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Father Jacob and Little Eva
by Camel Jockey

Part One - Milk and Chocolate Biscuits; then Eva has a Secret!

Father Jacob sighed and turned the page of this month's edition of 'Education and the Catholic Schoolgirl'. The verger and he still exchanged magazines each month, but by post. Somehow his masturbation was no comfort now, his self-induced orgasms no compensation for the loss of his Frankfurt parish, nor indeed for the loss of the young housewife. Still, he mused, she'd not be so tight now, not after two babies, the verger and his son....

A movement outside the study window caught his eye. Father Jacob watched the little blonde girl as she pushed open the gate to his house and approached the front door. She was, he remembered, a regular attendee at church. A pretty little thing of about ten or twelve years, always accompanied by a youngish woman, he assumed was her mother. He got up in anticipation of the doorbell, which duly rang its tinkling summons. He opened the door and asked, 'Hello. How can I help you?' The blushing girl shuffled her feet, looking at her feet.

'Mama asks if she may borrow a Bible....' Father Jacob raised his eyebrows.

'But of course. Does she not have one?' The girl looked up sheepishly, answering in a voice so quiet he could hardly hear her.

'Its my fault Father. I left it on the train.' Tears welled up in the little girls eyes, and Father Jacob's heart went out to the now sobbing child.

'Oh! Don't cry, little one!' He knelt in front of her. 'I'm sure its not a bad thing. Maybe God wanted someone to find it, so they could have a Bible too....' He pulled out his hankerchief and dabbed her cheeks. She snuffled and looked at him with hope in her eyes.

'Do you think so? Mama said I was careless. She sent me to bed without supper.' Father Jacob smiled. He was taken by the innocent air of her childish remorse. A faint smell of perfumed soap came to his nostrils and he was suddenly acutely aware of her physical nearness to him. He felt an overwhelming urge to take her in his arms, to hold her and brush away the tears from her cheeks and the sorrow in her young life.

'Oh dear. That wasn't nice, was it?' She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand. 'Would you like a glass of milk and a biscuit? was just going to have one myself, when you rang the doorbell.' A feint smile crossed her face, and she nodded her head. He stood up and took her hand. 'Come on, let's go to the kitchen. There may even be some chocolate biscuits if we're lucky!'

He watched her as she munched on a chocolate digestive. Traces of milk highlighted her pink lips, and tiny biscuit crumbs clung to the corners of her mouth. He sipped his glass of milk and looked her over. She was blonde, her hair hung down past her shoulders, a yellow ribbon tied in a bow holding it in a 'pony tail'. She wore a white shirt under a somewhat faded, but spotlessly clean, yellow pinafore dress. He looked down at her shoes. They too had seen better days, but they still managed to gleam at him; veritable witnesses to the care lavished on this little girl by a poor but scrupulous parent. Despite the obvious lack of money in the household, the girl was not a thin, scrawny waif, such as haunted the streets of the city. On the contrary, she had the appearance of being quite well fed, pink cheeks advertising her healthy, and now, after three chocolate biscuits, quite cheerful disposition! She finished off her glass of milk. Her blue eyes twinkled and a radiant smile lit up her face.

'Thank you Father!' He returned the smile. He felt as thought the whole room was illuminated by her beaming face.

'Tell me, what's your name?' Her bright, wide eyes gazed at his.

'Eva. Eva Brankhorst.' He nodded, as though he had just recalled it himself.

'And you live just past the school? Next door but one to Mrs Schmidt and Bettina, if I'm not mistaken.'

'Yes Father.' Again he nodded.

'So Eva, now we know each other, we can be friends, yes?' Eva nodded enthusiastically.

'Yes, Father.'

'Good. Now don't forget, there's always a glass of milk and a biscuit here for my friends! Can't always promise the biscuits will be chocolate though.' She frowned. What, he thought, could be the problem now?

'I never had chocolate biscuits before....just ones that Mama makes.' Her countenance brightened. 'Chocolate are best though!' Father Jacob laughed.

'I don't know, I never had ones your Mama made....only ones from the village shop! I'll bet your Mama's biscuits are much better really!' He took her hand once more and they made their way to his study. As they walked hand in hand through the big rambling house, he felt her small fingers gripping his, holding tight, as though she feared she might fall if she let go. Again he felt the urge to hold her close to him, to wrap her in his arms and smother her in kisses.

