Still nothing from anybody about my stories. It's starting to at least look like the steps I'm taking are working. My thanks to those of you who've taken the time to write and express your good wishes and feedback.

As before, if there's any way that you can pass along some of your local financial medium, I'm sure the nice folks at ASSTR would appreciate your generosity. Go have a look at what they do with the money they receive — and please note that it goes to their legitimate expenses, not to us authors (who write for the enjoyment of crafting a story that others enjoy).

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My Naked Niece

A man realizes his niece has grown up while taking care of her when her parents are out of town. From there, it's on to learn just how mature she's become.

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I'm going to be going on an extended (3+ months) camping trip that will intermittently be in some fairly remote areas here in the U.S., so posting any stories during that time will be intermittent at best. However, I'll still be seeing if I can't come up with some good ideas for stories (and if possible, writing them) along the way.

Any emails I receive while I'm gone will be answered when and as the opportunity presents… please be patient, 'kay?


I'm always glad to receive feedback — positive OR negative. Negative feedback is most helpful when the person offers some kind of constructive criticism — that is, something that will help me write better in general (spelling, grammar, etc). Simply telling me that you didn't like something (the plot, a character, the theme, etc) about a single story isn't particularly constructive; something that could apply to MORE than one story ("I'm into S&M, and I see more riding crops than whips.") IS. On the other hand, anonymous complaints/flames are deleted after being laughed at. If you don't have the stones to claim (and take responsibility for) your words, there's no reason for me to take them seriously.

Also, I'm not above accepting story ideas, so if you come up with something that you think I might be able to do justice to, then don't be afraid to let me know.


I'm still strongly suggesting that folks take advantage of the ChangeDetect service linked at the bottom of this page so you'll be notified when something changes - which will ONLY happen when I put up a new story.

As my friends Bartles and Jaymes say: "Thank you for your support!" :-)


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