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"A game of Vixen."

a play for voices only
    by David Nunes da Silva  . E-mail me
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    dramatic voices:

Davo: strong New England accent.

Trina:  Virginia.

Colin:  slight Scottish burr.

Fumiko:  Tokyo crossed with San Fernando Valley.

Stage manager:   Good evening and welcome to the land of the imagination.   In tonight's performance, there will be no sound effects.  We invite you to imagine the sounds, just as you must imagine the action.   Please do not leave your seats in the dark.   If anyone needs to leave, speak up, and we will suspend the performance and raise the house lights.   There will be an intermission.  Thank you.
- - - - - - - - - - -
Davo: "Well, here we are."

Trina: "Here we are."

Davo: "Aren't you going to take your clothes off?"

Trina: "Since when do you wait for me to?"

Davo: "What's wrong with you?"

Trina: "Nothing's wrong with me."

Davo: "Well, last weekend, you pulled my pants down before we got in the front door."

Trina: "But the Corbetts..."

Davo: "I thought we agreed it would make no difference."

Trina: "I said we would have sex.   I didn't say we'd do it in the front yard."

Davo: "Or on the coffee table?"

Trina: "Or sliding across the kitchen like that time you used my butt as a mop?"

Davo: "So that's it?    We tell each other we're tired and would like a nap, and then each couple goes to an alcove for a scheduled hour of sex?   And then we each pretend we didn't know what the other couple was doing?  It looks like little Davo doesn't like that game.   And what about Lotte and Lisle?   Am I doing something wrong?"

Trina: "Your nipple-licking is fine.   But it's not working, they should be hard by now. I don't think it's little Davo that's the problem - it's big Davo."

Davo: "Me?  It's you!"

Trina: "But you ... you usually start things.   You've been so formal that you haven't been kidding and teasing with me. You are bowing and scraping to your great leader, the genius Mr. Corbett.  It's like you are a different person around him.   Even in here, where your boss can't see you, you've got a stick up your butt."

Davo: "I am not bowing and scraoing.  And he is not my boss.   He's a vice-president but not even of my division.  It's more like he's my mentor.  We're friends."

Trina: "If you're really friends, what do you talk about?  Is he a Tigers fan?  Do you talk about guy stuff?   Like women?   Like sex?  Fumiko and me don't have any secrets about girl stuff; I tell her stuff about the way you make me feel - stuff I don't even tell you.  She knows about the spanking; she said it was hentai."

Davo: "Do you want a spanking now?  Sorry, I mean - Eri, bring me some hot sake!"

Trina: "There is no sake left, Otousama."

Davo: "Kimono up, fundoshi down, Eri-chan!   On your belly.   You should.  Have got.  Some sake.   When.  Will.   You.   Learn?"

Trina: "Stop!"

Davo: "You're.  A bad.   Daughter.  And.  You.  What?  You really want to stop?   You've never stopped a spanking!  What on earth is the matter with you?"

Trina: "It's not working.    You don't even sound like Otousama.   What's the matter with you?"

Davo: "Sex on a schedule is what's the matter with me - this hour after lunch, and we're supposed to just turn it on like a tap for this hour.   And then turn it off for the afternoon and then no sex play until we go to bed this evening.   No dirty talk - no groping in your pants - so it's like being at the office.  And Mr. Corbett, Mr. Vice President Corbett, just on the other side of that wall.  If we played rough, if we had sex the way we two have sex, of course they would hear.  This cabin has always been our special private place, and now it's got office vibes.   I know you like Fumiko but I say we don't invite the Corbetts again."

Trina: "Fumiko told me all about Mr. Corbett - Colin, I mean.    She says he is hentai too - very hentai.  So maybe you don't need to worry about your mentor knowing you have sex.   He's weirder than you - he wanted her to wear a strap-on dildo and fuck his asshole."

Davo: "His asshole!  Mr. Corbett?   Shit!  But what do you want to do about it?   Group sex?   I don't know how to make you believe me.   I said I was sorry.   How can I say it any more?  You can cane me if you want - that's how sorry I am that I hurt your feelings.  But I just said Fumiko was pretty - that doesn't mean little Asian girls are my type.   I like your big boobs.  I love Lotte and Lisle.   And I have no interest whatsoever in my boss's ass!"

Trina: "And I don't want to get laid by Mr. Corbett.   I know you think I do but I don't.  I just want you to tease me like you do.   And then maybe I'll slap you and you'll do - what you do."

Davo: "In the middle of dinner like last weekend, with your face in the mashed potatoes?  I'm game if you are.   OK?   We'll do it just like when we got here last weekend.  I'm unbuckling my belt now.  So the deal is, you sneak up behind me pull down my pants and smack me one, just like you did last weekend - but right in front of the Corbetts.  Is that OK?   You'll do it?   Then I'll order you to strip and give you a punishment spanking.  A real one with the belt, just like we'd do if we were alone.  Exactly what we did last weekend.  Is it a deal?   And if it turns into group sex, you can do Mr. Corbett if you want to.  But if they're shocked when we start the spanking, we go through with it anyway, all the way through ten strokes.  And then we say - excuse us, we have to go to our alcove for sex now - not that we are taking a nap.  Is it a deal?  But you have to promise to go through with it.  Of course I can't guarantee I'll be able to ..."

Trina: "I'll bet you can't.   Of course they'll be shocked, and I don't believe for a minute you'll be able to get it up with your mentor watching."

Davo: "Maybe not.   So what do you want to do?"

Trina: "I'm not going to have sex with Mr. Corbett, Davo.  I promise you I won't have sex with your great mentor this weekend, not even if he gets it up and you can't - so you can stop worrying so much.  Let's ask them if they want to play strip poker.   If the Corbetts are already naked when we start the spanking, maybe you won't be so nervous."

Davo: "Knowing Mr. Corbett, he'll win.  It'll be the rest of us naked.   I'll download some strip poker rules from the internet."

Trina: "I'll download rules.   You get to go ask your great mentor if he wants to play strip poker."

[ a brief pause ; there is a lot of whispering and rustling in the audience. ]

Colin: "As I told your husband, Ms. da Silva, I am not hung up about the conventions.   I would be happy to spend the whole weekend naked."

Trina: "Call me Trina, Mr. Corbett. I am not Ms. da Silva."

Colin: "I thought you just used Catrina Schmidt as a professional name.   So you retain your maiden name personally as well?"

Trina: "It's my name, not my maiden name; we're not married.   That day last year when I picked up Davo at the office, and you called me Mrs. da Silva - that was our first date.  That night, he joked about you thinking I was his wife, and I said 'maybe he sees something you don't,' and Davo said 'how do you know I don't?'   And then, well, somehow the next morning I just didn't go home.   I haven't been to my apartment since except to pick up my mail.   But, legally, we've never married .  Davo is just my ... sex-slave."

Colin: "And you want play strip poker?   Davo said it was your idea."

Trina: "It was his idea.  He's nervous in front of you.   He thought it would break the ice."

Davo: "She's the one who's nervous in front of you."

Colin: "I understand, Mrs. - um - Catrina.   But strip poker is just a slow way of getting naked, and I don't care if we just strip naked now.  To really break the ice you need something like spin-the-bottle."

Trina: "I downloaded some other game rules.   Fumiko, what is that one you're reading?  Is it like spin the bottle?"

Fumiko: "This is a game with spanking.   I told you I don't like being spanked.  I don't like it."

Colin: "No one will spank you, Fumi-chan.   Do you want to play a game where you might have to strip naked?   Where you might have to kiss my penis, or something like that, with Davo and Catrina watching?"

Fumiko: "Will da-Silva-San strip naked?   Then I want to play."

Davo: "This game says that any player can choose to have only pretend taps on the ass instead of spankings."

Colin: "Well, that doesn't sound like a lot of fun.  How does the game work?"

Davo: "Well, it says you draw cards . . .  Oh, I see - here is the page of cards, you have to cut them up; look at this one: Massage other woman's foot with your thighs and crotch.   Um ... Kiss your partner and touch the tips of your tongues.   Um .. here's a good one: Man : rub penises with other man.   Woman : kiss other woman."

Colin: "So if you draw that card, you have to rub penises with me?  With a man! This game is serious!   And if Catrina draws it she kisses Fumiko?   I want to see this!"

Davo: "Either do what the card says or get one swat on the bottom with a paddle.   But if you want, it can just be a pretend swat."

Colin: "What does 'rub penises' mean?  Is just touching them a rub?"

Davo: "Umm.  Are the rules ... ?   Oh, here it is: . . . the other players are the judges.   So if you draw the card, Mr. Corbett, and don't want to do it, don't want to rub penises with me, then you say NO and get a swat.   Just a pretend swat unless you want a hard one to show off.  If you say yes, but I say no, then I get the swat.  But if we both say we will do it, then we have to do it to the satisfaction of the judges.   That means Fumiko and Trina.  Or we get four swats each.   Real swats not pretend ones."

Colin: "This game is wicked.  It's set up to tempt you into stuff, and then WHAM!   I mean whack whack whack whack!  Four swats."

Trina: "I don't see where it says you get a spank for saying no.   It just says you have to take a token."

Davo: "But a token means a spank sooner or later."

