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I enjoy reading, it is one of my favourite past times. I've been reading erotic stories online for many years; a lot of very imaginative authors and many fantasies. Lately I've been reflecting on my life and I thought I have interesting, story to tell so I decided to write it and share it.

The story I am about to tell you is the story of my life. It is a true story so all the personal information is changed for obvious reasons. I am 45 years old guy, reasonably good looking for my age, not rich but well off, which allows me to live my lifestyle the way I like. Some people would say I am very kinky, some would call me a pervert. If you are (very) open minded you're most likely going to enjoy my story; however, this story is likely to test your limits.

THIS STORY IS LARGELY UNEDITED I have to admit, I am not a professional writer; although I can appreciate finely written book or an article I am not sure I can produce one without compromising the storytelling. You will likely find errors in grammar, spelling and sentence construction. If that really bothers you (as it does some) you'll probably not enjoy reading this story.

*WARNING* This story contains all sorts of sexual taboos and plethora of just offensive, demented and outright sick ideas and language. if you can imagine it, you'll probably find it right here. If any of that offends you, be sensible, stop reading.

*FEW MORE IMPORTANT WARNINGS* 1. This story is very slow moving and contains much less sex than some may like, it took time and effort to write, it takes effort to read

2. The story is very opinionated in multiple aspects, it is VERY likely to offend most readers on some level. Those are my opinions and mine alone. You may agree with them or you may (more than likely) strongly disagree.

3. This story changes tones it goes from light to very, very, VERY dark. In some places it is humorous, while some very cynical. Sometimes it’s fascinating other times just fucking annoying. It changes tempo and style, sometimes it’s almost incoherent. You might like a chapter, then hate another, love or hate it all together.

Imagine this story to be an account of things that happened in my life, some good, some bad, some will be hard to talk about while others will make me feel reflective and that will come out in text. Writing fiction is easy, this however is NOT A FICTION. Please respect that.

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! I think this is going to end up as a novella depending on the feedback I get (if any) I do encourage you to drop me a note, even to just say "hi" at ax62512@gmail.com

There is a lot that happened in my life, if you'd like me to expand a chapter, provide more details or just want to know what happened to X, Y and Z, let me know, I'll tell you.

Yours truly

The Author

Still here?

Let us begin

I am karma and my name is Wrath, I am the fire and blood, I cleanse and I purify.

I am the bringer and my name is Light. I am the wind and heart, I whisper and I dream.

I am the traveller and my name is Death, I am the earth and bones, I give and I take.

I am the destroyer and my name is Sadness, I am the water and tears, I love and I forgive.

I am here.

Learning to cum

I look around as I sit in KFC typing on my new iPad, sipping some brown liquid sold as Pepsi. Families with children, young couples and all sorts of tourists sitting around me pretending to have a conversation while absentmindedly typing on their phone.

The murmur of voices is creating a background noise so I can just blank it all out as I write this, chuckling internally when thinking of their reaction had they known what I was about to write.

Ever since I can remember I was different, unusual, odd, strange, eccentric, weird and many other words they used to describe me. To me I was alway just me, just normal. Over time I realised that the way I saw the world was vastly different to what people around me saw. This often made them uncomfortable around me and I learned how to make them more comfortable through humour.

Typically this would be an indicator of some sort of childhood trauma, but in my case there was no such thing. I was born into a very loving and caring family, not devoid of usual family issues but nothing overly dramatic.

Being a first male child in a traditional family meant I got all the attention and being highly intelligent meant that I learned how to read and write when I was three years old. This meant that I was much more mentally advanced than other children while at the same time, emotionally I was on the same level as them. I grew up interpreting events of my childhood in a different way to my peers.

I had my first sexual experience when I was eight years old; too early for puberty. My mother liked to travel and each year she'd pick a different place for us to spend our summer vacation. That year we travelled to another country where we were to spend four weeks in a rented cottage by a lake. That was back then when my parents were still married and living together.

Both of my parents were very careful about sexuality around us kids, I've never so much as seen my parents kiss or even hold hands let alone do something overtly sexual. I know they had plenty of sex, that's how I got my younger brother but I've never seen it. I was told the stork and the chimney story instead.

Shortly after we arrived to the lake, I set out exploring, I learned a lot of things like how fireflies really look like, that i'm not as buoyant in fresh as in salt water and to my horror that there may be snakes swimming in the lake, which put me off still water for life.

In one of my expeditions over this alien soil, I lost my orientation and as I was returning home I accidentally entered a neighbouring house; an easy mistake to make, for they all looked similar. It was a nice wooden cottage with large patio windows overlooking the lake to the east. Behind the glass hung thick brown curtains left closed by those who didn't enjoy waking up at dawn. There was no air conditioning back then so most people would leave the glass windows open with curtains closed throughout the day.

As I entered the room through the patio window and moved the curtain I was stopped in my tracks. Directly in front of me was a naked couple in the throes of passion. I've never seen a naked person before, especially not an old person like that couple in their late-twenties who lay naked in front of me. The girl laid on her back on a three-seater sofa, her body pushing agains a guy penetrating her vagina forcefully with his penis. Both were sweating and grunting, their bodies moved in unison as if doing some sort of a dance.

To me the whole situation didn't look sexual. I didn't understand what I was looking at. I knew they were not my parents, I knew they were naked and I knew I shouldn't have been there; that I should run away, but I stood frozen trying to comprehend what was happening. Why were they naked, and why were they sweating and what exactly were they doing.

As I watched them, a girl's head moved towards me, she saw me standing there and our eyes locked. I looked into her eyes and she looked at mine, I thought she would start shouting to alert her partner but she just lay there, her mouth open and I could see her lips and her pink tongue while she exhaled, never breaking the eye contact. For me this felt like I stood there for hours but in reality it was merely just seconds.

Her body tensed with the utter bliss on her face, I could almost feel the strange emotions she was going through. Her body tensed and shook and released and tensed again and I could see all that on her face together with unbridled happiness and joy with what I later realised was lust in her eyes. Her breathing changed to fast and shallow similar to when dog is excited and yet she wouldn't break her gaze from me. Strange pitched even gargling sounds came out of her mouth as she fought with her breath, and I was fascinated and mesmerised. I never knew people can have such strong emotions and they felt pure without agenda, simple yet powerful without a thought or purpose, just primal, natural and free.

As she closed her eyes the magic of the moment was broken. I unfroze and ran away, at first just away from there. After I regained my composure, I retraced my steps back home, making sure this time that I'm in the right place before just barging in.

It took me a couple of weeks to make sense of what I saw, my mind kept getting back to those brown eyes, I even searched for the girl but couldn't find her, the couple probably left already. I still didn't know that they were having sex I didn't even know what sex was. As I dissected what I saw in many ways I realised that there were certain confusing body parts involved. When my parents were at the beach I locked myself in a bathroom and started exploring.

The guy had a penis and I had one but they didn't look the same his was erect. How did he get it that way I wondered, so I sat on the toilet trying to figure out how it works. In one of the attempts I reasoned that there must be blood flowing in his penis to make it bigger. I placed my hands around mine and started massaging my skin up and down which caused my penis to sway up and down. Logically I thought the movement would cause blood to flow in; just like you would shake your hand if you slept on it to wake it up.

As I did that I started to notice that in deed my penis was getting larger. Encouraged by the success I moved it faster until it was fully erect and it kind of felt good. At one moment it contracted making me feel really good encouraging me to continue shaking it. The contractions started happening more often making me euphoric and even more curious. I kept at it enjoying the process until at one moment something happened, my penis got a life of its own, it started contracting sending pulse after pulse of the good feeling all over my body, my heartbeat increased, my breathing got shallow and it just felt like the best thing I have ever experienced. It went on for maybe half a minute then stopped.

I was a bit scared after that, worried that I broke something so I got out of the bathroom and waited for any negative effects to kick in. Nothing happened, I calmed down life moved on. I didn't know what happened but I knew that I wanted it to continue happening and so it did. The shaking sessions became a part of my daily routine, I started using any and all opportunities to do it. I still didn't know what it was, that it was called masturbation or that it is normal I didn't care I knew it felt great and that it was a part of my life now.

Back to school

There is a stereotype that smart kids become geeks, often skinny, awkward antisocial with big glasses. Before starting my school at the age of seven I went through all battery of tests including intelligence. This was because I could already read and write, I already read all the required books even for the high-school level.

Back then we didn't have the ability to skip classes based on knowledge and besides the fact that I could read, write and do math, I had no knowledge in history, geography, art, and many of the topics required for a classical education.

As it turned out, coming out of the battery of placement exams, I was told that I have IQ of 176, which explained a lot of things including my behavioural problems. Today they would say that I was "on the spectrum" but back then I was just "bored and naughty."

Being one of the smartest kids in school would imply that I was a geek, and granted I did have a lot of geeky interests, I was also one of the strongest kids in school. My parents realised early on that I have excess of energy so my dad signed me up to train martial arts from the early age, starting with Judo.

Being very muscular and strong didn't fit well with the geeky guys who were intimidated by me and being very intelligent didn't fit well with the sports guys who were intimidated by my brains. When I started the school bullies tried to beat me up to establish a pecking order but my martial arts training quickly dissuaded them of those endeavours and in the process put me on principal's radar as well as bestow me with a title of the school bully.

Quickly for this reason or another pretty much everyone in the school avoided me, I didn't fit in any clique and didn't form any immediate friendships. The only kids who wanted to be my friends were the school bullies and those were the only kids I didn't like. My mother raised me with a strong sense of honour and I felt it wrong to bully kids. So I was left alone, I had a bad reputation from the start.