He stopped, and looked down at her. Kisses? Did he really want to kiss her?

'Is something the matter? Did we forget something?' She asked, her small voice almost lost in the gloom of the passageway. Shaking his head he replied, 'No, nothing's the matter, I was just thinking about something.' Not being used to the company of children and their unabashed freedom of conversation, he was totally unprepared for her next question.

'What were you thinking?' What could he say? How could he tell her that he wanted her to stay with him, that he wanted to hold her and not let her go. Instead, after marshalling the torrent of thoughts in his head, he said, 'I was just thinking what a pretty girl you are, and which Bible I should give you.' Her face turned pink, her eyes shiny.

'Any one will do. Do you really think I'm pretty?' He smiled down at her, 'Yes, of course I do! In fact I think you must be one of the prettiest girls in the village!' He opened the door to his study. They crossed over to his bookshelves, and he looked over his collection. Apart from numerous Bibles, books on philosophy and theology, there were also several other publications that were not usually expected to be found on a priest's bookshelves! He noticed Eva was gazing open mouthed in awe at the books.

'Do you like books, Eva?' she nodded.

'Yes Father, but we haven't got any at home, Mama says they are too expensive.' He reached up and took down a Bible.

'Here. You can keep this one.'

'Oh! Thank you Father!' He studied her face for a moment, then took another book from the shelves. He looked at the title, then put it back. He took another, and turning to the little girl, said,

'I was wondering if there was another book you might like to read. Let me see....maybe a little too old for you..... She just looked up at him, her face a picture of innocence. 'How old are you?'

'I'm ten and a half, Father.' She announced proudly. He raised his eyebrows, smiling.

'Really! I thought you were older, at least eleven or even twelve....' Eva giggled. His eyes dropped to her chest. Her dress, he observed for the first time, was showing distinct signs of having breasts pushing forward under it.

She saw him looking at her, and drew herself up a little, pulling back her shoulders.

'Everyone says I'm big for my age, Father.' He was almost shocked as he realised what she had just done! She'd stuck her chest out to show him just what a big girl she was, as if to prove what everyone said about her was true!

'Er, yes, er, so you are, er....' he decided to push his luck a little, '....most attractive too, if I may say so!' His eyes lingered on her chest. She smoothed her dress down over her torso, watching his eyes as he looked her over. Father Jacob saw that she really was big for her age. 'Yes, you're quite a young woman, aren't you, Eva?' She giggled again.

'Mama had to buy me a bra....I'm the only one in my class that has one!' She was proud of her young body.

'Really!' He pushed Lady Luck again. 'I don't suppose I could have a look, could I? You're just so lovely....please?' Eva looked surprised. Then a frown crossed her pretty young face.

'Isn't that naughty? I don't want to get into trouble....' Father Jacob patted her hand.

'It is really, but if we keep it a secret, we won't get into trouble, will we? And I do so want to look. You must be ever so pretty under your clothes. And I'd love to see your new bra.'

Eva thought for a moment.

'You promise not to tell anyone?' Father Jacob nodded enthusiastically. She was going along with it!! 'Promise?' she repeated.

'Cross my heart and hope to die!' He chanted. Her features relaxed and she smiled shyly. Her little fingers unbuttoned the straps of her pinafore dress and she folded the front of it down to her waist. Father Jacob smiled encouragingly as the little girl began to unbutton her shirt. As the buttons popped open one by one, he could see the bra she was so proud of. Just plain white cotton, with no sign of corsetry. The material on its own enough to support her surprisingly developed titties. Father Jacob stared intently. Two pearl button fasteners in front held the garment together, and he was just desperate to undo them! Eva held open her shirt, proudly displaying her newly aquired bra.

'Oh Eva! You're not a little girl at all! You're a young lady! How wonderful! Come, sit on my knee.'

Without hesitation and with no thought of ulterior motives; Eva, innocent that she was, quickly climbed onto the priest's lap. He winced slightly as his erection was unceremoniously bent to one side as she installed herself. He put his arm around her shoulders.

'Mother of pearl buttons! They're lovely, aren't they?' Eva nodded in agreement and watched his hand as he toyed with them. He whispered in her ear. 'May I undo them, please?' She too whispered in reply.

