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First Published: 20 March 2017

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Loan Shark
by Isabella

Story Code: b/f, Underage, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism

I'm a single mother of two girls, Dawn is twelve years old and Sarah is fourteen, I'd managed alone for fourteen years, I'd deliberately put men out of the picture after falling pregnant for the second time and once again the man didn't want to know me after I told him I was pregnant.

Like I said, everything was going okay, we didn't have any money to spare, we didn't have many new clothes or anything, holidays were something that happened to other people but I was managing ... we were managing!

The wheels came off my trolley though when I had two weeks off work because I had a bad case of influenza, I telephoned into work to tell them that I was getting better and would be in the next day and they dropped a bombshell on me, they'd replaced me. So I was once again looking for work, I didn't have any money because I'd been off work for two weeks so I tried for a payday loan, even though they charged over four hundred percent interest I still couldn't get a loan to cover essentials and it would take me a week to get an appointment with the social people to try and get a grant from them.

One of my neighbours mentioned a loan shark that he knew, I knew that I was crazy but I was desperate for money so I went to the Dirty Duck Pub and asked if Alan Cunnington was in.

Alan came down to me, he didn't actually have an annual interest rate as such, he lent you the principal, In my case I needed one hundred pounds, twenty-four hours later I would owe him one hundred and ten pounds, by the end of the week I would owe him one hundred and seventy pounds. At that point the interest would be rolled up into the principal and on day eight the interest would be seventeen pounds and so on so the loan would grow exponentially, all that and there was no legal protection if I took a loan from him. I knew that it was crazy ... I was crazy but I borrowed one hundred pounds anyway, just to put food on my table but I had my hardship appointment in a week's time so even at Alan's crazy accounting practice for his interest I'd only have to pay one for one week, one hundred and seventy pounds.

I was about to miss my loan repayment date, I'd forgotten that the hardship money wouldn't be handed to me at the interview; I'd have to wait for a cheque to come through the post. I went straight to the Dirty Duck again to see Alan, I told him about my problem and that I wouldn't be able to pay him back on time.

"Well, we do have a problem here then, by tomorrow there will be a week's interest to add on to what you owe me ... I would usually have to make some kind of example of you so others don't take me for a soft touch but it is your lucky day, my brother needs a photographic model to pose for him!"

"I'm not a model, I'm not qualified!"

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"You have the three qualities that my brother is looking for ... but it is up to you, I'll need one hundred pounds by this time tomorrow or a telephone call from my brother to say that you've turned up to pose for him. If I don't get one or the other I'll have to organise a home visit so I don't lose face ... you get me?"

I nodded my head and took his brother's address from him. I wouldn't usually dream of doing anything like posing for a photographer but I was desperate so I went to the back street factory unit run down on the outside ... even more run down on the inside but the studio could be made to look like a palace but it was all just stage dressing. I looked at the slip of paper to make sure that I was in the right place, just putting off the inevitable, the paper said the photographer's name was Paul Cunnington. When I walked in he was dressing a scene with a double bed and about a mile of lightweight Tule and nylon netting draped all over the stage. I cleared my throat, "I'm Victoria..."

Paul interrupted me, "I've been expecting you, go into the changing room, everything off and just pop any one of the nighties on the rack on..." He looked at me for the first time, "...You need to put on some bright red lipstick, do you have your own?"

I rummaged in my handbag and pulled out my emergency lippy, I pulled the cap and showed it to him, "Is that okay?"

"Too dark, it needs to be brighter red, I have a stock in the top drawer, it's only cheap stuff, after you use it you can keep it!"

Paul pointed to the changing room and then turned his back on me and carried on dressing the stage. I went through to the room, there was a rail with ten nighties hanging on it from clothes hangers. I held up the first nighty, it was barely a half an ounce, totally see through and I'd been told to strip off totally. I painted my lips before I undressed and before I undressed I looked out into the main room, Paul was still fussing with the stage. I stripped off totally and pulled the first nighty on over my head. I looked in the mirror on the wall, I could see my body as if I were still totally naked.