Trina: "It says you can redeem a token in other ways."

Davo: "But the game-theory prediction is that getting a token means getting a spank about nine times out of ten."

Colin: "When did you have time to run a game-theory analysis?"

Davo: "Run an analysis?   Why would I need to do that?   It's obviously about 9 out of 10.  But you're right about one thing - this game will tempt you to take risks that can earn you hard swats."

Colin: "I guess I can take hard swats.   How 'bout you, Davo?   We'll let the ladies have the pretend ones."

Davo: "Shall we tell him, Trina?

Trina: "Might as well, Fumiko knows.   Colin, Davo spanks me when we have sex. Very hard.  So this 'lady' as you call me can take a harder spanking than you can--care to try and find out?      And Davo's tough too; he lets me spank him, very hard - he pretends he's been bad."

Davo: "I don't pretend I've been bad.   I am bad."

Colin: "Does she just use her hand, Davo?"

Davo: "She uses a heavy leather strap, Mr. Corbett.  Sometimes a cane.  And we keep a paddle in the car for roadside emergencies, like the time I said something on the way home from visiting her mother.  The paddle has holes to make it hurt more, and is even worse than the strap."

Colin: "So you have that paddle in the car now?  If you can take it, Mr. da Silva, so can I.  Call me Colin.  We'll use the paddle.    Fumiko will only want pretend swats, but if Catrina really wants a spanking, I guess you can spank her with your hand."

Davo: "Trina, it's all right, calm down; let me deal with it.   Mr. Corbett, Trina can bear the paddle better than I can.  She doesn't think men are tougher than women."

Colin: "Catrina, I do apologize.  I meant no offense to the fair sex."

Davo: "Mr. Corbett, this paddle really hurts.   It's for punishment, not sex play.   And if you call Catrina the fair sex again your ass is toast--you can't afford to play for real with her right now.  When this game talks about swats with a paddle they just mean something for fun, for laughs - like swatting your bottom with a rolled up magazine.  What I do with Catrina is not a game."

Colin: "But she swats you with this paddle?"

Davo: "Yes.   But not for fun.   And its not in the least sexy.   It's not something you'd want to do as part of a game.  It's corporal punishment.  It leaves marks."

Colin: "But you get spanked with this paddle?  Often?"

Davo: "Not the paddle often, no.  I do get the strap fairly often.  I get a serious punishment about twice a month."

Colin: "And you go to work the next day?"

Davo: "Yes, Colin.   I sit at my desk on my sore tush.  I can't go to the company gym on those days - I can't be seen in the showers for a few days.  The marks are that bad."

Colin: "I want to know what it feels like.   I'll take my swats with this paddle.   No one else has to.   You can be hand-spanked like Trina."

Trina: "Get the paddle, Davo.   We'll see if he's so tough."

Davo [ in a loud whisper ]: "Trina, he's my boss!"

Colin: "We need to finish cutting up the cards.   And these pages that look like snakes and ladders - is that the game board?  Do you have any Scotch tape?"

[ a brief pause ]

Colin: "Why does Catrina go first - shouldn't we draw for first turn?"

Davo: "It what the rules say - we play Vixen and Fox because we're the hosts.  The name of the game is Vixen, and so Vixen gets to go first.   You and Fumiko are called Buck and Doe."

Colin: "I'd rather be called Stag."

Trina: "Five.   One, two, three, four.   I've landed on: 'Say loud: I want to FUCK.'    OK, so I say: I want to Fuck.   So now do I draw a card?"

Davo: "Only when you land on a square that says 'draw a card'.    If there's a sex act on the square you land on, just do that."

Trina: "What sex act?   Saying fuck?"

Colin: "Talking dirty."

Trina: "That was sexy?   So my turn's over.   Doe goes next - that's you, Fumiko-chan"

Fumiko: "Six.   'Take another turn.'   Oh good.  It is Four.  I have landed on: 'Remove a piece of clothing from opp. sex person.'   What does this mean, please?"

Davo: "Opp. sex means the opposite sex person of the other couple.   So that's me.  You take a piece of clothing off me."

Fumiko: "Which one."

Davo: "Any one you want, Fumiko-chan."

Fumiko: "I say YES."

Davo: "I say YES too.   What are you doing."

Fumiko: "I am taking off your pants, Davo-chan.   I thought you would have more sexy underwear."

Davo: "It said, a piece of clothing. One piece.  What the fuck are you doing?"

Fumiko: "You can keep them on, Davo-chan.  I was just looking."

Davo: "You had no right to pull my briefs down, Fumiko; that's not what the card said.   One piece of clothing!"

Fumiko: "Pull them up again.    You have such little -"

Davo: "I, uh ...."

Fumiko: "- little underpants like a little boy would wear, for little Davo-chan!   I thought you would have is more sexy boxers."

Davo: "I don't think you can get my pants past my shoes."

Fumiko: "Then I take your shoes off, Davo-san."

Davo: "But you can take off only one thing."

Fumiko: "Oh, then I will put your shoes back on again, afterwards."

Davo: "Is that allowed?    Judges?"

Trina: "Um.   I don't think so."

Davo: "So should Fumiko get a spanking?"

Trina: "No.  All she has to do is take your shirt off instead."

Davo: "So is there any reason I can't pull my pants back up?   It's my turn next.    Five.  The same square as you landed on, Trina - 'say loud: I want to Fuck.'   YES.   I want to Fuck.   Your turn, Mr. Corbett.

Colin: "Umm.   Four. 'Hug same sex person.'  Fine."

Davo: "We have to both say YES first.   Not just do it.    It's just a hug this time, but what if you had drawn the car that says: 'stick the tip of your cock into the other man's ass'?"

Colin: "I would say NO to that.  But YES, then, I want to hug.  Don't you want a hug, Davo?"

Davo: "YES.    Now you can hug me.   But you were kibitzing."

Colin: "What's kibitzing?"

Davo: "It's three hard spanks, Colin.   You're not allowed to talk me into saying YES.  You said 'don't you want a hug' before I said YES.  Look at the rules."

Colin: "I read the rules and I don't think - oh.  I see - that does count as kibitzing.  I get three spanks.  Well, fine, I wanted to try the paddle. 

Davo:  "Don't pull your pants down yet.   There are rules about how we do this.  It says: Roll to choose a spanking game."

Trina: "Wait.  I don't think Colin deserves a spanking."

Davo: "Well I think he does.   Fumiko?"

Fumiko: "I think - I think Corbett-San does not get a spanking this time.   But he should obey the rules from now on."

[ Davo and Colin speak at the same time ]:
Davo: "There is nothing in the rules
about a first time offender getting off easy."
Colin: "I'm perfectly willing to take my punishment; I want to try the paddle..."

Davo: "Oh, never mind, Colin, the girls have spoken.   Your turn, Trina."

Trina: "Girls!  Well, boys, I roll four.  'Say three nice things about your partner's ass.'   YES.   It looks good when he's naked.   It looks good when he's bending over.   And it looks especially good when it's rosy and red after calling me a girl.   Your turn, Fumiko."

Fumiko: "Six: Oh, I am so lucky with dice!  One-two-three, four-five-six: 'Strip your partner naked.'   I say YES."

Trina: "Wait; not yet.   He has to say YES too."

Colin: "Oh, I say YES.  Absolutely.   Any reason Davo can't roll while we do this?"

Davo: "Well I did want to watch.  Hey!  Ouch!   Trina, that HURT!   Ok, Ok, I'm rolling.   Five.    'Remove a piece of clothing from opp. sex person.'    That's you, Fumiko.   I say YES."

Fumiko: "YES Davo-chan.   And my pants legs will go over these shoes."

Davo: "I was just going to take off your sweater, but if you insist on the pants ... hey! These are real fundoshi!"

Fumiko: "Yes.   Woman don't wear them nowadays even in Japan.   But I think it is most sexy underwear.    Do you want to pull them down?    I don't mind."

Davo: "Maybe next turn.   Colin goes next."

Colin: "Wasn't that all kibitzing?   Her saying she wanted you to take her pants off?"

Davo: "No, Colin, it wasn't.   She didn't say it until after we had both said YES.  Your turn: roll."

Colin: "Two.  'Take another turn.'  Two again.  'Remove a piece of clothing from your partner.'  I guess you won't be the one unwrapping the fundoshi, Davo.   You have to know how to do it."

Davo: "Colin - watch it."

Colin: "What?   What?   Oh.  Kibbitzing.   So, YES.  I want to.   Fumi-chan?"

Fumiko: "YES, Colin-chan.   You may take off my fundoshi."

Davo: "It's your turn again, Vixen."

Trina: "Two.  'Strip naked.' YES.  Your turn, Fumiko."

Fumiko: "I am happy play while you get naked, Trina-chan.  I do not wish to watch.  Six.  Ah, I am winning I think.  Ichi-ni, san-shi, go, - six.   'Strip above the waist.'   OK.  I mean, YES."

Trina: "It's your turn, Davo.   Davo?"

Davo: "I think I should wait until Fumiko finishes."

Trina: "Isn't there something in the rules that says you can be spanked for not playing your turn?"

