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Estelle and Joy Have Sex With Horses
Author: william (
Incest family making films with their child having sex with Horses (Beast, F/F, M/F, toys, incest)
  Estelle was about to meet another daughter of William and Judy her name is Joy. Joy was enrolled in a school in Europe. This made it easier for the family to continue with all there perverted sex and movie making as Joy could get her education without all the distractions of sex. Joy eventually after her academic education would run the family porn business.

Joy not only was learning her academic subjects at a fast pace she also was learning all about the animal sex that the school taught. That was the real reason for her training over in Europe. Joy's sex education consisted of learning how to handle animals of the large size mainly horse,bulls and donkeys even huge stallions.

Joy turned thirteen in school and had been in school for several months. Joy learned fast and her studies came easy. This made and gave her more time with her instructors teaching her and showing her how to fuck all the animals. Joy was having some type of sex with animals on a daily basis. She enjoyed her animal friends huge cocks and loved the taste of their cum. By end of school year Joy had taken huge horse cocks in her tiny cunt over fifty times.

Her instructors both male and female love Joy. Mostly because she enjoyed sex and was not afraid of fucking older men or younger boys as well doing sex with women.

She proved that when she took her sex exams. Taken on two of the male instructors then proceeding to suck her female instructors cunts dry after they were fucked by dogs filled with dog cum.

Joy at thirteen was a whore and love the thought of going home to her family to prove she could be the best child porn star around and the youngest to fuck a big stallion's cock.

Estelle knew of Joy but, never had met with her. Joy had already gone to Europe when Estelle arrived at the home of William and Judy.

Estelle wanted to meet Joy and was anxious to hear of her home coming. Estelle love sucking young girls cunts and having sex with them and knowing Joy was eager to meet her made Estelle very excited. Joy knew through Judy that Estelle had sex and fucked several of the animals already like the goats, donkey and of course the family dog. Joy,Judy and Estelle were to do a movie fucking horses when she came home.

William already had several horses available for the filming. Estelle knew movies would be made and that she was there for that type of movie making. She loved being a whore in a perverted family like William's family. This was very exciting to her fucking a big horse cock along with all the family members.

Estelle, had been in the Williams family for several months. Estelle always refer to Judy as the family whore. Estelle was referred to both as a cunt and whore in their conversations because that's the way their perverted family love was for each other.

Estelle, sometimes was refer to as big cunt because her cunt hole was bigger in diameter and her clit stuck out and inch from her cunt lips.

Joy, knew about the size of Estelle's cunt and knew she would be perfect for a horse cock.

In her letter home she made it very clear that she wanted to have sex with mom, dad and Charlie. Most of all the new whore Estelle as soon as she got home.

The day had arrived and Charlie was sent to the airport to pick up Joy. Charlie to was excited it was almost a year since he seen Joy. He remember the last time with her. Joy had tried to take his huge 2x10 inch cock up her asshole but couldn't. Joy laughed and promised Charlie she would get it in her ass the next time they met.

The family members prepared the home cumming brunch like most of the other brunches. French poodle cum dip. Dog cum cream puffs. Punch made with several different flavors of piss.

Estelle made the punch giving her full bladder of piss in the punch bowl mixed with Judy's and some other family member's now adding some sweet soda and strawberries.

Judy had already order many pints of different animal cum from the pet store in town to garnish the cheese and crackers. To make things special Estelle had Judy fill her cunt with a small bottle of cherries. They were going to use a large bottle but, of course some things just don't happen. Judy laughed telling Estelle the could have hide the whole bottle in her cunt hole. They wanted to get the lunch made and refrigerated it to season the cum and chill the punch so they didn't have to bother making all the lunches later.

Charlie now at the airport waiting for Joy. It wasn't a long wait he had timed it real close. Joy came quickly through the customs check point picked up her baggage and with Charlies help quickly left the airport.
Charlie waited till he got to the car then gave Joy a big hug and kiss. She kissed him back laughing some then said. "Charlie, I can take your big cock up my fucking asshole now if you want to fuck me."

Charlie smiled knowing she really was a new girl from when she left for school.
The ride home was very sexual in conversation. Joy asking Charlie if he was fucking his sheep as he always done and if mom still like fucking the donkey's. The most important question was if he liked fucking Estelle.

