This is a work of fantasy. It is not about real people, and if it is, its not what they would do. (not that you are likely to know them anyway). If you are under 18, go away, since I don’t like to get in trouble. If you are turned off by perversion, what are you doing at asstr? In other words, go away. If none of this applies to you, great! Read on! Have fun! Let me know what you like!
Oh, and I work hard on my writing…so guess what? Its mine. That’s right boys and girls…its copyrighted…so if you want it? Just ask- we’ll talk.
Note: portions of this were written by a friend. They gave up on it, told me to do what I would with it They didn't want any reference, but it would irk me to say something was totally my own when it wasn't. Cheers!


Snapshots (MF, voy, cheat)

"Come up to my room Michael," she said quite casually. "I want to show you something." 
I stopped with my hand on the banister, foot halfway off the ground and felt like she had jolted me in the heart with a cattle prod. I had been admiring her from afar all night. A whole group of us had met at her favorite bar. She had arrived with Daniel, but when he had mysteriously disappeared, she asked me to drive her home. 
I liked her wide green eyes, almost but not quite hidden behind her spectacles and the soft mass of brown hair that ran down her back. I thought she was beautiful. I thought she was smart too. And funny. Lucky Daniel. 
"Um, I don't think that is a good idea..." my voice trailed off into a squeak. 
She looked me right in the eye, a little quirk of her full lips turning her face into the mischievous look of a seventeen-year old girl leading her boyfriend up to her parent's room. Then the smile faded and she said with complete innocence and sincerity, "I won't bite." 
"Um," I stuttered again, feeling like that 17-year-old boy, "Where is Daniel?" 
A casual flutter of her hand dismissed Daniel, "He's out. He won't be back for a while. Maybe not till tomorrow. But he wanted me to show you something." 
I stared at her ass as it swayed up the stairs. She was wearing a very short black skirt and a silky top, no stockings and high heels. I could see quite a lot of her lovely leg and thigh. I was pretty sure she wasn't wearing any panties.

My feet moved of their own volition up the stairs. I took them two at a time. She led me straight to the bedroom and sat down on the bed. Standing in the doorway, hand in my pocket, I jingled my keys nervously, wondering what the hell was going to happen next. 
"Come on in. Daniel wanted me to show you some of his new photographs." 
I nodded. Daniel was a photographer for a newspaper. I walked cautiously into the big bedroom as if there might still be booby traps to encounter, unsure of where this was heading. The room was filled with photographic paraphernalia. There were cameras everywhere, stacked on shelves of an old bookcase and covering every available surface. I remembered she told me that Daniel collected vintage cameras. 
The brick walls of the bedroom were covered with black and white photographs. 
They were all of her. Her naked on the bed, her hands on her breasts. Her face covered by the fluff of her hair except for her 100-watt smile, her hands down between her legs. Her heart-shaped ass in the air, the brown trail of hair of her pussy parted to reveal the soft inner lips. 
There must have been 50 photos in all, each showing her naked and aroused. I felt my cock stir in my pants. It was, after all, how I had been thinking about her all night.

"They're beautiful," I said. It sounded lame. "Amazing." A little bit of my desire leaked into my voice that time and she smiled. 
"I like to be looked at," She said simply. I stared at her, knowing this was going somewhere. My cock rolled over again and she glanced down at my crotch as if she sensed it. "I want you to watch me." I looked up at her face, waiting for her reaction. "It's not hard to do," she explained, "all you have to do is sit there." She pointed at a leather armchair set close to the big king sized bed. 
In a flash, I understood. Her desire for me jumped into my mind. She had the hots for me too. She wanted me. But there was Daniel. If I watched her, if we never actually touched each other it wasn't really like cheating, was it? Somehow that maintained a boundary that she and presumably Daniel were both comfortable with. 
She smiled and nodded her head as this realization spread to her face. I smiled back. Grinned. Hell yes! I would gladly watch her from here to eternity. And back again. I'd watch her do anything she wanted to. I was her willing captive and lowered myself down in the chair to prove it. 
She went to a small stereo and turned on some music. It was soft jazz, heavy on the saxophone. She walked over to my chair and started swaying her hips in time to the music as she unbuttoned her shirt. My eyes were riveted to her slender fingers as they slid the buttons out of their holes. The shirt floated to the floor. She was wearing a black lacy camisole. Over her head it went. Her breasts were very round and full, not too large, but milky white with pink nipples. She
rubbed a thumb over one and brought it to life. Her hips still swayed with the music. 

