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Young girls crush!
by Rose Eastmann

Growing up in the seventies was a strange time for a girl, the pill had set women free from the threat of unwanted pregnancies, well the smart ones anyway. It was a liberating time for girl's, we could have sex as and when we wanted without the normal dilemma of the need to be 'tied' to a man to support potential offspring. Mother was not one of the smart ones, she had shunned the pill and after a little to much to drink one Friday night my mother, Glenda Harrison fell in to a state of disgrace but didn't know it until three months later. She didn't know who the father was either as she didn't have a steady boyfriend at the time, she can only remember being in a pub in the centre of Nottingham and talking to some youths from Derby but she knew neither name nor address for any of the youths. She met my stepfather Alan Austin when she was six months pregnant and very desperate; dad worked on a farm and had a tied cottage in a small village. Mum and dad were married two and a half months later and I arrived a week after the honeymoon was well and truly over.

I had a great time apart from the under lying tension at home, I had a way out of that though, I spent as much time as I could helping out on the farm, working in the fields or helping with the beasts. From as early as I can remember I would be at the farm at six in the morning to open and close the gates when the cows were being moved to the milking parlour. Helping to wash their udders before connecting them to the milking machine, then removing a cow when she was finished and taking her into the yard to wait for the rest to finish and help to return them to the fields, just in time to catch the bus to school.

I volunteered for every after school activity I could, which made me popular with the teachers and kept me away from home more, I was a member of the church choir and worked Saturdays at a hairdressers salon in Nottingham. I had a very busy week most of the year, the problem was the school holidays, there was not enough to keep me busy at the farm all day and the salon only wanted help on Saturdays. I saw an advert for a 'mothers helper' in the local post-office and applied. The job was in the next village, a walk of two miles, just next door to a country girl like me, I went to see the woman, Mrs. Whitfield, and we talked for about an hour about this and that. She didn't want any one particularly experienced she just wanted someone to keep her company during the week while her husband was working away in London. Mrs Whitfield called on my mum the next day and made arrangements for me to start working for her from the next week, I would be expected to stay overnight at least one day a week to look after the baby while Mrs. Whitfield was expecting to be out late.

I felt so grown up the first morning when I walked the two miles to work, I was just fourteen and I was going to do a job of work for the next eight weeks. Mrs Whitfield met me at the front door and told me to call her Clare, I looked in the baby's room, she was fast asleep. I asked Clare if she would like me to make a cup of coffee for her, she nodded her head, I made one cup and took it to her, she was reading a book when I walked in the room. I came from behind her and she was engrossed in the book, she jumped a mile when I put the cup down. I only caught a glimpse of the page in the book that she was looking at but I noticed there was a picture of naked men and women cavorting. I went into the study and started dusting all the shelves, as I worked I was looking at the titles of the books on the shelves. I didn't recognise any of the titles but took one book down and opened it at a random page, there was a drawing, it looked very old and showed a man with his penis in his hand and a woman with her fingers in her pussy, I slammed the book shut and turned a bright shade of red. Clare came into the study and told me I was doing a great job of cleaning the shelves and tiding all the books and papers, she told me she was going to sunbathe for an hour and that I should fetch the baby and join her on the patio.

I walked out on the patio and froze in my tracks, she was wearing a skimpy bikini, the sort that only covers her nipples and pussy mound, I could see pubic hair sticking out all around the skimpy material of he bikini bottoms. I placed the baby in a cot next to her mum and walked around the sun bed Clare was laying on, I couldn't take my eyes off of her almost totally exposed body. I was behind her looking at her and wishing I could look like that, have big tits and the courage to show them off in public, I noticed her hair was a little untidy and fetched a hair brush from the bathroom. I sat on a stool behind her and started to brush her hair, I spent about thirty minutes on her hair, Clare didn't make a sound or movement while I was brushing her hair, I loved the feel of her hair running through my fingers. Baby made an 'I've just shit my nappy and need attention' sort of sound, I stopped brushing Clare's hair and moved towards the baby. Clare said, in a deep sleepy voice, "Don't stop brushing yet!" I said I had to look after baby April, she needed me. I changed April and gave her a drink of water, she went right back to sleep in the warmth of the summer morning, I checked the cot was in the shade and would be for at least the next hour. I returned to the brushing task, Clare asked me if I could wash her hair, I nodded and fetched a bowl of warm water. I applied soap and massaged it into her hair, then rinsed it off, I applied a little soap again and this time did a deep scalp massage, as taught at the salon every Saturday for the past year. I could hear purring noises coming from Clare and noticed her pressing her thighs together and loosening them over and over in a rhythmic pattern, slowly increasing in speed, her breathing got deeper and more laboured until she suddenly opened her eyes and looked at me. Clare told me that her hair was clean enough and thanked me for washing it for her. I went about the rest of the day doing the work that was there to do and looking after April as well, I bumped into Clare a couple of times during the day but we didn't speak much.

