Debsmouth's Stories Page


Welcome to my stories - not many so far, but I hope you like them.  Feel free to comment to me here.



1. Orally Addicted Slut

My first story, about me orally serving my boyfriend Rob when he got home from work.

2.  An afternoon in the toilets

Orally serving Rob and his staff, in the factory toilets. 

3.  An oral slut's train journey

A bit of pussy licking, then a quick sucking of a stranger on a train.

4.  Boyfriend accounts

Two accounts of my oral addiction from guy's point of view.  Paul, my first boyfriend, who taught me to swallow, to be his toilet, to rim....  And J - some guy in a bar.

5.  An Oral slut's best weekend

Me orally serving a stag party of 13 guys for the weekend.  Toilet use, and a full bucket of semen.

6.  Uncle Jeff

Uncle Jeff arranges for dozens of guys to come and spend the night feeding me.

7.  New Boyfriend

First date has me on my knees in the cinema, then back to his place to be tied to his crotch so he can sleep on my face.  After that, I'm his *full* toilet.

8.  Second oral date

John starts by having me swallow the waiters and restaurant staff's cum, then a taxi driver.  I then get to rim and suck off a homeless guy, before swallowing pints in a porn cinema.

9.  A Cumslut's perverted cumeating fantasy

My dream - a special place in a 450 strong prison, where I get to literally live on semen.

10.  Me as a mom

My conversations with my son about sucking.

11.  Full time oral slave

I live on the spunk, piss and waste of my master, his friends, and even his animals.

12.  Dedicated Mom

Me orally servicing my husband and son, as well as neighbours and others.

13.  Grateful Oral Mom

Another mom oral story, from my son’s point of view, as I service him and his friends repeatedly.