I was on the verge of running when I saw my reflection but I knew that would be disastrous, so I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and threw myself out into the main room. Paul moved over to his camera, he told me what pose he wanted, how to sit, kneel, stand and what direction to look, he photographed me for ten minutes and then told me to change into another nighty. This time I didn't look at myself, I just changed and ran back out.

I was posed in all ten nighties for almost exactly ten minutes each and with the time it took me to change I was with Paul for two hours. Because Paul hadn't moved from his camera once during the photo sessions I didn't bother closing the changing room door after the second quick change. After two hours I don't know if I was disappointed or relieved that Paul hadn't actually tried anything on with me.

As I got changed into my own clothes I was watching Paul walking up and down, talking on his mobile phone.

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"So how much does she owe in interest?"

There was a pause for a moment and then, "Okay, I'll cover the seventy pounds for her, it's higher than I would usually pay for a manikin to drape clothes over but I guess she's worth it, like you said, she's definitely a level above the women I usually get to pose for me."

I had pulled my dress over my head and I walked out of the changing room fastening the little buttons from the neck down to the waist on my dress. Paul smiled at me, "I've sorted out the seventy pounds interest for you with my brother, he'll start the book again and up until midnight tonight you will owe just one hundred pounds."

I was about to leave the studio area when Paul called me back, "I have a lingerie shoot in two days time if you're interested, I'll pay you the same, thirty-five pounds an hour for two hours of your time!"

'SHIT!' Paul had just dumped it on me, just like that! I could use the excuse of my desperation not to owe more than I could afford to pay back to justify my letting a stranger photograph me almost naked for two hours, the fact that I'd actually begun to get ... well, let's say ... into it by the end but what could I blame it on if I said yes to another modelling session?

'Gas and Electricity bills!' I snapped out an "Okay, what time?" 'After all, I'd just spent two weeks moaning at the kids to turn the lights off if they left a room and not to leave a door open if the heating was on because I was expecting a gas and electric bill to drop through my letter box any day now.'

I arrived home just after my daughters; they were sitting on the wall in front of our house talking to a few boys from their school. The boys evaporated like steam in a high wind when Sarah called "Hi mum!" over to me.

I cooked dinner while Dawn and Sarah did their homework from school, we all ate sitting around the table and talked about our day Well, I censored my story, cutting out all mention of Alan and Paul and my visits to both men. I was trying to find out who all the boys were that were hanging around outside our house. Sarah blushed a lot and then cleared the dishes from the table, "My turn to wash the pots tonight!"

Dawn whispered, "Sarah got dumped by Ben Patterson so now all of Ben's friends are sniffing around her to try and get a little rebound action!"

"Dawn, where to you come up with these things from?"

"I thought you wanted to know!"

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I sat reading my library book, Dawn had to finish off her History assignment but Sarah had finished her school work so she was reading for pleasure. I sent the girls to bed at nine o'clock and I followed them up at ten. In the bathroom I took my dress off, I dropped it in the laundry basket. I looked at myself in the mirror, I didn't look bad, I'd had two children but you couldn't tell, I had a perfectly flat stomach and even after I took my bra off my breasts kept a nice shape. The one shocker when I looked at myself closely; I could see a mat of pubic hair ... not a mat, more a wall to wall carpet. Being photographed in a nighty earlier, my bush would have looked bad but if I'd been photographed in sexy panties, it would have looked terrible. I had no doubt that the panties I would be wearing in two days time would be far smaller than my usual granny knickers that seemed to have a fur collar all the way around the leg holes.

I used soap and my disposable razor that I used to shave my legs, LEGS! Rang out in my head. Paul had said, 'Lingerie' and I had heard 'Bra and knickers' but there would be more, far more to lingerie so I'd need to deforest my legs as well as do something about my pussy area.

