Nikon Bob
by Isabella

I looked out of my living room window, my cottage hadn't changed much in almost two hundred years, the village hadn't changed much in all that time either, from the outside it looked like the perfect 'Chocolate Box' picture but looking out, the only blight on the landscape was old Denny, he was the local tramp, around sixty years old, he had taken to sitting on the bench on the village green opposite my front garden. As usual, he was drinking wine, or something similar, from a brown paper bag, the unusual thing was a, larger than life, tourist standing talking to Denny and taking his photograph. I recognised that the camera, hanging from the tourists neck on a gaudy strap, from a distance looking like pictures of water cress embroidered on it, no, that would be stupid, probably more like Shamrock, that would make more sense, a good luck symbol rather than a garnish!

Sorry, I went off the point, the camera, oh yes, I recognised it, or rather the model, it was one of the early Nikon large format, professional cameras, they only made a few before they turned to the more standard thirty-five milometer format, the camera stood out because it had a Carl Zeiss lens and I had only ever seen that type of lens on the newer format camera, that would place the model as being one of the last ever made for the large format, just as Nikon and Zeiss were joining force to make the world's best mass market camera, it would also make the camera a very valuable camera indeed. You are right, I do know a lot about cameras, I had a fascination with the technology of photography, I had taken a few amateur photographs myself, mainly landscapes, I had actually won two second and a third place in local photography competitions.

I saw old Denny pointing to me, well, more pointing at my house, I also saw a large note being passed from the tourist to Denny, it was either a ten pound or a twenty pound note, Denny looked very pleased as he checked the money, holding it towards the sun to see the metal strip and water mark, in my mind he was also taking a bite on the edge to check authenticity.

I jumped slightly as the man strode purposefully towards my house, he would have easily seen me standing there watching him, daydreaming as I was. He smiled at me to show that he had seen me watching through the window, I still stood there as he walked past the window and stood outside my front door, he looked towards me, I still stood there in a daze, then he shrugged his shoulders and knocked at the door, I jumped again as the spell, holding me fixed to the spot was broken, I rushed to the door and apologised, "I'm sorry, I was miles away, can I help you?"

There was a hand movement, almost tugging at the forelock, almost raising an imaginary hat, "Bob madam!" "Bob, you mean you want to use my toilet!" "Bless your life no, I'm Bob, I was pointed in your direction, I'm scouting for locations for a magazine shoot!" Bob pointed to the camera around his neck but he needn't have bothered, I was almost dissecting it as it was, trying to work out how the lens was mounted onto the front of the camera, on the newer cameras there was a standard mount, all lens manufacturers made lenses to fit the mount or conversion rings but this was different, the lens was a one off, nothing automatic either, it didn't even look like there was a built in light meter, everything had to be done manually, it would take an amazing amount of skill to take a good photograph with that camera and with the negative being almost four inches square, every twitch, every slip, every speck of dust or error with the light would show up.

"I'm Bob madam, I've come from Dublin, I was told that you might be able to point me in the right direction for a location to shoot a fashion set. I need someplace with easy access for the trailers to get in and that is secluded enough so that we don't have a thousand gawkers hanging around as soon as we point a camera!" The Nikon moved, it rolled across Bob's stomach as he changed the foot he was resting on and my eyes followed it, Bob leaned forwards to see what I was looking at and the camera slipped further down, past the man's belt buckle, I winced as I heard the clunk of metal camera case and metal of the buckle as the two clashed, then the camera slipped lower and I suddenly realised that it looked like I was staring at the man's cock.

"Erm, can you help me?" I blushed as I realised that my apparent sight line had actually caused a stirring in Bob's trousers and now I actually was looking at, well, that area of his trousers that was beginning to inflate under my gaze. "Is that offer of the use of your toilet still open?" The spell was broken again and I looked at Bob's face for the first time. Late forties, good looking in a rugged kind of way, nothing like I would imagine a professional photographer to look, just short of six foot tall, a hint of red in his hair, especially where it had started to gray at the temples, Gallic or Celtic blood from some point in his family line.

