breath and smiling madly.

"Soooo..." I said, hoping to know where we were going.

But James, just looked at me mischievously and he started driving.

Soon we were on the highway, heading towards LA again, and brimming with excitement I sat back and watched the road fly past us as we listened to some music.

We ended up watching a movie together, a stupid rom-com that I barely paid any attention too. We were sitting at the back, and since no one could see us, I rested my head on his shoulder and just relaxed as he caressed my leg.

Once the movie was over, he grabbed my hand and I expected him to take me to the food court, but instead we left the mall, and entered a small restaurant that was across the street.

It was the fanciest place I had ever been, and when we entered, a woman approached us with a smile and a menu in her hand.

"Hello and welcome. Table for two?" she asked.

James looked at me for a second before he answered.

"Yep, just my daughter and I." he said. "If you have a table in the terrace that would be wonderful."

"Of course." she said, and with that, she led us upstairs and out into a small terrace.

There were only a couple of tables there, and the one we got was a table for four that was in a corner, separated from the rest by a big planter that hid it mostly from view.

She started setting the table for us, with the places in front of each other, but James interrupted her.

"If it's not much of a problem, I think we will sit together." he said. "We might share dishes."

The woman looked at him for a moment before she nodded amicably, and she set us up side by side.

Before leaving, she left us our menus, and I opened it up only to find out I didn't know any of the dishes.

"I... don't know what to order..." I said a moment later, feeling slightly ashamed.

"Don't worry, I will order for you." James said a moment later. "You never tried sushi before, did you?"

Shaking my head, I looked at the menu once more, trying to make sense of it, but it was useless.

"It's... well, it's has raw fish in it, but it's delicious." he said a moment later as he saw my face. "Don' worry, you will like it."

Another woman came by a few minutes later to take our order, and then she left.

It was beautiful outside, and as I looked around, I felt my body filling with joy.

Taking James's hand in mine, I looked up at the half moon, and I giggled softly, just happy to be there.

The food arrived not long after, and though I have to admit that I was doubtful at first, it was truly delicious. James had ordered two platters that had only one or two pieces of each type, so we shared or even split a few as he told me what they were.

We were laughing all the time as I tried to pronounce the names and he even let me try a bit of the rice wine he ordered for himself.

The moment I tried to swallow though, I almost choked as it was incredibly strong, and I was left coughing for a while until I could catch my breath.

It was the perfect date with him, the one I had dreamed so many times, and I felt so joyous that I could feel my heart racing inside of me. Leaning on his shoulder, I closed my eyes, and I took a deep breath, filling myself with his perfume.

"I love you." I whispered a moment later and then I held my breath.

James froze for a second, and then he looked at me tenderly. He looked almost in pain as his eyes locked on to me, and as I held my breath, I imagined him saying he loved me back.

Instead, he kissed me tenderly and then he hugged me.

"I know, my little bird." he said a moment later.

I felt a pang of pain, but I told myself that I was just trying to go to fast. He had more experience in relationships, it was okay for him to want to take some time before he said it.

It would be true when he did, and I was ready to wait for it, to earn it.

It was getting late though, and after asking for the check, he paid, and we made our way into the parking lot of the mall as I almost bounced with joy.

It was mostly empty by then, and as I looked around the poorly lit and cavernous space, I suddenly had the urge to grab his arm and press myself against him.

I felt better once I was inside, and as he started driving my mind wandered off into its own.

"Did you have a good time?" James asked a moment later.

As he spoke, I realized we were on the highway already. Outside the truck, it was pitch black and I couldn't see anything.

"Sorry.... I... spaced out..." I said, apologizing to him.

"It's okay, you were smiling, I didn't want to interrupt you." he said.

"Did you have a good time?" James asked me once more.

"I loved it..." I answered back, my voice low and dreamy.

James just smiled back as he drove, and suddenly I realized that he was going to drop me off at my home, and the idea of sleeping alone filled me with sadness.

"Can I stay with you tonight?" I asked meekly a moment later.

James took his eyes from the road, but only for a second, and he looked at me.

"You know you can't." he said a moment later, his voice firm and final.

I nodded weakly before looking outside my window and into a darkness so deep that I felt I had my eyes closed.

I wanted to ask him why, but I feared that the answer might be because he said so. Instead, I sulked in silence, remembering our last weekend together and all the thing he had done to me.

Before long I felt myself getting aroused just by those memories, until my body felt hot and feverish. Suddenly I wanted to do something about it, anything, but as I looked at him, one thing suddenly filled my mind until it was the only thing that I could think of.

Without thinking what I was doing, I unclipped my belt and I laid my chest on the center console.

James, surprised, almost lost control of the truck and I felt it swerving in the road until he regained control.

"The fuck are you doing?" he asked me angrily.

His anger only lasted a second though, as a moment later I laid my hands over his crotch and I started rubbing his cock, and he was silent after that.

Knowing that I was safe to act, at least for the moment, I pulled his pants open as best as I could and I pulled his cock out.

He wasn't hard, but it didn't take long for his cock to get rock hard, and as I held him in my hand and felt my mouth getting wet just at the sight of it.

I pumped him a few times as I tried to make myself comfortable, but the center console made it hard, so I resigned myself, and I simply took him into my mouth.

There wasn't much I could do in that position besides blowing him, but he didn't seem to mind, as a moment later I heard him moaning softly above me.

I would have loved to be able to pull his pants down, to be able to move more freely, but instead I was trapped in place, and my only option was to bob my head up and down along his cock, sucking as best as I could.

But he didn't seem all that disappointed in my performance, as I could hear him moaning softly from time to time.

Soon I was lost, and the world and its problems disappeared as I concentrated on blowing him.

I didn't know how long it took, but by the time I knew he was about to cum, my jaw felt sore and I was getting tired.

Then he laid one of his hands on top of my head, holding me there, and I readied myself.

His cum came gushing out of his cock a moment later, taking me by surprise and hitting the back of my throat. I choked, and almost started coughing, but despite my panic I managed to hold my mouth tightly closed round him as he finished pumping his seed into my mouth.

Once he stopped, I stood still for a moment before I swallowed his load.

Then I cleaned his cock with my tongue, sucking him as best as I could, and I pulled his underwear in place before I did the same with his pants.

Then I scooted my way back into my seat and clipped my seatbelt as I looked at him wondering if I would get punished.

But James was smiling, and as he looked at me for a moment, he sighed happily.

"That... was pretty cool...." he said a moment later.

A sigh of relief escaped me a moment later as I realized I was out of danger, at least for now, but then James looked at me once more and his face turned serious.

"You are still staying at your home tonight, though." he said.

I nodded sullenly, but with the taste of his cum in my mouth and knowing I was going to play with myself as soon as I got there, it didn't sound so bad anymore.


Wednesday flew by in a rush, partly because I overslept again, and partly because I couldn't stop imagining what would happen on Thursday and spent the day excited and feeling on edge.

It would mean three days with him, and more time was all I wanted.

By the time lunch arrived and I had made my way to his classroom, he was waiting for me.

As always, I tried to read his mood but this time it was impossible. He looked both happy and angry at the same time, and the idea, though possible, made me anxious.

"Hey, little bird." he said as I closed the door.

Like always, he pulled me to one side, and he pushed me into the closet, where at least no one would see us from the hallway.

The he grabbed my neck and he kissed me fiercely. I felt my body melting almost instantly under his touch, and when he broke our kiss, I was left gasping and out of breath, thinking that the rest of the day would be a torture.

And I wasn't wrong.

"About last night." James said as he pulled something out of his pockets.

"While I loved the blowjob, I don't remember you asking for permission." he said, already knowing the answer. "Did you?"

Caught off guard, I stammered a few words before I looked down at my shoes, my face burning with shame.

"No, sir." I finally managed.

"No, you didn't." he said as he towered above me.

I knew where he was going, and trying to earn some points, I took the initiative.

"I am sorry, sir." I said. "I deserve to be punished."

"Yes, you do." James said a moment later, sounding only slightly surprised.

Then he opened his hand and he showed me what looked like a small metal cone, with a flared base. It was the size of a big strawberry, and I looked at it for a second before my mind registered what it was.

I didn't dare say anything, and neither could I take my eyes from it.

James, though, had other plans.

"Suck on it, make it wet." he ordered me as he held it in front of my mouth.

I did as I was told, more out of fear of how painful it would be going in dry than anything else. It was extremely hard, and worst of all, cold. I tried warming it with my mouth, but by the time he pulled it out it was still freezing.

"Turn around." he said.

Again, I didn't dare disobey, and I turned round until I was facing the closet. Grabbing a shelf, I bent over just a little as James pulled my pants and my panties down hurriedly.

Suddenly I realized I was half naked in a classroom, and the idea filled me with panic. If anyone chose to enter now there would be no way to hide, but James didn't seem to be too concerned.

Instead, he placed the tip of the plug over my asshole, and he started pushing.

I tried to resist, but the tip slid easily into me, and then the rest followed, until I felt my asshole closing around the flared base, locking it in place.

It wasn't exactly painful, though I did feel intruded somehow, and as the cold started to radiate inside of me, I felt my stomach cramping slowly.

Meanwhile, James had left me, and he returned to his desk.

I pulled my pants back hurriedly, afraid someone might still come in, and then I turned around to look at him.

He was smiling innocently as he pointed to my chair, and without hesitation I started moving towards him.

I only made it one step, though, before I felt the plug moving inside of me and I stopped. The sensation was far from pleasant, but again, not painful, I had stopped more in surprise than anything else.

The next step was a bit easier, and the next too, though I could swear people would be able to notice I had a plug in my ass by the way I walked.

Then I reached him, and I sat, and I gasped in shock as the plug moved just a little bit deeper.

James simply smiled as I squirmed in my seat, trying to find a position that didn't put pressure in the plug, but I finally gave up.

"You can't touch it until you get home, is that clear?" he said.

I nodded eagerly, afraid to anger him more, and then I tried to relax as he helped me with my homework. I had fallen behind a bit, and I needed the help, but with the plug inside of me, it was very hard to concentrate.

My next classes wouldn't be easy, I thought.


The rest of the day dragged on slower than usual, and by the time the bell rang I was ready to go home.

The plug was getting deeply uncomfortable by then, and my asshole was starting to feel sore.

After dropping my books, I headed towards James's class, hoping he would take me home, but he just smiled slowly as he shook his head.

I had to take the bus, he said, and I should count myself lucky that he didn't make me walk home, which would be much worse.

Thinking myself lucky, I walked towards the bus stop, only three blocks away. It was uncomfortable to walk with it in me, but I simply told myself over and over that it would soon be over.

Once I arrived, I didn't have to wait long before my bus arrived by, and once on board, I decided that standing would be a better choice. I didn't want to know what a bumpy street would feel if I was sitting on the plug.

The ride was usually short, but this time it seemed to drag on and on, until I started fearing that somehow people knew about the plug.

Every time someone looked at me, I could feel their eyes judging me, and making me feel self-conscious.

I told myself that there was no way they knew. It didn't show under my clothes, but the fear grew inside of me until my breathing became short and fast.

"Are you feeling okay?" I heard someone asking me.

My head shot towards the voice, suddenly terrified, and I felt sweat pouring down my face.

It was an old woman, maybe in her '70s, who was looking at me with concern.

Unable to speak, I nodded desperately, hoping she would leave me alone, but instead she insisted.

"You don't look too good." she said worriedly. "Why don't you sit down, maybe you have low blood pressure, you don't want to pass out."

I shook my head once more, but by then another woman, this one not much older than me was looking in our direction.

My body felt feverish and hot, and suddenly the inside of the bus felt small and claustrophobic, to the point that I simply couldn't take it anymore.

I rang the bell, desperate to get out, but the bus continued. I rang again, only to get an annoyed look from the driver.

"You have to wait until we get to the next stop, miss." he said sounding annoyed.

I could feel the old lady's eyes boring into the back of my head while my whole body started itching.

Finally, the bus slowed down a little, and then it stopped. I jumped of as soon as the door started to move, so fast that I almost fell down.

But I was finally out, and as I took I deep breath, the bus started moving away and I was alone.

Looking around, I realized I wasn't that far from my apartment, so I started walking as fast as the plug would allow me, trying to avoid eye contact with anyone that my crosses my path.


By the time I got home I was covered in sweat and completely exhausted.

Mom was sleeping, obviously, so I ran into my room, locking the door behind me.

I stripped as fast as I could before turned my back towards the mirror, and I used my hands to spread my asscheeks.

The plug, or at least the base, looked huge sticking out of me, and only then did I realized that there was a blue plastic gem in the middle, shining under the window light.

Trembling, I took one hand towards it and I pulled lightly, but it didn't budge.

Taking a deep breath, I pulled harder, and I watched in amazement as my asshole expanded, reveling the whole size of the plug until it popped out.

My asshole gapped open for a few seconds, and then it closed, filling me with relief.

It was then that I realized the mess I had made. The plug, and by then my hands, were covered in shit, and as I shuddered in disgust I remembered the enema James had given me, and the difference it had made.

Still naked, I ran towards the bathroom and I cleaned myself as best as I could. Then I cleaned the plug, but I still felt dirty, so I jumped into the shower and I stayed under the almost boiling hot water until my skin was red all over.


That night, as I laid in bed waiting to fall asleep, I held the butt plug in one hand. It was smooth, hard, and once again cold, and despite panic I had felt getting home with it, I wondered if he would make me wear it again.

The idea, though it sounded strange at first, soon made me tingle in excitement.

Wondering what tomorrow would hold, I slipped it under my pillow and I finally fell asleep.


Thursday went by like any other, and not much happened. I did have lunch with James and though I wanted to ask him about his plans, I didn't, and instead he helped me with my homework and said nothing about that night.

The rest of the day wasn't that bad, soon the day was over, I headed towards his classroom and he gave me another slip of paper before he turned me around, slapped my ass hard enough for it to sting, and then he pushed me out.

It felt strangely erotic to be treated like that, and for a moment I stopped in the hallway, rubbing my butt as a warm feeling traveled slowly along my back.

I didn't want to be late though, so I dropped my books, and I grabbed the clothes I had stashed in my locker.

Then I walked as quickly as I could to the place the paper said, and once there, I waited only a minute before he picked me up.

