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Nearly to the day! I HAVE been around, lurking a bit, read tons, but mainly writing scads upon scads in Harry Potter fanfic. (which, btw, has plenty of smut involved as well, so if you're even remotely interested, you might wish to take a peek!) In the last year, (wow!) I've managed to finish 3 novel lengths, about halfway through two others, and one that is only 2 chapters shy of complete.  I have been keeping people up to date through my yahoo group; I have done one story for here in that time, for the Curmudgeon festival back in the fall...it hasn't been linked here, but was posted to assm. "Saving a Seat" is now on the website.

The novel (and the main reason for my actual return) is one i've actually been working on for three years. "The Wedding Dress" will have plenty of smut, some intrigue, and a variety of time periods. Hopefully, with all the planning I've done, i'll actually be able to pull it off! Chapter one has been submitted to ASSM, and is now posted here as well.

As always, please feel free to email me, as I do answer my mail, even if i'm not around here as often as I used to. (and if you're an HP fan following, NO I haven't given up on my other works in progress!)



Note: Dates are posting dates. Dates in red show the most recent posting(s). * means it has been posted on ASSM.
These really aren't stories. I guess you might call these my fantasies, what I would do if I were a bit braver, bawdier, or just outright slutty.
These actually have some body to them, and some sort of storyline. I'm really working on this area.
Saving a Seat *1094
(Curmudgeon Festival entry)
What would you do if you lusted after someone on the bus? 7/23/05

Deep Sea Fishing *641
A Fisherman's Widow Tale
She gets invited to go with him on a party boat. Is that all? 7/22/04

Ocean Mist
* 785
(finalist January 2004 Silver Clitoride )
A sunrise hike with a memory. 1/6/04

Get Out
(Desdmona Flash Contest)
She knows. 1/2/04

Goodbye Again
(Desdmona's Flash Contest)
She's waiting for him, again. Is it time to let go? 1/2/04

Cookie Crumbs
 * 1,012
The little ones all nestled snug in their beds...
but what are Mom and Dad doing? (MF, Rom, WL, Holiday) 12/24/03

God in Heaven * 250
(Desdmona Flash Contest)
wandering hands... 10/7/03

Judy's Turn to Cry
* 756
Reprise to Sir Fozzie's " Its My Party " 9/21/03

Eight Hours
( review by Crimson Dragon)
You think you're frustrated? (F-Solo) 9/4/03

The Toll House Dance
A meeting at a dance.
(flash, rom) 8/21/03

*  1355
A Fisherman's Widow Tale
( Finalist August 2003 Silver Clitoride)
A canoe, a river, and bright sunshine.
(MF, Exh, WL) 8/11/03

*   665
(very late entry for the Fishtank Anniversary)
What makes or breaks a relationship?
(MF, nosex) 8/6/03

Rice Crispie Treats
*  1807
( review by Crimson Dragon)
(#6 Crimson Top 10 July 2003)
Kelly attends her friend's wild Halloween party.
(M+F) 7/19/03

The Diner
*  500
Just when you think a woman's got everything...
(No Sex) 4/22/03

Afraid *
Tales of Home Series
(nominated April 2003 Silver Clitoride )
( review by Crimson Dragon)
(#3 Crimson Top 10 April 2003)
He just enlisted. How is she going to react?

Letter Home
* 1345
Tales of Home Series
He's away while she's at home on their anniversary. What could she give him? (F-solo, MF implied) 3/28/03

Freudian Fudgicle
* 270
( Review by Crimson Dragon)

Flash, a park, a girl and some ice cream.

212 word flash

Mrs. Steven Rudy
* 375
( review by Crimson Dragon)
What would happen if you knew the singer?

Chasing the Light
* 416
A woman interested in photography and autumnal light . 2/6/03

*Katie McN read this and thought it would make good blackmail fodder. Read her response here .

In Thoughts of You
(Mat Twassel Challenge)

A woman sits in repose...why?
(tragedy, MF implied) 1/11/03

The Paper   397
(Desdmona Challenge)
Take a given photo of a Zeigfreid girl, and write a story; this was the result. 1/11/03

* 553
Sorta a window into what was going wrong with me. I'm much better now thanks!

*  1550
The mirror story to "Gone". How a woman reacts to a man's grief. (MF) 8/12/02

( Fish tank submission: comments here )

Panic Attack * 1756
( Review Crimson Dragon)
(#10 Crimson Top 10 Aug 2002)

How can you slow a woman out of control?
(MF, oral) 8/7/02

(Nominated Golden Clitoride, 2003 )

( finalist July 2002 Silver Clitoride!)
How a man deals with loss.
( Fish tank submission:comments here )

The Storm
Dora loves thunder storms. Does Will? Rom Fest 2002 flash entry.
(MF, Rom

The Reluctant Sadist
*   474
How a couple with different ideas about sex share.
(MF, mild Sad, oral) 6/13/02

Snapshots *  1709
( Nominated June 2002 Silver Clitoride )
Michael gets an eyeful when a friend decides to share her "etchings".
(MF, Voy, Cheat) 6/02/02

Saving Face *  1903
Becky tries to help out her husband's work problems.
(MF, Oral, Reluc, Cheat) 4/19/02

Blind Date * 1786
( review by Crimson Dragon)
What can happen during a cyber pickup.
(MF, Oral, Cons, cheat) 2/18/02

The Art of the Kiss   263
An exercise in the perfect kiss
(MF) 2/18/02

Trivia Games  827
Games to play in bed.
(MF, Cons) 2/9/02

Late Night Ride 1156
What would you do on a road trip? (Mf, oral) 1/11/02

The Elevator   327
What happens when a woman gets hot in close quarters. (MF, cons) 1/11/02

Pine Trees * 1400
( Review Tainted Lime)
What a way to get over a fear of hieghts! (MF, cons, oral, cheat) 1/11/02

Festivals I've led

Song Story Festival (2002)

Stories that all in one way or another had to be around a song.
Chocoerotica: Gary's Birthday Bash (2003)
In Honor of one of ASSTR's finest, we threw a surprise bash for Gary...featuring stories about his second favorite sin.