Davo: "OK, all right, all right.  Four. 'Advance seven squares, to 5 C.'  So that takes me to 'Strip opp. sex person naked.'  YES."

Trina: "What to you mean, Davo.  She is already naked."

Fumiko: "I say YES, Davo.   A Japanese woman is not naked if she still has her socks on.   It is very sensual, having your socks taken off by a man."

Davo: "While I'm doing this, why don't you go ahead, Colin.   It's your turn."

Colin: "Umm.  I do like to look at - um - socks.   OK, Catrina, I'll play! - OK, OK, I'm playing: Four.  'Pull down other man's underpants with your teeth.'  YES.   Oh YES."

Davo: "But I am still wearing my pants, Colin.   So doesn't that mean it's impossible?   Doesn't it?   Well, anyway, I say YES.   Now try to pull them down with your teeth, Colin."

Trina: "Here's the rule, Davo. 'If clothing must be moved out of the way to make an action possible, it is removed by the other person, not just pulled down.  Removed clothing may not be put back on.'   So Colin gets to take your pants off first."

Davo: "Well, OK."

Trina: "And Davo, I think what you did is kibitzing.   When you said 'doesn't that mean it's impossible?   That is kibitzing according to the rules."

Davo: "How can it be kibitzing?  He had already said YES."

Colin: "HA!  She's right.  'It is kibitzing to ask a question, if it would be kibitzing to answer it.'   So when you said 'doesn't that mean it's impossible?' you were asking for advice before you made the commitment to do the dare - and that's kibitzing."   

Davo: "Well Colin got one free break.   Don't I get one?"

Colin: "It's fine with me, Davo.  What do you think, Catrina?"

Trina: "This is different.   He said YES, hoping you'd get spanked.   He's been a naughty boy and he should be spanked for it."

Davo: "That leaves it to you, Fumiko-chan.   Do I get a spanking?

Fumiko: "I think - yes, Davo-chan."

Davo: "Well if Fumiko-chan wants to spank me..."

Trina: "Don't pull your pants down, Davo.   Colin gets to do that.   And you roll to find out who spanks you.   But that's not until after Colin pulls your underwear off with his teeth."

Colin: "Lift your arms up, Davo.   I'll do the belt.  So I just grab the elastic in my teeth and pull - um - that didn't work very well.     I guess I should have asked if they were clean first.   This is harder than I thought it would be.   Don't want to get a mouthful of short hairs.   So.  Is that down far enough?  Judges?"

Trina: "No.   Take them off."

Colin: "But I can't.   His trousers!  His shoes!"

Trina: "You can take his shoes off."

Colin: "I can?"

Trina: "The rules say: If clothing must be moved to make the action possible, it should be removed (not just pulled down) by the other participant, and is not put back on.   You have to get his pants off, to get his underpants off, and obviously you can't get his pants off until his shoes are off."

Davo: "Wait, Colin.   It is possible to remove my underpants without taking off my shoes or taking my pants all the way off."

Colin: "How?"

Davo: "Pull a loop of the underpants through the leg hole of the pants, then around the shoe, then pull it back through the leg hole again." 

Colin: "And?  Oh - I see -
that removes the underpants from one leg altogether!"

Davo: "And then its just down through the other leg hole and out.   But you have to do it with your teeth."

Trina: "I think he gets to take your shoes off, Davo."

Colin: "No, he's right, Catrina. It is possible this way, even if Davo's the only engineer in the world who could have thought of it.  That's why I hired him.  The rule says: remove clothes to make the action possible.  So I don't get to remove his shoes just to make it easier.  Time me.   If I don't do it in three minutes, I've failed."

Davo: "Colin - I have an idea.   Pull a hank of the underpants to the outside of the leg, and twist it with your teeth.  Get it a bit wet.  Then when it is wet, lay that hank flat, pointing down, and pull up on the pants - you can use your hands on the pants; I think that's allowed.   Then grab the tip of the hank of underpant with your teeth, where it sticks out below the cuff."

Colin: "Thanks, Davo.   These shorts are pretty ripe for chewing on.  But it seems to work."

Trina: "Time - three minutes."

Colin: "Already?  Oh, well.  I almost made it.   So I get the paddle.  Four spanks for failing a dare.  You go first, Davo.  Three for kibitzing for you.  But there's no reason for you to be spanked with the paddle."

Davo: "Are you sure you want to be?  It's no fun."

Colin: "You keep saying that, but that just makes me need to feel it, once."

Davo: "If you're taking the paddle, Colin, I will too.   But you'd better not change your mind after I've had mine.   Hand me the die.   Four.   Spanking game four, for bad boys, is called: 'The military academy.'  It says: 'You play a cadet. The other man spanks, he is the Commandant.'   So that's you, Colin.  You spank me; good; I'm glad you get the chance to give some as well as get.  There's a script to follow.   I start.  'Knock.  Knock'."

Colin: "Come in."

Davo: "Sir, I want to ask for punishment.   I got a C in algebra.  I know I can do better, sir."

Colin: "I'm disappointed in you, Cadet da Silva, two strokes with the cane."

Davo: "Please sir, three strokes."

Colin: "Very well, Cadet.   Drop your trousers.   On your hands and knees."

Davo: "Thank you, sir, thank you very much.    You can hit me harder than that, Colin."

Colin: "That one was just warming up.  Here comes one."

Davo: "Haa-ah.  Thank you, sir, thank you very much."

Colin: "Now for a real one."

Davo: "Uwwh.  Thank you - ah haaa - thank you very much."

Colin: "Very good, cadet.  Study hard."

Davo: "Colin, you said the first one was just warming up.   And only the last one was really, really hard.   You should give me two more really hard ones."

Colin: "OK, Davo; bend over again.   Bend over the table this time--I think I can hit harder if your ass isn't so low."

Davo: "Hah ha haaa haa.  Tha . . .  haaa-ah. Thank you, Sir.  Thank you very much.   That was really good, Colin - better than what Trina gives me, even.  That was the first one that was really, really, really hard, so you should give me two more like that."

Colin: "That will be all, cadet."

Davo: "I should get three of the really hard ones.  Please!"

Colin: "That will be all, Davo.   I'm going to chose my game now.  Where have the dice got to?  Two. Spanking game two, for bad boys, is called: 'The sensual art of gay erotic flagellation.'   The spanker is 'other man' - that's you, Davo.   There's no script.  It just says: 'the other man kisses and caresses your bottom, alternating with spanks, while you moan and beg for it'."

Davo: "Kisses and caresses?  What if I don't want to kiss Colin's bottom.   Do I have to, uh, kiss the asshole?"

Trina: "'If the spanker declines to play the spanking game, he or she takes one spank token and moves back one square'."

Davo: "Just checking.  I'd be happy to kiss Colin's bottom.   I'm filled with lust for this beautiful gay boy's bottom.   Mwah."

Trina:  "That was impressive, Davo, but really you don't have to - um, that is, you didn't have to - kiss your boss's asshole."

Colin: "Spank me, spank me.  I'm begging you."

Davo: "Colin, this  ... that is what a spanking is supposed to feel like.   Now do I need to kiss and make it better?"

Colin: "Moan, moan, oh, moan.  The pain, oh, the pain.   Actually Davo, it didn't hurt.   Can't you spank hard?"

Davo: "It didn't land right.   Try this."

Colin: "Where are those kisses and caresses you promised me?   I can hardly feel the spanks."

Davo: "Well what about this?"

Trina: "You're about to break the paddle, Davo.   Look at his face.   Look at his fists - he's driving his fingernails into his palms.  And you're hitting the same place each time - you know how much that hurts.  And he'll have bruises.   That's way too hard to hit anyone."

Davo: "All right.   Here's the last one.  Tell me if this one hurts."

Colin: "Umm.  I don't know; I couldn't tell.   Can you let me feel it again?"

Davo: "All right, Colin.  You win.  You're better at not showing the pain than I am.   Now do you really want another?

Colin: "Yes please."

Davo: "Now, did that hurt?"

Colin: "It hurts, Davo.   But I'd like one more, please."

Davo: "Fuck you, Colin."

Trina:  "Davo!   I'm keeping count."

Davo:  "Just getting into my character, Mommy.   Don't you know how we gay boys express affection?"

Colin: "So Davo, we've each felt the paddle.   Do you want to switch to hand spankings now?"

Davo: "OK"

Trina: "But I haven't had any yet."

Colin: "Why would you want any?"

Trina: "Colin, if you two are playing an endurance game, then I want to be spanked the same as you men spank each other.    You don't believe that women can laugh and smile and say 'I can hardly feel it' when they're in agony?   We can, Colin, we can; we can do it better than you - we've had more practice.   I can say 'please sir one more,' just as long as you can, Colin.  Longer. I bet you longer. Do you think only boys play that game?    I used to play spanks with my sister, and we played it in girls' scout camp, and I played it again with friends from school.  Only by hand at camp, but my sister and me used a hairbrush.   I'm taking the paddle all the way through to the end of the game, Colin.    You two boys can switch to hand spankings if you want. "

Davo: "So.   We keep using the paddle.  Unless you want to quit, Colin."

Colin: "Well, what do you think, Davo?   Of course we keep using the paddle if she does.   Did you think I would want hand spanks while we're giving paddle spanks to a girl?"