After the summer break where I had my first sexual experience, I returned to school and soon after, talking to other kids, I learned that what I was doing with my penis was called masturbation and that I am doing it wrong. I also learned that a white stuff is supposed to come out of my penis when it feels very good and that is how the babies are made.

It took me a while to get used to masturbating properly, at first it felt weird and inefficient but slowly I got a hang of it. The revelation came from my class' resident sexual expert Nick. He was my age but he seemed to be very sexually experienced and had answers to most of my questions. We became friends for a while as he had lots of knowledge to share and since he was one of the guys bullied by others he benefited from being under my protection. That worked well until I realised that he was using me to scare other kids into doing what he wanted, which resulted in the end of friendship.

My parents divorced when I was eleven, I stayed with my mom and my brother while my father left. My brother took it hard but I hardly reacted I didn't really know how to process the emotions so I buried them and moved on with my life. The family dynamics changed, I got to see my grandmother more often and we had less money but none of that affected me greatly, I was never given an allowance and I never had any urge to buy anything anyway.

Things started to change when I was twelve. I was masturbating since I was eight, sometime after that I started having wet orgasms, I guess my body started to produce sperm. I had plenty of interests, mostly sports and mischief but since I started masturbating I started to look at girls in a different light. I didn't have a favourite or a girl I would fantasise about I just enjoyed thinking of girls when I masturbated.

The kids in the school changed. The girls started to develop breasts and dress sexy and guys got more overtly sexual with girls, touching them, pinching their butts, grabbing their tits. I was twelve and sill the school bully, still no friends or groups I belonged to. One thing I knew for sure was that due to my mischievous antics whole school knew of me, most guys feared me but everyone respected me.

Devil makes works for idle hands so as I didn't have much of an outlet I resorted to causing trouble like turning on fire alarms etc. I was not a good student, being clever meant I had to do absolute minimum effort to get by so I did. This resulted in my regular visits to various school offices where I was lectured, threatened expulsion and sent on my merry way.

They had a lot of theories why I was acting out, they even sent me to psychiatrist because I wasn't dealing with a grief of my parent's divorce. They all failed to see the simple reason, that I was too bored and school wasn't challenging me on any level. All I cared about was my sports and my books.

Life kept moving around me, boys got together into little gangs, girls would gang up too, they got prettier and sexier and guys got bolder and more aggressive.

One of such groups had very pretty girls, the sexiest one Irene, a little blonde with early developed curves. Guys were crazy about her, including myself but I never did anything to let her know that. The head of the group was a big girl Martine, she had extra weight but she was also very tall and heavy set, guys would avoid her as she looked and probably was stronger than most.

One day Martine came to me and said how she wanted to talk. Just being seen with her could ruin a little street rep I had, so cautiously I agreed but in a way that it couldn't be construed as a romantic endeavour of course. She told me how Irene is crying at almost every break because guys are relentlessly grabbing her ass, tits, pussy anything they can and when they can't they're shouting obscenities at her.

I told Martine that this is not my problem and she should fuck off and don't bother me with stupid shit again. She turned away and left.

Next break, I sat and watched Irene being attacked by a ringleader of the gang of guys, he was grabbing her ass and she was crying and asking him to stop. I walked behind a guy grabbed him by the collar and pulled him off her. He stood up to me and something just snapped inside me, the world darkened, the repressed anger just got rushing out the evil I never knew I was capable of came out and I beat the guy up into a bloody messy pulp.

Later I heard that he had a dozen stitches on his head, I never saw him again, his parents pulled him out of my school. I on the other hand got punished badly, I spent two weeks supervised detention plus all sorts of warnings and threats, parents were involved it wasn't a good time.

When it all finally blew over, as I was walking to my class, I looked around, every single girl in my school had doe eyes for me. It was odd and I didn't fully understand what's going on. This continued for every class I went to, I was a centre of attention. Finally I had a class with Irene and she came up to me, hugged me and not being used to hugs I hugged her a bit low, squeezing her ass and she moaned a bit and hugged me tighter.

For a clever kid I could be quite dumb sometimes, it took me a while to figure out what happened. The word got around what Martine asked me and what I did was the talk of the school and finally all the girls in the school knew that I stood up for one of them with no reason or agenda apart because it was honourable and right thing to do. This in itself made me the most desired guy in the school, I went from the problem child to a hero in a span of a few days.

It took me a few days to process it, I continued to be myself with the only difference that all girls were much nicer to me, some were even openly hitting on me. Some girls would even come early to changing rooms to catch me coming out of shower half naked to look at my muscles, some even commented. It felt good but it didn't change much for me. Another difference was that guys were much more polite when talking to girls, the grabbing, and pinching stopped, they started sending love letters instead.

I thought to myself, since I don't belong to any clique or a gang, most guys avoid me I'll just make my own clique and it will be with the girls I like and finally have someone to hang out with.

This was the beginning of my new life

Virginity Lost

Of all the things I've lost I miss my mind the most - Ozzy

It is quite a unique experience wherever you go to be accompanied by a group some time as large as twenty hot girls. Every guy envies you, sometimes they approach and ask your permission to talk to the girls. Sometime other random girls just approach you and ask if they can join the group.

I learned quickly that girls make much better friends than guys, topics of conversation are so much wider and even when there is nothing to say you can just flirt and enjoy the sexual energy between you. Girls are just great.

I set out to make my group of girlfriends at the age of twelve, and even though I was hanging out with a dozen girls on a daily basis, some even slept in my bed and sometimes I'd sleep in theirs by the age of thirteen I was still a virgin. The girls made it much more exciting though; they teased me relentlessly and mercilessly I got to see and fondle a lot of body parts playing doctor and they were all beautiful. I must have flushed so much sperm down the toilet those days to populate Mars.

Being too inexperienced, I didn't know what I was doing and neither did the girls around me, we were just a bunch of horny teenage virgins all wishing to get laid badly but not knowing what to do. Back in the day there was no Internet to look things up on, we didn't have sex ed and the very few magazines that were available were limited to just naked girls, and I've had plenty of that in real life, but what goes where and how still was a bit of a mystery.

That made me remember my old fake friend Nick, he knew things about sex, things I needed to know. I met up with him and we traded, I promised to hook him up with some girls if he sets me up with a girl that will teach me everything.

It took me a while to convince him, it was finally a promise that I'll put in a good word with Irene that did it. He was completely infatuated with her. I soon realised why it was soo hard for him. It was a big secret, the girl that he was fucking for years was his sister. I got instantly hard when I heard that, there is just something nasty about fucking your own sister. Maybe the forbidden fruit or something. Personally I didn't see anything wrong with it, who you want to fuck and how is your business, nobody should judge that. But it did make it spicy for me. I thought how I wish I had a sister.

I had a million questions about his relationship with his sister, what did they do and how did they manage to hide it from their parents. Finally he admitted that parents knew and they approve as long as they are careful. Back then condoms were expensive and hard to find so we all had to learn to not cum in a girl and we became experts in tracking monthlies.

About a week later it was on; Nick convinced his sister and it turns out that although she's two years older than me at fifteen, she goes to same school as us, knows me and is attracted to me. It felt awkward meeting Eve for the first time, her parents were out, Nick generously left early for whole night clubbing it was just me and Eve, meeting for the first time.

Eve was a super hot blonde, at fifteen her body developed early, she had curves in right places. She was five-eight slim and curvy, long legs and piercing blue eyes. We spent some time talking, getting to know each other and there was instantly connection between us. She was smart and funny, she got my sense of humour and I like how she laughed. Our conversation got more sexual and she was testing my limits. As I passed her fantasies got more and more perverted and I got more and more turned on. Fucking her brother turned out to be a mild one in comparison to what Eve was into and I was falling in love. I never knew what I wanted with girls but talking to Eve I started to realise that I wanted her, I wanted all this and more. I wanted to experience sexuality without fear, limit or judgement. I wanted to be free, I wanted to feel like that girl felt looking in my eyes.

I never knew such hunger for another person, it wasn't like masturbating, I wasn't attracted to just a body I wanted to devour her, I was attracted to her mind and soul. It didn't matter that she had amazing body, she was gorgeous inside she wanted to give herself to me and I wanted to take her completely. I wanted to fuck her, love her, own her. I wanted everything. I wanted her not just for her body parts, or as a sum of her body parts, I wanted her as who she is completely with all the glitter and all the garbage.

Ever since I could ask questions about sex, what to do and how people would tell me "don't worry, you'll know what to do when you meet the right girl" I always thought that's bullshit people say because they don't really know how to answer. Something like "just be yourself". All my doubts disappeared, I felt ten feet tall.

Putting my hand behind Eve's head, I grabbed a handful of her har, just like what excites me when girls would grab mine, I pulled her powerfully to myself and kissed her passionately like I wanted. Incidentally this was my first real kiss. Sure I fooled around with girls and had a few experimental kisses but this felt like kissing, not playing. Eve moaned, she moved her tongue and I could feel her breath on my face, she also went limp in my hands and I held her up mostly by her hair, squeezing her ass with another

I pulled her off me, her eyes closed and she had a serene look on her face then I spat at her face. She told me that turns her on, I felt a bit weird doing it but as I did it I realised it turned me on too. I don't think I'd enjoy it if she wasn't into it but what turned me on is as I did it her eyes flew open and I could see how turned on she is and something else a little like fear but couldn't quite place it.

Grabbing her by her throat, another fetish of hers, I started squeezing just a little so she could feel the choke but not enough to injure her or put her in danger. Control; I always was good at it and I was always scared of losing it like that one time with the guy who almost raped Irene.

