This work is fiction only and in no way reflects the author's desires or actions and there is no intended identification of anyone living or dead.

A Young Girls' Curiosity
by Terry

Leanne was only 12 years old but already budding and very cute looking with an adventurous streak in her, always wanting to do things that her peers were already engaged in. She had itchy feet and loved to visit different places, meet different people and loved horse riding and being free in the wind and countryside.

However Leanne was also my daughter and full of curiosity and was always asking questions of myself and her mother.

It was a stormy October night and the thunder and lightning was close to the old cottage we lived in and Leane had never been one to sleep well. It was late when she came into my bedroom rubbing her eyes and framed in the light in the doorway, her slim body outline apparent through her thin cotton nightie. "Daddy, can I come into your bed please, I don't like the thunder and lightning and can't sleep?" I mumbled agreement and pulled the sheets back and she climbed in.

Now I had never, before this occasion, ever thought of girls in a sexual way, but I admit that as she climbed in and nestled into my bare naked body my cock immediately sprang to attention and became rock hard, my mind in absolute turmoil as I tried to fight the feelings as her heat spread through my body and I felt her tiny hard budding breasts and nipples pressing into my back. I knew this was wrong but my body, starved of sex with my wife, who was away working her night shift as a senior nurse in the local city hospital, was reacting with an urgency that I hadn't experienced since my early teenage years when sex was explosive and wonderful. I also remembered my early experiences with older women as I was exploring my own sexuality and now I was facing my own daughter unwittingly turning me on in my own bed and I didn't know how to handle things.

Well, my daughter took matters a stage further when after a few minutes snuggled into my body I felt her arm come across to the front of my body and it brushed against my hard cock. An electric shock coursed through my body and I almost came there and then, but thankfully I held off. I lay there holding my breath and whilst enjoying the feelings from her closeness I didn't want to shock Leanne or upset her and was hoping that she would quickly fall asleep.

I lay there rigid not moving when Leanne brought her hand and placed it on my thick hard cock and started to squeeze it, and boy was it throbbing and rigid, like my body. She then started to rub my cock up and down and of course it felt awkward as she had no previous experience of this, so without thinking I turned over onto my back and took hold of her hand. Carefully placing her hand in mine I gently moved up and down so she got the idea and after a few strokes I took my hand away and laid back deep into the bed and savoured the movements and rising sensations.

Leanne pushed the covers back and raised herself onto one elbow, she moved her upper body slightly over mine so that she could see what she was doing to me in the sporadic lighting provided by the storm breaking overhead.

A few more strokes and I knew I was going to shoot my load of hot sperm, and without warning it just let go flying upwards and then down onto her face and upper body. Her face and nightie were covered in my copious cum and as I turned slightly to look at her I knew I was hooked on this taboo but extremely exciting side of sexual matters.

Leanne started to sob quietly and I leaned over her, wiping cum off her face with my fingers and asked "Darling, its ok don't cry, you have nothing to worry about." "But Daddy all that stuff, didn't it hurt you?" "No not at all" I said as I tried to laugh, knowing her now obvious lack of knowledge and understanding.

I got out of bed fetched a towel and cleaned her off and told her she needed to remove her nightie. Leanne sat up and I pulled the nightie off and I was looking straight at her young cute body, her little bumps and hard pink nipples pointing straight out and I also noticed her smooth pussy with just a fine downy blonde patch of hair and immediately my cock started to twitch and I regained my erection.

I got back into bed, and explained all about what she had done to me making me cum and shoot it out and how pleasurable it all had been and I asked her why she did it.

"Well Daddy I've been listening to girls at school and talking to Rhonda about sex and this is what she suggested that I do as I don't know any other boy or man to do it with, unlike her"

I must explain that Rhonda is 13 and Leanne's best friend and Rhonda is a statuesque young girl with a big bust and very hot tight ass whose dad left them when she was only 7 and so with her mum working most days she's left alone and has had a few boyfriends already, so I guessed that she was already sexually active. (I will find out in due course about Rhonda's sexual activity and that's another story).

"Ok Leanne well you're obviously curious about sex so how you think we should deal with this tonight then?" I asked her, and her little face lit up and smiled as she looked at me and said "Daddy, wont you teach me please, I want to find out everything as the girls at school all say it's the best thing ever".

"You know this is totally illegal Leanne and if anyone ever found out about what we've done then Daddy could go to jail we shouldn't even be in the same bed together like we are." She looked at me then down at my cock which was now fully erect again and she smiled and said, "But I can see you like looking at me like this and you like me being in bed with you, and anyway, I really, really want to learn everything I can about sex. You've taught me everything I know so far, so what's wrong with you teaching me all about sex as well?"

It took me two seconds to give in and decide that my little girl, my daughter was going to be taught by me utterly and completely so I turned to her and holding her face started to kiss her on her mouth, pushing my mouth down on her hard and prising open her lips with my tongue. As soon as she felt my tongue enter her mouth Leanne responded likewise and soon we were kissing like lovers and now we were close together, two hot naked bodies with an urgent need for more hot pleasures that our bodies could give each other.