Mardi Gras Festival! (2004)
Stories due for what else? Mardi Gras, Carnivale, Fat Tuesday...whatever you call it--the world's biggest party.

We love ASSTR. ASSTR gives me free webspace, so YOU, my lovely readers can *ahem* enjoy yourselves. Please give as the spirit (and pesky finance) moves you! Donate here .
The Wedding Dress
(Yes! A novel!) Travel through time, to learn how hurt and want can make one talented woman curse more than a century of women.

Free BJ * 2,045
(Mardi Gras Festival Entry)
Daisy is at Mardi Gras, what will people think of her T-shirt? (MMMF, oral) 2/24/04

Tales of Home Series
(finalist December 2003 Silver Clitoride )
She misses Sean and it's Christmas. 12/12/03

Annsachd   *3,787
It's the eighteenth century, and a peasant girl is faced with the Prima Nocte. (MF, first, WL, Rom) 11/1/03

Girl Talk
3 girlfriends get together. What WILL they have to say? 10/5/03

A Pirate's Party
* 2,486
A Fisherman's Widow Tale
(Winner July 2003 Silver Clitoride)
( review by Crimson Dragon)
(Pirate Festival Entry) Sun, Gorgeous men...oh, and two children. (MF,exh) 7/9/03

Too Late
* 2411
( review by Crimson Dragon)
A girl is running away from home. What will she find? 7/1/03

( Finalist March 2003 Silver Clitoride )
( review by Crimson Dragon)
Things are never quite as they appear. (MF, Cheat, Oral) 3/19/03

Death by Chocolate: a Trudy Tolliver Story
Written with Souvie
( review by Crimson Dragon)
Who Killed Kenny? Trudy researches her way through members of ASS* and learns Chocolate really can kill. 3/5/03

Dating Diary 1988
part 1
* part 2 * part 3 *
10/20/88-12/29/88 The dating and life trials of a teenage girl.

Dating Diary 1989
part 1 *

The Lighthouse's Tale
* 1688
A look at an old story, Done for ASSTR's Anniversary Song Festival Based on the song by Nickel Creek. (MF, Trag) 11/10/02

*   3236
A friend helps out with some kinks, and might learn something in the process (M+F, group, bdsm (mild),humil, oral, exhib, toys) 6/25/02

The Price of Seduction * 2418
A meeting between soul mates. Rom Fest 2002 entry.
(MF, oral, cheat, trag) 6/21/02

The Session * 2220
What can happen when a woman is pushed to her breaking point?
(implied gm, ff, FF, F+) (8/7/02)

Stood Up
* 2928
( Review Tainted Lime)
This story was based on a dream I had. But I liked it so much...what can I say, my muse finally started speaking to me again! Oh, and I'll warn ya now, there isn't any sex...erotic? yeah. Sensual? I hope so...very romantic in a classic movie sorta way.
(MF, Rom) 4/30/02

Winter Nights  4091
Winter camping can be fun when you meet a strange stranger.
(MF, cons, fantasy) 1/13/02
( fishtank submission; comments here )

Snow Day * 1838
Ever wonder what a teacher might do with an off day?
(MF, cons, oral, cheat) 1/11/02

Gift 9662
Written with Artie a story about a yoga instructor who has given up on living fully and a student who decides to wake him up, and learns something herself in the process. It was an interesting collaboration, since I did most of the writing on "Gift" (from the female perspective) and he did most the work on " Healing " (the male perspective).

These are real dreams I've had, so take them as you will.

A psuedo-creation myth. (Mf, cons) 1/11/02

Moon Colony
A futuristic look at a new disease and leper-like colonies. (MMMMF, rape, murder) 1/11/02

Black Widow
What powers come with sex can be scary. (Mf, first, death) 1/22/02

The Back Burner
These are stories that I am working on and haven't finished, or stories I've written, and aren't entirely happy with. Constructive criticism is more than welcome!

Divorced some friends, some family, and occassionally myself have been going through the what if's of divorce. So I started to write...what happens when someone starts over? 8/3/02

Snowed In
When working in a hospital, a blizzard gives Leigh the opportunity to practice her special healing skills. (MF, cons, cheat, oral) This piece is unfinished... 4/17/02

A story about the healing power of sex. 1/11/02

I love the ability to make people feel, and lets face it, eroticism is the best feeling, wouldn't you agree? Therefore, I'd have to say this is more erotica than blatantly sexual. I would like to warn that these span over 10 years, so a few of the early ones might seem a bit, well, hokey. But that is how they seem to me, you might like them. They are in absolutely no sort of order whatsoever.

Wandering through Rows
Resistance *
Fruit Flavored Lips
The Shower
The Scent *
The Deepest Dark of Night
Ode to a Chocoholic *

(This website and all its stories are copyrighted, Dryad, 1991-2004,
except "Gift" and "Healing", also copyrighted by Artie, 2001.)