by Dante

Story Code: M/f, Anal, Oral, Underage

It started when my wife's friend used to come around with her daughter. The wife and her friend were both Thai and they always started cooking and chatting in the kitchen and the friend's daughter Millie was always chatting away or playing with her phone and on social media I suppose. I never had a phone at that age and I cannot understand parents letting their kids have them so young. I think Millie was about 11 or 12 and her mum was a real horny bitch and was always teasing with short skirts and low cut tops with no bra... She did not have much in the way of tits but her nipples, fuck me they were like an inch long and really stuck out.

She came in one day and sat on the chair next to my desk dressed in a knee length skirt and white blouse and had glasses on.. She did not normally wear glasses and when asked, she just said, they are plain glass and just for show. She had been to an interview and was on the way home with Millie who was playing in the garden. Anyway, she was sitting in front of me and chatting while waiting for my wife to come home and her legs were slightly parted. I could see she knew I was looking and noticed her opening and closing them as if she did not think I was looking. Then she caught my eye and smiled as she held them open about 3 inches and I just could not help but place my hand on the inside of her knee and slid my hand up her skirt and stroked her inner thigh. She moaned and opened her legs a bit more so I went further and stroked her crotch and pussy through her white knickers. She just let me rub her and said "OMG your wife will come home and catch you.

I said "No she won't 'cos we will hear the door," and I felt her pussy a bit more. She lay back in the chair and closed her eyes and just let me rub her legs and pussy with her legs wide open.

I wanted more so I pushed a finger up under her knickers and started fingering her. "No hair." I said and she just moaned and let me explore her wet slit. I leaned forward and pulled her knickers to one side and looked at her smooth pussy and my finger going in and out. She opened her eyes and just looked at me while I got on my knees and parted her thighs wider and just as I was about to go down and taste her beautiful wet pussy, her daughter came bounding in the room from the garden. I jumped up and she closed her legs and Millie started rambling on about something. We both smiled and knew that was a close call and then about 5 mins later, my wife arrived home and they both went into the kitchen.

Millie then jumped on my lap and said "What are you doing on the computer?"

"Oh nothing much, just doing a few emails," I said.

"Can I play popweasle?"

"What's popweasle I said..."

"Oh it's a game I play at home and on my Daddies computer when I go and see him at the weekends." Millie's mum and dad were divorced. She then started typing a website address and this game popped up on my screen. Millie started playing it while still sitting on my lap. A few minutes later the my wife and Millie's mum appeared and Millie shouted... "look I am playing popweasle again!"

Her mum just replied... "Yes, she always does that with her dad and is always on his lap trying to get him to play that game with her. Do you want her to get down?"

"No..." I said "...it's OK, I can play it with her if she shows me how."

Millie squealed and said "Yehhhh!" and starts to explain how the game worked. The girls go back in the kitchen and when they were gone, Millie said to me... "What were you doing to Mummy?"

I said "What do you mean?"

"You were on the floor and had your hand up mummy's skirt and she was moaning!"

"Oh I think she had a tummy ache and I was gonna see if she needed a doctor."

"Is she OK then?" Mille asked.

"Yes I think so or else she would want to go to the doctor. Let's play your game Millie." As we played she kept wiggling around in my lap and I had my hand around her waist to stop her falling off my knee. She seemed to like me holding her and started pretending to slide off then clamber back on and push her bum into my groin. Millie's mum popped her head around the door and said "Is she OK? or shall I get her to play in the garden... she can be a real pain once you let her play on the computer, her dad says she is always trying to do it to him too."

After a while Millie said "Can you scratch my back please?"

"What do you mean Millie?"

"It's itchy can you rub my back?"

I started rubbing her back and she then said "No inside please."

"Inside?" I said.

"Yes it's itchy."

I thought oh dear, this is a bit strange but slid my hand up the back of her blouse and started scratching her back... "Oh that's better!" she said and leaned forward to let me scratch it easier. I was about to pull my hand out when she said "No don't stop, it's nice."

I said "But Millie your mum might come in and ...."

"No it's OK daddy does it all the time."

"What! Your dad rubs your back like this?"

