The Point of the Crusade



The first light of dawn saw the Crusading army ride up and breach the wooden defence walls of the town. The ancient flimsy defences no match for heavily armoured knights on their huge trained warhorses. Most of the town's men folk were away fighting with the main forces against the Crusaders Armies in the south. Only old men and boys were manning the dry timber walls. The invaders quickly annihilated the defenders and stormed though the breached wall's gaps, slaughtering anyone who raised arms against them. Within an hour of reaching the town's limits, the hundred or so knights were mopping up in the town's central square.

Only women and girls remained alive, forced to feed the invaders and supply them with alcoholic beverages throughout the rest of the day whilst the men ransacked the town for spoils of war. By late afternoon the invading knights were rowdy drunks and started on the women. It started with just liberty taking, grabbing the women for a grope or a kiss. However before long the rape and pillage started in earnest.

Women and girls were dragged to the ground in the open square in front of the other men who were cheering them on. Any female who tried to protect one of the other women was immediately dragged to the ground by a couple of knights and brutally raped or sodomised. The women learnt early, to try and appear invisible whilst serving the knights drink from earthenware jugs, but as he night went on, they were all dragged down by drunken invaders and brutally ravaged.

During the late evening the women's nightmare started to turn into hell on earth. The beatings and torture started. Women started to were mutilated and tortured as they were being raped and sodomised, their screams the catalyst for sending the men into orgy of sadistic treatment.

Women were held down and spread-eagled on the ground while firebrands were used to roast their breasts, or rammed up into the passages between their legs. The sickly stench of burning flesh and hair filled the square as women screamed in agonising death throes. Other women were raised up in the air and had long pointed poles inserted into their cunts or anuses. The drunken knights clapped and cheered as the women slowly impaled themselves on the poles, their agonised screeches, as internal organs were ripped apart, urging the men to even more brutality.

Girls were bent over barrels and raped or sodomised by dozens of men one after the other, then beaten by canes or sticks until they either died or passed into unconsciousness, a bloody pulp of flesh. The men were taking particular delight in pulverising the girl's breasts, arses and the tender areas between their legs.

Other women were hauled up into the air by their tits; meat hooks on ropes were passed through their breasts so that all their weight was on the mutilated boobs. As they hung screaming with their arms tied behind their backs, firebrands were held under their feet. As the women danced violently to avoid the fire on their feet, their breast tore, ripping the hooks from their bodies. When they fell to the ground oil was poured on them and they were set alight to be burnt alive.

A couple of girls were tied naked and spread-eagled to either side of a water wheel. As the wheel slowly turned their heads disappeared under the water. The girls were able to hold their breath for the first few turns of the wheel. Then the men started to beat the girls between their legs whilst their heads were under water. The girls started to cough and splutter as the sharp pains in their sexual organs forced them to gasp for breath. Sucking water into their lungs. Then the men started to use the firebrands on their cunts as they were submerged. First holding the brands close to the girls singed cunts, inflicting agonising pain. Then forcing the brands into the girl's cunts and anuses. The girls were dead after a couple of more turns, their unconscious bodies drowning as they sucked in the airless water. Their place was taken by another pair of girls to face the same fate.

Other women had their breasts and sexual organs removed in brutal fashion by knights wielding knives, swords and battle-axes. Games of skill were waged between the men who placed wagers on who could remove certain parts in one strike. Women lost arms and legs as the drunken knights wielded their weapons in a stupor. The lucky ones were decapitated by accident by knights drunkenly aiming at their chests. Pregnant women and girls were also cut up as a game, held down screaming as the men tried to slice their unborn babies from their bodies with their weapons.

Sometime after midnight, the raped and sodomised women who had avoided the worse of the brutality were herded into one of the buildings and locked in for the night. Their sobs and cries were drowned out for most of the night by the screams of those women still dying in brutal agony in the square. The men continued to drink themselves into a stupor until they finally passed out on the ground, completely oblivious to the dying women's fading screams.

