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First Published: 19 March 2017

Illegal Immigrants
by Isabella

Story Code: M/F, M/f, M/g, Underage, Pregnancy, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism

When our estate was built, the government had released three acres of land on the very edge of the parish boundary, the boundary marker was a drainage ditch that ran behind the house that I'd been allocated and because of the ditch we didn't get a back fence to our garden, it just went down into the water of the drainage ditch. To maximise the build and minimise the cost of building, the developers had bought a half acre of land from the next parish, just the other side of the ditch from our garden. To prevent any trickery on the builder's part, trying to slip in an extra fifteen houses on the temporary builder's yard, the land was zoned for temporary structures only, that meant that they couldn't even connect water, sewerage or electricity into any building on that large plot of land.

When the estate was finally completed and they took all the heavy building equipment away as well as the builder's office the house closest to the road asked to rent the field, mind you, that was well before I arrived here. The developers erected a high fence with advertising hoardings above the fence. Our estate was on a small back road but just twenty feet away from our development was a major trunk road into the nearby town so thousands of people a day would be driving past the adverts. After the dust settled a garage was built on the land, the power for the garage came from the house on the corner, just a cable raised off the ground. The garage was large and made out of asbestos as many temporary garages were in the nineteen sixties.

The garage had earned its tenant a good living for forty years until the Health and Safety Executive served an order on the building because of its asbestos construction. No one could work in the building until it had been lined on both sides with brick ... the tenant couldn't do that because of the zoning stating there could be no permanent structures on the land.

The tenant had moved out of the garage and retired, the gates were locked and the land left to the weeds. From my bedroom window I could see the brambles building up on the other side of the ditch, the brambles also grew into the drainage ditch and started holding up the rubbish when it rained heavily, the situation got worse year on year and the last heavy rain that came the water reached the top of the ditch and spilled over a little into my back garden. The only thing that stopped my house flooding was that the rain stopped just before the water reached my house.

The rains were long forgotten, summer had arrived and the long summer holidays were just around the corner. I'd gone out to the pub on Thursday evening, one of my rare trips out, it was a friend's birthday and one of my neighbours had kept an eye on my kids for me, they didn't really need it though, Sarah was fourteen years old, more than old enough to look after herself and her sister. I heard the kids crashing around, my head was pounding, I'd definitely had far too much to drink the night before, I heaved myself upright in bed, I looked to my right, there was a strange head on the pillow next to mine. I had vague recollections of an agreement to leave before my kids woke up but here he was, sleeping off the night before.

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"I stood on unsteady legs and crossed to my bedroom window, I opened my curtains and the view wasn't what I expected. Just yesterday I was faced with a half an acre of brambles that were between six and eight feet high, today I could see that a rectangle of the brambles close to the fence had been cleared, not just cleared but the ground had been turned over as well. There was an oil drum incinerator smoking away in between the garage and the gate and suddenly a very tall, very naked as well as very handsome man stepped out of the side door of the garage. He used a tap that had been installed outside the building, again, like the original electricity link; the water pipe had been linked into the feed going to the first house closest to the garage. A plastic bowl was filled with cold water and the man stood with his back to our houses and he washed himself thoroughly from head to toe.

The water was thrown onto the newly dug ground and then a second man walked out and filled the bowl all over again. I realised that the noise coming from Sarah's bedroom had stopped; I pulled my nighty on and went next door to Sarah's bedroom. Sarah and Dawn were standing looking out of Sarah's bedroom window, they, like the two men, were totally naked. The girls were so fixated on watching the men in the garage yard that they didn't hear me walk in behind them. Sarah's windows were both wide open, Dawn said, "I think I like the man who's washing himself at the moment, his willy looks much smaller and nicer than the taller man!"

"Don't be silly, you have no idea how big he is until he gets excited!"

The tall man poked the incinerator with a stick, a cloud of sparks lifted from the oil drum and then he picked up a handful of bramble branches and dropped them into the top of the oil drum. After he let go of the prickly branches he shook his left hand and then inspected the index finger on his left hand, he pinched the pad of his finger with his thumb and index finger of his right hand before putting his stabbed finger into his mouth. Sarah giggled and the man looked over at our house, he waved his right hand, Sarah and Dawn waved back.

I couldn't see exactly how much of my two naked daughter's bodies he could see, he would definitely be able to see Sarah's breasts and for a fourteen year old she was very well proportioned, she was well on her way to catching me up with my thirty-eight inch 'D' cup breasts.

I saw the tall man look harder into Sarah's bedroom, the smile disappeared from his face to be replaced with a sudden look of shock, he quickly turned his back on us and headed for the old garage. I saw Sarah's head sink into her shoulders and she turned and looked over her shoulder, "How long have you been standing there?"

"Just got here!" I lied.

"I just came to tell you that you only have forty minutes and you still have to wear your school uniform for one last day Sarah."

Dawn suddenly burst into action, she ran past me and through to the bathroom. Sarah took a deep breath, "What was his name?"

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I looked across at the garage in time to see a third man starting to emerge from the garage, as naked as the other two. The tall man stopped him coming out and shepherded the man still washing his body in the small bowl, "Who?"

"The man you brought home to have sex with last night!"

There was the sound of a groan coming from my bedroom. Sarah looked at me suspiciously, "And he's still here!"