'If you want to.' He gently undid them. Her bra fell open. He pushed the two halves of the garment apart. Her breasts were surprisingly well developed, but her nipples were hard and pointed, still those of a child, . Father Jacob ran his fingers over them, brushing the tips of them. She giggled and hunched her shoulders at his touch.

'Oh! Eva! You're just so beautiful!' Quickly, but gently and before she had time to object, he slipped his hand inside her shirt and pushed it and her bra off her shoulders. Easing both garments down to her waist, he said, 'Eva, you must be the most beautiful girl in the village, you are just so lovely!' By now the unremitting flow of flattery had got to the young girl. Her naive feminine instincts had taken a good hold of her, and even though she was naked to the waist she was more than happy to sit there smiling, watching his hands as he fondled her breasts.

'Have you ever shown them to any of the boys in the village? I'll bet they all want to see!' She blushed.

'They just say horrible things. I hate boys.' He continued stroking her breasts, then bent and kissed one of them.

'Take no notice of them. They're just little boys. Men will think you are a beautiful young woman.' The blush stayed firmly in place.

'Am I really beautiful, Father?' This was the second time she had asked this.

'Of course you are! I may be a priest, but I am still a man, and men always know a beautiful girl when they see one. He raised her small hand to his lips and kissed it. Eva gazed in awe at him. He really did think she was beautiful!

Father Jacob bent again and gently sucked her nipple; as he did so he slipped a hand between her knees. To his delight and amazement she let him run his hand up her skirt, letting it come to rest when it reached the junction of her thighs.

'Have you ever played naughty games with the boys, Eva?' He whispered, his fingers doing things she found she was starting to like. Back came the almost inaudible reply.

'Magda and I once went into a field with Albert.' She whispered, relaxing her legs to let them move apart slightly.

'And what did you do?' She hesitated.

'It's supposed to be a secret....' she said, spreading her legs a little more.

'Ahh! Did he show you his, so he could look at yours?' There was a moment of stunned silence.

'How did you know?' Her voice held a sliver of fear. He reassured her.

'It's alright....everyone does it sometimes. Shall we do it? I'd love to see you. You're such a beautiful girl....' Eva looked him in the eye. Her blue eyes shiny and moist with blossoming sexual excitement as his hand continued massaging her most private place.

'Do you really want to?' she whispered in reply, 'Now?' He nodded.

'Yes, ever so much. It's still our secret. No one will ever know, except you and I.' Eva slipped off his lap, and stood in front of him.

'Am I really the most beautiful girl in the village, Father?' He smiled at her, trying to hide the fevered lust in his heart.

'Absolutely. My beautiful Eva.' She paused, still staring into his eyes. Then, she stooped and slipped her hands under her skirt, bending a little further, she slid her bloomers down to her ankles, keeping her lower body hidden by her skirt.

'Your turn, Father!'

Once again our wayward priest was nonplussed by the uninhibited actions and words of youth. He laughed nervously and stood up. A feeling akin to being a naughty schoolboy overtook him. He unbuckled his belt and undid the buttons of his trousers. Eva fidgeted excitedly as she watched him. Father Jacob paused. He delved into his underwear and took hold of his cock. Her face was alight with excitement; a huge grin adorned her countenance. Father Jacob laughed and said.

'You first!' Eva still grinning hugely, lifted her skirt to reveal herself. Her belly was flat and framed by her hips. There was just a slight curvature to demonstrate her approach to puberty. But delight of delight's was her sex. Smooth white skin with neither hair nor wrinkle. Just a simple 'keyhole' shaped slit at the base of her belly, her tiny button peeping out from the top of it. Her laughter matched her high pitched, excited voice.

'You now! Show me! Show me!' Father Jacob eased his cock out of his pants, holding the shaft so that only an inch or two and the head was visible. Eva's hands flew to cover her wide open mouth, her eyes almost popping from her head.

'It's big!' she exclaimed. She could see already that his body was a lot different to the juvenile one of Albert that she and Magda had explored in the hedgerow. Father Jacob smiled and said quietly, 'If you take off your clothes, I'll take off mine!' You'll be able to see better then!' Eva didn't hesitate. Desperate to see more of him and without taking her eyes of his half hidden cock, she quickly slipped her dress off her hips to join her bloomers on the floor. She unbuttoned the cuffs of her shirt and shrugged it and her new bra off. She stood resplendent before him, naked as the day she was born!