Bubbling with excitement, I clipped my seatbelt as he started driving.

As he drove, he looked at me for just a second, smiling excitedly to himself, and then I felt myself melting into my seat.


As the door of the garage closed behind us, he turned off the truck and I got out, stretching my legs.

I felt nervous, though I didn't know why, and as I headed towards the door and I saw the metal cage, I got even more nervous.

James led me to the living room though, and I followed him quietly.

Once there, he led me to his room. The curtains were closed, and he didn't turn the lights on, so it was fairly dark inside.

Dropping my backpack by the door I waited, unsure if I had to assume the position he had taught me or not, but a moment later James pointed in front of the bed, and I quickly moved into place.

Once there, he started undressing me.

It wasn't tender, like he had done other times, this time he simply wanted me naked, and he did it quickly and mechanically, throwing my clothes away. He stopped only for a second, when only my underwear remained, and he almost ripped them off in his rush.

Once I was naked, he pushed me back and I fell on the bed.

I was too afraid to move, so I stayed quiet as he worked.

From under the bed he took my ballet shoes, which I had forgotten completely, and he slipped them on. He was careful then, running his hands along my legs before he tied the strips around my shins.

Then he took my hand and he pulled me up from the bed.

"Kneel." he ordered.

Without hesitation I kneeled on the floor in front of him, remembering at the last second to take my hands behind me and to look straight ahead.

"Good." he said.

Then he stripped himself, and once he was naked, he took something from the top of the dresser.

Without a word he walked behind me, and then he crouched, pulling my hair to one side. A moment later I felt him wrapping something around my neck. It felt heavy and warm, it smelled like leather, and when I moved it tingled softly.

"This is you collar." he said a moment later.

"You will wear this when you are with me." he added a moment later. "It was two rings, the one in the front I can use with a leash to lead you around."

I nodded slowly, as the idea of wearing a leash sank into my mind. It sounded humiliating, but I reminded myself that I had been crawling around his house all the time and suddenly it didn't sound so bad.

"The other, on the side... well... let me show you." he said.

A moment later I felt him pulling lightly from the second ring and the collar closed tightly around my neck, choking me softly.

I gasped, more in surprise than anything else and I felt my body tensing.

When he finally stopped pulling, I nodded quickly.

"I have a thing for choking." he whispered a moment later. "How does it make you feel?"

I hesitated for a moment, trembling as he was still holding the ring in his hand.

"It... scares me..." I said. "But..."

I couldn't continue, but behind me I heard James chuckling softly.

"Does it make you wet?" he said.

Then he moved his hands between my legs, pushing himself inside my pussy.

"Yes it does..." he said a moment later, pulling his fingers and showing me my own juices. "You are wet, little bird. You are wet because you like it just as much as I do."

Unable to answer, I simply stood still, feeling his hand on the ring, and fearing he might pull from it without warning.

But like he said, the idea was both terrifying and incredibly arousing, and I felt my body responding to it.

My nipples stood proudly in front of me, and my pussy started dripping between my legs.

"Bend over." James whispered a moment later.

I did as I was told and a moment later, I felt something smooth and cold rubbing over my pussy. Looking between my legs I could see some sort of blue toy, but not much else.

I tried to relax, thinking he was going to penetrate me with it, but he seemed happy to just play with it, moving it all over my sex until it was wet with my juices.

I couldn't see what he was doing, though, and fear soon started to grow inside me. I grew tense and agitated, but I didn't dare move.

Then I suddenly felt the toy pushing into my asshole. Like the plug before, it was useless to resist, as he simply pushed harder until I felt it slipping past my sphincter.

This one was much bigger and longer, and pain flared up in my asshole as it stretched to accommodate the sudden intruder.

Unable to see behind me, the toy seemed to go on forever, until it finally slipped inside of me, and my asshole clamped tightly around it.

It felt much more uncomfortable than the other plug, and the base was wider too, pushing my butt cheeks apart.

"Stand up." James ordered me a moment later, and I did as I was told.

Standing, though, brought a whole new level of discomfort to the experience.

James didn't seem to care though, as a moment later he pushed me onto the bed, and he started fucking me savagely.

He forced his cock into me in one brutal thrust, making me scream in pain, and then he started fucking me.

"Hands above your head." he said in between trusts, and despite the pain I obeyed him.

His hands didn't stay idle though, as while he fucked me, he started fondling my breasts, pulling and twisting from my piercings until the pain became a white, searing sensation in my chest.

But to my body, the pain didn't seem to matter.

I was rocking my hips along his trusts as I felt my juices dripping between my legs. I was moaning loudly too, and despite the pain in my chest I wanted more.

Soon I discovered that I could clamp hard on the plug, which only added to the sensations coursing through my body. I felt intoxicated and I feared I would lose control and cum without permission.

It was maddeningly hard, but I managed to relax a little, and I simply laid under him, letting him fuck me at his pleasure.

Then one of his hands moved up, towards my collar, and he grabbed the ring firmly in one hand.

I knew he was about to pull so I tried to take a deep breath, but he was faster than me. The pressure on my neck caught me by surprise, too, as this time he pulled much harder. Soon I felt my heart pounding painfully inside my head.

But despite how crazy it sounded, the way he was choking me felt familiar. Like when I came, and I couldn't breathe. It wasn't the same, of course, but it was so similar that my mind couldn't tell them apart.

"Cum for me, little bird." I heard him saying, and I did, almost instantly.


When I managed to open my eyes again, he was standing in front of the bed, looking at me sternly.

"On your knees." he said.

I was still weak and disoriented from my orgasm, but I tried my best to do as he ordered, rolling off the bed and then landing on my knees.

"Clean the mess you made." he said a moment later.

His cock, still somewhat hard, was covered in cum and my juices. It wasn't a very appealing sight, but I opened my mouth and I sucked him in, cleaning him as best as I could.

The taste of his cum was something I was used to, but my own juices were new, and somewhat strange. They were salty and slightly musky, something I didn't enjoy.

Still, when I finished his cock was covered in saliva, but clean, and he seemed satisfied enough.

"Good." he said a moment later, and I felt a strange sort of pride.

"I am starving, I better makes us something to eat." he said.

Then he returned to the dresser and he grabbed a long, leather leash, which he clipped, thankfully, to the front of my collar.

Without having to be told, I got on all four and I followed him as he headed into the kitchen, though trying to keep up with him was hard and he pulled from my leash a couple of times to make me hurry.

Once there, I stopped by the table, kneeled and held my hands behind my back while he unclipped my leash, leaving it on the table.

He returned a moment later, carrying the handcuffs, and I resigned myself to eating with my hands locked behind my back once more.

Then he started cooking, pasta a la bolognesa, which was a fancy way of saying pasta with tomatoes and meat sauce.

The smell was delicious, and as I waited my mouth began to water.

When it was done, he took two bowls, and he served one for me and one for him, finished them with some freshly grated cheese on top.

I waited for him to point at the chair, as he usually did, but instead he came to me, and he laid the bowl on the floor, right in front of me.

Then he simply sat at the table, and he started eating.

Speechless, I simply stared at the plate in front of me with a mixture of disgust and hunger.

It looked delicious and I was incredibly hungry, but I could only see a dog bowl, and he wanted me to eat from it.

I felt even more humiliated than before, and I looked at him looking for pity. I found none, as he was simply ignoring me.

Suddenly it all became too much, and I started sobbing. A few tears formed in my eyes and I wanted to scream that I wasn't a dog.

But as I did my mind showed me imagines of me getting collared, of being led by a leash, of crawling behind him, of getting fucked from behind, and of obeying his orders. Of how good it felt when he said I had done good.

It wasn't fair, I thought a moment later, as I tried to calm myself.

But I was still hungry and fearing he would finish his plate and take mine away, I bent over and I tried to grab a piece of pasta without making too much of a mess.

It didn't take me long to realized it was useless, and with a resigned sight, I started eating as best as I could. Despite my efforts, my face was soon covered in sauce and my neck ached badly.

I was thirsty, too, but I didn't dare to ask for water in fear he would bring another bowl.

Instead, I ate all of it, and then I waited.

James finished not much later, and he came over to me.

"You haven't cleaned up your plate." he said, and I looked at him in confusion.

It took me a moment to realize what he meant, and soon I was leaning over my plate once more, licking it clean.

It wasn't easy though, as the plate kept moving away from me and I ended up crawling behind it until it bumped into a wall.

Once it was finally clean, I looked up at him, my face burning in humiliation and he nodded in satisfaction.

"Good." he said, filling me once more with strange sense of pride.

A moment later, James grabbed a kitchen towel and he cleaned me up, before patting my head.

Then he once again clipped my leash and I followed him on my knees as he took me to the bedroom.

This time he made love to me, sweetly and tenderly, until I managed to cum again. Still tied, I fell asleep with his arms around me.


The next morning, he woke up before me.

It was Friday, I remembered as I tried to clear my head, and suddenly I panicked. I was still naked, with my hands cuffed behind my back, and even worse still wearing my butt plug.

James seemed unconcerned, though.

After taking off my handcuffs and my collar, he untied my ballet shoes, freeing my feet. I got up and turned around, waiting for him to pull the butt plug out, but he simply slapped my ass hard, making me jump into the air in pain.

I was wearing it to school, he said, and I nodded sullenly as I felt my ass stinging.

After that I headed into the bathroom and I took a quick shower, desperately wanting to take the butt plug off, but not daring to even touch it.

There was no time to get my hair dried, and he still didn't have a hair drier anyway, so instead I tied it off into a ponytail, got dressed and was ready just in time for us to leave.

Like before, he dropped me off a few blocks from the school and I walked the rest of the way in, feeling the plug moving inside of me with every step.

It was much worse than the last one, and this time I would have to wear it all day long, which only filled me with dread.

Still, it was Friday, and the day went on smoothly. Soon only James's class remained, and I took a seat at the back, wincing as the plug dug a little deeper into my ass. By then I felt full and bloated, a sensation deeply uncomfortable, and I just wanted to take it off and go to the toilet, but I couldn't.

His class flew by quickly, so much that when the bell rang, I heard a few groans of annoyance. Still, everybody wanted to go home, and one by one they left until it was only James and I left.

I walked up to him ready to go, he gave me another piece of paper and I left, feeling just slightly annoyed at him.

A few minutes later he had picked me up, though, and with a whole weekend ahead of us, I felt just a little bit better.


By the time we got to his home thought, I was ready to burst, and James told me to go to the bathroom, take the plug out and give myself an enema.

I knew what it meant, but I didn't care. I just wanted it out.

Closing the door behind me, I crouched over the toilet, reached between my legs and I pulled the plug. Finally being able to relieve myself felt glorious, and after I cleaned myself and the plug I found the enema bag he had used before, lying over the bidet.

I filled it halfway up with water, not wanting to repeat my first experience, and then I pushed the bulb into my asshole. It was uncomfortable, but nothing compared to the plug.

Then I sat on the toilet and I just squeezed the bag slowly as I felt the water filling my bowels.

This time there was no pain, just that strange sensation of fullness on my belly, until I pulled the bulb, and everything rushed out.

Like before, I felt strange afterwards, but I couldn't quiet say how.

Instead, I cleaned myself and I went towards the living room where he was waiting for me.

He was sitting on the couch, and to my surprise he patted the seat next to him and I sat down.

A moment later he placed the collar around my neck once more, and then he hugged me as I leaned against him, content to just feel his presence next to me.

I felt safe with him, loved despite everything that he did to me, and for a while I wanted nothing more than to remain like that.


Suddenly I jumped up, realizing that I had dozed off. Wiping the drool from my mouth, I noticed a stain on James's shirt, but he seemed unconcerned.

Instead, he pointed at the floor between his legs, and I immediately kneeled between them, clasping my hands behind my back.

I expected him to give me a command, but instead he simply looked at me for a while, until finally he brushed the hair from my face.

"Do you know what throating is?" he asked me.

I nodded slowly, knowing what it was but suddenly afraid of what I knew would come next.

"Tell me..." he said.

Unsure of how to describe it, I looked at his chest, trying to come up with the right words.

"Its... it's when a woman takes a man's cock into her... throat... during a blowjob." I said a moment later.

A shiver ran down my back as I imagined what it would feel, but I also knew it wasn't up to me to decide.

Instead, I waited, growing nervous with every passing minute as James simply looked at me.

"Strip." he finally ordered me.

I did it was fast as I could without getting up, which wasn't easy, but soon I was naked except for my collar, and I returned to my place.

James picked up the leash then, and he clipped it on, though this time it was on the side ring, which filled me with fear.

Then he simply got up and he headed towards his room. I followed him as fast as I could, terrified of him having to tug the leash like he had done before, but despite my fear I managed to reach the room without getting choked.

Once there, he unclipped the leash, and he told me to lay on the bed.

As I did, I looked around the room, thinking about what was about to happen, and feeling strangely vulnerable.

When James returned, he dropped a bunch of black, leather belts onto the bed. He looked at me as then he picked one, and then he grabbed my hands before he used it to bind them together tightly. Then he grabbed another one, and he did the same with my ankles.

The rest he used along my legs, my hips and my arms. By the time he was done I couldn't move at all, and I felt the belts cutting into my skin painfully.

Apparently satisfied with his work, he rolled me over, and he dragged me along the bed until my hips were resting on the edge and my feet on the floor.

Unable to see him I could only hear as he undressed himself and then he crouched behind me, rubbing his cock against my pussy, using my juices as lubricant.

Once he was satisfied, he pressed his cock against my ass and I tensed in anticipation, but the plug had done his job and his cock slipped easily into my bowels, filling me in ways the plug hadn't.

Then he simply started fucking me like he had done before, though this time the pain was much more manageable, and soon it disappeared completely, and I started moaning under his assault as I bounced on the bed with every thrust.

This time I actually managed enjoy it, and soon I was moaning loudly as my arousal burned inside of me.

He was far from gentle though, and soon I was gasping for air as he slowly crushed me under his weight.

Then he suddenly buried himself inside of me and he stopped pounding.

I waited for a second, thinking he was cumming and feeling slightly disappointed that it was over so soon, but he hadn't. Instead, he pulled from my hair, lifting my head from the bed and he shoved a big metal ring in my mouth before he closed the strap behind my head.

