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Welcome fair traveler! You've likely come far. However, if you are too young to vote, you're too young to be here. (read, if you're under 18, get out.) But assuming you came from ASSTR, you obviously know the rules. By clicking on any of the links here, you accept these rules.

Please look at my contents to see what I have. I am rather eclectic, writing when my muse   decides to speak to me.  I can't really say I fall into any specific category,  I just like to write, and I like sex.  Heck, I cut my teeth on cybersex,  over 10 years ago.  After all that, (and the numerous marriage proposals)  I figured I must be pretty good, just lazy.  But, as I said, over 10 years,  I've managed to at least get some things together.  I'll add to it as time  goes on.   I'd like to know if you like my work, and would love the feedback,  so please feel free to email me at gbbjg@yahoo.com!

Wow. I said that? After the last 2 years I guess I can clarify some stuff up there! I DO have a style. I like things that are reality based. I find much of what I read on ASSTR is missing something. Very few people take the time to see the beauty in the reality, even when that reality is bleak. If you want a category, I guess I've written quite a few in the "cheat" genre, but I've been told many of them aren't your "average" cheat stories. I'm proud of that. I hate to think that people think that is all I've ever written, however.

If nothing else, I've learned that ASS* is loaded with normal, caring, open people and I'm proud that I can consider so many of them my friends!
Check out Artie and Wiseguy ...both great guys, great writers and the whole reason you have my stories now.  Artie especially is  my cattleprod in the back keeping me on some sort of track. Love you guys! Other friends who've been my support; Check out Gary, Desdmona, Souvie, Nick Scipio and Vulgar Argot!

Well, I'm a married educational consultant.  I have 2 children, a lacksidaisical sex life, hence lots of time online.  Personal belief? People can romantically love more than one person at a time, and sex is not  only recreational, but can have a very healing aspect..it can touch someone  who is to all effects lost when nothing else will.

Okay, I hear you asking.  What's a Dryad? Well, you're online, so I'm going to be a brat, and tell you to look it up.  (Click here for my favorite visual interpretation)

Well, okay I would, but then you wouldn't get the reasons behind it.  A Dryad is from Greek Mythology (in tribute to my degree in English) and its a Tree nymph.  Realize, this has been my online nickname for 12 years now.  The original 5 reasons?
1) it starts with a D like my real name
2) I love trees, love nature.
3) A tribute to fantasy, to language in general.
4) Lets face it, Cyber is all about words and intellect...its a quick check to see how much someone knows (or knows how to find out).
and 5?)
*grin* my own little play on words....nymph......o *wink*

Last note:  These are fantasy (more or less) ladies and gentlemen. These characters are  just that-- characters.  Which means cyber ink runs through their veins, and not blood, so unlike you and me, they aren't capable of getting diseases from acting stupid.

With that said...
read what I have, love it, hate it....its here...

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