"Yes and sometimes he likes to rub my belly." I thought, this is weird but it's nice having her on my lap with my hand rubbing her bare back. She carried on playing the computer game so I kept my hand up her blouse at the back and rubbed her back and neck slowly. "Oooohhh that's nice..." I then let my hand slide around her side and rubbed just under her arm and then around the front and rubbed over her tiny little nipples and cupped her budding little breast. No reaction so I rubbed up and down her belly and then backup to her little tits.

"Is that nice Millie?"

"I like it when daddy rubs my belly too," she answered.

So I run my hand down and rub her belly a bit, "Like this Millie?"

Then she grabs my hand and pushed it down lower over her lower belly and said "There, rub it there."

"Is this how daddy does it then Millie?"

"Yes but he is better at it and makes me go all funny when he rubs my belly."

"Better,? So show me how he rubs your belly Millie!"

She giggled and then grabbed my hand and pushed it lower so it is just over her tiny little pussy mound. "There, rub it there, it makes me go all fuzzy inside."

I start to rub the top of her pussy and then slid a finger in the top of her little knickers and she opened her legs so she is straddling me facing the computer on my lap. I am getting worried now as if someone comes in and sees her like this with my hand inside her knickers... oh shit!

As I rub her little pussy, she starts to get a bit wet so I slide a finger up and down her little slit and then find her tiny clit and start to make circles around it and slightly fingering her as she gets more and more aroused. Then all of a sudden she clamps her legs shut and starts panting and holds my hand there tightly. "Oooohhh that was better than Daddy!" she said.

Fucking hell, he is touching up his daughter and she likes it. And then she said, "Daddy said I mustn't tell mummy 'cos she will get angry and not let me see him anymore."

"So it's a secret then Millie?"

"Yes..." she said, "...and only you and daddy can know but please don't tell mummy."

"OK Millie."

Millie jumps down and runs to the Kitchen and shortly after, they leave and my wife said that she wanted to go out with her friend on Saturday evening and it was a girls only night, but could I let her friend and Millie stay the night 'cos she does not like to leave Millie with her ex husband all night. "Why is that?" I asked.

"Well..." she said "He likes to let her run around the house with just her panties on and when her mother picked her up last week, she was naked in the bath and she thinks her ex was washing her. Millie also said he took some pictures of her but she said they were in the house and garden and would not say any more."

"I see, so you want me to be the babysitter while you go out with the girls?"

"Yes babe do you mind do you?" she asked.

"Well OK but only this time 'cos I know what you Thai girls are like when you go out drinking and with your mate being single she will be after the guys."

"You trust me don't you babe?" she said....

"Yes of course darling."

Saturday evening rolled around and my wife was wearing a really sexy pair of leggings and tiny top, her friend turned up with Millie and she was looking even sexier and is dressed to pull! Millie is straight onto my lap again and the girls all giggle as they say "Enjoy popweasle with Millie and see you later.."

The door is slammed shut and Millie is typing into the computer again.. The game pops up and she starts to play. I am sitting there holding her on my lap with my hands on her thighs to stop her sliding off. "Did you see your daddy today Millie?"

"Yes," she answered.

"And what did you do today?"

"Well, he took some pictures of me and said I can be a model when I get older..."


She went on. "...and he said he has a friend who can get me into child modelling and TV advertising... you know like the ads on telly with kids in?"

"Yes..." I said, "...that's very good money if your dad has the contacts. So he took some nice pictures of you today?"


"Did you like having your picture taken?"


"Did he get you to dress up in different clothes?"


"Tell me what you were wearing."

"I can show you!" she said and jumped down to grab her phone.

"So he took them on your phone?"

"No, he took them on his phone and I blue toothed them over to mine after!"

I started looking at the pictures and they started out quite normal with Millie posing for the camera wearing leggings and then some where she was wearing shorts and then a skirt and various tops and then some with her rolling around on the floor. Then there was a picture of her in a skirt and she was lying on the sofa with her legs open and reaching up in the air. "Is that all the pictures Millie? They are really nice."

"No daddy took some more on his phone but they were in a different folder and I didn't have time to look for them."

"Oh I see, and what were they like?"

No answer, she put the phone on the table and then said "Can we play popweasle again?"

"Ok Millie." So she jumps back on my lap and starts to tap away at the keyboard.