'Your turn!' she chirped, clapping her hands in excitement. Father Jacob let go of his cock and rid himself of his clothes. As each item came off he felt as though he was getting closer and closer to Eva's world, and to her young body. Finally he shed his shirt, leaving himself as naked as little Eva.

Eva gazed in wonder at the sight before her. She could see the obvious similarity between Albert and Father Jacob, but what amazed her was how the boy and the man could be so different. It was no surprise to her that Father Jacob had what Albert called a 'cock', and that he also had 'balls'; they were, after all, both boys, so she had expected that. It was the difference in size, and the hair that grew all over Father Jacob's lower belly had filled her with awe. He looked so....different, so.... She couldn't tear her eyes away. She just stood there, staring.

Father Jacob was also doing his fair share of looking! Blood roared in his ears, his heart pumping furiously. His cock felt as though it would burst. His eyes took in the sight of the naked little girl, but his brain could hardly believe what they were telling it! He stepped out of his discarded attire and sat back down in his chair. His rampant cock straining upwards. He could almost feel his balls filling! The silence was overpowering; he had to break the tension.

'Oh! Eva! You're even more beautiful than I imagined!' He held out his hands to her, inviting her to come to him. Without stirring from her trance she moved very slowly towards him. 'Its alright, come here and stand next to me.' Still with her eyes fixed on his erection, Eva came to a halt in front of him. He moved his knees wide apart, deliberately displaying himself to her, ensuring she could see all of him.

'Can you see all you want?' He asked quietly. She said nothing, just nodded. He reached out with his left hand and took her right. Still staring at his engorged cock, she allowed herself to be drawn closer to him, until she was standing between his knees. He took his cock in his right hand and gently stoked it up and down, allowing his lightly clenched hand to rub up and down over the circumcised head of it. Eva watched intently, switching her stare every second or two from his cock, to his face.

He moved her hand towards his cock, but she resisted slightly.

'Don't be's nice to hold, honest....' She relented and let him place her hand on the shaft. Her hand was quite hot. He wrapped her fingers around it and, holding her hand in his, showed her what she should do.

Father Jacob's body shook with an involuntary shudder and he sighed softly, a drop of semen squeezing out of the eye of his cock. Somewhere in Eva's head, part of her brain that had never been used before, suddenly clicked into action. It had not expected to be awoken so soon, but it knew there was an important job that must be done. Eva suddenly felt a shiver run down her spine. Almost immediately something deep inside her belly stirred, also for the first time. Her pre-pubescent body pumped blood to her genital area, the sudden rush also bringing colour to her neck and chest. Her vagina began to lubricate and a tiny spasm ran down it, flexing in an attempt to bring her child's body into state of sexual readiness. Eva started slightly as she felt it, but by now it was only one of a number of feelings that she had never felt before. There were butterflies in the pit of her stomach, and a warm feeling somewhere below that.

After a few moments Eva looked up at him and asked, 'Why is it stiff? Albert's was stiff too when Magda played with it.' Father Jacob asked, 'Did Albert call it a cock?'

'Yes....' said Eva. '....and balls. He said it was a cock and that the other things were called balls.'

'Well, that's what we'll call them. But what do you call this?' he asked reaching forward and carefully running his middle finger upwards along Eva's little slit. He was shocked to find his finger tip slick with slippery mucous. Eva giggled.

'Mummy calls it my vagina, but I call it my 'ginny'. But why do cocks go stiff like that? Albert's was little before Magda touched it, then it went stiff too.'

'It's because the man wants to have sex with the girl he's with.' Eva's quizzical looked remained on her face. Father Jacob continued. 'He wants her to have his babies. Do you know how babies are made, Eva?' She shook her head. 'Well, if you were a little older, say, fourteen or fifteen, and I put my cock in your ginny, after I had moved it in and out a few times, white stuff would spurt out of it, and make a baby in you.' Eva looked horrified!

'But that's far too big to go in my ginny!!' She paused for thought, then in a more level tone, said, 'Magda's thirteen and she's done it....but she's older than me and hers is bigger than mine....' Father Jacob interrupted her.

'We're not doing that now, are we; so there's no need to worry about it, is there?' Eva's expression softened.

'No, 'spose not. How does a ginny get big enough to get a cock in it?' Father Jacob's heart jumped in hope!