I ended up spending an hour grooming my lower body, from the tops of my toes to my belly button and all the time that I was grooming myself I was thinking back to how I'd felt while Paul was telling me what to do while I was almost naked. I let my mind wander into the realm of fantasy, imagining all the 'What-if's' that could have happened and I actually brought myself off in the bathroom while I was knee deep in hair clippings. Suitably guilt-ridden I went to bed trying to force the image of myself flicking the bean in the family bathroom while I was trying to shave away many years of hair growth.

I didn't tell the girls that I was going to be working, I did my hair and my makeup and kissed them goodbye and sent them off to school before I put on the bright red lipstick that Paul had given me the last time I was at his studio.

I walked in and was surprised to see the stage was set up like a hotel foyer, Paul welcomed me, "The lingerie sets are all laid out for you in the changing room, the last set will be the bikini."

I didn't bother closing the changing room door again, I stripped myself totally naked and picked up the first set that I was going to wear. I looked through the open doorway, Paul was looking in my direction, just having him looking at me as I stood there, totally naked, unwrapping the bra and panty set I was about to put on, gave me a major body quake.

I walked out and posed for Paul, he ran through a list of poses he needed and snapped a picture for every pose and I had to change and do it all over again. I only wore eight sets of lingerie this time because it took much longer to change between each outfit. The two hours flashed past so quickly that it felt more like thirty minutes to me.

I was changing out of the swimming costume and Paul was suddenly at the open doorway, I kept my back to him until I'd put my own bra and panties back on and when I turned to face him my mouth was dry and my heart was running at a million beats a minute. Paul was watching me getting dressed as he was talking on the phone, "Well, I have a woman I can use as the mother in a family beach shoot and you have Robert for the son but I'll still need a young girl to use as the daughter ... okay I'll ask her."

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Paul lowered his phone, "My customer wants a family beach shoot ... if you're interested that is but we need a mother and daughter ... or rather a woman and a young girl who could pass for mother and daughter!"

"How old would the daughter need to be?"

"Between ten and fourteen years old."

"I have two daughters, one is twelve and the other is fourteen."

"Would you be willing to pose with your OWN daughter?"

Now I was on the spot again ... I'd had fun posing for Paul and I was reasonably sure that Sarah would also enjoy being photographed, especially if she was going to get paid for doing it but realism took over, "I'm going to have to ask my daughter if she wants to do it, when do you need to know by?"

Paul shook his head, "I need to know now, my customer wants his pictures by eleven thirty tomorrow morning."

Well, I had two sparkie daughters who were usually up for anything out of the ordinary so I just said that we'd do it, either Dawn or Sarah would be happy to pose with me, I was sure of that.

I opted for a cash payment today even though I could have halved my loan principal if Paul had sent my money to his brother, two days at ten pounds a day and then fifty pounds to take off of the one hundred pounds initial loan but I needed food, and I was gambling on getting the cheque for my emergency hardship payment either tomorrow or Friday to straighten things out for me.

I did a little careful shopping on my way home and met my kids at the school gates. Once again, Sarah had four or five boys buzzing around her as she walked down the drive from the school. The boys all disappeared when they saw me again. Sarah looked at my shopping bag, she eyed it suspiciously, "Where did you get the money to go shopping from mum?"

I just smiled at her worried look, she felt the small of my back, "Well, you still have both kidneys, so you didn't sell one of them ... did the hardship payment come in already?"

I shook my head, "I'll tell you when we get home."

I set Dawn off working on her homework and then sat next to Sarah as she was tipping her school books out on the table, "The thing is Sarah ... how do you fancy doing a little modelling?"

"What ... like making small boats or aeroplanes or something?"

"Well, not that kind of modelling darling, photographic modelling!"

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"You mean having some bloke taking photographs of me ... I'm not sure I'd like that mum!"

"I'll do it!"

Sarah and I both looked over at Dawn, she was almost lying on the table her head was so close to her exercise book and she was writing away, seemingly taking no notice of her sister and me.

Sarah looked back in my direction, "What kind of pictures?"