Soon James resumed his work, pounding me against the bed with renewed violence, until I felt myself flopping like a ragdoll under his body.

And just as fast as he had started, he stopped, pulling out of my asshole in one thrust that made me gasp in shock.

Without warning, he then rolled me over and he twisted me around, until me head was pointing towards him.

I looked at him, suddenly afraid, but I could only wait as he dragged me over until my head was hanging over the edge of the bed., right in front of his cock.

The world now upside down, every movement became disorienting, and terror soon started to fill my mind.

Biting hard I tried to close my jaw, but the thick metal ring held, and I only managed to make my teeth hurt. Desperate, I tried to escape, but the belts held me down tightly, and I only managed to cause myself more pain.

Then James moved towards me, stroking his cock in one hand and smiling.

Suddenly I couldn't get the fact that his cock had just been inside my asshole out of my mind, and enema or not, I found the idea revolting to the point that I feared I would start retching.

But he didn't seem to care, though, and he simply crouched in front of me, grabbed my shoulders with one hand and he pushed his cock into my defenseless mouth.

The taste hit me almost instantly, a musky and far from pleasant taste that I knew was from my bowels, but it wasn't as terrible as I feared.

Then James started moving his hips as he started fucking my mouth as he had my ass a moment before.

The sensation was brutal, and soon my mouth was flooding with saliva until it started dripping out and over my face and my nose, all while his balls slapped my face with every thrust.

Closing my eyes, I tried to relax, but it was impossible, as the sensation of his cock pumping in and out of my mouth was to strong.

The assault continued, and soon I could feel the tip of his cock bumping against the back of my mouth, and I tried to plead for him to stop but the only thing I managed was an incoherent mumble which he ignored.

With every thrust he pushed a little harder, until suddenly his cock slipped into my throat and I started gagging, hard.

The sensation was terrifying, but at least he was standing still I thought to myself. But the moment I did, he suddenly started pushing himself deeper.

Soon I was gagging and retching as he fucked my throat. It was pure torture, and I could only try to endure, hoping he would cum before it became too much.

But time passed and soon my lungs started to scream for air. The assault continued, though, and I felt my stomach revolting inside of me. Strange, gurgling noises filled the air as I kept retching and gagging, and still he continued.

Fearing I was going to puke, I tried to escape by turning my head to one side, but James grabbed my neck with one hand, holding me in place as he continued.

His grunts became louder, his thrusts harder, and then he finally pulled out, leaving me retching and gasping for air.

Drool flooded all over my face, so much of it I couldn't open my eyes, and then I heard him grunting in pleasure as he came all over my face, a final insult to the abuse I had just suffered.

But despite it I was soon crying in joy for the simple fact that I was able to breathe again. As ridiculous as it sounded, nothing else mattered, I could breathe.

James left me like that for a few minutes as I went from sobbing in frustration and humiliation to crying with joy that it was all over.

Then he returned and using a towel he cleaned up my face.

"Are you okay?" he asked me offhandedly.

I looked at him incredulous, my throat still sore from the abuse, but despite the pain and the terror I had felt, now that it was over, I didn't know what to think.

I had been through so much with him that I was starting to confuse love with abuse, even though back then I didn't know it.

Instead, I nodded weakly, feeling dizzy and tired.

Apparently satisfied, James started releasing me, undoing the belts one by one, until I was free once more. The belts, though, had left red marks all over my body and my hands were tingling now that blood came rushing back in.

He took the ring gag last, and by then my jaw was aching terribly. Once I was free, I closed it slowly as I groaned in pain.

James approached me a moment later, caressing my head tenderly.

"Lay on your stomach." he said.

I did as I was told, rolling over and dragging myself up until I was resting in the middle of the bed. I was trembling softly, half expecting another torture to begin.

But instead, he climbed on top of me, and he started rubbing my back softly.

The room slowly filled with the smell of almonds from the cream he was using, and the panic I had felt slowly faded away until it became a distant memory.

After that, he made love to me, slowly and tenderly, until we both came, and we fell asleep on each other arms.


I didn't usually dream at night, or if I did, I always forgot them when I woke up, but that night was different.

When I opened my eyes, I saw James still sleeping, though his presence was somehow unnerving to me.

I knew he had been in my dream, that I was obviously aroused, and not much else. But the more I looked at him the more nervous I became, until suddenly I had to get away from him.

Trying not to wake him up, I slipped from under his arm, and I went to the bathroom.

It was still early, though, and the sky outside was dark. Once there I sat down to pee I tried to think about my dream.

He had been in it, that much was clear, but how, I couldn't remember. All I had were bits and pieces of things, but they made no sense.

I remember him asking me something, and me saying yes as I trembled with excitement, but I couldn't remember what he had asked me. Then I remember feeling hot, really hot, feeling my stomach so full I feared it would burst...

Suddenly I realized I was breathing hard, and my whole body was covered in sweat.

I remembered laying on a counter, naked, as he filled my pussy with... something. The growing arousal that filled my body as he worked on me.

I remembered an oven, the reason I felt so hot, and that I was on the inside. Despite the heat I could remember myself moaning in pleasure.

Soon I was hyperventilating, terrified of my dream, and then I finally remembered what he had said, and I gasped in shock.

It was impossible, I thought as I felt my heart beating wildly inside of me, but I was sure of it, of his words.

"It's time to roast you, little bird." he had said in my dream.

And a moment later, without hesitation, I had said yes, feeling both terrified and incredibly exited at the same time as I looked at the oven.


I felt sick to my stomach, and fearing I would puke I jumped off the toilet and I hung my head above it, but the only thing I managed were a couple of dry heavings.

Tears streamed down my face as I remember the heat all over my body, so vividly that I had to open my eyes to convince myself I wasn't in the oven.

How could he do that to me? I asked over and over, even if it had all been a dream. And worse, why had it aroused me so much.

I don't how long I laid there, on the floor of the bathroom, my head hanging over the toiled as I cried, but at some point, it finally ended.

I wiped my face as best as I could, but it was puffy and my eyes red, and there was no hiding it.

Finally, when I came out of the bathroom, I found James, leaning against the wall, looking concerned and I couldn't stop myself from running towards him and hugging him. I buried my face against his chest as I breathed deeply, telling myself that it had all been a dream.

It wasn't much, but it did make me feel a little better.

"Did I hurt you last night?" he asked a moment later, obviously worried. "Your throat?"

I shook my head, unable to speak.

Even if I could, how could I explain my dream? It would sound stupid to him that a dream had made me so distraught. But it had, I told myself as I hugged him fiercely.

In return, I felt his hands on my back, rubbing me tenderly as I tried not to start sobbing again.

It took time, how long I didn't know, but when I finally felt like I could, I pulled away from him. I still couldn't talk, but he didn't pressure me into it.

"Want to have something to eat?" he asked a moment later.

I nodded eagerly, realizing I was starving, and I followed him into the kitchen.

Once there, I was about to kneel by the door as I always did, but he shook his head, pointing to one of the chairs.

"We will make an exception this time." he said tenderly. "Don't get used to it, though."

I laughed softly, sitting on the chair as he started working. In a way, it felt strange to be sitting on a chair instead of on the floor, but I wasn't going to tell him that.

Instead, I waited as the kitchen filled with aromas that made my mouth water, and by the time he placed a plate in front of me I was barely able to stop myself from drooling.

I had no silverware, but this time, he cut my pancakes one bite at a time and he fed them to me.

I felt like a baby, being feed her first meal, but it was strangely comforting in a way that I simply didn't want to understand.

Instead, we ate in silence, and little by little I felt myself relaxing, until we were both finished and I looked at him expectantly, not really knowing what we would do now.

It turned out he had planned to smoke some ribs for lunch, and since that would take a while, we had to start soon.

Together we went towards his bedroom and we got dressed, and then we went outside into the garden.

The day was beautiful, and the sun shining under my skin helped me feel a little better.

Then James dragged a huge, green smoker from under the back porch and he started a small fire. He told me to keep an eye on it while he went to the kitchen to get the ribs ready.

Once I was alone, I looked at the smoker from a distance, still remembering the dream.

With time in my hands, my mind started to wander, though. Looking at the smoker I wondered why he needed one that big. And it was big. I could probably fit inside of it comfortably, I thought before I realized it.

A shiver ran down my back and I took a step back, but by then James was back, carrying a tray of ribs, covered in a thick, red sauce.

He placed the tray next to the smoker and then he opened the lid.

"The trick to smoking is of course the wood. And in my opinion, there is nothing better than hickory and pecan." he said as he laid the ribs inside the smoker.

Then he placed a couple of small pieces of wood over the embers and he closed the lid, looking at it with satisfaction.

"Well, we have a couple of hours to kill. What do you say we stay outside? You can sunbathe if you want, and we can chat." he said.

Nodding eagerly, I went back inside, only to realize I had no bathing suit. Instead, I grabbed my simplest underwear, a white cotton set that had been left here at some point, and I headed towards the door.

It was only then that I remember I still had my collar around my neck, I didn't dare take it off without permission, so instead I went out.

James, already sitting on the ground, had laid a huge green towel next to him and he told me to lay next to him facing down.

Luckily for me, he then he undid the strap of my collar, before he slipped it off.

"It would be a hard burn mark to explain on Monday." he said offhandedly as I breathed in relief.

The sun felt glorious over my skin and I soon I felt myself dozing off under the heat.

"I better put some sunscreen on you, or you will end up looking like those ribs..." he said jokingly as he got up and went into the house.

As he did, I remembered my dream and a shiver ran down my back, covering my skin in goose bumps.

When he came back, he kneeled besides me and he started rubbing the lotion all over my body. If he noticed the goose bumps, he never mentioned them, though.

Soon I was lost in the sensation as his hands explored every inch of my body, and I couldn't stop myself from grinding my legs together as his hands worked over my butt.

Then without asking, he unclipped my bra and he slipped it from under my body.

"No need for that, it will only leave a mark." he said.

Then his hands were gone and he left me wanting more. I wanted his hands to explore deeper between my legs, to push their way into me, but I didn't dare to ask.

Instead I laid under the sun, feeling as its light filled me with warmth, all while the air around us smelled of wood and meat.

James had brought a book, and as he started reading, I finally dozed off, feeling happy and safe as I laid next to him.


When he woke me up, the sun was much higher, and my back felt hot.

"Time to roll over." he said as he grabbed the sunscreen again.

Still disoriented, I did as he told, completely oblivious to the fact that I had no bra. I shouldn't have worried, though, as the fence around the garden was high and no one could see us. Still, it felt strange to be half naked outside.

Like before, he soon covered my body in lotion, working it deep into my skin until I felt myself melting under his hands.

Without realizing what I was doing, I pulled my legs slightly apart, hoping for his touch, but he ignored me.

Once he was done, he got up and he went to the smoker. Opening the lid and allowing the smoke and the smell of the ribs to escape in one big cloud. Even from where I was, it filled my lungs and made my mouth water.

"That smells... incredible..." I managed to say.

James smiled proudly before he dropped a couple of extra piece of wood over the embers.

"Thanks... halfway done." he said as he patted his stomach.

After that I felt myself falling into sleep again, but I didn't want to this time.

Instead, I opened m eyes, covering them from the sun with one hand, and I looked at him.

I wanted to ask him what his plans were, but I knew he wouldn't tell me, so instead asked him about the book he was reading, and we spent the rest of the time talking about it.


By the time the ribs were ready, my body felt hot and feverish. My skin had turned a light golden color and I could feel it tingling, a sensation that felt delicious to me.

James told me to get a shower, for which I was grateful, while he got things ready.

It was a quick one, just too cool down a little and to get the greasy feeling of the sunscreen off. Once I was clean, I got out of the shower and I dried myself off, only to find my collar lying next to the sink.

Without hesitation, I grabbed it and I closed it around my neck. The weight and the smell felt comforting somehow, and as I looked at myself in the mirror, I saw the ring on the side, and I ran my hand over it.

I knew that if I pulled, it would close the collar around me tightly, and as I remembered the few times James had done so, I couldn't stop myself from trying.

Almost afraid of it, I gave it a light pull, until I felt the pressure around my neck increasing, and then I released it.

The sensation was strange, as it both filled me with fear and was also incredibly arousing.

Unable to stop myself, I pulled from it once more, and this time I did it a little longer and a bit harder, until I could see my face in the mirror turning slightly purple. I was feeling high, almost intoxicated by then, but also scared, so I released the ring as I grabbed the sink for support.

"What is happening to me..." I whispered as I looked at my face.

Feeling confused, I decided to leave before I decided to try again, and instead I headed out the bathroom.

I was naked, and suddenly unsure of what to do, I dropped onto my knees and I crawled to the kitchen. He was seasoning a salad bowl, and as I waited by the door in my position, he looked at me, smiling in satisfaction.

"We are going to eat outside." he said as I felt a shiver running down my back.

"There is no way to eat ribs without using your hands, so you got lucky." he added a moment later.

I didn't feel lucky, though, as I followed him outside, crawling behind him.

I told myself that no one could see me, and though that might have been true, it didn't make me feel any less exposed now that I was fully naked outside.

James had set up the table under the porch, and once I arrived, he patted the chair and I sat down quickly, closing my legs tightly together in hopes of getting at least some modesty outside.

In front of me, he laid the ribs that had been smoking all morning. They were crispy on the outside, and pink and juicy on the inside, and I could hardly contain myself as I waited for him to serve me a couple in my plate, along with the salad.

Again, I wasn't lucky enough to get silverware, but it didn't matter by then.

I grabbed the ribs and started devouring them, until I could feel the juices dripping down my chin and my chest.

They were, by far, the best thing I had ever eaten, and I ended up eating way too much, until my fingers were sticky with the glaze and my belly felt full and bloated.

Finally satisfied, I laid back into my chair as James watched me, with an amused smile on his face.

"You are a mess... again." he said.

Suddenly on alert, I looked at him worriedly as he got up and he pulled my chair away from the table.

Then he pulled my legs apart and he kneeled between them before he took off my collar, freeing me once more.

Taking my hands, he started sucking my fingers clean, a sensation incredibly erotic that soon had me trembling. Soft moans of pleasure escaped my mouth as he cleaned my fingers one by one, until both my hands were clean.

Then he stopped, and he looked at me again.