'Well, actually, it stretches to fit any cock that gets pushed into it. You'd be surprised!' Eva wasn't convinced.

'Doesn't it hurt?'

'Just for a tiny second the first time a man puts his cock in you. But after that it's just fine.'

'I suppose Magda can get one in easily now....she's done it several times....' then in a bit of a panic she added, 'You won't say anything will you? It's a secret! She'd kill me if she knew I'd told....'

'Don't worry! We're not going to tell anyone about this, so it's our secret!' Eva had continued working Father Jacob's cock all this time, and he was beginning to lose control.

'Please Eva....a little quicker! That's a good girl...Oh yes! Ohhhh....!' Eva squeaked in surprise as the priest came, his semen flying into the air then splashing down on her arms and hand. Staring at the dripping fluid she asked, 'Is that what makes the babies?'

'Yes my pretty, it is. Oh, Eva, thank you! Thank you! That was wonderful! Come here!' She moved forward in response to his outstretched hands and he enfolded her in his arms, their bodies pressing together, one of his hands on her bottom, the other between her shoulder blades. He kissed her full on the mouth. As he held her to him, she felt the shaft of his cock pressing against her ginny and she looked down just as her little clitoris came into contact with him. She took a sharp breath as a flash of feeling shot through her. Father Jacob smiled as he felt her sudden movement. He moved his hips a little, rubbing his cock along her slit, feeling her thick juices wetting his cock. Eva squirmed as the sensations hit her.

'Stop!' Her eyes showed her fright at the intensity of the experience. Father Jacob released his hold on her and kissed her again, this time on the forehead.

'Of course my love. Didn't you like it?' Eva wasn't sure. She said nothing but moved across the room and started to pick up her clothes. 'I'm sorry....did it scare you? It's nice once you get used to it!' Eva smiled nervously at him.

'It's just that....well....' Father Jacob got up and went to help her get dressed. Kneeling in front of her, doing up her bra buttons, he said.

'I know. It's a bit scary isn't it, doing things for the first time.'

'Were you nervous then?' He put on a helpless expression.

'Of course. I didn't think you'd like me enough me yourself.' Eva put her arms around his neck and hugged him.

'Of course I like you! I'll do it any time you want, silly!' He breathed a long sigh of happy relief! She studied him for a moment, a quizzical look on her face.

'The white stuff. Does that mean you want me to have your babies? You know, be your wife and everything?' He smiled at her.

'That would be just wonderful! But I think you are just a little young to be a wife, don't you? But I'm sure one day you will be a very good one. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to have a wife, because I'm a priest....' She nodded slowly. Her eyes still on his. '....but if I could have a wife, I'd like her to be you!' Eva giggled, her pink face and glistening eyes telling Father Jacob just about everything he wanted to know about their little adventure together!

'I think I should be going home now, Father. Mother will be wondering where I've got to!' the priest nodded in agreement.

'That would never do!' he said, more sincerely than Eva could guess!!

She picked up her bible.

'Remember, there's always milk and biscuits!' He added hopefully. He showed her to the door, and she trotted off up the path to the gate. She opened it, and for a second, she looked back at him and smiled. He returned the smile and waved.

Back in the study he flopped down in his chair and stared at the ceiling. In the pit of his stomach, butterflies began to settle down. His mind was in turmoil. She was ten and he'd been excited by her. He'd got her to masturbate him, and he still had an erection that made his balls ache. He wanted her young body like he'd never wanted anything in his life! There was no denying it. He ached for her! Closing his eyes he pictured little Eva in his mind's eye, her slim body crystal clear in his mind's eye. Her tight breasts, her flat belly. Her hair free mons veneris. Her slippery little girl's vagina seemed to beckon to him from across the vast expanse of his imagination.

A hundred metres away, little Eva was hurrying up the village street, her face bright red, her body still tingling with sexual excitement. She'd never been kissed before. Not like that, by a man! And he'd called her beautiful! And he played with her titties and her ginny! With his cock! The cock she'd played with until his white stuff had shot out! And he'd said he'd like her to be his wife! Excitement ran through her like a stream in flood. It gushed from her head, all the way down through her young body. It caused ripples of feeling in places that had never had feelings before today. It had unlocked hormones that until now, had lain dormant in her child's body. Now they surged through her blood stream firing up her curiosity and lighting the first sparks of lust! She laughed out loud. A tinkling sound that carried down the village street like sleigh bells in winter. Still laughing she ran all the way home.