"I'm so sorry; I don't know where my head is today!" I know where my eyes were looking a moment ago, and Bob did too, and my eyes couldn't help flicking down every few seconds, the camera was a draw but so was the steadily growing lump in the front of Bob's trousers, "Please come in, the toilet is up the stairs, first door opposite!" Bob's cock was now so large that I was expecting his cockhead to pop over the top of his belt and out into view. As bob walked up the stairs I called after him, "The kettle has just boiled, would you like tea?" Bob stopped at the top of the stairs, he half turned, his hand was already at the front of his trousers, he obviously thought I was heading for the kitchen, he had no way of knowing that I was watching every step he had taken as he climbed the stairs, his trousers far too tight for a man of his age but it accentuated he buttock muscles as he climbed. "No, I don't really have time; I really need to find a good location, oh!" The 'Oh!' was because he had just realised that I was still looking up at him, his trousers were open and his hand was struggling to get his unruly monster to dip its head down to get it out of the little hole in the 'Y' fronts he was wearing under his trousers and he was turning to close the toilet door behind him.

Blushing wasn't the right word for how red my face was as Bob stopped mid rummage in his underpants. Bob smiled at me awkwardly and I returned the difficult smile, almost grinning like a loon as Bob slowly closed the toilet door, in the final moments as the door reached the lam I saw pink flesh, well, pink verging on the purple as his cock finally launched its self out of its hiding place.

I stood for what seemed like an age, just staring up at the closed toilet door, my mind was racing, what the hell was I playing at, I was a happily married woman, ok, so after almost ten years of marriage the rockets no longer 'whooshed' up into the air when we made love and the frequency had dropped off lately but I was happy, so what was it that was going through my mind now, just because the man was a stranger, an accent in his voice and a devilish twinkle in his eye. The fact that I was having 'certain' fantasies surprised me a lot, especially as Bob was as old, if not older than my father. I managed to drag myself away from the bottom of the stairs as the toilet flushed, there was no way that he would have opened the bathroom door before he had 'dressed himself' properly anyway.

I stood in the living room, I was flustered in a girlish sort of way, I heard each footstep on the steps as Bob came back down. "I'm sorry to have bothered you, my contact was obviously wrong..." Bob stopped mid sentence, he was looking over my shoulder, the wall behind me had one of my photographs hanging on it, one of the ones I won second prize for, "Is that local?" Bob asked as he walked past me to get a closer look at the photograph. "Not far away, why?" "Looks perfect for what I need!"

Now I looked at the picture that Bob was looking at, a derelict barn on a property that James's mother owned, there were mature trees behind and a few rusting farm machines in front, "Industrial grunge, dereliction, just imagine a few beautiful girls standing or even climbing on the machinery, the contrast would be amazing, award winning even!" I agreed to take Bob to the farm to look at the barn area, it was within walking distance so we set off together, I noticed that Denny had peeled himself off of the bench opposite my house and was now following after us slowly, weaving his drunken path behind us.

At the barn site Bob went mad, he must have taken a hundred photographs from every angle possible, then he asked me to stand in front of a rusting tractor, now I had been very happy taking photographs in the past but had studiously avoided being in front of the lens, I was so shy in fact that I felt uncomfortable even taking a photograph of another person. It took Bob quite a while to persuade me to stand in front of the tractor, he used all of his Gaelic charm and eventually I stood posing for him, leaning against the front wheel of the Massy Ferguson. Bob was standing around eight feet from me using a twenty-eight millimetre focal length lens; Denny turned the corner and stood watching Bob snapping a few photographs of me.

I still felt uncomfortable, my lifelong shyness being put to the test but when I saw Denny watching me being photographed, well, there was a tingling in my stomach, it was almost as if a red mist passed in front of my eyes, Denny was even older than Bob, he was unwashed, he smelled and he was drunk, everything that I detested in my life, and here I was, getting moist in my secret 'girly' place as he stood watching me.

