Erotica by David Lawrence

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 Intersection   (800 lines)    {Celestial Review: 10-10-10}
        Three encounters, three endings, all lying at some nexus at the center of the web that binds the narrator to the texture of his life. No fantasy romp, this. A dose of something close to Reality.

 The Rules of the Game  (600 lines)    {Celestial Review: 10-10-10}
       When you're young and free and away from home for the first time, like Tom and Ria in college, you tend to indulge in some hedonistic behaviour that Mom and Dad wouldn't approve. But the memory of the rules you once lived under remain, and make for some interesting little quirks. Somehow, sex just isn't right if it's too easy; we have to make our own obstacles.

 Autumn Sonata   (2000 lines)    {Celestial Review by Dart: 9-10-9}
        This is a serious piece of romatic adult fiction.  Two wounded people, David and Autumn, get to know one another emotionally and eventually physically on a snowy day in December.

 The End of the Innocence   (2500 lines)   {Celestial Review: 10-10-10}
        Daniel and his friend Jerry, on vacation in Key West in 1978, luckily meet up with the sensual Laura, who amazingly has an interest in them.  The three spend four hot nights and days in their little tent in a public campground, exploring all the possible combinations two men and a woman can get into.

 Speechless  (425 lines)    {Celestial Review by Pulp Fan: 9-10-10}
        Our Hero seeks solitude, and finds it high in the mountains; only to be interrupted by two young hot lovers who happen to enjoy a little exhibitionism. It's a good thing our Hero is a voyeur...and you can share his adventure in this story.

 Purple Tornado  (350 lines)    {Celestial Review: 9-10-10}    {Annex Reviews: A+}
        Not an erotic story per se, but an interesting and totally factual character sketch of one of my girlfriends and my rather unusual relationship with her over a period of about a year.  The sex in the story is there but it is not the focal point of the tale.

 An Exhibition   (400 lines)
        A couple finds themselves voluntarily submitting to the control of a Domme, who has them perform for the entertainment of some other couples, to the satisfaction of all involved.

 Reckless  (5000+ lines, 6 parts so far)    {Celestial Review by Mark Aster: 8-9-10}
        Horny voyeurs...they find themselves together with mutual interests as the high school sex goddess Kristy gets kinky with the adult lovers Pam and John and a supporting cast in this series of rather fanciful but fun installments.  This has turned out to be my most popular work so far.  To read individual chapters, click on these:

 Chapter 1 - The Mistake
 Chapter 2 - Capping the Toothpaste
 Chapter 3 - All Night Together
 Chapter 4 - Doctor's Appointment
 Chapter 5 - In the Library
 Chapter 6 - Sex Ed with Kristy

 September  (650 lines)
        The narrator finds himself staying for a few days with an old friend.  Though he is straight and she is lesbian, they renew their friendship and she sets him up for a blind date with a friend of hers.  In the end, all three find themselves entangled in interesting and sensual combinations.

 Keith's Letter  (300 lines)
        Keith is a sexually frustrated college student who shares an off-campus apartment with a real stud, who just happens to have a sexy girlfriend who is somewhat of an exhibitionist.  Together, they give young Keith a few private lessons.

Cyndi's Letter   (400 lines)
        Young Cyndi thinks of herself as pretty innocent, but when she and her boyfriend wind up skinny-dipping with another couple, she finds just how far she will go when she feels comfortable and sexy.

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