DemonBound's Icy Plain

This is my Darkside, beware, for danger lurks, waiting for the young or simple minded.

In other words if you aren't an adult of sound mind interested in stories about sex--scram, beat it, make yourself gone, go cry to your momma, and don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

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After a long break I'm back to work on my stories. Id love to hear from anyone with comments on my stories, but I am particularly interested in the feminine viewpoint

I still intend at some point to put up a listing of content abreviations that I think need to be added to my own little sperm heavy, tentacle bearing, fantasy and science fiction realm.

Updates, Additions, and Changes

I apologize for any errors in formating in the stories, I am still getting used to converting into ascii text and some of the stories end up looking sort of wierd. They should read ok though.

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the link problem turns out to be a case sensitivity issue with the server the files are storedf on. And if I make a mistake, it takes forever to fix the links due to the lag between when I change the index file through the ASSTR File Manager and when the file goes live on the web page. But the ftp files are there even if the index links don't work. And in a couple of days, the links will probably work again


The Erotic Adventures of Snow White

This one is very extreme...more so than usual for me. Seriously.

The Birth of a Black Market Porn Star