"You are still a mess." he said as he looked at my face and my breasts.

Without warning, he grabbed the back of my head and he kissed me fiercely, his tongue pushing its way into my mouth for a brief moment before he pulled out and he started licking around my mouth, sucking the juices that had dripped from the ribs.

My chin, my neck, and my chest, all got the same treatment as I squirmed in my chair, feeling my body burning inside of me in arousal.

By the point he got to my breasts I had lost all control, and I grabbed his head, pulling him closer to me as he sucked my breasts clean.

It felt incredible, but it seemed I wasn't clean enough yet. A moment later I felt his teeth closing behind my piercings and he started pulling, stretching my nipples painfully as he licked the tip with his tongue.

"Ohhhhh... fuck...." was all I managed to say as I felt my body burning for release.

I tried to relax, I truly did, knowing that I had to hold on, but it was becoming impossible.

Once my breast were clean, he continued downwards, running his tongue all over my belly and around my navel, something that did inexplicable things to my arousal.

And then he finally got to the end, and I instinctively pulled my legs as far apart as I could as he buried his face between my legs and he started sucking my clit.

He was far from tender, but by then I didn't care. I moaned and squirmed as he started nibbling from my clit and my pussy lips, running his tongue between them, all while sucking from my juices greedily.

The sensation was intoxicated, and suddenly I felt like he was eating me alive, something so forbidden and taboo that my mind had trouble processing. I wanted to tell him to stop, that it was too much, but I couldn't.

Then it all became too much, and I finally I lost my concentration.

The world around me exploded without warning, blinding me with light despite the fact I had my eyes closed and I felt my body flopping on my chair as waves of pleasure crashed over my body.

Then I was screaming, suddenly unable to breath as every muscle in my body pulled tight at the same time until I felt I would tear myself apart.

I felt pain and pleasure, both sensations, mixing together until I couldn't tell them apart, until I felt myself going mad.

I don't long how long it lasted, but by the time it was over I felt exhausted, and I simply collapsed onto the chair, my breathing slow and heavy.

It took me a full minute to open my eyes, and when I did a shiver ran down my back.

James was standing over me, towering so high that he looked like a giant, and his face was filled with anger.

"You came..." he said simply, not needing to add the rest.

I hadn't asked for permission, and he hadn't given it to me.

Suddenly awake, I pushed my chair back and I assumed my position as I looked at his feet.

"I am... disappointed..." he said a moment later, holding my collar in front of my face.

The tone of his voice sent shivers down my back, I started trembling, suddenly terrified.

Slowly, he moved behind me and then he closed the collar around my neck, pulling it tight before he clipped the leash to the ring on the side.

Then he looped the other end of the leash around his chair, and he looked at me as he took a deep breath.

Without another word, he simply left, leaving me trembling as my mind raced inside of me, trying to wonder what my next punishment would be.

The worst part was that I had no doubt that I deserved to be punished, I had disappointed him, failed his trust, and that deserved a punishment. I couldn't control myself, so I needed to be punished, I told myself over and over again.

"Stupid..." I whispered as I felt a couple of tears streaming down my face.

Despite how terrified I was, I promised myself I wouldn't ask for mercy, I didn't deserve it I thought.

A moment later he returned, grabbed the leash and he pulled hard from it, choking me for just a second. Then I started following him as fast as I could.

He led me to the garage and once inside I realized the truck was gone.

Laying on the middle were my ballet shoes, and as he unclipped my leash, he pointed at them.

"Time for some practice, I think. Put them on." he said as he stood by the door.

I did as he told as fast as I could, slipping them on and then lacing them up as my hands trembled.

Then he told me to stand up, and once I did he twisted my arms behind me, before he tied them tightly with one of the black leather belts he had used the last time.

By the time he finished my hands were tingling, and soon moved up, wrapping a belt around my elbows before he pulled tight, forcing my shoulders back and my chest out.

Then he did the same around my knees and my ankles, immobilizing me.

It was hard to stay standing, and for a moment I feared I would fall down on my face.

Then, once I was tied down, James moved towards one of the benches on the side, and he returned with the same ring gag as before.

I was terrified of it, but he simply clamped one of his hands under my jaw, forcing it open and the he pushed it in as deep as it would go, stretching my jaw open painfully before he closed the strap behind my head.

Finally, he slipped a blindfold over my eyes, and the garage suddenly disappeared into darkness, making me feel even more terrified than before.

Suddenly my breathing became hard and fast, and I started to feel dizzy. I wanted to apologize, but the only thing I managed was an incoherent mumble, the gag making it impossible to speak.

With the blindfold on, keeping my balance was even harder than before, and soon I felt myself swaying dangerously, until I suddenly felt James's hand clamping powerfully around my neck.

A second later I heard a loud metallic click under my left ear, and then he left.

I knew what it meant, but my panicked mind refused to accept it, not until I felt my collar closing around my neck. Suddenly I was raising into the air and I felt my feet leave the floor.

Panicking, I stretched my legs, searching for the floor until I found it, and then I tried my best to keep my balance on the tip of my ballet shoes.

En pointe, my mind reminded me as I tried not to fall.

Tied as I was, it was almost impossible, and every time I lost my balance I pulled from the rope holding me up, putting even more pressure on my neck.

"I am disappointed, little bird." he said as he started circling around me, like a shark sniffing its prey.

Meanwhile, I could only endure as best as I could, trying to hold on for as long as I could.

But soon my legs started to burn under me, I started swaying more and more, and the collar around my neck became tighter with every passing second.

I was terrified, and tears started streaming down my face as I started sobbing hard.

James, meanwhile, continued to circle around me and my panic only grew worse. My legs soon started cramping painfully and my face felt bloated and hot. It was hard to breathe, and as I tried my best to hold on, I finally heard him stop.

"So disappointing..." he said.

A moment later I felt myself raising once more, and the floor simply disappeared under me.

Pure terror exploded inside of me as the collar closed so thight around my neck that it pushed my tongue out of my mouth.

I couldn't breathe, not even the short, quick breaths from before, and suddenly I could feel my heartbeat pounding inside of my head as I started flopping uselessly, searching for the floor with my feet.

Soon my movements became slower, and even thinking was hard. I was dying, I thought, and the last thing I remember was saying I am sorry inside my mind, over and over again.

Then everything went dark.


When I came back, I was laying on the cold, hard floor, my head resting on James's legs. He was stroking my hair softly as he looked into my eyes blankly.

My throat hurt horribly, much worse than after the throating, and as I brought my hand towards my neck, I realized that my collar was gone, along with the leather belts.

"I am sorry..." I said, my voice a broken croak.

James remained quiet as he stroked my hair, and suddenly I started crying.

"Please... I am sorry... please... forgive me..." I managed to say despite the pain in my throat.

I felt terrible, still guilty of having failed him, and despite the pain I was soon wailing in anguish as I hugged him.

"Shhhh..." he finally said, but it did little to appease me.

We stayed like that for a few minutes, until I started to calm down. My crying became sobbing and as I wiped the tears from my face I looked into his eyes and I felt a terrible shame for having failed him.

"I am sorry... please, you have to forgive me..." I moaned once more.

But he simply ignored me, taking a deep breath before he picked me up from the floor with ease. Then he carried me silently towards the bedroom, and then he laid me on the bed before pulling the covers over my naked body.

I wanted him to lay with me, to feel his body against mine, but instead he sat on the bed, stroking my hair as I sobbed quietly.

Minutes passed before he finally spoke again, nice voice low and neutral.

"Why did you cum?" he asked me.

I looked at him for a full minute, too afraid to answer, before I finally managed to speak.

"I lost control, I am sorry... I should have asked for permission, should have waited..." I said, before I realized I was babbling again.

"I know that." he said calmly a moment later. "What I am asking, is what made you cum?"

A deep silence fell in the room as I looked at him, suddenly speechless.

I knew the answer, but I didn't dare to say it out loud.

A few minutes passed, and James didn't press me for an answer. I was thankful of that, but his face looked anything but pleased.

Instead, he got up and left me alone, closing the door behind him.

After he was gone I buried my face under the pillows, and started crying, to terrified to admit what was happening to me.


James returned a few hours later, and by then the sky outside was dark.

Once inside, he looked at me, and he started undressing, his eyes never leaving mine, and then he pulled the covers from the bed, throwing them on the floor.

He looked angrily at me as he stroked his cock.

Suddenly terrified, I rolled over until I was laying on my back and I pulled my legs apart.

With a satisfied smirk, he climbed on top of me before he spat between my legs. Then he smeared his saliva over my pussy, his movements rough and forceful, before he pushed his cock into me.

I was far from aroused, and my body wasn't ready for the intrusion. A bright flash of pain ran through my body as he stretched me painfully, and dry as I was, his every movement was an agony for me.

Oblivious to my problem, he simply started fucking me, slowly at first but faster and faster as my pussy started to become wet.

It was just my body's reaction, though, as there was no pleasure to me.

Instead, I endured silently as he used me for his own pleasure. His face, filled with anger, hung above mine as he fucked me, his savage trusts pounding me against the bed.

My only mercy was that it was over soon, as a few minutes later he started grunting, his movements became faster and faster still, and in one violent thrust, he buried himself deeply into me before he came.

I could feel his seed flowing inside of me, and once it was done, he simple rolled over and got up, all without saying a single word.

I felt dirty and used, and as I looked at him, I knew why he acted like that. I had disappointed him again.

I wanted to tell him, I truly did, but I didn't dare say those words out loud, for fear of what they might unleash.

Instead, I laid silently in the bed as he cleaned his cock, and then slipped on a fresh pair of underwear.

Then he left, and when he returned, he was carrying an armful of black leather.

The sight of it filled me with fear, but I didn't dare say anything.

Instead, he grabbed my foot and he dragged me towards the edge of the bed before making me sit.

The first thing he did was putting my collar back on, then he pulled it tightly before closing the clasp behind my neck.

Then he grabbed my arms, twisting them forcefully behind me and he tied my hands together using one of the leather belts. Like before, next were my elbows, my knees and my ankles.

I was trapped, this time much tighter than before and soon my arms and legs were tingling softly.

The ring gag was next, though this time I opened up my mouth before he forced it open, trying to appease him. My jaw, still sore from before, started aching almost instantly, though.

Next was the blindfold, blocking the world around me.

The next step, though, surprised me. Out of nowhere I felt him pushing something soft and squishy into my ears, and suddenly I couldn't hear anything expect my own breathing and the bed fabric brushing against my body when I moved.

Blind and deaf, I felt more vulnerable than ever, and my breathing became short and fast as my heart started pounding inside my chest.

Without warning he pushed me back and I fell against the bed before he rolled me over. Then I felt him pulling from the belts, until my hips were resting on the edge of the bed.

James worked fast, and a moment later I felt something pushing against my asshole. It felt slippery and cold, and it slipped into me with ease despite the sharp pain I felt. The plug felt even bigger than the last, and this time the pain stayed with it.

Then I felt something moving over my pussy, as cold and slippery as the plug, and without warning he pushed it forcefully in. It felt huge, much bigger than his cock, and together with the plug, I felt uncomfortably full.

Finally, I felt something wrapping around my crotch and my waist, probably another belt to hold the plug and the dildo in place.

James's hands left my body, and suddenly all I could think of were the two intruders in my body as I started drooling onto the mattress.

With all my weight resting on my chest, breathing wasn't easy, and soon I felt myself becoming light headed. A moment later, though, I felt James picking me up and he carried me away.

I had no way to know where, but suddenly the air felt much colder than before, and I feared he had taken me outside. Then he lowered me down, and the floor felt cold and hard.

Soon I could feel it sucking the heat from my body until I was trembling.

Desperate to escape I stretched myself, but my head and my feat bumped into something. Trying to know what it was, I stretched my hands behind me and I grabbed something round and cold.

A shiver ran down my back as I realized it was a metal rod.

I was in the garage, inside the cage.

Suddenly, panic exploded inside of me and I started screaming, squirming my body in desperation as I bumped against the cage's sides.

James ignored me though, until suddenly I felt his hand on my hip, pressing me down.

A moment later he forced his hand between my legs, and I gasped in shock as both the dildo and the plug started vibrating inside of me.

It wasn't very strong, but despite my panic, I soon felt my arousal growing deep inside of me.

Then my world shook as James slammed the top of the cage shut. I screamed once more, pleading for mercy despite the gag, but he simply ignored me.

A minute passed and suddenly I stood still, trying to listen for any sound, anything that would tell me if he was still there, but the garage was perfectly silent.

He wouldn't, I told myself, but the reality was impossible to ignore. He had simply left me there, alone and in the dark, I thought as I started sobbing. Tears streamed down my face as I curled my body as tight as I could.

It wasn't fair, I thought, over and over again. I wanted to tell him, I just couldn't...

Suddenly I was screaming once more as I pulled from the belts desperately.

I was screaming in frustration and in anger, at myself for failing him, for not being able to face the truth, and I did it until my throat started to hurt and I felt the belts cutting painfully into my flesh.

Only when I became exhausted, when the pain became too much, I was able to stop.

And then, the anger started to fade away and I started to calm down, concentrating on my breathing as I cried softly.

But as time went on, I felt my body responding to the vibrations inside of me. They were slow but constant, and soon they were all I could think off and I felt my body responding despite my troubles.

My pussy became wet, and soon I felt it dripping between my legs as I felt my body becoming hot and feverish.

I tried to resist, concentrating on my breathing again, but the sensation was impossible to ignore, and it just kept on going and going, driving me forwards, towards a new orgasm despite my efforts.

I was trapped, unable to escape my torment, but I fought hard, for as long as I could. In the end though, it soon became too much and I came, my body exploding without warning.

Suddenly I was convinced that he really was still out there, looking at me as I came, once more without his permission, but I couldn't hear anything but the slow vibration coming from between my legs.

As my body came from the high of my orgasm, I tried to relax, only to realize that the vibrations were still there, and my body responded again.

Already sensitive from my previous orgasm, this time I had no chance. Minutes after the first orgasm, I tensed my body in one last, desperate attempt to hold it off, but it was useless.

I came once more, the second time in less than a few minutes.

Once I came back, I was exhausted. My body was covered in sweat, my legs were sticky with my juices and my jaw ached horribly.