"I'm not exactly sure, I think the pictures are for a range of mother and daughter beachwear."

Sarah didn't look impressed but there was another, "I'll do it!" from Dawn.

Sarah and I looked over at Dawn again before looking at each other again. "I'm going to do it, there's a boy called Robert who will be playing my son and they wanted a girl that looked enough like me to pose as my daughter."

Dawn piped up again, "She'll do it if there's a boy involved!"


Dawn was obviously right, Robert clinched the deal for Sarah, "They need the photographs by eleven thirty tomorrow morning!"

"So I'll have to miss a day's school then!"

"She'll definitely do it if there's a boy and a day off school, I'll do it, and I'll do it for less money than Sarah!"

"How will I get a day off school?"

"We'll have to tell a little white lie, say that you're not well."

Dawn was sitting up now, "I want to do it, I want a day off school!"

Sarah looked at Dawn again, "I'm going to do it so you're going to school!"

"That could be dangerous, you know that I'm not good at telling lies, I'm bound to trip up and tell someone that you're dodging school to be a model."

I had to agree that Dawn could come with us to the studio but I made no promises, "It'll be up to the photographer who he wants to use for the photo shoot!"

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Robert was already in the studio waiting when we got there at nine o'clock, he looked like an angelic twelve year old boy wearing his Manchester United Football shirt and white nylon shorts. Paul introduced me to Robert and then I had to introduce my daughters to Robert and Paul.

There was a little discussion about what the customer wanted, Paul had been asked to set up a balcony scene with a parasol and sun loungers, they wanted a woman to act as mother, a son and daughter and they wanted all three to be wearing their swimwear, in the first shoot mother and daughter would be wearing matching bikinis and the son a contrast coloured pair of swimming trunks.

I mentioned to Paul that Dawn would also like to be in the photograph. He took out his tender document, daughter under twelve to wear bikini bottoms, daughter over twelve years old to be wearing a full bikini matching the mothers. "Well, it doesn't say I can only use one daughter but I only have one hundred and fifty pounds for mum and daughter so if you want Dawn in the picture as well as Sarah you'll each get fifty pounds, is that okay?"

I nodded my head.

"Right, costumes are all in the changing room!"

Robert was ahead of us on his way to the changing room, as he walked through the doorway into the changing room he pulled his football shirt off, by the time he reached the bench his shorts were off as well and he was totally naked. All three of my family were still walking towards the changing room. Robert turned to face us, he had the face of a twelve year old child but the 'meat and two veg' of a much older boy. Dawn gasped when she saw his cock, I looked at Sarah's face, Sarah had a wry grin on her face as she looked at Robert's cock slowly growing because three girls were looking at him. He actually had his trunks on before we reached the changing room and he met us in the doorway, he was leaving as we were going in.

Sarah changed quickly into a bikini that was sized at eleven to thirteen years old; the bikini bottoms were marked for nine to eleven year olds. Dawn was just budding out, her breasts were just starting to show above her ribcage so she really needed a bikini top but then the customer had wanted a girl under twelve to be topless or a girl twelve or older to wear the full bikini so that was all they supplied. Dawn was actually perfectly happy to be photographed topless, I doubt the customer would be very happy though if they knew that Dawn was actually twelve rather than eleven.

The three of us were out on the stage, the lighting and the stage dressing made me look for the sea it was so realistic. There were only three loungers so for the first few pictures Dawn and Sarah shared one lounger, then Paul put Robert and Dawn together on one lounger. We kept doing different things, the three kids played cards while I pretended to read a book. In another Robert was rubbing sunscreen on Dawn's shoulders. I looked up from my book, Dawn's little breasts had suddenly changed shape a little, the skin around her nipples had puckered up and her nipples had grown further away from her body. Paul had moved in for a real close up shot of Dawn's nipples as Robert massaged her shoulders.

