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r/AgePlayStories was banned on 01/24/2018. Per Reddit:

This subreddit was banned for violation of our content policy relating to involuntary pornography and glorification of sexual violence.


Keeping In Touch:

I was a regular contributor to r/AgePlayStories for as long as it existed, and I was rather fond of some in that community. I am therefore offering this page as repository for links to other writers' pages and/or other members' contact info. Feel free to pass this link along to others in the community.


Why? Because a couple of people have already asked me if I know how to get in touch with so-and-so. With AgePlayStories gone, there's no longer any messages we can scroll through to find each other, and most of us don't have that stuff written down.


Also, I happen to like reading that sort of stories, and without them on Reddit, I have to find them elsewhere. Presumably you do too. I'm hoping this will help readers find their favorite authors.


If you have a cache of stories published somewhere, just send me your Screen Name from r/AgePlayStories, the link to your library, and a BRIEF one-liner of what's in that library. Feel free to use one of the many anonymous emailers if you don't want me to have your address.


If you wish to make yourself available for contact, send me your Screen Name from r/AgePlayStories, the link to reach you, and optionally a BRIEF one-liner of introduction etc. I strongly recommend using a "disposable" email address, as this is publicly-available information.


I will place this information into the following table for anyone to see AS MY OWN TIME PERMITS. If this becomes a hassle for me, I'll discontinue it. I'm not looking for a third job, I'm just trying to help out a few friends. And believe me, publishing on here is hassle enough even in the best of circumstances!


Please do not ask me to "pass along" messages. Use one of the email anonymizers for that sort of thing.


Here's what we have so far:


"Name" etc.

Site / Contact Link

Contents / Intro / Etc.

Dayvid Notellin

Stories: Mostly AgePlay / Pedo


Personal messages / Story Feedback


Sending me the info to add to the list:


Please send me the info either as a Private Message in Reddit, or as an Email Message:


Private Message in Reddit:

This link will open an Reddit Message to me with the Subject filled in:


End of Line