Eve wore one of those faux leather mini skirts with a zipper on the side, nowadays they are rare but back then they were all the rage just like big breasted blondes like Eve, all copying miss vixen herself Samantha Fox. Still holding her neck I put my fingers behind her mini dress and panties and in one swift motion I ripped it all off. Looks like I finally found a good use for my strength

She had shaven pussy, nice, small and tight, not that you'd expect anything less from a fifteen-year old. I pushed her against and then on top of her grandma's antique ornate oak desk, ghastly thing but sturdy as fuck. Lifted her legs up then kneeled in front of her pussy.

I may be a bad student but I was an avid reader. I've been interested in sex since I was eight and now at thirteen it was finally happening. In between I collected all and any information I could about sex and read books about it. One of my favourite books was on how to eat pussy, I must have read it fifty times, masturbating along and fantasising whilst looking at technical diagrams. Now I finally got to put it to the test.

There is a technique to eating pussy, some guys just stick their tongue in, some slurp, some bite, some do all sorts of stupid things. There is only one technique that always works if it works at all, some girls just can't cum from oral sex alone. Eve could and she did.

Tentatively at first I came close and smelled her pussy, I always had a good sense of smell and it is true what they say, it’s possible to smell other men on women, not all women and not all the time but if the girl isn't taking great care of herself you can smell it. I learned over time that if a pussy doesn't smell right, just walk away. Eve's pussy smelled perfect. It almost didn't have any smell but there was this faint oily unique smell I didn't quite like it or dislike. A bit strange, unusual and new, it’s a kind of smell I knew I will remember for the rest of my life.

I gave her a small lick, then another, tasting her, tasting a woman for the first time, another unique taste and texture as the smell got stronger. Resolved to put my theoretical knowledge to good use, I attacked her pussy with gusto, and she went into little spasms almost immediately. I watched her face carefully as I licked her pussy, her legs were all over the place, I had a hard time controlling her.

With one hand I lifted her clitoral hood to have direct access to uncovered button of joy and I licked and licked. Suddenly she bucked and bounced I had to hold her with two hands but I continued licking. She calmed down a bit and started pushing me away with her hands. I didn't know then she'd get sensitive but looking at her face I saw her cum but that wasn't it. It wasn't the same as the girl I saw the first time. So I slapped her hands to the side and continued licking.

I must have ate her pussy for almost an hour, my jaw was hurting my tongue was numb I was almost out of spit, my face covered with it and her juices, she had four or five orgasms, she begged me to stop, tried to push me off but I was too strong and she just kept bouncing and bouncing, finding it hard to breathe when it hit her.

That was it, I thought, she had a deep breath and got stuck like that, I heard her spine snap, she grabbed the desk with both hands and just stood still for several seconds, then as I was almost starting to worry she exhaled with a strange sound, fought for breath and screamed, bounced and again froze and it went on for a good minute or two, I lost track of the time watching the most amazing show on the planet. I was hooked, I found my drug, that's when I knew I want this for the rest of my life.

She finally collapsed, tears in her eyes, she started crying and sobbing. I took her in my arms put her on the bed and hugged her, wiping away her tears, kissing her forehead, eyes and lips, straightening her hair, she grabbed me and wouldn't let go and I just lay there next to her hugging her letting her cry it out.

She calmed down and had those cute movements as if to get closer into me, all sex forgotten on my part, this felt good, it felt right, so I held her. And when she fell asleep in my arms I didn't want to wake her and I didn't feel like moving so I gently reached over and covered both of us and fell asleep.

I felt her stir at night, having little shakes and tremors, I hugged her tighter and kissed her gently saying shhh and she quieted down. This all was very new to me, I didn't know what I was doing or what to do so I just winged it. I tried to put myself in her place and imagine what would I want so I did that.

Sleep wouldn't come and my bladder was killing me I had to pee, I tried to untangle myself from her, failing miserably, she woke up feeling me stir and said "don't go" I told her I am just off to the loo. She grabbed me tighter and said "no". What can a guy do? What does anyone do when irresistible force meets immovable object? You move it anyway.

I took her in my arms she grabbing to me and I carried her to the bathroom, back then I could lift her weight with one arm so she felt light as a feather. I sat down on the loo and peed with her in my arms smiling. I thought to myself, this girl is crazy, but I like crazy. Crazy is unusual, exciting, strange but never boring. Maybe I am crazy too, crazy to like that but you don't chose your emotions. You don't chose who you love.

All this time I was still dressed in my t-shirt and jeans, but to pee I had to undress, and once I finished there was no way I could put my trousers on with her in my arms so hobbled like that I started walking to the bedroom, half way there I lost both my trousers and my underwear somewhere in the corridor.

There was no easy way to put us both back into bed so I just kind of dropped there both of us giggling. She looked me in my eyes, grabbed my cock and said you didn't cum. I fixed her hair, kissed her forehead and said I'm not in a rush. Then hugged her, she smiled and closed her eyes.

I always read in stories about guys waking up with a blowjob and that sounds great, kinky and amazing way to wake up. God knows I wished to wake up that way but it never happened. I am a light sleeper and I usually sleep on the side. I must admit when I went back to sleep with Eve I thought how cool would it be to wake up with a blowjob as it was one of my masturbatory fantasies for a long time.

I opened my eyes first, Eve was still sleeping, still attached to me, I just looked at her. She was beautiful, truly gorgeous sweet and innocent. I had a tough time reconciling what I saw with who she is. Her deep fantasies were hard and dirty, nasty and filthy by world's standards. I thought to myself "fuck the world" It just excited me more. I never really thought of having a girlfriend or being in a relationship, I guess I never really found anyone worth investing myself in. Until now that is.

It got me thinking, how many girls do I know, how many girlfriends do I have and they all look cute sweet and innocent. How many of them are just showing me their public face and holding the dark secrets behind innocent smiles. I thought about myself, am I the same? Surely some of my fantasies are quite weird and I enjoyed dominating Eve yesterday, that's freaky too. Is everyone just politely smiling while hiding their inner monster?

"Hey" she said, as she woke up, looking at me with those deep blue eyes. "Hey you" I said back and smiled. She had this shy, expectant look on her face. Many years later I got to know it as "the talk" when most guys make a mistake and put a relationship into some sort of a box by classifying it as a relationship of a certain kind. Back at that time I was too young and too confused about everything so just going by what she told me of her fantasies, I played the role and deflected it by saying, "make me a cup of coffee?" Phrased as a question.

She smiled, hopped off and started being domestic. I loved to drink coffee. My grandmother was a heavy coffee drinker, she liked it strong, Turkish style. She hooked me on it when I was about ten, at first I got a spoonful with a cup of milk but it got stronger over time.

It’s good that Eve left, I had a raging morning erection and I wanted to fuck her so hard it hurt but something, maybe my intuition or a strange look in her eyes stopped me. Something was wrong and I felt it wasn't the right time to bring it up. Was she testing me? I wish I could understand women, I thought. I wish I could understand myself I thought after.

I got up, found my clothes then got dressed, and went to kitchen where I sat and when my coffee was done I told Eve to sit in my lap, what she did happily smiling. She was gorgeous, still ruffled from sleep but now wearing some panties and a casual t-shirt. Her makeup smeared, almost gone. I liked her better without it, she looked younger and cuter.

I drank coffee in silence, Eve sitting in my lap, arms around my neck, it was so quiet it was deafening. My mind was frantically trying to figure this out. Something has changed, the seductress from yesterday was gone and here is another person and I didn't know what to do with it. I was just a kid, I had no experience in those matters. Sure I huffed and puffed bravado and self importance but in reality I was lost. Hanging on our conversation yesterday and my gut feeling, cognisant of the wide gap in everything she is not telling me I decided to risk it put all my chips on red and spin the wheel, win all or lose all. I hate gambling but there are no certainties in life. Someone wrote that those that aren't ready to risk it all don't belong in the game.

I finished my coffee, put it in a sink and filled it with water, "Go take a shower, wash and dry your hair" I told her. She gave me a strange look, then just went to the bathroom. That gave me at least 45 minutes to figure things out and get the ball rolling.

I went to her bedroom, looked at her clothes, they were nice and expensive looking, her family was well off I thought. I picked out a nice, sexy yellow summer dress with a light floral design, not slutty but not conservative either, I like my sluts in bed only, I go out with ladies. With that I chose nice classy summer shoes, socks and a matching handbag. I thought she'd look splendid in it. I chose a nice looking plain bra and panties with that.

I must have been perving through her stuff for longer than I thought, she came into the room wrapped in peach towel, looking fresh. I unwrapped her and kissed her, she tasted fresh and minty. She kissed back and wrapped her arms around my neck. My dick got hard in a second.

I've never had blue balls as I masturbated too much for that to happen but I was sure I'd get them today. With the strength of self control I never knew I had I turned us around and told her "I've picked out some clothes for you, I think you'd look great wearing them, get dressed we'll meet with my friends then we're going into town later". She gave me another strange look then started dressing up.

I looked at her when she finished and she looked really pretty, smiling and happy, certainly brought a smile to my face. I hugged her again and kissed her took her by the hand and we left the house on our way to meet my friends. On the way she seemed more relaxed and jabbered about this and that, I wasn't really paying attention, I was enjoying the moment.

Soon enough we reached my favourite coffee shop, a place where I regularly hung out with my girlfriends. Four of them were already there engaged in some sort of a debate. "Good morning" I said, taking a chair and pulling another for Eve. They looked at me saying their hellos, then they looked at her questioningly. This was the moment I was waiting for, depending on how she'll react I'll know if my gamble paid off.