Davo: "Now you've made her mad, Colin.  Did you ever play spanks?"

Colin: "I've never even heard of it.   It's like, you take turns spanking each other until one boy has had enough?   I never did anything like that - it sounds like more of a girls' thing.  Can you imagine two boys saying to each other, 'let's spank each other, it'd be fun?   He'd call you a fag."

Davo: "Well, yeah.   But my gang - I mean the crowd I hung out with, all the Portuguese boys--it wasn't a gang like you had to join or something - we would go try to leave a tag on the town school.  And if we were caught by the town gang, we ended up with our pants down, bent over a fence while they all took turns with their belts.    It's not that we wanted to be caught - we didn't.  We hated being caught.  Me and a friend of mine did most of the tagging for the Portuguese side, so we got most of the beltings.   In a way that was like playing spanks, because it was our way of finding out who was toughest in our gang.  And if we were caught, it was a matter of pride that the town boys didn't have to hold us down--that we pulled our own pants down.

"But if we weren't caught, if we tagged their school, them the town boys would try to sneak onto a fishing boat to leave a tag.  That was the rule; the fisher boys tagged the school and the town boys tagged the boats.  And they had no chance.     It was like they just walked onto a boat and asked for a whipping, they had so little chance of getting away with it, sneaking onto a boat - but every time we left a tag on their school, they always tried to tag a boat.  And when they were caught, they got what a cabin boy gets at sea - stripped naked and shackled to the rigging, and worked over with securing straps, which are a lot thicker and heavier than a boy's belt.   Sometimes we had to give them hot sugared tea and painkillers afterwards if they went into shock - they weren't as tough as cabin boys, they were just braver.   Every town boy tried to tag us at least once."

Colin: "Well, I was more sheltered, obviously, until I left home for college!    Then my first week away from home, when I was terrified and homesick, I was a frat pledge - I had to endure a week of torture, really bad.   My frat was shut down later for what they did to pledges.   Then came the big night - all week long they'd been beating my butt, every morning and every evening and in the middle of the night too, but on the big night you had to ask for them - you had to say 'Please sir may I have another.'  There wasn't a fixed number you had to ask for, you were supposed to take as many as you could stand, to see which pledge quit first, so it was really the same game as 'spanks'."

Davo: "I wasn't in a frat.  But in ninth grade I got the scholarship and transferred to a boarding school in the middle of term, and the boys said I had to be spanked because I was the new boy - a school tradition.  I had to strip naked, and get an erection; then they jerked me off and made me lick my cum off the floor, and then every boy in my dorm-room got to spank me on my bare bottom.   In Gloucester we fisher boys don't jerk each other off; those rich boys all did it--they were perverts.  Then I was supposed to thank them.    I wouldn't."

Colin: "So what happened?"

Davo:  "It looked like a fight - five against one.   But I couldn't get into fights, I was a scholarship boy - I mean how else could a boy like me ever have been there, at a rich-kids boaring school?  The school let me in free and even gave me pocket money, because I was a genius on some state IQ test, but I knew the school wouldn't have put up with any discipline problems.  I'd be out on my ass back in Gloucester.  So I didn't resist, I let them spank me - but I just wouldn't say thanks.   They kept spanking me."

Colin: "And they kept spanking until you said uncle?"

Davo: "I wouldn't say uncle.   They kept spanking me until their hands hurt.  That's when I said they should be using a belt."

Colin: "Why would you say that?"

Davo: "I don't really know.   They spanked as hard as they could with their hands, trying to make me say uncle, but I just took it.   So I was winning.   They were rich kids raised on Spock's book - they'd never been spanked, except like this, boys playing with boys, and they had no idea what the human body can stand.   I figured corporal punishment was the one thing poor kids had that rich kids didn't, because every cabin boy gets the strap - at sea even able seamen are allowed to thrash the cabin boy.  You had to learn to take it without a fuss, cause if you cried they'd just laugh at you, and whip you for the fun of it.  Those rich kids were so amazed at what I could take, they thought I had super-powers.   Someone called me the boy from U.N.C.L.E. because I wouldn't say uncle no matter what.  I told 'em it was just a matter of meditation and secret mind-control techniques, and I could withstand any torture.   And really the pain didn't bother me compared with having those rich kids think I had something they didn't."

Colin: "So what is it like, enduring pain, with people watching you like that?   Admiring you for it?"

Davo: "I told them they didn't have to hold me down, that I wouldn't move.   I said that each boy should belt me one stroke in turn, and keep going around until I said uncle.   I said I didn't know myself how much I could take.  They blindfolded me and bent me over a desk, with my butt stuck way out, and I was waiting for the belting to start.   There were six of us in my dorm room, and I was hoping after ten rounds or so they would get bored.  That would be fifty, which is a lot, but I'd had more than that from my uncle.  And then they touched a candle flame to my butt."

Colin: "Ouch!  Then what happened?"

Davo: "I screamed.  They said so much for my mind control techniques -  because I had screamed I had failed the test.   And now I would be tortured, and not to bother saying uncle, because they were going to give me the full punishment whether I said uncle or not."

Colin: "And what was the full punishment?"

Davo: "They put clothespins on my dick - which isn't painful at all, compared to a beating; those boysknew nothing about torture.  One of the other boys said he wanted to try the belt, but then he changed his mind when he had his pants down and I was about to swing.  And then, since I hadn't been belted at all yet, I asked them to give me fifty.   I asked for fifty when the bravest one of them was scared to take even one - and they wouldn't give me the satisfaction.  So I guess I proved to them I was tough.   I guess I also proved I was stupid.  I don't think it was smart for the new kid to be that much better than all the other boys, even if was just in my ability to take a whipping.    It didn't help me to fit in.  And I never got to play spanks the way Trina is talking about, with me and one other boy whipping each other to see who said uncle first.   That might have been something - I would have liked to show a friend what I could take.  It would have been like a bonding thing, with a real friend; but I didn't have a real close friend."

Colin: "Do you want to play spanks now, Davo?   I don't think you were stupid to show off in school.  At my frat pledge, the guy who was paddled before me kept asking for another and another and another, until he got to fifteen.   Then when I bent over I boasted I'd do twenty.   They'd beaten me every day for a week, with different sorts of strap or paddle, so I didn't think twenty would be a problem.   But I couldn't make myself ask for them, that was different.  After the first one I couldn't make myself ask for the next.  That was so pitiful they held me down and gave me about thirty hard ones without me asking for them, and I went into some sort of fugue state from the pain.  I didn't have a lot of self-confidence after that.   I kept wishing I had that night to live over again, to have another chance to ask for a paddling in front of an audience.   I've wanted for a long time to ask someone to give me swats with a frat paddle, but I've never had anyone I trusted enough before.    So I'm asking you.   I trust you."

Davo: "I don't want to play spanks with you, Colin - I'd lose."

Colin: "I doubt it.  But if you won't play spanks, do want to play this game out with the paddle?"

Davo: "All the way to the end, Colin.   I won't say uncle before you do.   And I want you to hit me as hard as you can."

Colin: "That's what I want too.  Let's shake on it - no quitting, no changing your mind.  No going easy. Whose turn is it?"

Trina: "You were last, Colin; it's mine.  And I'm in this too, boys - no quitting, no going easy, no changing our minds.  And now I'll play: Six.  'Remove a piece of clothing from same sex person.'   Which is Fumiko and she's mother-naked.   So I say NO.   Isn't that right - when it's impossible?

Davo: "Right.   If you say NO to something, you take a spank token and move back a square.    But if you say YES, you have to do it or get four spanks.   Since this is impossible, if you did say YES you wouldn't be able do it, and so you'd get four hard spanks for not doing it; better to say NO and get one spank."

Trina: "That doesn't seem fair, to get a spank token when it's impossible.   What are we using for tokens?"

Davo: "There's a box of matches by the fireplace.   Fumiko's turn."

Fumiko: "Six.  I am winning.  'Touch other man's penis with your toes.'   YES.

Davo: "I say YES too, Fumiko.   I've heard of this - ashikoki.  Do you want me to lay down."

Fumiko: "That will not be needed.   It is very convenient your erection is sticking out of your pants.  Just stand still."

Trina: "That's long enough, Fumiko. You have touched his penis.  Davo, if you are quite finished, it's your turn."

Davo: "OK.  One. 'Strip above the waist.'   Can't; I am bare above the waist.  So I say NO and take a token.  Back one square, too, to where I was.    Colin?"

Colin: "Thanks.   Six. 'Remove your shoes and socks.'    Can't, don't have them on.   So NO.    Hand me a match, please.  Catrina's turn."

Trina: "Five. 'Strip opp. sex naked.'     Opp. sex is Colin, and he is naked.  So,  NO.   Fumiko."

Fumiko: "I want a six, a six.  Oh, a four.  'See if anyone will agree to take a spank token from you in exchange for a kiss.'   I say NO, because I don't have a matchstick.   And now I do have one.   Here is the dice, Davo."

Davo: "Thanks Fumiko-chan.   Four.   'Kiss left nipple of same sex person.'   I say YES.   What about it, Colin?

Colin: "YES."