Charlie very proud of Estelle told Joy she was one of the biggest fucking whores in the family bigger and sexier and more perverted. Her attitude about sex was great and there was nothing that Estelle wouldn't fuck or do for the family.

" Joy I don't know who's the bigger fucking whore your mother or Estelle." Charlie let out a small laugh.

Joy interjected. "Charlie they may be the biggest fucking whores but, I'm going to be the youngest fucking animal whore to be in films and a total incest whore with my family."

Charlie listening to Joy realized she really had matured mentally. Her words were very strong and meaningful. There was no doubt Joy had learn about sex and how to be very explicit in talk.

"Joy, did the instructors teach you how to talk so filthy?" Charlie asked. waiting for a reply which he hadn't expected as Joy blurted out.

"Oh fuck yes, they said to be a good big fucking whore slut you have to talk dirty. If your going to suck cock and love cock you tell everyone that you do love to suck cock. I love sucking cock and eating cum, any cum, animal or human if your a good whore you eat all types of cum." Joy continued by saying.

"Charlie pull off the road I want to show you how good of a cocksucker I am."

Charlie was not going to pass this up and having this thirteen year suck his huge cock would be real pleasure.

As soon as the car stop they both hop in the back seat of the car. Charlie unleashed his already hard cock from his pants all 10 inches hard as a rock.

Joy looked at his cock then at Charlie. "Charlie fuck my face and shoot your fucking cum down my throat I'll show you that I'm a great little whore."

Joy did exactly what she said taking almost 10 inches of cock down her throat gagging some forcing it down deeper till she had about 8 inches. Slowly bobbing up down on his shaft till Charlie began to shutter and then finally shooting a full load of cum down Joy's throat. Joy never stop until she swallowed the full load. lifting her head from Charlies cock smiling at him. "Hows that for a little whore."

Joy and charlie kissed then resumed there drive toward home.

Joy continued telling Charlie how much she loved her dad and mom for letting her go to Europe then added. "I can't wait to fuck with mom and dad a fucking threesome with dad and mom that's got to be on film."

"Charlie' is Estelle a good fuck? Mom and dad say she's really a good piece of ass and her cunt is always ready for cock. Is that true?"

Charlie just said "yes."

They were nearing the house when Joy told Charlie to stop for a minute that she had to put on some different clothes. Stripping in the back seat of the car as Charlie watched in the mirror. Joy applied her make up and fixed her hair. The make up she put on made her look like one of those child models. Using some hair styling gel fixing her hair with some curls. Now she looked like a little slut.

Charlie got an eye full Joy's tits when she added her gold nipple rings to her tit nipples that were pierced. For a thirteen year old Joy's bust size was around a 34 C. This was because she had been on some hormone tables. The school called them energy tablets.

"Charlie will you help me snap my ring closed?" He was not sure what she meant until he got in the back. Joy's legs spread open and a nice gold cunt ring hanging between her cunt lips. She was pierced just at the top hood of her cunt. The ring rather large had a bright red ruby in the center. Above her bald cunt a couple inches above her clit was a tattoo colored in red was the word CUNT.

Charlie was surprised by what he saw but, really didn't care it wasn't any of his business. He complement her on her fashionable dress and suggested they get back on the road.

Joy in back seat still naked decided to put on a dress that zip completely up the front and her red high heels. Smiling to herself knowing she was going to be home soon and within the next hour maybe fucking her mom and dad. More then anything she wanted Estelle. She lifted her dress to look at her red letter tattoo that read cunt hoping mom and dad wouldn't be upset about her tattoo.

Charlie turn into the driveway and stop right next to the patio deck out in back. Mom,dad and Estelle along with her sister Karen and little Ken were waiting for her.

"Mom you look beautiful." Judy wearing only a thin halter top with her tits showing through and a short skirt that looked like a small cheerleaders dress with no panties. "Mom lift your skirt I want to see your bald cunt." Mom smiled and lifted her skirt.

Joy now taking control. "Mom did you get my letter I sent you?" "Yes Joy we got it and what do you want to now?"