"So you like modelling do you Millie?"

"Yes but daddy said not to tell mummy!"

"OK... Sure Millie, I understand."

"He likes to take pictures of me in my swimming costume!" and. Millie goes all quiet again.

"Come on Millie, you don't have to be shy with me, remember we have to keep your secret together don't we."

"Yes. But daddy said I must not tell anyone about the pictures on his phone. Only the ones I copied onto mine."

I am resting my hands on her thighs again and slowly start to stroke her legs. Today she is wearing white leggings and a small boob tube top. "So do you want me to scratch your back again Millie?"

"Yes please." she said with glee.

I slid my hand inside her top from the back and slowly stroked her back. "Tell me about the other pictures Millie, I am really interested 'cos maybe I would like to take some pictures of you as well."

"Really?" she said.

"Yes and they can be our secret as well."

"Can you rub my belly again please?" she said.

"Of course Millie," so I slid my hand round to her little tits and gave them both a nice rub and squeeze and then slid it down into the top of her leggings and onto her little pussy again. "You like this then Millie?"

"Yes and can you make me all warm and fuzzy again please?"

"Of course Millie." So I start to rub her little clit and pussy and slid a finger up and down her slit until she started to get a bit wet. "Now Millie, tell me about your afternoon when daddy started taking the pictures on his phone that he told you not to tell anyone about."

"Well he made me lie on the sofa and show him what colour knickers I was wearing."

"Yes Millie and then what?"

"Well he told me to move around and bend over the back of the sofa and then he took more pictures."

"What about the swimming costume Millie?"

"After he finished the pictures on the sofa, he said to go and get changed into my swimming costume."

"Then what happened Millie?"

"Well he took more pictures and made me stand in front of the mirror and bend over."

"Really, and what happened next Millie."

She was now soaking wet between her legs and I was fingering away and she was wriggling around while I held her naked boob in one hand and was fingering her with the other. So what happened next Millie?


"Come on Millie you can tell me, it's our secret remember."

"Well, he made me take my top off and took more pictures and then he made me kneel over the sofa back again and he pulled my bottoms down and told me to stay still while he took more pictures."

"So you had your knickers down over the sofa?"

"No my swimming pool bottoms and then he made me open my legs and he took more pictures."

"What happened next Millie."

"I had to get dressed as mummy was on her way to pick me up to bring me here."

"I see, that's a nice story Millie, is it making you feel all warm and fuzzy again?"


"Can I see your bum too Millie?"

"OK, are you gonna take some pictures too?"

"I think I will Millie if you don't mind but they are also our secret OK?"


I get Millie to stand between my legs in front of the computer and slowly eased her leggings down exposing her little pink knickers and sexy little arse. "Wow Millie your bum is really nice, I'm gonna pull these knickers down as well so I can get some good pictures OK?"

"OK." she said.

I pulled the leggings down to her knees, then the knickers and said, "Part your legs a bit Millie..." so she moved her legs apart and I ran my hand up the inside of her leg and cupped her little arse. Sliding my hand in between her legs and fingering her little slit again she just leaned forward on the desk and let me explore her beautiful little bum, legs and pussy.

"Is that nice Millie?"


"I'm gonna take a few pictures now so stay like that OK."


I grabbed my phone and opened the camera and start to take some pictures. I open her arse cheeks a bit and take one of her arse hole and then put a finger inside her pussy and take another picture.

"You're still a virgin aren't you Millie?"

"Yes of course, I'm only 12 you know. Daddy says I must not put anything in my pussy until I am at least 14 or more."

Yes, I can feel your hymen and it's not letting me do this properly for you."

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"Well, I really need to get my fingers inside more to make you feel really nice but never mind, we can just play like this for a while."

I then started to lubricate her arse hole a bit and slid my finger over the hole and then back down to her little slit. "Do you like it when I do this Millie?"

I rub her arse hole again and she says, "Yes it feels nice."

Then I put the phone down and hold her bum cheeks apart and bend down to lick her arse hole. "Oooohhhh!" she squealed, !What are you doing?"

"I am doing what most guys like to do to pleasure little girls Millie. Your gonna like this."

So I start to lick around her arse hole and then get the tip of my finger in her pussy at the same time. "Is this nice Millie?"

