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Dalmatian Girl by Rose Eastmann

This story was written for a friend from the Incest Taboo chat room he is into K9 sex and loves the idea of a girl sucking a dog's cock, so I wrote this story where the main character gives her daughter's friends dog a blowjob.

My name is Francis Carter, I am 35, married with my fifteen year old daughter, Tracey. I live in Mountsorrell, Leicestershire, right in the middle of England. I live in a large new house designed to look like a small old country cottage. I have an above average sex drive for a woman of my age, a quality not shared by my forty five year old husband John. John works too many hours and too many days a week but the money he brings in allows our family a nice lifestyle, I think Tracey and I would prefer a little less lifestyle and a little more John! I don't work for a living but that's useful as Tracey has a full calendar which means I usually end up as unpaid taxi service most of the time.

I have had an experience recently that I need to share with someone, and you are as good a person as any to tell. It started one Saturday morning, John was working in London and wouldn't be home until Wednesday or Thursday, Tracey was away on a weekend field trip to live like Stone-age-man for forty eight hours. I realised this was the first time I had actually been alone for more than 12 hours in my life, Friday night was terrible. I was awake all night listening to the sounds any normal house makes but we ignore, able to explain it as someone else in the house etc. I awoke at my normal time and went in to Tracey's room expecting to see her sleepy head on her 'new kids on the block' pillow, the room was empty, I knew it would be. I was very tired but couldn't face trying to sleep again, I decided to take a walk to clear my head. I dressed in a thin cotton summer dress, which was tight under the bust and flared at the hem and cotton panty briefs, that's all, it was after all high summer and very hot even at eight o'clock in the morning. I walked on to the common, not a place I would normally walk to on my own, it was about five miles to the common car park and the common stretched on for miles from there. I was very hot and sweaty by the time I reached the car park, I knew I should have driven there by car but when I set out I had no idea where I would have ended up.

I walked for an hour along well-trodden pathways, through fields, woods and by the river. I had decided to return home and have a cool bath when I saw Sally a school friend of Tracey's, she was walking with her pet Dalmatian, Disney has such a lot to answer for, for the whole Dalmatian craze. I walked toward her, she saw me and waved, I think I get on better with all of Tracey's friends than I do with Tracey. I met Sally half way along the path, her dog was running back and forth with a ball, the dog was extremely well behaved and I had never seen him with a leash on since he was a puppy. I asked Sally why she wasn't on the school field trip. She told me she was unwell all day Thursday and most of Friday, she was quite well now but her mother had decided she didn't want to be dragged halfway over the county to pick he up if her sickness worsened. As we talked Ben came and sat by our feet, he started to sniff around me and poked his head up my dress, I didn't notice until a cold nose touched my upper thigh. I jumped a little as Ben's tong fired out and tried to part my thighs, he lapped his tong over my panty covered mound, Sally noticed my little jump, and looked at Ben, she grabbed at his collar and pulled him to her side. Sally apologised profusely and said she would have to take Ben home. I said, "There's no problem, I was just taken by surprise, that's all. Come and walk with me, I'm going to the top of Snowdrop hill, to look at the view!" Sally and I walked the mile or so to the top of the hill making small talk, Ben ran about fifteen miles all together during our twenty-minute walk to the summit. The only things at the top of the hill was a very good view across the river valley and a council bench to sit and admire the view. I was sweating profusely by the time we reached the top, and needed to sit-down. I sat right on the front of the seat, laying back so that only my head was touching the back rest, I had my legs wide open and straight out in front of me. I realised that sitting like this was exposing a glimpse of my panties to any one passing but I didn't care. I closed my eyes down to a squint, looking at me you would think my eyes were tightly closed, I was looking at Sally and her dog, Ben. Sally was holding Ben tightly by the collar, he was trying very hard to be out of her grasp but she was fighting him valiantly. I said, "I really love the sun on my body, don't you?" Sally replied she did, I told her to relax, sit back and take in the sun, I told her to let Ben have a run if he wanted to. Sally sat back and released her grip on the dog's collar, she imitated the way I sat on the bench but didn't close her eyes, I could just make out she was looking at my panties exposed to the sun. Ben came directly to me and stood in front of me between my legs, his tong went between my slightly parted thighs and lapped over my crotch. I could feel his warmth through on my wet panty gusset, Ben worked hard to get his tong past the elasticated leg hole and darted his tong deep into my love tunnel. I looked sideways at Sally, she had her hand buried deeply inside the waste band of her denim trousers, I could see her hand working directly over her mound, only for a few seconds and then she pulled her hand out again. Sally placed her hand down by her side and rested it on the bench between us, she had her middle finger sticking in the air like she was giving the world the 'bird'. Ben removed his nose from between my thighs and jumped over my legs to be by Sally's side. Ben was licking and sniffing at Sally's outstretched middle finger. I asked her what she was doing and she hid her hand behind her back, and said, "Nothing!" I pretended to still have my eyes closed, Ben was digging at Sally's side to try and get to her hand. I said, "Are you ashamed?" Sally said, "of what?" "Letting Ben lick your fingers after you have had them inside your panties", I replied. I saw Sally blush a deep crimson, she asked me how I knew. I told her, her dog was an expert at what he was doing to me while she played with herself and that it was no mere accident that he was so good, I knew Sally must have been playing that game for a long while. Sally went an even deeper red, if that was possible, "You won't tell anyone will you?" She asked, I shook my head. I asked her how far she and Ben had gone, there was a long silence, Sally was looking directly at me, without a word, I guessed she was assessing what my reaction would be to her potential answer. She told me that she lets Ben lick her pussy sometimes that's all, I knew that if my eyes had looked open I would have had teenage defence plan 'Alpha', jut out your chin and deny everything. I asked her if that's all she wanted to do with him, She moved closer and tried to see if my eyes were truly closed, she said, "What else is there to do?" I said, "I could show you if you like!" Sally's eyes lit up a little, her face lost some of its redness "Could you do that?" She said, I invited her to come home with me and we could sunbathe in my garden.