"This is Eve" I said "She belongs to me"

A bit ambiguous I know, but back then I didn't know how to be completely direct. The girls gasped a bit, knowing I don't date. But Eve's expression was precious. Her eyes turned big and she stared at me in surprise, expectantly. I smiled and told her "come on, say hello to my friends"

Much later when I talked to Eve about it, and asked her why was she giving me those weird looks she said "I've never met a guy like you, you treated me like shit, spat in my face, took me like a toy, then gave me the first real orgasm. After you were so gentle and caring, you didn't leave, you took care of me. I didn't know what you want, I didn't even touch you, you didn't fuck me like any other guy would I wasn't sure if you like me or not"

This is where I learned to always be direct and in no uncertain terms communicate with women so they know exactly where they stand. As insecure or confused I may feel, she might feel that even more and knowing what you want is what separates boys from men. Everyone likes being wanted and stepping up to a woman telling her "i want you" and giving her a damn good reason when she asks "why" always gets the girl.

It was that "she belongs to me" sentence that bound Eve to me and started a chain of events that set me on a strange journey of self-discovery.

In every lie there is a bit of truth behind every bravado there is insecurity, everyone is scared of something and they overcompensate either to attract people to them or to push them away. Eve was the second type, when we first talked, she told me about her sexual fantasies, she didn't like being just traded away by her brother for favours even thought she was attracted to me. She told me all that in an attempt to disgust me, put me off her but it backfired. Instead of being disgusted I got turned on and I played my part in a role she set for herself. She saw it happening in a different way, me taking away from her as others would, instead I did the opposite. It was a test.

Eve was truly messed up, millions of questions twirling in my head, why is she fucking her brother? What does he have on her to make her obey? What's going on with all of them? That and a million more. The truth is I was surprised how turned on I got with various depravities she listed but also as she lay in my arms crying she bound me to her. I was just a kid, I didn't know much but I knew these tears were not because of me, it wasn't something anyone expected. As she lay there in my arms I felt her heart beat, she felt calm and safe and something in me stirred all, masks ripped away I fell in love with her as she was all I knew is that I want her and I want to protect her.

Someone told me how when you get in a relationship you learn a lot about yourself. I was learning quickly that I am clearly a pervert but also that I have a knight in shiny armour complex. I had no clue about what I was getting myself into. In for a penny in for the pound as they say.

Eve and my friends got on splendidly after that brief awkward moment, one thing that changed after I claimed her was, she took my hand and wouldn't let go. Was she just happy or signaling to other girls to stay away? Staking her claim so to speak. I always had a tendency of thinking too much, overanalysing things.

We had a fun time as a group, some more friends joined us but eventually we dispersed, Eve clinging to me everywhere I went. She didn't care where we go or what we do as long as it meant she's with me. I took her to the best ice cream shop I knew, girls like ice cream don't they? Then we walked around town, went to a museum girls like art don't they? All in all I had a good time and so did she.

Eve was a natural submissive, a rare find I often thought how my life would turn out if I haven't met her. The more time we spent together the deeper bond we developed and more relaxed she became. With that came the dropping of her guards and more submissive tendencies surfaced.

I was really curious, I wanted to know everything about her life but I kept clear from that, never asked her a question, knowing that she'll tell me on her own when she's ready. Patience was never my strong suit so I always kept reminding myself to be patient especially when dealing with people. That's something I learned from my mistakes.

I was excited to learn much more about submission and dominance, but there was just nowhere to learn any of this from. As soon as you start that topic immediately conversation turns to whips and chains, I was more interested in psychology of that. I wanted to understand.

Thinking creatively I thought Eve would tell me all I needed to know if she's a bit tipsy. A thirteen year old and a fifteen year old walk into a bar. Sounds like a beginning of a bad joke. I took Eve to a local place I knew; not the swankiest place but nobody gave a shit about our age. I knew pigs didn't come there at least not the ones that cared. In that place you'd ask a cop to sell you dope not hide from him. Not that I used or drank but being a local you know who's who and what's what.

My mom liked Baileys I had a sip once, nice taste apart from the alcohol, I ordered a double for Eve and just a soda for me. Being locals we got the off the books stash meaning it was cheap, sold under the desk rather than off the pipe, barman pocketed the coins, gotta love free enterprise. Nobody cared anyway this place was run by an outfit as a money laundering front, everyone knew it, nobody cared.

Eve got a bit tipsy and a lot of fun. Some girls get really bubbly when they drink Eve got both bubbly and horny. I felt really comfortable around her and apparently she did around me as well. She was older but I was bigger so we made a good couple. I steered the conversation to sex and her fantasies, there was a lot that I needed to process but in broad strokes she liked being treated like an object, like a dog or a pet, used, humiliated and abused in all ways imaginable. This was the only way she could have an orgasm. Sex on its own didn't work for her and she tried everything. She told me when I spat on her face she was ready and when I choked her she was turned on beyond control, and she giggled when she told me how this was the best ever orgasm in her life and that she wants more. That's why kids should read more books.

I got hard listening to that, all of it was strange new and exciting to me. She wanted to be treated like a dog, I can do that, I've had a dog in a past I knew exactly what to do. In reality I had no clue but I talked myself up

I wanted to try something, flex a muscle so to speak, I told her "i want you to go to the ladies, take off your panties and bring them to me" she gave me a wide-eyed look got up and left. Few minutes later she was back looking subdued clutching her panties in her hand. She wanted to give them to me discretely, I told her no, Show them to me. Some guys were watching and snickering; she turned beet read, but did what I asked. Guys grinning lecherously. I looked at her panties, I said "nice panties, may I have them please", shyly she said yes and have them to me, I put them on the table. Eve looked around by then most of the guys were watching our little drama unfold. She grabbed my hand and got closer to me, I just finished my drink and said let's go. I left her panties on the table as a tip. I had a feeling I was going to love this game.

When we got out, I reached under her skit and touched her pussy, it was dripping wet. Bringing fingers to my nose I gave it a sniff and I could tell it’s my girl. She held my hand and I took her to pet zone, where I used to buy food for my dog. I looked around for a while until I found a nice, fashionable collar and a leash. Eve's eyes got big. She was a beautiful gorgeous girl but her eyes were by far the pretties and most expressive things. I looked at her seriously and said, "Eve, this is your last chance to back out. This is not just a deal, it is a covenant. Think carefully before you answer. Do you consent to be my sex slave and my property, to obey me in everything forever?" I didn't really know what to say so I based this on what priests say at weddings. Clever girl she figured out where this is coming from, made a serious face and looked into my eyes and said "yes I do, I consent master".

Woo-hoo I got a sex slave, I thought sarcastically. Up to that moment I half expected her to back out but she didn't. Be careful what you wish for, you might get it. So I did. Now what the hell do I do with a sex slave, it's not exactly a puppy I can bring home. I got caught in the weirdness and excitement of the situation, being horny didn't help either. How the fuck did I get myself into this mess. My life was charmed I had a bunch of friends, I was going places now this, this will change everything. I was famous for getting myself in all sorts of stupid trouble, be it at school or at home. No wonder I'd get myself into some shit like this too. A relationship with a weird unstable girl who wants to be my dog. Fuck me, for all the intelligence I have I can be dumb as a bag of cement. How many times my mom told me, "think before you act" now we've got a deal, even more than a deal, a "covenant" that's not something one breaks easily. I got caught up, thinking with my dick instead of my head, and I have only myself to blame. Fucking imbecile. I'm a twat.

I stood there for a few seconds considering a range of actions, from running away to suicide then I thought fuck it, I'm a screwup, everyone knows I'm a screwup at least I can't screw this girl up more than she already is. I rolled the dice let's see what happens. By now I'm used to being a problem child. I had no clue how to care about a human being, I couldn't care about myself. But wait, I know how to care for a dog, she wanted to be a dog, lets see how long she lasts. This was turning out to be a mother of all pranks. I chuckled when I thought about the irony of my situation, a virgin and his sex slave, fucking brilliant.

I walked up to the teller, checked if our credit account is still active, it was, great I didn't have enough money to pay for all this. I turned around, bought a large food bowl, and a doggie bed for large breeds. On my way I got a ball, thinking how I like to play fetch, chuckling to myself. I expected for Eve to run away seeing all this, she didn't she took it in stride.

As we got out of the shop it was getting quite late, I was sure my mom was already sleeping. I took a collar put it around her neck, it looked very sexy, I attached a leash to it. Gave her a bag with a dog bowl and a ball while I took a cot under my left arm and held a leash with my right arm and took Eve home.

People saw us, some stared, few chuckled and few frowned. Not only was I leading Eve on a leash implying she's a dog. I also carried doggie bed, which made it explicit. That day I learned another thing about myself. I have no shame. Eve however was really red in her face, her eyes lowered but when I checked again she was dripping. Weirdly she was loving it.

We snuck into my home, my room was a safe place, nobody entered it for over a year since my mom caught me masturbating when she barged in without knocking. I had en-suite so my room was like a little apartment, I might just get away with this for a night. We'll figure out what's next tomorrow.

By the time we set up Eve's doggie bed and she had a good look around, my panic subsided and I embraced the adventure. However unusual the situation, it was also highly exciting and erotic. Time will tell whether it was a mistake or not but right now in the moment I was more excited than scared. My natural confidence asserted itself and I started to see possibilities rather than flaws. I think this was the very moment I realised something about myself and the people in general. Everyone worries too much about the future, what's going to happen with us, are we going to be ok, we fear the future and we act defensively to prevent bad things from happening. What if I don't get a good school, what if I don't get a good job, what if I don't have food, what if bad things happen? I thought to myself then, what if they don't? What if all will be just fine? It takes too much energy trying to mitigate all the possible bad outcomes so, much in fact that everyone sacrifices today for the sake of tomorrow and as they say the problem with tomorrow is that it’s always a day away. I resolved not to do that, I'll trust myself and if shit happens I've got my mind and my two hands I'll figure things out somehow.