Bob changed the lens on his camera, I had never seen a large format camera that could take an exchangeable lens before, it must have been one of the Carl Zeiss improvements, the new lens was a twenty-eight to one hundred and fifty zoom lens, I could tell that Bob was taking extreme close-up photographs of me because of the way the lens had been set, Bob was still eight feet away but he was using the zoom facility to get close in to me, I could also follow the sight line of the lens, he was taking photographs of my breasts, through my blouse of course, I looked down, my bra could be seen through the material of my blouse, I looked at Denny, he had a Cheshire cat grin on his face as he saw my bodies reaction to the situation, two tell-tale indicators were standing out through the thick material of my bra and the less thick material of my blouse.

Bob saw me staring past him, he was about to chastise me and tell me to look back at him and the camera lens when he looked over his shoulder and saw Denny. I thought he was going to tell Denny to 'piss off' but he didn't, he went over to him and whispered to him for a few minutes, Denny laughed out loud and as Bob was about to return to photographing me Denny caught his arm, Denny held out his hand, palm upwards, rubbing his thumb against the tips of his fingers, Bob shrugged and dipped his hand into his pocket and pulled out another bank note and placed it theatrically into Denny's hand. Denny laughed out again and started to shuffle towards me.

Bob posed Denny at my side; I shivered at the tramps close proximity to me. Denny was whispering something to me, my mind was on overload slightly, his whisperings weren't registering on a conscious level but the shivering with excitement was spoiling Bob's photographs. "Could you take your over coat off Denny?" I watched as Denny followed Bob's instructions, the day was hot and Denny didn't need the heavy black coat, as soon as I saw Denny's shirt I knew that it would have been better if he had kept it on. His shirt, once white was far from that now, so grimy and ragged, I was no fashion model, but my clothes were clean, white cotton blouse, white cotton skirt and white trainers.

It suddenly struck me, I looked like I was dressed in virginal white, clean and almost sparkling in the sunlight, the barn, the tractor and Denny were grubby and 'distressed', Bob wanted to use the juxt-a-position between me, in pristine white and the surroundings of decay to compose a prize winning photograph, what was that, I missed something that Bob had said as I was looking at Denny and trying to understand what he was saying to me, "OK, Denny, you unbutton her blouse!" I heard that, my head snapped in Bob's direction, I was about to ask him what he had said when Denny's fingers started to fumble with my blouse.

Denny's fingers were bent with arthritis and he couldn't actually unfasten my buttons so he just pulled both sides of my blouse apart, popping some buttons from their holes and ripping others. My white bra was now on show, I hadn't managed to actually get any words out of my mouth, I spotted that the lens setting had been altered to more of a wide angle shot and as Bob snapped photographs he zoomed in on my bra and altered the shutter speed and the aperture setting to compensate for the focal length change, technically amazing without a built in light meter, just working from years of experience.

Bob had said nothing about my skirt but as he pulled back to wide angle again Denny was tugging amateurishly at the fastener at the side of my skirt, I felt the tugging but was focussing on Bob spinning rings on the outside of the lens and flicking switches, by the time the camera was at Bob's eye again my skirt was on the floor, I was now standing in the heat of the sun, in just my bra and panties, both pure, clean and white, "You'll have to kick the skirt away, it's in the shot, my blouse was draped over the radiator cap of the tractor, Denny picked up my skirt and threw it past Bob onto the dirt covered floor.

Bob took a few shots of Denny and me, I was standing looking at the camera, Denny was kissing my left cheek. Then a hand came onto my bra cup, squeezing and rubbing my breast through the material of my bra. I realised that the material of my panties was much thinner than the material of my bra, I could see that my areola were clearly visible through the bra cups, I started to look down to see how much could be seen through my panties, "Keep looking ahead please, look into the lens!"

I had very red pubic hair, I knew that it had to be showing through my thin panties, it had to look like a belisha beacon flashing through the thin cotton to Bob and his camera. Suddenly I felt the bottom strap of my bra slacken off, Denny had, even with his gnarled finger, managed to unfasten the clasp behind me. I tried to catch my bra as it fell away, "No, don't move, keep your arms still!" I was getting very turned on by being in such a situation with two older men, one old enough to be my father, the other old enough to be my grandfather but Bob's dominating instructions and Denny's obscene whisperings were so way out, so far left field, that I was actually panting with excitement from just a hand on my bare breast, and the ever present camera of course.