We arrived at my house two hours later, we were hot, sweaty and tired, I suggested that Sally might like to shower some of the days sweat and grime away and directed her to Tracey's bedroom with its on-suit shower room. Sally was showering when I took in a French-cut bikini, three very small triangles of material just enough to cover each breast and her pussy mound and no more, all held together with thin string. The bikini bottom was a sort of 'G' string, I placed the bikini on the dressing table in Tracey's room and fought the temptation to peek in the shower room. I was on a sun-lounger on the patio when Sally appeared, I was wearing exactly the same bikini as I had left for Sally. She sat on the sun-lounger next to me and looked me up and down, I waited for her to introduce Ben into a conversation but she didn't. She opened her mouth but as she cleared her throat Ben came bouncing around the corner of the house, he had been drinking water from a bowl I had left out for him. Ben went straight for Sally's crotch, she held her legs tightly together and Ben was working his tong furiously at her pussy mound. I had waited long enough, I said, "Do you like it when Ben licks your pussy?" Sally blushed slightly and replied she did, I asked her why she was fighting him. Sally looked horrified and her face went even deeper red, she said, "What here in public, in the open, in broad daylight, with you watching?" I looked at her over my sunglasses and asked her how I could help her without seeing what she was doing! Sally looked thoughtfully for a moment or two and nodded her head. I slipped my hands down to my bikini bottom and slid it off, Sally looked away, I asked her if she was ashamed of her body or mine. Sally spun her head round to look at me and said, "Not you, you have a great body for a mother, its just that I have never been nude in public before". I stood and removed my bikini top, I walked into the house with Ben following me, to see if I had any more of those chocolate drops I had given him as we arrived at the house. I picked up the low coffee table from the living room and a towel and other things from the airing cupboard and some things from the draw in the kitchen, I then returned to the patio. Sally was standing there with her bikini on the table next to mine, she was standing there with one arm covering her breasts and her other hand over her mound. I ignored the fact that anything was different and placed the coffee table in the middle of the patio, I covered it with the large bath towel and placed two cushions from a sun lounger to form a triangle starting about a foot from the end of the coffee table. I grabbed Sally's shoulders and directed her, forcefully, to sit on the edge of the table and I pushed her onto the cushion wedge, Sally was lying on top of the towel on the coffee table with most of her arse hanging off the end of the table. I pulled her feet back so they were directly under her butt and pulled her knees apart. I looked at her hand covering her pussy and sat back on my sun-bed and made sunbathing noises. Sally looked at me and as Ben returned still licking his lips from the chocolate he had mooched off of me in the kitchen, she removed her hand form her pussy. Ben sniffed the air and walked around to Sally, she closed her legs as Ben neared her pussy, I looked over at her and tutted, she looked back and opened her legs to where I had placed them. Ben started to lick Sally's pussy as if his life depended on it, she was instantly into the action, her body swayed with each swipe of Ben's tong.