"Lets go in the house and in the family room and fuck. I want dad to fuck me. I want to show you what kind of slut I am. The little whore I turned into at school."

Soon as she enter the house she took off her dress showing them the tattoo and piercings. Spinning around like an ice skater doing a spin. Now looking at Estelle and the family. "Do like my jewelry and tattoo?" She asked. They all agreed she was very sexy. Estelle looking at this little darling her cunt wet and throbbing hopping she would be able to suck this delicious girl's cunt.

"Estelle you are the family whore get naked I want to see your beautiful cunt that Charlie has been fucking." Joy was really taking charge of the family. Estelle's cunt now sopping wet began to take off the few clothes she had on, only a top and panties.

For the next couple of hours an orgy took place. William fucked Joy's asshole while she sat on his cock. Mom went down and suck Joy's cunt. Estelle was told to suck Charlie's cock until he was nice and hard. Charlies cock was hard in moment.

Joy had Judy sit on the couch spreading her legs. Joy sat on her mom's belly and laid back on to her chest. Now having Charlie fucked both of them going from one hot wet cunt to the other.

"Come on auntie Estelle come up and sit on top of us. Estelle straddle the the two girls heads with her cunt directly over Judy and Joy. "Auntie Estelle piss on us fill our faces with some nice hot piss from your beautiful cunt piss on us."

Estelle extremely excited with the filthy talk of Joy unleashed a hot stream of piss all over Judy and Joy's face. The piss ran down their faces and stomachs on to the floor. Joy loved this perverted sex. Now she had Estelle sit next to Judy. Standing in front of them she spread her legs and cunt lips apart and returned the favor of pissing in her mom's and Estelle's face soaking their faces. Now moving from one person to the other licking and kissing the piss off there faces. Joy was showing them what she learned in school.

Estelle no longer could stand the feeling she had built up in her body. Her cunt was wet and throbbing for cock her erect nipples were standing out and very hard . "Joy, sweetheart I want my cunt fucked it is fucking hot and wet I need to be fucked." Begging for cock in lust.

That's what Joy was waiting for she knew playing with the two women would make them very horny.

"Okay you two fucking whores sit next to each other spread your fucking legs wide. I have to see if your fuck holes are big enough to handle a horse cock."

The two women did what she asked. Joy went to her bag taking out a tube of cream. She moved in between the women's spread legs. One hand in each of the girls cunts she began to fondle their cunts till her hand slid in. Then she removed them creamed her hands and slid them back into their cunts. Joy had done this many times at school with her instructors.

Joy began fist fucking her mother until she had her hand in mom's cunt just past her wrist. Now turning her attention to Estelle she did the same.

"Now you fucking cunts I want you to kiss and play with each others tits and be the fucking whores you say you are." The girls did what she asked of them. Estelle's cunt was sopping wet from excitement and feel of Joy's hand sliding deeper into her cunt hole felt good.

Joy pulled her hands from their cunts only to add more cream. This time she filled her hand cupped it like a fist and reinserted in their cunts. Neither girl new what was about to happen. The cream was a strong lubricate and desensitizing cream. Joy work her hands back and forth deeper into the girls cunts.

As her hands pushed deeper and deeper pushing into their cervix her arm was nearing her elbow inside their well stretched cunt's. Taking very dirty telling the women they were nothing but fuck whores ,cunts and they needed big horse cocks to fuck.

William and Charlie watched this young teenager work her magic on the two whores smiling all the time and jacking their own cock's waiting to see would would happen next.

Estelle spread her legs as far apart as she could feeling the strain of her loins wanting more of Joy's arm and hands deep in her cunt. "Oh yes Joy, fuck my cunt deeper honey make me cum, honey make me fucking cum." Begging Joy to give he a climax.

"No auntie Estelle your not cumming until you tell me you want to fuck a horse cock and take all his prick in your cunt. "Tell me your a fucking whore."

Estelle very horny and wet. Her cunt feeling like it was on fire from lust for cock started to repeat what Joy said. "I want to fuck a horse cock. I want all his cock in my cunt. I'm a whore."

Joy of course taking great pleasure in having control.
"Auntie Estelle your a fucking whore now say it."