I wanted it to stop. I was desperate for it to stop. But they simply continued.

The third orgasm came minutes later. Then another one, and then another, until I lost count and I felt myself going mad while my body flopped weakly under the assault.

Far from being pleasurable, I felt my mind slipping. Lights and colors flashed in front of my eyes and I could swear there were voices all around me. In my maddens, I imagined a the garage was full of people, my classmates, all looking at me as I lost control of my own body.

Still, I kept cumming, over and over again, until I became so tired that breathing became hard, and I couldn't keep resisting, I was just too tired.

I don't know how long it lasted, but at some point, the vibrations mercifully stopped.

Exhausted by the ordeal, I simply collapsed onto the cold floor, too tired to even move my head, and then I finally passed out.


When I came back, I felt weak and disoriented. I couldn't remember where I was, or why. All I knew was that every part of my body hurt.

Too afraid to move, I laid on the freezing cold floor under me, shivering uncontrollably, until I managed to open my eyes, but everything remained in darkness.

I don't know how long I stayed like that, too exhausted to even try moving, but at some point, I felt a hand on my arms and I jumped in fear.

I couldn't hear anything, I realized, and slowly, the previous night came back to me.

I remembered him tying me, the blindfold and the earplugs, him taking me to the cage, how he had filled both my holes and how they had started vibrating. I remembered cumming, so many times that my own orgasms became painful, and then I didn't remember anything else.

James, meanwhile, lifted me up into the air like he had done the day before, and he carried me into the house.

The cold air of the garage gave way to the warmer air of the house and soon I stopped shivering.

When we stopped, he laid me down somewhere soft and plushy, and though I didn't know what it was, I knew it wasn't his bed.

Slowly, he started undoing the belts holding me down, releasing my legs first, before he stopped. I didn't know why, until a moment later pain flared up in them.

As blood rushed into my legs, it brought a slow burning sensation that soon became unbearable, like a million needles stabbing me at the same time. And then the pain became an agony and I started moaning loudly despite the gag.

As I did, James simply held me against his body, and I was still too weak to put much of a fight. Luckily, though incredibly painful, the sensation soon started to fade, leaving behind a soft tingling sensation.

Terrified, I wiggled my toes, fearing for a moment that I wouldn't be able to, but they moved, sluggishly and painfully at first, but they did.

Then he released me, and I felt him doing the same to my arms. Knowing what was coming, I tried to prepare myself, but if the legs had been painful, my arms were even worse.

The moment he undid the belts holding my wrists and my elbows, pain exploded in my arms, until I once more was screaming in agony at the burning sensation that quickly enveloped them.

This time the pain lasted longer, or at least it seemed to, and by the time it was over I was left sobbing loudly.

Then he rolled me over, until I was laying facedown over his legs, and the belt around my waist was next.

A moment later he slowly pulled the spent dildo from my pussy. I was still extremely sensitive, and the sensation of it being pulled out felt painful, almost as if my pussy had been left raw on the inside.

Once it was out, he took out the butt plug. I felt it stretching my abused asshole widely before it finally popped out.

In what must have been an incredibly obscene sight, I felt both my holes gapping open for a few moments, but I was too tired, too hurt, to even try to cover myself up.

With that done, he laid me down and left me there. I was still blindfolded, wearing the earplugs, and of course the gag held my mouth painfully open, but at least I wasn't bound anymore.

Too tired to move, I simply laid there, breathing slowly and deliberately. Everything hurt, and I felt dirty and sore.

Sobbing quietly, I waited, desperate to hear anything that might give me a clue of what came next, but the only sense I had left was smell, and I could only smell myself and the perfume of whatever I was laying on.

Then he suddenly returned, and he picked me up onto his lap before undoing my collar. Then he pulled the plugs from my ears, and the first sound I heard was water running not far from me.

James moved once more, cradling my body from behind as I felt him undoing the clasp behind my back. Slowly, he pulled the gag from my mouth, but I still didn't dare close my mouth.

He helped me, though, massaging my aching muscles and slowly pushing it closed despite my protests, until my mouth was finally able to close despite the pain.

Finally, be slipped the blindfold off, and I saw the bathroom appearing around me.

It was dark inside, the only light coming from the half closed window blinds.

Then James looked at me, his face hanging above me as I realized I was laying on a towel on the floor.

"I don't enjoy punishing you, my little bird." he said tenderly as he held me.

Afraid my voice would break, I nodded my head before having to look away. I was blushing hard, my face burning in shame, but he didn't say anything.

Instead, he picked me up easily, and he carried me into the bathtub, slowly dipping me in the warm water.

The sensation felt glorious, and I could feel my body loosening up almost instantly. The tingling sensation on my arms and legs slowly faded away, and the pain in my jaw lessened to the point it wasn't an agony anymore.

It felt good, and I was exhausted, so much so that I simply laid there, my mouth just above the water, enjoying the warmth.

A moment later James took my hand, pulling my arm above the water, and he started washing me, going over my whole body patiently.

My arms, my legs, and my back were first. Then he moved his hands between my legs, and he carefully washed me there too. It hurt, a little, but I remained silent. Finally, he washed my hair, rubbing my scalp slowly as I moaned softly under the sensation.

The water, though, turned slowly from clear to a murky grey, and he flushed it away before he used the shower head to rinse me off. Then he filled the tub once more, and he simply left me alone.

Out of nowhere felt a pang of anguish, remembering that I had failed him, that I had disappointed him. The idea hurt much more than the physical pain and covering my face with my hands I started weeping as I remembered his last question.

I was still terrified of the answer, of what it might mean, but there was no denying it anymore.

I remembered my dream, and how confused and afraid I had felt when I woke up. I remembered the sensations that coursed through my body as he licked me clean after our lunch, his tongue sucking the juices from my body, and how he had started eating out my pussy, how it felt real, as I were only a piece of meat he was savoring.

A shiver ran down my back as I resigned myself to the truth, still terrified of it, but knowing that I wouldn't be able to deny it anymore.


By the time James returned, the water was getting cold, but I didn't dare move.

I wasn't crying anymore, but my face felt puffy and red, and I knew he could tell.

He moved confidently, sitting on the side of the bathtub as he rested his back against a wall. He remained quiet, but his eyes bored into me, and I knew what he wanted.

I didn't dare look away this time, and as I started trembling, I finally gathered the courage to admit the truth to him.

I first told him about my dream, how in it he had been roasting me in a big oven, and how I had wanted him to do it. I told him I was confused when I woke up, but also aroused, which only made things worse, and then I told him about our lunch.

"I liked it." I said before I stopped to think.

Licking my lips nervously I looked at him, before I continued.

"When you were... licking me... I... it felt as if you were eating.... me... for real." I said, remembering the way he had nibbled my pussy and my clit, and how real it had felt in my mind.

James remained silent the whole time, just looking at me.

"I... I imagined that the juices... were mine... that... that you had cooked me and you were eating me, and though it sounds ridiculous and stupid, it felt so good, so powerful... that I couldn't stop myself and I came..." I said, finally blurting it all out.

Once it was over, I finally managed to look away while James remained silent.

"It aroused you? The idea of me eating you?" he asked a moment later. "The idea of being meat?"

That last word stuck in my mind, filling me with doubt, but I nodded weakly, ashamed and afraid he would think I was crazy.

"Do you know what gynophagia is?" he asked me a moment later.

Unable to look his way, I simply shook my head.

"Gynophagia... it literally means to eat women." he said. "It's a fetish, or a fantasy, and not an uncommon one."

"Many women fantasize about it, the web is filled with stories and pictures, forums full of people discussing the idea. I guess its... a taboo, too, as you could call it cannibalism, but that I leave up to others."

"There is nothing wrong with it, though." he added a moment later.

"How can it not be wrong?" I asked shyly.

"Does it feel wrong to you?" he asked me, and I had to shake my head.

"Let me ask you something. I have hurt you plenty of times. I have done things that most people would consider abuse. I have punished you in some very cruel ways, too. " he said, as I remembered some of them.

I nodded once more, looking at the water in front of me.

"Did you enjoy it, though? Did it feel right when I punished you?" he asked me a moment later.

It took me a moment to answer, and the best I managed as a weak nod.

"Not always, that is true, but sometimes pain is something pleasurable, right?" he said.

Again, a weak nod was all I managed.

"Maybe, those times we feel pain only make the pleasure feel that much more powerful, or maybe the pain itself is the pleasure. That depends on the person." he continued as I felt my face turning red.

Pain and pleasure had become something so confusing on those past weeks, that I sometimes had trouble telling them apart, that much I could admit.

"In sex... In life really, I don't think there is right or wrong. You could call gynophagia a fetish, and you might be right. But it's not the only one. Anal sex is a fetish to some, so is oral sex, or throatings. We have done all of those, and you liked them, didn't you?"

"Others fantasize about raping or being raped, about incest, maybe a father sleeping with his daughter or a mother with his son. Hanging and bagging, or asphyxia in general is also something that some people find incredibly arousing, but others might find abhorrent."

"I think people should be able to do whatever they want to, don't you think?"

I listened quietly, thinking about what it all meant, but it wasn't easy.

That word kept coming back to my mind, thought.

Meat, I said in my mind.

As I said it once more, I looked at my body.

"The only thing... I think is really important, is it being consensual between the two sides. Or three... or more, gang bangs are another fetish, too."

When he finished he looked at me patiently while I tried to process it all.

"Did you enjoy it when I fucked your ass for the first time?" he asked me.

I remembered the pain first, but then the pleasure I felt, both from the pain and from the submission, from the sensation of fullness it gave me, and the answer came naturally.

"Yes." was all I managed to say.

"And when I fucked your throat?" he asked later.

That one was harder. I had been terrified during it, but afterwards, I had felt... relief, pride... pleasure, even if it felt strange.

I nodded weakly, too afraid to speak.

"Did you enjoy it when I licked your body, when you thought I was eating you?" he asked a moment later.

I didn't have to think that one, but I was afraid of answering, nonetheless.

Despite my fear though, I nodded slowly.

James looked at me in satisfaction, taking a deep breath before he continued.

"Then, what is the problem?" he asked.

In the confused mess that was my mind, only one thing came up, loudly screaming for my attention.

Terror slowly rose inside of me, but despite it I managed to look into his eyes before I spoke again.

"What if I want it... for real... like in my dream..." was all I managed before a knot formed in my throat.

James looked at me silently, waiting for me to continue.

"What if I want to become meat... for real..." I said as I felt my anxiety raising. "Am I crazy for wanting you to... roast me... to eat me?"

"Am I crazy?" I asked a moment later, sobbing.

"I don't think you are crazy, little bird." James said compassionately.

"And as for the what if, that is up to you to decide." he finally said.

After that, an uncomfortable silence fell around us.

Minutes passed like that, until the water became so cold and my trembling so hard, that my teeth were chattering together.

Finally taking pity on me, James pulled the plug from the bathtub and he told me to stand. He dried me carefully, using a big fluffy towel that felt good after all I had endured, and then he picked me up once more.

He carried me silently to his bed, and after laying me down, he pulled the covers over my naked body before he sat on the bed next to me.

"Rest, it's been a long day." he said, and I knew it was true.

"What time is it..." I asked shyly.

"Its Sunday, almost night." he said, and when he did I suddenly realized something.

"How long.... how long was I in the cage..." I asked, my voice shaky and weak.

James looked at me for a second before smiling warmly.

"A little over 16 hours, before I took you out." he said a moment later, looking amused.

A feeling exhaustion suddenly washed over me, but I nodded slowly.

"I am sorry..." I whispered ask closed my eyes. "For cumming without permission."

A moment later I felt James stroking my hair tenderly, before he shushed me.

"I love you..." I whispered with the last of my strength.

"Sleep." he ordered me, and I did.


When I woke up the next day, James was hugging me from behind, his head nuzzled against mine.

Afraid that if I moved, I would wake him up, I simply stood still, enjoying the sensation. I felt happy and relaxed, though my body still felt a little sore and stiff.

As I laid with him, my mind started to wander, and though I tried to ignore our last conversation, it wasn't easy and soon I started to feel anxious.

His last few words hung heavy over my head, until they were the only thing I could think off.

I don't know how long I laid awake like that, but at some point James stirred and he started to wake up. Turning around to face him, I saw him opening his eyes and he smiled at me. It was a small thing, but it helped me push my thoughts away, if only for a moment.

"Morning." he said as he leaned forwards to kiss me.

I kissed him back, hungry for his lips, and soon his hands were roaming all over my body. They felt rough and urgent, his touch as desperate as mine, and soon I felt them moving lower, pushing between my legs in search of my sex.

Pulling my legs open, I let him explore me. I was already wet, and a moment later he climbed on top of me and he pushed himself into me.

I gasped in shock at the suddenness of it, but there was no pain.

Wasting no time he soon started pumping in and out of my pussy, as my body shivered under his. It felt glorious, and as I lost myself in the sensation, he leaned down until I could feel his breathing, hot and moist, over my neck.

"You can cum." he said.

Only then did I realize that I was holding back instinctively, and I was finally able to relax, my body melting into his as I ran my hands over his back.

It didn't take long for me to cum after that, and soon I clamped my legs around his hips, pulling him towards me, as I held my breath, desperate to stretch my orgasm as long as possible.

Not long after that, I felt him cumming inside of me, his cum splashing deep within me, a feeling that made me shiver in lust.

I wanted to stay like that forever, pressed under his body and with his cock inside of me, but he pulled out not long after, getting up unceremoniously as I watched him from the bed.

"It's Monday, little bird." he said a moment later. "We better hurry."

In an instant, panic exploded inside of me and I jumped off the bed, running towards the bathroom. I had barely enough time for a quick shower, and then I dressed myself as fast as I could.

James, meanwhile, was already having breakfast by the time I got to the kitchen.

I grabbed a pancake, and I wolfed it down, before I grabbed a second one for the trip. James was grabbing my arm by then, pulling me towards the garage.

I walked quickly behind me, but the moment I crossed the door I froze in place.

The cage was still there, right next to the door. And as I watched it I remembered what it had felt to be locked inside of it, and a shiver ran down my back.

James appeared a moment later, pulling me gently from my shoulder, until I managed to get in the truck, and soon we were driving away.