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When it came time to change into another set of beachwear all three kids ran off together and were changed before I got there to change myself. We'd done eight changes as well as about three thousand poses and it was getting close to eleven o'clock, I asked Paul when he would be sending the pictures off to his customer, "They already have them, my camera is connected by wi-fi and the customer has been watching as I've taken each shot, that way they can ask for other shots ... like the time when they wanted Robert to oil Dawn's shoulders and for me to take the close-up shots of her ... erm ... face to show the pleasure on her face."

There was a phone call, I noticed that Paul often ended up on the phone after a photo shoot, he was walking up and down, there was a lot of head shaking and muttered "No, I'm sure she wouldn't but I'll ask her!"

Paul came into the changing room. "I have no idea how to put this, the thing is, someone has noticed a spark between Sarah and Robert, hell, the spark between Dawn and Robert was even more noticeable but they're offering Sarah three hundred and fifty pounds to make a mild erotic film with Robert!"

I looked at Sarah's face, I had expected her to be angry, embarrassed or shocked but she just smiled, she looked at my face, my head was starting to shake from side to side as I was readying myself to say no but Sarah reached out to my cheek to stop me shaking my head, "Just hold on a minute mum, exactly how much is the electric and gas bill going to be?"

Was she distracting me, was she trying to confuse me ... I didn't know for sure but she had stopped me saying no out of hand, "Between three hundred and four hundred pounds for this quarter!"

"And will your hardship grant cover that and all the rest of our bills?"

"No, there is a limit on how much they'll give us, I should have already saved that money out of my wages from the last three months."

"Well, Paul has made an offer to cover our biggest bill, we might as well hear him out!"

Sarah turned to Paul, "What would I have to do?"

"Well, it's all a bit up in the air really, it's a bit off the cuff, the only idea they gave me was that you two are young, they want me to film you doing whatever you two would naturally do on a date!"

Sarah looked at me, "Would we be expected to have full sex together?"

Paul looked uncomfortable, he scanned from me to Sarah, "Well, I'm not going to lie, full sex would be the cherry on the cake but my customer didn't ask for that, he just wants to see how you would go about a first date with a new boyfriend, what you do is up to you."

Sarah looked at me again, a serious look on her face this time, "Mum, I want to do this, I want to help out to pay the electric and gas bill ... Please don't say no!"

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I shrugged my shoulders. Paul grinned as did Robert. Paul moved into action, "Right, it's eleven thirty, I have grammar school uniforms at the back of the store room, if Sarah and Robert change into those, we can get to the grammar school before they come out for lunch, we'll make it a lunch time date, see how my customer likes that idea.

Sarah and Robert changed quickly and we all headed out to Paul's car, well, truck. Paul owned a massive Ford F-150 Raptor pick-up truck, it was as wide as a London bus, there were two rows of seats so the truck could seat five people in comfort and it had a cargo area behind the cab. Paul asked Dawn if she could ride a bike and she nodded her head. Paul dragged a bike out to the truck and popped it in the back.

I couldn't believe the change in my daughter, the grammar school uniform transformed her, she looked like a young lady rather than just a girl. Paul drove us to the grammar school, right, Sarah, if you walk to the main door and come out when the other girls come out for lunch, Robert, your door is at the side. At this school kids under thirteen use the lower school and that entrance is down the side to the left, the upper school, thirteen's and over use the front door. You leave as soon as you hear the bell and Sarah will wait until the other girls reach her so you should meet on the drive, have you got that? Remember; just do what you would usually do with a new girlfriend or boyfriend.

Paul asked me to move into the rear of the truck so my seat was free, my window had been wound down and the centre console was turned into a camera platform. The camera was a massive thing, it was something called a Sony U-matic and the tape in it would last thirty minutes of constant shooting.

I heard the bell sound, Robert was ahead of the crowd leaving the side door and a moment later Sarah tumbled out with a stream of other girls and met up with Robert on the drive, they held hands and there was a chaste peck of a kiss but nothing overt in front of the other students. They turned left at the road, they were ignoring us as they walked past talking, there was a second kiss at the side of the open window, right at the side of the camera and they wrapped their arms around each other's backs as they walked on, Paul was using a small remote TV screen to watch the action as he rolled the truck forward slowly, tracking the two actor's movements closely. I saw Paul press pause on the remote control and then he called out "Cut! Jump into the truck kids!"