I walked home feeling terrible, I went straight to bed after supper, the next morning was a struggle to get up and face the two mile walk in the rain, as I left the house a car drove up the lane, it was Clare with April in her cot strapped to the back seat. Clare smiled at me and told me that as it was raining and April was awake early she decided to come and fetch me. I got in the car and I felt that the atmosphere was a little lighter than it was yesterday afternoon, Clare said, "Another reason I came was to make sure you came to work today!" I looked puzzled and she continued "I was a little off yesterday afternoon, I didn't want you to think it was something you did. I have a little problem and I shouldn't have dumped it on to you!" I wanted to understand but I was only fourteen and all this was rushing straight over my head. As we drove along the road Clare told me that she went to an all girls' boarding school and that she had a crush on one of the older girls. This girl used Clare as a 'Fag' would be used in boy's public school, Clare as the younger girl would be expected to help the older girl with certain chores. One of the chores Clare was asked to perform was to wash the older girl's hair once a week, Clare loved this girl so much she would have walked on hot coals for her. One day while Clare was washing the older girl's hair, Clare noticed the older girl was turned on, Clare started to rub her shoulders and moved down on to her breasts. As Clare's hand touched the older girl's breast the older girl hit the roof and called the housemother, Clare was 'sent down' and had to explain to her disgusted parents why she was interfering with another girl. Clare was crying as she told me the story, her parents made her feel dirty, she loved her parents deeply and to have them show such revulsion at, what to her was a natural expression of fondness to a girl she thought she loved was very painful. When I had washed her hair yesterday it was the first time since that day that she had felt, well hot for a girl again, I had brought all the old emotions and memories back to the surface again after all this time.

I sat quietly listening to Clare and felt even closer to her now, she had shared a deeply personal experience with me and, and I had made her hot! When we arrived at her house I took April into the house and changed her bottom, Clare walked past reading a book and I said, "What was the girls name, at school, the girl you were telling me about?" "April Ffoukes" she replied.

I fed and watered April and she fell asleep almost immediately, I went looking for Clare, she was in the study reading, I asked her if she would like to wash my hair today. Clare looked at me and swallowed, her mouth must have been very dry she was trying to moisten her mouth, licking her lips and rubbing her mouth with her hand. "No I don't think I should" she said, it wouldn't be right, I have to read all these books and then theirs the bank to balance, oh no, I don't think I have the time, no, no!" I told her I needed to wash my hair as the rain had made it straggly and full of rats' tails. Clare looked me up and down and said, "Are you really sure you want to have me wash your hair?" "Yes!" I replied, Clare asked where I would like to go to have my hair washed, I said, "You get the bowl, some warm water and the shampoo and I will light the fire in the lounge". I placed a cushion from the sofa on the floor in front of the wood burning fire in the lounge, covered it with a towel, closed the curtains, lit a few candles and waited for Clare. Clare walked in the room and stopped dead in her tracks, I pulled my sweatshirt off over my head and sat on the floor, lying back on to the cushion on the floor. Clare sat on the floor behind me and started to lather my hair, she was no expert on scalp massage but she was trying hard, I closed my eyes and floated off into a dream like state. Then all of a sudden there was a bang from the fire and a massive spark shot out of the fire and hit my stomach, there was a smell of burning flesh and a loud scream from me, Clare gave out a laugh and moved around to my side. Clare reached for a little of the baby's 'E45' cream, and rubbed it on to the burn, well spot really, I looked into her eyes as she rubbed the little patch on my tummy, she was drinking in my body through her eyes. I said, "That feels nice!" Clare collected a little more cream and started to rub it all over my tummy, as she worked I reached behind my back and undid my bra, I removed it all together and just looked at her, my eyes begging her to continue. She rubbed cream all over my tits touching them so, so gently, my little nipples were standing up proud and erect, Clare kept rubbing them and pinching them as she massaged my body like a pro. I was feeling all nice and warm inside my body and realised I was wet in the panty department, I was so wet I thought I had peed myself. Clare asked me to turn over and started to oil my back with the 'E45' cream, she was rubbing me up and down for an hour, I was willing her to remove my jogging pants and let me relieve my tension a little. April decided to make herself known at this point, Clare quickly finished washing my hair and went to fetch April, I dressed while she was out of the room, I took April as soon as Clare returned with her. I said to Clare, "Don't you have some reading to catch up on? And then theirs the bank!" Clare laughed out loud and left the room shaking her head with a book under her arm.

