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This is the introduction to a whole series of short stories that could take place in our society right now. All the social constructs proposed in this series of short stories are designed for actual use. The authorís objective of this project is to propose an alternative change to society, by building further upon feminist ideals through practical measures.

While much of the material will be published online as a series of short stories in random order, the complete series will have a fundamental structure when the final versions are published through conventional media. This will also contain several parts that are never to be published online.

While the storyline should be considered adult according to todayís standards, future views upon sexuality and pornographic content in particular, may be diluted. These proposed methods and constructions are certain to be effective in a way that makes fines, prisons and social stigmatic means of control seem negative and obsolete.

Choosing erotic literature as a means of conveying changes to society might seem odd, to say the least. But if one thinks about how the foundational goals of single individual, what has been the source of striving to build societies can be chalked up as basic instincts. Several of the short stories elaborate on pure sexual innuendo, thereby not further developing the characteristics of the social constructions and methods of social control. The choice of short stories will be selected amongst the online versions depending on the response from the online readers and possibly rewritten before publication in the official version.

This page is seldom maintained. For further information on the writing process and available chapters, please refer to the maintained wiki page.

The author can be reached on the e-mail address: for further information contact. He is a straight male in his best age, pushing forty. He aims to explore his own interests by writing, through sharing and collaboration. The activities here are merely confined to fiction, while the author can be contacted in person through the above mentioned email address.

Chapters published here:

1. Awarding good behaviour (FM strapon cons anal rom, MF, Mswallow)

2. How girls become loyal to the group (MF FF impregnation teacher)