I shrugged my shoulders, "So who is he?"

I shrugged my shoulders again, "God mum, at least find out their names before you go to bed with them."

I went down to the kitchen to dish up the kids breakfast and to make a jug of coffee for me and whatever his name was that was hiding away in my bed. Sarah sat down and took a slice of grilled cheese and her glass of milk, "His name is Alan Pickering, it was his sister Amanda's birthday party yesterday!"

"How do you know?"

"I went in your room and asked him!"

Dawn rushed in, she snatched her slice of grilled cheese and ate it on the hoof as she was sorting out her school bag and her PE kit for the final day of the school year. I filled a mug with coffee, put a jug of milk and a bowl of sugar on a tray along with two slices of toast and the tub of butter and headed up to my bedroom.

Alan was sitting up in bed, wide awake when I opened my bedroom door. "I'm sorry, what did she say?"

"She told me that you were Amanda's brother."

"No, I mean what did she say about me, she opened the door and shook me, I thought it was you so I grabbed her, she was totally naked, it's a good job she's so much smaller than you, my eyes weren't properly open, I was trying to drag her into bed with me, I'm really sorry!"

"She didn't say anything about that, she just told me your name and that you were Amanda's brother."

I gave him his breakfast and looked over at the garage plot again, the third man was wearing shorts now and he was taking his wash at the small plastic bowel. The tall man was wearing big boots and a cheap nylon boiler suit, the boiler suite was open all the way down the front so I could see that he was still naked under it.

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I heard Sarah on the landing, she went into her bedroom and then she knocked on my door, I opened it and she said, "We're off now to wait for the school bus!"

Sarah looked over at Alan again and then she kissed me and she was off. I went back to the window, the first two men I'd seen washing were slashing at the brambles with long bush knives and bill hooks, the taller of the men dragged a pile of cut stalks to the bigger pile awaiting the fire and he stopped, he went over to the huge double gate and he opened one side, I could see that he was talking to someone and he was looking down so it probably wasn't an adult that he was talking to.

I saw the roof of the school bus pulling off of the main road just in front of the gates into the garage yard. I saw the tall man pull his boiler suit away from his body as if he was proving to someone that he had no trousers or underpants on under his already open boiler suit. I watched him grin and then he gave a little wave and started to close the gate as the school bus pulled away from the stop. As he slipped the padlock into the hasp and staple to hold the gate closed he looked towards Sarah's bedroom window.

He was scanning towards my bedroom window but before his eyes fell on me standing in my nighty I was grabbed from behind and pulled down onto my bed by Alan who had finished his coffee and toast and now he wanted a fuck before he went home.

I had to take a bath after Alan had finally finished with me; he decided that sending two loads of his cum up my cunt during the night was enough and his third major climax he wanted to deliver over my face and breasts. After my bath I stood in my bedroom drying myself and watching three men working hard clearing the strip of land between the asbestos garage building and the parish boundary, they were even dragging the rubbish out of the drainage ditch which would certainly help reduce the threat of flooding the next time it rained heavily.

After I finished drying myself and getting dressed I went to the shop and was greeted with "What do you think of those illegal immigrants that are squatting in the old garage?"

"How do you know that they're illegal's?"

"You'll recognise one of them, he was working in the Kebab shop, all four of them are apparently Russian but were pretending to be Polish, they even had Polish passports but all forgeries. The woman at Rose Tree Cottage was in the kebab shop when the police raided the place!"

Four! I'd only seen three so far; I wondered where the fourth one had been hiding himself.

"The Vicar gave them some gardening stuff, all left over from last month's rummage sale, they say that they are going to grow their own vegetables as soon as they've cleared the bramble patch, mind you, they're a little late to start planting at this time of the year."

I bought my milk and bread and headed home. I spotted Uri, the man who had been working in the kebab shop out on the main road; he was pushing a hand cart along with half a dozen old wooden pallets. I said hi to him, after all I'd seen him once a week for two years at the kebab shop when he served me and my kids with our Friday night dinner. We passed time as we walked towards my house and his squat, he asked me if I'd like any gardening work done, "We can paint, build walls, do all kinds of repair work!"

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"What are you doing at the moment?"

"I'm scavenging for old pallets and stuff to insulate the walls and floor of our squat."

"Do you have any electricity in the old garage?"

"No, the old mechanic pulled the plug when he retired, we're lucky we still have water connected."

"How do you manage to cook or make tea or coffee?"

"Well, we're kind of sorting out cooking at the moment. We're building a fire place with a built-in bread oven, the way we'd build one at home using bricks and fire clay, so we'll soon be able to make tea as well as cook."

That was the point that we had to stop chattering, I'd reached my turning. I checked my fridge; I had a chicken that I'd cooked a few days earlier and was coming to the end of its life and a large loaf of bread so I buttered eight slices of bread and I picked the chicken carcase clean to make chicken sandwiches. I wrapped the sandwiches in aluminium foil and then emptied my coffee jug into my old thermos flask, filled a small bottle with milk and dug out my stash of stolen bags of sugar from the local coffee shop. I put everything into a plastic carrier bag and headed round to the garage.