It was midday by the time the knights had sobered up enough to have cleared up the square a bit. The dead victims of the previous nights debauchery were now piled up on top of each other, a huge mound of bloody female carcasses in one corner of the square. The men had rolled out a load of large barrels into a line along one side of the square; they had also erected a line of posts on the opposite side of the square facing them.

The remaining women who had been locked up the previous night were herded out into the middle of the square and forced to strip completely naked. Many of them were covered in black and purple bruises from the previous nights debauchery. The women were forced into two groups and made to stand in a line on each side of the square near the barrels and posts.

All eyes turned to one corner of the improvised arena where a group of knights were marching forward, escorting a beautiful young woman, fully dressed. She was marched to the raised veranda of one of the houses overlooking the square, in plain view to all the captive women. The young woman was the daughter of the town's chief, a sort of local Princess, and without doubt the most beautiful woman in the town. Her gown, made of exotic silks, emphasised her status within the town's community. The previous night, the Princess had been kept locked away under guard in her home, away from all the violence and debauchery. Although throughout the night she heard the screams of her people's pain. As she was tied to one of the veranda's support posts facing out over the square, her eyes found the huge pile of brutalised bodies at the side of the square. A shudder went through her beautiful sculptured body at the sight.

The knights, who were watching her, lusted after her young body. They knew that she was the day's prize, and they were all swearing under their breaths that they were to be the ones to win her.

At a signal from the knight's leader, the men grabbed hold of the naked women
in the square. Those near the barrels were bent forwards over them and lashed down so that they were spread with their arses in the air and their legs wide open. The women near the poles were hoisted up and had their arms tied to the top of the poles so that they hung there. A quick lashing was tied loosely around the poles and their ankles to stop them lashing out with their feet.

When the naked women had been prepared, the leader gave the order for the competition to start. The games were to be in two parts, a test of skill and strength with broadswords and battle lances. The winner of each part would receive a special honour with the Princess.

The first competition was to be the lances. Knights in order of seniority would be first to take part, followed in an order decided earlier by drawing lots. As such the knights leader crossed over to the side where the females were bent over barrels and chose a battle lance from a pile placed ready. Walking over behind the first girl on a barrel, he wet his fingers with saliva and wiped it onto the sharp tip of the lance. Slowly and with careful deliberation, he placed the tip of the lance against the girl's rectal opening.

The girl squealed as about an inch of the cold metal point was inserted into her tight anus. She was unable to see what was happening behind her, as the knight lifted the lance to aim its shaft in line with her torso. With the first inch already resting in her butt, the knight grabbed hold of the shaft with both hands and thrust it forwards into the girl. After the initial thrust impaled the girl's bowels, he kept the pressure on the shaft, forcing the rigid lance to keep moving forwards into the girl in one continuous movement. The girls was screaming and squealing like a stuck pig as the lance ripped her innards to shreds. The knight continued to force the lance into her until it's momentum was stopped by the pressure of her body and the limits of his strength, then he let go and stepped back.

Another knight came up with a piece of cord and measured the amount of lance still sticking out of her rectum like a dog's tail. The girl continued to scream out in pain as her internal organs slowly bled her life away. Another knight then picked up a lance and positioned himself behind the girl in the next barrel. As soon as this girl felt the tip of the lance placed into her rectum, she started to scream her head off. The screaming didn't stop until the knight had forced the tip of his lance right up into her lungs, then it turned into a sort of gurgling sound as she drowned in her own blood. Again the knight with the cord came up and measured the amount of lance still sticking out of the girls arse. A loud cheer went up when the result was announced.

This went on, lance after lance was forced up into the screaming defenceless women's rear ends, ripping them apart internally for the sake of brutal sport. Until eventually the last girl had been impaled and the lances tails measured. The winner of the lance competition was then announced and the knights all crossed over to the line of women suspended to the poles on the other side of the square. Leaving behind them a line of lances sticking out of the arses of dead or dying females strapped to the barrels. Some of the lances were jerking around franticly, but most of them were now still, except for a slight swaying in the breeze.

