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Written: 09 April 2018

Easter Holiday
by Isabella

Story Code: M/f, M/F, Incest, Father-in-law/Daughter-in-law

We turned up in Newcastle late on Thursday, it was a five hour drive from Northampton to Newcastle and the kids were in school until three o'clock on that day and by the time we'd got the car loaded up it was gone four o'clock.

The funfair had the promenade blocked off trying to get the larger rides off of the road and onto the park, they did it every year but this year we were on the city side of the park instead of on the opposite side when they started.

Johnny parked the car, he wouldn't usually have dreamed of leaving our car full of our stuff out on the promenade at that time of day but there were two police cars and four police officers on the scene, the fairground people had until ten thirty and then the road had to open again. Johnny was in the back of the car to take out as much as he could carry to his grandparent's house and while he was mining through the content of the boot, Sarah had wandered off to talk to a group of local boys that she had made friends with over the years that we'd been holidaying with Johnny's grandparents every Easter.

I recognised most of the boys from previous years, they looked much younger last Easter though. I'd pegged them at fifteen years old, the same age as Sarah but they must have passed through the eighteen barrier as they'd all been drinking and were chatting to the police when we drove up.

Sarah was obviously a big hit amongst the boys in previous years and when they saw her, they swarmed over to her, I counted six boys that I recognised from previous years and one, slightly older boy that I'd never seen before. I saw two boys try to kiss Sarah but she backed away from their advances, looking nervously over her shoulder to see if her father was watching.

The older boy was called over to the park, they had to move the generator truck into place and a barrier was in the way. I saw a ripple of muscles, he took his leather jacket off and was shirtless under it, as the boy lifted the heavy fence panel and moved it ten feet to give the truck enough wriggle room to get into position, I saw his chest muscles ripple and I saw that Sarah was watching him closely too.

He crossed the road pulling his leather motorcycle jacket back on but he hadn't zipped the front closed by the time he reached Sarah. Sarah looked like she was on the edge of swooning as he spoke to her, fortunately Johnny just called Sarah's name when he wanted her to come over to pull a suitcase from the car to his grandparent's house rather than looking for where she was first.

Before Sarah could move I saw the boy write a number on the palm of her hand and he said, "You can ring me if you like or if you come to the fair tomorrow I'll give you a free ride on the Waltzer!"

Sarah was careful to keep the palm of her hand hidden from her father as well as me, she didn't realise that I'd seen her and the boy interacting together.

The kids were sent straight to bed as soon as we'd dragged the various cases into the relevant bedrooms; Johnny kept his eye on the time so that he could go back to the promenade and retrieve his car. I was just looking out of the living room windows, day-dreaming a little, wondering what I'd have done when I was Sarah's age if the fairground worker had chatted me up with all those rippling muscles on display all over his chest. I was just wondering if he was over twenty or under when I saw a car that I assumed was Johnny returning with his car.

I rushed to the front door but Johnny's grandfather stopped me, "That isn't Johnny love, it's Gail's father-in-law, he pops by whenever Gail's husband is working away, he comes around to make sure that Gail is okay and safe when she's on her own.

I didn't have to wait long, Gail's father-in-law was just pulling to a halt on the drive on the other side of the road when Johnny swung onto his grandfather's drive.

I collected my case from the back of the Ford Galaxy and as I dragged the case from behind the car I saw Gail open her front door, it was a bit of a shock for me, an uber-conservative woman, to see Gail open the door wearing only her nighty with bra and knickers clearly showing to me and I was forty feet away on a dark street.

I took my case to my bedroom, the small box bedroom at the front of the house next to Johnny's grandparent's bedroom. I started unpacking my case but a movement caught my eye and my attention. I turned the light off and looked out across the unlit road, I could see Johnny walking back and forth to the car to bring in other items out of the car but that wasn't what caught my eye, it was a flash of light in the master bedroom across the road at Gail's house. Not a light being turned on, more the light cast by the bedroom door opening with the light on the landing flooding through in two pulses, like the way it would if two people had just walked into the bedroom.

It was quite a strain to see that far in the total dark but I did catch flashes in the bedroom as the clouds uncovered the moon occasionally. I should have closed my curtains, I knew that it was wrong to just stand there watching Gail and her father-in-law but if she didn't want to be watched, she could have closed her curtains. I had a perfect view onto the surface of her bed, I watched through the more code like flashes of dots and dashes of moonlight as the thin clouds were blown across the sky.