Hugging Eve and dropping to my bed we started kissing I really liked this girl she was so soft and gentle and cute, so pretty and she radiated sexuality. I touched her pussy again, it was a messy furnace, she was really wet. She touched me too and I was anything but indifferent I thought to myself if this turns out being a problem it’s is a nice problem to have. Smilingly, I brushed her hair off her face and gazed in her eyes, her two deep blue expressive pools, there was no rush no expectation she was just happy. It’s odd how life can turn upside down in such a short time. I felt like I've known her forever.

I pulled us up from the bed started a bath, I watched her watch me getting undressed. I had a good, sporty and muscular body for a kid. All the sports gave me a lean and muscular figure with strong arms, chest and legs. I've been complimented on my looks by a number of the girls in a school, Eve watched me, this was the first time she saw me naked. I undressed her too, took her hand and lead her to the bathroom. I sat in and she sat with her back against me. First we just enjoyed the heat then I started massaging her, she had a wonderful smooth skin only teenagers can have. She was quite developed for her age, nice perky breast I guessed they were an easy C-cup as I played with them, nice pink aureolas on her alabaster skin and slightly darker pink nipples extending in response to my touch.

Moments like this made me fall in love with female body and form. As sexual as this was, it was also beautiful, soft and gentle. I don't think I'll ever get tired of looking at women. Like flowers they are all beautiful in their own way but together they make an amazing bouquet.

I felt relaxed just hugging Eve in the bath, soaking. Absentmindedly I played with her cute clit, making her shiver and moan from time to time. I wasn't trying to make her cum, I was just fascinated with her body, my semi, pushing against her back. I was kissing her neck and nibbling on her ear. I noticed that she got goosebumps when I did that so I kept it up. I didn't know what I was doing I just went by what I heard about sex form my girlfriends. I've never done anything like that in my whole life. The closest I got was a naked show and tell and a mutual masturbation with my girlfriends. Until today I only touched boobs and pussy a few times, during spin the bottle, truth and dare.

Eve had her hair in a bun so to not get it wet, and I admired her long feminine neck. It reminded my of Audrey Hepburn but Eve was much more beautiful than her. She had a perfect nose, sensual lips and long thick eyelashes. Perfectly shaped eyebrows framing her eyes. Long thick healthy dark blonde hair with highlights. I massaged Eve's beautiful feminine arms and hands with long slim fingers, matching her long gorgeous legs and small shapely feet. I played with her ribs, she was beautiful. She had this intoxicating smell I loved to smell her hair and neck and she was mine.

We started to get pruny so we got out and dried in fresh towels and went to bed. Eve laid on top of me, so soft and nice smelling, we kissed passionately and I squeezed her perfect ass. She started moaning in my mouth and rubbing herself against my erection, I could feel a wet sticky heat agains my cock, God did that feel good, it was amazing, tantalising, promising more. Eve reached with her hand, grabbing my cock pointing it at her pussy and just sat on it.

That was it! I wasn't a virgin anymore, but those thoughts got much later, in that moment I didn't care about anything in the world, I was fully present all my attention was on how wonderful soft and silky Eve's pussy was. It was a feeling like no other it was even better than an orgasm itself. I kissed her hard and pulled her hair as she rode me, my body matching her movements, I could feel her breath on my neck.

I felt my orgasm approaching all too soon, I was horny since I met her and this was the culmination. I knew I shouldn't but it was my first time I had no intention of pulling out. She sensed my urgency lifted her head looking at me with unspoken question in her eyes. I pulled her hair again looked her in her eyes and told her "you are mine" then pulled her towards me squeezed her tight and exploded. It was the most fantastic feeling I ever felt. I thought masturbating was great, but this was so much better. I came so hard and being in a state of arousal for so long I kept spraying sperm over and over again, I imagined a pint of my sperm filling her juicy teenage pussy, I imagined making her pregnant and instead of scaring me that added to the excitement.

She didn't cum but I did and I came hard but lo and behold, I was still hard and horny as hell. That's the first time that ever happened. I didn't stop to think and analyse, I turned us around so she was on her back. Not being a virgin anymore it was time for me to take control and so I did. I was a quick learner I watched her reactions the harder I pounded her the stronger reaction she had. Soon I found myself lifting my body off her so just a tip of my cock's in then pounding it in with force. I bent her legs all the way so her knees were touching the bed on the side of her. Her sexy young pussy was completely exposed as I pounded her roughly, mercilessly.

She was moaning underneath me fighting for her breath. I just came and I was nowhere near an orgasm but I wanted to see her cum. I told her "cum for me Eve" she looked at me panting "cum for me slave I order you" I could see she enjoyed this. "Cum for me slut, you are my property, I want you to cum for me", this was a novel experience for me and I loved it. "I filled you with my sperm slut, you are mine, I'll make you pregnant because I can, you are my property" I heard her squeal and moan I could see she was getting there but not quite reaching it, with a free hand I slapped her face "cum slave" and slapped her again, "i order you to cum" and again. I pinched her nipple hard and she gasped while I kept pounding her. Inserting two fingers in her mouth I grabbed her jaw her eyes flew open, she bit me but I didn't care. "Cum, slut, this is your life now, this is your purpose, this is what you were mad for, to be fucked by me slave, to cum for me slave" and then it happened. She started buckling, bit my fingers hard and came. She moaned like a wounded beast, cries mixed with moans and screams, her eyes closed, I could see a few tears come out as I pumped at her brutally.

All those years of hard training coming to a fruition now, it takes a lot of stamina to fuck someone powerfully and brutally and I had plenty of stamina, I wasn't even sweating hard but she was, her body had a mind of its own, she was buckling sweating and cumming, she calmed down a bit but then it hit her again and she came again. I decided to switch it up so I turned her again on all fours, a doggie style and resumed fucking her. It took me a few moments to find my rhythm in a new position but it felt amazing. This new position gave me more control and I could fuck her even harder and I did.

She moaned slobbering in to a pillow, drooling as I fucked her, I reached out grabbed her hair and pulled, "cum for me again slave" and she just moaned harder. I noticed blood in her hair, looking at my hand she bit through the skin on my fingers I was bleeding badly, slapping her ass left a bloody mark there and I didn't play slap it it was a hard one. "Cum for me slut, I want you to cum for me" slapped her again and again and again commanding her to cum. Her ass was all wet with sweat, leaking cum, pussy juices and my blood. I wet my finger in the mix then unceremoniously inserted in in her ass. She buckled and moaned. "Cum for me slave or I'll rip your ass open" I head her cry and i pounded her using my finger as a handle.

I inserted another finger and then another, she was moaning like a wildebeest squealing and then it happened again and I could tell this was a big one, she started buckling losing control screaming into the pillow while her hands flew all over the place grasping into thin air. I loved that, it was the most erotic thing I ever saw, so raw, primal and sexual, I felt another surge come through me and I came again, not as hard as the first time but much harder than any masturbation can cause. I held her there with all my might her shaking and spasming pussy milking my cock as I deposited what felt like another pint of cum inside her. I swear I could feel my balls deflating how much I came.

We collapsed on bed, and hugged kissing, breathing heavily and touching each other gently. When she regained her breath she looked at me with her deep blue eyes and said "thank you master". That was the first time I heard those words. I didn't know what to think and I didn't want to think I just hugged her closer, kissing her head.

After some times we got up to wash up and change the sheets, a bed was a mess of sweat, spit, cum and blood it looked like someone was raped there for a week by a gang of rabid gypsies. I also had to take care of my hand, while eve was having a shower I snuck out to find some alcohol to disinfect my cuts. My mom had a drinks cabinet downstairs. I poured a glass of some beverage that was 42% proof then got back up grabbing a fresh set of sheets from the laundry room in the process.

As I got in my room, I was greeted with an unusual sight, Eve had her shower and dried up already and was sitting in a doggie bed waiting for me, her master. I didn't know what to think I wasn't really serious about her sleeping in a cot but it looks like she was, so I went along with it and didn't say anything.

It took me a while to take a shower and clear my deep cuts with a cotton bud and alcohol, finally pouring what was left all over my hand, hoping it won't get infected. I read somewhere that human bites are the most likely to cause infections. Eve had amazing beautiful perfect teeth and her hygiene was impeccable I doubted I'd catch something off her. Finishing with my evening ritual I got ready for bed, it was a school day tomorrow and it was almost 4am by now. I wanted to go to bed, cuddle with Eve and fall asleep.

That didn't happen, as I got out of the bathroom I saw her sleeping in a doggie bed and she looked angelic. Weird as it was I didn't want to wake her. I got a nice soft blanked covered her carefully, switched off the lights and locked the door just in case and fell asleep almost instantly.

Making Waves

I usually wake up at dawn, I just can't sleep when the sun is out. That day I woke up at 7am feeling not just refreshed but motivated. A good night's sleep seemed to have put my head in the right place, the euphoria was gone, I felt confident.

I looked down at Eve, she was awake, just looking at me, I said "good morning slave", she gave me a wonderful smile and said "good morning master". I was surprised how easy it was to adapt to a completely new situation, no matter how messed up it is, it quickly became the new norm. Maybe it was just me, after all I knew I was quite odd, but I resolved myself to stop thinking about it and just run with it. It is what it is, if people have problem with that it's their problem not mine, fuck them.