At the approach of the knights, the suspended women who had seen all the brutal executions of the women opposite, started to scream out for mercy, their loud wailing cries filled the square to no avail. The leading knight drew his massive two handed broadsword and stood in front of the first suspended naked female in the line. Two other knights positioned themselves on either side of the terrified female and grabbed her firmly by the ankles. The lead knight then sliced through the piece of rope holding her legs to the upright post. As soon as her legs had been freed from their restraint, the two knights pulled the woman's legs as far apart as they could. The woman screamed out loudly in agony as her pelvic joints were stretched to breaking point. Watching knights whooped and cheered as she was being displayed obscenely in front of them.

Taking his broadsword in both hands, the leading knight stepped forwards between her outspread legs, and raised the point of the sword upwards. He placed the tip of the massive weapon into the slit of her exposed cunt lips and took a deep breath. Suddenly he thrust the sword upwards with all his might, ramming the blade up into the women's virgina, up through her pelvic cavity and on into her guts and beyond. Over half of the swords length disappeared up into the woman's cunt before the blade came to a standstill. The knight let go of the blade and stood back to admire his handiwork while the knight with the measuring cord came up and measured how much of the sword still stuck out of the screaming impaled woman's sex. The sword was left in place and the two men let go of the dying woman's legs, to go and stand beside the next female in line.

As the next knight drew his hefty broadsword the two men once again grabbed hold of the legs of the next suspended woman in line. Again the bonds on her feet were cut, her legs wrenched painfully and crudely apart. The latest knight followed the ritual order of sport, and placed the tip of his sword into the screaming woman's pussy, then thrusting with both hands deep inside her until the sword came to a standstill.

Knight after knight went along the line in turn, impaling the leg spread women, and leaving their blades buried inside the disembowelled female victims. Finally the last woman in line was impaled. The winner of the contest to bury his weapon deepest into the females was announced. They all moved over to the centre of the courtyard, cheering and patting the two competition winners on the back, as the suspended women, now being ignored, hung dead and dying, their lifeblood trickling down their legs to form puddles beneath their feet.

Something was said by one of the knights, and all eyes turned in unison towards the bound Princess on the veranda. Tears flowed down her cheeks for her people and friends, whose brutal demise she had been forced to watch. Laughter broke out amongst the men as a result of some crude remarks or other from within the crowd.

The Lead Knight instructed some of the men to go and fetch one of the long, heavy banquet tables from the Princesses home. This was duly dragged out into the middle of the square as the rest of the knights formed themselves into a large circle around the table to watch the forthcoming entertainment. At a signal from the Lead Knight, four of the men went up on to the veranda and released her bonds. She was marched down into the middle of the square next to the table and the awaiting two competition winners.

The two lucky knights were both huge men, who had used their enormous strength to overcome the other contestants. Both were well over six foot tall and heavily built. Their arms were nearly the size of most men's legs; such was the power of their muscles. Both men ogled at their coming prize, the frightened princess, now standing in front of them in her fine silken ball gown.

The princess was ordered to strip, to the jeers and catcalls of all the other knights standing around watching. The unfortunate girl froze and begged for mercy with her eyes to those closest to her. No man had ever seen her naked in all her nineteen years, the thought of taking her clothes off in front of about a hundred rough, leering men, just made her freeze up. When the girl didn't start to undress, the Leader of the Knights reached out and grabbed the bodice of her gown, ripping it open to her waist. His other hand slapped her hard across the cheek with its open palm. The blow rocked her head to one side, but seemed to shake her out of her comatose state.

Slowly the princess started to remove her shredded gown in front of the men. Shrugging her shoulders out of the now tattered top, she let the gown slip down her body to the ground, carefully using her hands to conceal her bust and crotch area, even though she was still wearing long silk underwear. She was made to step out of the gown, which was scooped up and thrown outside the circle of watching men.