Trina: "That's your left.  His right."

Davo: "So do I get a spanking?"

Trina: "You should.   An engineer is supposed to know left from right.  But you get to try again."

Davo: "Well let's see, if this one was wrong, then this one. . ."

Colin: "Some gay boys will do anything to kiss both my nipples.

Davo: "Who you calling a faggot, faggot?"

Trina: "Davo!   You want a spanking?"

Davo: "Can't spank me till the game is over, Mommy - nah nah."

Trina: "Colin - roll!"

Colin: "Six.  'Kiss Doe's nipples, if they are bare.'   Who is Doe?  Oh.  YES.

Fumiko: "YES.  Corbett-San.  Please kiss my nipples."

Trina: "And the vixen rolls - two.   Strip above waist; can't.   NO.  I've already got two tokens and I haven't said no to any sex act.   Your turn, Fumiko."

Fumiko: "I roll - four.  Again. 'Put your condomed thumb up Vixen's ass.'   NO."

Trina: "You didn't have to say no to that, Fumiko."

Fumiko: "I thought you might not like it."

Trina: "Well I could have said NO."

Fumiko: "But then you would have got the match stick."

Trina: "Well, now you've got it, baka."

Davo: "I think it was very kind of her. Trina.   Five.  'Massage your partner's torso with your torso and arms.  No hands.'   YES.

Trina: "YES please.   It says massage, Davo - not fuck me with your pants on - use your elbows."

Colin: "And meanwhile...   Two: 'Kiss left nipple of same sex person.'   YES.

Davo: "YES"

Colin: "Sorry to kiss just one.   But you see, I know left from right."

Trina: "Vixen rolls ...  Damn it, two again.  'Kiss Doe's nipples, if they are bare.'   YES.   Fumiko?"

Davo: "You'd better not look like you're enjoying that, Trina."

Trina: "You are SO close to a kibitzing charge!"

Fumiko: "You may kiss my nipples, Trina-chan.   YES.   And the dice, please.   Four. 'fondle same sex genitals.'   This is Catrina's cunt, please?  YES.

Trina:  "YES please, Fumiko-chan."

Fumiko: "For this, it is better if you are on your back.  Legs in the air.  Put your arms under your back, Trina-chan.   Legs apart a bit.    Hold your legs still.

Trina: "I can't.   Not possibly."

Fumiko: "It is better if you try to resist.   Then when you can't resist any more, it is more intense."

Trina: "It is very intense.  Is this some Japanese sex trick?"

Fumiko: "It is Scottish sex trick.   Colin showed me."

Davo: "It looks like fun.  I hope Colin lands on that square.  Two.   'See if anyone will agree to take a spank token from you in exchange for a kiss.'   YES.   Anyone?   Trina?  No?  I'd do it for you. Please - I'm looking at four spanks here."

Trina: "I don't think it means that.  If it said 'Get someone to take a spank token,' that would be different.   It said: 'see if they will'."

Fumiko: "I agree.  Davo-chan does not get a spanking, this time."

Davo: "I have seen if anyone will take a spank token from me in exchange for one of my kisses.   And what I've seen is that no, they won't.   I bet this doesn't happen to other guys."

Colin:  "My turn.  Five: 'Massage your partner's torso with your torso and arms.  No hands.'   YES."

Fumiko: "I say YES."

Trina: "While the married love birds are doing hands-free sex, I roll ... Five.  'Touch other man's penis with your toes.'   YES.

Colin: "YES."

Trina: "Sorry, but I can't do this standing on one foot like Fumiko.  You'll have to lay on your back."

Colin: "Suppose I kneel?"

Fumiko:  "I think you have touched his penis, Trina-chan.   You don't need to do that to my husband any more.  Trina, you don't need to do that to my husband any more!   Trina, you'll make him cum, dammit ....   Arigato.   I will take my turn now, please.  Two: 'Draw a card.'  Ace of spades: 'Get two hard hand spanks on each inner thigh from opp. sex.  Redeem one spank'    YES.

Davo: "NO."

Fumiko: "You did not have to do that, Davo.   Now you have to take a matchstick."

Davo: "But if I said YES you would have got four hard spanks.  Not pretend ones."

Fumiko. "I would not have minded them.   But it was very kind of you to take a spank token for my sake."

Davo: "You took one for Trina."

Fumiko: "But I did not take one from you in exchange for a kiss.   I am very sorry.  Moshiwake arimasen."

Davo: "Sumimasen, Corbett-San, do not trouble yourself.   My turn - Three : 'strip same sex person naked.'  He is, so: NO."

Colin: "Two: 'See if anyone will agree to take a spank token from you in exchange for a kiss.'   YES."

Trina: "Well,  does anyone want Colin's kiss?   Cheap at one spank token?   No?  Well, I'll go then ... Two: 'Massage your partner's torso with your torso and arms.  No hands.'   YES.

Davo: "YES please.   I don't really need to be pummeled with your elbows, thank you.   It says - use your torso.

Fumiko: "Three.   'Hug your partner, lick an ear, fondle a bum.  All at the same time.'   YES."

Colin: "YES."

Fumiko: "But who is the bum?"

Davo: "Six: 'Take another turn.'   Three: 'Massage opp. sex's bottom with your face.  No tongue.'  Now we're getting somewhere. This is what I call massage.  YES."

Fumiko: "YES.   Would you like me on my belly?   Or bent over a chair?"

Davo: "On your belly, legs apart, to start with, I think."

Colin: "I'll roll - while my employee is molesting my wife: Six: 'Fondle same sex's genitals.'   Fondle Davo's cock!   Oh, YES!"

Davo: "I'm busy."

Colin: "I can see you're busy.   But I think the rules say you have to stop doing what you're doing to my wife, if you say YES to me."

Davo: "NO."

Colin: "I thought you said you wanted to try this one, me doing your cock - Scottish fashion.   But I guess you're enjoying what you're doing too much.  I'll put a match in your pile."

Trina: "Five: 'Put your condomed thumb up Vixen's ass.'   YES.    I guess I can stick my thumb up my own ass to avoid a spank token.  It's your turn, Fumiko.   Are you finished with your massage, or do you want me to roll for you?"

Fumiko: "I will do it.  I am finished I think, although it is very nice.  One: 'Kiss Vixen's ass.'    YES."

Trina: "YES."

Davo: "Three. 'Kiss Vixen's ass.'    YES

Trina: "YES."

Colin: "Six.   Ha! What are the odds of this?  'Kiss Vixen's ass.'    YES."

Trina: "YES.   Join the crowd."

Stage manager: "Good evening.  The intermission will be twenty minutes.   When you come back in for the second half, remember that you cannot leave your seat, except by asking for the house lights to be raised, and if you do that you must leave the theater and may not return.  So take precautions accordingly.  Ladies, there are port-a-potties in the courtyard, if the inside line is too long."

 =============== [ intermission ] ===================

Stage manager: "If everyone is ready, I will bring down the house lights.    The scene is still the little cabin by the lake, where two busy executives have gone for a little bondage - uh, bonding.  Please try to see it in your mind's eye."

Trina: "Two:  I land on: 'Draw a card.'  Ten of spades:  And ten of spades is: 'Woman: shout fuck!'   YES.   FUCK!"

Davo: "So do you get a spanking for swearing?  Or is it just me?  And it's only women who shout for that card?  What does it say a man should do for that card?"

Trina: "'Man: Describe to other man either your partner's or his partner's breasts.   Take spank  token if he can't tell which you meant.'"

Davo: "Maybe I'd better take another look - I'm glad I didn't draw that card.   I wouldn't know how to describe the difference."

Trina: "You are absolutely, absolutely going to get it!"

Fumiko: "Four.  'Draw a card.'  Ten of clubs:  'Put condom on the neck of a bottle, and have your partner shove it up your butt.  Redeem one spank.'  YES"

Colin: "YES.   You do have condoms?"

Davo: "Don't you?   Bathroom drawer.  There's some nuru-nuru sex lotion above the john.  White jar. It's my turn, isn't it?   Two. 'Tickle same sex person's soles.'  YES.   Colin?"

Colin: "What?"

Davo:  "Can I tickle your feet?"

Colin: "NO."

Davo: "Ha.   Well I guess we know how to punish Colin.   Not with a rod, but with a feather.  I'm giving you a match, Colin.  Check the date on those condoms.  There's some in my suitcase too."

Colin: "Isn't there an empty wine-bottle?"

Davo: "Use that one, Colin.  I'm looking forward to drinking wine that's been up Fumi-chan's butt."

Colin: "Spread your legs, Fumiko.   If you find this hurts, we can stop."

Fumiko: "I said YES to this, Corbett-San.   I will do it.  I do not want the nuru-nuru."

Trina: "That's far enough in.   It said the neck of the bottle - not the whole bottle."

Colin: "My turn, then - Six.  'Draw a card.'  Five of spades: 'Massage your partner's arms with your fingers, press fairly hard.'   YES.

Fumiko: "YES.  Please."

Trina: "One: 'Draw a card.'  Eight of spades: 'Caress opp. sex's nipples with your lips and tongue.'  YES."

Colin: YES.   This is nice.