I took Eve's hand and pulled her up on the bed and we kissed and cuddled a little, I slapped her ass playfully "go get ready we've got to go to school" I said knowing that if this goes on for another minute we'd be late and with my record, I think just about all the school staff including the janitor are looking for any reason to kick me out. I wanted to be out of that prison for kids, but not that way. I wanted to walk out and show them the finger.

While Eve was getting ready I thought to myself; my girlfriends saw me with Eve, which means that by lunch break whole school will know about us, there would be speculation, stories will be invented and I would be made a school's mascot yet again and I really wasn't feeling up to that.

Thinking about it some more, whatever I do they'll talk about it. For the last year there were so many rumours about me fucking my girlfriends. Rumours that jealous guys spread about. I even got summoned to school's psychologist to receive a lecture on safe and normal sexual behaviour in preadolescents. Fuck that I thought, if I can't fight them I might as well put up a flag and give them something to talk about where I control the narrative.

I jumped out of bed, called Nick, on my land line, no cellphones back then. After explaining to him that I am with Eve and that all is fine, I asked him to bring Eve's bag to school and give it to her.

As we got dressed, I collared eve and a leashed her, looking at her shocked expression; still she said nothing. I waited to hear the downstairs bathroom doors close before I gave my mom a skip. I was in no mood to explain what was I doing with Eve the whole night, although I'm sure she wouldn't need much explanation or be surprised at that. For years the "go-to" excuse for my whole family was, "ah at least he's not taking drugs" which probably meant they all knew that I'll do what I'll do and there's nothing anyone could do to reason with me anyway. They've all but given up on me.

Early on, my family figured out that I have this forceful, unrelenting, unapologetic, almost merciless character where if I decided to do something I would not stop. Rational reasoning, threats or pain mattered little to me. I had this high intelligence skewed by childish logic devoid of normal emotional response. They mostly stayed out of my way.

By the time we reached our school, Eve was turned on and excited. This was her las school year anyway she had excellent grades and a perfect record. Now that she had me too, she was starting to feel a little bolder. This was her fantasy coming true and also, just some good fun. There was no dress code for the school, we've got a few goths testing the limits anyway. There was nothing explicitly sexual about having a girl on a leash, but a blind man could see through the thin veneer into what's really going on and it was going to bother someone for sure.

Prankster that I was, I was looking forward to see the faces of people; the shock and awe campaign of my twisted mind inspired by the most perverted girl I knew who just happens to be my sex slave. I felt like Mr Hyde dating Ms. Eve Frankenstein, it made me chuckle. I was in a good mood that day. I guess losing a virginity and getting a devoted sex slave in the process can do that to you.

Of course I didn't kid myself; I knew this is still very fresh, we don't really know each other and she had some big secrets and stories to hide. There will be a clash between me and Nick, possibly her family as well. I was just enjoying myself while it lasted, waiting for the sound of the other shoe.

As expected, as soon as we got to the school, everything stopped. Just about everyone looked at us. Pretending that it's the most normal thing to do I just walked her to the entrance and as we got in, in front of the biggest crowd, I pulled on her leash, then kissed her with intent unsnapped it from her collar and put it in my pocket. Patting her butt I sent her off to her class.

Nick later came up to me saying "what the fuck man" I looked at him and told him "she belongs to me now".

"What do you mean she belongs to you?" Went on Nick working up some rage, I could tell by the spittle in a corner of his mouth. I didn't want to wait for the foam to appear so I spelled it out for him "she is my property now, I own her, she is mine" I could see that he wanted to punch me, I may have even hoped that he does but he controlled himself and said "you can't have her, I won't let you".

"Sorry mate, nothing personal" I said, "she made her choice and there is nothing you or your family can do to stop it. Think about it, there are secrets that she knows secrets that I know now" he turned pale, I continued "she's 15 soon to be 16 the age where she can get emancipated and make her own choices . How would that look if some of those secrets were to get out?" I could see that he was scared, there must have been some serious shit going on. It was time to let him off the hook so I said, "listen man, I don't want to fight, this doesnt' have to turn ugly. None of this was planned, it just happened let's just cut our losses, shake hands like men and move past that. You would much rather have me as a friend than an enemy we both know that. What's done is done there's no turning back. What we can decide is how do we go forward. I'm truly sorry for this but it is what it is and neither of us can back out from it. Friends?" I looked him in his eyes as I offered him my hand.

I could see him mulling it over, I've put him on the spot. He had to make his choice. In the end he took my hand, looked me in the eyes and said "fuck you man" with a smile "yes, friends, but you owe me", We shook on that and he walked away. I knew then that I made my first enemy. He couldn't do anything directly but I'll be expecting a knife in my back in due time. Well, that's one problem sorted or at least postponed, in any case he'll hate her but fear me so peace will hold for now.

That was the easy part, the hard part will be eventually confronting Eve. despite all my my bravado I started to care a lot about her and I knew when the time comes the clash will be hard and emotional I jut hoped I'd be ready for that fight.

Without being given the time to reflect I got surrounded by my girlfriends. Everyone thought there was to be a fight, but now they all wanted to know what happened. We ended up skipping the first class, it was an elective anyway. Catholicism or as I like to call it a gentle introduction to ass bandits. We just sat down instead and I got grilled by everyone with the most detailed and explicit questions. I decided that I'll need my friends' support so I spilled my guts and told them the whole story every detail of it, making them promise that it will be kept a secret, knowing full well it won't. Girls, heh.

Interestingly the rest of the day went without any major incidents, the only noteworthy thing that I heard through the grapevine was that Eve's brother, Nick the dick, came up to her sister, threw her school bag at her telling her "don't bother coming back" and stormed away; cunt. I guess I'd be a bit bitter too. Eve seemed to have taken it well. No major drama, it looked as life was getting back to the norm.

Over the next few days I moved Eve into my place. That day after school I took Eve home and we waited for my mom. When she got in, I introduced her as my girlfriend, they liked each other. I guess there was no point in hiding it, she heard all the moans and banging from upstairs and saw the bed sheet carnage in the washing. I wandered if she thought all this blood was a virgin blood, and she wouldn't be wrong.

Nick magnanimously arranged us to come to Eve's place and take her stuff when nobody was around. I wanted to avoid meeting the rest of her family to minimise any potential clashes. I did wonder however how her parents never said a word. I know I wouldn't be able to just let my kid go without making sure she's safe. I guessed Eve was better off with me.

Few more weeks passed and life turned into a routine, Eve lived with me, slept in her cot and we had steamy sex and played many kinky games. She was happy to be owned, to belong and I was happy to have a sex slave. Life was good. The dreaded clash with Nick never materialised, he and Irene were hot and heavy and Eve's breakdown came in instalments rather than one big dump. She told me her story, it was hard to take but I was there for her, she cried herself out and we were back to normal. Peas and carrots. My mother loved Eve, she effectively became her daughter. Turns out in a way I was fucking my sister too I thought to myself; kinky.

My mom thought Eve was God-sent for me, I had an outlet, and someone to care about. My grades improved and there was much less mischief I got to. Who knew, despite all the failed attempts by my family to control me, all they needed to do was to find me a sex slave. When I learned Eve's story I thought I saved her but truth be told she saved me as well. Saved me from myself. She was my angel.

I started focusing my energy in a positive direction. I started learning about computers, I was fascinated about The ability to make machines do what I wanted. I also joined a photography club and liked art. I imagined I would be a novelist someday but I thought that it gets a bit breezy in winter. I didn't want to snuggle naked against other novelists living in a cardboard box under a bridge so I dropped that idea quickly. During one of my walks I discovered a wrestling club. It was a proper Greek-roman Olympic wrestling style and I thought how it looks hard and unnecessarily violent so, naturally I joined the club. The training was brutal, I spent couple of hours there five times a week. I was good at it.

Eve graduated and started high school. I turned 14 and she was 16. She could drive but we had no use for a cars. As city kids, we went about our business on foot or using public transportation, made free by avoiding ticket inspectors.

In the past year that we were together I matured a lot. I was still a silly kid, but not as silly as before and a good part of that was all thanks to Eve. What affected me, affected her as well and I had to take care of her and protect her. She was my slave but also my responsibility. She got so dependent on me for just about everything I couldn't let her down. She was a part of me, a part of my life. She was my rock. She made me whole.

First the kids in school, then people in our little area got used to seeing as walk around with her on the leash. They got used to it so much that the would look around for me if they saw her untethered. They learned to accept our

weirdness and treated us kindly, as we were good kids, polite and well mannered.

I maintained a friendship with all my girlfriends, made a few more in the process too. They all knew Eve and liked her. I even deflowered three of my girlfriends with Eve's help. We all got a kick out of that, we invented our own game. We called it a spin the bottle defloration game.

Eve and I became go-to kids for all sorts of sexual questions. We have done it all, anything that we could think of, I fucked her pussy mouth and ass. I pissed on her and she swallowed. I tied her up with vibrators for days and just made her cum over and over again. I fisted her pussy and ass, inserted bottles in her, it seemed to me that the more depraved the fantasy the more she would get off on it. I didn't complain. I got turned on by all of it that, but what I didn't realise was that I was getting more depraved myself. Appetites grow.

One day when I was teaching one of my girlfriends how to give a good blowjob she kept sucking and sucking but I barely stayed hard. I realised that the regular sex doesn't excite me as much anymore. What I wanted to do is to tie her up and throat fuck her while I slapped her tits. Of course, not everyone is into that and even the ones who are, may have to take some training to get used to it. You cant just stick your dick in a girl's throat and start slapping away then ask her "did you love it or what, slut?"