I felt long finger nails scratching at my lower back, the hand that had been massaging my breasts was now holding my chin, turning my face towards Denny's face, his mouth was now pressing against mine, the disgusting taste of stale tobacco and cheap wine turned my stomach but I was unable to stop the kissing. The finger nails were now scratching lower down, across my bare bottom; I just knew that my panties were heading for the floor as Denny's tongue was heading towards my tonsils.

The sound of the camera clicking away was almost deafening, Bob had moved in closer now, I had closed my eyes tightly as Denny was kissing me and I was trying to close the image of him out of my mind. I had never in my life been naked in front of anyone other than my husband and the number of photographs taken of me before could be counted on the hands of one finger, now, here I was, out in the open, on one of my mother in law's properties, fortunately one that seldom had visitors, totally naked with two men who were almost total strangers to me.

'What was that, nothing, nothing at all, the sound of Bob's camera had stopped, Denny's tongue was still exploring my mouth but Bob was silent, Denny was palpating my brests in turn with his right hand while his left hand was rubbing up and down my bare bottom, slipping into the vally between the orbs of my buttocks, lower, testing my bum hole before moving lower and further forward, then a second hand was on my bottom, Bob had put his camera down and was playing with my body on the opposite side to Denny, then I felt Denny move slightly, his mouth and hands retreated, I started to turn my head towards Bob but he stopped me, his hand moved rapidly from my tits to my chin, I had my eyes open wide now, Denny had moved a few feet away from me, he was undressing himself totally, then Bob moved in a little closer, his chest pressed against my arm, there was heat rather than the course cotton of Bob's photographer's jacket with its fifty little pockets to hold rolls of film, heat and softness.

Bob pressed his lower abdomen against my right hip, again, the material of his trousers, rough corduroy was missing, just the heat of his flesh, heat and hardness, his cock felt like a fire poker that had been left in the flame too long. I watched as Denny dropped his dirty and stained trousers to unveil his even dirtier and more stained underpants. Then his lower body, his cock was smaller than my husband's. Bob turned my body so that I was facing Denny, as Denny removed his dirty vest. I felt the head of Bob's cock pressing against my bottom cheeks, Bob bent his knees and his cockhead slipped down my bottom crack, he was pressing hard as he went.

I worried slightly as the head of Bob's cock pressed against my anal muscle, he was pressing against me so hard that it felt like it was going to pop inside my bottom, that would have been a first for me. I seemed to be totally unable to do anything to stop Bob or Denny, I knew that I shouldn't be there doing what I was doing, I hadn't had any children but my husband and I had never looked into who was at fault, if it was me then I would be safe, if it were my husband that was firing blanks then allowing Bob to fuck me could be disastrous.

I didn't really want vaginal sex and the risks that could involve but I wanted anal sex even less, bob didn't press home his assault on my anus though, he simple repositioned his body and as his cockhead eased into position Bob stood up, lifting my feet clear of the floor, I was impaled on Bob's cock. Now Denny moved in, he took one of my knees in each of his hands and lifted them, he and I both looked down, Bob's cock could now be clearly seen and as soon as Denny took my weight Bob started to fuck me.

Denny and I both watched for a few minutes, I was gasping through a massive orgasm, I had never had such a huge cock inside of me before and I had never had such a cock-pounding in my life. Eventually I lost control of my bladder, piss started to flow out of my cunt freely, running from all around Bob's cock as it tried to plug my hole. Denny chose that moment to move in, Denny may have had a small cock, and he may have been over sixty but his cock was like a ram-rod, he pushed his cock inside of me while Bob was still in there, I screamed my head off with the pain and pleasure of it all, two cocks in my cunt now and both fucking me, the guys took the Gold medal for synchronised climaxing, both cumming at exactly the same second, the feeling of scalding hot semen firing out of two cocks at the same time pushed me over an even higher climax, the lack of Oxygen causing me to gray out momentarily.

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