That night as she fell asleep, pictures that she had never seen before began to drift through her previously innocent mind. Pictures of Father Jacob and his big cock touching her ginny, pushing into it she'd never seen before, but she understood very well what they were telling her. It was a bit scary, but so exciting! She decided she was definitely going back to Father Jacob's house for more milk and biscuits, and very soon!

Her little hand found its way between her thighs, gingerly searching out her little button. A few minutes later she whimpered and shook to the spasms of a powerful orgasm.

In his lonely house as he lay in his bed, Father Jacob's hand pumped his rigid cock as his fevered imagination wandered over Eva's body.

In Part Two, Eva goes back for more milk and biscuits. But what she really wants is to see Father Jacob naked again!

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Part Two - Eva Learns a Little More!

Some days later, as he was sweeping out the little church that was now the centre of his life, Father Jacob realised that not all the congregation had left. A little blonde head was clearly visible above the backs of the pews. It was a blonde head he recognised.

'Is that you, Eva?' He called out. The little blonde head nodded. 'Hello! How nice to see you again! Are you going to help me tidy up? I could do with a little help.' Eva stood up and approached him.

'What can I do?' she asked. 'Can you collect all the hymn books and put them on the shelves? That would be a great help. Then if you like, we can go and have a cup of tea and a biscuit!' 'Yes Father!' Came the enthusiastic reply. She hurried around collecting the books, her thoughts not on tea and biscuits, but whether or not Father Jacob would want to play again! There was a hollow feeling in the pit of her stomach as she hurried around the church.

They walked to the priests house and on the way they chatted. About her lessons at school, her Mother; her missing Father. Eva is one of the unfortunate children in the village that has been deprived of her father by the recent war. She can remember her father as a cheerful man who would lift her onto his shoulders and carry her for miles around the country lanes that ran in all directions from the village of Polheim. At home she would curl up on his lap and fall asleep, only to wake up as he tucked her into her little bed and kissed her goodnight. She'd loved her dear Papa, and she missed him very much. Father Jacob noted the tear that ran down the little girl's cheek as she spoke, and his heart went out to the little girl who walked beside him. However, his thoughts soon changed from ones of sympathy for a little girl who had lost her father, to more lusty ones that caused a stiffening of his member and brought a few beads of perspiration to his brow!

They made themselves comfortable in his study with a pot of tea and some chocolate biscuits. Father Jacob was keen to hear more about Magda and Albert. It had occurred to him that if they were all curious to learn about sex, he may well be able to teach them a thing or two!

'Have you seen Magda or Albert recently?' He queried. Eva's attention was caught immediately! This was part of their last conversation. Father Jacob was thinking along the same lines as she was!

'Yes Father. At school....I see them everyday.'

'Did you say anything about us?' she looked startled.

'Oh no Father! Its a secret! I haven't said anything to anyone!' He smiled. She was panicking about nothing.

'No, no. I trust you completely, I just wondered if you' any more games with them?' Eva coloured up a little.

'Albert and I played with each other the other day on the way home from school. I rubbed him the same way as I rubbed you.' Father Jacob smiled at the revelation. Eva was going to be very popular with the village boys!

'Did he play with you?' he asked her. She nodded her little blonde head vigorously.

'Yes Father. He rubbed his cock on my ginny, I think he was trying to get it inside, but his white stuff squirted out and he stopped.' The priest feigned surprise and shock.

'Did he? I told you so! All men want beautiful girls to have their babies!' Eva giggled. The priest continued. 'I don't, you wouldn't let me....would you....?' Father Jacob looked askance at the pretty little girl in front of him.

'Let you what, Father?' she asked innocently.

'You know....let me rub mine on Albert did....' Eva giggled again. Her face went bright red.

'If you want to Father, I don't mind! Will you squirt white stuff?' Her blush began to fade, to be replaced with an expression of intense curiosity. Father Jacob paused for thought. Time to capitalise!

'Well, Eva,' he said, 'I usually only squirt it inside. That's what men do, you see.' She nodded her head slowly, her lips pursed as she thought the situation through.

'But I'm too small. You're so big, and my ginny is too little.' Father Jacob took her hand and patted it.