Fumiko: "Five: 'Kiss opp. sex's nipples, if they are bare.'  YES"

Davo: "YES please, Fumiko. Arigato.  Six:  'Tickle Buck's balls. (Buck can't.)'  Buck is you, Colin. YES."

Colin: "NO."

Davo:  "You must be super ticklish, Colin.   That NO may cost you a spanking.   Your roll."

Colin:  "Three: 'Tickle Buck's balls. (Buck can't.)'  So I have to say NO."

Fumiko: "You have so many matches now.

Davo:  "Only one more and he gets another spanking.  I do if I get two more."

Fumiko: "If you draw a card that says, Redeem one spank, you must do what it says, Davo-chan.  And we should help you.   We must say YES to let you redeem a spank."

Davo: "Thank you, Fumiko-chan."

Trina: "One.  'Massage opp. sex's bottom with your face.  No tongue.'  YES."

Colin: "YES.   Please."

Trina: "Face down, Colin. Spread your legs apart."

Colin: "I shouldn't have made you do this, Catrina.  I should have taken the token and said NO."

Trina: "You're a chauvanist bastard, Colin.  And this butt massage is going to be with teeth."

Fumiko: "Four:  'Draw a card.'  Eight of diamonds : 'Kiss the other woman's foot and apologize, while she calls you a stinking shithead.  Redeem one spank.'  YES."

Trina: "YES."

Fumiko: "So you must finish your massage, Trina-chan."

Trina: "I'm finished - if I bite Colin's butt any more I won't need supper.   Do you want me to stand, Fumiko-chan?"

Fumiko: "There is no excuse, Schmidt-sempai.   Gomen nasai."

Trina: "You are a stinking shithead, Fumiko.   Fumiko-chan."

Davo: "Two: 'Pinch Buck's ass.'   YES"

Colin: "YES.  Ouch.  Three: 'Hug Vixen from behind, fondle her breasts.'   YES."

Trina: "YES."

Trina: "Six. :  'Draw a card.'  King of diamonds: 'Man of other couple whips your behind with a belt, one very hard stroke.  Redeem one spank.'  YES."

Colin: "NO."

Davo: "Uh-oh."

Trina: "So you don't think I'm tough enough to take it, eh Colin?    You don't think I can say NO for myself, so you have to say NO for me - and take the spank token like a gentleman.  Well we'll see who's tough."

Fumiko: "Six.  'Draw a card.'  Three of diamonds: 'Run your tongue over  your partner's body from crotch to lips, then kiss.'  YES."

Colin: "YES."

Davo: "One   'Hug Vixen from behind, fondle her breasts.'  YES."

Trina: "YES."

Colin: "It's my turn, but I have five spank tokens now, so I roll to chose a spank game.  One.  Spanking game one, for bad boys, is called 'Over the knee.'   It says: 'The other woman will apply the paddle.'    So that's you, Trina.   You're supposed to sit in a chair.   I start with my underpants back on.   Here is the script.   I start: Please, Ms. Schmidt, not a spanking.  Any punishment but that."

Trina: "Colin, pull your shorts down."

Colin: "Oh, please, not on my bare bottom!"

Trina: "Pull your shorts down and bend over - I'd better not have to do it myself, little boy."

Colin: "I'm too scared!"

Trina: "Well, down come your pants, and that's for being so slow."

Colin: "Wah-Wah-Wah."

Trina: "And that's for being a bad boy!"

Colin: "What are you doing?   Why aren't you spanking hard?"

Trina: "But you cried like a baby.  That's the signal you want pretend swats."

Colin:  "I didn't mean that.   I was just trying to act the part."

Davo: "Colin is a baby, Colin is a baby."

Trina: "So you do want to be spanked hard?"

Davo: "I don't think that's in the rules.  He gave the signal - he's the baby.  Don't spank him hard."

Trina: "What do you say, Fumi-chan?"

Fumiko: "I think you should spank him hard, if he wants."

Trina: "All right.   Do you want the last three hard?"

Colin:  "I want five starting from now.  Hard as you can."

Trina:  "Were those hard enough, little boy?"

Colin: "Please Ms. Schmidt, one more.  So I'll remember."

Trina: "Are you sore yet?   Do you want to stop?"

Colin:  "One more."

Trina: "Did you like that."

Colin: "One more.  Can I have a really, really hard one?"

Trina: "Like that?"

Colin: "Another one."

Davo: "Trina, how many are you going to spank him?"

Trina: "As long as he keeps asking. He thinks he's proving something but I just like beating this bad boy's bottom.   So Colin - have you had all you can take yet?  Ask for another - I dare you to.  Go on asking all day - prove you can take it.  I'm good for hours - I play squash.  OK, if you won't ask, I'll just spank.  You can ask me to stop or get off my knees when you've had enough."

[ a short interval, during which the theater is entirely silent  ]

Colin:  "OK, Trina, you win.   That's all I can take."

Trina: "You are very good at taking your punishment, Colin.   Really good.   Davo starts to whimper and sob after the first one."

Colin: "Your spankings hurt like fun.   Is this the way you spank Davo when he's been bad?   Do you spank him over your knee?"

Trina: "The spanks are the same.   But when he's been really bad he gets a lot more of them."

Colin: "More!  More?  He whimpers and sobs from spank one, but he takes it?  Takes more than I took?  Like how many more?   Fifty?  More than fifty?  A hundred?"

Trina: "I think the punishments Davo gets are private.  He can tell you if he wants.  I'm not going to. "

Colin: "Does he ask for one more, at the end?"

Trina: "It's punishment, Colin.   Serious punishment - it's not about showing off what he can take."

Colin: "I want more spanks; I've decided I can take more."

Trina: "Sorry, Colin, this spanking is over."

Colin: "If I'd known Davo got spanked more than me, I would have kept going."

Trina: "Well next time you get five tokens, you can."

Colin: "Do you think you might spank Davo this weekend?"

Trina: "If he's a bad boy, I'll spank him.  Not for any other reason.  Here's the die, Colin - it's your turn.   This discussion is over."

Davo: "That was his turn.   He doesn't get to move ahead - he got spanked."

Trina: "Oh, right.  So it's my turn?  Six: 'Pinch Buck's ass.' YES."

Colin: "YES.  OUCH!  I'm sore back there!"

Fumiko: "Six: 'Draw a card.'  Seven of diamonds:  'Stick your tongue in a puddle of your own piss.  Redeem one spank.'  NO.  No way."

Davo: "One:  I land on: 'Move ahead ten squares, to 12 A,' and when I get there, 'Draw a card.' Ten of hearts: 'Man: slide your penis from your partner's crotch to her mouth.'   YES."

Trina:  "YES.   What did it say if a woman drew that card?"

Davo: "'Woman: shout CUNT!'"

Trina: "Watch it, Davo."

Davo: "Cunt Cunt Cunt."

Colin: "Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt."

Trina: "Play your turn, Colin."

Colin: "Four: 'Draw a card.'  Ace of hearts: 'Get a bite on the ass from Doe.  Redeem one spank.'  YES.   But I don't have any tokens to redeem now."

Fumiko: "YES.   Was that kibitzing?"

Trina: "I don't think so.   He wasn't trying to get you to say YES or NO."

Colin: "Davo?"

Davo: "What does Fumiko say?"

Fumiko: "He was telling me I could say NO if I wanted to.   He knows I don't want to bite his sore bottom.  He was kibitzing."

Trina: "And we let him off with a warning last time."

Colin: "If I was kibitzing, I can take another spanking."

Davo: "Well I think it is - not kibitzing.   Bite his bottom, Fumi-chan."

Davo: "Sorry Fumi-chan, but that's not a bite.   We need to see teeth-marks."

Trina: "Three: 'Draw a card.'  Five of clubs  'Make up a three sentence story about a girl's first fuck.   Use the words "Cunt," "Ass," and "Supermarket."'    YES.   A girl went to the supermarket for some cheese.   She was fucked behind the cheese counter, in the ass.  So she complained to the manager about that, and he said he'd be glad to fuck her cunt in any department she wanted."

Davo: "Trina!  I'm keeping count."

Fumiko: "Two: 'Lick Doe's breasts.'  But I am Doe.  NO.  It is not possible for me, you see.  Some women could do it."

Davo: "Four.  Ha.  'Lick Doe's breasts.'  YES."

Fumiko: "YES."

Colin: "Five: 'Draw a card.'  Nine of hearts: 'Man: bunt an olive three feet, using only your penis.'  YES."

Davo: "You idiot, why did you say YES?   We don't have any olives."

Colin: "We do."

Fumiko: "No we don't, Colin.  Don't you remember - you ate the last one."

Trina: "Couldn't he use something else, like a peeled boiled egg?  It'd be just as hard as thumping a really big olive."

Colin: "I don't want to fail at a dare and get a spanking, but I shouldn't have said YES.  I made a bet I could do something, and I can't.   I don't get to win my bet, by doing something else that is equally hard."

Davo: "Is there anything in the rules that says he can't go out and buy a jar of olives?"

Trina: "If we decide he can, then he can."

Davo: "It's OK with me.   Let's open the wine while we're waiting."

Trina: "But a rule does say clothing is not put back on.  It's a spanking to put your clothes back on, regardless of the reason."