I banged on the large wooden gates, the man wearing the boiler suit and nothing else came and opened the door, he looked shocked at first as he looked me over, he reached down as far as the carrier bag and spotted the flask, he struggled to say "Hi, what can I do for you?" in very broken English.

"I thought you might like a little coffee and a chicken sandwich."

He opened the gate wider and invited me in, "No, that's okay, I've got things to do!"

"Please ... come, we were sure that as soon as people saw we were here they'd call the police, not bring around food and coffee for us!"

I walked in and he locked the gate closed behind me. From the garage I could see that my house was the only one that could actually see into the Garage plot, all the rest of the houses had planted trees or bushes along the bank of the drainage ditch. Uri was busily breaking the old pallets, the slats he was using to fill in the gaps on other pallets and those he was using to lay out a wooden floor on top of the concrete garage base.

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They had already built the brick work for their fireplace and oven. The garage had some kind of fume cabinet and that had been equipped with a steel chimney to take the poisonous gasses away from the workmen and they had tied that chimney into the top of the brick oven.

The sandwiches were eaten quickly but the coffee took longer, the men didn't have a cup between them so the only cups they could use were the two on top of the flask. I waited until they had finished their coffee so I could take my thermos flask back home. I was quite fixated on the tall Russian, every time he moved I got a peek down the front of his boiler suit, he passed his cup over to Uri so he could have a cup of coffee and the tall Russian, whose name was Greg, took me out to show me all the hard work they were putting in to clearing and preparing the land. As soon as we were on our own he cleared his throat before struggling through an apology.

"I'm very sorry about this morning, we didn't realise that we could be seen so clearly from your bedroom windows now that we had cleared some of the brambles, we'll be more careful in future, it just gets so hot in the garage with all four of us sleeping in there ... I guess we'll have no problem keeping our clothes on once the summer is over though!"

"I wouldn't worry too much about it if I was you, you won't get any complaints from my family, no matter how you're dressed!"

At that moment I just happened to be looking down and as I said it didn't matter how he was dressed I saw his cock start to wake up down inside his open boiler suit. I cleared my throat, "What are you planning on planting here once you've finished clearing and digging over?"

"We don't really have any seeds, we need to get a little work, buy food and whatever seeds we can afford but we're very late already, probably won't get any crops until next year now."

"You need to see Dave at the furniture shop, when he delivers beds the mattresses have massive plastic bags over them, you could use the plastic bags to make cloches, they would let you keep growing into the autumn so you might get enough extra time to grow a crop this year."

My eyes were totally fixed now on the meat growing inside Greg's boiler suit and in my peripheral vision I saw Greg grinning at me. I was certainly glad that I'd had my bi-annual fuck already or I might have ended up raping Greg and I was fortunate that as that thought crossed my mind Uri came out with my flask, "I'm sorry that we couldn't wash your flask out for you but our washing facilities are a little savage here."

I grabbed my flask and headed for the gate, I had to wait for Greg to come over and unlock it though, as squatters they had to 'Defend' the space, if they left the gate open and the owner of the land got back in he could legally take possession again provided they didn't break in and if Greg and the others could defend the land for twenty years, it would legally belong to them, just a quick trip to court and a rubber stamp.

I took my flask home, from the kitchen window I could now clearly see all four men because they had cleared so much land, they were all gathered together talking and Greg kept gesturing over in my direction as I washed out my flask. Greg gestured for me to go into my back garden. I walked all the way down to the drainage ditch so now I was just six feet away from the four men.

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Uri stepped forward as he spoke the best English, "Greg tells us that you didn't mind us being naked this morning!"

"No, not at all, if you guys want to go around nude it's okay by me."

Uri smiled, "Our big problem here is washing clothes, no hot water yet for washing clothes so if we can go nude it means that we have the problem of washing clothes less often."

I looked down at the brackish water running in the ditch, "Not exactly the best water to wash clothes by the stream either."

I looked up from the water and Greg was already naked, the remnants of his earlier erection still evident as his cock stood out away from his body. Greg looked comical standing there in the nude but for huge work boots on his feet. If Greg looked comical standing in his work boots he looked even more so as he dug over the area that had been a bramble patch.

I made my excuses to leave before I burst out laughing at Greg as he fought with the roots of twenty year old brambles. I had to force myself to go out because I was totally fixated on watching three men working on the ground with shovels and forks all totally naked apart from boots. I went to see Dave at the furniture shop; I asked if he had any mattress bags that could be used as garden cloches. Dave was happy to let me have a few, it would save him having to pay to have it all carted to the dump. He took me around the back of the warehouse, he had a massive skip in the car park at the back, there must have been a ton of cardboard in the skip as well as plastic sheeting and scraps of wood and expanded polystyrene that had been used as packing when the furniture had been transferred from the factory.

"Can I have anything out of the bin?"

"The more the merrier, the more you take the less often I have to pay to have the skip taken away."

From the furniture shop I went to the local allotments. A man I knew relatively well from around the village was thinning out lettuces and cabbages from his allotment. I approached him, "What are you doing Bob?"

He looked up from his task, "I'm thinning these out, we always plant more seeds than we need because some fail to grow but now there are too many for this trench to support."

"What do you do with the plants you're pulling out?"

"They're only good for the compost heap unfortunately."

"Can I take them and if they get planted right away will they survive?"