Estelle repeated her saying. "I'm a fucking whore." Oh fuck, my cunt feels so hot."

Joy told Charlie to jack his cock and cum on their faces while instructing her dad to piss in their faces.

Charlie of course still had a good load of cum and splashed it all over the girls faces at he same time William unleashed a load of piss on his wife and Estelle soaking their hair tits and stomach's.

William himself was in a heat and lust watching his thirteen year daughter take control of is wife and new family member Estelle. Not shocked but, amused by her actions. Joy was everything he wanted her to be, an incest whore. His oldest daughter the one that would run the family porn business. He was very proud of her.

Joy continued fist fucking the girls forcing her hands sideways in their cunt holes opening them wider rubbing their cervix and pushing her hands deeper inside their cunts. Joy may even be in their wombs her hands were so deep. She knew it wouldn't hurt them the cream was working to relax their inner muscles. Their insides were nice and dilated and well lube. Knowing this would last for a couple days ready them for huge horse cocks that would replace her arms.

"Charlie give me my bag please these two whores are going to have their cunt clits pumped and sucked nice and big." Joy had her mom and Estelle so horny the two women were fondling and sucking each others tits and kissing. They heard what she said only thinking she was kidding about the pumping of their cunts. She wasn't

Joy quickly took the connected the tubes to the slender tubes the size one inch in diameter and six inches long. Small hoses were attached to the small tubes then attached to a ball. The ball was in the order of the kind used to take blood pressure.

Placing the long tubes on each girls cunt clits and with a few quick pumps on the ball the tubes sealed themselves to the girls cunts. Several more pumps their clits were sucked into the tubes about an inch.

"Now you fucking whores I'm stretching and pulling your clits all the way up this tube. Spread your legs wide you fucking cunts. Estelle repeat after me and say what I tell you too."

"Yes Joy I will I`ll do what you ask." Estelle now totally in lust and passion from the filthy talk and her insides of her cunt feeling very warm from the cream wanted to have an orgasm in the worst way.

Joy began her filthy talk. "Estelle your a fucking and whore all you want is to fuck donkeys,goats pigs, horses and small little kids. You been fucking my mother and father your a whore and always be a whore." Now repeat this Joy command. Estelle repeated word for word making her all the more horny.

Joy pump the ball several more times sucking their clits the full length of the tube. Joy had pulled Estelle's and Judy's clit up in the tube the full six inches.

Estelle's cunt clit was a massive long chunk of meat standing like a cock six inches tall driving Estelle into passion of lust. Now squeezing her tits pulling at Judy's tits kissing each other like two lesbian whores in heat.
Joy knowing there lust would last for hours and the cream was doing exactly what it was designed to do build sexual enhancement.

"Dad get the horses ready this to cunts are ready for horse cock." Joy instructing her dad and along with Charlie the men went to the barn and ready the horses. The stallions were tied and tether with front legs up so the girls would easily be able to get under there belly's.Tables were placed near by so when the girls were ready for fucking they could be slid under the horses.

Joy stayed at the house with the girls. Now removing only the one clit pump from her mother's cunt leaving her clit standing erect. joy moved down and began sucking her mother's clit. At first she went slow then increased the speed of her sucking bringing her mom to a maxium climax.

Judy shaking and moaning. "Oh joy suck my cunt baby suck me Joy. Oh fuck,fuck. Fuck it feels so good honey suck my cunt hard." Her hands playing with Joys hair moving her hips up and down face fucking joys mouth then finally cumming. Leaving her mother to relax letting go of her mothers cunt clit from her mouth.

Joy moved over to Estelle looking in her eye's lusting for her. Joy pump the ball couple of more times sending shock waves through Estelle's body.

"Estelle I love your cunt I want to eat you. but first I'm pumping up my cunt clit."

Joy used the tube from her mother quickly attached it to her clit and pump it several times pulling her clit into the tube. Joy had done this many times so she could make her clit big quickly. After several minutes the blood was in her clit making it very erect.

Now she removed Estelle's pump and hers. She and Estelle moved into a sixty nine position with Joy on top and Estelle wrapping her arms around Joy's body holding very tight to her warm sexy body.