On Wednesday Clare had planned to go out for the evening, I would be looking after April all night, Clare had decided that even if she arrived home at a reasonable hour it was unlikely she would be capable of looking after April because of the drink. I had purchased a little lacy nylon sleep suit from M&S the weekend before I started to work for Clare. The suit was much too big for me, they didn't cater for 'junior miss' exotic lingerie in Marks and Spencer's, the suit had a short top and frilly panties, mostly see through black nylon with red lace and bows. I decided to leave the panties off as the top came down past my bum, I decided to get ready for bed after giving April her last feed of the day at nine o'clock. I was watching the television when I heard a car pull up outside, it was only ten o'clock so it shouldn't have been Clare but it was! I asked how the evening had gone and Clare told me there was a man there that was making a nuisance of himself, Clare had decided to cut her losses and take a taxi home early. I said, "As it's only ten o'clock I could walk home if you want some privacy!" Clare looked at me and said, "Do I look as if I could look after a child in this state?" I asked her if I could get her a drink, she nodded and asked for a 'Whisky and Dry', I offered coffee, we compromised on a 'Whisky and lots of Dry'. As I slipped off the chair I noticed Clare looking directly between my legs, it was quite a feat to allow my nighty to ride up enough to let her see my mound with it's sparse covering of fair hair as I slipped to the floor. I returned with a tumbler full of dry ginger with a measure of whisky in it, Clare tasted it and pulled a nasty face, I told her if she wasn't careful she might stay like that. Clare jumped up and caught me around the waist, she started to tickle my ribs telling me I was a cheeky young pup, I fell to the floor and Clare tumbled after me, she was still tickling me on the floor. Clare stopped tickling me, we were both on the floor panting and I closed my eyes, breathing deeply, laying on my back, Clare was slightly on top of me holding her self up with her arms stretched out in front of her, she bent her head and kissed me on my mouth. I opened my eyes with a start to see Clare had her eyes closed, her mouth just an inch above mine, I lifter my head and kissed her back. Clare came to her senses and returned to her chair blushing, I was very confused but didn't push it. I asked Clare what the man was doing who was pestering her, she told me she had danced with this one man twice and he had brought her a drink, an hour later he wanted her to go with him to his room at the hotel next to the dance hall. She told me that normally she would have given serious consideration to go with him to the hotel. I asked her why she didn't, and she told me that she couldn't get someone else out of her mind, I looked to see if she was going to give anything away with her eyes, the only thing I can say is that she was avoiding looking at my eyes. I asked if the person was her husband, she shook her head, still trying to avoid my eyes, I asked her if the person was male or female, she just looked at her feet. She said, "I feel dirty, I want to do something I know is wrong, I need to do it but I risk being branded a pervert and worse, going to prison. It would all be worth it if I could only do this one thing!"