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"I didn't know you were a gardener!"

"I'm not, I hate to get my hands dirty but I have some new friends who are trying to turn the old garage plot behind my house into a vegetable garden and they have no money at all!"

"Ah! The squatters!"

"How come everyone knows about them already, they only moved in yesterday!"

"We were talking about them last week, when the police cracked down on them working illegally and had them turned out of their flat because as illegal's no landlord can rent them a property, Mark Brierly saw them camping out in the spiney out on the Kettering Road, so he picked the lock on the old garage and pointed the four of them in the right direction. It was Mark who sent one of them to the vicar for the old gardening tools and suggested if they cleared the land, no one would complain about them being there."

"So can I take these vegetables for them to try and grow on?"

Bob pricked out the last few and then pulled himself to his feet. He fetched an old bag from his shed and came back to collect everything off the mud. "I've popped a few bags of old seeds, they are so old that only one in three or four will actually grow but it's better than me throwing them away here."

Bob took me around a few of his friends and gathered stuff from every one of them, by the time I went home the bag was very heavy, it had at least fifty lettuces and thirty cabbages as well as about ten kilos of various seeds. I was walking towards my street and the school bus arrived at the same time. Sarah was about to dash to the garage gates but Dawn spotted me and called to Sarah to stop her knocking on the gate. Sarah looked in my direction and blushed as she walked back to Dawn's side.

I walked past our turning which caused Sarah to look surprised, the other kids from the bus all walked past Dawn and Sarah and then me. When I reached my daughters I told Sarah to go and knock on the gate for me. Sarah ran over, she banged on the gate and Greg unlocked the gate, using the gate to shield his naked body from the street, Sarah's face turned bright red, she quickly looked in my direction and then back to Greg, she almost whispered, "Greg, my mother's here!"

She looked in my direction again and stepped back so Greg could close the gate again until he got dressed but he didn't, he pulled the gate open wider and I walked past Sarah, "If it bothers you seeing naked men darling, you can go straight home, the back door is unlocked."

I opened the bag, "This stuff is all from the allotment owners, the seeds are quite old and might not all grow but the seedlings should all do well if you get them straight into the ground."

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Greg took all of the plants and the seeds and started to plant them in rows about ten inches apart. Sarah's eyes were fixed on him and Dawn was talking in very broken English to the youngest member of the group called Serge while I went to talk to Uri, "The men at the allotments gave you all those plants and seeds to get you going, one of the older men is having difficulty keeping his allotment weeded and dug over, he's the father of the man who told you about this place, it might be a good idea if you're out and about tomorrow for you to pop over to the allotments and see if you can help him in any way. Even if he doesn't want help, just asking if he needs any will keep everyone sweet!"

Uri grinned at me, that's a great idea Mrs. Clarke, thanks for doing that for us."

"I'm not Mrs Clarke, I never married, I'm Miss Clarke ... or rather Vicky."

I checked my watch, it was five o'clock and the furniture shop would just be closing. I took Uri for a walk with his hand cart to see what he could scavenge from the skip at the back of the shop. I walked to the gate and as I went through it I said, "Don't get under their feet girls and don't stay too long, I'll be getting dinner ready as soon as I get home."

When Uri saw the skip he did a little dance, the first thing he did was gather over a hundred broken flat tri-board cartons, good for insulation and there was also the expanded polystyrene packaging. Uri opened a box, it was thick and sturdy cardboard and when made back up into a box it was six foot long, three foot wide and nine inches deep, "If I break up the polystyrene and fill this box I can glue it to the asbestos wall inside the garage and it will hold the heat in or out as well as stop the asbestos fibres from being blistered off and getting into the air.

Uri was heading back for the garage by five thirty and I went off to the local supermarket, it was just a local shop so they had to discount things when it came close to the end of the day, I walked in just as one of the staff was reducing the price of fresh chickens that had just one day's shelf or rather fridge life left. I got two large chickens for the price of one. Had potatoes and carrots at home, I bought those in bulk straight from the farm so I bought peas as well and took the lot home.

I roasted both chickens in the oven along with carrots and potatoes, I could eat one chicken for dinner and keep one in the fridge to eat cold the following day but in my mind I was going to cook a meal for seven instead of the usual three of us.

I was in the kitchen preparing the chicken to go in the oven, Greg had finished planting the seedlings and most of the seeds as well and he was sitting outside the garage building on an old car seat and Sarah was sitting on his knee chattering away, I saw Greg kiss her and her eyes flashed instantly over towards our house, she saw me watching through the kitchen window and she blushed wildly. I saw her pull herself away from Greg slightly but he pulled her back against his chest and he kissed her again.

It took another five minutes for Sarah to get off of Greg's knee and she called for Dawn, I saw the side door to the garage open, Dawn was standing close to the Serge, face to face with him inside the garage, she leaned out of the door to ask Sarah what she wanted, Sarah just looked in my direction and Dawn looked over too and dropped what she was holding in her hand but it didn't fall down, it actually stood up higher. My twelve year old daughter was inside the garage with a man's cock in her left hand.