Estelle sucked joys very sweet clit taken her as deep as she could in her mouth. Joy sucked Estelle's clit just like she suck Charlie's cock earlier. Her head bobbed up down on Estelle's cunt feverishly sucking the clit very hard.

Judy watched her daughter she to was very proud of her fucking whore daughter. Why not she loved Estelle and Charlie she knew three of them would be happy together.

Judy looked down at the two on the floor smiling thinking yes her daughter is a fucking whore just like her and Estelle.

Now pulling on her clit that was still erect. With one hand she spread her cunt found her swallowen piss hole. Pinching it a little then forcing a stream of piss on the back of Joy's asshole aiming it right into Estele's mouth as she sucked on Joy's clit filling both of them with her hot piss. The girls never move from the entangled perverted passion.

Estelle and Joy continued sucking each 's other's cunts. When interrupted by Charlie Charlie was standing in the door way as the to girls devowered one another's wet pussy meat.

"Hey girls the horses are ready and the camera's are ready to film you whores fucking the horses."

They instintely stop and the girls slipped on their high heel shoes. Staying naked walked with Charlie out to the barn. Estelle's cunt was wet hot and enlarged her mined burning with passion for hard cock When seeing the big stallion lifted of the ground and his big cock hanging beneath his belly. Her cunt throbbed and juices began to flow more now then ever her right hand grabbed her cunt feeling the still protruding clit she began to jerk her clit intensely.

Judy had move to the other side by the black horse witch was also tied and ready for sex. Joy moved under the the first horse and began playing with his cock looking over at Estelle inviting her to join her.

Estelle moved under the horses belly and the two girls began sucking his cock taking turns working the stallions cock out of its sheath. Joy was very good at this her training was showing how well she could handle this beast.The horse never moved and seemed to enjoy the sucking from Joy.

Soon his big cock was fully out of its sheath and Estelle was licking the full length of this huge long thick cock. Joy whispered in Estelle's ear telling her that would be in her cunt in a few minutes. Estelle's pussy was leaking her juices sopping wet and very horny wanting more of this big cock, Joy moved to the side as Estelle now fully under and facing the huge cock looking at her. Joy laid on her back under Estelle as she squatted down and lick her wet cunt teasing her clit with her mouth with small nibbles.

Estelle had four inches of horse cock in her mouth trying to take more sucking feverishly on his big cock. Joy stopped her sucking on Estelle cunt and now the girls move the table under the horse making it ready for Estelle's big fuck.

Joy knew how much cum a stallion can have she knew Estelle insides would be flooded filling her with a massive amount of cum.

Estelle staring at the massive 32 inch cock she was about have enter her cunt. Thinking how much could she take. In her mind she wanted it all. Being a little scared but, really wanted to be fuck by this huge cock.

Estelle was slid under the horses belly. Joy help insert the big horse cock a couple inches into Estelle's cunt. Now she smeared some ointment on the horse cock making it easier for penetration. Estelle wasn't sure how to handle this big cock but she felt it sliding into her and the lube that Joy smear in her cunt made it easy.

Estelle noticed she wasn't moving but this big cock was going deeper into her cunt. Joy moved next to Estelle leaning over her face kissing her passionately telling her she looked beautiful fucking this stallion.

Joy knew in a few minutes the cream she had placed on the stallions cock would excite him. Thinking he was fucking a mare. He would move his hips forward pushing his cock deeper into Estelle,s cunt. Joy encouraging Estelle to fuck the horse by moving her hips.

"Fuck him Estelle fuck him, your a fucking whore you love big cock, fuck him tell him want that big cock all the way in your fuck hole."

Estelle moved her hips and yeah she now wanted his big cock. "Come on you big stud fuck me, fuck my cunt, you know I'm a fucking whore fuck me fuck me fuck me hard."

Estelle felt this huge cock go deeper in her cunt further then any man,goat,or donkey cock had been spreading her cunt wider with every stroke.

Estelle felt a final lunge from the horse pushing deep past her cervix then pulsating filling her with hot sperm. Sperm squirting from the sides of her cunt hole leaking and running down her ass crack. With the horses massive ejaculation Estelle was shacking her asshole forcing her ass up tighter on to his cock.