'It will stretch. You wait and see. And I only need to get a little bit of it in....but that's for later. would you like to play now? I'd love you to play with me again.' She coloured a little but she nodded her head.

This was what she had hoped for. Their previous encounter had awoken feelings that a ten year old girl shouldn't have, and she had been thinking about Father Jacob and his big cock ever since. The memory of it made her warm, and she felt tingles between her legs that made her want to touch herself. In bed she did. Indeed, her little fingers had played so much that what was a tiny, tight little slit last week, was now definitely a little bigger. Not much, but enough for her to use a whole finger instead of just the tip of one when she pleasured herself.

Eva could hardly contain herself as Father Jacob undid his trousers and pulled out his penis. It was already hard, and Eva took hold of it as soon he let go of it. He sighed as her small, cool hand grasped the shaft and he nodded his head in eager encouragement as Eva began to move her hand up and down, just as he had taught her. Father Jacob undressed the little girl as she worked his penis, slipping her dress down and easing her knickers to her knees. He felt between her legs and was surprised at the way she quickly opened her thighs to give him access to her. Even more surprising was how wet she was, and how easily his finger slid in between the lips of her sex. She gave a little start and mewed in pleasure as his digit found her clitoris and began to gently stroke it. He took hold of her hand to stop her enthusiastic manipulation.

'Should I take of my clothes, Eva?' He asked. She looked up at him, her face breaking into a big grin.

'Yes please! Shall I take mine off too?' He smiled back at her.

'Oh, yes, that would be very nice.' He stood up and divested himself of his clothing. Little Eva had only to strip off her chemise and step out of the heap of clothing around her ankles. In seconds they were both naked.

'Come here my beautiful.' He held out his hands to her and she obediently stepped forward into his embrace. This time she looked down at his penis as he held it so that it's head pushed against her sex. She turned her knees outward a little, opening her thighs so that it slipped under her, its shaft gathering a tiny slick of moisture as it did so.. Without any guidance or instruction, Eva closed her legs, gripping him in a soft and gentle embrace, and began to move back and forth along its length.

'Is that what you did with Albert?' He asked. She nodded her blonde head.

'Yes Father but the other way up...' Father Jacob raised an eyebrow.

'The other way up? What do you mean? Do it the same with me...' She stepped back from him, then pushed his knees together. She climbed up astride him, facing him with the shaft of his penis pointing up along his belly and her little slit now divided by it. Her face was bright pink, and her eyes wide and sparkling as she began to move her hips back and forth, sliding along his now quite well lubricated cock. In just a few seconds she was moving in earnest, her mouth open and her breathing louder and faster. Pressing her body down on him she quickened her pace, furiously rutting at him. Suddenly she gasped and shuddered, her orgasm taking them both by surprise. He took her in his arms, holding her to his chest as she began to recover.

'That was wonderful Eva!' He exclaimed. She looked up at him shyly. Her forehead glistened with tiny beads of sweat. He could feel the heat of her body as she lay on him. He slid his left hand down to her buttocks and pushed her up his chest a little. With his right hand he guided the head of his cock to her vagina, and relaxed his hold on her. She slid back down his belly and he pushed gently upwards, his big knob spreading her labia and gliding into her in a sea of lubricant. He felt the pressure of her maidenhead, and stopped. He pulled back a little and watched her awe struck face as he moved his cock a few centimetres in and out of her.

'Eva, I'm going to....' before he finished telling her what was going to happen, the first spasm of his cock had filled her tiny vagina with his semen, then the second covered her anus as he pulled his cock backwards and the third shot high into the air and then fell, splashing across her back as he thrust forward. The fourth one, much less powerful than the others, fell across her small firm buttocks.

'Oh Eva! My little darling! Oh how wonderful you are!' Eva blushed furiously and lay motionless, not quite sure what had happened, or knowing what to do, but guessing that he had squirted his white stuff as Albert had done. But Albert had simply wet her belly. Father Jacob had covered her private places and her back too! There was so much of it! It was running down her legs, down her sides and it was all up in her ginny too! The priest lifted her up and stood her in front of him.

'I'm all wet.' She said. He laughed.

'Yes! I've made you all wet! It was lovely!' He leaned forward in his chair and kissed her on the lips. 'We must clean you up, let's go and heat some water, then we can have a bath!'

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