I sat looking at Clare for a long time, she was well pissed, she was having difficulty holding her glass of 'Dry and Whisky', she eventually spilt some of her drink on her dress. I got up and fetched a cloth from the laundry room, I started to dab at the stain with a towel trying to remove as much of the liquid as possible. As I dabbed around one of her breasts I noticed her nipple was standing out, hard and long, I told her I needed to get the dress off and put it in soak before the stain was permanent. I helped her out of her dress, she had a camisole top without a bra, underskirt, stockings and suspender belt, I told her I would have to take her camisole off and her underskirt. I removed the top and the underskirt and noticed she was wearing see through, tie sided 'g-string' panties, I smiled because the bush between her legs was all straggly and unkempt and poked out all around her panties. I took the clothes and put them in the laundry sink to soak and rushed back to the sitting room, Clare was asleep on the couch, dead to the world, I was on fire, I wanted so much to kiss her again, to touch her, to be with her, but she was asleep. I swore at my self, if I were a man I would have jumped her bones as she slept, but I'm a girl, a fourteen year old girl with a crush, for a woman as old as my mum, so big it would flatten a house. I sat and wept, I thought about relieving my own tension, using the age old two finger shuffle but I had the guilt laid on all Catholics since the inquisition, 'please your self' and go to hell.

The morning saw a very different Clare to the night before, she was quiet, dowdy, dressed in sweat shirt and jogging bottoms, with the darkest of dark glasses. I had a pot of coffee on the hotplate, and breakfast serials with a silencer fitted, Clare was not eating today, and could I find out where her cloths had gone. I told her I had put them in soak the night before and that I had covered her up on the sofa when she fell asleep, she asked me if anything unusual happened when she arrived home, I told her nothing happened at all. Clare spent most of the rest of the day in a darkened room drinking black coffee and moaning quietly to her self. I looked after April all day, at five o'clock I asked Clare how she was feeling and she told me she still had a headache, I asked if I should stay and look after April for the night, Clare nodded. I was sitting watching television wearing only my nighty top again when Clare walked in the sitting room, she asked if I knew where she could get some strong analgesic tablets, I asked if her head was still bothering her, she nodded. I asked her to sit on the floor in front of my chair while I went to my bag and fetched some Lavender oil, I told her that Lavender oil wasn't the best oil for headaches but it might help. I mixed two drops of Lavender oil with ten drops base oil in a small pot, I returned to my seat and placed one leg on either side of Clare's shoulders and gently started to massage her temples with the oils. I rubbed her forehead and brought both hands down the sides of her face and down either side of her nose, I massaged behind her ears and under her chin. I worked over all the areas in turn setting up a rhythm, one time very gently and the next harder, then medium and back to gentle. I repeated this over and over again for thirty minutes, I asked Clare how she felt and she said I was a magician, her headache was totally gone, she was fine and needed food now, I fetched her some cold chicken and salad, without the dressing, which she devoured, still sitting between my legs. Clare finished her impromptu meal and leaned her head back against my thighs, she said she felt wonderful now and it was all down to me, she rubbed her head from side to side, feeling the connection between her hair and the silky material of my nighty.