Robert jumped in at the side of the camera and Sarah jumped in next to me. Paul drove to a fish and chip shop, he gave Robert some money and attached a tie-clip microphone under his tie, buy a jumbo sausage and chips to share with Sarah as you walk along, we're going across to the park, walk to the bench down the main path and both of you eat chips as you walk along, save the sausage until I'm in front of you, if you stop and wait just before the bench I'll get down there as quickly as possible. Once I'm down there you two sit on the bench and start the action again."

Robert looked over his shoulder at Sarah, "So what do you want me to do with the sausage?"

"Just make it erotic, try and come up with something you both agree on, when you stop close to the bench I'll stop filming and you'll have a few minutes to discuss it until I'm back in position."

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The microphone on top of the camera was removed as Sarah and Robert left the car, they walked away from the fish and chip shop while Paul panned his camera in their direction, Robert looked in our direction, Paul held his open hand up and then dropped his fingers to his thumb like a clapper board. Robert and Sarah started walking again, I couldn't hear what they were saying but I could see the volume meters on the side of the camera flicking up and down to show that sound was being recorded in the camera.

They walked into an empty shop and Robert bought the food, they walked out of the shop and straight across the road to the park. Paul followed the two using the zoom facility, making it look like Paul was walking behind the kids. When they stopped short of the park bench Paul pressed the pause button again. Paul hopped out of his truck, he pulled the bike out of the back and handed it to Dawn, "Keep an eye on us, ride around the park and if anyone looks like they are coming close to us ring the bell and ride towards us until you're sure we heard you!"

Dawn cycled off across the park and as we walked towards Robert and Sarah I could see Dawn flying around all over the park's paths. Paul set up opposite Robert and Sarah, he set the tripod and took a light reading before he walked over to the kids, "Right, if you two were on a real date, would you chose this bench for your date?"

Sarah shook her head, then she looked over at me, "Don't worry about your mother or me, where would you go with Robert?"

Sarah looked towards the lake in the middle of the park, "This footpath leads to a picnic area in the woods at the side of the lake, if it were after dark we'd probably end up there but in daylight we'd stop short of the picnic area, there used to be two benches, one either side of the path but they went a long time ago, now they are just a niche where we can get out of sight."

"Have you worked out what you're going to do with the sausage?"

Sarah nodded her head.

"Right, I'm going to get ready, look for my signal and start walking to the first position."

He meant the bench but he was in director's mode.

Robert and Sarah started walking as Paul pressed the record button. They sat on the bench, they kissed and ate a few more chips, Robert kissed Sarah again and he reached over with his left hand to touch her right breast through her white blouse, Sarah slapped his hand away and looked all around, "Not out here you stupid bugger, I don't want anyone from my class to see us together out here in the open ... and anyway, look at your hands, they're filthy, I don't want to go back to class after lunch with your paw prints all over my blouse!"

There was a little more small talk, a few more chips were eaten and a few more chaste kisses exchanged. Robert picked up the jumbo sausage, being a jumbo it was close to ten inches long, Robert held the sausage by one end and waved the sausage in front of Sarah's face, "You want a little of my sausage Sarah?"

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Sarah nodded her head; Robert went to put the end of the sausage into her mouth and then snatched it back, "Remember to keep your teeth out of the way!"

Sarah nodded her head again, Robert slowly pushed the sausage into her mouth, just a little over half of the length of the sausage was in her mouth and I expected Robert to pull it back out again, I have to say that it looked as sexy as hell to watch a boy simulating oral sex with my daughter with a jumbo sausage. Sarah nodded her head again but she wasn't saying yes to anything, she was altering the position of her throat. The up and down motion was changed to a left and right one and Robert's fingers slipped a little closer to Sarah's mouth, he kept pushing until his fingertips touched her lips and at least nine inches of the sausage were in Sarah's mouth. Robin let go of the sausage, Sarah did a little movement and the sausage slowly started to leave her mouth, Paul handed me the small TV monitor while he moved rapidly to capture a close up of Sarah's mouth and neck.