I ate my pancake quickly before wiping my hands on my pants, and then, like before James stopped the truck a few blocks from the school.

I went to open the door, but he suddenly grabbed my hand, stopping me.

"Emily..." he said, sounding unsure of himself. "I think we should take some time off. A few day, maybe a week..."

"What?" I said, feeling confused.

"I think you need some time on your own, it will do you good." he said. "I think you have a lot to think about."

Speechless, I looked at him for a full minute, trying to say something, anything to change his mind, but I couldn't.

"Don't come see me at lunch, or after school, okay?" he said.

I nodded numbly, unable to believe what he was saying, but it only got worse.

"We can talk on Friday after class, but I think it would be better if we took next weekend off, too."

"Please... no...." I managed to say, but he simply ignored me.

"It will do you good, believe me." he said, as he tried to rest his hand on my shoulder. "It's my fault, really, we have been going too fast..."

But I was suddenly angry, and I pushed his hand away. I looked into his eyes, feeling hurt and angry.

"You... you... fuck... I hate you!" I said in anger as I slapped his hand away.

The world around me turned red and I pushed the door open in anger before I jumped down.

Turning around I looked at him as I felt my blood boiling inside of me. I wanted to say more, but I was so angry that a knot had formed inside my throat. Instead, I slammed the door shut, rocking the truck and I started walking away angrily.

But all that anger took its toll, and after a block my legs felt weak and wobbly, and by the time I got to the school I was on the verge of tears.

I ran into the bathroom and I closed myself into one of the stalls before I started crying hard, tears streaming down my face freely until my shirt was wet and my throat started to hurt.

I felt betrayed, abandoned, like he had used me and now that he had gotten what he wanted, discarded.

Then the bell rang, but I didn't even listen to it, and I spent first period like that, crying, alone in the bathroom as I thought of James.


The rest of the day was pure misery.

By lunch I felt horrible, and I wasn't hungry at all, so I found an empty classroom and I locked myself in it, waiting for the recess to end. It didn't become any easier after that, and every hour seemed to stretch on forever.

Finally, the day was over, and I rushed out of the school, desperate to get away.

I didn't take the bus home, though, and instead I decided to walk, hoping that it would help me clear my mind, but it was useless. All I could think of was him, and as I walked I went from sadness and resignation, to anger and then back to sadness.

People must have thought I was crazy, as at time I was cursing him loudly and other I started sobbing, and by the time I got home, I was a complete mess.

Feeling tired, I dropped myself onto my bed and I started sobbing, burying my face into my pillow as my mom was sleeping in her room.

I wanted to hate him, but he more time passed the more I realized I couldn't, I had lashed out at him in anger, but I still loved him, and it broke my heart to hear his words in my mind, repeating themselves over and over.

A week without him felt like an eternity, and the mere idea filled me with dread.

Little did I know back then, that  our time apart would be much longer.


The next day wasn't any easier. I slept poorly and when I woke up I was tired and cranky. Depressed, I sulked all day long, just going through the motions of life because I had to, and not from any desire to do anything.

I was soon filled with apathy, and everything became hard. It became impossible for me to concentrate during class, and once home I had to force myself to do the dishes, or laundry, and even then, I did it to help my mom.

The rest of my time I spent in my room, laying in bed, trying not to think and failing miserably.

Friday was looming heavily over me. The last class of the week was with James and knowing that I was going to spend the weekend alone, felt awful.

We hadn't spoken all week, and the one time I had seen him in the hallways I had felt angry at him. He hadn't seen me, though, and I simply turned around and went in the other direction, not wanting him to see me.

When Friday finally arrived, I got to school feeling almost sick.

Maybe I could skip his class, I thought, but I was too much of a coward, and deep in my mind, I still thought there was a chance he would change his mind, that once his class was over, he would call me to his desk and give a slip of paper like he used to do.

I spent the whole day waiting, unable to concentrate on anything, and then the time came.

The bell rang, I entered his classroom, looking at him in hopes of a signal, anything that might make me feel better.

But when I entered the classroom, he avoided my gaze. He did the same for the rest of the class, until the bell rang again. Suddenly I was angry at him, so I packed my things and I ran away.

By the time I made it home, I was crying hard.

A deep pain filled my chest and it felt as if my heart was broken in half. I could think only of him, and every time I closed my eyes, I could see his face, smiling tenderly at me.

As I looked around my room, I dreaded the idea of a whole weekend alone, but I had no other choice.


By the time I woke up on Monday, I felt as if a whole decade had passed. I felt exhausted, so much that getting up from the bed seemed an impossible task.

I was tired, cranky and heartbroken. I wanted to go to him, to beg for him to take me back, on my knees if it was necessary, but deep within me I knew I couldn't.

It wasn't up to me to decide, it was up to him, and no matter how much it hurt, I had no other choice but to wait.

School soon became unbearable, and I started skipping a few classes. Sometimes I just wanted to be alone, and I would slip into an empty room and sulk there until the next period.

By Wednesday they had realized what I was doing, and I was called to the principal's office. He gave me a talk about responsibility and consequences, threatening me with detention, but saying that he would give me another chance.

I almost laughed at the word detention, thinking of James's punishments, but I kept quiet, my eyes on the floor, and I nodded weakly when he wanted me to.

Thursday came and went and suddenly I couldn't take it anymore.

I came home almost running, wanting to be alone, and by the time I entered my room I lost control and I started sobbing loudly, not realizing that my mom was awake.

A few minutes later I heard her knocking softly on my door, and as I wiped my face with the sleeve of my shirt, I told her to come in.

She entered my room slowly, almost afraid, as she looked around.

The place was a mess, as I had stopped caring about it the day James broke up with me, and I supposed my mom hadn't seen it like that before.

With a worried look on her face, she dragged my chair over to my bed, and she sat in front of me as I sobbed softly.

"Hi honey." she said a moment later her voice filled with concern.

"Hi mom." I answered back. "Sorry I woke you up."

She shook her head as she smiled tenderly.

"It's okay." she said before she looked around my room.

"Sooo... I have to ask, you know, because I am your mom." she asked me a moment later. "Are you okay?"

I nodded weakly, afraid my voice would break if I tried to talk.

"You don't look okay, though." she added a moment later.

"I am having trouble sleeping." I told her, and that much was true.

Her face told me she didn't believe me, and this time I couldn't lie. Looking up towards the ceiling, I shook my head slowly.

"You are not drinking, are you?" she asked me a moment later.

I almost laughed out loud, but instead I shook my head once more.

"Drugs?" she asked me next, and again I shook my head.

"Is someone... abusing you, honey?" she then asked, her voice filled with concern once more.

I hesitated only for a second, images from my time with James flashing in front of my eyes before I once more shook my head.

"Good, that is good." my mother said, sounding slightly relived. "You know you can come talk to me anytime you want, right?"

I nodded, slowly, and my mom smiled weakly.

"I am sorry I haven't been around much. Work is... well, I like it, but I always stay longer than what I should, there is so much to do, so little time, and then I just sleep all day long..." she said a moment later.

"It's okay mom." I finally managed to say.

"Soooo... if it is not alcohol, and not drugs, no one is abusing you, then I guess it's a boy problem?" she asked me.

Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath before I nodded slowly.

"Do you want to tell me about it?" she asked softly.

I didn't, not at first, but then I did want to tell her. The problem was there was no way I could tell her anything without getting into a huge problem.

I was sleeping with my teacher, but he broke up with me and now I am sad, I thought to myself, almost laughing.

No, obviously not that, I thought as I looked up once more and tried to come up with a way to tell her without telling her any details, but it wasn't easy.

"Why did you and dad divorced, mom?" I finally asked.

My mom sighed loudly before she chuckled.

"I guess... I guess I never explained it to you." she said, sounding tired.

"Your dad is... he is a good person, but sometimes we hurt the ones we love, and your father... he hurt me..." she said as she ran her hands over her pants, as if she were cleaning them.

Suddenly an image came to my mind, and though I had no idea where it had come from, I knew it was true.

"He cheated on you..." I said, my voice barely a whisper.

My mom looked at me in shock for a minute before she nodded. I expected her to ask me how I knew, but she didn't.

Instead, she looked uncomfortably at me, almost ashamed of herself.

"It was his secretary... I... well, I am not 20 anymore..." she said, her voice full of sarcasm and anger.

She stayed silent for a while after that, just looking at his hands, before she finally spoke again.

"I... I am not defending him, but... it wasn't his fault... not all of it... relationships are hard, and... we were having problems, I didn't like LA, but I didn't dare to tell him that... I... I slowly pushed him away and.... well..." she said as a couple of tears ran down her face.

Suddenly I felt bad for my mom, and I wanted to hug her.

I didn't, though. Instead, I looked up and I thought about James and what he had said on our first night together.

He said I didn't know what I was getting into, and how right he had been.

"Does this boy make you happy?" my mom asked me a moment later.

And I nodded quickly and without hesitation.

"Are you having sex?" she asked me a moment later, her tone suddenly filled with fear.

I felt myself blushing as I nodded, but after looking at my mom's worried face, I had to add something.

"We always use protection, mom." I added, which was technically true, I had never forgotten to take the pill.

"Ohhh... good." she said, sounding slightly less worried. "I mean, you are still too young to have sex... in my opinion... but times are changing... and if you are taking care..."

Another moment of silence fell between us, and I could see my mom wanting to ask me another question.

"So, what is the problem, honey?" she finally asked me.

Taking a deep breath, I looked away from her, knowing I wouldn't be able to speak otherwise.

"He... he pushed me away." I said, thinking carefully about every word. "He said I needed time to think what I wanted."

My mom nodded slowly before answering.

"Well, you haven't told me much, but maybe you were going too fast? If that is the case, then that sounds like a smart idea, if you ask me." she said.

I nodded sullenly, unable to deny the truth.

"It's been two weeks... kind of..." I whined a moment later.

"And what do you think now?" she asked me.

"I... I love him." I finally said. "I know you think I am too young, but... I do, it feels so right when I am with him... and not just the... sex."

My mom chuckled softly at the last part, but she remained quiet.

"But when I am with him I feel things that... I feel confused, afraid, aroused... all at the same time. Some things feel just... right, but they still fill me with fear, and maybe they should feel wrong? It's hard to explain."

My mom looked at me for a second before she shook her head.

"No honey, that is love. It's your first love too, it normal to be confused and afraid... and aroused too." she said smiling tenderly. "But if you feel it's right, then it probably is. You are very smart, always remember that."

Taking a deep breath, I looked at my mom, surprised by her answer.

"He isn't forcing you to do things you don't want to, is he?" my mom added a moment later.

"No, mom." I said.

It wasn't strictly true, but true enough, I thought.

After another moment of silence my mom suddenly looked at me, her eyes full of fear.

"How old is he, honey?" she asked.

I looked at her for a second, knowing I couldn't tell her the truth, but not wanting to lie to her, but fortunately I didn't have to do either.

"No, wait, don't answer that, I rather not know." she said a moment, trying to look relaxed and failing miserably.

Then my mom looked at me for a few moments, her worry plain in her face. Then she took a deep breath and she smiled once more.

"Love is hard, relationships are hard, and sometimes they hurt, honey." my mom said as she looked into my eyes.

"But if he treats you well, if you are happy with him, if you are free... if the things you want to do feel right... maybe they are."

A moment later I remembered my dream, of him roasting me in an oven and I shuddered.

"I think you should be able to do whatever makes you happy, don't you think?" she said, and I was suddenly speechless.

Biting my lips, I looked at her once more. She had no way to know what those word would mean to me, not without knowing the whole truth.

I wondered what she would say if I told her about my dream, and what I felt after it. If I told her about my talk with James and my fear.

What if I told her, I thought I was... meat, if I told her what I wanted James to do to me...

I couldn't, of course, and to her it must have meant something completely different. But not to me.

I should be able to do what makes me happy, I said to myself, and as I repeated those words in my mind, I felt just a little bit better.

"Did it help?" my mom asked me a moment later.

I was still confused, but this time I chose to lie to her, so I nodded slowly as I smiled at her.

My mom smiled before she leaned towards me, hugging me tightly.

"I have to go, but we can talk another day if you want to." she said. "Any day, okay?"

I nodded once more, and my mom got up.

Before she left, she stopped by the door and looked at me. I could tell she was still worried, but she gave me a warm smile and then she finally left, closing the door behind her.

A couple of minutes later I heard the front door closing and she was gone. Alone, I looked at myself in the mirror before I stripped of all my clothes, until I was standing naked in front of it.

I stood still for a few minutes, just looking at me as I thought silently.

"Meat." I said as I pinched my thighs.

I felt stupid as I said it, but the feeling soon faded away.

"Meat." I said as I fondled my breasts.

A shiver ran down my back as the words left my mouth, and the idea sunk in.

"I am meat." I said as I ran my hand over my butt.

Despite how ridiculous it sounded, I felt my body responding.

I pulled my legs slightly apart, watching as my pussy became wet and my thighs glistened with my dripping juices.

As unbelievable as it sounded, the idea was incredibly arousing, and soon I couldn't stop myself.

I jumped onto my bed facing down, folding my legs under my chest as I started playing with myself, one hand pushing inside of my pussy while the other played with my piercings, pulling from them like James used to do.

Soon I was rocking my hips in the air as I moaned loudly, and all the while, wondering what I would taste like, if James were to roast me.


I ended up masturbating twice more that night before I finally managed to fall asleep, and by then I was exhausted.

I was still confused, but too tired to keep thinking, and I thankfully had another dreamless night.

By the time I woke up I felt tired and grumpy, but I dragged myself out of the bed and started my routine. For once, I managed to leave the apartment on time, and as I caught the right bus I told myself that I would have time to go see James, if I wanted.

And if he wanted, I added to myself.

What would I say to him? Surely, he would think I was crazy for asking, but I couldn't get it out of my mind.

I was too much of a coward to go talk to him, though, and instead I wasted my time by the gym until it was time for first period. My first class was pure torture, as usual, and second period wasn't any better. The day simply dragged on and on, until finally it was lunch time.

Determined to talk to him, I headed towards his classroom, but by the time I got to the door, I stopped.

I could see him through the door glass, grading and endless pile of papers. I tried to read his face as doubt started blooming inside of me, wondering if he was mad at me.