Reaching behind herself, she unzipped the skirt, which landed in the pile with her other clothes. I gasped. She was even more beautiful with her clothes off. I stared at her from the ground up,  taking in every curve. Her feet and ankles were small and trim, strong calves, rounded thighs, and then the swell of her hips. Her waist was narrow and that accentuated the roundness of her breasts. 
she had left her glasses on. For some reason this delighted me. She had her hands on her breasts and belly now, rubbing her nipples, swaying in front of me, so close that I could have reached out and touched her. I knew that would break the spell and had to sit on my hands. My cock was throbbing now, squished down inside my tight jeans. I  was longing to open my pants and take it out, I needed to. 
"Take it out," She commanded, "I want to see it." She were still swaying in front of me, one hand on her breast, the other now parting the lips of her pussy, slender fingers stealing inside. I was jealous. Jealous of her fingers. 
Unzipping my pants, I reached in and eased my cock out. It was rock hard and pulsing. 
She bent over me and for one heartbreaking second I thought she was going to touch me, but then she moved away, over to the bed and sat down. "It's beautiful. I love your cock." she sighed. "Its making me so wet just to look at it. I'd love to take it in my mouth and eat you. Suck you. I wish I could touch you. It looks so soft, like velvet and so hard too."

She lay back against the many pillows stacked against the headboard. I could see her very well, was close enough to be able to jump out of the chair and in one stride jump on top of her. I didn't. Couldn't. 
"Look at me." She pleaded. "Look at how hot you make me." She spread her legs wide and opened herself to me. "Look how red and wet my pussy is for you. I want you so bad." She sighed again and slipped her finger into herself. Her other hand rubbed her clit. She did it so gracefully, so beautifully. My hand was on my cock, stroking it before I even knew it. 
"Oh my," I said. "You are so beautiful. So hot!" And she was, her head thrown back, her eyes closed almost to slits, she looked sleek and feline. Her cheeks were flushed and glasses a little askew. She had left them on, I realized, so that she could see me too. She was feeling delicious. 
"I wish I could fuck you," She said. "I wish this was your cock instead of my finger. I would fuck you so well." She sat up and opening the night table drawer pulled out a blue penis-shaped vibrator. 
"I want to show you how I would fuck you. Just watch me."
The vibrator moved between the folds of her lips, I could hear it buzzing. She kept it on her clit for a while and continued to fuck herself with her finger. Then she held my eyes as she slid the vibrator in, "I wish this was you," she breathed. 
Passion danced in the air between us. I felt hot and cold at the same time and felt my balls tighten and move up. I could feel the orgasm building in me. I wasn't ready yet. I didn't want this to end.
My eyes never left her. She slid the vibrator in and out with one hand, the other hand was fingering her clit. Her pussy looked so red and wet and I could see her thighs shaking with unreleased passion. I had never seen anything so erotic. I wanted to jump across the space between us and plunge myself into her. I kept imagining how it would feel, every time the vibrator slipped in her, I imagined it was me.

All this imagining got me even hotter.  I could feel it boiling inside me.  Her own passion must have been near its peak as well, as her gasping and shuddering body no longer truly noticed mine as got lost in the feeling.  Watching her like that, so uninhibited—and I felt myself losing control.  I called to her, let her know what she'd done to me.  Her eyes glazed, but open, watched as my cum spurted out over my hand and onto the wooden floor. 

I continued to watch her, her body beginning to flush with preorgasmic splendor.  The color crept up her body like a wave.

"Get the camera." She panted, pointing quickly at the table next to me.
I did as she requested, watched her orgasm as it flushed her body.

"Take it." She hissed. "Take the picture."

I clicked a few, as her orgasm took over, her hands grasping and clenching at her own body, writhing in torment.  I put the camera back down as her orgasm mellowed.

She sighed. "Wow." She gestured me over. "You passed."

She pulled my by my shirt, down onto her, kissing me warmly.

"Wanna stay the night?"

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