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I watched Dawn join her sister, Sarah leaned over Greg and kissed him goodbye and as she did I watched Dawn reach down her leg on the outside of her gymslip, she pinched the material and pulled up, I knew exactly what she was doing, I'd done it myself many times before, she was pulling her panties up from just a few inches above her knees, whenever I'd pulled my knickers up like that it had been just a matter of an inch or so, not a foot or more like Dawn was doing. Greg let the girls out and they ran all the way home.

Sarah and Dawn stood in front of me expecting a telling off but I just looked over at them, I rubbed my hand over Sarah's gymslip, there was a little deposit on the outside, I guessed there may be something like that because Sarah had been sitting on a naked man's knee. "Good thing today was your last day at that school, when you take your uniform off pop it into the laundry basket, I'll wash it and press it so Dawn can wear it next year or the year after that."

Dawn ran up to her bedroom and Sarah was about to set off after her but stopped, "How long will dinner be?"

"About two hours, we're having roast chicken."

"Erm mum, as it's so warm and so sunny ... is it okay if I sunbathe in the back garden for an hour please?"

"If you want to, you'll need sunscreen though or you'll burn, there's more power in the sun than you think at this time of the day!"

Sarah ran to her bedroom and ten minutes later she came down wearing the bikini that I'd bought her two years earlier for our one and only beach holiday, two years ago Sarah was flat chested and the bikini fit perfectly now, two years later, Sarah was far bigger in all directions. Her bikini top was flat but her chest wasn't and the strings were at full stretch, her bikini bottoms weren't much better, the front and back were simple triangles and at twelve years old, the points at each side of the front and back actually touched with large bright red bows tied in the strings holding it up, now there was a two inch gap between the two points.

Sarah showed me how she looked, she was a little upset that her bikini had shrunk so much, I tried hard not to laugh at her misery.

"Well, you could wear your school swimming costume..."

Sarah 'Harrumphed!' at that suggestion, "...or, you could just go topless, those bikini bottoms don't look that bad really!"

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I saw Sarah break out of her depressive funk and she pulled at the strings of her bikini top and it fell away, she grabbed a towel and ran for the door, "STOP! Sunscreen please!"

Sarah returned to my side and I lathered her all over with sunscreen. Dawn turned up in her two year old bikini as well, she didn't have anything to fill out her bikini top so it still fitted her perfectly but on seeing Sarah leave the kitchen with her tits on show, Dawn dropped her bikini top as like her sister and I had to cover her in sunscreen as well.

I looked out of the kitchen window, Sarah and Dawn were sharing one large towel, they were lying on the lawn just six feet from the house. I peeled a few kilos of potatoes to boil and turn into mashed potatoes to go with the roast chicken and other roast vegetables. I looked out of the window again and the towel was now ten feet from the house, half way between the house and the boundary ditch. Fifteen minutes later the towel was two feet from the ditch and Sarah and Dawn were talking to Greg and Serge across the brook.

I turned to the oven and pulled out the top chicken, I used a skewer to test that the juice was clear on the thickest part of the chicken. I checked the bottom chicken as well and then swapped the two birds over in the oven. I turned to the window again and Greg and Serge were kneeling on the grass at my daughter's side, it looked like they were playing cards.

I washed my hands and walked down the garden, Greg had just won at whatever game they were playing and Dawn had obviously lost, Greg pointed his finger to his lips and Dawn reached over her sister and kissed Greg on his lips, the kiss seemed to last an age, from me leaving the kitchen to standing above the four of them, Serge patted Greg's naked thigh to warn him that I was now standing above them, "Sarah, can you go and get the picnic table and benches out of the shed, Dawn bring a chair out of the kitchen and two big towels please. Greg, would you guys like to join my family for dinner?"

Greg looked shocked, "Well Miss Vicky, that would be lovely but you have already fed us once today, we don't have any way to repay you for your generosity!"

"That's okay, I might need something doing around the house one day, you guys could do it for me for free, that would repay me."

Greg called out to Uri and Joe that they were invited for dinner, Uri was still fully dressed and beavering in and out of the garage. From the looks of the pile of stuff in front of the garage, Uri had totally emptied the skip at the back of the furniture shop.

Greg and Serge had obviously jumped over the ditch separating my back garden from the garage but Uri was probably a little older than the other three men, Uri carried a pallet over from the pile being turned into floor coverings in the garage and he dropped it into the ditch, the pallet wedged into the bank about two feet above the water. Uri sat on the opposite bank and stamped the pallet into place on his side of the brook, Joe stepped quickly into the centre of the pallet and up onto our bank, then he sat down like Uri had done and he stamped the pallet down on my side of the brook. Uri gingerly walked across the pallet bridge and Joe pulled him up onto our side of the brook.

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Uri and I were the only two that were anywhere close to being fully dressed at the picnic table. I sat on the kitchen chair at the head of the table; one bench was placed on each of the long sides of the table, covered by towels, Uri sat closest to me on the right hand bench, then Sarah and Greg at the other end, Joe was opposite Greg, then Dawn and finally Serge, closest to me on the left hand side bench.

I'd placed all the food on serving platters and they were lined up down the centre of the table so we could all help ourselves to as much as we wanted. All four men finished their dinner well before any of my family, even though we'd taken less food than them. Once all three of us were finished Uri asked us if we needed more food, he was offering to serve us but all three of us were finished, "Is it okay if we have a little more food please Victoria?"

"Help yourself; I wouldn't keep any food that had been out for this long in the back garden anyway."

