Colin and Aunty Sue
by Rose Eastmann

My name is Colin, I'm fourteen years old, I've always been tall for my age, my mother told me once that when I was born I was in three to six months old clothes even though I was only eight pounds when i was born. Now that I am fourteen I'm six foot tall, thirteen stone (182Lbs). Blond shoulder length hair, electric blue eyes and every muscle in my body was totally defined, stomach was a typical six-pack. I had been approached several times to be a model in Birmingham but I only had one plan for my future, Football!

I was my schools best player; we played in the Birmingham school league every Saturday. It had been one of the hardest games of the year but I managed to score two goals and we won three two in the end. As I left the field I was surprised to see my mother and father standing at the back if the goal talking to my sports teacher and another man, my parents hadn't been to watch me play in a long time and that's what made it so unusual to see them there. The stranger turned out to be a scout from one of the London football clubs and he was interested in me.

Trials were coming up for apprenticeships at the club, it would mean spending five days in London, there were medical tests, written tests and three or four actual football matches so the coaching team could see how each potential apprentice handled different positions on the pitch.

Back home I got the bad news, my father didn't approve of the apprenticeship; he thought that I should finish school, then get a job with prospects and if I wanted to play football there was a good Sunday league team just round the corner. I looked to my mother, she was already going through a hundred reasons why she was too busy to take me to London for five days, she could see how upset I was so at reason fifty she stopped and picked up the phone. Mother called her younger sister Sue, Sue was ten years younger than my mother, and ten years older than me, she had moved to London the year before, she often boasted to my mother on the phone about her new apartment just off Carnaby Street. They talked for a while and them mother put the phone down, "I'll put you on the train at Birmingham New Street, Aunty Sue will pick you up at Euston Station in London, you can stop with her in her apartment, she won't be able to be with you all the time but she will put you in a taxi every day to get you to the ground, now cheer up!"

I had to go down to London on the Saturday, there was going to be line closures on the Sunday so no one could say what time I'd eventually get to London, I didn't mind an extra two days in London. I didn't really know my aunty sue all that well, she had been close to my mother while they were growing up but since I was about six years old Sue had been away from home, she was still close to my mother but now it was phone calls two or three times a week. At Euston station I walked about for ages, but didn't recognise anyone, eventually a woman asked me if I could check the men's toilets to see if her nephew was in there, "What's his name?" "Colin Walker!" "Aunty Sue?" "Oh my god, you can't be Colin, you should be just a kid!" "And you can't be Aunty Sue; you're supposed to be an adult!"

Sue looked about sixteen rather than twenty-four, she dressed very sexy not like my mother at all. Sue took me on the under-ground to Charring Cross station; she lived off Carnaby Street all right, about a mile off! As we walked up the stairs to the fifth floor Sue said, "Don't you dare tell your mother how bad this place is or I'll never let you come down and stop with me again!" Sue had a broad smile on her face as she said it but I could tell that she had been telling my mother that her place was better than it really was.

The apartment was actually a bed-sit, there was a sofa that folded out into a double bed, "Unfortunately we'll have to share for the week but at least it's clean!" Then she winked at me. "Let's have a look at what your mum's packed in your suit case!" Sue went through my bag, she was pulling faces at almost everything she took out of my case, when she got down to my almost white 'Y' front pants she giggled, "You don't actually ware these do you?" I blushed and snatched my pants out of her hands and tried to hide them behind my back, Sue made a grab for them again and in the ensuing fight my under pants got ripped in two. Sue said sorry a few times then, "Now I'll have to buy you some new, more modern pants or you'll have to go commando!"

I was a little breathless from my tussle with Aunty Sue and something else, there was a growth, it wasn't the first time I'd found that growth but usually it was caused by two dimensional images rather than a real woman and usually as soon as the growth occurred I would strangle it a few times and get rid of it. Obviously with Sue there I couldn't do that, "Erm aunty Sue, where's your bathroom?" Sue laughed out loud, she had noticed my predicament, in fact she was looking directly at it, "We have to share, it's out on the landing so you might not be able to use it right now, if you know what I mean!" And with that she winked at me.