My hands started fondling and squeezing her tiny bumps for breasts and as I felt her hard pink nipples I knew then there was no going back and that Daddy was going to be a bad daddy for a long long time. My mouth moved from her mouth down to her nipples and I sucked them each in turn and I could hear Leanne moaning slightly as I used the tip of my tongue to lick all round them and flick the hard buttons.

Leanne was now spread-eagled on the bed, her legs slightly apart, her long blonde hair falling across the pillows and she looked so fucking sexy as I lifted up and scrutinised her intently, she looked so beautiful and I was determined that I had to give Leanne her ultimate first sexual pleasure.

I grabbed a pillow from my side of the bed, lifted her legs and ass up and placed the pillow under her ass and then taking her legs I spread then wide apart.

Using my fingers I rubbed her cunt slit until I felt her wetness appear, then I pulled her cunt lips open and looked in awe at her vulnerability and sexiness. I moved up and kissed her once more, this time with an even deeper urgency as my hard erect cock pressed in against her tummy. "Leanne, you know what Daddy is going to do don't you, are you ok with this as its going to hurt you a bit." "Yes Daddy, I know and I want you inside me, do it like Rhonda has told me a man does and I shall try not to cry."

Wow ok I thought but I knew that this would take all my resolve to hold back and make sure I don't hurt her so I knelt down in between her legs and started to bring my tongue and mouth up to her cunt. The first time my mouth touched her cunt she jumped and I heard a loud moan and I knew then that she wanted this as much as I did now. My cock was hugely erect and hard and almost hurting with the aching I was feeling but I had to resist the ultimate act until I knew she was well lubricated and ready for such a thick cock inside a small tight hole.

With fingers and tongue I used every trick in the book to bring her to heights of pleasure that she would always receive in the future and lube her tiny tight cunt ready for me. Her clit responded rapidly and hardened as I started to suck on it with abandon, soon her body was shaking violently as she experienced her very first orgasm coursing through her young tender body and being the bad man that I am I used a finger to prise her cunt hole open and frigged her slowly until I felt her hymen stopping the finger going any deeper.

My finger was copiously coated in her juices so as I maintained the tongue work and sucking on her clit, I couldn't resist poking that finger inside her asshole and exploring there.

Very soon Leanne was shaking and moving off the bed and I felt the tremor through her body and then I knew she had had a huge cum, I rose up and brought my cock firmly in my hand and placed it at her wet slippery entrance. I slowly rubbed the cock head up and down her slit and pushing in against her cunt I felt my cock head force her entrance open. A huge, "ooooh!" Came from Leanne's mouth as my cock head stretched her cunt, I knew this was going to hurt but fuck it Leanne started this so it's down to me to finish it and turn her into a real woman.

I pulled out so that only a fraction of an inch was still inside, then pushed back in again, this time going a bit deeper and I felt her tight cunt gripping me as I slid back in. Again I pulled out then back in again and my actions were starting to become urgent, but it felt so wonderful and I needed to penetrate her fully.

On my fourth repeat I pulled back then forced the cock in as hard as I dare and immediately her hymen broke, Leanne let out a huge scream and her muscle contractions lifted both Leanne and me off of the bed, and then I was in, my thick hard cock stretching her and filling her up. Knowing the pain she must be experiencing I lay completely still and held her tight and kissed her on her mouth. Leanne responded through the pain and her tears and soon we were kissing hard again but this time with my cock buried deep inside her.

I felt liquid flowing out of her around my cock shaft and guessed it must be a bit of blood and this only made my cock twitch and grow even harder. After a few moments Leanne looked up and said "Daddy, the pains going its ok, can we do it now please?"

I looked down at her and grinned, "Yes baby!" Then I proceeded to slowly move my cock in and out of her, using my cock head to tease her at her cunt entrance initially, then longer strokes so I was now fucking her and it felt so great, her cunt muscles gripping my cock like a vice. As I started to build to my second orgasm of the night Leanne also started to move in time with me and soon we were fucking fully, her legs up in the air and my cock burying itself ball-deep inside her.

It was obvious that Leanne was loving this as she was moaning and her cunt felt soo hot and slippery, even my shaved balls were slapping against her ass. My cock was now feeling sensitive and I knew I was going to cum soon and as I had a vasectomy a few years earlier it was safe to cum inside her. Lifting myself up on my arms I just purely took her completely and with a few much harder and deeper strokes I burst inside her and flooded her cunt with daddy's sperm then collapsed on top of her almost squashing the breath out of her body. I felt the sweat from our mingled bodies as we lay there taking in the enormity of what we had just done and achieved.

I grabbed the towel and placing it under her ass I slowly pulled out of her and gazed at the mixed cum and little blood as it trickled out of her swollen cunt and onto the towel.

I had just committed incest by fucking my own daughter, my little girl, and Leanne had just been turned from a little girl into a young woman.