Suddenly I was far from ready, and before he could see me, I ducked under and I made my way to the gym once more.

I hid under the bleachers, among discarded plastic cups and paper signs, until it was time for my next class.

I told myself that I would have to face him eventually. Today he was my last class, and after the warning I had gotten, I knew I couldn't skip it.

Instead, I tried to think what might happen.

What if he came to talk to me after class? What would I say to him? What if he didn't? Would I dare to talk first?

He never said how long we should wait. Was I supposed to wait forever? No, I just couldn't. Instead, I decided that I had to talk to him. I couldn't keep waiting like that, no matter how scared I was.

I promised myself that by the end of the day I would finally talk to him.

By the time the bell rang, and it was time to enter class I was terrified, but I had a plan. I walked into his classroom slowly, not really knowing what to expect, and then I saw him, smiling softly at me.

"Hi, Emily." James said as I entered.

Suddenly terrified, the only thing I managed was a grunt of acknowledgment and then I almost ran towards the back of the classroom before I sat behind my desk and I hid behind my textbook.

My face burned in shame all class long, and I barely paid any attention to what he was saying. His class, which was usually so entertaining that time seemed to fly away, suddenly seemed to last forever, at least for me.

Finally, though, the bell rang and it was time to go.

As everybody started gathering their books, I looked at James and suddenly my mind became blank with panic.

"He will think I am crazy." I said out loud before I realized what I was doing.

Knowing I had to get away, I grabbed my things as fast as I could, and I ran through the door. I kept running past my locker and the school door, until I finally reached the bus stop, and only then I stopped.

Terror slowly faded away, leaving behind the feeling of shame and despair, until I started crying softly.

The woman seating next to me looked my way for a moment later, probably thinking I was crazy, but I didn't care. I already knew I was crazy, the only problem was I couldn't admit it.


By the time I stepped off the bus, the sky was a dark gray color, and it was starting to drizzle. The air felt cold and humid, and as I walked the last few blocks home, I couldn't stop thinking about him.

He had said hi, but I had been too much of a coward to talk to him. Now I would spend the weekend stuck home, without him, and the idea made me feel depressed.

Maybe this had all been a test from James, a test that I had obviously failed. What if the punishment this time was simply not seeing him again?

Soon it was all I could think off, and as I entered our apartment, I closed the door softly behind me, not wanting to wake up my mom.

Then I made my way to my room, wanting only to lay on my bed and try to forget him, but there was a note stuck to the door.


"Honey, I am sorry, Anna got sick and they called me early to cover for her. I might not be back until Sunday night. I love you, mom."


"Great." I said a moment later as I read it again.

It should make no difference, I told myself, since I almost never saw her. She would have been asleep, but no she wasn't, and suddenly it did make a difference.

Feeling alone and depressed I dropped my backpack on the floor and I entered her room. She had made her bed before leaving, and the room was perfectly neat. Only my mom was missing.

Maybe it did make a difference that she wasn't there. Maybe if she had been there, I would have talked to her, and it would have made me feel better, if only a little.

But she wasn't, so I closed the door and I headed into my room.

Mine was a mess, I thought, no wonder my mom had been surprised when she entered last time. The floor was littered with clothes, clean and dirty, my bed was undone, and the sheets looked filthy and grimy.

Still, I kicked off my shoes and I laid on it, clutching my pillow as I started crying.

But luckily, I was exhausted, and not long after I fell asleep.


Suddenly I was in the school cafeteria. It was obviously late at night, as the place was empty and the sky outside the big windows was pitch black.

I was naked, and my hands were tied behind my back, but I didn't seem to be concerned by it. Instead, I was waiting patiently, and a moment later James appeared behind me.

He started nibbling my neck as his hands roamed my shoulders and my back, and before soon I was moaning loudly in pleasure, the sound echoing in the empty space.

"Please..." I begged him.

But James ignored me, and he simply continued sucking and biting my neck. Then his hands found their way to my pussy and I felt himself sliding a finger between my lips.

"You are wet...." he whispered into my ears.

Unable to deny it, I nodded slowly, feeling as my arousal grew under his touch.

"Please... please James..." I begged again.

But like before, James simply ignored me.

A moment later though, He grabbed my hair and he pulled hard, almost lifting me from the floor. He dragged me towards one of the tables, and then he pushed me over it.

The plastic top felt cold under my breasts, and as James kicked my legs apart I soon started trembling.

Without warning he pushed himself inside of me, and soon he was fucking me savagely, his trusts pounding my hips against the edge of the table until it started to hurt.

He was pacing himself, though, enjoying my body as I squirmed under him.

It wasn't like it hurt, it was just that I wanted something else.

"Please... roast me... please..." I finally begged, my voice barely a whisper.

James simply chuckled in between his thrusts, before he grabbed my hair once more and he pulled, forcing my back and my neck to bend painfully.

"You don't mean it... you tease..." he said as he laughed.

But I did, and though I was terrified of the idea, I simply couldn't take it anymore.

"I do! Please, roast me, cook me, turn me into meat and eat my flesh." I said, sounding almost delirious.

Behind me, James slowed down just a little, maybe as he contemplated what to do.

"You are meat, my little bird. Always were." James said as he pulled out of me. "You only had to realize the truth."

Grabbing my hair once more, he pulled me up from the table and he started pushing me around the serving line, and into the kitchen.

The place was spotlessly clean, all white tile and stainless steel, and in the middle, over one of the counters, was a baking try. One that was big enough for me.

As I looked at it, I wondered what it would feel like, and more important, how would I taste.

And almost as if he could read my mind, James leaned closer to me and he smiled.

"I am sure you will be delicious..." he whispered into my ears.


Then all of a sudden, I was awake again. I felt disoriented and lost, and it took me a few moments of looking around my room, until I finally remembered where I was.

It had felt too real, I told myself as I tried to catch my breath. My heart was pounding inside my chest, not in fear, but in excitement. And between my legs, I could feel my pussy wet with arousal.

Suddenly, I got up and I almost tore my clothes away, until I was naked and standing in front of the mirror.

James's necklace, hung above my breasts, the little golden bird still inside its cage, just like I had been, and suddenly I shuddered in pleasure at the memory.

Standing still, I looked at my reflection. My nipples were hard, and the two piercings shone in the dim lights. I wanted to pull from them, to twist them, just like James did, but I didn't.

Between my legs my pussy was dripping with juices, so much that my thigh glistened softly.

I wanted to touch myself, but again, I didn't.

Instead, I looked at myself, before I took a deep breath and I closed my eyes.

"I am meat." I said slowly, almost afraid.

The moment I said it a shiver ran down my back, and my whole body exploded in goose bumps. It had been terrifying, but it had also felt so right that there was no denying it anymore.

"I am meat." I repeated again as my body responded.

Before I knew what I was doing, I was running my hands along my legs, caressing my skin. My body felt hot, almost feverish, and deep within it burned for release.

"I am James's meat." I said a moment later, and this time I started trembling.

I was desperate to play with myself, but I didn't dare to. Not without his permission.

Instead, I continued caressing my skin, moving my hands slowly over my butt and my breasts. Soon my hands found my necklace and I closed them lightly over it. Just the touch was enough to make me gasp, and I had to let it go.

As a loud moan filled my room, I realized what I had to do.

Looking around my room, I found some clean underwear, and then I slipped on my clothes once more. From my backpack I took my bus pass, and then I left, heading outside.

But once I was outside, I stopped, as it was raining so much that I couldn't see past the corner. There were no cars and no people around either, and suddenly I wondered what time it was.

But it didn't matter, I told myself. I needed to go.

Despite the rain, I was suddenly running down the street, headed for the bus stop. By the time I got there I was soaking wet, my white shirt now transparent, and I realized how cold it actually was.

There was no one there, and as I looked around, I felt as if the city was completely deserted.

Pushing that thought away, I looked along the street, hoping that the bus would come soon, and I sat on the bench as I started shivering.

A few minutes later, the bus thankfully arrived, though by that time I was trembling hard. It didn't matter, though. I got in and paid my fare before heading towards the back.

The bus was almost empty, for which I was thankful, and I was left alone as I crossed my arms in front of me, trying to cover myself as my teeth started chattering.


When I got off the bus it was raining even harder than before, and as the door closed behind me, I hesitated for a second. I had never taken the bus to his house, but I was pretty sure I could find it.

Maybe in daylight, my brain added a moment later, but I pushed the thought away.

Instead, I took off running once more, following the path I thought he took when he drove home, until suddenly I was lost.

I stood in the middle of the street, looking at three different paths, and not knowing which was the right one. Did we continue straight, or did we turn to the right? I asked myself. Maybe it was to the left?

The more I waited, unable to make a decision, the more I felt myself panicking, and before it could overwhelm me, I started running once more, going left and looking at the houses on the left.

They all looked pretty much identical to me, more so as the rain kept getting in my eyes, but suddenly I stopped.

There it was, his truck, sitting in the driveway.

I ran towards it, peering inside in the meager porch light just to make sure, but it was it.

Delirious with joy, I moved towards the door and I knocked.

A minute passed but the house remained dark and silent. I knocked once more, harder this time, but still, no answer.

Behind me there was only darkness and rain, and the idea of spending the night under his porch was far from attractive. Instead, I ran around his house, jumping the fence that divided the garden from the front and I stopped in front his bedroom window.

I knocked again, almost afraid this time, and a moment later the light inside turned on.

I was getting cold, and as I waited, I started rubbing my arms, trying to get warm. I was trembling hard, and my teeth were chattering loudly, but a moment later the curtain moved and James's face peered outside.

He looked at me in surprised for a second before he opened the window.

"Emily?" he said as he grabbed my hand and pulled me in. "What are you doing outside?"

He was wearing only his underwear, and as I looked around the room a wave of nostalgia washed over me as I remembered everything that had happened there.

"I had a dream..." I managed to say before my teeth started chattering so hard that I couldn't talk.

"Wait here." he said before he left me standing by the window.

He returned a moment later, holding two big towels under his arm.

"Strip." he said as he had done so many times.

And like before, I didn't hesitate. As best as I could, I started peeling my wet clothes off as he looked at me, his face neutral and unreadable.

Once I was naked, he grabbed one of the towels and he started drying me off, slowly and methodically, going over my whole body.

Then he threw that towel on the floor, along with my clothes, and the grabbed the other one, wrapping it tightly around my body, as if I were a giant burrito.

"Come, let's get something warm in you." he said as he took my hand and he led me towards the kitchen.

He made me a cup of hot tea, and a cup of coffee for himself, and then he sat next to me.

The tea was too hot to drink, so I held the cup between my hands, feeling as my body slowly regained its warmth.

James remained silent though, and I knew I had to start.

"I am sorry..." I said as I looked at my tea.

I didn't expect him to say anything, and he didn't, he just sat there, staring at me.

"You will think I am crazy..." I started before I stopped.

"I... I had another dream. Like the one I told you." I said, a moment later, trying to think how to tell him what I felt.

"In this one, we were in the school cafeteria, but it was night. You... were fucking me over a table, and I was begging.  I was begging you to roast me, but you ignored me, and it was driving me crazy. Until I told you... I told you... I... I told you I was meat." I said as I tried to calm myself.

I expected him to start laughing, to call me crazy, but he simply took a sip from his cup before setting it down on table.

"Are you?" he asked a moment later.

Suddenly I panicked, and I felt a knot forming inside of my throat. Here was the opportunity I had been waiting for so long, the moment to tell him the truth.

"Yes." I managed to say, my voice barely a whisper.

"Yes what?" he asked me a moment later.

He didn't sound angry, but I didn't want to test his patience.

"I am meat." I finally managed to say. "Your meat."

The moment those words left my mouth I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders, and I took a deep breath, feeling relieved.

"I am your meat, to do as you please." I said a moment later, as I shuddered in pleasure.

"Really?" James said a moment later, sounding intrigued. "To do as I please?"

I nodded weakly, too afraid to speak, but out of the corner of my eyes I saw him nodding slowly.

"Stand up." he said as he got up.

Leaving my tea untouched, I got up and I followed him towards the middle of the kitchen. Without warning, he pulled my towel off, letting it fall to the floor before he kicked it away.

Then he went to the counter and he came back holding a big chef's knife. It looked imposable sharp, and the edge shone under the dim kitchen light.

"Hands behind you head, spread your legs." he ordered me a moment later, and once again I obeyed.

"So, if you are meat, and mine to use, I can do with you as I please." he said as he started moving in a circle around me.

Again, too afraid to speak I could only nod.

"What if I told you I would love to hang you up from the ceiling, head hanging down. I could slit your throat to bleed you out and then gut you." he said as he brushed my neck with the tip of the knife.

The idea was both terrifying and incredibly arousing, but I stood as still as possible as he continued circling me.

"Yes, you could." I said as I imagined the feeling of having my throat cut. Of bleeding to death as he pulled my guts from my body, all as I shuddered in pleasure.

"Yes... I could." he said a moment later.

"Maybe I could run a spit thought your body, entering thought your asshole and coming out thought you mouth. I could spin you over the fire slowly like that, for hours." he said. "Like a pig."

A moment later I felt the tip of the knife sliding slowly between my pussy lips.

Unable to move, I swallowed nervously, and I closed my eyes.

"Yes, you could." I said again.

This time imagining how the spit would enter my body, piercing everything along its path, and how the flames would lick my body as I roasted, slowly.

By then my arousal was plain, and undeniable. My nipples stood proudly in front of me, and my pussy was so wet that juices were dripping down my thighs and onto the floor.

"Those are all good options, I think. But quick, don't you think?" he asked me a moment later.

I nodded slowly, as I felt the tip of the knife dragging down my belly.

"No, I think we should take our time." he said a moment later.

Then I felt him stopping in front of me and I managed to open my eyes.

He was looking at my body as he rubbed his chin, probably wondering how he could get the most flavor out of me, and then he simply smiled.

"I know." he said a moment later. "I know how I am going to cook you, my little bird."

But he didn't tell me how he would. Instead, he threw me over the kitchen table, and he started fucking me just as savagely as in my dream.

I came twice while he fucked me, suddenly not caring about any punishments. I simply lost myself in the sensation of him using my body as hard as he could, fucking my pussy and my ass while he pulled from my breasts until I was gritting my teeth in ecstasy.