Sarah pushed four inches of the sausage out of her mouth and then reversed its motion and it started to disappear back into her mouth. She repeated the action four times and then Robert pulled the sausage out of her mouth to prove for the camera that it was still totally intact and undamaged. Robert put the sausage in his own mouth and bit the end off of it before feeding a little more into Sarah's mouth and this time she bit an inch off of the end of the sausage.

The sausage was eaten between the two of them and there was another kiss, Robert made another attack on Sarah's breast and was again repulsed. Sarah jumped to her feet and grabbed Robert's hand, pulling him to his feet. They wrapped each other in their arms and kissed as they walked along the path towards the picnic area. I looked for Dawn to make sure that she was watching us. Dawn raced off along a different path and she shot down the path into the picnic area and then returned, she gave me the 'Okay' signal, no one was in the picnic area and Dawn raced out of the way so she didn't turn up in the film.

Paul called a halt again and moved while Robert and Sarah stood wrapped in each other's arms. Paul found the niche on the right, that side of the path was in shade, the niche on the left was in the sun, Paul managed to get a view of Robert and Sarah through a branch, framing the shot with leaves. Paul held his hand up again and closed his fingers to his thumb, Robert and Sarah started walking again and they made small talk as they kissed. When they were opposite us Sarah pulled Robert into the niche and looked like she was devouring him from his lips down.

Robert tried to touch her breast again and for the third time she smacked his hand away, "Sarah, what did you bring me here for if I can't even touch you?"

"Your hands are filthy, I'll have your hand prints all over my blouse."

"Well, we may as well go back to school right now!"

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Sarah stepped out into the path and looked both ways, so did I, I saw Dawn ride past the end of the path, she was still standing guard, Sarah stepped back in and unfastened her tie, she left the tie looped in her collar and then she unbuttoned the front of her blouse and pulled it open a little, Robert's hand slipped inside Sarah's blouse. Sarah snatched a quick look in my direction as well as the camera, still filming with a branch draped over it as if we were peeping toms watching the courting couple, Sarah instantly realised that Paul's camera couldn't actually see anything of the action going on inside her blouse.

Sarah pulled her blouse out of her skirt and held it out of the way for a second before changing her mind, "Robert, you cannot fuck me, okay?"

"Okay, you told me this morning, your dangerous time and I didn't have a condom, I realise it's my own fault!"

"Yes I know but you boys forget in the heat of battle and try to go all the way ... you just can't, not this week!"

Sarah looked out into the pathway again and then she unfastened her cuffs, her blouse was off and draped over a convenient branch and while Robert was kissing her and fumbling with her breasts through her bra, Sarah reached behind her back and I saw her bra suddenly relax and she wriggled out of it, she didn't hang it over the branch with her blouse, she dropped it into her satchel that was sitting on the floor at her feet.

Sarah looked over at us again, Paul held up six fingers, he was telling her that there was just six minutes of tape left. Sarah pushed Robert's hand down, she tried not to let the camera see the action and Robert took her guide and he started to fumble around her pussy, again through her clothes. I watched as Robert exposed Sarah's knickers, Sarah pushed his hand away again, "I'm serious Robert, you can't go all the way this week!"

"I'm not going to try but you have to help me out or I'll suffer with blue balls all afternoon at school!"

Sarah pulled her own skirt up to her waist and tucked the bottom hem into the waistband of her skirt and then she pulled her knickers down to her knees, My mouth went very dry as Sarah's cunt came into view and was instantly covered by Robert's hand.