The girl was now standing up in her white undergarments, which consisted of a sleeveless silk vest and a figure hugging pair of silk bloomers that were tied to her legs just below her knees. A pair of high black lace-up boots that covered her legs as far up as her bloomers covered her feet and ankles. She stood there one foot in front of the other in an attempt to keep her legs crossed whilst her hands and arms tried to conceal the rest of her modesty.

Again the Leader ordered her to strip. This time when she made no move to comply, he completely tore her vest from her body, leaving her naked from the waist up, with her arm still trying to hid her ample breasts from the gaze of the excited watching knights. Turning to the two competition winners, and telling them that the prize was now theirs, he stepped back to join the circle of other watching knights.

The two men immediately reached out and grabbed one of her wrists each and pulled them wide apart to open up her chest to their gaze. Each of them used their other hands to grope a breast, prodding and pinching the creamy soft flesh with their fingers. Rough digits started to play with the hard peaks near the centre of each large perfectly formed mound, forcing the girl to cry out as they squeezed the nipples hard.

The girl had tears in her eyes again by the time that the groping hands fell away from her breasts. But then they fell to the waistband of her silk bloomers. In one swift ripping movement, the flimsy garment, the last vestiges of her modesty, was torn away from her body. The girl now stood in front of the men in just her high boots. A thick carpet of curly hair matching the colour of her boots nestled between the junction of her legs. The legs themselves were firm and shapely, the skin free of any blemishes. The cheeks of her buttocks were taught and pear shaped, the sort of perfect arse that painters are always looking for in their models. Her waist was smooth and narrow, but firm and muscular. This picture of loveliness was topped by the girls large breasts and her young angel like face.

The two men started to drag the defenceless girl around the circle of watching knights, displaying all the charms of their prize in a show of bravado and superiority. Sometimes they would stop in front of their closest friends and grab hold of the girls legs to lift her up in front of them with her legs held wide open, as if to say, "Look what we've won." After making the full circle with the girl, they carried her over to the long banquet table and placed her on her back on its surface.

The girl was bound across the table by her hands and feet in such a way that her hips were over the edge of the table. Her feet were forcibly spread as wide apart as possiable and bound to the bottom of the legs on that side of the table. Her arms were also spread out wide and bound to the top of the legs opposite, leaving her spread wide and completely at the mercy of the two knights, and the gaze of all the other men.

One of the knights lent over and once again started to grope the poor girls gorgeous young unfettered tits. The other knight, the one who had won the broadsword competition, knelt on the ground between her legs and pulled a ten-inch bladed knife from his belt. The knife, which was not only used as a weapon, but also for personal grooming, had an edge that was honed to razor sharpness. Placing the edge of the blade against the girls exposed crutch, the man started to shave her pubic hairs off, scraping the dark hairs from her body with gusto, in his quest to see her natural beauty.

It didn't take long to shave off the hair from her pelvic mound, and then he started on her delicate female lips and the area between her legs. Tightly grasping her cunt lips between his fingers, he pulled them this way and that, until he had shaved her completely bare, done in such a way that there wasn't even the slightest nick in the skin. Her sex now looked like it was on the day she had been born, much to the pleasure of all the onlookers.

Pushing his knife back into his belt, the knight then started to have a really close inspection of his prize. Rubbing her bare twat with his fingers and probing the lips, gently prying them apart with his fingertips to gaze up into the passageway concealed there. Suddenly he whooped with glee and shouted out to the other knights, "She's a damb honest to God genuine virgin."

The other winner then stopped playing with the girl's breasts, which were showing signs of heavy manhandling, and stood back to watch as the first man stood up and started to strip off his lower garments. The onlookers were amazed when they saw the size of the man's engorged penis pop out of his pants. It didn't look out of place on his massive frame; in fact it wouldn't have looked out of place hanging underneath a young bull elephant.