Sue took me to Carnaby Street to a unisex boutique, while she was looking through men's bikini briefs in all the colours of the rainbow I was looking through T-shirts. I noticed a young woman, she looked about eighteen years old, she had a halter dress, micro mini and very silky, in Lemon Yellow. Instead of individual changing rooms like we had in most shops I Birmingham this shop had only two, one for men and the other for women, they were communal. I wasn't really paying that much attention to the young woman but as I moved around the stand of T-shirts I noticed that the woman hadn't fully closed the curtain covering the entrance to the changing room and suddenly she came into my view, she was standing in her bra and panties, she stepped into the dress and pulled it up, it lost a lot of it's designed impact with the bra showing but it was the first time I had seen a real live woman in her bra and panties before.

Sue came up behind me and whispered in my ear, "You like what you see?" I almost jumped out of my skin, sue was giggling a lot, "Would you like to see me try a dress on like that?" Then, as Sue walked past me she looked back and down, "I see you need the bathroom again!" Sue took exactly the same Yellow halter dress from the rack and walked into the changing room without disturbing the gap. I watched as Sue was undressing, I noticed that she was talking to the other woman as she undressed, sue went further though, I almost climaxed in my pants when Sue took her bra off, she had her back to me so I couldn't actually see her tits, if I had actually seen Aunty Sues tits that would have made me 'boil over' for sure.

I watched in astonishment as Sue reached into the back of the other woman's dress and undid her bra, in a few seconds the two women walked out of the changing room and stood in front of me, I was blushing bright red from being caught peeping but both women were smiling at me, "See didn't I tell you he looked handsome?" Aunty Sue said, the other woman nodded her head and smiled, suddenly her eyes were fixed down on the front of my trousers, I didn't dare look down, I knew that I was standing, poker hard, and it must have shown, "This is Rachael Colin, Colin Rachael!" Sue said, then she took Rachael's arm and led her back to the changing room, as they left me I heard sue say, "It's been a while, his fiancée dumped him six months ago and he's only just getting over her now!"

Sue left the gap in the curtains again, Rachael slipped the dress off and Sue distracted her so that she couldn't see me looking at them through the gap, sue was brushing her hand over Rachael's breasts, as if she were brushing threads from the new dress off of her breasts, then sue slipped her dress off too, now both women were standing in front of my eyes in just their panties, Sue said something to Rachael and Rachael brushed her hands over Sue's breasts and shook her head. Sue casually closed the gap in the curtains just as Rachael was about to spot me through it. I was transfixed, I daren't move a muscle, I knew that I was on the very edge of my climax and didn't want to soak my trousers. I thought about football, Maths, Geography, the written tests that would be coming up later in the week and finally my cock started to relax. Both women brought the Yellow dresses and Sue brought me a few pairs of bikini under pants, "You just saw me in my panties, later I want to see you in these!" She said as she held up a pair of bright red under pants. Outside the shop Sue kissed Rachel on the cheek and said, "Later!" Rachael paused as if she was waiting for something, then she gave me a quick peck on my cheek and almost ran off.

"Boy, you have to be quicker to pick up on signals if you want to have fun in this life!" "What?" "Rachael, she was waiting for you to kiss her, you should have offered to kiss her cheek and she would have turned her face at the last minute and let you kiss her on the lips, all accidentally like!" I just stood there open mouthed, "Anyway, you better be a little quicker tonight when we meet her at the pub!"

Sue led me through a convoluted string of back streets and ally-ways to a small second hand shop, back home I would have called it a junk shop, the shop was large but there was so much junk that there was very little floor space left for customers. The owner of the shop was a middle-aged woman, a little too much weight but she seemed to know Sue well, Sue quickly spotted a pair of Beige Chinos and an silk Olive blouse, "You need to try these on, they don't do exchanges or refunds here!" I took the Chinos and blouse and looked around, there was no changing room in sight, in fact no room you could put a changing room amongst all that junk. "I don't see any place to try these on!" "Don't be shy; you didn't mind watching me try on that dress earlier and you don't have anything that Angela here hasn't seen a hundred times before!" I turned my back on Sue and Angela and took down my trousers, I was about to pull the Chinos on when Sue grabbed them, "Shirt first!" I took my T-shirt off and just knew that my blushing face was spreading all the way around my body, I had again developed an erection. I pulled the silk shirt on, "Hey, this is a girl's blouse!" "Uni-sex!" As I buttoned the shirt up I felt a hand smoothing down the back of the shirt, I went to look around but Sue stopped me, she moved in front of me, luckily the shirt went lower than my erection so that it was hidden slightly. Sue stood on her toes with one hand on each cheek and kissed me.