And then, when he finally came, filling my pussy with his seed, I managed one last orgasm before I collapsed in exhaustion and bliss.


When I woke up, I was laying in James's bed. I was alone, and as I opened up my eyes, I saw light shining through the window.

I couldn't remember the last time I had slept so well, and after the last couple of weeks it felt great.

Still naked, I stretched myself under the covers, enjoying the sensation of the soft fabric over my body, and then I laid on the bed, facing up as I remembered last night.

I could almost feel him inside of me, and the mere memory was enough to arouse me. Soon my body started tingling and I wanted to touch myself, but I couldn't.

Instead, I got up and went to the bathroom. Sitting in the toilet, I started peeing when I noticed the enema bag laying on the bidet. Seeing it sent shivers down my back, but I knew what I had to do.

After filling it with warm water I flushed myself two times, filling my bowels with as much water as I could before the cramps started. I wanted to be as clean as I could for him, and as I watched my belly stretching, I felt myself shuddering in anticipation.

Once that was done, I searched under the sink until I found James's razor. I used it to shave my legs and under my arms before I sat on the edge of the bathtub and I pulled my legs open.

I never had much hair over my pussy, but I shaved it all anyways, until my pubic mound was perfectly smooth.

Only then I jumped under the shower and I cleaned every inch of my body.

When I came out, my body was clean and smooth, and as I looked at my reflection in the mirror, I couldn't help but smile in satisfaction.

"A perfect meal." I said.

I sounded strange at first, but as I said it again, I realized how right it felt to me.

Before leaving, I wanted to dry my hair, but James had never gotten a hair drier, so my hair would have to remain wet.

Once I was ready, I finally headed into the kitchen until suddenly I stopped, as I remembered my mom.

My stomach started turning inside of me as I imagined what she would think when she came back from work, only to find that I was gone. I couldn't do that to her, she didn't deserve it.

But at the same time, what could I tell her? The truth was out of the question, she wouldn't understand.

The more I thought about it, the worse I felt, but I had to do something.

Without thinking, I returned to James's room and I looked around until I found a piece of paper and a pen. Then I sat on the bed, and I looked at it, trying to come up with something, but my mind was simply blank and I couldn't come up with anything.

Sighing loudly, I looked at that mocking piece of paper, wanting to rip it to shreds, but then I remembered our conversation, and what she had said at the end.

It wasn't much, but as I started thinking about it, over and over. Slowly, an idea started to form inside of my head, until I felt I was ready to write.


"Hi mom.

I am sorry I disappeared the way I did, but if I waited for you to return I wouldn't have been able to do what I did.

First of all, I am fine, I am doing what I want, what feels right to me. But it means we probably will not see each other again. I know it will sound crazy, but please know that I want this, and I am very happy where I am. Please, don't look for me.

Thank you for being with me whenever I needed you, and for raising me the way you did.

I love you.



Once I finished, I read it again, and then once more. I wanted to say more, but I knew she wouldn't understand, and hoping it would be enough, I folded the paper in three and I wrote "to my mom" on the outside before I placed it over James's pillow. He would know what to do with that once I was gone.

With that done, I left the room, stopping by the door to look at the note one last time, and as I did, I suddenly smiled as I thought of my mom and much I loved her.

Taking a deep breath, I forced myself to look away and then I finally headed into the kitchen, where James was working hard.

There were pots and pans everywhere, and as I watched him work, I wondered what he was doing, and more importantly, when he would do it. Then I saw that giant oven of his, it was on, and as I looked at it, I realized I wouldn't have to wait much.

Moving just a little closer, I saw the thermometer. It read 250 degrees, and it was still climbing.

Then James noticed I was there, and he turned around, smiling as he looked around the kitchen and then at me.

"My little bird." he said as he walked towards me.

His hand pulled my chin up and almost instinctively I stood on the tip of my toes, struggling to keep my balance as he kissed me tenderly.

"Are you ready?" he asked me.

I looked around the kitchen, and for the first time in a long time I didn't feel confused or afraid. I knew what awaited me and I was eager for him to cook me.

"Yes." I said without hesitation.

"Good." he said as he looked at me.

But suddenly there was something that I needed to know. It wouldn't make a difference, I told myself, but I needed to know.

"Will you... kill me... before you cook me?" I asked.

The words felt strange as I said them, but I wasn't afraid of the answer, just curious.

James shook his head as he smiled tenderly.

"No, my little bird. You will be alive when you enter the oven. How long will you last in there, that is up to you." he said as he looked at the oven behind him.

I nodded slowly, and then I took a deep breath.

"I am ready." I said.

James nodded silently and he took my hand as he led me towards the kitchen table.

There was a big tray on the center, and without having to be told I climbed onto the table and I kneeled on the cold metal.

James then took something out of his pocket, and he started combing my wet hair with his hands, until he managed to form a big bun, which he secured behind my head.

Then he told me to lay down on my back, and I did. The tray was big, big enough that when I laid on it, I fit perfectly from my head to my butt, with only my legs hanging out of it.

He came back a moment later, taking my legs and he started tying loops of heavy twine along my legs. They were tight, and one after the other they climbed along my legs, until he reached my hips.

Then he folded my legs over my chest, and he secured them in place using more twine.

He pulled it tight, until I felt it cutting into my skin, but I didn't say anything.

Once he was done with my legs, he did the same with my arms, wrapping the twine around my upper torso and then my arms, pining them in place, and then he got to my elbows and he tied my wrist to my knees.

I felt slightly betrayed then, as I realized I wouldn't be able to touch myself tied like that, but there was nothing I could do about it.

Once I was all trussed up, I couldn't move at all, no matter how hard I pulled, and I could feel the twine cutting into my flesh whenever I tried.

James stopped for a moment to admire his work before he moved around the table, stopping by my head.

"I thought hard about how to cook you, my little bird. But in the end, there was only one way." he said as he caressed my face.

Then he held something above my face, a red ball gag with holes through it that seemed to be made out of rubber.

"It's silicone, it can go into the oven." he said I looked at it. "Open up."

I did as I told, opening my mouth wide as he pushed the ball into my mouth. It was much smaller that the ring gag, and much more comfortable, so I had no trouble with it.

"How does it feel?" he asked me a moment later.

"Uuuuddd..." was all I managed to say, which was probably the point.

I wouldn't be able to scream now, or if I did, it would muffle them down.

James smiled before going to the counter. When he came back, he was wearing latex gloves and holding a big jar, filled with a golden, foamy liquid.

I wondered what it was for a moment, but as soon as he started pouring it over my body, I was able to smell it. It was melted butter, a lot of it.

The liquid felt warm, and as he rubbed it all over my body, I couldn't help but moan in pleasure through my gag. James, meanwhile, worked quietly, making sure every inch of my body was covered, even rolling me over to cover my back.

Once he was done, he pulled his gloves and he looked at me.

"Butter and rosemary, salt and pepper, it will make your skin crispy and delicious at the same time." he said.

The idea sent a shudder down my body, and soon I could imagine my skin turning a golden-brown color as I roasted slowly.

James wasn't finished, though. He disappeared for a moment before he came back, holding a shiny metal bullet, the size of a small water bottle.

He held it up in front of my face as he smiled.

"A present, to say goodbye." he said as he twisted its base.

The thing, obviously a dildo, started vibrating softly, and a moment later James rubbed it with some left-over butter, and he pushed it into my pussy.

It felt big, though not painfully so, and the vibration was much weaker than the one from the dildo he had used on the cage.

It was impossible to ignore, but maddeningly weak, which was probably the idea.

Then James returned to the counter and he came back carrying a glass bowl. It was stuffing, and suddenly it I realized what I was. I felt silly for not figuring out before, but now it was obvious.

I was his little bird after all.

Donning a pair of fresh gloves, James covered them in butter and he started playing with my ass, pushing one and then two fingers into it as he started stretching me. The sensation was maddening, and I wanted him to continue like that, but soon he pushed a third and then a fourth finger, and he stretched me further.

Pain flared up in my asshole, but I could do nothing but wiggle a little on the tray as he kept working, pumping his fingers in and out, until finally I felt his thumb pressing it and his hand popped into my asshole.

I screamed into the gag, biting it as hard as I could, but the pain slowly faded away, leaving me with a strange sensation of fullness.

He wasn't done, though. Soon he pulled his hand out only to replace it with something hard and cold, that kept my asshole open.

Like before, James worked slowly but methodically, pushing the stuffing inside of my gaping asshole. The sensation was far from pleasant, and the more he pushed, the more bloated I felt.

Still, he kept going, pushing more and more stuffing into me, until I could see my belly stretching above me. Even then he continued, until I felt my belly cramping in pain from how full I was.

And then the bowl was empty, and he stopped, pulling the ring from my asshole and replacing it with something hard and cold. A steel butt plug, I thought, to keep the stuffing in.

Once that was done, James took a step back and he looked at me.

"You look delicious already." he said a moment later, and though it might sound ridiculous, I felt myself blushing.

But as he looked at me, a mischievous smile broke into his face and he pulled the tray along the table, before pulling me towards the edge of the tray.

Suddenly my head was hanging down the edge of the table, and as I watched him undressing, and I realized what he wanted.

A moment later he pulled the gag out of my mouth only to replace it with his cock, and without wasting time, he started fucking my mouth. He was rough and his trusts pushed painfully into the back of my mouth, until my mouth was overflowing with saliva and it started dripping down my face.

He wasn't done, though, as soon his trust became deeper and more powerful, and I tried to ready myself.

Even then, the moment his cock popped into my throat, I felt a jolt of pain and I started gagging. I tried my best to endure but he was fucking my throat like he would my ass, rough and fast, and it was almost impossible to hold on.

Mercifully, he didn't last long and soon he pulled back a little before he came in my mouth, filling it with thick jets of cum, until I could feel it oozing over my tongue.

Once he was done, I opened up my mouth for him and I tried to swallow as best as I could.

When I opened my mouth to show him it was gone, he shoved the gag into it once more, and then he pulled me back into the tray.

James ignored me after that, and I was alone with myself for a few minutes.

I am ready to roast, I told myself, something that made me shudder in anticipation.

I felt full and bloated though, uncomfortably so, and wishing he had used less stuffing. The position wasn't very comfortable either, and the twine was cutting into my skin painfully by then.

I wished he had left my hands free so I could play with myself, but it was probably wise of him not to, as I didn't know what I would do once I went into the oven.

The thought of it made me shudder, and as I looked to the side, I saw it, looking impossibly big. The thermometer read 325 degrees by then, and it was still climbing. How would it feel to go into it, I thought for a moment before I told myself that I would soon know.

Trying to distract myself, I looked away, but soon I discovered another problem. The gag made my mouth water and laying on my back made swallowing hard. If I didn't want to start gagging, I had to concentrate.

But that was becoming increasingly difficult as the vibrator inside of me, though weak, was slowly driving me forwards. My arousal grew constantly, and as I closed my eyes and felt the taste of his cum in my mouth, I tried to relax, hoping to cum soon.

But James returned before I could, and as he looked into my eyes, he nodded once.

"It's time, my little bird." he said.

He headed towards the oven, but suddenly he stopped.

"Oh, I almost forgot." he said as he turned towards the counter.

He returned carrying a big tray filled with carrots, onions and potatoes, which he carefully placed on the tray all around me.

The dressing, I thought.

Once he was ready, he looked into my eyes, smiling, and I tried to smile back.

But the anticipation was killing me, and suddenly all I wanted was to cum one last time, terrified that once in the oven, I wouldn't be able to.

I started grinding my legs as best as I could, but it was useless, and as James opened the oven door I started to panic.

Ignoring me, he picked up the tray and he carefully carried it towards the oven.

The heat struck me instantly. It was beyond anything I had ever felt, and as he placed my tray on the oven's sliding tray I started moaning loudly and I squirmed as much as my bonds allowed.

But James ignored me once more, and without wasting time he pushed the sliding try into the oven, and me along with it, and he closed the door.

I laid there, frozen for a second as heat suddenly enveloped my body. The butter covering my body started to melt once more and I started sweating as my body tried to keep my inner temperature down, but as the seconds passed, I felt myself beginning to cook.

Soon it became to much and I had to close my eyes as I held my breath, fearing what the hot air would do to my lungs.

But as I closed my eyes I traveled back, to that first time I touched myself, alone on that hill, under the burning sun. For a moment it felt like it had been ages ago, but it had been less than a year, and as I remembered, the vibrator inside of me suddenly exploded, rushing me towards my orgasm.

My body, already on edge, started burning from within as I rocked my hips, desperate to cum.

I was so close, I told myself, but the heat was becoming too much, and my lungs were screaming for air.

I fought as hard as I could, but it was a fight I wasn't going to win. When it became too much, I finally surrendered, and I took a deep breath.

Searing hot air filled my lungs and I felt them burning up from the inside.

I wanted to cum, I screamed into my mind as panic rose inside of me.

Suddenly I was in agony, my body being assaulted from everywhere at the same time, but despite it, my tortured mind finally registered it.

I could smell meat, mine, roasting.

Despite the pain I took another breath, filling my burning lungs with the smell of roasting meat and I felt myself drooling at it. It smelled heavily. I smelled heavenly, I told myself, and as I took another breath, my last one, it all became too much, and I finally came.

Without warning, every muscle in my body pulled at the same time, struggling against the bondage that held me in place as my lungs finally had enough and collapsed from the heat.

I hardly noticed, though, as my mind was elsewhere. Jolts of electricity ran through my body as colored lights danced in front of my eyes, and above it all I heard my skin starting to crackle as I cooked.

It felt as if my body would rip itself apart, but finally it relaxed, and I collapsed onto the tray.

But despite it, my orgasm didn't end, and as I felt myself drowning in a sea of pleasure, I felt the heat increasing, until it felt as if my skin was on fire. I knew I wasn't. I was cooking, and the idea filled me with joy.

Finally, as I felt the last of my strength leaving my tortured body, I managed to open my eyes for a second.

James was looking on the other side of the glass. He was smiling, and a moment later I saw his lips moving as he said something.

I couldn't hear him over the sound of my body cooking, but I didn't need to.

"I love you." he had said.

With that, I closed my eyes for the last time, and I was finally gone.



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