Positioning himself between the girl's legs, the knight aimed the huge bulbous head of his swollen sex organ at the smooth hairless lips of the girl's virgin pussy. He slowly pushed himself forward at the same time peeling the cunt lips back with his fingers to expose her virgin passageway. The girl squealed as the massive knob end forced it's way into the opening. As soon as the tip of his cock pressed against her unbroken hymen he stopped pushing and moved his large hands to the side of her hips. Grabbing a handful of flesh in both hands, he slammed himself forwards into her and at the same time pulled her onto his cock. The girl screamed out at the sudden pain of her virginity breaking and the enormous cock stretching her tight unused virgina. The knight's thrust did not stop until he was embedded in her completely and his balls rested against her anus below.

The knight waited until the girl's agonised scream died away before he started to pump his weapon of love in and out of her sex. At first her virgina was dry and so tight that each movement was shear agony for her as he pounded her cunt. However her body adjusted to the invading implement of her rape by releasing lubrication and stretching to encompass his huge girth. After the initial pain of being impaled, and the embarrassment of being taken in front of all these men, she found herself beginning to enjoy her first, and probably last, taste of sex. Her body responded to the feel of the hot penis pumping in and out of her now wet pussy, sending unknown sensations through her nervous system to her brain. Her mouth started to involuntarily moan as her mind decided that her body was going to orgasm.

The orgasm never came though. The knight suddenly slammed his cock deep into her cunt and exploded a mass of sperm into her body as the watching men cheered. Almost immediately he withdrew his dripping penis from her cunt, leaving her feeling empty and frustrated. Leaving the girl writhing on the table, he pulled up his pants and tucked his now shrinking penis back out of sight. The other winning knight slapped him on the back, while savouring the fact that he was now going to get his own special prize.

The two men released the raped virgin Princess from the table and flipped her over onto her stomach across the table. Like before her arms were tied to the top of the legs on the far side, and her legs were spread open wide so that her ankles could be tied to the bottom of the legs on their side of the table. With her hips now resting across the edge of the table top, her shapely firm buttocks were displayed for the lecherous stare of the watching crowd, as was her wet cunt lips nestling in between her opened legs.

At first the two knights started to rub their calloused hands over the smooth silky flesh of her back and arse cheeks, occasionally slipping a hand between her legs to cup her sex. The girl would moan out softly as a finger would touch her still frustrated cunt lips, re-igniting the fire that still raged within her belly. Then the knights started to make her squeal by pinching the flesh of her buttocks and thighs. These squeal soon turned into yelps of pain as the sound of slaps rang out over the courtyard.

The two men took it in turns to spank the girl's bottom with the flat of their hands, her struggles and yelps of pain acting as a strong aphrodisiac to their already rampant libidos. Their alternate slaps got faster and faster, harder and harder, until her silky white cheeks started to glow red from the stinging hard blows

The spanking stopped suddenly, and the knight who had already raped her stepped back to make room for the winner of the lance competition to claim his own bit of the special prize. As all the on-looking men watched, the knight dropped his hose to his knees. Although his erect cock was not of the enormous proportions of the first man, his cock was certainly a proud piece of pussy pounding equipment, larger than average by far.

Stepping between her splayed legs, he reached forward and spread her glowing red buttock cheeks to expose the very tight pink puckered crater that was her virgin anus to his gaze. With a thick index finger he poked at the tight entrance, which instinctively tightened up even more at his touch. With a smile on his face he dropped his hand further down to the girls still wet sticky pussy lips and inserted his fingers into her hot love box. The frustrated girl whimpered at this new invasion of her sex tunnel and automatically pushed herself back onto this new impalement.

The knight only kept his fingers in her cunt long enough to get them covered in the juices of her box, before he withdrew them again. Again his thick index finger found its way to her virgin anus. The girl's whimpers turned to a little squeal as the man pushed the slippery tip of his finger against her taught sphincter muscles. He suddenly jabbed his finger forwards into her arse, burying it into her back passage up to the second knuckle. The girl squealed louder as the finger forced its way up her rectum and started to wiggle around inside her. Soon the man had painfully inserted a second finger into her anus alongside the first. He twisted and pumped his digits in and out of her, stretching the opening of her hole until he had overcome the tightness of the entrance.