The hand smoothing the silk down my back earlier now slipped around the front and pulled the front of my under pants down, her fingers wrapped around my cock and she started to rub up and down. There was an explosion that must have been heard for miles around, or was it just in my head, Sue had just slipped the tip of her tongue into my mouth, Angela had only massaged my cock for a few seconds and I had exploded. Sue jumped back and looked down, my spunk was covering her T-shirt, "Dam boy, I hope you last longer than that tonight!" And there was my Aunty Sue looking down at my now softening cock, "Well, I'm glad to see that you aren't such a little boy as your mother thinks you are!" And then she smiled at me. "I think I need a new T-shirt too Angela!" Angela was pulling my underpants down past my knees; she used them to wipe her hand and my cock before throwing them in the bin. Sue passed me the red underpants that she had brought me earlier, when I put them on they felt totally alien to me and I pulled a face, "You ware swimming trunks don't you?" I nodded, "Just imagine that there swimming trunks and you have them on under your trousers so that you can go swimming later!"

I was totally blown away, I had been turned on for quite a while, had several erections in the short time that I had been with my aunt and now I had been masturbated by a woman who looked old enough to be my grandmother, I would probably wake up any minute and find myself still on the train, but I didn't and I wasn't, this shit had actually just happened to me, my first ever climax at the hand of someone else and just as my Aunty was slipping me her tongue, then I realised what I had done, emptied my balls all over my Aunties stomach, well her T-shirt covered stomach but all the same!

By the time we got back to Sue's flat all we had time for was a quick snack and for Sue to shower and change into the little Yellow halter dress. "I told Rachael that we were old friends from school, so if she asks you how old you are, you're twenty-five, don't try and be clever about a job, tell her you work in a warehouse or something. Oh! And I also told her that your fiancée left you just before you were due to marry so you're a little messed up still OK?" I nodded my head.

Before we got to the pub Sue gave me some cash to buy drinks with, "You only want one OK?" I had very infrequently drunk beer; I didn't really like it all that much but was happy that Sue was OK with me drinking, "OH! And no more than three drinks for Rachael and me, I'm going to suggest going back to my flat about nine o'clock and hope that Rachael takes the hint!"

At the pub I remembered what Sue had said about the kiss, as soon as Rachael walked in I almost jumped at her and went to kiss her on the cheek, just as Sue had predicted Rachael turned in at the last minute and we kissed on the lips. Sue did the same only she didn't try to kiss Rachel on the cheek, she aimed for her lips. Rachael was dressed exactly the same as Sue in her little Yellow halter dress. I brought the drinks, no question about my age from the barman; I made my one pint last until nine o'clock and got the girls three drinks in that time. During the evening we all made small talk but it was definitely Sue chatting up Rachael, she kept involving me too so that I didn't feel left out of things. Sue suggested going back to her place as soon as I finished my pint and Rachael agreed.

At the flat Sue opened a bottle of wine and pored two glasses, we all tried to sit on the sofa but it wasn't really wide enough, I offered to sit on the arm but Sue had a better idea, she opened out the bed and we all sat on that, Sue next to Rachael and me opposite. Again, sue was making the moves, both in chatting Rachael up and in touching and brushing Rachael's hair from her eyes. Sue turned on a very dim light at the side of the bed and asked me to turn off the main light, as I returned to the bed I watched as Sue was pushing Rachael's legs down the bed and turned her slightly so that she was more reclining than sitting. Sue started kissing Rachael and began running her hands up and down Rachael's legs, lifting the front of Rachael's dress slightly so that I could she her panties, Sue was giving me hand signals, indicating that I should get on the bed on the other side of Rachael. I didn't know exactly what to do, I never had a girl friend before so I didn't know what heavy petting involved. I could just make out Sue whispering to Rachael as she was kissing her ear; she was giving Rachael directions, telling her what to do with me.