I was apprehensive, I had been excited twice already this week only to be turned down at the last moment. Clare asked me where I had learned to massage so expertly and I told her my Saturday job at the salon meant that I sometimes had to massage the customer's temples with soothing oil after they had had a perm. I had practised massage techniques on friends at school and was keen on the beneficial effects of natural oils, Clare asked me what other parts of the body I could massage, I said, "Any". Clare asked me to give her a massage, she was still rocking her head from side to side in my lap, I was as hot as the sun, I was amazed that I hadn't melted the material covering my furnace mound. I fetched a large bath towel and spread it on the floor, I told Clare to remove her top and lay face down on the towel. Clare kept her bra on but apart from that she was nude to the waist, I started to massage the Lavender / base oil mixture into her back. I massaged up her neck, over her shoulders and around the small of her back, I sat astride her buttocks while I was massaging her back, and I rocked my pussy back and forth on her bum as I did. I covered all of her back except where her bra was, I made a point of avoiding that area, Clare reached back and undid her bra with out any prompting from me. I started to massage the space left by the removed strap, I rubbed around her sides and up to her breast, I gently allowed my fingers to play over the sides of her breasts and then back to her back. Each time I approached her breasts I was greeted by a deep sigh and a deep intake of breath, and as I moved away she breather out. I said, "There all done, how was that?" Clare said, "Less than half done if you ask me!" I moved off of her buttocks and she turned over to lay on her back, I knelt at her side and started to massage her neck and over her chest, Clare said, "Stop!" I asked what was wrong. Clare said, "You can't do a massage properly kneeling at my side, you have to be sitting on me to get the pressure right". I sat astride her thighs just below her hips and as I sat down Clare pulled my nighty forwards to prevent me trapping it between our bodies. I started to massage her tummy and she told me I seemed to have missed a small bit in the middle, I asked her if she wanted me to massage her there, pointing at her boobs. She said, "If you don't mind, it would be nice to have a full body massage!" I massaged her globes gently tweaking her nipples gently at first then increasing the pressure until I was sure I was hurting her. She was laying there with her eyes closed breathing heavily and rhythmically each time I passed over her nipples and gave them a tweak she gave a little purr. When I had finished her front she reached out her hand and put it behind my head and pulled my head toward her face, she kissed my mouth gently and put out her tong. I opened my mouth slightly to accept her probing tong, she darted it a little way into my mouth and then a little further until we were fully French kissing. Clare reached for my breasts through the flimsy material of my nighty and twisted my nipples hard, she said let's go to bed. I followed he into her room and stood there awkwardly while she prepared the room, she removed all the bed cloths and put all the lights on. I thought we would have subdued lighting, a candle or something like that but Clare put all the lights in the room on, it was like Blackpool during the illuminations. Clare went into a cupboard at the end of the room and came back with a small bag, which she placed, on the bedside cabinet. She lay me on the bed on my back, she took my nighty off and looked down at me, I was all goosepimply, she kissed my mouth and pecked across my cheek and down my neck. She moved on to my chest and reached my little titty mounds, she kissed and sucked at my nipples, even though there was next to nothing there, she reached into the bag and brought out two small rubber bulbs which looked like they were attached to small funnels. She placed one funnel over my right nipple and squeezed the rubber bulb, when she let it go my nipple was drawn up into the funnel. She did the same to my left nipple, the suction was enough to hold the nipple pumps tightly to my nipples, drawing the flesh deep into the funnel. She looked for a long minute at my distended nipple and returned to kissing her way down my body, I was starting to climax when she was a kiss only away from my pussy mound, I had been grinding my thighs together as she was kissing her way into my affections. Then all of a sudden she jumped over my pleasure temple and started to kiss my feet and work her way up, she looked at the nipple pumps from time to time, adjusting the position and resetting the funnel over it's intended spot and re-pressurising the rubber bulb. When Clare finally reached my mound again I was again at a pinnacle of excitement, just about to climax, Clare stopped and looked into my eyes, she waited until she was sure I was looking back into her eyes, she pulled my legs wide open and placed her mouth over my pussy. I did a quick countdown three, two, one and blasted off into a climactic orgasm, Clare was an expert in the art of cunnilingus, I wasn't even an apprentice yet in comparison. Clare found my clitoris and teased it from its hood, she was sucking nibbling and licking at my clitoris sucking it completely into her mouth and then nipping it with her teeth. I was in orbit around the earth in the good ship orgasm, I had made about three complete orbits when Clare stopped sucking on my clit, reached into her bag of tricks and pulled out a giant double-ended dildo. Clare pushed one end of the giant dong into my pussy, gently easing it in and out to allow me to acclimatise my pussy to the fullness of the dong, then when almost half of the thing was in my cunt she climbed on the other end of the dong and she forced it in all the way in to her love tunnel without ceremony. She started to ride backward and forwards on the 'king dong', her movement's forcing the monster in and out of my pussy in time with her movements. I climaxed yet again and Clare started to scream out loud as she reached her own orgasm, she was barking like a dog and swearing like a docker. I chose this moment to bite hard on her nipple, she blew a fuse and humped the dong hard into my body, I climaxed so hard I passed out. I awoke in the morning laying on my back with the two suction devices still attached to my nipples, the funnel part was much bigger than last night but my nipple still filled it, Clare told me she had spent the whole night looking at me, watching me dreaming and replacing the nipple suckers at regular intervals. When the suckers were removed my nipples were over three times longer than I had ever seen them before, Clare told me that if I continued to use the suction devices soon I would have permanently long nipples for my lovers to play with.

I have to leave this story now but there will be another instalment soon I promise. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it