Every scrap of food was taken and eaten and once the platters were emptied clean Greg and Serge took all the pots into the kitchen, I had two very naked men washing my pots and pans in my kitchen and two, almost naked daughters in the kitchen with the men showing them where to put the dishes away.

From my seat in the garden I could hear lots of giggling followed by periods of total silence. During one period of silence I looked over my shoulder, Sarah was snogging with Greg and Dawn kissing Serge, hands were freely roaming over bodies, the girls were both fondling the men's cocks and the men were rubbing their hands all over my daughter's bodies, including down the fronts of ther bikini bottoms.

Uri looked over to the kitchen as well, "You want to come over and see what I've done so far in the garage Vicky?"

I pushed myself out of my chair, "Sure, show me what you've been up to so far."

I was helped over the pallet bridge to the garage. The seedlings had only been in the ground for a few hours but they had perked up already and looked like they'd been planted in the ground from seeds. "The ground here is really fertile, just the brambles for the last thirty years so just poke a stick into the ground and it'll grow into a tree."

Inside the garage Uri had filled ten of the narrow boxes with polystyrene chips that he'd broken off of large blocks of packing material and the boxes had been glued to the inside of the asbestos wall.

I could see where all four men were sleeping, four sleeping bags laid out on pallets to raise them off the concrete floor. I looked at Uri, "Don't you go nude like your friends?"

"I'm the one who goes outside the most so I'm dressed more often than I'm naked but I do like to go naked at times like this. Do you ever go nude outside?"

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"I've never even thought about it, Dawn and Sarah don't mind being naked outside but I've never thought of doing it."

Uri undressed and folded his clothes by his bed or rather pallet and he stood upright with me still looking at him, he gave me an awkward grin and his cock slowly stood to attention. Uri looked down at his cock, "I wouldn't make a very good naturist, I have no control over my cock when I'm nude, or rather, even less control than when I'm fully dressed.

Uri wrapped his arm over my shoulder and we walked back to my house, Sarah and Dawn were still in the kitchen with Serge and Greg, it was still just a mountain of kissing and fondling going on in there, Sarah looked like she was making a sterling effort to masturbate Greg but both girls still had their bikini bottoms on.

I sat with Joe and Uri at the picnic table and we started playing cards, it was a poker type game, I lost the first hand and Joe won, Joe said, "I claim a kiss from Victoria!"

I remembered seeing Dawn kissing Greg after she lost a hand at cards so I leaned over the table and kissed Joe. I didn't kiss him for as long as Dawn kissed Greg though, it was a little uncomfortable for me leaning across the table.

Joe passed the deck of cards to Uri and this time Uri won and strangely I lost again, Uri looked at me and grinned, I dare Victoria to take off her dress!"

I shouldn't have been surprised, I was after all the only one fully dressed, I looked nervously into my kitchen, I could clearly see Dawn and Serge still, they were still kissing, Dawn had Serge's cock in her hand and was rubbing him slowly but her bikini bottoms were still covering her lower body. I couldn't see or hear Sarah though. I pondered the pros and cons of taking my dress off, it wasn't like my daughters thought of me as some kind of paragon of virtue, Sarah had just caught me out having sex with a man that I didn't even know the name of just a few hours earlier. I stood up and pulled my dress off over my head but I didn't sit down again, I went into the kitchen, Sarah was in a corner of the kitchen, she had both hands around Greg's cock, she wasn't gently rubbing Greg like Dawn was doing to Serge, Sarah was rubbing hard and fast as she stood on the tips of her toes to kiss Greg on his lips.

I pushed a chair under the table so I could get between it and Dawn's bottom, Greg opened his eyes, he looked in my direction and his body gave a violent shiver as his cock spewed semen out all over Sarah's body, soaking her bikini bottoms with jizz as well as an area up as high as her breasts. Sarah didn't seem one little bit surprised at the volume or pressure of Greg's spunk, it was plainly obvious that this wasn't the first time my daughter had done this to a man.

I checked the time, it was nine o'clock, "Right girls, it's nine o'clock, time for bed!"

Dawn spun to face me her hand still rubbing up and down Serge's cock, "Mum, can't we stop up a little later, there isn't any school tomorrow!"

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I took a deep breath, I was about to launch into a lecture about doing as I said but Sarah beat me to it, "Dawn, if mum says it's time for bed then it's time for bed, no argument!"

Sarah gave Greg one last kiss and she ran for the stairs, Dawn apologised to Serge, kissed him and followed in Sarah's dust.

I went to the toilet, pulled my dressing gown on over my bra and panties and went to the garden where all four men were playing cards on my table. "I'm going to bed guys, feel free to use my table to play cards on while there's enough light, I'll make you a jug of coffee in the morning."

It was only nine thirty when I went to bed but then I didn't sleep very much on Thursday night because of my surprise bed partner, my very rare dalliance with a man. I didn't bother with a nighty in bed, nudity seemed to be a new paradigm around my house and garden as well as the old garage plot. I could hear the men talking outside my bedroom window, my door creaked open, I half expected to see Uri's grinning face, 'If it is Uri will you send him away?' ran through my mind but I didn't have to make the choice one way or another because the face now grinning at me from my half open doorway was Sarah's.