As Rachael started kissing and undressing me, sue was undressing Rachael and herself, then Sue suggested they put on a little show for me. I watched wide eyed as the two women got totally naked and started making love with each other, sue was pretending to be a man, lying on top of Rachael kissing her passionately and then I noticed that Sue was using her upper thigh, pressing it hard against Rachael's pussy and rubbing it hard as if it were a cock. Rachael soon went through a chain of breathless orgasms, then Sue slipped down Rachael's body and started licking out her pussy, Sue was pushing and pulling me, trying to get me to take her place in kissing Rachael on her mouth. Rachael almost bit my lips off, her body was thrashing about so much that it was hard to keep my lips on hers; eventually I rolled on top of her to pin her down a little with my upper body. Sue rolled out of the way and then she started to pull my lower body over Rachael's, I was way out of my depth but fortunately for me Sue was there, when she had me in the right position she reached in between Rachael and me and actually put my cock into Rachael's pussy. My automatic responses took over and I started to pound my cock deep into Rachael's body as fast as I could. Sue moved up, whispered in my ear that I had to slow down, then sue slipped her face in between Rachael and mine, she was kissing Rachael again and massaging her breasts, I was trying to restrain myself and slow down, my body wanted to cum as quickly as I could in case Rachael changed her mind but now I was trying to relax a little, slowing things down, Sue told me to slow it right down and I was loving every second of it, all the sights and the feelings.

Sue pushed me off before I could climax, she rolled me onto my back and told Rachael to sit on my cock, again Sue's hand was guiding my cock into Rachael's body, then Sue sat on my face, once again I had no idea what to do but it didn't seem to bother Sue, she just started to fuck my face with her pussy and fuck it hard, I couldn't see anything that Sue was doing to Rachael but she was kissing her passionately and fondling her breasts. "Do you want Colin to cum in you?" I couldn't believe my ears, the thing that everyone tells you is, "If you don't have a rubber on don't finish in her!" I didn't hear what Rachael said, I think she just nodded her head, "Good girl!" I heard sue say quietly.

Sue slid off of my mouth; literally, my face was totally covered in Sue's slimy lubrication, Sue pushed Rachael forward and as soon as Rachael's lips touched my face she went wild, she was licking and kissing all the sticky slime off of my face and her body was going up and down on top of me like a steam train, in just two minutes she had driven me to my climax, it felt like I pumped in a gallon of my baby cream into Rachael's body. Then it was Sue's turn to go wild, she pushed Rachael clear of my body and her mouth went right for Rachael's pussy, it took her a while but eventually she had eaten every drop of my man-cream out of Rachael's pussy.

We finally fell asleep, me on one side of the bed, Rachael in the middle and Sue on the other side, I woke up three times in the night because the bed was bouncing so much, each time it was Sue and Rachael fucking each other and each time I just watched rubbing myself but careful not to climax or make myself too sore. At eight o'clock in the morning Sue woke Rachael and asked her if she wanted to fuck me one more time before she left. Sue started to cook breakfast while Rachael and I had a lovely, long, slow fuck, loads of kissing and touching as my cock slowly sawed in and out of Rachael's body. Sue plated up three breakfasts, sausage, egg and bacon, then because Rachael and I were still fucking slowly she popped out breakfasts under the grill to keep warm. Sue sat on the bed eating her food and watching the Colin and Rachael show.

"I have to go soon Colin, you ready to cum yet?" I began to speed up and pump harder and deeper into Rachael, I looked over at Sue as I climaxed, she had a Cheshire cat grin on her face as she finished her breakfast and I collapsed on top of Rachael totally spent. Sue brought two breakfasts over and asked Rachael if she could eat on her knees, Rachael nodded, sue handed me my breakfast and then positioned Rachael on her knees close to the head of the bed, Rachael had to try and eat one handed as she held her plate with the other, sue lay on her back on the bed and slithered under Rachael, it took me a while to realise that sue wasn't licking Rachael this time, she was just lying there allowing my juice to run all over her mouth, chin and neck, Rachael eventually settled lower and began to rub her pussy all over Sue's face. As I finished my breakfast Rachael passed me her half empty plate and spun quickly on top of Sue, Sue raised her knee to meet Rachael's pussy and as Rachael rubbed her pussy up and down Sue's raised thigh she licked Sue's face clean.

Rachael didn't bother to finish her breakfast; she dressed quickly and headed for home. Aunty Sue and I shared a bath together as there wasn't very much hot water left at that time on a Sunday morning. We kissed and cuddled a lot during our bath but Sue wouldn't let me fuck her. We spent the rest of Sunday in bed together in the nude between sleeping; watching TV and reading but all day long Sue refused to let me fuck her.

Monday morning Sue gave me money for dinner and drinks throughout the day and enough for taxi fares to and from the football ground and kissed me goodbye.....