When he was satisfied, he withdrew his fingers and positioned himself closer to her arse, with his rampant cock pointing at the little hole now staring at him. Taking hold of her hips with his two hands, he guided the swollen tip of his cock to the entrance of her anus and forced himself forwards a couple of inches. At first the entry was tight with the girl still trying to fight the initial entry, then it slipped in easily a short way to meet up with the tight un-opened passageway beyond his fingers reach.

Pausing to savour the panic of the girl beneath him, at the realisation of what was to come and the size of his cock in her butt for a moment or two, he started to force his butt impaler into her. The girl really started to scream out for mercy as his cock buried itself deeper and deeper into her anus, stretching her back passage to painfully extended proportions. Her screams continued until he had buried the full length of his cock into her bowels.

Slowly the knight started to pump his penis in and out of her rectum. Her screams slowly subsided and turned into whimpers as he really started to pound her butt with his cock in earnest. Ignoring any pain or discomfort he was causing the girl the man fucked her arse with vigour until he felt his orgasm building up in his scrotum, then he thrust his hips forward as hard as he could and pulled her body back hard onto his cock. Buried deep inside her like this he emptied his jism deep into her bowels. The girl could feel the hot fiery liquid being pumped out in powerful spurts inside her body, until the knight slid his cock out of her anus with a loud farting noise, which prompted cheers of laughter from the watching crowd.

With a joking comment to all the on-looking knights, which created uproar of cheers and catcalls, the winner of the sword competition again stepped forward between the girl's legs. She started to scream out in agony as he started to push his clenched fist up into her soaking abused pussy. Violently twisting his wrist to revolve his fist, he stretched and widened her cunt hole until he had buried most of his forearm into the terrified screaming girl. Ignoring her cries for mercy he started to pump his fist in and out of her sex as if it was a giant dildo.

The restrained girl was totally helpless as her pussy was painfully impaled and pummelled by the knight's huge invading fist. She had no choice as she was forced to ride the massive limb that filled her sex to bursting point. Her brain telling her that her cunt was going to split in two at any second could not stop her throat from screeching out in a continuous scream of agony.

Finally the knight pulled his fist out of her abused cunt and stepped back to show everyone the huge gaping hole between her legs. He withdrew his belt knife and again stepped forward. Again he thrust his fist inside her sex, only this time his knife was in the fist that disappeared inside her cunt. With a twisting motion of his strong wrist, he disembowelled the girl from the inside, shredding her guts and bowels with the sharp blade. As he pulled his fist out of her body the blood started to flow out of her cunt into a pool between her spread legs. The girl was now screaming in mindless agony, the hilt of the knife was left sticking out of her cunt.

The lance competition winner picked up an extra thick jousting lance and rammed the pointed end into the girl's rectum. Gripping the main shaft in both hands he used his enormous muscle power to force the huge weapon deep into her body. Using his whole bodyweight he kept the lance moving slowly forward until it finally began to meet too much resistance. The impaled girl was still alive and screaming as the second winner also took hold of the lance and put all of his weight on it as well.

Once again the lance started to move forward into the screaming girl. Suddenly the girls screams turned into a gurgling sound, then silence as the lance shot forward. There was an almighty cheer from the onlookers as the tip of the lance popped out of the girl's mouth, protruding over a foot in front of her face. She died staring down the length of that pole that had passed all the way through her body. She now lay face down on the table like an impaled pig ready for the roasting pit.

At a command from the knight's leader, all of the weapons used on the girls were withdrawn from their bodies and cleaned. All the ones that is, except the ones impaling the Princess, which were left in place creating a macabre spectacle in the centre of the square. The bodies of the other girls were left still bound and exposed where they had died as a horrific warning to the Town's men folk when they arrived back in the town.

The knights mounted up on their horses and rode away into the gathering dusk of that second day. Each and every one of them had a satisfied smile on his lips.