Sarah hadn't bothered with a nighty either but then again, on hot nights she often didn't. She ran across my bedroom and jumped in bed with me, she snuggled down at my side and kissed my shoulder. "Mum, I think I should tell you that I'm not a virgin anymore!"

'Oh you don't say!' ran through my mind, "It was a little obvious the way you were with Greg today."

"Are you mad at me?"

"Do you want me to be mad at you?"

"I'd prefer you to be cool about it ... I really want to sleep with Greg!"

"Are you sure, he's a little bit old for you isn't he, not to say a bit on the big side as well. Don't you think he might hurt you?"

"I prefer men to boys, the last man I did it with was bigger than Greg and he didn't hurt me."

"When did you do that? Where did you do that?"

"At lunch time, I went with one of my friends from school to her house!"

"You mean lunch time today?"

"Yes, I made him use a condom even though I'm about to have my period, I didn't have any idea how many girls he's done before me so I was just being safe."

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"Where did you get condoms from?"

"They give them out at school for free."

"And why have you decided to tell me all this now?"

"Just because I want to do it with Greg and I'd rather use my bed than do it in the garage in front of Serge, Joe and Uri. I was hoping that you'd say I could."

I lay quietly as I pondered my options, 'Sarah had proved that she was far more sensible than I was at her age, for a start off, by telling me what she was planning to do, mentioning that she used condoms to keep herself safe even though she couldn't get pregnant so close to her period. I wasn't so sensible at her age, I had actually fallen pregnant at fourteen, fortunately for me I only went three months before I miscarried, it came as a massive shock to me because I had no idea that I was pregnant at the time.'

"So ... when were you planning to invite Greg to your bedroom?"

"Wellllllll ... Greg is still outside playing cards, can I invite him up now?"

"I wanted you to go to bed thirty minutes ago!"

"Would you rather I waited for you to go to sleep and sneak out to the garage where the others might want a turn after Greg?"

I remembered back to when I was fourteen, I had sneaked out of the house while my mother and father were actually having sex with each other in their bedroom, I had popped next door and had sex with our next door neighbour, a man ten years older than my father. We'd fucked in his kitchen so his wife didn't hear us from their bedroom, the sound of my orgasm hidden behind a late night football match. I'd had three periods in the previous twelve months and that was why I hadn't actually really missed my two periods or even three, I miscarried at school and the school nurse guesstimated the age of the foetus.

I was grounded for a month but still managed to sneak out while my mother and father were distracted to have sex with the man next door, I never did tell my parents that he was the man I was fucking with, I just said it was a nameless boy from school, just one of a long line of boys that I'd had sex with.

"Okay ... you can invite Greg up but don't wake Dawn and if you're over tired in the morning, it will be Greg's last visit and you'll be grounded ... you understand?"

Sarah grinned at me, she nodded her head and she kissed me, not on my shoulder this time, she kissed me on my lips. "Make him wear a condom as well, you don't know who he's been with either!"

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"Okay, I will."

Sarah ran from my bedroom and I heard her going down the stairs, two minutes later I heard heavier footsteps on the stairs and then Sarah's bedroom door closing. The wall between our bedrooms was a little thin and both of our windows were open so I could hear everything as if it was happening in my own bedroom.

"You have to wear this!"

"Why, you told me that your period will be in two or three days!"

"My mum said we could only do it if you used a condom!"

Thirty seconds later I heard Sarah giggle and then grunt followed by the "Huh ... huh ... huh." of a girl being fucked hard, I looked at my clock, Sarah and Greg started at nine fifty, Sarah gasped through her own orgasm at nine fifty-eight, Greg gasped through his at exactly ten o'clock and I gave myself a petit climax at two minutes past ten.

Ten past ten there was the sound of footsteps on the stairs and by ten fifteen I could hear Sarah's breathing change and she was asleep. As Greg reached my back garden his friends packed away the picnic table back into the shed and I heard them talking in Russian as they walked across the lawn to the pallet bridge.

I woke at seven o'clock on Saturday morning and went down to the kitchen to make a jug of coffee, I also made eight rounds of toast, Sarah walked into the kitchen wearing knickers, I could see from the bulge between her legs that she was sporting a sanitary towel in her knickers, "Have you started early?"

Sarah grinned at me, and nodded her head, "I guess last night with Greg took me over the edge! Who's all that toast for?"

"For the boys, I've got some plastic cups, you can take the tray over to them if you're careful crossing the ditch.

Dawn stumbled into the kitchen; she looked a lot sleepier than Sarah did even though she's had at least an hour's more sleep. Sarah carried the jug of milk, the bowl of sugar and the four plastic cups while Sarah carried the tray with the jug of coffee and the plate of buttered toast. I watched the girls walk across the grass but at the ditch they didn't have to step down onto the pallet bridge, there were two orange metal girders spanning the top of the ditch with three pallets being carried between them, the girders had been part of a hoist when the garage was in action but they had been left outside for two years and the Russians had obviously stripped it down to build a better bridge either late last night or early this morning. There had been good daylight for over three hours and the men weren't really living by the clock, their sleeping quarters were hot anyway but once the sun got up the garage got even hotter.