I had a little sleep, about forty five minutes, and awoke to find Sally in exactly the same position as when I nodded off, she was panting, she was in the middle of a climax and as her love juice flowed Ben re-doubled his efforts. Ben was lifting first one fore leg then the other, attempting to get his body covering Sally's body, but his tong couldn't leave her pussy, I noticed about an inch of pink cock poking out from his sheath. I asked Sally if she was enjoying this so far, she nodded her head in agreement, I asked her if she was ready to progress on to phase two, she again nodded her head. I left Ben licking Sally for all he was worth but lifted one of his fore legs, I placed one long wool hiking sock on one of Ben's front legs and held it in place with adhesive tape, and did the same with the other front leg. I patted Sally's tummy and said up Ben, he jumped up and placed one leg on each side of Sally's tummy, he walked about a step and a half with his hind legs and his cock was almost entering the Promised Land. Ben was obviously inexperienced at this part of 'showing his love for his mistress' he was dry humping all over the place, he hit the bulls eye several times but didn't manage to score. Sally looked at me and said, "Please help us!" I stood closer to Ben and placed my hand between Ben and Sally, I guided Ben's cock to Sally's slit and held him at the entrance, he was humping away but not managing to enter. I stood with one leg either side of Ben's ass and gripped him between my knees, pushing him against Sally's cunt. I reached around Ben and placed my thumbs on either side of Sally's cunt, I pressed inwards and pulled my thumbs apart, to open Sally's lips as wide apart as possible and Ben slipped, unceremoniously, into Sally's love tunnel, just an inch but he was home.

I repositioned my sun lounger so I could watch Sally and Ben making-out, I was watching Ben's impressive hard-on stabbing in and out of Sally's cunt, about one inch in each direction. Suddenly Ben had to take a step nearer to Sally's arse, I looked closely and saw the tell tail signs of blood on Ben's cock as he withdrew his meat about four inches from Sally's cunt, he rammed it back in and Sally squealed out loud. There was a large patch of Sally's blood on the lemon coloured bath towel I had used to cover the coffee table as well. I said, "I didn't realise you were a virgin!" Sally asked how I knew she was a virgin, I told her the blood all over the place was a dead give away. Sally tried to see the blood but I stopped her, Ben was well into his stride now fucking her like a little trooper. Sally was breathing heavier and deeper, I realised this was probably her first true orgasm, I lay quietly watching in awe as Sally bounced and bumped her way through a massive climax, followed immediately by another and then another. Ben was into the short, fast, movements that usually preceded a K9 climax, I knew Ben would soon be depositing a pint of doggy cum in Sally's formally virgin cunt. There was a sudden spurt from around Ben's massive cock and his juice started to flow down on to the lemon towel covering the coffee table, his cum mingling with Sally's blood from a few minutes earlier. Ben continued to fuck Sally for about three minutes after he had finished cumming into her love tunnel, just long enough for her to have another climax, then he pulled away and sat in the shade licking his cock and looking well pleased with himself. I asked Sally how she felt, she told me she felt on top of the world, she thanked me for showing her how to fuck with Ben, she was a whirl pool of emotions and feelings and wanted to tell me all about them. I suggested she should take a bath to remove the blood and sweat from her body, she said, "only if you come and talk to me while I do!" I took her to my bathroom and ran her a bath, I sat with her while she bathed and we talked, and we talked, and we talked, for about an hour. Sally was talking as if she had done it all now, she had fucked with dog and she had lost her cherry, she had climaxed and achieved multiple orgasms, what a day. I told her she had passed phase two only, she spun around in the bath and looked at me in disbelief, I said, "there is phase three to phase five still to go", Sally asked what phase three was. I called Ben into the house, he came into the bathroom and I sat him between my legs, I played with his sheath and his cock started to grow, I masturbated him until he was fully erect, then I exposed his knot. I told Sally she would have to take Ben's knot inside her pussy to pass through phase three, Sally's eyes bugged out seeing Ben's knot and said, "I'll never get that inside my pussy. I told her that phase four was to let Ben fuck her in the ass. And phase five was to give Ben a blow job and I told her that this was only things to do with a dog, there were men and women to think about too. I decided to give a practical demonstration of a phase five activity and proceeded to give Ben a blowjob, in the bathroom with Sally watching closely. I mouth fucked Ben until he shot his load into my mouth, I looked up at Sally with dog cum dripping down my chin and said what do you think of that, Sally said, "Cool, that looked really brill!" I told her to try phase five at home when she and Ben were alone.

Sally stood in the bath and I passed her a clean towel, as she dried herself she asked me if she could ask me something, I said, "ok". She told me she thought I wanted to try something with her, "like what" I asked, she said, "Well I thought you wanted to have sex with me!" I asked her if she was disappointed that I hadn't and she told me maybe yes, I asked her if she wanted me to fuck her and she nodded her head. "Well" I said, "I will give you that pleasure for your sixteenth birthday present, and not until", Sally looked disappointed but smiled at me anyway. Sally looked at the time and told me she had to go home it was nearly time for her supper, she realised she had been out since eight o'clock this morning and now it was six o'clock in the evening her mother would kill her. Sally dressed quickly and ran home with Ben chasing after her, as she left the front gate she called back to me asking me if she could visit Sunday for a little phase three practice. I shouted, "Its ok with me if you're mum lets you out again" she was gone, round the corner and out of sight.

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