Baby Lauren
Joe ( email address has been reported as no longer available by a reader

I once had the opportunity to babysit a co-workers two year old daughter, so he and his wife could spend the night out on the town. I had never seen his little girl before, but I was MORE than willing!

When I arrived at their home, I was re-introduced to his wife, then to little Lauren. Lauren has dirty blonde hair, blue eyes, and was slightly chubby, still, 'all-in-all' a VERY cute girl. She was a hyper active girl, and her mother told me, "Good luck!" Before they left for the evening, I let Lauren run around, get into things, and having a good time for a while until I felt it was ok for me to 'play' too.

I called Lauren over, and picked her up on my lap. My cock was rock hard at that point, and I started grinding it into her diapered ass for a bit. She didn't notice at all, since she was still in diapers at this point. So I pulled her shirt off, then slid her shorts off of her. I had her on my lap in just a diaper, and I started kissing her lips, then her neck, and down to her chest. I licked her nipples, then kissed her belly until I reached her diaper. I first pulled the adhesive strip off the right side of her diaper, then the left, then tossed her diaper into the kitchen. She immediately put both hands between her legs, she was excited but 'jumpy' so I tickled her sides until she moved her hands up to stop me.

Her pussy was puffy, and oh so sexy, I immediately got between her legs and started licking her slit up and down. I didn't take my time or go slow, I was making slurping noises and pushing my tongue as far into her as I could go. Lauren was giggling and squirming, having a good time. I must admit, I was too!

After licking her pussy out, and enjoying the taste of her bald cunt, I sat up and pulled my cock out of my jeans. I put my cock against Lauren's lips, but she pulled back and turned her head. I said, "Be a good girl and open your mouth!" Lauran just shook her head and folder her arms across her chest. I was so horny I didn't bother trying to get her to suck on my cock. I got up, went into the bathroom and looked for something VERY particular. I found it in the master bathroom, and returned to the living room.

When I returned Lauren was on her stomach, tearing pages out of one of her books. I sat behind her on the couch, and opened the jar of Vaseline I had found in the bathroom. I scooped out some, and began rubbing it up and down my cock, making sure I was covered from top to bottom, staring at her little ass and pussy the whole time.. Lauren had no idea what I was doing, so she was not ready when I took my index finger and began pushing it into her anus.

Lauren IMMEDIATELY tried to turn around, and pulled my finger out of her little ass. She kept saying, "No, no!" But I continued to push my finger inside of her, rotating my finger from right to left. I held her back down with my left hand while my right continued to explore her tight hole. Once I felt her loosen-up a little, I removed my finger and climbed over her back, cock in hand. I put the head against her asshole, and began trying to push it inside of her. I had to push, work, and force my cock before the head slid inside of her. At this point Lauren was crying, saying, "Mommy....mommy!" I just told her soothingly, "Good girl, good Lauren!" Then I picked her up so she was on my lap with my cock inside of her. I held her hips and started moving up and down inside of her, going about half-way in before she started screaming.

I was fucking her virgin asshole, spreading her bottom so I could see how stretched she was. I could only handle the incredible tightness in her hot rectum for a few minutes before I started cumming inside of her. I kept bouncing her, trying to keep my orgasm hitting me for as long as possible. Semen was running down my cock out of her ass, and her crying was subsiding to light sobbing as my cock softened in her. I had to work my cock from side to side to pull it out of her, and when I did the majority of my spunk fell out onto my lap.

I laid Lauren on the couch and went to go clean-up in the kitchen. I took Lauren's bottle out of the refrigerator, poured a little off the top, then scraped most of the cum into it and took it into the living room and I handed it to Lauren; she grabbed it and began sucking on it immediately, five minutes later, she was asleep. I took some baby wipes, cleaned up her asshole as best I could, and put a diaper back on her. I had to change her twice more before her parents returned, but by then I knew no more cum was going to 'sneak' out of her and cause her mother to ask a LOT of questions :)

Lauren's parents returned around two o'clock in the morning and her father asked if she had been a 'good girl' I laughed, told him she was one of the best little girls EVER. He offered me the twenty that we had discussed earlier for my services, but I just laughed and refused.

Taking money on top of his daughter's ass just seemed SELFISH to me! And anyway, if I'm cheap enough, who knows, I might get a return engagement, after all, there were still two holes that Lauren had that I hadn't explored the first time!