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After coffee and toast Uri asked me if I'd go with him to the allotment to introduce him to the elderly man who needed help with the weeding. I got dressed, as it was so hot I was wearing knickers and a thin summer dress and nothing else, my tits were swinging about a lot but that was okay by me, I was slightly cooler without my bra on. I spoke to Mark Brierly's father, he really loved the social life of the allotments but was too old and ill to actually dig his one third of an acre, his son had actually dug the allotment over before spring and had planted a crop in March but he didn't have the time to go down every week to de-weed the plot. Mark's father wasn't as trusting of the Russians as his son, he muttered to me, "They look like they'd slit your throat as soon as look at you!"

"Well, Uri is here to help, you point at a weed and he'll have it out for you."

I sat on an old crate and watched Uri working away for two hours, every weed had been plucked and had been dumped into a bucket of water, Uri told me as best as he could that the weeds, if left in the water for two weeks would make a good fertiliser drink for the crop and I passed it on to Mr Brierly. As we walked home Uri took my hand and linked his fingers in with mine all the way home. Sarah was sunbathing with her knickers on and the bulge between her legs. "Where's Dawn?"

"Not my fault mum, I told her not to do anything until she'd asked your permission first!"

"So, where is she?"

"In her bedroom with Serge!"

I climbed the stairs, Dawn's bedroom door was wide open, I could just make out Dawn on her back, she was encouraging Serge to fuck her but he just kept saying that he'd better not until I got home, "Look Dawn I really like you but if we piss your mother off she could call the police and they could make things really bad for us."

"Come on Serge, please do me, I'm the last virgin in my year at school!"

I cleared my throat, Serge looked over in my direction, I went into my bedroom and Serge stood in my doorway, I opened my drawer and took out one of my condoms, I handed it to Serge, "Be careful with her!"

I suppose that I should have stopped my twelve year old daughter having sex but the thing is, I remembered what I was like at twelve, I was like a junkyard bitch, I was allowing any and every boy at school to tup me. One of the reasons that I went for older men by the age of fourteen, I'd already had sex with around one hundred boys in two years. That hadn't been my plan to be honest, I'd have loved to have just one boy to love and make love with but twelve year old boys are shallow, once they'd fucked a girl, they didn't want to know her again. If Dawn wanted a sexual partner it may as well be an older man who was going to be around for a while.

Uri knocked on my door, "Forgive me, I made a cup of tea for everyone Serge will be careful with your daughter!"

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Uri handed me my cup with steaming tea in it, "Sarah said you like milk and one sugar."

I heard Dawn gasp in pain a little, Uri looked over into her bedroom and then he closed the bedroom door, he walked over to me and kissed me, "You've helped us so much already, I'd like to give you something back!"

Uri kissed me again and he pushed me down onto my bed. He gave me oral sex, he stripped me naked but he remained fully dressed, he didn't want to have sex with me, well, he did actually want to fuck me but all he wanted for that moment was to give me pleasure without taking any for himself. He even gave me a break from my climax so I could drink my tea before starting licking between my legs again.

Uri gave me an hour's pleasure with his mouth and fingers and I was just about to beg him to fuck me when there was a knock at my front door. I pulled my dress on and went to see who was calling. Two of Sarah's friends were outside, "Is Sarah in?"

She's sunbathing in the yard but I don't think you should go round there, there are some naked men around!"

One of the girls giggled, "We know Mrs Clarke, Sarah told us that two men are looking for girlfriends!"

I stood to one side and the girls ran through the house and into my back garden, they sat talking to Sarah on her towel, I stood in the kitchen and Uri came up behind me, I was wearing my lightweight dress with nothing under it. "Sarah's friends are very beautiful aren't they?"

I nodded my head; Uri wrapped me in his arms and kissed my neck. I was still looking out of the window as Sarah's friends undressed, Sarah called Greg over, he came and sat on the blanket with the girls, I heard Sarah ask Greg which of her friends he liked to look of the most. Greg took one of the girl's hands and he pulled her onto his lap, he kissed her and as he was exploring her body with his hands and his mouth, Sarah called Joe over and introduced him to her other friend. Joe didn't sit down, he pulled the girl to her feet and he led her away to the garage, Greg pulled the other girl up as well and Sarah followed the four of them into the garage.

Uri kissed my ear, "You want to go and watch?"

I shook my head.

"Come on, it'll be a great show, those girls are so desperate for sex that they'll beg for Greg and Joe to do anything they want to do to them!"

As Uri spoke he was pulling my dress over my head, I stopped him pulling me over to the garage and told him to fuck me in the kitchen. Uri was at least twenty years older than me but as he pushed me over my kitchen table he fucked me harder than any man half his age had ever done.

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Over the summer holidays our house became the Mecca for half the teenage girls in the town looking for an hour of 'From Russia with Love!' Fortunately my daughters managed to survive without falling pregnant which is more than I can say for me, I had sex with all four Russians, oh and Alan Pickering so my new baby's father could be any one of five, well, let's say, seven different men. I discovered that I quite liked having sex with lots of different men, just like I did when I was a little girl.

The men started to earn a little money from doing odd jobs around the town, small building projects, gardening work, if someone had a large appliance they wanted to get rid of, instead of paying fifteen quid to the council, the Russians would take it away and they would strip it down and sell the various metal parts to the scrap man.

9,884 Words.

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