I spent most of my time going to school, hanging out with my slave, learning about computers and walking around city taking photos. I had a growing collection of Eve's negatives; it turned me on to practice photography with her. I involved her in everything I did and she became an integral part of my life. Eve was exceptionally smart, extremely capable but completely disinterested in anything apart from me. All she wanted was to be my slave and live out her life serving me.

That was enough for her but not for me. I thought she needed to develop some interests elsewhere and God knows I tried a lot to get her interested; all with limited or no success. She was a person of singular interest.

She and I experimented a lot, watching VHS tapes with porn, I've must seen them all. Anything kinky we would try to emulate, see how we liked it ourselves.

One day as I was browsing a porn section of a dodgy little video store, those films are rated 18, some even illegal so I had to go to places where cash does the talk. The owner, a greasy little hunchback guy that always smelled of onion and I nicknamed "Igor" wanted to talk to me. I was a regular customer and plenty of times I came over with my Eve on a leash letting her choose the kink for that night.

It turns out that there is a market for underage sex videos, the more hard core the better. I was underage and so was Eve so we got to talking and agreed that if he was to lend me a camera and lights I can make videos for him and we'll split the cash. Its not like I'll get arrested for having sex with my underage girlfriend and it did sound kinky. I was sure Eve would get turned on and I was right.

We gave it a go and put on some venetian masks. I didn't really want to be recognised, Eve was ambivalent. My photography experience finally finding its use. We did one film unedited as is, it was a full VHS tape of me fucking eve every way possible and brought it to the guy. One week later I was counting 3,000$. Fuck me that was a lot of money for a kid and only after just one tape. I must have fucked Eve hundred times in between, we've been fucking like rabbits on coke.

I discovered one important trait in myself. I was an enterprising little shit. I invested all the cash we made into video equipment and we started fucking. Eve's dirty mind knew no bounds. She invented all sorts of scenarios and we've done them all. My dick was sore but after a week of constant fucking we've had 23 full tapes of the nastiest hard core underage pornography I in a history of film. Some of what we did made snuff films seem romantic in comparison. I went to see the video shop guy to pick up the additional 2,000$ and talk business.

I told him what I've got and my plans. I wanted to sell at volume he couldn't move, but he knew the guys who could. We agreed to meet up in a week's time. Next time there were Igor and three rough looking guys. They all looked like tramps, one of them was Albania, the other looked like an Arab and a third one looked like an asshole. My plan was simple, I'll take care of production and they'll take care of duplication and distribution.

This was pretty much the same deal I had with the original guy only at larger volume. I knew there is time limit on this business, a day before Eve turns 18, the gig's up, she'd get nicked for having sex with a minor. I gave the guys our stock and went home.

Business exploded we made 84K$ in the first month alone, all cash. I bought all my girlfriends a gold anklet with a little heart-shaped catch. Not a fancy one but still gold, I was a gangster. They loved the gifts got a lot of hugs and kisses but they all wanted to know where and how I got the cash for such extravagant gift. I allowed them to convince me after swearing them so secrecy, then I told them. Shock and awe, then we all changed the subject.

Just as I thought, the girls started approaching me discretely, asking if I could hook them up in the biz. It was too much money to resist at our age, and it did feel kind of exciting. I told them I'm happy to do it and the deal is they get half of what I get for shoots with them and that’s to be split between all actors whoever they are and they agreed.

We rented a large six-bed unfurnished house, paid a year in advance in cash; full asking price no questions asked. It was on the market for a better part of a year and the owner was happy to let it out and forget we existed. I called a meeting of all the girls who were interested. We went shopping, while girls took care of furnishings, decoration and sex toys I took care of the video equipment. I've set up each room with its own set of lights and cameras. That cost me a bomb, but I got a good deal, buying stolen goods in bulk and paying cash under the counter. What most people don't know is that all shops whatever they sell, they also sell stolen goods. Why do you think there's always a mismatch in a warehouse, where do you think it disappears? Staff, steals, "broken" goods on arrival, missing shipments. Nothing new. You just need to know how to ask.

Since then we started spending a lot of time at our new headquarters, I was the only guy but there were eleven girls including Eve. I taught them all how to operate the camera, change the tapes, how to label them and the basic process. You're taking a piss? Get someone to film that, give your clit a flick. Taking a shower? Film it. Feeling a bit horny, get a friend to give you a lick, or chose a dildo. Film it. The cum for cash programme. Don't let your orgasms go unpaid.

We agreed that nobody will have the keys and that there was always going to be someone there to let others in; and so we begun. The whole business ran on its own. If you wanted to make cash you would come in, set things up, do your scene, fill the tape, label it and go home. Once a week I'd take the tapes to the video store, collect the cash and split it with everyone.

Over time more of us stayed there for longer, sex was great but so was the companionship. Our relationship matured into a deep friendship or maybe something even more than that. We all had sex with each other at some point and we cared deeply for each other. There was a lot of love and trust, we were like a big family.

Business was going well too, I expanded camera sets to cover the master bathroom, kitchen and a living room. We were raking in an average 60K$/week most of it ending up with me but nobody had a problem with that. Early on we agreed to change the money split. Sometimes for this reason or another someone was unable to perform so we decided to split equally that 50% between twelve of us. Jokingly I called us a dirty dozen. That stuck and we were officially a gang. We even branded our videos a DD Production, made us chuckle, none of the girls had double-dees, which would be the first thing that would come to my dirty mind.

We would have made a lot more money if I got some guys involved, for various scenes, I even got offers from the video guy. Some clients were offering large sums to act in our videos but I turned them all down. I loved my girlfriends. Maybe I was a bit possessive but none of them had boyfriends. Most of them lost their virginity to me and we were more than just friends. I wouldn't turn them into whores. I'd rather throw all the shit out and quit the biz. Integrity.

We had plenty of cash, in fact more than we could spend. For all our flaws and greed we were kids of working families. We never had money in excess and we didn't have spending habits. Sure girls wanted some nice clothes but those were the high street brands not the Pradas of this world. Most helped out their parents; I knew I made my mom's mortgage quietly disappear. The only person I wanted to spend my money on was Eve, I'd buy her the world for asking but she had all she needed and we were happy.

Some girls took to sleeping in their rooms, some alone and some together. Most of the time we all huddled up in the master bedroom, some girls taking the bed some a cot, every now and then a new doggie bed appeared. I'd often drag eve to the bed, and fell asleep hugging her, just to find her in her cot in the morning. I knew she loved me as much as I loved her, maybe even more she told me once "I love you master, you have my heart but I know my place". I realised she is who she is and I didn't feel bad. There were plenty of hot naked girls to hug while sleeping, it felt more intimate to me than sex. Sex was just fun. If had to choose I'd give up sex sooner than love.

Over time and our many meetings I got to know Idrizi and Abdul, I never knew who the forth guy was. I was making them good money they were making us good money it was a good base for friendship. Of course I knew they were gangsters. What we did wasn't quite legal but everyone back then was dealing something, that’s how people got by. Jobs were scarce and underpaid; bills were high and police was corrupt. Idrizi was connected with the Albanian mafia and Abdul was connected with the Lebanese. They had their deals, their turf and this relationship worked.

The more we got to know each other the more I got to learn about their business. I thought we were making a mint, but what we did barely moved the scales for either of them. Money was money and thats how they made it. Underage porn was just one of the bottom items on a very long ledger. Papers, laundering, drugs, trafficking, guns, contracts, whatever you could think that was illegal they did it. It was like a mega mall of illegal shit. What surprised me though was that the most money they made was from completely legit businesses. They were invested in stocks, bonds, real-estate and hundreds of large business that you would never guess were syndicate funded. When you hear a phrase "mob bank" it's not a house where mob holds its cash. It’s a regular high street bank whose shares are owned by a corp, that's owned by a shell that's owned by another corp that's owed by a guy who is a boss of a bosses boss of Idrizi or Abdul. Next time you buy a soda another gangster gets paid. Whenever some other gang moves in, you do what all people do, call the police. The racketeers protect and serve for a fee

For a long time I kept wondering why are they telling me all this, surely not for the bragging rights. They had my respect, I did what I did and didn't need to know any of that. Surely there was an agenda, were they grooming me for something? What could they possibly want from a 14 years old kid? I guess that's the proverbial penny, just waiting to drop. What do they say? Once in, always in. I decide not to worry about that, the answers will come in time.

Eve's enslavement anniversary was coming up, Eve was a perfect slave, I only had to punish her a few times and I knew she orchestrated that. First time I punished her she had a tantrum out of nowhere, started breaking things, I ordered her to stop but she just got angrier. I could tell she was faking it but she wouldn't stop. I didn't lose temper but she needed to be taught a lesson, or rather she needed to release her energy. You don't live with someone for a long time without learning how the person ticks. I knew Eve well, sometimes I thought I knew her better than she knew herself. I was sure she knew me equally well.

I grabbed her by her throat and slammed her body against the wall, she got quiet. Sounds brutal but that's not the first time I did that, in fact we had sex that way many times, it turns her on.

"What did you call me slave?" I asked, "Answer me" she was quiet. "Did you call me a cunt?, Is that a way to address your master?" I waited "No master, I'm sorry" she said. "You're not but you will be"

This would all be much more realistic if I couldn't read her eyes, and even if I couldn't; I touched her pussy and she was soaking wet, her pussy juice was running down her legs. "Stay here slave, don't you fucking move" I went to the bathroom took some bandages, switched on the lights and the camera. Let the good times roll I thought to myself.