"Oh you big fucker, see I can fuck you I want your hot fucking sperm fill my big fucking cunt you beast fuck me, fuck me with that big cock."
Estelle was wild with passion. pushing harder on to his thick cock. Finally out of breath Estelle she calmed down and was moved out from under his belly. Estelle had taken 16 plus inches of horse cock up her cunt leaving her cunt with a massive gaping hole. Cum flowed from her wet sloppy fuck hole cunt looking at the camera smiling knowing this was all being filmed.

Judy and Joy moved in on Estelle sucking and eating the horse cum from her cunt. With a spoon Joy had brought a long she scooped some cum from Estelle's fuck hole and fed it to her like a baby.
Estelle swallowed several spoonfuls of horse cum. "That was a good fuck." She said with a big smile.

Estelle still a little shaken from that massive fuck but still horny. Joy moved Estelle to the other stallion her instruction's were very simple suck his cock and take the full load of cum in her face. With the help of Judy the two whores did there duty. Estelle was in full lust for big cock as Judy stroke the big cock as Estelle sucked it like a pig drinking slop.

Joy moved in saying she was going to take the horse cock in her asshole. Estelle was surprised as was Judy. This little sweetheart was going to take that big dick up her asshole. They knew she said in school that was part of her training and was going to have it filmed.

Bending under the stallion with the girls helping she instructed them on what to do. They proceeded as Joy laid on the table pulling her legs way back over her head. With her hands she spread her asshole wide and had Estelle lube her ass with a big gob of her special cream then waited to see what she was going to do.

"Mom shove your hand up my asshole and cream my insides. Estelle suck that horse cock keep sucking that cock I want it hard." Joy said taking complete charge.

Now Joy was pushed under the stallion and with Estelle aiming the horses cock at Joys now gaping asshole inserted the head of his cock. Joy worked her asshole up on to his big cock. This little girl really knew how to work a cock in her ass. Taking as much of cock deep in her about 5 inches she began to fuck him moving her ass up and down.

Slowly at first the increased her rhythm faster and faster Holding the big cock in her ass while squeezing her tits and fucking with her ass turning herself into a lust and perverted sex drive.

" Yes, fuck me, fuck me with your big cock. Shoot a full load of hot cum up my asshole. I'm your little whore fuck me."

The stallion did a little stamp and buck forward shoving his big cock up Joy's asshole then shooting a massive load of cum up her ass. Squirting out the sides Joy was full of cum and love the big climax.

"Oh yes you big fucking that's what I want hot fucking cum". Not waiting to be help she scooped the cum from her asshole and swallowed a huge mouth full of cum. Now bending over she had Estelle and Judy suck her asshole clean.

"Oh My God Estelle". Said looking at Joy's asshole gaping at least two inches in diameter. Estelle struck her tongue deep in Joy's asshole clean her in and sucking every drop then moving to her mouth kissing her passionately.

The sex didn`t end at this time. Estelle move under the next horse and began sucking cock taking the its cock head and working it in mouth and sucking. Estelle had 4 inches in her mouth sucking its cock hard

Judy jacking the big horse cock and Estelle sucking on it with four inches in her mouth. Sucking like a shop vac sucks leafs.
Joy watch as the horse movement told her he was ready to cum. Joy was going to say something to Estelle but, she decided against it. Laughing knowing the huge facial she would received from the stallion she was sucking off. Knowing the huge amount of cum would drench her face covering her totally Joy just smiled.

Moments later the horse ejaculated pints of cum splashing Estelle's face. She tried to swallow it there was to much and came to fast. Estelle fell back catching herself with one arm stretched out and still hanging on the horse cock with the other hand. Still shooting some sperm in her face.

Drenched in cum Estelle on her knees crawled from under the Stallion. Estelle's cunt still dripping cum her tits and face cover with cum laid on the straw. Breathing heavy and some what exhausted Estelle spread her legs and piss a full load of piss streaming high in the air.

Joy laughing. "Estelle your a fucking pig. I love you." You know that's what we are so lets fuck them. Nothing like a sloppy pig pen for a bunch of fucking pigs.

The three girls looked at one another all in agreement shook there heads yes. Estelle smiled we are going to fuck pigs?

The end.