I didn't see the full film but I saw enough of the highlights to prove that Gail's father-in-law was definitely seeing her all right in her husband's absence. I'd had three kids with my husband and we'd been married for seventeen years but I have to say, there was more fucking going on in Gail's bedroom that one session than I'd had with Johnny in our seventeen years together.

I was seriously considering looking after my own needs but I knew that every movement and every sound could be heard all over the house, it had been built in the nineteen seventies with absolutely no sound insulation at all and no solid walls dividing the rooms as was being proved at that moment by the sounds of my husband walking around in the living room as he sorted out the rest of our things from the car.

I heard footsteps on the stairs so I closed the curtains and turned the bedroom light back on, I opened my case and started to put my clothes in the chest of drawers. There was a knock at the closed bedroom door, Johnny had brought my coat up from the car, it was typical of my husband to knock at the bedroom door even though he knew that I was alone in there.

I really wanted to stop in my room and get back to my evening's entertainment but as soon as my case was empty I took my empty case down to be stacked with the other cases and moved out into the shed for storage until we were ready to leave. I sat with Johnny and his grandparents for an hour but in all that time, in my mind's eye I was watching Gail and her father-in-law. Well, up to the point where I imagined myself under Gail's father-in-law. I finally went to bed when Gail's father-in-law morphed into that motorcycling traveller that worked on the funfair replaced Gail's father in my head.

It was at that point that I went to bed to dream about what it would be like to have sex in such an abandoned way.

I didn't actually masturbate when I got to bed, I did, however, trap my pillow between my thighs and hump down on it for thirty minutes until Johnny knocked on my door and asked if everything was okay as he could hear my bedsprings squeaking so much. I told him that the bed was a little lumpy and I was trying to get comfortable so that I could get to sleep.

After that disturbance to my rubbing I stopped and sat in the window and watched a little more of the goings on in Gail's bedroom. Her father-in-law left her house at around two o'clock in the morning...four hours of solid fucking, that Gail was a greedy cow.

In the morning there were a lot of whispered conversations between Sarah and her sister Dawn and after breakfast they went for a walk on the local park. I needed to do a little shopping and as I walked past the park I spotted Sarah and Dawn surrounded by the boys from the previous evening, Sarah was very friendly with them all considering that they only met for between two and four weeks of the year when we were up on holiday. The funfair seemed to be sleeping, they obviously worked late into the night getting all of the rides and caravans onto the site and were having a late start that morning. It would have been quite dangerous trying to build the rides up in the dark, some of them were massive engineering projects and they weren't planning to start the funfair running until four o'clock that afternoon so they didn't need to start work too early.

I collected the few things that Johnny's grandparents didn't have in their larder and that we hadn't brought with us from the farm, just fruit and a few vegetables. I saw the six boys on my way back from the shop, six boys and Dawn but no Sarah. I heard the hammering and banging from the funfair and looked over. Sarah was on the outside of the security fence, she was as close as she could get to the waltzer ride but still be outside the security fence.

I recognised the fairground worker that had given Sarah his number instantly, he was on the roof of the waltzer ride bolting the segments together...well, I didn't recognise him so much as recognised his leather motorcycle jacket. I stood for a long moment drinking in his young and muscular body and rerunning the little fantasy fuck I'd had with him the night before while I was alone in my bed.

I heard one of the older men working on building up the rides call out, "Kyle, go and fetch a railway sleeper from the truck, we need some support under this end of the ride."

The younger man working on the roof of the ride said, "Okay." and he clambered down the framework at the side of the ride, he saw Sarah and walked over to the fence, he pushed the fingers of his right hand through one of the holes in the fence and Sarah reached out and pressed her fingers against his.

There were a few mumbled words between my daughter and the young man before, "Kyle! We need that bloody sleeper today!"

Kyle pulled his hand back through the fence and he blew Sarah a kiss, "Come round when we're open for that free ride on the waltzer...see you later baby!"

