For those who don't know...
OUr esteemed colleague Gary is a chocolate freak.  Trying to think of something nice to do for him for his upcoming natals, I decided that  what better way to celebrate than to have a surprise party with his favorite things! Chocolate, erotica and really good friends...

Happy Birthday Gary!

Tales of Choco-erotica


Torch Song in Chocolate ” by Birthday Nymph

Death By Chocolate ” by Souvie and Dryad

Candy Bar Surprise ” by Desdmona

Chocolate, Little Girl? ” by Katie McN

A Passion for Chocolate ” by Anoninsac

An Ode to a Chocoholic ” by Dryad

Chocolate and Toffee Pussy ” by Sven the Elder

Chocolate Covered Cherries ” by Desdmona

Bittersweet ” by Selena Jardine

Freudian Fudgicle” by Dryad

The Very Best ” by Stasya T. Canine

The Chocolate Cock” by Kellis

Dark Chocolate” by Oosh

Hot Chocolate ”by cmsix

Dinner and Dessert ” by Alexis Siefert

Tempted by the Fruit of Another ” by Henrik Larson

"Chocolate Sunday" by Uther Pendragon (no-archive per coding)

CDD ” by Jack Lipton

S’mores ” by Souvie

Gift of the Maya ” by Meme Misspelt

Thank you all the authors who gave me permission to print their stories for Gary. Click here to see a pic of the bound book. Rather snaz if i do say so myself!

all coprights belong to the respective authors, except for "chocolate Cock" and "The Very Best" which the authors released.