Colin: "I guess I'd rather have a spanking than buy olives in the nude."

Davo: "I'll go."

Colin: "You don't want to stand in line in the supermarket in just your pants."

Davo: "I'm going.   Colin, I need your car keys.  You've blocked me in."

Colin: "Well you can't have them.   Can we just beat my ass and get on with it?"

Davo: "I'll get the olives."

Colin: "Is he going to run all the way into town?"

Trina: "I guess.  You want to open the wine, Colin?   I'll start supper."

Fumiko: "Is there anything I can help with?"

Trina: "There are some green beans to prepare."

Colin: "I can do that.   Where's your corkscrew?"

Fumiko: "Colin makes a great salad with green beans, mustard, and olives.   He can use the olives da Silva-san is getting, after he bopps one with his dick."

Colin: "Look what I found."

Trina: "The corkscrew is in with the silverware.   That drawer under the bar is where Davo keeps his ..."

Colin: "Are these Davo's?"

Trina: "Yes, so he likes to look at porn.  I gave him that one for his birthday."

Davo: "I got the olives."

Trina: "That was quick."

Davo: "I borrowed them from the new people in the little white cottage."

Trina: "Well I'm glad you didn't go to the Hansens."

Davo: "Actually I went there first.    Mrs. Hansen slammed the door in my face."

Trina: "I'm not surprised.   She heard us last weekend when you spanked me halfway in and halfway out of the front door.   Who knows if she saw anything, or what she thought we were doing.   And then you show up at her door with just your pants on.   You must have scared her to death."

Davo: "Oops."

Trina: "She may call the cops."

Davo: "But people here walk around in bathing suits in summer.   I haven't done anything wrong."

Trina: "You won't get a ticket for flashing your nipples, no.  But we still don't need a friendly visit from a cop, asking us to please not frighten the neighbors.  We're supposed to fit in here, not be the neighborhood perverts."

Davo: "And why is it my fault we had a spanking in the front yard last week?  - you pulled my pants down and slapped my bare bottom in the driveway!"

Trina: "It was the way you were bending over the trunk - it just took a little pull.  He loosens his pants on long drives, and his hands were ..."

Davo: "You wanted to be spanked, didn't you?   I didn't do anything you weren't asking for."

Trina: "Yes, but Eri-chan doesn't tell Otousama where she is spanked.   Otousama could have told Eri-chan to go into the house for her spanking.   And when you chased me naked and raped me, I was trying to get into the house, remember?  I didn't asked to be fucked in the rose border.  You flattened my floribundas.  And you shouted BITCH I'LL FUCK YOU FOR THAT loud enough for even Mr. Hansen to hear you."

Davo: "What did you expect?  I had to pull those thorns out of my dick with tweezers."

Trina: "I had to explain yours to my gynecologist."

Fumiko: "Who is Eri-chan?"

Trina: "That is one of the games we play.   I play a little girl being spanked by her daddy."

Davo: "When we play that game, I call her panties fundoshi.   But if she had real fundoshi she would not need to pull them down.   They are very sexy underwear.  The original thong.   Could Catrina borrow your fundoshi so I could spank her in them?"

Fumiko: "That is a popular fantasy in Japan.   There are special hentai manga just for fundoshi.   But when you spank me, Davo-chan, I would like it to be without fundoshi, so you can see more.  In manga the woman have very large tits - I hope you are not disappointed in me.  Do you like Japanese school-girls?  These videos are all Japanese."

Davo: "I don't like Japanese school-girls.  Those videos are all anime.  They're not all porn; one of em's InuYasha.  And I don't get the ones where school-girls are raped.   Do you expect me to look at American porn?  It is not nearly so well-made."

Trina: "You can do anything you want, Davo.  In the house.   You should be more careful about what you do on the lawn."

Davo: "You are right Trina.  I've been bad.   I was stupid to spank you and fuck you in our front yard.  I was stupid to ring Mrs. Hansen's bell without my shirt on.   And ... I've been really, really bad.   These slacks - I don't have underpants, remember - I guess they were kind of bulging - um - I guess it you could say it was kind of like a tent ....   And if she was looking out her peephole when I walked up to the house - well then, um - I, um - Well, the fact is, it's very uncomfortable, so I didn't stuff it in and zip it up till I got on the porch.   So if she was looking out of the peephole ... watching me come up the stairs ... I'm really really sorry."

Colin: "Mrs. da - umm - Catrina?   umm, I mean, Ms. Schmidt?   Davo was getting the olives for me.  I'll take his spanking for him.   That's what you two are talking about, isn't it?   Davo is saying he's done something bad - and asking for punishment?   For a severe spanking that will really hurt?  Well, whatever it is, whatever he would get - even fifty - since he was getting olives for me, I'll take it.  I mean, I'll try - no I mean I will, but maybe not in one go; but I'll take as much as I can, every week until it's done."

Davo: "You don't have to do that, Colin."

Colin: "I think I do."

Davo: "It wasn't you who fucked Trina in the front yard."

Colin: "Why is that a problem?  There are trees all around."

Davo: "Mrs. Hansen has binoculars.   But look, Colin, I don't need to ask for a spanking for this at all.   So if that's what's worrying you, me being spanked for something I did while getting your olives, just forget it."

Colin: "I don't forget it.   But since you did get the olives, let's see if I can bunt one three feet.   What do you think that means, anyway?"

Trina: "I think it means hit the olive with your penis, like a bat hitting a ball.   The olive has to travel three feet."

Davo: "But you shouldn't hold your bat in your hand as you swing it."

Colin: "So I need an erection?"

Davo: "Pretty poor bat, without one.   I'll put the olive on the edge of the table, balanced on end.   Just hit it three feet across the table top - without holding your penis with your hand."

Colin: "Time me.  Three minutes.   I've had an erection most of the afternoon, so I don't know why I don't have one now.   Is it OK if Fumiko helps?"

Davo: "Helps give you a hard-on?   Sure.   If she can do it without touching your dick."

Colin: "You don't have to stand there grinning - just because you've got one sticking way out of your pants."

Fumiko: "What do you want me to do?"

Colin: "Don't touch my penis, but anything that will make it stand.   Let me suck your cunt.  OK, now pinch my nipples. Damn it, it isn't working.   That's never failed."

Davo: "You might not have tried it with an audience - or with a clock ticking."

Colin: "Damn it, Davo.   Forty seconds.   Trina, paddle me."

Trina: "But..."

Colin: "NO TIME FOR IT!     Fumiko, there is no excuse for me doing this."

[ another short interval of silence in the theater ]

Davo: "It's up, it's up.   Go now, now!"

Trina: "Olives don't roll very well, do they.   Wait, it's still moving."

Davo: "Three feet, seven inches!"

Colin: "Fumiko, I am so sorry.   I should not have spanked you."

Fumiko: "I am happy that spanking me, helped you to get a hard-on, Corbett-San."

Trina: "And after all that, it's my turn again.  One: 'Draw a card.'  Ace of clubs: 'Kiss your partner; touch the tips of your tongues.'  YES."

Davo: "YES."

Fumiko: "Three  'Kiss same sex person's nipples.'  YES."

Trina: "YES."

Davo: "One: 'Draw a card.' Six of spades.   Oh wow, it's the card we looked at - 'Man: rub penises with the other man. Woman: Kiss other woman.'  YES."

Colin: "YES."

Davo: "I can't believe you said that!   So do I finally get my pants and shoes off?"

Trina: "Well if you didn't have an erection sticking out of your pants.   But I think you two gentlemen will have no trouble rubbing penises."

Trina: "That's not a rub, boys - just a touch.  Rub.  Unless you want four spanks each."

Davo: "We've rubbed.  Please let us stop.  You're not allowed to make us do this till we come."

Colin: "I have to stop.  I'm stopping.  Spank me if you want."

Fumiko: "They have done what the card said, I think.  No spanking."

Trina: "Well I think Davo gets a spanking.   So do we toss a coin?"

Colin: "Davo?  But I'm the one that stopped!"

Davo: "How can you say we didn't rub penises?   We both nearly came we rubbed so much."

Trina: "All right, all right, I'll let you off this time.   Does your wittle bwottom not want any more spanking?"

Colin: "Four: 'Draw a card.'  Jack of clubs: 'Have your partner pour a cup of ice water over your genitals.  Redeem one spank.'  NO."

Davo: "So there is some punishment you don't care for, Colin?"

Colin: "I was afraid you'd tell me there isn't any ice."

Davo: "You could just pop over and borrow some from Mrs. Hansen.   Her doorbell's at a very convenient height."

Colin: "Seriously, Davo, promise me you won't get a spanking for going for the olives - that if anyone does it's me."

Davo: "There will be no spanking.   I don't get spanked every time I am bad."

Colin. "So you agree you were bad?   So a spanking is owing, for what you did?   You'd have gotten one, wouldn't you - if I hadn't said I'd take it for you?"

Davo: "Don't worry about it, Colin."

Trina: "Six, dut dut dut dut dut dat. 'Pinch Fox's ass.'  YES."

Davo: "YES!  Ha!  At last I get my pants off.   Ouch!"