I saw Sarah almost walking on air as she danced back to the park and her sister still chatting to the large group of boys hanging out on the swings. I continued on my way to Johnny's grandparent's house and started helping grandma cook lunch for us all. Johnny was going to go out and call the girls in for lunch but I remembered that the girls were hanging out with six boys when I saw them last and I didn't want their father to find them on the park with a large group of boys so I headed him off and fetched the girls myself.

When I got to the park gate I saw Sarah sitting on a swing, a boy was standing in front of her with his hands on her outer thighs kissing her and as he kissed her he was pulling her against him so that her knees went either side of his hips. I backed out of the gate and turned my back on the park, I put my fingers in my mouth and made my loudest whistle, I looked around as if I was looking for whoever it was whistling and by the time I walked back into the park Sarah was standing away from the swing, just talking to the boys.

Sarah was being a little reckless, I put it down to the fact that she wasn't on her home turf, she didn't know all the little places around her that a girl could carry on with boys unobserved.

After lunch we went for a walk as a family, a slow walk as Johnny's grandparents were in their nineties, the walk was designed to reach the funfair at four o'clock just as it opened. Sarah and Dawn ran through the funfair from the entrance with Johnny calling after them not to run off but they were gone before he could stop them. Johnny wanted to root them out but he also knew that he needed to keep close to his grandfather with all the rough and tumble going on as people were jostling for position at the rides.

"I'll go and keep an eye on the girls, you look after your grandparents!"

I walked off, I knew exactly where Sarah and Dawn would be, the far end of the funfair, riding on the waltzer. The ride turned about the central pivot, as it turned the floor rose and fell about two feet and the carriages that people rode in were free to rotate. When empty, the carriages turned slowly, lazily. If one person sat still in the carriage it would turn more rapidly, the weight of the rider falling to the low point. The rider could influence the speed a little by throwing their body in the direction of rotation but the fastet and most exciting ride happened when the ride operator got involved, standing outside the carriage and throwing it around faster.

Because the fair had only just opened and the waltzer ride, being at the opposite end of the fair from the entrance, was empty when Sarah and Dawn reached it. Kyle had started the ride running with just Sarah and Dawn sharing one carriage and was giving them his undivided attention, throwing the carriage around as fast as he could.

I reached the steps of the waltzer ride just ahead of the main throng of people and Kyle stopped the ride early to load it up with riders. It wasn't a cheap ride, a pound a rider, a single rider would be charged double and Kyle could cram as many as six riders in one carriage. I had expected Sarah and Dawn to leave the ride but Kyle told them to stay where they were so they got two rides but this time, Kyle had to attend to all of his riders and not just flirt with Sarah and Dawn.

The waltzer ride was like a production line, a money making machine, it ran for eight minutes, took just two minutes to empty and refill and was off again. Sarah and Dawn had their ride and then just stood at the side and watched as Kyle flirted with paying customers. Whenever there was an empty carriage when it came time to restart the ride Kyle invited Sarah and Dawn to ride free so they got about one free ride in every hour.

I left them and went looking for Johnny and his grandparents. William had the undivided attention of his grandparents and father, riding every ride he wanted to try, either on his own or with his father while his grandparents looked on. Johnny's grandparents got tired by seven o'clock and they ate beef burgers as they walked away from the fair. I stopped behind to look after Sarah and Dawn.

The fair was due to close at eleven o'clock but I had to drag Sarah and Dawn off home at nine thirty, even though they complained bitterly. William had probably had forty pounds spent on him on various rides but Sarah and Dawn had ridden for free, I'd have to remember that disparity later and spend the same forty pounds on each of the girls another time.

I watched Gail's husband return home at eleven o'clock, she greeted her husband in the same way that she greeted his father. I watched them go into the master bedroom, this time Gail turned the bedroom light on and I got the full show. Gail's husband wasn't half the man his father was, he lasted only thirty minutes and his cock wasn't anything like the size of his father, little wonder that Gail used her father-in-law's body whenever her husband was working away.

The next morning, breakfast was hurried, William had a 'pick-up' football game with some of the younger boys in the area so Johnny took him, Sarah and Dawn went to the park again, as usual. After washing the dishes I wandered over to the park, there was a large, powerful motorcycle in the middle of the park, Kyle was sitting on the motorcycle's back seat while the bike was on its centre stand, I watched as Sarah climbed onto the front half of Kyle's seat but facing backwards, her knees slipped over the outside of Kyle's hips and as they kissed passionately Kyle rocked back and forth on the seat. The motorbike rocked onto its front wheel and the spring and shock absorbers mounted in the front forks caused the bike to bounce back and Kyle leaned back to increase the speed and force of the movement to the back wheel and so it went on.