My attention was suddenly pulled away from Sarah and Robert by Dawn's manic bell ringing on her bike, Paul had stopped filming as Dawn flew past us. I looked through the gap that Paul had used to film Sarah and Robert walking into the wooded area, there was a man in his forties walking towards us. Sarah grabbed her blouse and pulled it over her shoulders before pulling her skirt out of her waistband so it could fall down and cover her knickers around her knees. Paul suddenly grabbed me and pulled me as far away from the camera as possible, his lips covered mine and his hand shot up under my skirt, he wasn't so much feeling me up, it was more exposing me so that the man walking past looked in my direction rather than in Sarah and Robert's.

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As the man walked past us his eyes were firmly fixed on me but he didn't stop, he continued on to the picnic area.

"Okay kids, just five minutes left, if you have an end in mind, now's the time to do it before that guy comes back. Sarah threw her blouse over the branch again and pulled her skirt up again so it was tucked up out of the way, Sarah opened her legs as wide as her knickers would allow and Robert slipped his hand back to where it was before Dawn stopped proceedings. Sarah let Robert finger her for a few moments and then she squatted down in front of Robert, she pulled his trousers down and fluffed his cock to full fitness before she leaned forward and took his cock deep into her mouth, Paul had two fingers in the air and Sarah turned slightly so that her knees were directly opposite the camera and Paul could zoom into her wide open pussy before returning to a close up of Sarah sucking Paul and rubbing his shaft with her hand.

Paul lowered one finger, just one minute left. Paul started to rise onto the tips of his toes and his hands were on the back of Sarah's head. there was a gasp from Robert and Sarah pulled her mouth away from Robert's cock, she opened her mouth as she faced the camera on extreme close up, on the small monitor I could see Robert's semen in her mouth, a rather large pool covering her tongue, Sarah kept her mouth open and looked up into Robert's eyes and then returned to look at the camera again, her mouth was totally empty, she had swallowed the lot as she looked up into Robert's eyes so he saw his seed slipping down her throat.

"And cut, that's the end of the tape kids, well done!"

"I'd better pop down and see what Dawn is up too!"

I walked the last few yards to the picnic area, Dawn was sitting on the picnic table and the man was sitting on the bench, his cock was out and he was masturbating while Dawn was just inches away from him, he was pulling at her knee to open her legs so he could see up under her skirt. Dawn looked over at me and so did the man, his palm suddenly slapped down on his cock to try and hide it from me, Dawn said, "You okay mum?"

"Yes, are you?"

"Can I have a few minutes please, I want to watch David finish off for me!"

The man's face turned almost purple at Dawn's comment, "Well, okay but no touching!"

Dawn lifted her bottom off the table and pulled her skirt out of the way, then she pulled her knickers off, "Okay, you can look but not touch, now let me see you do it!"

He looked over at me again and then he started to massage his cock, Dawn started to rub her own pussy, Dawn climaxed at the same time as the man but while he caused a massive fountain of white cream that splashed up between Dawn's legs, landing all over her calves and ankles, all Dawn did was get a little breathless and leave a wet patch in the table top.

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Dawn thanked the man for showing her and she pushed the bike over to me and we walked together out of the woods and over to Paul's truck. Paul was on the phone again as he walked along, at his truck he stopped me, "I've just spoken with my customer, I told him all about the film, he told me to pay Sarah four hundred pounds and if the film is as good as I described, he'll want more films from Sarah and Robert in the future."

We were all taken home, as we drove along Sarah changed out of her grammar school uniform and back into her own clothes. We went in home and Sarah held her four hundred pounds, she kissed it, "Well, I was rich for five minutes but you'll need this for when the utilities bills arrive."

Dawn grimaced, she gave me thirty pounds, "Where did you get this from?"

"Paul gave me twenty five pounds for keeping look out and David gave me five pounds for letting him look at my minge while he tossed himself off!"

I'd really have to talk to my daughters, Dawn had no idea just how dangerous it could have been going off with that man into the picnic area without telling me what she was up too, I'd also have to talk to Sarah, find out how she could get all that sausage into her throat as well as make it slide in and out without touching it with her hands.

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