Allison and Emanuel Naked in School

My contribution to the Naked in School universe. Warning: Non-consentual sexual contact in
Monday Morning.

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Monday morning
Monday afternoon/evening
Tuesday morning
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Wednesday morning
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Thursday morning
Thursday afternoon
Thursday evening
Friday morning, part 1

Part one of friday morning is up, and edited. Work on part two has begun.

Fixed a minor problem (unintended gender shift) in Thursday Morning. Work on Friday Morning has been slowly ongoing.

Thursday evening is edited and up.

Work on thursday evening is nearly finished. If all goes well, it should be done and hopefully edited in a few days.

Thursday afternoon has been edited and is now up. Work on thursday evening should begin in a few days.

Thursday morning has been edited and is now up. Thursday afternoon has been started, and hopefully shouldn't take too long.

The entirety of the officially released story has been minorly corrected and is now up. Thursday morning might still be a little while though.

Wednesday evening is now up in edited form. The delay was long, I relize... but I hope it was worth the wait. Please forgive any display issues - I'll fix those as soon as I have the chance. I made a few corrections to earlier chapters, and will upload them when I have the chance.

Wednesday afternoon is now up in edited form. Apologies for the long delay - various issues have kept me from making the neccessary changes. Also, note that from this point on, evenings will be dealt with as a seperate chapter.

Wednesday afternoon is up in unedited form. As before, I encourage readers to alert me to problems and concerns. The edited version will be up as soon as possible.Also note that a minor plot problem was fixed with Wednesday morning.

Wednesday morning is now up, in it's mostly edited form. Minor adjustments may still be made.

Tuesday afternoon/evening is up, and some corrections were made to the entirety of the piece so far. Work on Wednesday will start in a few days.

The written version of tuesday afternoon/evening is complete. The typed and edited version should be up within a few weeks at the latest.

The whole of the story has been further edited and made to be easier to read. All forms (including the pdf) are now up.

Tuesday morning has been edited, and is up in full form. The pdf has been updated as well, and a few corrections were made to Monday.

Tueday morning is finally complete. Please note that this is the unedited first draft, and the edited version will be placed up as soon as I hear from my editor and make any neccesary changes. In the meanwhile, I encourage those reading it to contact me with any errors/comments that are found.

The next update will likely be at least a week due to the fact that I have about 13 pages written (should be about 6 1/2 pages when typed) that I need to type but don't have the time to type it until Sunday. Hopefully I'll have the time to type it then.

I've placed up what I have typed so far of Tuesday morning. Please note this while reading it, and check back often as I will continue to update this file as I write and type more.

Finals are over, but bear with me. I'm having a bit of trouble finishing Tuesday morning. I'll have it up as soon as I finish it (which will hopefully be soon).

The word formats have been removed for now (replaced by a pdf version that contains all the currently released parts - found in the FTP section). Also the next part will be sometime in coming, as finals week approaches and the work is starting to stack up. Please bear with me on this.

The links are finally up and working. Please note that word versions of the stories are available in the NiS section of my FTP, but they are read only.

The fixed versions of Monday part 1 and 2 have been up for some time, and a new feature has been added - the Next Part Completion Meter.

After letting some friends proof read, I realized that a few things needed some major changes. The newly "fixed" stories will be up soon, along with tuesday. Updates will be a little slow until school relaxes a little.