Fumiko: "Two: 'Kiss opp. sex person's ass.' YES."

Davo: "YES please Fumiko.  Domo arigato.   That tickles."

Fumiko: "What do you say?  Mmwa!"

Davo: "You two can kiss as long as you want, but it is my turn.  Five: 'Draw a card.' King of clubs: 'Massage opp. sex's back with your crotch and thighs.'  YES."

Fumiko: "YES, Davo.  I will get on my hands and knees.   Domo arigato."

Colin: "Five: 'Draw a card.' Five of diamonds: 'Opp. sex pours wine over your crotch and licks it off.'  NO."

Trina: "Thank you, Colin, for taking that matchstick.   My turn now.  Two: 'Draw a card.' Eight of hearts: 'Drink wine after Buck has stuck his penis into it. Redeem one spank.'  YES."

Colin: "NO."

Trina: "Oh Colin I'm sorry.   I didn't mean for you to get a token.  I intended to drink the wine."

Fumiko: "Three: 'Draw a card.'  Queen of hearts:: 'Dance a tango with opp. sex.   Hold tight.  Grab ass.  Wriggle.' YES."

Davo: "YES."

Davo: "Unfortunately, it's my turn - so goodbye, Argentina.  Two: 'Draw a card.'  Six of diamonds: 'Draw your fingernails across your partner's bottom, make marks.  Partner redeems one spank.'  YES."

Trina: "NO."

Colin: "Six: 'Draw a card.'  Nine of clubs: 'Lap champagne from opp. sex's navel.'   NO.  I'm not being gallant, Catrina - it's just that as far as I know there isn't any champagne."

Trina: "Six:  'Draw a card.' Six of clubs: 'Man: Stick the tip of your cock into your partner's ass.  Woman: Kiss other man.'  YES."

Colin: "YES."

Fumiko: "Five:  I Win."

Colin: "You are the Queen, Fumiko, and we are your sex-slaves.   For half an hour."

Fumiko: "I think - first I want a spanking from Davo.   Lay on the floor with your legs out.   Now you can spank me while you look at my cunt."

Davo: "I thought you didn't like spankings, Fumi-chan."

Fumiko: "I think I will like this one."

Davo: "You are pushing your cunt up against my erection."

Fumiko: "It will jerk up and down as you spank.   And get wet.   Spank me hard."

Davo: "OK.   But I'm your sex-slave for half an hour.   You won the game.  I would have to do this with my cock and your cunt anyway.   You don't have to get a spanking."

Fumiko: "I do not think so, Davo-san.   You are slave, but in the rules, if you disobey, I can only punish you with seven spanks, and then you go free.    I think if I ask for what I want, you will say NO and take the seven spanks.    I think if I say - do to my body whatever you wish - you will take a seven hard with the paddle rather than agree.  But I think if I ask for a spanking, I will get it.    Did I guess right, Davo-san?   Will you spank me?   Or would you rather take your punishment with the paddle?"

Davo: "I will spank you."

Fumiko: "Then spank me hard, for the whole half hour."

Davo: "Ha. Ah. Ah. I have to stop. I have to stop.  Sorry, Fumiko, you'll have to punish me - I had to get out from ... "

Fumiko: "The paddle, Davo - stand and bend over - hands on the table."

Davo: "Ah. Ah. Don't stop. Ah. Haa."

Fumiko: "I had to stop, Davo.  The rules only let me give you seven spanks."

Davo: "I've never cum from just being beaten before.   I'll get something to clean the carpet.   It was - it was something.   It was really something."

Trina: "You didn't cum just from being beaten, boyfriend.   You came from having Fumiko's cunt rub up and down your cock while you spanked her - and don't tell me she forced you to do it."

Fumiko: "Now Trina, is there something you'd like?  Now I have the power to command the men?"

Trina: "I'd like Davo to spank me the way he did you, with my cunt rubbing - but no, his cock isn't hard, is it.  Someone seems to have done something about that."

Fumiko: "I don't think you want a spanking from Davo-chan, Trina - I think what you really want is a spanking from Colin.  To see if you are as tough as he is.  I don't think you are.  I command you to get on your hands and knees.   And Colin, I command you to spank her with the paddle.  And every stroke must be as hard as the hardest stroke you gave Davo.   Start the stroke above your head and follow through as hard as you can."

Trina: "Yaa-hah!"

Davo: "STOP IT!"

Fumiko:  "That was quite a stroke, wasn't it Davo?   But do you remember the hardest stroke Colin gave you?   Do you think that one was harder, or this one?"

Davo: "I guess this one wasn't really quite as hard as that."

Fumiko: "Do you remember what you said, when you took that stroke?"

Davo: "I said Thank ..."

Fumiko: "You said - mm-mmm, that one was reallygood.  And you wanted two more just like it. You begged and pleaded for them.   You didn't have an erection.  It was pain for you, not pleasure, but you wanted it.  You wanted to see how much you could take, and you enjoyed playing the game - taking it.  But when you saw Trina getting one just now, one not as hard as the one you took - and enjoyed - yourself, you slugged your own boss to make him stop hitting your woman.    So we know what you think about her ability to take it.

Fumiko: "Now, Trina, you can have another really hard spanking, if you ask.  Do you enjoy pain the way Colin and Davo do?   Now's your chance to prove it. Are you going to beg for two more like Davo did, with spankings even harder than this?"

Trina: "No."

Fumiko: "Ah so.  Davo, Colin is going to keep spanking.   But if you want, you can take the spanks for Trina.   Do you want to do that?"

Davo: "Yes."

Fumiko: "Trina, if you don't want the next spank, Davo is willing to take it for you.   Do you want it?"

Trina: "I want it if otherwise Davo gets it."

Fumiko: "Spank her."

Trina: "Whew."

Fumiko: "Colin - that was not as hard as the first one.   Are you willing to obey me?"

Colin: "Yes, Queen."

Fumiko: "Then spank as hard as you can."

Trina: "Ha-ah-ah-ah-ha.   Ah-haaha.  I can't . . ."

Trina: "Davo?"

Davo: "Yes, Trina."

Trina: "I'm not sure I can take seven of these.  I'll take what I can.  I might have to ask you to take two or three of them.  Would that be all right?"

Davo: "Of course."

Fumiko: "Ha!  There will be no more spankings for Trina or Davo.  Colin-san, it's your turn.  What you've been after is a spanking over Trina's knee.   I can only order seven spanks.   But you want more, you want to be spanked as long as Davo is.  And you want Davo to be watching as you take his spanking.  Isn't that what you want?  But you're not really as tough as Davo."

Colin: "But I may be tough enough."

Trina: "Fumiko?"

Fumiko: "Yes, Trina?"

Trina: "Please, Ma'am, may I have another?"

Stage manager: "Thank you. The performers will not take their bows on stage.  You will not see them.  They will remain to you, as voices only.   I will lower the lights again.  Here to take their bows, with their voices, are the four random members of the audience, who have participated in tonight's entertainment."

"Hello.  I played the part of Davo da Silva.  I am forty-two, and I'm assistant manager of a sporting goods store."

"Hello.  I played the part of Catrina Schmidt.  I am twenty-seven, and I am a secretary for a plumbing supply company."

"Hello.  I played the part of Colin Corbett.    I am nineteen and I'm a sophomore at Wayne State University.  And I really am Scottish."

"Hello.  I played the part of Maeda Fumiko.  I am fifty-eight, and my husband and I own a fast-food restaurant.   I'm not Japanese."

Stage manager: "Thank you. Thank you.  As a curtain call, I have asked each performer to describe a sexual fantasy."

Voice of Trina: "I pretend I'm a young girl, who is raped by a handsome lord in a castle.  But that doesn't mean I really want to be raped."

Voice of Davo: "Hi - I ... I just want to say I'm really sorry I screwed up - when we read those cards and it's - well sometimes I just couldn't think of anything to - um - say."

Voice of Fumiko: "I thought you did really well, Carlos.

Stage manager: "No names, please."

Voice of Fumiko: "all right, Davo, then.   The way you talk is really sexy, Carl.... - Davo.  Those pauses ...

Voice of Davo: "The character description said 'genius IQ' - I paused because I couldn't think of what to say."

Voice of Fumiko: " ... were sexy too - they made me hot.  My fantasy is to have a handsome man like you talk dirty to me while you fuck my asshole."

Voice of Colin: "I fantasize about having my cock tortured by two hooded men.  It was really cool when Carlos made up that part about boys in school putting clothespins on his dick."

Stage manager: "I fantasize about all that kinky stuff too.    But I didn't realize that everyone fantisizes about it.   Doesn't anyone ever have a fantasy about just ordinary fucking?"

Voice of Trina: "Not a fantasy.   But that's all I want for real.   Just because we have fantasies doesn't mean we want to do it."

Stage manager: "You don't want to try your fantasy even once?"

Voice of Trina: "Well, maybe someday."

Stage manager: "Someday?  Why not t
onight?   It's the last night of this experimental production, and if you four want to stick clothespins on my cock or ram a wine bottle up my ass, or if Helena wants me to fuck her ass while Carlos talks dirty, or if Jane wants me to fuck her while she says NO, I won't say NO to any of it."



David Nunes da Silva
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