"Oooohhhh yes."

"Can you get up on the desk Millie as you are a bit too low and I can do this better if you kneel on the desk?"

She straightens up and tries to lift her leg up but the leggings were still around her knees. "Let's take these off and make it easier" I said.

I peeled the leggings and knickers down to her ankles as she stepped out of them, then I grabbed her by the waist and just lifted her up onto the desk. She bends down so is on all fours and her arse and pussy are level with my face. I part her bum cheeks again and dive in to continue licking her sweet little arse hole. I can also now get my tongue in her pussy and alternate between them both and she just moans with pleasure and lets me do it.

I can sense her little orgasm building so I put a finger tip in her arse and one in her pussy and start to move them in and out very slightly. Back to licking her arse and pussy to lubricate them up and then I push in a little deeper. "Oooooohhh!" she moans as my finger penetrates her little arse but I cannot go any deeper in her pussy so pull out and concentrate on rubbing her clit with one hand and pushing a finger deeper in her arse. As it slides in deeper she moans !Oooooohhh, I feel all fuzzy!" and then she starts to jerk and shake while my finger is all the way into her very tight little arse hole. I can feel her little pussy and arse muscles clutching and releasing as her orgasm takes over.

"Wow Millie that was great, did you enjoy that?"

"Yes it was really different but you're not supposed to be putting your finger in my bum are you? Daddy says it should only be a cock at my age."

"What! Your dad said it's OK to put a cock in your bum but not fingers."

No, he just said it's OK to put a cock in there. I don't know about fingers, he only put a long jelly thing in me and then he tried to put his cock in but it was too big and hurt me."

"So you let your dad put a dildo or jelly thing in your arse and he tried to put his cock in as well?"


"When did he do that Millie?"

Last week and this week he put the jelly one in again today after we took some pictures. Can you do that again please it felt really nice?"

"What did you like Millie?"

"Your tongue in my bum and your fingers."

"OK if you like Millie."

I started to tongue her bum again and this time had to release my cock as it was gonna explode in my jeans. "Millie, does your dad ask you to touch his cock or do anything with him like that?"

Silence again.

"Millie, I need to get my cock out as I am feeling all fuzzy inside like you do, so I just wanted to know if daddy showed you anything else to do that boys like."

"It's OK if you want to get it out. Daddy let's me hold his when we are playing popweasle and when he gets it out it's soft but it soon gets really big and hard."

"I understand Millie, so can you show me what you do with your daddy the next time we are sitting playing popweasle?"

"OK!" she giggled. I had my cock out and she turned around to see what I was going to do with it so I just let her look and then went back to licking her arse hole.

"Can I hold it please?" she says.

"Of course you can Millie. Let's go and sit on the sofa where we can play a bit more comfortably."

Millie climbed down off the desk and is still wearing her boob tube top and jumped on the sofa. I take off my jeans and T shirt so am now naked and go to lock the front door. On my return Millie was totally naked and sitting on the sofa looking shy with her hands holding her knees. I sit down and put my arm around her and she snuggles up to my chest. Then I lay back and said, "Here you are Millie, let me show you what boys like and how you can make them go all fuzzy inside."

"Are you going to give me your cream?" Millie says.

"What! Does your dad give you his cream Millie?"

"Yes, but only sometimes when he comes in my room when I sleep over, but mummy won't let me sleep over any more."

Millie looks down at my cock and says... "It's longer than daddy's but not so fat. Daddy's cock is really fat and I can't get it in my mouth properly. Can I try yours?"

Millie bends down and takes my cock and puts the head in her mouth. Fucking hell, I nearly cum instantly so I said "Millie, let me play with your bum and pussy while you play with my cock. You can suck it if you like but play with my balls and rub it up and down like this..."

I showed her how masturbate me and she said... "I know how to do that, daddy showed me and then he shoots cream all over me," she started to giggle.

"OK Millie you do what you like and I will play as well." This was the most amazing feeling and Millie was really good at her wanking and kept trying to put the head of my cock in her mouth.

"You're really good at that Millie and you're gonna make my cream come out so maybe we should let it come out and then I can relax and play some more."