First I collected her luscious blonde hair in a ponytail, then wrapped it with a bandage. Next I put a bandage around her eyes, generously so she couldn't see anything. That served a dual purpose as a mask for a camera. She stood there naked with just the bandages on. I guided her to the bathroom. While holding her with one hand I ripped off the toilet seat with another, seeing it fly into a nearby wall with a loud crash. I took a 9'' black fat dildo, spat on a suction cup and attached it to the toilet bowl.

Squirting a generous amount of silicone lubricant on the dildo I smeared it over with my hand then wiping the excess off against her asshole, inserting a couple of fingers in the process. By now Eve's pussy was free flowing she was so turned on. You can tell by the drops that don't run but those that ooze and hang of pussy. I call it high-viscosity pussy juice, body produces when a girl knows that she's going to get fucked raw.

I guided her to the dildo and had her sit on it, her mouth opened I could hear her exhale. I let her do it in her own time. Eve was one of those girls who loved anal sex. She loved having her ass played with, during her fertile days I'd fuck her ass and fill it with my cum while I played with her clit. I knew Eve could take 9'' dildo easily, I trained her with a 12'' one but that was too much for what I had in mind. Eve was into period play as well, we called those the vampire nights, I once had all girls lick eve's pussy including myself as she was bleeding. If there was something that Eve wasn't into, we didn't find it.

Once she settled herself on the dildo I brought two spreader bars, attaching one to her feet and another to her arms, then I lifted her legs up, placing the spreader bar on the ceramic bowl, while moving the other spreader bar attached to her hands behind the flusher. Finally I connect them together with a bandage on both ends.

The result was very interesting, she was perched on the toilet seat like a sexy gargoyle. Her legs were stretched and spread wide, her pussy fully open and dripping straight into the toilet bowl. Her tits were pointing up as she was stretched against the flusher and fully stuck impaled on a 9'' rubber cock.

I took a mouth spreader stuck it between her teeth and opened, I heard her moan and shake her head. That was all that she could do. She couldn't talk or beg me to stop. Back then we didn't have safe words, we didn't even know what safe words were. We were all self-taught savants. Back then you don't plan, you play you rip someone's ass, shit, sorry didn't know that's possible I love you, I love you too, that's how we learned. Simpler times. Today all this "uhuhuh" "mmm", yellow, red, purple, "uncle", hand gestures, head gestures leg gestures, you fucking need a book and a drivers license to abuse people, the whole realism goes away. Of course its safer, but is it better? Where is the thrill of a possibility of it all turning badly. People race cars for thrills, we fucked for thrills. Nowadays everyone wants a be a master or a slave they call it a bit of kink. It is exactly what that is, a bit of kink for bored housewives and their tired husbands who can't get it up just looking at them. No honey you're not old and fat, I'm just tired, I pushed three envelopes at work today. I'll go to a doctor tomorrow to look at my repetitive strain injury; it is a serious thing you know. If my wrist hurts I won't be able to wank thinking of anyone but you. Why don't you get in your sado-maso gear and start without me, I'll join you when I catch my breath and finish my crisps; coronation street is almost finished.

I spat in Eve's mouth, "that will teach you to be a potty mouth", I took out my dick, aimed it at her mouth and released, she couldn't close her mouth the only thing she could do is swallow my piss.

I pissed a little, waited to for her to swallow, then took a toilet brush and stuck it in her mouth scrubbing it in and out. When I pulled it out, I pissed a little more, waited for her to swallow then repeated the process. It went on like that until I was out of piss.

Reaching the bag with toys, I got a clitoral butterfly stimulator, attached it to her clit, making sure it won't come off and turned it on medium. I knew my darling, she won’t be able to cum from that and she'll be in agony.

Now the hard part I thought. I took a bottle of water, squeezed some lemon juice in it and drank it. I kept repeating that until it made me sick. I kept Eve like that for a better part of the day, drinking water pissing it into her mouth, then scrubbing it with a toilet brush.

Eve was delirious, shaking her head, moaning, screaming, making little ugh-ugh sounds, shaking as I mercilessly tortured her. Most of the water I drank I pissed in her mouth and made her swallow, which made her bladder fill up and piss down the toilet bowl. Recycling water is good for the environment.

By the time I was done, she started to lose consciousness, she was babbling, I untied her legs and removed the spreader bar but kept the one on her arms. Making sure that the dildo doesn't come out of her ass. I carried her to the bed and put her in a doggie position, her tired face placed directly on the mattress, her tied hands behind her back with a spreader bar and a big black dildo poking a couple of inches out of her ass. I got behind her stuck my dick in her beautiful pink pussy and started fucking her hard. Every time I'd push in I'd push a dildo deeper in her ass and every time I'd pull back the dildo would pop out a few inches.

"Aa, aa, auu, auu, uuu, uuu, aa, aa" she went incoherently, as I pounded her drooling into the mattress, snot bubbling out of her nose tears in free flow with a choking sound of her breath. Then it hit her. She came so hard I had trouble holding on to her. I pulled on her spreader bar as I stuck both dicks inside her and let her ride the orgasm wave. Then I let her drop and we continued.

I kept that going for just over four hours, my muscles were hurting, I was sweating like a rapist, I was thirsty, gasping for air despite over gallon of water I drank earlier. The hardest part though was trying not to cum. I failed and came two times but I still was hard, and I kept going pounding her squishy pussy. I lost track of how many times Eve came. I stopped fucking her when I finally saw her stop to reacting, she fainted.

I literally fucked her unconscious and that would stroke my ego if I wasn't worried about Eve. I untied her, made sure everything's fine and she's breathing normally. I took a warm damp cloth and cleaned her up. Sheets were a mess but I didn't want to move her so I just folded them in a way they would cover the messiest spots. Taking a brisk shower while the girls looked after her, I laid behind her, hugged her gently and told her that I love her and held her close, she was my little darling. She meant a world to me.

I woke next morning, eve still sleeping in my arms, but she moved at night, now she was hugging me with both arms and legs. I looked around, girls were already gone to school we were alone, it was so quiet. I was thirsty, and hungry my throat hurt but I didn't move, I let Eve sleep. She rarely shown her feelings always being reserved and obedient but this felt good, she hugged me tight to her as if to say, you're mine forever I'm never letting you go. As if that was even possible.

She knew how I felt about her, I loved my little messed up angel with my whole heart and soul. I was sure I was ready to die for her. She was the first woman I had sex with, the first woman to love me unconditionally and never ask anything in return not even my love or respect. That made me open my heart to her, she was the only woman I loved. I didn't even know what love is until she taught me. She made me a better man, she grounded me, she shown me so much, all that I've become and that I ever will be is because of her, my angel, my saviour my guiding light, my best friend, my lover, my partner my soulmate.

Then I cried. That was the first time I can remember that I cried. I never cry. I am so emotionally closed off, distant and controlled that I never truly felt anything I didn't even know I was capable of real feelings, just some muted emotions, mostly causing discomfort. I didn't know how to handle so much emotion and all at once, I don't even know what emotion was I feeling it all kind of rushed in, garbled, paralysing.

She felt my tears and opened her eyes, she didn't say anything, there was nothing to be said. She just squeezed me tighter and cried herself. She knew.

It took me many years to understand certain things, mostly understand myself. I could read people easily but for the most of my life I was mystery to myself. When I first met Eve, things just kind of happened and they kept happening despite the odds. I often thought about why and how.

As I got to understand human sexuality better, I realised that there are many sexes, not just male and female. We are mostly born like that, sometimes it’s a nurtured trait

It would be easy to just say there are men and there are women. What about the men that fuck men? How about the women that fuck women? How about men that only fuck some men but not the other? The number of possible variants goes ad infinitum. But one thing that is clear to me is that for every weird permutation there is an exact opposite, matching combination.

Eve was a mostly heterosexual deeply submissive girl, what I didn't know back then but eve instinctively felt was that I was mostly heterosexual strongly dominant boy. I was the exact opposite of her, a perfect match. No wonder things just happened for us so fast. We never had any regrets, nothing really mattered to either of us but ourselves. We were happy whatever happened as long as we were together.

This was the real reason why Eve got accepted so quickly by my family that's why kids never teased us and everyone went along. We were in our world, they could see it on our faces, they didn't really matter to us, they were just bystanders, optional extras in our film.

What I learned throughout years was that love, sex, intimacy between a straight vanilla man and a woman requires little maintenance. The flame burns low and that's enough. Requires little fuel, little drama, it burns dim and that's fine it’s enough for both.

Inversely for people like Eve and I, who are on the far end of the spectrum the fire doesn't just burn it is an inferno It turns to dust anything that stands in between, it eats you up quickly, and constantly needs to be fed. It shines bright and its always hungry for more. For people like us the flame doesn't burn us it keeps us warm we are made of fire and we burn free. The love between a master and her slave is not an ordinary love you read of in a book, I'm no Mr. Darcy. It is a complete soul consuming unstoppable undeniable force, it is without border and without reason, uncontainable and unapologetic. Such is our sex, our passion, our need and hunger for each other but also our devotion to one other and the trust we share. Eve saw the monster in me. She had many of her own demons but I was a monster, scarier than all of them. I gave her my collar but she kept me on a leash. With me around, Eve's demons went away. I was the Evil she turned good. Eve was an angel and I was something else.

When you dare to look through the scariest, deepest abyss of your own heart and soul and find that one person standing back accepting you fro who you are sharing her deepest and darkest secrets knowing that you won't flinch or judge her but love her for it no matter what; that person is the one you've been searching for all your life, even unknowingly.

I am the bringer and my name is Light. I am the wind and heart, I whisper and I dream.