To me standing at the park gate it looked like Sarah and Kyle were actually having sex on the back of the motorcycle in the middle of the park. Dawn was torn between watching her sister and the traveller boy and keeping look out towards the football pitches at the other end of the park. I, for my part, just stood there watching my eldest daughter kissing a boy at least three if not four years older than herself.

I realised that Kyle or Sarah had positioned the motorbike in the perfect position so as not to be seen from the end of the park with the football pitches on, there was a slight rise and a bend in the path that meant that Dawn, standing just ten feet away from Sarah and Kyle could see down to the football match as well as down the other side of the hill to her sister. Dawn was making one rotation of her head from Sarah to the football pitch when she saw me and warned Sarah that I was there watching.

I hadn't realised exactly what Dawn was doing but as she stepped off of the motorcycle I saw Kyle doing his fly up. If Sarah had been wearing a skirt or a dress, the two of them could have actually been having sex on that motorcycle seat but as Sarah had been wearing jeans I knew that all she was doing was giving Kyle hand relief.

Sarah and Dawn ran over to me, the only reason that I would have been looking for the girls would be to tell them that they were needed for a trip or for a meal. Kyle rode off as the girls ran across the park towards me, Sarah looked really disappointed when I told her that I was just out for a walk. I went through the park and along a footpath leading to the beach, leaving Sarah and Dawn on the park alone.

I reached a highpoint and could see the esplanade; I could see right into the heart of the funfair, I was just about to take the climb back down to the beach when I saw Kyle's motorbike outside one of the caravans at the back of the fair. I also saw Sarah and Dawn sneaking around the back of the fair towards the caravans where the fairground workers lived.

I saw Sarah and Dawn clamber into Kyle's caravan but that wasn't all, I saw my husband about a hundred feet behind the girls. I saw Johnny run when he saw Sarah and Dawn go into the gipsy caravan, it took him just two minutes to arrive at the caravan's door and begin banging his fists on it.

From my vantage point I saw Sarah and Dawn slip out of one of the caravan's windows on the opposite side of the caravan to the door that their father was banging his fists on. Sarah and Dawn had only been in the caravan for a minute or two but as I watched them slip out of the window I could see that neither of them were wearing their jeans and as they hid from their father's view, I watched as both girls quickly clambered into their jeans.

I was distracted slightly by the caravan door opening and Johnny disappearing into the caravan and once inside Sarah and Dawn ran from their hiding place and back towards the park. Johnny was out of sight for ten minutes and then he came back into view, he looked dishevelled and bloodied. I changed my mind, instead of continuing my walk, I returned to the park, arriving at the same time as Johnny. There was an argument between Johnny and Sarah and...well, that was the end of our holiday. We went straight back to Johnny's grandparent's house and packed the car. The five hour drive was a very frosty affair. Johnny had challenged Sarah to tell him what she'd been doing with Kyle in his caravan, Sarah had said that all they did was kiss and Johnny left it at that.

After we got home and the kids were in bed Johnny went to the bathroom to have a shower, I collected his clothes while he was in the shower to wash the blood off and as I checked the pockets I found a small pair of powder blue panties balled up in his pocket, they were blooded but not around the crotch, so I knew that it wasn't maidenhead blood, the manufacturers label had a laundry marker pen mark, indicating 'S' for Sarah. When I saw the girls slip out of the caravan's window I'd failed to see that Sarah was totally bare arsed and not just without her jeans.

I collected the clothes from Sarah and Dawn's bedrooms, Dawn had powder blue knickers balled up and twisted in with the legs of her jeans but Sarah wasn't wearing any knickers under her jeans.

There were a few strained days around the house but in the end I got Johnny's father to have a word with him to allow the house to get back to normal. Ron pointed out to Johnny that Sarah was just nine months away from legally being able to leave home and get married if she wanted to and that Ron would provide Sarah with a flat anywhere in the country if she asked him. Ron made it clear to Johnny that the more uncomfortable he made things for Sarah around the house, the quicker she'd move away from home.

4,010 Words.

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