"OK!" she says and goes back to wanking and sucking my cockhead. I can hold back no more and hold her head on my spurting cock. She coughed a bit and started to gag so I let her head up but she still kept my cockhead in her mouth and let my cum go into her little mouth. When I finished, she looked up at me and just smiled and swallowed it all down.

"Daddy showed me how to do that and it tastes yummy!" as she licked her lips and went back to sucking my cock again.

"I need to try something else Millie, are you willing to play a bit more?"

"OK" she answered.

"Get up and let me make your bum wet again, I'm gonna try and put my cock in your bum."

"Ok..." she says "...but daddy uses the rubber thing first and we don't have it here."

"Well I think I can find one of those Millie, my wife has some sexy toys in the bedroom."

"Sexy toys?" she says. I go and get a few toys and start with a smallish pink dildo.

"That's like the one daddy has but his is bigger and black."

"Let's gel you up first 'cos I don't want you to get hurt or feel any pain."

"Gel me up! what do you mean?"

I show her the lube and let her put some on my cock with her little hands.. "There you go just rub it all in."

"Ooooohh!" she squeeals, "It's so slippy and your thing is getting really hard and long again."

I then grab the lube and smear some over her pussy and tits so her little body is covered in the slimy lube. "OK Millie now turn around and stand facing the sofa. I want to lube up you bum."

She jumps up and kneels on the sofa. "Can we do it like this?" she asks.

"Yes we can try Millie." I lubricated my finger and pushed it up her bum, it just slid in easily so I tried a second finger and with two fingers up her bum it was a bit tight so I just worked one finger around for a few minuits before pushing the second one in again. This time she opened up a bit more so I said, "How does that feel Millie, any pain?"

"No it feels really nice but I think I'm gonna pee myself. Can I go to the toilet first?

"No it's OK, you don't need to pee Millie, it's normal to feel you want to though when someone is doing this, because my fingers are touching your bladder and it makes you feel you're gonna go toilet!"

I carry on fingering her and then she turns her head and says... "Really, I'm gonna pee if you don't let me go to the loo!"

"If you need to pee it's OK Millie, I can show you some really fun games grow ups play if you like."

"What games?" she replies.

"Well, we call it watersports."

"Watersports! That sounds like fun..."

"Right Millie, I am gonna put the pink jelly thing in your bum but I need you to straddle my face. I'm gonna kiss and lick your pussy from under you OK?"

I slide under Millie and she is straddling my face. I start to push the pink dildo in her arse and she squeals in ecstasy as I stared to lick her pussy again. As I get my tongue inside her I start to move the dildo in and out and she starts to grip my head and screams... "I'm gonna pee...."

All of a sudden she starts shaking and clamps her legs around my face and pee is squirting into my mouth. I let her finish and drink as much as I could and then she giggles and looks down at me and says. "Oh My God that was really naughty. You let me pee in your mouth...."

"Yes, that's called watersports and we can do many more games like that but first, let's try one more thing before your mum gets back and you have to be in bed asleep."

I get behind Millie, I put some more gel on her arse and start to put the dildo in again. This time it's going in and out much easier but still looks really tight. Millie bends forward and pushes her bum out and I finger her little slit and clit a bit more and then I lube up my cock and place it at the entrance to her bum hole. "Now, I'm gonna put my cock in Millie so if it hurts, just raise your hand and say stop..."

I ease my cockhead in and she seems to be taking it OK. Then as I start to move it in and out she starts to moan and rub her own pussy. Fucking hell this girl is so horny, she wants to cum again while I am in her arse. I build up some rhythm and then it is going deeper into her anal passage. It's really tight and I keep thinking she will tell me to stop but she lets me continue so I do for another few minuts until she clenches her pussy and bum muscles and it makes me shoot my load deep inside her arse while she cums on her own fingers.

I pull out and we lay together hugging and she says... "Can you be my boyfriend and teach me some more please?"

"Well, I could be your secret boyfriend if you promise not to tell anyone..."

"Can I tell daddy?"

"No I'm afraid if you tell mummy or daddy they will not let you come round any more..."

"Oh OK..." she says. "...you're my secret boyfriend now and I want mummy to go out every Saturday with her friends."

"You had better go and get showered and watch TV 'cos your mum will be back soon...."

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